How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Physician Staffing Company

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How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Physician Staffing Company


Is staffing your business? Then this episode of The Thrive Time Business Podcast is for you. In this podcast business coach Clay Clark breaks down the specific action steps that you must take to build a multi-million dollar physician staffing company. During the broadcast they cover the following topics and more: Avoid the staffing company killers, define your numbers before you start, creating a world-class brand from Day #1, creating a world-class website, creating a repeatable sales process, creating a one-sheet, building your online reputation, how to gather reviews, creating a no-brainer offer, how to create a wow experience, optimizing your website, creating a proforma, creating repeatable systems, creating a billing system that works, creating a quality control loop, creating a 3-legged marketing stool, and more…

ACTION ITEM #1 – Avoid the Staffing Company Killers [ 1:35 ]
  1. 1. Too Much Overhead
  2. 2. Choosing to Not Hold Team Accountable for Daily Key Performance Indicators
  3. 3. Not Having Enough Cash Reserve to Be Able to Offer a No-Brainer Offer


ACTION ITEM #2 – Define Your Numbers Before You Start [ 21:40 ]
  1. 1. How much profit will you make per customer?
  2. 2. How many customers do you need to break-even?
  3. 3. How many customers do you need to achieve your goals?
  4. 4. How many daily presentations do you need to get one staffing contract?
  5. 5. How many daily rejections do you need to get per day to set 1 appointment?
  6. 6. How many daily rejections do you need to get to achieve your financial goals?
  7. 7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)


ACTION ITEMS #3 – Create a World-Class Brand from Day #1 [ 30:25 ]



    1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX, etc…an estimated net worth of 16.1 billion. Ranked number 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People.)
    2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands – Forbes –

#1 – Apple

#2 – Google

#3 – Microsoft

#4 – Facebook

#5 – Coca Cola

#6 – Amazon

#7 – Disney

#8 – Toyota

#9 – McDonald’s

#10 – Samsung



  1. A. The Variables Every World Class Website Must Have
  2. 1. No-Brainer Offer
  3. 2. Testimonials
  4. 3. Optimized Title Tag
  5. 4. Optimized Description Tag
  6. 5. Optimized Keyword
  7. 6. WordPress-Based
  8. 7. Clear Call to Action
  9. 8. Click to Call Phone Number
  10. 9. Header Text / Headline Text That Makes Sense
  11. 10. Social Media Icons
  12. 11. Horizontal Navigation Bar
  13. 12. HTML Sitemap
  14. 13. .XML Sitemap



ACTION ITEMS #4 – Create Repeatable Sales Processes [ 44:20 ]



  1. 1. List of Service Offerings
  2. 2. You versus your competition (you have to mystery shop)
  3. 3. Solutions you provide / problems you solve (supported by facts)
  4. 4. Website
  5. 5. Phone number











    1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author The Ultimate Sales Machine and the former business partner of Charlie Munger)
    2. 2. FUN FACT: Charlie Munger – Charles Thomas Munger (born January 1, 1924) is an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett. Buffett has described Munger as “[his] partner.” He is worth an estimated 1.57 billion.



ACTION ITEM #5 – Build Your Online Reputation As Soon As Possible [ 1:02:40 ] 



  2. A. Google search “Tulsa Cookies” = Barbee Cookies
  3. B. Google search “Tulsa Men’s Haircuts” = Elephant In The Room
  4. C. Google search “Tulsa basketball camps” = Score Basketball



    1. 1. Personal former patients
    2. 2. Personal current patients
    3. 3. Colleagues
    4. 4. FUN FACT – “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products.
    5. 5. What this means is that not offering user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) is akin to alienating 88 percent of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions.” – Forbes



ACTION ITEM #6 – Create a No-Brainer Offer [ 1:09: 35 ]
  1. 1. Create No-Brainer Facebook Offer
  2. 2. Create No-Brainer Google Adwords Offer
  3. 3. Create No-Brainer Retargeting Ads
  4. 4. Create No-Brainer Landing Page
  6. A. – Free first lesson includes a free t-shirt
  7. B. – Conferences – $99 with money back guarantee
  8. C. 80% off of your first staffing placement.



