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Growing a medical practice can take a lot of work. In this episode of the Thrive Time Show Business podcast, U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark breaks down the proven path to growing a successful medical practice.

 How to Grow Your Medical Practice | The Melissa Plan


Step 1 – Begin with the End in Mind – We must get to 23 clients to achieve your financial goals [ 3:10 ]
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey (The best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling self-help author of all-time)
  3. 3. ACTION ITEM – Design your ideal schedule when the company gets BIG


Step 2 – Define Your Ideal and Likely Buyer [ 7:22 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine and the former business partner of Charlie Munger)
  2. 2. ACTION ITEMS – Answer the following questions about your ideal and likely buyer:
    1. 1. Age
    2. 2. Gender
    3. 3. Zip Codes
    4. 4. Income Level
    5. 5. Job Title
    6. 6. Interests
    7. 7. Hobbies


Step 3 – Define the Keyword That You Want to Dominate “Kansas City Teenage Therapy” or “Kansas City Kids Therapy” [ 15:15 ]
  1. 1. Spy on Your Competition (Right click and view source code to see the keywords they are focused on)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)
  3. 3. ACTION ITEM – Define the long-tail search engine keywords that you want to dominate


Step 4 – Optimize your Google Map [ 34:50 ]

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elephant In The Room of Tulsa Men’s Haircuts

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Revolution Health of Tulsa Functional Medicine

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Phone Doctors | iPhone Repair Tulsa


  1. 1. ACTION ITEMS – You must gather 100 Google Reviews
  2. 2. FUN FACTS – 88% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews –
  3. 3. ACTION ITEMS – Register your website with Google Maps
  4. 4. ACTION ITEMS – Gather 10 reviews per week (until we reach 100 reviews)


Step 5 – Create Your No Brainer Offer [ 37:04 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Your first session is free
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Your first session is just 1 dollar
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – First haircut is $1
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’s the image, not what you sing.” – Rod Stewart (British rock singer and songwriter. Born and raised in London, he is of Scottish and English ancestry. Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold over 100 million records worldwide)
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can’t sell your business will go to hell.” – Clay Clark (The former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and member of the Forbes Business Coach Council)


ACTION ITEM – Create a no-brainer offer (First service free, 50% off first service, etc.)


Step 6 – Build a World Class Website [ 49:07 ]
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, etc.)


ACTION ITEM – Decide which of the 5 proven website layouts you want to use


Step 7 – Create a World Class Logo [ 1:01:08 ]


ACTION ITEM – Design the logo (define which existing brand you like the most)

AMPLE EXAMPLE: The 10 Best Logos Ever Made According to Inc Magazine

  1. 1. Nike
  2. 2. Apple
  3. 3.  McDonald’s
  4. 4. Coca-Cola
  5. 5.  Google
  6. 6.  Microsoft
  7. 7. Pepsi
  8. 8. Amazon
  9. 9. Target
  10. 10. Starbucks


Step 8 – Create a World Class Business Card [ 1:02:31 ]

ACTION ITEM – Decide which text you want on your business card

Name, Title, Phone, Email, Web Address


Step 9 – Create a World Class One Sheet [ 1:02:54 ]
  1. 1. You versus your competition
  2. 2. Benefits included with your packages
  3. 3. Pricing
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – William Shakespeare
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  6. 6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)
  7. 7. ACTION ITEM – Design the Business Card using the Epic Photography One Sheet


Step 10 – Create a Sustainable Weekly Podcast Schedule Focused On Your Main Keyword [ 1:09:40 ]



NOTE: You must commit to Google domination (The Google Domination Equation)

  1. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  2. 2. Gather the Most Google Reviews
  3. 3. Create the Most Original Relevant HTML Content
  4. 4. Create the Most Mobile Compliant Website
  5. 5. ACTION ITEM – Decide when you can record weekly podcasts
  6. 6. ACTION ITEM – Assign on-going search engine writing to our team (26 articles per month)


Step 11 – Create a Sustainable Weekly Google Review Gathering Process [ 1:17:10 ]
  1. 1. Ample Example – Barbee Cookies
  2. 2. Ample Example – Phone Doctors
  3. 3. Ample Example – Elephant In The Room
  4. 4. ACTION ITEM – Determine the number you can commit to


Step 12 – Create a Call Script for the First Call [ 1:18:50 ]

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Setup Call Recording –

  1. 1. Create an inbound call script – (use Elephant In The Room as a template)
  2. 2. Setup


Step 13 – Create a First Visit Experience That WOWS [ 1:19:57 ]
  1. 1. Sights
  2. 2. Sounds
  3. 3. Smells
  4. 4. First Consultation
    1. A. Rapport
    2. B. Needs Assessment
    3. C. Benefits Overview
    4. D. Call to Action
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (An American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, and animator. One of the most well-known motion picture producers in the world, Disney was also the cartoon artist of comic books and newspaper comic strips, the creator of an American-based theme parks called Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and is the co-founder with his brother Roy O. Disney of Walt Disney Productions, the corporation now known as The Walt Disney Company.)
  6. 6. Action Item – Create a daily checklist


Step 14 – Block Out Time for Doing a Weekly Group Interview [ 1:22:25 ]
  1. 1. Create a High-Quality Job Description / Post
  2. 2. Post Your Job Openings Weekly (Craigslist, Indeed,
  3. 3. Create Pre-Written Auto-Response Email for Applicants
  4. 4. Block Out Time for Weekly Group Interview
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 employees / cast members)
  6. 6. Action Item – Create a daily checklist


Step 15 – Block Out Time for Doing Your Weekly Accounting Review [ 1:24:45 ]
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)
  2. 2. Action Item – Type all of your income expenses for the past 2 months into a spreadsheet – Review Expenses (so we can create a proforma)


Featured Songs:

Sleep Brown – I Can’t Wait (feat. Outkast)

Classified – Inner Ninja (feat David Myles)

Chris Martin – Hymn For The Weekend

Kygo – It Ain’t Me (feat Selena Gomez)

Dua Lipa – IDGAF



I know you going to dig this broadcasting live from the center of the universe, the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 Christmas makeup at this moment. What we do you could do with that. I showed you with the five times show on your radio and subtract times show and away. We go it’s about time to show on your radio and three here we go all guess: who’s back, guess, who’s back. Is it the real Slim Shady, don’t know Tom Brady’s back.  business coach  Can you hear me saying? Let’S go, he wants us to get started already. We got to start right at 12, guys going to start right here at 12. Now, typically, we wait for dr. Robert zoellner to be inside the building inside the box of rocks before we do a show, but he is out of town expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire today, and so you are stuck inside the box that rocks with none of my Name is Clay Clark, the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year, business coach  but to compensate to try to fill the shoes of dr. Robert zoellner, business coach  I couldn’t do it alone tried to bring on the big guns with the Big Kahuna’s the Big Kahuna are we have mr. business coach  Eric chop, who is perhaps one of the most incredible business coaches on the planet and one of the original Chicago Cubs fans of what way back there before you guys ever win a World Series.

You you, you were actually the one who started the wagon moving other people hopped into the bandwagon. business coach  That’S right! It’S the wrong with you why you always been a Cubs fan when I was little it was either WGN or TBS, and I didn’t like the Braves. So I decided to watch the Cubs and we sucked forever yeah, but I love them anyways. What’S up Steve Currington on the shed. He’s kind of like a bowling ball of mortgages, he’s the guru of the mortgage game here in business coach  Tulsa he owns a company called total lending Concepts, or he is the official title of Executive Vice President for school district manager. business coach  Guy on the national District Executive, Vice President of production, according to did today, is a show format. We’Re going to do now is we’re going to be breaking down a specific business plan that we made for a thriver. business coach  We’Ve never done this before never had a show where the entire show is dedicated to helping one person of the great thing is anybody listening to do to it today show can learn from what we’re teaching we have a lady out there. She has a medical facility and she wants to know how to grow practice, and so I have laid out a specific plan for her.

I sat down and after the team did an assessment with her that the team Marshall Morris did a 13-point assessment with Miss Melissa, and so now we have a 15 Step plan just for this person just for Melissa, so Melissa. business coach  Here we go step number one. You want to begin with the end in mind. No matter standing is, according to Marshall, you want to get 23 clients to achieve your financial goals, so I believe it’s 23 clients a month that you need to achieve your financial goals. Now, there’s a notable quotable from Stephen Covey. That begin, with the end in mind, again begin with the end in mind, it’s so important that you can picture in your mind’s eye what it’s going to look like when you get there, and I can think of a really good reason. business coach  Example, where Eric chop was working with one of his clients be Keystone, business coach  Harbor people – yes, yes, and these guys they own a harbor on a Keystone Lake and they did their in their game, was to do what business coach  Eric the main thing was to try and get there Rental Fleet moved this summer. Try to get some of that stuff right now. They got some new, really nice boat, some jet skis and stuff like that, so we were trying to find a way to get get those more out onto the lake..

