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Have you ever wondered how to grow a successful restaurant? During today’s broadcast of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur teaches the proven path to building a scalable and profitable restaurant. During the show he teaches how to avoid the typical restaurant killers, how to generate more first time customers, the importance of knowing your numbers, branding and more…


  1. 1. Make Sure Everything Your Ideal and Likely Buyers See is First Class
  2. A. 1st Email
  3. 1. Testimonial
  4. 2. Branded Email Address
  5. 2. On-Hold Music
  6. 3. Table Tents
  7. 4. Brochures
  8. 5. Decor
  9. 6. Music
  10. 7. Interior Design
  11. 8. Free Samples


ACTION ITEM #8 – Optimize the Website
  1. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  2. A. SEARCH ENGINE 101:
  3. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As we speak, Google is using web crawlers to organize information from webpages and other publicly available content in the Search index. From the beginning, Search has been guided by three core values:
  4. A. Focus on the user – Learn how Search evaluates improvements through rigorous testing.
  5. B. Empower website owners – Learn how Google helps website owners manage their Search presence.
  6. C. Maximize access to information – Learn how Search helps support a free and open web” – Mr. Google
  7. 2. The Most Content About Your Specific Keyword
  8. 3. The Most Reviews
  9. 4. The Most Mobile Compliance
  10. A. FUN FACT: “91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. (Source: Morgan Stanley) Guilty as charged.” – Forbes –



ACTION ITEM #9 – Create a Proforma
  1. 1. Create a detailed list of fixed costs
  3. 1. Lease
  4. 2. Utilities
  5. 3. Insurance
  6. 4. Salaries
  7. 5. Phone Bill
  8. 6. Car Payment
  9. 7. Consultation / Business Coach
  10. 8. Advertising
  11. 9. Cost of Living
  12. 2. Create a detailed list of the variable expenses (associated with a providing a service)
  13. A. Cost of Labor
  14. B. Cost of Food Per Item
  15. 3. Determine your profit per customer
  16. 4. Determine the number of customers needed to be profitable
  17. 5. Determine the number of customers needed to achieve your financial goals




ACTION ITEM #10 – Create a Repeatable Workflow
  1. 1. Buy a Massive White Board
  2. 2. Create a Linear Workflow Path
  3. 3. Create Checklists for Everything




ACTION ITEM #11 – Get All Legal Aspects of Your Business In Order
  1. 1. Legal Entity
  2. 2. Licenses
  3. 3. Permits
  4. 4. Insurance




ACTION ITEM #12 – Create a Quality Control Loop
  1. 1. Setup mystery shoppers
  2. 2. Setup a survey system




ACTION ITEM #13 – Create a 3-Legged Marketing Stool
  1. 1. Signs on the Road
  2. A. Offering the No-Brainer
  3. 2. Facebook Ads (Focused on your target demographic)
  4. A. Launch Retargeting Ads
  5. B. Launch Adwords
  6. 3. Search Engine Optimization / Google Reviews
  7. A. Launch search engine campaign (Podcasts or Article writing)
  8. B. Set a Google Review quota



Get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 on know. You going to dig this to welcome everybody to the swap time. Show you listening to the sounds of a business coach. Welcome everybody to the top time show I’ve got five kids and now you know if I was born on November 5th of 1988 after Reagan beat Jimmy call my mom and dad was out to save me a Christian family and that’s the way it was meant to Be so I didn’t see the bike until my son could see what I’m  business coach  going to rock the bike in the high school see how the dream went to the business coach  pain that rejection bring you and please from play.

Tennessee home, alright, drag Nation. Welcome back to the conversations to DriveTime show on your radio and if you know dr. Z, send him a texthe loves to unsolicited text messages, send him a text and say happy birthday and then send him an email because he loves unsolicited emails. Email him business coach  happy birthday.

Facebook account for him cuz. He doesn’t have one and then tag him and say happy birthday to a nice gift that you got him some lack of the one that was nice of you stay that was like an early birthday present of yummy lagavulin. He did say that it was awkward for me to give it to him at 5 a.m. and he didn’t know how I got business coach  his address, but we got through that awkward part of it right here.

I think he really enjoyed the 5 in the morning, but he must drink it later. Have you seen the baby poster in the office that says you can take our freedom in our land, but you can’t business coach  take her leg of a little yes numbersuccessful restaurant. You must create repeatable, daily operations and business coach  processes.