ACTION ITEM #7 – Creates a WOW EXPERIENCE. [ 1:15:42 ] 
  1. 1. Make Sure Everything Your Ideal and Likely Buyers See is First Class
  2. A. 1st Email
  3. 1. Testimonial
  4. 2. Branded Email Address
  5. 2. On-Hold Music
  6. 3. One Sheet
  7. 4. Brochures
  8. 5. Videos on the Outside of the Website
  9. 6. Presentation is Scripted



ACTION ITEM #8 – Optimize the Website [ 1:18:58 ] 
  1. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  2. A. SEARCH ENGINE 101:
  3. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As we speak, Google is using web crawlers to organize information from webpages and other publicly available content in the Search index. From the beginning, Search has been guided by three core values:
  4. a. Focus on the user – Learn how Search evaluates improvements through rigorous testing.
  5. b. Empower website owners – Learn how Google helps website owners manage their Search presence.
  6. c. Maximize access to information – Learn how Search helps support a free and open web” – Mr. Google
  7. B. ACTION ITEM: Test Your Canonical Compliance by Emailing [email protected]
  8. 2. The Most Content About Your Specific Keyword
  9. 3. The Most Reviews
  10. 4. The Most Mobile Compliance
  11. A. FUN FACT: “91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. (Source: Morgan Stanley) Guilty as charged.” – Forbes 


ACTION ITEM #9 – Create a Proforma [ 1:21:25 ] 
  1. 1. Create a detailed list of fixed costs
  3. 1. Lease
  4. 2. Utilities
  5. 3. Insurance
  6. 4. Salaries
  7. 5. Phone Bill
  8. 6. Car Payment
  9. 7. Consultation / Business Coach
  10. 8. Advertising
  11. 9. Cost of Living
  12. 2. Create a detailed list of the variable expenses (associated with a providing a service)
  13. 3. Determine your profit per customer
  14. 4. Determine the number of customers needed to be profitable
  15. 5. Create a Business Model That is Profitable



ACTION ITEM #10 – Create a Repeatable Workflow [ 1:23:07 ]
  1. 1. Buy a Massive White Board
  2. 2. Create a Linear Workflow Path
  3. 3. Create Checklists for Everything



ACTION ITEM #11 – Create a Billing System That is Intense [ 1:24:14 ] 
  1. 1. Create a billing calendar
  2. 2. Create a double verification system
  3. 3. Add a standing meeting into your calendar about billing



ACTION ITEM #12 – Create a Quality Control Loop [ 1:24:28 ] 
  1. 1. Setup mystery shoppers
  2. 2. Setup a survey system



ACTION ITEM #13 – Create a 3-Legged Marketing Stool [ 1:24:35 ] 
  1. 1. Dream 100
  2. A. Set up a daily call quote
  3. 2. Digital / Online Ads – Google Adwords / Retargeting Ads
  4. A. Launch Retargeting Ads
  5. B. Launch Adwords
  6. 3. Search Engine Optimization / Google Reviews
  7. A. Launch search engine campaign (Podcasts or Article writing)
  8. B. Set a Google Review quota




Casting for this sick in the evening purse boom boom boom and boo boo, my name is Clay Clark. The former ussba entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position and on Today Show. I am super excited about  business coach  today’s topic because we’re talking about how to build a multimillion-dollar Physicians, Staffing Company, someone might say how does that apply to me when you build a business.

Businesses are more similar than they are different, but we business coach  actually had a thriver who attended our in-person Thrive time Workshop, the next one of which is October 6th and 7th, and when, when they attended the workshop, they asked. The question is: how do I build a multimillion-dollar physician Staffing Company because they really they’ve been a staffing company Eric shop for a long long time, but they have really been profitable and now about 5 years into it.

They want to take it. When business coach  I turn the corner Next Level, they throw their business since business coach  we’re going to break down for them to prove and path. We business coach  helped many companies, I become very successful in the Staffing industry and we’re honored and business coach  excited to help you. So, actually I don’t ever want.

Is you want to avoid the business coach  Staffing Company Killers you want to avoid the Staffing Company killing a certain predictable problems are going to run into and we have business coach  Paul hood on. The show tripod is a CPA Paul? How are you doing my man? I am outstanding, thank you for asking now I’m going to break down Staffing Company Killers, but where they applied almost anybody listening out there.

If you want to start a business, and so we can start with the first one, you business coach  want to make sure you don’t have too much overhead right now now Paul you made with a lot of business owners and it seems to be a universal problem that the Business owners have way too much overhead.

They have way too much cost sunk into things that don’t produce revenue for the company. You walk us through your process of someone’s listening today and they go to Hood in a schedule, a consultation. How do business coach  you go about determining if they have too much over him?

This is just another word for fixed costs, and so when you have fixed cost, you that’s the way you got to cover those before you make a dollar of a profit, and so what we’ll business coach  do is sit down and first segregate cost between fixed and variable and And then just evaluate each and every one of them, you know if you, if you you have to be careful because a lot of small businesses, you know this is their their baby and they go out and – and I got to look pretty and got to have The fanciest office equipment and and be on the right side of the street before they’ve even made a dollar, and so you have to train people to the first, business coach  some of that gratification that to her now what the kinds of overhead, the most business owners.

When you sit down with him business coach  and you do an audit and you help them figure out where they’re at what kinds of overhead do you typically see business owners caught up in there, they give you say what what business coach  about you way overspent on this area?