Tell what’s the back of it, it’s pretty cool, but not also have a. I took a restaurant where there’s karaoke. On top of it and there’s like a band of dummies, Brownie’s Hamburgers business coach  Saturday, Steve. Are you a bigger karaoke diary, the kind of guy that would go to Howl at the Moon and then just dominate to meet? Are you the guy who knows all the rap lyrics and you say, karaoke, DJ guy Crank It Up and you just get the whole crowd rocket? Are you that kind of guy are I’ve been known to do a little Tupac, but no I’m not necessarily the the karaoke guy. I have one song I want some of that crowd gets into. business coach  It will be surprising to some people, but I pretty much dominate everything. If you go, if you just email info at 3:15. Com, you can nominate yourself you’re supposed to nominate somebody else for the most humble call center Ward Rite Aid in Steve’s submissions for the man. I should be the most humble Tulsa DDD dominates himself more than anybody else to be yeah. I haven’t even ate it like him. I met a time I just sent the emails to info at throw business coach  Township alright, so the next out of a quarter was a goal. Is a dream with a deadline you said they’re Eric Chuck when working with Keystone Harbor, you guys had kind of a specific window of time, and my understanding is, as of last count, business coach  how many leads were they getting on a weekend?

How many leaves does anywhere from 15 to 30 yeah, so we’re running some Google ads Facebook ads things like that in the end Elite is whenever we get somebody to the website and they fill out a form, they fill out a form, and so here’s, my name Phone number and email I’m interested in this deal, and so are you want to go back to them as soon as possible and try to put those things up and threw your masterful business coaching you been able to get that that lead the cost of a of An inquiry way down how much would a spending a week per lead their spending about to a dollar fifty fifty fifty bucks, business coach  maybe a week and advertising and a week, and that’s one of the most incredible success stories we’ve had an in the last couple months. I mean when you typically like as an example: it Comforts ticket or conference tickets are or for general admission and their 500 for the premium seats will. Typically, we do online advertisement. Will people from like Las Vegas from New York, all people all over the world of 10 Timothy? business coach  It cost us almost to to sell one ticket online, but the main thing is most people come back and bring friends.

Natural makes it affordable and scalable Keystone. You must begin with the end in business coach  My Soup. business coach  Do you have to Define your ideal and likely buyer now chat homes, who’s? The author of the best-selling author, The Ultimate Sales Machine, former business partner of Charlie Munger, Charlie Munger, is the guy who’s, Charlie, Munger, real, quick, because Charlie Munger is a guy that, if you, if you kind of don’t know who Charlie Munger, is he’s a sick billionaire Secrets according to Forbes that you’ve never heard of he’s Warren Buffett’s partner, he’s worth 1.56 billion dollars in this is what it knew you and his partner. Chet Holmes said best buyers buy more day by faster and they buy more often than other buyers. business coach  These are your ideal. Clients have a special effort dedicated to just the dream, client, so Melissa. Will you want to do what you wan na think about? Who is your ideal client? Is it a mom? Is it a mom or a dad? Is it? Is it a man or is it a woman?

How old is the person what ZIP code do they live in? What is the value of their current home? How much money do they make and then we can geo-target are Thrive. business coach   Business coaching team using the technology accredited by Al Gore and we working with Putin. They created this unbelievable laser focus geo-targeting to technology. There are coders and web developers and there are advertised with people they can help. You do this. That’S how Keystone’s able to get their lead, cost down cell call, Steve Currington you sell mortgages in a lot of people are refinancing right now, my man, a lot of people are refinancing. business coach   Why are so many people reaching out to Total lending Concepts to refinance rate will cause a few years ago? It was a good idea for people, and even several years ago, was a good idea for people to do these adjustable-rate mortgages in arm and now they’re. Just getting to where they can qualify for a for a 30-year and 15-year fixed yep, we got a lot of people that are converting their adjustable rate over to a fixed rate. Now so, who is your ideal and likely buyer cuz? It seems awesome. I do want to refinance, I do want to buy a house while we were driving by Shaw homes, one of our clients, you’re driving by a shawl homes, model home and you drive by full disclosure. business coach  You definitely should buy from them. Anyway, see you drive by Shaw homes, and you said I do want to buy a house but Steve. What kind of person is the ideal and likely buyer for total lending Concepts?

It’S it’s really easy will a lot of times we get a first-time buyers are first and second time, buyer and then you know typically people that have jobs or are good for us. You know cuz, I can pay for the mortgage, but you do have people that bought the form, who definitely do not have a jobby job and definitely have not paid their Billy bills here, and there just wanted to get some truly thrilled by filling out that form Right now., If you see these people, I just had one the other day they were like hey. I don’t understand. Why don’t qualify I’ve I’ve never missed a payment on anything. I don’t actually have a job. I had a job back before the war Korean War right before that why I was waiting it out. I’Ve been betting on that on the Korean currency. The North Korean come back. business coach  I call it quits anyway. Can I get a house? No yeah, you actually haven’t ever pay the bill.

It’S not that you have been betting on the North Korean currency. What’S the best meal from a guy in Africa, business coach  Africa they found that guy and he was going to pay it all back. I was at he needed the to unlock his millions was the lyrics for the Thrive business coach program, who is a and ideal buyer for us. What kind of person should be attending our workshops and what kind of person would hate our workshops? God diligent do. I would like our workshops and happy helpers who we could we maybe call and want to watch repair business coach  North looking for that more happy feel you can do that kind of thing and when they show up in our conference and see that it’s actionable action items are The mind of a happy helper: this is the happy home, but I’m sure none of our listeners are happy helpers. This is not offensive to you. This is for other people who are currently listening to Rush Limbaugh. Alright not., You guys currently making the wrong choice and listening to the political you’re, business coach  probably like having a meeting at 7 p.m. tonight with 30 of your friends to talk about a new opportunity. I don’t really want to work hard to make sales calls. I don’t answer the phone. I don’t want to talk to my sweet website.

I don’t want to do anything, but I want to do. Is I want Tai Lopez to show me how to make millions of dollars I working for my laptop in my backyard. Possibly you guys get together with me, so I can show you my magical system, business coach   then for four thousand a month we all know you’ll get five friends to sign up and you can do it. I actually have been making millions before. I even got my own website for The Wild Kratts is the man. Let me know if you’re into that, if that’s your whole deal, if you, if you like Tai Lopez, you definitely will not like our work. I don’t know who business coach  Tai Lopez – that’s probably good, but if you ever talk to his name and his retargeting ads will follow you around the internet, forever kind of person who who’s really gets sucked up in that Proverbs, 13:11 kind of stuff for Proverbs 13:11 speaks about. Well, that is quickly gain, will quickly, diminish or basically get-rich-quick scheme. Don’T work if you’re the kind of guy who wants to cut corners and really come up with a quick hack to compensate for the fact that you don’t have a real product or a real service.

That you offered a real customers. You will not like our workshops, but if you have a real product in real service you’re going to love, we can’t wait to see it buy your tickets. Now, by now Fire Conference tickets, I didn’t get it get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio. 1171. No, you never heard this before, but I rather lose a fight to miss the ball, and I wish your competition of fish and POI system conditions of poor the missing poem, The Tribe Nation. Welcome back to the conversation for the first time in the history of the Thrive time show we are recording an entire radio show here, broadcasting entire show just for one person, but we all benefit from. We have a driver who attended the conference named Melissa. We won’t. We won’t give her her last name on the on the air when I get to your specific industry, business coach  but she did a 13-point assessment with one of our business coaches Marshall Morris and as I do with every client, I turn it into a a proven path. business coach  A plan that will definitely work if you implement it and we are teaching you the Melissa plan right here how to grow your medical practice.

How to do it so step number one. You got to begin with the end in mind. If you missed the details, business coach  go to DriveTime And subscribe to the podcast and step number to find your ideal and likely by step number 3 assuming you’ve done step one into Central 3. You want to find the key word that you want to dominate. So, let’s say hypothetically, you were a teenage therapist or you’re right. It’S some kind of therapy for kids and you live in Kansas City. Do what you want to do? Is you want to go and do a Google search, real quick for Kansas City teenage therapy or do a Google search for Kansas City kids therapy? Whatever keyword, you think your idea, unlikely buyers would type in? business coach  I want you drive Nation to go ahead and search that term good inserts that term real, quick type in whatever that term is that you think your ideal and likely buyers would search for once you do. business coach  This is a website or two will come up, you’re going to find your competition, and I want you to keep doing this until you keep finding your consistent competitor, business coach  okay, find the person who knows what they’re doing find that person who knows what an inter Market you’re?