Now this is intense. You have to create business coach  repeatable daily operations and processes. Now this is the part that I get very frustrated with and if I had to say what do I need to do better? What do I need to get better at it’s? It’S always taking what I believe to be common sense and dumbing it down to a 3rd grade level and then dumbing it down again and then accepting the lack of motivation of the average employee and then letting my soul be sucked out through.

One of those are the tubes that they use to to do liposuction and then clubbing myself business coach  in the head and business coach  then getting a cute puppy or a baby seal and watching someone clubbed to death and then, when all my hopes and dreams are dead, then it’s watching A sad movie then after I watch Schindler’s List and I’ve had abottle of red wine, then realize that that only there is where the average person can execute the system.

It has to be so dumb down. Example, we’re going to give you the check list that we use for a lot of different businesses business coach  were involved in, but everybody listening, you can choose to be business coach  awesome at work, but according to Gallup, well, over 70 % of people don’t even try at their job.. John. I’M going to cite the statistics here, but, according to Gallup me to put the stats on the screen and just a minute going to thrive time.

Should I come when you click on podcast you’ll see it but John. Is it shocking to you it’s that number one that, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75 % of employees are stealing from the workplace. Honestly business coach  hat used to be shocking to me. It is no longer talking to me right now I’ll agree, but the more that you manage people, the more that you’re like in it.

You know the less shocking that expensive for one night, a family member that was just screwing, you like a Bob Vila special andjust. Getting to spend every, but we had that more early morning talk and I was explaining to you how life works like you’re like dude. This is what’s happening, you’re business coach  totally just being screwed.

My understanding is, are you guys had a partnership? Any business coach  idea was, you would have as a set time to meet just a basic agreement: okay, we’re going to meet every week at this time, and I’m going to do this and you’re business coach  going to do that and this person didn’t do their part. Nor did they keep the business coach  meeting, but then they decided to move, and now they wanted you to have to buy out their house.

You are an idiot and see what happens is that it’s 75 % of people don’t know that your family or not. I mean for chance that you are this business coach  person, so please do not get offended if you’re listening, because I used to be this person facing the person who would absolutely do the least amount expected and then complain about it, 75 % employees are business coach  stealing from the workplace.

John, there was a hilarious guy back in her video DepartmentI got him on camera, taking headphones like 3 or 4 pairs home, and I said, hey buddy, do you know you would talk to me about the headphones? You know. Did you did you steal some headphones? Oh my gosh, I guess I forgot. I had it in my hand, oh yeah, they were all my head.

I forgot they’re in my hands like literally said that because I forgot I had business coach  sunglasses on and I was looking for him and I realize oh, my gosh. There are no face business coach  there like that now, when did you get those ones? We have been nice headphones, but statistics that are out there, but this is according to Gallup.

Okay, 58 % of employees are not engage me they’re, not trying to do a good job. It’S basically 51 % John. Is that at all shocking to you and if it’s not shocking to you nowI want, I want to make sure that you’re helping the drivers are there. So many listen to show his like. I can’t find jobs this person, so it’s business coach   not shocking to me because I’ve been managing people for a while now and and that’s why it’s so important to make these business coach  systems are these checklist in such a like just step by step on what to do it? Because you might think it’s common sense, so if I told you know somebody go take the trash out in my mind, it’s common sense.

You have to pull the bag out. You have to take a look like physically Walk It Out to the dumpster, have to set it next to the business coach   freaking dumpster. Do you have to put the bag back right and is owed to me? That seems like common sense, but if you don’t actually document it somewhere on a checklist, then you’d be surprised how many people either business coach  just take the bag out and set it next to the trash can or they don’t put in the dumpster or they don’t put a Bag in it, so you have to do it just step by business coach  step everything that you want done.

You have to take that big idea business coach  or that what you think it’s common sense and break it down, because they’ll break it down to you, and I just didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t use it. You didn’t say that you would need me to go bad checklist for everything.

If you don’t business coach  drive time, business coach  were going to give you an example. If you want to have a checklist for opening duties, you want to have a check to list for closing duties. You and I have a checklist for how the retail products should be displayed. You actually have pictures of higher retail price should be displayed you and have menu boards.

You won’t have menus State talk to me if you ever been to a restaurant when you walked in the restaurant, and you knew that one business coach  of the business coach  employees change the overhead music and it was not the music that the owner would have wanted. Oh yeah, oh yeah, you can definitely tell like one time I went into what’s that. What’S that sushi place on the hill, they business coach  were playing classical music to be like this is not in the Raw business coach  weather in the wrong. I was just going to swing key that which nation this is what happened for me.


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