Well, they office space, you know there are they got to have the nicest the newest signage and actually a lot of it too is a Weatherby, employee benefits or whatever you know, they’re they’re, providing business coach  everything to everybody, except for their customers chapters. Next, this next predictable company killer that the staffing companies want to make sure that you kind of accident yourself against you and make sure that you don’t get into this trap is choosing not to hold your team business coach  accountable for daily key performance indicators.

I want to start with you, then. I also want to get to Danny Oliver steak on this as well, because Danny’s, obviously on the show today, support to to export the veterans. But at the same time I haven’t been in business coach  the military, you, you know what it means to be accountable, and so I want to start with you Eric.

When I ask you, this Construction Company talk to me about how hard it is to hold people accountable and how you, as a business coach, have been able to help some of your clients to hold their teams accountable, that one big business coach  thing that you have to do. If you’re going to start holding your team accountables actually schedule it scheduled day, cuddles schedule weekly meetings, progress meeting with your team members, otherwise they start to drift right and then it wants a drifting occurs.

Clay, I know you’re a huge fan of drifting, not really, but whenever you out, you start losing and and failing when you’re performing, you are at your product or service for your clients. You’Ve business coach  got to keep them accountable by putting it into your schedule. First and foremost, I would highly recommend it. Everybody listening to today show that you make a daily checklist of all the things your team is accountable for, and I’m just going to give you an example of a of a story.

That’S kind of sad and kind of kind of stupid and then hopefully I will come out better as a result of having heard it. There was a business about a decade ago, they’re not in business anymore, so they were downtown Tulsa and they had a deli. And so Paul, if you were office downtown at 5th and Boston and you were going to have lunch typically, when will where would you go to a Deli Downtown 5th and Boston, downtown Tulsa for lunch?

I’D say: 11:15 to 12:30 lunch with your kind of guy likes. You quiz work right through the lunch, but anyone would you go, go get lunch between 11:30 and 12:30. Would you get the lunch during that same time, kind of guy that likes to eat later eat earlier? What time would you go to if you like, 11 and 1, I’m a double lunch guy to all of the members of his downtown business group and said I love it. If you guys could come support.

My New Delhi and I thought sure, and she said she wanted us to coach her business and help her grow as it down at least meet. Why go there when I get there, there’s a sign on the door. That says sorry. We apologize for the inconvenience closed today due to personal emergency or something I’ve never been to Starbucks or Whole Foods or really any any.

Restaurants are big. A company that serves any kind of the whole food serves lunch at Chick-Fil-A serve lunch. I never see them have a sign that says sorry we’re closed today, due to a personal situation, I thought you, the new startup, maybe it’s just her and her husband, her and her friend her and somebody maybe she’s just going through some stuff. So I didn’t say anything I just went to the next meeting she said: did you come out to my place? I said I did all my gosh. What day I told her, she was closed that day for the first.

She says we’ll come on out next time. It’Ll be a great thing like it out there and are you going to the bathroom and it’s like nobody has been into the bathroom to maintain it in like 6 months, and the food that I ordered was impossibly terrible and the rationale.

The reason why the food was terrible, she said her Supply guy didn’t get the products in on top right, and so I started realizing that everything about her business wasn’t getting done, not because she didn’t know what to do, but because excuses which are acceptable and people’s Personal lives aren’t acceptable in the world of business. You either got it done or you didn’t get it done, and that’s why I didn’t want to get your take on this because you served in the military that correct.

That is correct. When did you serve in what branch of the military did you serve? It US Marines from 1969 to 94 to 1994 by the way. Thank you for serving my friend talk to me about the military with your in the Marines, and you know it say I’m on your team. I want your squad and you’re the head guy you’re, the you’re, the guy in charge here in the rain. For a long time, so you probably were in charge of something isn’t right: okay, so when you’re in charge of something – and you tell someone to get something done, what’s your expectation, do you have in the Marines? Is it okay?

If I tried to get it done, and maybe I didn’t find the tools and resources needed or is it okay, if I have excuses me, what’s the mindset of the Marines, when you tell a member of your team to get something done, what bring it on there? I couldn’t actually give you the response from rainwood, however, if you’re, if you’re, not holding yourself accountable, you’re, not holding your troops accountable, your employees accountable, and that is the first sign of a leadership failure.

You have to hold your team account when I would ask you, because this is not a political show but you’re in the military, and so my mind, Freedom isn’t free and you fought for the right to say whatever you want to get your take on this, because Jerry Jones, my understanding, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas, Cowboys, basically organized a business coach  pregame show of unity, as he called it, where all of the players would actually meal with actually Jerry Jones.

That deleted the members of the ownership team and they would all stand together. For the national anthem that was his his play, Danny you served in the military and the national anthem is, is a my mind, a symbol of the freedom that you guys fought for.