Probably going to have one person who knows what they’re doing okay, so I’m at do example: let’s go to do a Google search, real quick for Tulsa, cookies, okay, so Tulsa cookies, Tulsa, cookies, guess who comes up top, that is the Barbie cookies cookies client, Barbie cookies. business coach  Why is she talking, Google, we got her there. How did we do it, we’re going to teach you how to do it now? Example: number to if you, Google, search functional medicine Tulsa that have you guys ever met dr. business coach  Edward Edwards. If you met this man – and so is he talking, Google because of sorcery or Wizardry, write what I think he just wanted? It really really bad. That’S that’s how he got. business coach  There was just wanting it. If we could choose who gets to be taught, we would probably have him talk to you like we like it. However, his competitor, I hear it’s called functional Medical Institute, so we’re going to go ahead and type in in in Google functional medicine, business coach  Tulsa that you’re going to see Revolution. Health comes up top in the map or number two in the map. How do you get to be top in the map got to have Google reviews we going to have all kinds of Google reviews to get the top of that map a lot of people don’t know how to actually register their website at all. So don’t even know how to optimize anything, because they don’t have no idea Eric walk us through the I did just even getting on the map. How do you get your business on the map she going to create a Google, my business accounting, business coach  Google?

The actual words, Google, my business and you want to create an account there going to send you a postcard to your address to verify. You are a real human with a real business, business coach  not a scammer, trying to climb your way up there real fast and then our team. What we do is help people optimize that account there certain things you need to have certain photos in there and stuff like that. business coach  So stop number 3, where to find the key word that you want to dominate know how do you know what keyword your competition’s going for? business coach  Well, after you, Google Search Tulsa, functional medicine or functional medicine Tulsa, whatever you think that someone would type in when you find your top competitor, I want you to click on their website. Everybody get out your clicker, but I want to use my phone.

You can’t use your phone, but I just have an iPad. business coach  You can’t do it, but I want to skip a step. You can’t do it, but play a lot, stop saying that right, business coach  click go to this website and then right click and when you right, click, click on view, page Source view. The pictures of Winnie the page Source, Steve but you’re going to see that all this code and all this crazy stuff but Steve Currington, your mortgage guy, now you’ve learned all this stuff. business coach  Let’S go through it one by one. The title tag has to be optimized. business coach  Why do you have to optimize the title tag Stave? Will Google needs to be able to crawl your website and, if you don’t have it set up to where they can easily read your website, then they’re going to skip your website and say it’s not cool, and I see how many entrepreneurs I want to help you. business coach   business coach  I see so many entrepreneurs who are I just that’s why I’m so excited to help Melissa cuz.

I see so many people that I want to help you and you ask me the questions and I tell you, but what you do is your biting the Earth’s gravitational pull you’re saying I’m 36. business coach  I I do want to play in the NBA, so I have declared my eligibility and they’re saying play. You can’t jump you’re, not good at basketball, you’re, a father of five kids right. You don’t understand Tony Robbins told me I can do anything. I want to do and I’m not going to listen to your negative weights, because what I have done as I’ve ever read this book called The Law of Attraction. What technically didn’t read the whole book? I just read the first steel cable page, and I want the Tai Lopez, video Lopez and I’ve been just after I had the power within, and I just want to unleash My Success. I’M going to exercise with business coach  Dean, McDermott puke.

Anybody who tells me to optimize my title tag cuz. I ain’t got time for that Steve. All I want to do is have my success right now. Some people call it logic, but I mean you just keep keep going down that path, that’s good, so you need to optimize your title tag. You need to optimize your medicine, scription optimize, your keywords: you need to business coach  optimize your website and you’ll find the title check. The description in the keywords under competition and then what you do is kiwi and you use a similar title tag him in exactly the same, because Google will not like your website if you copy content but make it make it better than them. If you don’t know how to do it, we’re going to teach you at a workshop. If you can’t get to a workshop, then I don’t know what to do because they’re general business coach  admission for the premium seats, we have a scholarship available to really comes down to. Do you want to be the bottom of Google and, if you do, if you want me to page to a Google, that’s like you took your website doesn’t exist, Steve. How important is it for TLC total lending Concepts to be top in Google when you type of the phrase business coach  Tulsa mortgage companies, there isn’t anything that is more important when they’re sick cuz.

If, if I, if I showed up every time, someone search for a van down by the river, then I mean none of my customers are going to find me when they’re. Looking for what I do now iPhone repair you’re going to find one of her clients subliminal messaging spring, it doesn’t even help. We still hear what you’re saying.. We are just tell me if you, Google, search iPhone repair, business coach  Tulsa you’ll, find it you’ll see our handiwork. If you, Google, functional medicine, Tulsa you’re, going to find our handiwork, can you, Google, Tulsa men’s haircuts you’re going to find our handiwork going to see evidence of what we do, but you have to you have to follow the Steps step number for your optimize, that map And optimize that map you have to get Google reviews in the master of gathering Google reviews is with us today inside the box that rocks we have Steve business coach  Currington the bowling ball of mortgages, the man who knows how to get you funded to buy that new house. The man who will help you get that loan quickly, Steve train him, explain his process and his method for Gathering Google reviews. Cuz people will not give you a Google review just because you email them this just in Thrive.

Time show schedule go to, getting ready to enter The Primetime show on talk, radio 1170. I’Ve been hot and I’ve been business coach  real low, so many clouds are formed by my image. I never been a smart as a wise is, but I realize what a Chase debit well in the dark as a Sunday, we got to make it to the next day and your brother text to push your way through bit. Welcome back to the conversation, I’m telling you what my name is Clay Clark. I am the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and today business coach  I am fired up because we had a couple lady who attended our workshop and she reached out, and she said I’d like to do a 13-point assessment. So we did the 13-point assessment now dark. 13, multi-million-dollar business. Is it’s really not that hard to do? It just requires you implementing the system. It’S a proven fact: it’s not a smoke-and-mirrors. It’S not a luck thing. You have a real product or a real service. We really can’t help you if you stay the course. Here’s the thing. business coach  If you do not have a real product that people really want or a real service, if you’re willing to test a product idea, that’s different because now you’re saying I don’t know that, there’s a precedent for this – I don’t know the anybody else out.

There has ever done this before, but I want to be the first now my friend, you are in a rare earth because you are potentially fighting the Earth’s gravitational pull. You can’t convince people in Oklahoma to business coach  begin taking Cricket lessons, and I Know a Man in Tulsa. business coach  True story about 7 or 8 years ago. He no longer lives here, but he was obsessed with bringing Cricket to Tulsa and he invested. I’M not kidding millions of dollars over the course of probably know 5 or 6 years trying to bring Cricket to Tulsa the game of cricket which is kind of like baseball. I thought you decided, I didn’t realize it. No, I I know you’re talking about. I don’t know very well and in town here, who’s really a passion. Bringing rugby to the business coach  United States and in trying to start a minor league team in Tulsa, and I will just I’m just telling you this. If you could die on on the bleeding edge of of the early adopter, what you’re trying to introduce of business coach  Tulsa or America to a new sport, and then your financial, your your your, your personal finances, are tied to whether you can convince people to change their behaviour. business coach  That’S that’s a mommy wow.

If you win you’re like Steve Jobs, you might be an early bankrupt. Her know if you, if you have a mortgage company, business coach  if you have a phone repair facility of a phone repair company like other phone doctors in Tulsa, we can definitely help you dominate the Tulsa phone repair game because we can help you create the most affordable and Most dominant marketing strategy out there until we have the driver Melissa, she asked Marshall, can you do a 13-2 on business coach  Today Show we are actually to plan, for I made a 15 Step plan for her and we’re breaking down the steps one by one and you the Thrive, Nation could learn from them to run step for what she has to offer Acer Google Map and gather 100. Google reviews will start with you hear Steve Gathering 100 Google reviews. Why is it so hard for people to do it? Well, I think people think that their customers will, business coach  just if you ask him that they will automatically just do it and they won’t so first, you have to get every customer that you’ve ever done business with her every business person.