What’S going through your mind when you watch an entire NFL teams business coach  kneeling down on the sidelines, it is beyond disrespectful. It is beyond an American, and the NFL may now stand for North Korea Football League. Far as I’m concerned. Yes, sir, and I will say this is not a political Shelby irritated me that much as well, because I think if you hate Donald Trump business coach  is an example hate president Trump, my thought would be you get to it excessively celebrate in the endzone as much as we’re. Not going to the end zone have a choreographed dance that mocks Donald Trump or why not? You know right something on your shoe.

That says I don’t like Donald Trump or what not wear t-shirts during warm-ups. That says we don’t like Trump, but the idea that you would kneel and not even stand. I mean how sad would have to be 50 Steelers. They have a 6 ft 9 Army Ranger on up and gets all that that highlight, but he’s the only member of the Steelers that would come out of the l business coach  ocker room for the national anthem and it’s because he was a ranger and so he’s out there standing

By himself, I just want to so Danny if you could, if you are the coach of the Cowboys or the coach of the Patriots or the coach of whatever, would you make your players business coach  stay at when you make them stand absolutely, but the accountability thing is what You do make two player stand, guess what happens.

They’Re, not happy and that’s what accountability as it’s getting the results. It’S not running around making business coach  sure that everybody’s happy and I just don’t think of it in our Santa Claus – culture, where we don’t hurt, nobody’s feelings for other business coach  people, understand this concept of accountability, and you can argue with my methodology about accountability.

How I hold people accountable, but you cannot argue with my results. You can’t argue with the consequences of not holding business coach  people accountable. Could you do not hold people accountable? There’S nothing! You can get done you just. You just have to hold your team accountable. That was third. This third predictable company killer is not have business coach  enough cash Reserve to be able to offer a no-brainer to Eric Shuff.

You work with your clients all the time and when you work with a business owner, can you explain what a no-brainer is and why every business owner out there has to have a no-brainer where to duh, give out there to your potential clients? And it’s like it. The name is, it has to be a no-brainer like. I can’t turn that down elephant the room.

First haircut who’s business coach  going to turn down turn it down, turn it down. Until when we were trying to figure out what can we do to provide that value to the client but get them in the door? Cuz, that’s the whole thing as you got to go cut through all the Clutter and all the boring other companies out there give the customer into your door in order to wow them it’s hard to offer people a big discount.

If you aren’t in a cash strong situation, I mean you can’t talk to me about what percentage of business owners that you meet with business coach   that are really under saving that are under saving. I have yet to meet one that is not over under saving because they don’t pay themselves first, the time they wait to pay all our bills and then all I’m going to say what’s left but there’s always extra bills.

Hey. I got business coach  a question for you check on that number to about holding employees accountable. As I get on to him, and I said don’t make me count so like with your employees. Can you say count to three? If you don’t do it right, it is that something that would go over well, I just find my businesses in my life.

I just clearly our way out the carrot and the stick, the reward in the consequence and if somebody just goes in Eyes Wide Open. Knowing there’s a consequence, I’m business coach  being dishonest, if I don’t actually do what I said, I’m going to do so, I’m all about, let’s lay out the expectations, good and bad and Paul. Unfortunately, sometimes you do have to have the consequences. If you don’t do this, then on the first strike, the second and the third, this is going to happen.

He said you have to like you’re managing kid, but it’s amazing how I can our office there’s people that I have never had an awkward, intense business coach  accountability discussion with, and I never will have a talk with them and there’s some people who, like every Daddy, just want To have that talk now you’re giving a free gift away to all of our listeners.

What is the gift that you’re giving all of our listeners today? My friend I am giving away one of the most amazing books. You’Ll ever read: it’ll take you awhile, but it’s worth the read it’s at Warren Buffett’s book the snowball and if you will send me an business coach  email to Paul at Hood, Paul at Hood. Cpas.

Come give me your name address and phone number and we’ll get it right out to you thrive Nation. Today we are talking about how to build a multimillion-dollar physician, staffing company and we come back we’re going to teach you the step by step process of building this type of business.

Also, we come back from Danny business coach  Oliver he’s telling us about it, cause that he’s standing behind to raise awareness for disabled American veterans. What time show on radio did the business coach radio show that’s so all-inclusive that Barack Obama and Donald Trump could agree on it. If we could just get them in the same room together, get ready to enter The Primetime show on talk radio 1170. This weekend, Oh yes, we are back and better than ever.

It’S Rob time show on your radio and today we’re teaching you how to business coach  build a multimillion-dollar physician staffing company, but before we get into the the nitty-gritty of how to do this and step number to Paul Hood, you have a free gift for all of our listeners Out there you’re kind of a your kind of a benevolent but never went against my friend. What are you giving away to all of our listeners? We know.

I was told that, if you’re sad, when the way you’re not sad, is to serve and my Cowboys this weekend kind of laid an egg, so we’re offering this free books great, send business coach  me an email. So it’s a Warren Buffett’s book called at Hood CPA. S.Com. Send me your name address and business coach  phone number and zip it right out to you Warren Buffett, biography, the only one that Warren Buffett said: yeah I’ll sit down and do an interview yeah, you can come into my life, you can interview people and he interviews, family friends.

Colleagues, people over his entire career and if you want to learn how to obtain wealth and how to build the snowball to that compound interest with your finances. You definitely owe it to yourself to business coach  pick Paul up on this offer an apology and how can people claim that book, where you send me an email to Paul at Hood, Paul at Hood, CPA,, Sim, your name address and phone number and I’ll get it Right out to you play one of things I thought was really interested in what he talks about you know.

Most financial advisors will talk about diversification right and he’s completely opposite that he said he’s about concentration, but he does his homework. It’S not a lazy way of business coach  investing very interesting read: send me that email to Paul at Hood, CPA, at Hood,, a successful business and specifically a staffing company, we’re teaching you the specific path that I’ve actually helped numerous staffing companies to actually Bruce multimillion-dollar companies.

Okay, so you can find your numbers before you start your numbers before you start Rapid Fire to the six numbers. You need to know how to go back and forth with Paul here to business coach  break it down. Okay, first off, you have to know how much profit you’re going to make per customer so you’re doing the Staffing Company you have to know from the very beginning on paper before you actually have expenses, you want to make a spreadsheet, fill it out and business coach  know how Much profit you actually make per customer, so they will know it’s actually worth it to start the best Paul.

I don’t think a lot of business owners know how much profit going to make per customer know they don’t most of business. Owners are technicians and I just going to go out and turn the screw or or whatever and do business coach  ome work and they don’t proactively.

I don’t plan if you can’t, if you’ve got a quantify, what you define a success and how you’re business coach  going to get there so that you can measure your process now move number to move number to know how many customers you need just to break.

Even ask yourself how many customers do I need Paul just to break business coach  even why do I have to do that Paul would like we talked about earlier. You know, we business coach  talked about over hand over hand is like fixed cost. Fixed cost is what you have to pay before you. If you don’t sell a single item, and so, if you don’t know your break-even point, you don’t know if your business is is, is viable or not and Tuesday. I need to find that and in that shows you, where you’re at on the scale of making money, actually a lot of businesses, don’t even if they’re, making money or not, and if somebody wants to do a business coach  deep dive with you.

They want to sit down for an hour of Power with you for a look under the hood with Paul Hood Tulsa’s accounting expert of choice. How can I schedule an appointment with you why they can either call my office at 918-747-7000? We have offices in Barnesville Tulsa to Claremore. Can reach me anywhere ask for one of my business coach  assistants and they’ll, give you such up for the hour for free or send me an email directly Paul at Hood Paul at Hood, CPA! S.Com. You need to achieve your goals, I don’t see the side, I feel like a lot of people, don’t their goals.

I think maybe the husband and wife have different goals, never sat down to think about it. As an example this week – and I was talking my wife – and I said you know, what am I goes – is actually want to build a business coach  massive stone wall with you and I wanted to take all year. But I want to do it every weekend and just keep building this wall.

I just got him by Bishop who built this Castle in Colorado, Bishop’s Castle and he’s built the whole. Have you seen business coach  Bishop’s Castle before I have not on YouTube, he’s built this Castle from hand, and I will I like business coach  those kind of project to my wife – I’m not very handy, so she has to be the the mines and I’ll just be the guy who carries The stones, but that’s a goal, I have and there’s a lot of those I don’t know how, but that’s a goal that I have and we sit down together.

We talk about our ghost often, and so we don’t drift apart. Can you talk to me with a business owner why it’s so important that they sit down with your partners and their team to figure out business coach  there actual goals? Well, you should have goals in every aspect of your life, whether it be exercise or financial or marriage or anything Nelson.

So you have to Define where you want to go to even know if you’re on the path of getting there. So that’s the next step after you establish how much you have to do to break. Even the next step is and how many of those clients do you need our customers? Do you need to reach your your profit goals now?

One of the goals of our show is to make sure business coach  that we’re always supporting the local people who are standing up for what we believe to be right. Who are standing up for causes that matter and I believe in it in a time where people are are kneeling for the national anthem, we should do a whole lot of standing up for the veterans, because it’s absolutely insane the level of sacrifice that Danny the guys.

Like you and former Marines and milk members of our military have given you how many years of your life have you sacrificed defending business coach  the 1969 25 years 25 years? Okay, so you made these sacrifices. You serve with many people who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Can you walk me through what are you doing right now how to get back in to support the disabled American veterans, my friend, well the disabled American veterans on November 4th we’ll have our 2nd Annual 5K not too little misconstrued with the name 5K.

However, you can walk ride your motorcycles, roll or run to honor America’s Heroes and we’re doing business coach   this in conjunction with American group Technologies, which is home based out of Owasso and their outreach program. Eagle Ops has set a goal.