That knows you. That knows your reputation and you have to beg, borrow and steal and get them to get on Google and give you a review that step one, because you have to go into your network of people that you already have to kind of get some momentum. You know some people that have done business with you and maybe they’ve never left you review. So you can go back and say, business coach  hey, remember. I did your mortgage couple years ago really trying to build my review base and I never got a review from you. business coach  Would you mind giving me a Google? I need a preferably a five-star. You know, don’t give me a one-star review if you’re going to give you don’t say I like Steve, but his company sucks. He gets one that that is not the person that you want to give you a receipt. Occasionally disagree which makes a show kind of fun, but with the thing about Steve, is he’s a real entrepreneur. So you telling you what he really did now, business coach  I’m telling you what I would do. If I were you, I would definitely do what Steve said.

I would definitely beg. I would definitely ask. I would definitely not here’s the thing is I like to get 100 reviews from 100 real clients as soon as possible, because, according to Forbes, 88 % of consumers read reviews before buying something 88 % before you go to a restaurant? What you do you read a review before you business coach  break it down for me, so I hear this a lot and I, like we have been in my industry, nobody’s really looking at Google reviews, but what we found and where works with surgery, two mortgages to cook everybody Is looking at Google reviews? It’S it’s just! Don’T don’t have that mindset of I’m Different. It’S not different. Everybody is online doing research. I want to give you an exam. We worked with a spine surgeon in Florida, and this guy was just business coach  fighting me about this he’s like well, it’s just it. You don’t understand my industry, people, they don’t read. Reviews before you know considering spine surgery for your people, don’t go online to find a spine doctor. business coach   They always get a referral and I’m like, but you don’t think they do really.

So when this little game and what happened is once he got to about 100 reviews about 75-80 reviews, he said people are contacting me left and right, business coach  it’s crazy, because what happens is. Is that there’s a three-part path to success? I’Ve never talked about this on the radio show, but this is Andrew, Carnegie knowledge for you. This is. business coach  I never talked about this on the show before Andrew Carnegie is was asked, you know, how do you become successful and he said: was it’s a three-part equations step? One you got to build a reputation and the reputation it takes you years to build that you have two or three years. You have a reputation as you want to have a practical. You want to be practical education. business coach  You want to have like an actual skill, so you know you got to be able to do something well, so in this case, business coach  Melissa, you’re, a doctor, you been doing this for a long time before you met, I see you have the Practical education. You have the reputation, but you don’t have a reputation. If you don’t have 100, Google resume doesn’t exist in the customers, mind the consumers mind they go to Google for everything to do their research it. If you don’t have 100 reviews.

It’S like you do not have a degree and then the 32 practical education he says reputation. business coach  If that’s what gives you the compensation? You trade, those two in for the compensation so Steve again, it’s listening right now, but people don’t read reviews before they be noticed by a mortgage before they. business coach  You know because I own a restaurant in my cities, different people don’t read reviews before going out to eat. You know in my industry Steven you ever read the reviews before going to see a concert or going out to eat at me break it down. business coach   Yes always do, and you almost can’t help it, because when you go to look up something or you’re trying to like Google Map it to get to the play, if you’re going to a restaurant, maybe you’re if you’re an iPhone user.

Like me, you go to maps and you’re like what restaurants are closed in the first thing that comes up is: is there a listing of where they’re at, but also the reviews? Now here’s the deal? If you, if it’s by default, you don’t ask and see. If I want to have you break business coach  down more about Google reviews, we get back as we head into the break here, but if you, if you are saying to yourself, I just don’t know if people will give me a review, I just don’t want to ask by Default you’re going to get bad reviews by default. If you don’t ask for good reviews of a real customers, you’re going to have bad reviews and that’s a bad deal. But if you listen to the DriveTime show on your radio stay tuned. Yes, go to thrive time! Show.Com get me the pre-start gear eBook download for business coach   free back to the business coach. Radio show that show all inclusive at Barack Obama and Donald Trump could agree on it. If we could just get them in the same room together get ready to enter The Primetime show on talk radio 1170. This weekend, oh wow, that would think about that shows. Whenever Z’s not here, we will come up, we must struggle, but we must. We must stay in the lane. We can’t get political, we business coach  can tweak it go into politics, we can’t get into it.

We can get off on tangents. We must stay focused, even though doctors owners out to expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire now Steve, is on inside the Box, The Rock’s today and Eric chub chubs. Perhaps one of the finest business coaches on the planet and Steve Currington is the mortgage man. If you need a mortgage, Steve can help. You know Steve right now, you’re business coach  running a special at total lending Concepts. What’S the special you’re running right now, my friend will some lenders: do you know they charge fees? How much in feet is how much I mean. Typically, I would say, like the average is somewhere in the neighborhood of like a thousand ,400. Just to business coach  you know underwrite your loan and process it. You know, everybody knows, you know we call them.

They called Junk fees they like for your verification, how we have to get your transcripts from the IRS that’s so they just kind of you know like nickel and dime and nickel next thing. You know you paid the lender like 1400 bucks, and so you don’t have any business coach  those now we’re actually slashing all of our lender fees. What’S your website right now, they’re looking to refinance your new home from, let me ask you: how can I get ahold of you? What your website! So since I’m the most humble man you can find it on my my biceps, it’s Steve, Curry,! That’S where business coach  you’ll find me see me or just Google Tulsa mortgage, because clay and his team have really really helped us to get business coach  page one in Google. So you can actually just look for Tulsa mortgage and you will find Steve right at the top, along with total lending on his arms.

That was not part of our branding strategy, but that was something he did on his own and it was business coach  before. I met him he’s all in a here’s the deal we have attended the workshop, but her name is Melissa. She is a doctor and she asked us to do a 13-point, one-on-one business assessment with her. Whatever business coaches did the assessment and as always, I made the plans. I made this the specific proven plan. It will help her grow her business, but today we are actually do using his radio show to teach you the tribe Nation, the plan we gave her. This is the actual plan we provide her and she will business coach  definitely build a multimillion-dollar practice if she stays the course okay. So step number for Optimizer business coach  Google Map Eric Church give us give us a few details.

So one thing you want to do it is you got to be very intentional, but how you name your Google, my business location, your Google map to business coach   A good rule of thumb? Is you want to name it? You know who we are of where we are and what we do so like clay was saying to me to go elephant in the room of Tulsa men’s haircuts Revolution, health of functional Tulsa, functional medicine. So that’s more than one tip. You know whenever you’re registering that Google Map okay. So if you are looking for examples, just business coach  Google search Tulsa men’s haircuts, that’s one by the way that is just Total Domination in the room. We are just dominating Google search Jynx men’s haircuts were dominating Google search, Tulsa functional medicine you’ll find the revolution health fair. If you, Google, search iPhone repair, Tulsa, Tulsa, iPhone repair or fix my iPhone anything like that, you’re going to find the Phone business coach  Doctors again so what’s happening is we are dominating the internet in Tulsa and all the cities we work. We work with the Canadian mortgage company. We work with cosmetic surgery companies in Florida. We work with dentist in Florida, we’ve business coach  worked with a brew Bay Brewhouse in Wichita.

We’Ve worked with that go on on just listing of carpet cleaning Glen Google search real business coach   quick. This is one of my favorite displays of domination. Google search everybody get out your phone or something and Google search come on, get up that cell phone Gilbert smartphone Step 1 pullover stick to carpet. business coach  Cleaning quotes carpet, cleaning quartz internationally oxyfresh Oxi Fresh Again. Full disclosure thousand Google reviews on right now to see how many reviews he has right now: cuz, Google cumulatively, add them all up, and I want to see where my typing carpet is it somewhere around ,000. So I can remember 251 Google reviews and let me tell you what consumers trust those reviews know you must create a no-brainer offer. You’Ve got to have an offer, and absolutely no brain Adele dress to be so good that people can’t say no business coach   to it. So an example that I would do if I was a doctor is that would say your first session is free and Simmons singer says you can’t do that because of insurance. You can say your first exam for your first analysis: free your first consultation free, your first Something Free make it a no-brainer. It’S got to be a deal so good that people can’t say no to it by elephant the room. Your first haircut is just a dollar.

Every week we have hundreds of people who come in for the first time who here are radio, show or find us on Google and it cuz. I hate, I heard it’s a dollar: what’s the catch? Is there no catch? Your first haircut is a dollar. We. We believe you’re going to love the experience so much going to come back and bring friends. Eric shop. You are a phenomenal business coach. You helped a lot of your clients come up with a no-brainer that just makes sense, but I think a lot of people they resist the no-brainer. They don’t want to make a no-brainer to have more customer educator, 164th or 1/2 create the business coach. I am without the tutelage and mentorship of you, so I appreciate appreciate it like to live scan yourself. People people are really tied into their business, that’s their baby.