What’S that goal, that goal is to put a thousand Oklahomans on the same team in Tulsa to put Oklahoma on the map against the other cities who are hosting this 5K, business coach  which is Atlanta in Atlanta, still got those guys be Cincinnati, easy to beat Newport News.

Absolutely easy, but it will be, but not with the spirit of Oklahomans. If I’m listening right now, how can I get involved in this cause? My friend, you need to go to DAV 5K or that’s Dave. The number five k. Org select Tulsa Orion, the team Eagle Ox join. The team Eagle Nation were talking to me about how to build a multimillion-dollar physician, staffing company and business coach  its next step.

Here, as you got to figure out how many presentations you need just to get one Staffing contract Eric chop, why is it so important to be realistic about that before you know, how long is going to take you to get those? Yes? Is it going to take? You 3 weeks to get it.

Yes, is it business coach  going to take you a half a day about beating down doors? You got to know what that time frame is going to be here. You have no capability to plan for your business coach  future trap Nation. I encourage you to stay tuned as we come back, we’re going to teach you the specific business coach  steps that you need to take to build a multi-million-dollar physician, staffing company we’ve helped multiple entrepreneurs to do this. I’M sure they.

My name is Clay, Clarks, shoe, and download. The start here, ebook, absolutely free, that’s free! How come to the DriveTime show its business school without the BS, All rights rap nation that they were teaching you? How to build a multimillion-dollar physician, Staffing Company sounds pretty specific. Will it his? We had a hot driver who business coach  attended our in-person workshop and our business coach  next door by the way October, 6th and 7th and a Paul Hood..

Thanks to your business coach  right, Your sponsorship, the tickets are just my man. Thank you so much for a for supporting this event. My friend, absolutely I put my money where my mouth is and I’ve been to him. It’S worth the effort, and I just didn’t, want there to be any kind of anything stand in the way of people coming.

We are at the last of Workshop, we had somebody who had a question, and the question was hey. I have been, and in the Staffing industry for a long time, and I’ve business coach  really struggled to ever financially make it until I want to know what the proven path is that you guys would use. If you were going to coach me as a business coach through your system – and it was kind of fun because I’ve done this business coach  multiple times, and so I’m not the proven path were going to take you through in the step number two, as you wanted to find.

The numbers before you start okay, so you want to figure out how many daily presentations you need to get one Staffing contract, and then you want to pick up how many Billy rejections. Do you need to get to business coach  get one deal? Example, let’s say that you do 10 presentations and you only close one out of ten it’s important for you to know that you’re probably going to need 10 to close. What the next question to ask yourself is: okay, business coach  how many rejections?

Do I even need to get per day just to get an appointment? So if you need directions to get my friend you need to get a hundred. Rejection calls to get 10 appointments to get one deal and as long as the math works out, it’s fine, but I see a lot of business coach  entrepreneurs who are shooting one for 10 and to let you know business coach  what I’m going to scale back, I’m going to bring appointment. I’M going to do because I can’t handle the rejection.

Of course, very few people would boldly say that I laughed they say this. I’M going to focus on higher quality leads. That’S right. It’S a sentence of a passive way. Like you know, I’m going to focus on higher quality leads. You know I’m going to try to create a click funnel I’m going to create a series of emails.

I’Ve got more any what business coach   business coach  happens at the end of the day. You got to close some deals. You business coach  got to close to me: how many rejections, do you need per day just to get one appointment and how many presentations do you need to close a deal, and if I don’t want, is how many rejections do you need to get per week to achieve your business coach  Financial goals, back in the day, with DJ connection before I knew you every single one of my call center reps was held accountable to make a business coach  minimum of a hundred outbound calls a day, and if you go to thrive time, share.

You can see business coach  footage from the call center and you can see that video that group of men and business coach  women getting rejected the left to the right all day, but they business coach  always made good money because I held them accountable to the quota regardless. Regardless of how I felt so I want, I want you to cause you to go out of business owners that just not unknown to level of intensity or the business coach  level of activity needed to produce excess before you coach them.

And then, after you business coach  work with him for a couple months, they get into a new habit, a new Rhythm, a new energy. A new baby comes to normal. Now I’m secretly a week and I really need to be getting like 40 40 and my deals are closing kind of slow and so you’re kinda. It’S that weird tension where everybody see elephant The Room. Everybody in your business knows that business coach  you’re you’re not getting enough activity.

How do use a business coach sit down business coach  with you and help them get unstuck? You got to make sure you’re focusing on your long-term. You put your emotions into your long-term goals. You can’t be all emotional about short-term projections. You have to know what you’re focusing on to get to those long-term goals and saw those daily rejections. You just got to shake him off.

You got to change your mindset and that’s what you were referencing that I can take a month or two to get used to that business coach  because nobody likes to be told no 30 40 times a day on the phone. But when you have those long-term goals and that’s your Rudder and your ship stays in that direction than you can you can shake off those rejections and move forward?