Nobody else cares about as much of them. So it’s a it’s a thing where, but I’m cheapening my brand. I can’t offer a first service on cheapening. You know one way to cheapen your brand, the deprived, if you, if you’re, worried about keeping your brand of want the one way that would definitely cheap in your brand. The most of this is the thing you won’t be careful, you won’t be make sure you don’t do either. One of these tumors are two ways to keep in your brand. In the Destroyer net worth move, number one is go bankrupt and, being so great you’ve seen a lot of that happened with a lot of people just fight the no-brainer Geico is example: GEICO 15 minutes could save you what 15 % or more on your car insurance. If you get a chance to go on to the vast internet, real quick, you go to thrive time show..

I actually tried it on on Arrow, so I can. I don’t know if I have the mental capacity to do this. While it’s like, you know, you shouldn’t, operate a motor vehicle to bed too much medication or something right. You shouldn’t be doing a live. Radio show, while attempting to navigate the internet, but I’m going to make an attempt to do it here and I want to find it I’ll see if I can get to it. Let me let me try. Okay, let me see: okay, I’m in the meantime, Tulsa Oilers, the Tulsa Oilers, our client of ours. We help them sell out for the first time they actually did. They sold out the number to play the audio. This is actually a video you can find it DriveTime forward, slash share. This is a video featuring my wife and I are at the first sold-out game at the BOK. Here we go.. They said it couldn’t be done. They said you couldn’t fill at the BOK Center again very much of marketing, courtesy of John Kelly and and Devin and Darlene. And oh, that’s a cell out. If you want to be, if you want to have a sellout, if you want to absolutely make us some money, you owe it to yourself to your family owed.

Your company come up with a no-brainer, quit fighting yourself put fighting how the market Works. Nobody wants to come into your company to try out a free, freaking cookie. They don’t want to come in there unless it’s free. What did you just say? They don’t want to come in there and try out of fruit, know but work if they don’t want to come in and say hey. I want to buy a cookie for the first time to see. If I like it, they don’t want to do. They don’t want to, they want to come in if it’s free, with no strings attached. They want to come in and try to the free cookie with oh by the way have to pay for it. So don’t make it one of us got you, but they don’t do it. That’S why we came up with was a no-brainer, so you can buy 4 tickets for for tickets for who gets what, when you show up at the game we say: hey. Do you want to sit in the lower bowl or in the upper deck?

If you said you predict when you get your for tickets, for if you want to sit lower than their like 15 or 20 bucks, a piece or whatever they are, and that’s how we sold it out and turns out when people get there, they’re thirsty they like Pretzels they like to buy other things and that’s what happens with nobody wants to try your free cookie with the oh. By the way you have to pay for it. So don’t make those got your premiums and, if you’re worried about the cost of a no-brainer offer. One thing I hear dr. Z say all the time is to think about it, as is just part of your marketing budget. This is advertising. This is marketing. Isn’T you just giving things away free? This is an investment in yourself and your own business for your first exam in your first pair of glasses, are always so its just at dr. Robert zoellner Associates he’s got two locations, they’re, always dinette for 25 years and said that no brainer when people come in All the people want to get contacts another pair of glasses. They want to get a stylish frame and want to upgrade to a name brand frame. business coach  Dr. Robert zoellner Serbian he’s had a no-brainer for 25 years..

Everything you can do it stay tuned to the business coach. Radio show that’s more interesting than people watching a pregnant person without shoes at the Tulsa State, Fair, okay, okay, before the hate mail business coach  starts coming, and let me explain that intro real quick here and you’ve seen somebody who is there and they’re pregnant and they’re very pregnant And they don’t have shoes on and they’re walking around like a dirt. You know it dirt area and you’re, asking yourself: why did they come here without you today you lose their shoes, I’ll just take off my shoes and walk around for a while or have you ever met and Steve. Have you ever seen some of the still at the Tulsa State, Fair, where you got your self?

What happened business coach   to allow the person to show up at the fair with other shoots, yeah yeah, I actually quit going to the state fair, because of business coach   this, like I was like, I refuse to go, see another pregnant person without shoes on I go to the fair one Time with no shoes on in this is what happens come on, you know you business coach  just eating and you were just there was funnel cakes and I have no clue what you were looking for today. We are making a business plan, I’m actually off of the first time on the radio show we are going to be. T business coach  he entire show is going to be the content related to a business plan. We’Ve created for Lady by the name of Melissa, Melissa, attended a workshop and she asked for us to do a 13-point, one-on-one consultation with her and just like, we do with all of our business coaching clients after the business coach  assessment was done with one of our business coaches. They basically take the tests; they they they, it’s kind of like going to see a doctor YouTube rerun that you do the test to do the lab work and the doctor comes back with a prescription, and so business coach   I have a prescribed a specific, proven plan that I Know will work for her to 5215 step plan.

I know the plan will work, so we done this before many different people in the medical industry and we’re teaching you the specific steps that were teaching her so stop number business coach  5. She has to create a no-brainer Rod. Stewart, the famous musician and former soccer player was a professional soccer player. Any realized that time the team business coach  would go out and party is that he could just get on the mic and just rocket and people with just they loved it when he would sing and do improv anybody’s Bars were sometimes they let the killers get on the microphone business coach  And kind of ad lib, where they get a lot of them, do karaoke that kind of thing he would get up there and just rock the mic and people like dude. You are freaking good. Why are you playing professional soccer? business coach  You can be a rockstar and he saw any thought to himself.

You know what I probably could be, but yours is not a book or at least half the battle is selling music, not singing it. It’S the image, not what you sing. So, let’s, let’s, let’s help Melissa and people out there who are struggling to sell something. So specifically with the doctor, you need to make your first session business coach   just a dollar, your first consultation free. You need to have some no-brainer. That makes it such a good deal. People cannot say no Eric Chuck. Can you explain to me maybe a no-brainer you’ve created for one of your clients that has worked well or maybe a client you want to brag on that embraced.

The no-brainer came up with their own no-brainer yeah. I work with a chiropractor up in Tennessee and he’s got a no-brainer offer up. Your first session business coach   is only a dollar includes the screening at business coach  X-ray and an hour massage really going to want that money doesn’t fulfill the service, but as doctors he says you just have to consider it part of your advertising costs, but he converts what percentage of people Who come in for that offer? Is dr. J converting? Oh, it’s it’s about 50 in the room in South Tulsa last week pretty, but who came in for a haircut? 91 % of you came back as a member 91 % haircuts in Broken Arrow. business coach  We hit me a tease. I can’t wear that, never like mid-80s and downtown, or just a hair over 50 %.

I’M going to tell you the problem with the downtown that we go, who are spending about ,000 on College and occasion will just cost business coach  ,001, so they change their name and their phone number in light come in multiple times to have seen you here before my dad. Always tells the stories – and he has his old stories, used to share before he passed it more than once. He talks about as an business coach  NBA player, and I can remember the guys name but he’s a very tall guy, but almost seven feet tall. He spent all this money and says it before NBA guys got rich by the way. This is when the NBA guys made a lot of money, business coach  but they weren’t making millions a year if you’re in the NBA, you might like ,000, which is right in. But it’s not millionaire status to love these guys, they would retire and it have no discernible skills and they didn’t have the business Acumen to start a basketball camp and another communication skills to teach your coach, and so these players basically became jobless.

What are the, what is players? Apparently, he spent his entire check and he’s he’s broke, and so he decides he’s going to rob the local a gas station that he goes to business coach  all the time comes in a rock in a ski mask and he’s like 7 Pete. All the cashiers like hey whatever his name, I’m going to make up his name. What’S his name was Steven Steven. I know it’s you come on, let’s not, let’s not make this decision or something, and he and he says it’s not me – that’s pretty funny. So you like, we have a lot of to use students that will come in multiple times for their haircut, a business coach  cting as though their first time customers. It happens a lot, unfortunately, and that’s what makes us every little bit but step number 6 is you must build a world-class website, so I have is some ample examples.

That. I wanted to have to the drivers from display clock can handle that’s right, but first notable quotable from Elon Musk, and I would like to have Eric Check break it down for once wrote this, the guy, who is The Man Behind business coach  Tesla, SpaceX and Pay Pal? I never heard of that brand is just a perception and perception will match reality. Overtime sometime. It will be ahead other times it will be behind what brand is simply a collective impression that some have about a product Eric chop? Why do small business owners have to get there Brandi? Why does Melissa have to get your website or business card her one? She everything that people see in touch. business coach  Why does she have to get that stuff looking world class, even though she may be a start-up? It goes back to what we start of the show with you got to think of the end in mind right. You have the end in mind, so you want to look big, even if not big, yet you got to come across as one of those big guys whenever you’re having your first contact with potential clients are potential customers.

You don’t want to look like a little guy. business coach  Even if you maybe the little guy, there was a client a few years back, who was a builder up in the Minnesota area. Western Minnesota in this is this is kind of my call with him in this is how it went, and I just want to share with you. Sometimes my greatest joy is a business coach is seeing companies like Barbie cookies, Tip Top K9 Peak medical people just killing. It I love seeing my doctor tomorrow, if you doodle, Tulsa Pediatric business coach  Dentistry, that’s a dentist who sales are up almost just a little over 50 % to last year used to see about a hundred eighty patients 80 new patients a month.

Now we sing like a hundred forty good guy, to my sorrow, but my biggest frustration is right. Talk to people like this guy Minnesota were talking. He says solar. What are tips would you have to help us get to the top of you know, Google up and you’ll be all right, and I, and if we had with trying to get to the top of I’ll Google business coach  it until you said you need to do, is you Need to update your website. Your website has to look better than your competition at me and hate. This was responses, he says. Well, if you are not an Austrian accent with the business coach  Minnesota next, are they sure what the point is he says back to? He says you know people in our industry, they don’t really use websites for buying a home, and most of our sales are come from a realtor, and I said I know they currently come from a realtor.

But could you imagine a world where people would find your model homes on the internet and they would schedule a tour and he says no, but most of our business is Word of Mouth. It is company, I’m not at that. business coach  I’M not going to I’m not going to throw me under the bus to mention his name but the company he named after himself. So it’s like Matt’s Home Building, LLC! That’S what his website is. It’S Matt home building LLC some like that. You know since Matt’s, Home Building LLC and then like the website, it looks like he created it like a piece of paper taped. What I said I said on a scale of 1 to 10. How would you rate your Brandy? I mean it like. Tesla is a 10 Tesla. business coach  Comes at 10 and they’re awesome and a one is terrible. How would you write your side honestly his side? I was thinking to myself. I almost felt bad just hearing his. I wanted to hear his answer me out. I almost didn’t want to get depressed when he told me the number, and he says. Oh, it’s like a 9. I mean it is. It is awesome music, my wife built. It may be all well you’re going to work out there. It is here we go because he did your family so now you’re, business coach  making an emotional decision. The emotions getting in front of a motion against the E is getting in front of the motion.

The emotion gets in the way of the emotion you, my friends, must take the action, regardless of how you feel about if it’s the right move as if it’s to prove it moves to Melissa. Your website has to look as good as No good news as a business coach, client Chuck, business coach  we actually build the website. We do the graphic design. We do the coding we did. The web development me to the search engine optimization the ad management, all included in the package. We do if somebody didn’t have a business coach and didn’t have our program you actually in a business before how many different people would they have to hire to execute the system. Anyone what we teach Melissa the system once we teach you the system, how many people they have to go out there and higher. If they didn’t have our team. Let’S, business coach   let’s lift him off, he got he got to have a designer.

You have a videographer yep. You got to have a photographer. You got to have sales people yep. You got to have somebody with the knowledge to teach you how to write scripts and by the way, Steve. Why do you always want to have two of every position if at all possible, because people call in sick or quit? business coach  Okay? So really we just listed six positions and, let’s just say you were crazy and you decided not to have two of everything. Then you would each person average of 500 hours a week and you’re not going to because I’ll be ,000, maybe ,000 25000 year, so cuz there’s two weeks of vacation. So if you’re paying people ,000 and you’re not going to find Good People by the way. At that rate, you would have 25000 *, 525000 ,000 a year minimum worst people at that job, business coach  you’re the worst graphic designer in Tulsa that the worst photographer in Tulsa.

You could do that for about 5 hours a week or or you’ll end up trying to do it all yourself while trying to grow a business and if your ears, things that you create, are going to suffer because you don’t have the time or the expertise to Do them and you’re not going to go to grow your business fast, and this poor guy’s wife was tasked with the act of doing the website. business coach  While I got her on the phone and I said, hey on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the website? And she said I honestly it’s really bad. I just didn’t know how to do it and we know we built it and truthful, and I said dribble should we used to do it and Wicks Wicks should yeah, and it’s just that. I can’t find the password that we can update it and the photos. You know they’re there when I took on my phone and business coach   it’s the best she could do and be like me, building your hair straight, explain to this guy and his wife when he finally got it right there I said: listen, that’s like me, building a house for My Wife, because I don’t want to hire you guys because I want to say the 8 % I want to build it myself and let me tell you what there’s nobody who’s worse at building than me.

So, even though I appreciate good building in good decor and good accoutrements, I’m not going to build it myself, Steve if somebody’s listening right now they say I don’t want to hire a business coach. I don’t want to hire an accountant. I don’t want to hire a professional to help me. I don’t know how a graphic designer what I want to do is. Do it all myself. Why is that backwards? Jackassery thinking? Well, it’s like representing yourself in court. I mean I mean a Savvy person. You know you can always people that can like get things done. You can probably figure out a way to like metal your way through this. You know you can figure it out right Nation. Our entire business coach program starts at ,500 a month. That’S one 500 West Spider-Man cost to hire even won Barista, but I’m a business coach statehood. My cell phone is right. There get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. You can try I’ll tell you why you’re fired if you ever fired somebody fire on a Friday if it works better for you. Alright, my name is devoted to business. Coaching, it’s a show to provide U business school without the BS, I’m not teaching you Theory. I’M teaching you what doctors and I do.

We have 13 proven steps that we will teach you. We have a system that we will teach you, and it is the system that we have used to build 13 multi-million-dollar business as it’s not a smoking mirror. Think if you go to Z66, ah you’re going to see his very real Auto Auction. If you go to 65th and Memorial you’re going to see his very real or 68 to Memorial, his very real optometry center. If you go to the elephant in the room, if you just Google elephant the rumor going to go to three very real locations, if you go to BJ, you can see a company that I really did grow up before. business coach   I saw it. Redone 4000 weddings a year. business coach  This is not a snow. I’M here. Staying fit in the hair industry is not similar to the DJ industry, which is not similar to Optometry, which is not similar to auto auctions. What they all have in common is they are a business and we know how to build a business. If you want to run the Practical steps you found the right now.

If you want to talk about Theory and the power of why – and you want to do – watch TED Talks, this is not the show, we’re teaching you the practical skills that you need to pay the actual bills and will actual driver by the name of Melissa who Attended our actual in person workshop and she really did put her hand up and she really business coach  did schedule a 13-point assessment with one of our business coaches, business, coach assessment, so beneficial for you as the coach and for the client. So for us, it lets us get a quick insight to where the business owner is in their business and the business coach  13 steps that we followed to this proven fact and for the business owner it. We can typically ask questions and kind of help them find out. Some information as an outside brain looking in that they may not have thought of in the past and it kind of gives him a new perspective.

Look at their business through the 13th assessment, beneficial for you at total lending business coach  Concepts, cuz you’re, actually a client beneficial, but one of the things I was going to say: yeah it’s on there’s a place. They can start you on the website right right. It’S called the start here book you just go and when you go there, you’ll find where you can download the start here book for free and you download that book. It is a 550 page book that contains all of the systems that were teaching you now with a business coach helps you do is to go through. All of those moods have all these moves and business coach  figure out the least number of moves that you need to take. My goal is to help you grow your business with the least amount of your effort. My goal is not to give you a massive amount of homework.

My goal is for you to leave the meeting with very little to do, but things that will move the needle. The most and so we’re breaking down and actual plan. waiting for Melissa and actual driver and step never 6. You have to go to business coach  world class website. If you looking for examples of that, if you go to thrive time, should I come and you click on podcasts. You can find all the archived broadcasts and Today’s Show notes – and we would you look at Today – Show doubt she’ll see the links to Tip Top Tip Top and business coach   MLK And then it’s just two of the thousands of clients we worked with. But those are actual businesses that actually grow using our system that are, in my mind, world class websites. You can get example of that. If you’re looking for an example of this, we put it on the show notes and on Today Show notes, will put the will go up there for Nike for Apple for McDonald’s, for someone’s writing these down business coach   for Nike, there’s 10 of them by the way, there’s Nike.

There’S Apple, there’s, McDonald’s, yours, Coca-Cola there’s, business coach  Google, Microsoft, coming in over seven Shepherd had 2 % of a number 7 drill bit little company called Pepsi Pepsi. Does it’s Steve? I have never heard of it and guess what they’re all simple? Oh, yes, what you see? business coach  What happens is William Shakespeare got out of hand one day and he starts writing you wrote brevity is the soul, of wit? Brevity is the soul, of wit, that Leonardo DaVinci he piles on. He says, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication business coach  and you might be saying they don’t know what they’re talking about that was before the internet was in Steve Jobs said simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean, to make it simple, but it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains.