That’S right, Nation! This might not feel good, but this is the real stuff. You got to find a way to emotionally connect to your long-term goals, write down your goals business coach  right now, emotionally connect to your long-term goals. What are your long-term goals? Did you have to emotionally completely disconnect from the question?

How do you feel because nobody cares, how you feel when you go to the bank, you don’t go to the bank at the towers like hi, how welcome to such-and-such bank and you said: hey here’s the deal. I would like to deposit business coach  some intentions and she said. Oh great: well, how do you feel and it will?

I would feel, really good if you could deposit ,000 cuz. I intended on closing those deal, not a problem that deposit slip, so you feel great now it doesn’t happen that way and it Danny at your service. Military Danny Oliver, you serve in the Marines. You know when you just when you sign up for bootcamp right, you go to the debate, the basic boot camp and then what do you business coach  progressed to like Navy SEAL training? Walk me: through what kind of motivational techniques did your boss used? He offer to serve you birthday, cake, high-fives, hugs, how they motivate you to feel like waking up to do those morning.

Physical training exercises every day with a business coach  little day nation, a cup of coffee or nice. Actually, we were just pure mission-driven and it was kind of mind over matter. We didn’t mind and we didn’t matter as long as we were accomplishing the mission that was set for that day.

What time did you typically wake up business coach  when you’re doing your training for the Marines? What time do they wake you up in the morning, revolico zero 5:35. In the morning, and do they wait for you to be motivated to wake you up? Do they do the whole bugle thing or they splashed water, on your?

They tease ring how they wake you up to all of the above and you’re out of your wrap before 5:30, because if you’re getting up at 5:30, you’re already 15 minutes late shape before entering the Marines being physically business coach  good shape before entering the Marines. I was just in Fair shape and did the first day you did some running to remember how far you ran that first day, dude is upset that stuck in your mind how far we ran a mile and a half the first day, and did you find yourself Getting sick day, 1 Day, 2 Day, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and they business coach  pull you aside and say: hey it’s okay, buddy, we’ll wait till you feel like running, or did they just yell at you?

They just yelled, and I would tell you this if you’re not renew her and you don’t feel like working today, just yell at yourself, because you’re going to financially, you can’t deal with the short-term pain of doing what you don’t want to do today. You’Re going to do with the long-term pain of living, a life that you can’t afford to live with me.

You can’t financially business coach  afford anything. That’S the problem with being self-employed, as you can be self unemployed, as well brand from day. One you’ve got to get the logo right now, you’re in the world of of CPAs and accountants. I mean you’ve seen some pretty epic CPA business cards over the years.

How much do they teach you about branding or marketing or logo creation, when you’re in school to become a CPA, certified professional account or certified professional account? Well, actually I was up till business coach  about 25 years ago. Our profession said it is not professional to advertise so advertising that is taught in college, at least when I was in – and my son graduated a few years ago is is Neil?

Is you Word of Mouth you be good enough to where other people will talk about? You is it professionally and business coach  ethically to live under a bridge if you’re not going to bring in customers that ethical. Absolutely you know if your. If you are a perform, the services and people like you and then and all that.,

Who cares where you live? Rihanna Man Down by the River cuz you’re bad at marketing. You want to stay too and we’re teaching you everything. You need to know about branding and making a logo. When you come back, do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river river river river?

Well, if you were excited Eric Church up to live in a van down by the river over there on the river Coast, friends come down, we are broadcasting, live from the Left Coast of the Arkansas River, and so, if you are looking to office in a van Down by the river, just called the good Folks at the one fire, the Riverwalk in development, I’m sure baby, you could park a car there on blocks and maybe I’m not sure they charge Eric. Do you remember what they charge per? Was it per square foot to park your van down by the river to remember?

It was right at 8:50 in square foot, 850 hook up your van you’re. Okay, if you just want to keep the stay out there, with no utilities, write your wife and how to build a multi-million-dollar physician, Staffing Company, you got to create a world-class brand from day, one behind Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX, Etc.

An estimated 16.1 billion dollars in Forbes ranking as the 21st most powerful human on the planet – and he says brand – is just a perception and perception will match reality overtime. Sometimes it will be ahead other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective Impressions.

Some have about a product. Now we put the link up here, often on the show, so you can go. Look at the logos, it’s so important for you to look at the logos of the world’s best Brands. So you don’t overcomplicate it. You don’t need to read 87 books about logos. You don’t need to go to graphic design school about logos. You don’t need to read books about logos, just look at the top 10 logos in the world. That’S what I want to do that because you want to do you want to reinvent the wheel? You don’t want, you don’t need to make this difficult process.