The point is: make your logo simple, do not make it four thousand colors do not make it mean. 18 things make it work, no separate, create a world class business card. Eric chop talk to me about business cards, turkey, where clients might get this wrong by default, and maybe what a perfect business card looks like you, don’t want it just clutter up that card with a bunch of stuff. You want to make it short and sweet. Let them know the numbers that they need to get ahold of, maybe the email that they can get ahold of you with. Basically, the same mindset is that logo, simple Simplicity, that’s what I would say about that.

You have to create a world-class one sheet in on this one sheet. It should show you vs. the competition, that’s right, and it should include the benefits of what you include with all your packages. What do you include in your package is Steve? How is a one-sheet helpful for you when you’re out there is a mortgage Guru, I’m Steve by the way? What’S your website Steve, listening right now and you are looking for a mortgage Ice-T, what you’re, what you’re special Nolan Durfee sweet? We don’t charge lender fees, everybody else charges lender fees. We don’t charge wonder if it’s a limited-time special they’re doing right now, so go to Steve. Print.Com fill out that form see. If you see what you qualify for see, if you get qualified for a mortgage, can I qualify for the word to make sure that I encourage you to go to Steve’s website check it out?

Because I’m, if you need a mortgage, he’s one of the best resources in town but Steve when you’re out there talking to Realtors and trying to convince them to recommend you as one of the options to client, how is a one-sheet proven to be powerful? Well, it’s more the powerful minute: it’s the it’s a perfect a sheet to explain all the benefits of your company and for us, because we have lots of sales people in different states. It it gets us All. Uniform Wear were all presenting the same thing. You know we have a a one sheet, and then we have a training, video on how to present the one sheet and then everybody in our whole whole company is presenting the same benefits that we, as owners of the company, have determined it is who we are, And what they want as an example for elephant in the room will sell hundreds of memberships per week, we’re getting close to five thousand members and what’s Justin, built the system once we built the system, what happened to his is now we don’t actually selling memberships.

So do we sell hundreds of memberships per week but Justin and I don’t personally sell those memberships and that’s when you know you have a scalable business model is when you can sell without you personally doing all the sales, but you cannot do it without a 1 Sheets in into drivers, I’m telling you don’t have a good one sheet. It’S okay! All you have to do is book your tickets today at Thrive time,, that’s DriveTime, and book your tickets for next in-person Workshop in the workshop. We will teach you how to make one sheet. You can ask us any questions book.

Your tickets today at Thrive time. Show. it’s play Clark. I have a business coach. How close is the dark mirror for Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river? All that that’s really the questioning a lot of people have is. Do I want to live in a van down by the river? Do I want to do that or do I want to be successful, and then you get a job? Maybe that is Success, person living in a van down by the river – maybe maybe it does it was when I see I see a lot of entrepreneurs who they want to become self-employed, so they do it, they start their own business, but because they don’t know what To do they now work about 70 hours a week and they barely make it no matter how hard they work, they barely make it and they hang on to the belief that got them they’re like I have to do everything myself.

You can’t find good people today. You it’s just you know you, my website doesn’t matter. Branding is a waste of time. We are all of the big companies in the world have great branding. They all have a Turn-Key Marketing System. You don’t see the owner of Staples running around with a megaphone saying: hey, do you guys want to come by office supplies, but you’ll see businesses in their whole marketing foot their own Mitch is having a market bypass in my business card out of networking event was Not a move, you have to begin to build a scalable business model.

Know when you start you might pass out cards. Would you want to keep upgrading to build scalable Marketing System, Melissa who reached out to us? And she said: how do I grow my medical practice and so for the first time in history of the show we are dedicating an entire show to teaching her The Proven path until we are now on to step number 8, which is build a world-class business card. We just touched on that step. Number 9 create a world-class one sheet, Steve talk to you about the one sheet and how that helps you communicate effectively within your organization aspect. It’S a specially as total lending Concepts is scaling into multiple states with multiple sales representative. So we sat down and determine what are benefits are as a company and how we don’t want to portray that too hard ideal unlikely buyers.

What are the benefits? You know we have a 21-day closing guarantee. We, we pre underwrite every single file. Right. We have these things business coach  that we do that set us apart from the competition, and we want to be able to communicate that to people that would refer our business as quickly and as confidently as possible. So we put it on one sheet now as an example with the Thrive business, coaching platform I discovered through talking to a lot of people over and over and over about this over the course of 10 years people say what do you do, and I say I Help businesses grow and they say how do you do that, and I say we provide you with the Strategic coaching and all of the back and support for less money than you would spend on hiring even one an hour employee. So you get a web designer, a graphic designer and photographer and search engine Optimizer a copywriter, a manager business coach   at a call center, and all of that and more, we will actually designed the interior of your restaurant. Go to Barbie cookies and look at look what we did there go to elephant in the room and look at what we did that we can.

We can we do interior. We do your weekend with your bookkeeping, there’s nothing. We can’t do it best to do everything for your business coach  business, except for actually delivering your core product or your service, explaining this so long. What am I missing? I would you explain what we do to people a lot of times, people that we like to use the term when we come with a full team of business, ninjas right. You’re not going to meet with these people with the coach. So you have one point of contact, so things are drifting around and getting lost, but behind that business coach   coach is an entire team of a player’s people that show up early people that care about the work that they’re doing for our clients.

And so that’s really really. The main thing that you did not just the coaching all of the great systems and examples from you and dr. zoellner, but you get that entire team was going to take care of all of those things. For you know your medical practice, weekly podcast schedule focused on your main keyword. You want to create a sustainable weekly podcast schedule focused on your main keyword, Steve. Why did you do a podcast and how has business coach   do podcast helped total lending Concepts get to the top of Google? What we did it, because we needed content, because we realize, in order to own the Search terms that we wanted to and all our markets we needed.

A lot of content and the only way to get a lot of content was to record a lot, and then we transcribe your podcast. Another example as if you, Google, search again Tulsa mortgages you’ll find Steve Currington top of the Google search. If you, Google, Tulsa functional medicine, you’ll see the revolution, health is top of the Google search and it’s not because they’re good people, but they are good people. It’S because they have the most original content and there’s a four-step process to getting the top of Google and Chuck clients. Occasionally, when I want to push back on this day, do they read a bunch of blogs and they watched a bunch of Tai Lopez? Videos about social media, viral marketing to have a bowl of some people have a belief system.

Sure not you not you to listen to the people who are listening to Rush Limbaugh. Have this mine said they believe that if they make viral video, how to make a video to go viral on YouTube downloads, successful, but there’s a four step equation to get to the top of the Google domination step. Number one must have Google canonical compliant website where people push back on that. I don’t even know what that means what it means to follow. The established Google rules we have code number to. You must have the most Google reviews where the clients push back occasionally on this. They say: oh well, I don’t know how to get these. Is it getting real Google reviews right now that you can think of that’s really done a phenomenal job with Gathering those reviews.

Yeah, so we were working with a guy and he went out and within the first two days of of meeting with me, he got 34 Google reviews 34. Google review impacts, your business greatly got into the map immediately know. If you are listening right now and you type in Tulsa dog training, Tulsa dog training, you’re going to find Tip Top K9 at the top or near the top, why cuz they’re good people? They are good people, but it’s also because they have the most. It’S not. It’S not a thing where you get the top of Google by just reading a bunch of random blocks in at the Block is written by Tai Lopez. Stop reading it move on to number 3, create the most original relevant hypertext markup language content, creating the most content. Where the clients typically push back on this, and how does it help so you’re saying I need to do this every week I’ve always had a problem with my hypertext markup language. I just don’t like to listen to some time at telling you right now. You need to do a podcast every week and it needs to be sustainable, and I recommend you block out one hour a week to talk about whatever,

I’m not sure what kind of medical practice that you have. And so, but whatever kind of medical practice that you have, you want to do a podcast about that subject every week and you want to make sure that each podcast is 10 minutes long and that you even your keyword 10 times throughout that Ten Minute. Podcast of your key word is Kansas City, Kansas City, therapists, Kansas City, teenage therapists in your podcast. You would make sure you reference that 10 times it will get into the details and we’ll walk you through how to do it. But that’s how you do it no step number 11. We come back from the break and she criticized stainable weekly schedule for Gathering Google reviews.

You got to commit to a sustainable regiment. It’S got to be a number you can commit to and there’s nobody that I know who’s better at Gathering. Google reviews Dan, Steve Currington he’s done a phenomenal job Gathering those reviews and I think, a lot of people in the mortgage industry of if struggled with this and all the different cities I work with them business coach   in but Steve is just knocked out. He was very diligent. Very consistent and he went with the shotgun approach. He had a lot of different ways that he went out there and a lot of different systems and methods he did simultaneously. To get those reviews. Are you going to do with the shotgun of Frozen shotgun, nice? Okay? So, if you’re, if you want to learn how to get Google reviews, Steve currently will business coach   teach you his shotgun approach to Gathering Google reviews when we come back from the brink, it’s drive time. Oklahoma, City. back to the business coach radio show that’s so powerful. It would make OSU and OU get along barber shop ninja, my ninja.

This is your year to thrive your day to thrive, business coach  your time to be alive. It is profound if you are above the ground think about that for a second there’s, so many people that run around complaining and 18 years ago. I was one of those people who, let me give me example in the man cave Studios. I have a typewriter on one of the shelves and you might ask: why do you have a typewriter? I have that because it used to be harder. You know life’s used to be a lot harder. business coach   I couldn’t have written a book even fifty years ago because I couldn’t use a typewriter well enough to actually type anything.

The way I type is 2 letters. 4 word 1 letter back to salsa dance when I’m typing it. So there’s never been a better time to start or grow a business. The economy is unbelievable. Access to Capital is there. A digital marketing has never been more affordable than now used to cost you ,000 a month to run a yellow page ad, and you have to commit to that ad for like a year. business coach  So it was a reply to the Ripper and that’s what Kevin Lewis and his mother Sally Lewis actually sold me the yellow. Yellow page ad years ago I paid 2 Grand a month, hoping that it would work now. You can run ads and try it for a week I mean the digital marketing is unbelievably for arthritis, medical clinic and she wanted to know how to grow her business, business coach  and so I have made a 15-point plan just for Melissa, but you that’s Red Nation can benefit From implementing the moves that she’s at the name is a 15 Step, a system, it’s the actual step by step process needed to grow a medical practice, and so here are the steps for Miss Melissa, okay.

So I’m moving on right now to step number 11 year. You have to create a sustainable schedule for Gathering Google reviews chip. business coach  Why do you have to gather Google reviews and brag on a client? That’S doing it the right way, so you got to get more Google reviews a because by default, if you don’t be active and proactive in getting those, only bad ones are going to show up because there’s some people – you just can’t please true, and they are the Most vocal, so you got to drown those out by getting all the good ones as well and something real quick is Luke over at the Hub gym.

He hit a hundred reviews this week. What up? business coach  What kind of a big deal real song He’s already at the top of the map for Broken Arrow gems and he just dominating those guys so glad you got to look you too man, Steve Steve? Have you gone about getting Google reviews for total lending Concepts? What we put it into our I copied this from Oxi Fresh carpet, cleaning cuz. I figured out that they did it at the point of sale. They say: hey. Are you happy with your cleaning today great? I can give you X business coach  percent off if you’re willing to go, give us a review right. So that’s what we did. We just put business coach  a place in our system before they close, where we offer them a thing in exchange for a Google review, which is irresistible for most people to do, business coach  and so now and all of our markets were regularly getting Google reviews from all of our loan Officers, air gauge cuz: they want to help the client break it down.

Another thing you got to think about is maybe incentivize your employees to get. Google reviews cannot tell the client they have to write a positive Google review. You have 2 discs because Google gets on you. If you do this, you have to say please write a review of your experience, good or bad. We just want to hear your feedback. We won’t know how we’re doing and then don’t ask people that aren’t happy. Okay, so moving on here at 12, you have to create a call script for your first call when it called when the phone comes in a Melissa when the phone rings on the phone rings. You have a script ready at phone’s going to be answered and you have to record those calls Eric Chuck. Why do you have never called script script and where to get stuck when it comes to setting up a call recording system?

Well, as far as the call script, because you have to get a script nail down, otherwise you will be the only one that can sell anything. You’Ll be won’t get in. If you’re not recording those calls. You will have no idea what those people that you have hired her sing and let me tell you we have heard some crazy calls once our clients finally get the call center to call recording set up there. Almost every one of them is blown away by what their team members were saying to their clients. Whenever are a company sets at call recording for the first time I have never seen not one time.

I work with you at Packard of work at Oral Roberts University. I’Ve worked with Maytag University. I work with huge company small. I have never not one time Cena situation where management was happy after they heard of those calls, because the calls are always terrible by default. Number 13 Moon over 13, as we hustle to the final. The final steps here you have to create a first visit experience that Wow’s the senses. Do you need have a checklist for the sites. You need to write this down to the very specific steps you got to have a checklist for the site’s, the visuals of your office, The Sounds the smells and how that first consultation will go and here’s a notable quotable to inspire you from none other than the Late great Walt Disney himself, whatever you do, do it well? Do it so well that when people see you do it they want, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them. How well you do what you do Walt Disney is a business coach. I’Ve! Never ever search for clients as a DJ.

I never search for clients. Once I figured out how to turn key marketing work cuz. I knew that if I djed one wedding that came in from the yellow page ads, they would always go tell to people because of a thing called catharsis: catharsis, catharsis to the psychological term, we’re basically you as a human need to release your emotions when something really Horrible or really great happens so, if you’d on the way to work today saw a car accident and it was a really bad accident. You would want to share with somebody in your office what you saw so that therapeutically you would not feel tension. You would not feel this easy, which leads to disease. Think about that.

This is what happens if it’s a lot of times, people they hold things in and then they freak out. So what you want to do, if you don’t want to do that right, you want it. You want to share with people like me in this great thing in my life already hit the bottom, so you want to tell somebody Hey, listen, I hit. The bottom. Is horrible thing happened and that’s a lot of what a business coach does were a sounding board to help you deal with those things, but if you well with customer, they will run around and tell people and an innocent as easy as a scientific evidence of this. As a case study evidence of this, if you will Google search the the phrase, the net promoter score the net promoter score there, you can find the research that Harvard did. That shows that people absolutely absolutely will share other.

They would refer you now when you, but you don’t tell them, you can’t even pay them for referrals. Think about it. The most selfish thing you can do Melissa is to wow your customers, and I know your heart because I met you and I know that’s what you want to do is help your patients in you’re going to do it so stop number 14. You got to block out time for doing a weekly group interview Chuck why you have to start interviewing people even before you need them. If you don’t, you will become a will, be held hostage by an employee at some point or somebody will be sick, or so you got to have this weekly group interview thing going, okay and in to really get into details with this.

Go to check out that start here book it getting into this thing. So if the group interview is a weekly process and you want to have a file full of candidates in case you get to that spot, where you need to let somebody go, you don’t want to be searching last minute. This happened with me in the construction business, for you didn’t know about this system, a guy with no show or go AWOL that I’m looking for the first person right and it was awful every time every time they live, someone out of desperation, Restorations great! It’S where you have bad people and you pay them poorly, because you’re doing some of the refunds.

So now you hire another poor person, you generate more refunds and pretty soon you have a bad reputation stare and now you have to overcompensate for bad reputation with branding and it just begins to create the Doom Loop and there’s a lot of details in are interviewing System but I’m going to break down a few of them for you right now and for the Deep I’ve just go to thrive time:, that’s DriveTime, and download the start here book.

Where do you start start here going to DriveTime, and download the start here? It is now an Amazon bestseller and the book itself is it’s a documented, very thoughtful, specific linear, step-by-step path that dr. zoellner and I use to grow all of our company’s it’s free for you to listen to her. But if you’re going to block out time for doing a weekly group interview hear the steps you want to create a high-quality job, description and post to you want to post your job. Openings weekly ad on Craigslist in deed and 3 create an auto-response email for applicants for block out time for the weekly interview and five leacock roll, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort Seahawks and says hey by the way I used to manage 40,000 people he says what gets scheduled gets done so Melissa.

You got to schedule this to your schedule. You have to block out time, put it in your calendar and step 15 for the front bumper of my main man, Tim Tebow, block out time for doing your weekly accounting. You’Ve got to look at the numbers. If you don’t look at the numbers, you’re going to fail Bill Gates, says know your numbers. I know your numbers is a fundamental precept: precept of business again Bill Gates’s, knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of business. You have to know your numbers and Thrive Nation. We want you to know your numbers, we want your numbers to be great, and so, if you are struggling to grow that business, the time to struggle is now it’s now Beyond us. You don’t need to struggle. All you need is the right time. Should I come and book your tickets for our next and person Thrive time Workshop. We will teach you the moves and the systems needed to grow your business.


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