So, what’s going up there, real quick, your Thrive Nation, let’s go and look at the logo of Apple smartphone or a smart device will just pull up the logo for the Apple company: okay, the Apple logo, it’s a black Apple watch and that’s that it’s pretty much! Ok, Google logo: let’s just look at the Google logo: okay, we’re using Google. So it’s easy to see it, but it just it just says: Google Google, with letters that are different colors, will be much more complicated.

I bet you just think I’ll be impossible to print on a T-shirt and now it’s four square in side, one square, it’s it’s too much. What are the seventies? I bet you. The Facebook logo is going to be super symbolic. It’S going to mean a teen thing. Holding us, it was simple to just a big ass. These guys, I bet you they’re logos, going to be a thing within a thing, a Dream.

Within A Dream, it’s going to be like trying to describe the plot line of the Matrix Tour friend of yours, who doesn’t retain knowledge here we go and unfortunately for me that is because I don’t know how to read cursive. Let me pull up because this apparently this is not even work with the Illuminati to set me up.

I was going to business coach  teach people all that complex series of logo making. No, it’s just like a ) with an arrow nor the word Amazon whatsoever, except when I’m, when I’m seeing the pattern that I’m seeing as I look at my with you cuz. If you go to DriveTime, you click on Today Show notes business coach  were going to put a link to all these logo. So you can see him up there. What time should I come?

Click on the podcast and you will see the logo. Eric is never stop amazing. You how simple the logos for the biggest business coach  companies are never cease to amaze, your weird, isn’t it like they’ve done research, it’s like they’ve all like figured this out already, like you said, you know what, let’s not reinvent the wheel Pirates, not Pioneers what you see business Owners that you coached with help you get out of the rotten but they’ve been working on the logo with the designer for like 7 months yea, or they have a terrible one, is business coach  from 18 years ago that their sister in law designed and is in love with And she’s got it on her website. Oh yeah, just like you, it’s not say, there’s 14 words on it.

How you going to put that on the mobile version of the website to make a logo that simple, that’s repeatable that can be print. These are some rules to basic rules. If possible, have your logo be just two colors or less or less? It could be one color to color your less to make it business coach  easy to print on stuff, because they’re going to put a t-shirt or a or anything you don’t want to have a logo that requires you could result in the periodic table and a team of nuclear Scientist or go to team up with some kind of embroidery company to figure business coach  out a way to 3D print that logo.

Would you see the soul, Timer Trippers logos for companies who work with their logos are so complex that can’t print them on any parent right. No shirts, no hats, like I said, a mobile version of a website. It’S just that. You got to make sure it’s it’s simple, so they can be understood when it’s small now move number to as it relates to create a world-class branding, as you must create a world-class website now Paul Hood, if the if the tribe Nation wants to business coach  go check out Your website, what is your website address? How do people get ahold of you, my friend, well, that kind of leads me into a complaint.

I wish you would have gone down through 11, The 11, most famous Brands came in at number 11 in a survey Paul’s been serving his own office and get a hold of you, Paz, Explorer Hood Yes, because we have business coach  more than one CPA, their stems and duplication. Okay, so I want to ask that you, this problem and you’re, giving away a tremendous gift for all of our listeners.

How can they claim the gift and what is the gift that you are giving away to each and every listener to thrive? Time show its Warren Buffett’s book of snowball, and I’m telling you, if you think you know about investing how to make money you don’t you need to read this book. Send me an email at Paul at Hood, Paul at Hood, CPA,, name, address phone number business coach  and be prepared to be blown away and then you’re going to sit in the snowball books by Warren Buffett.

That’S correct! Why are you giving the snowball book by Warren Buffett? What’S your what’s your motive important book for everybody to read or listen to the audio book version of, I think it’s important where in a follow-the-leader type Society where there business coach  would be kneeling on the side of a football field or what have you and I is different And I believe that if you want to be successful, you don’t follow one successful people and it’s a great book to lay out just a few things that make you think, make you think outside the box self.

Send me an email at Hood: CPA, for the thrive on Nation you’re, a member of the of the US Marines. You serve in the Marines for 25 years from 1969 to 1994 right hand. So you use server 25 years, and now business coach  that you got out, you said: okay, now that I’m done serving I’m going to start serving.

What are you doing here to serve the veterans of the United States military? Tell us about this big event. You have planned DAV and that is their brand and they are bringing their 5K the DAV 5K to Tulsa at the Guthrie Green on November 4th and in order to sign up, we ask that you go to DAV, 5K., Org, select, Tulsa and then scroll down and Join team Eagle, Ops, Team Eagle, I said if business coach  they do that, why would somebody hear it?

Why would it was one of our listeners want to get involved going to Quick Trip for the 14th time today they could be going in there getting a taquito. They might go back and get like what was the new burritos. They have there and there’s a lot of things. I could be doing with your brother, your sister, no matter when or where they served at all. So it’s the Outreach to expose the families to some of the benefits and things business coach  that their veteran might be eligible for that unaware of, and so it’s it’s a combination of honoring veterans and Outreach simultaneously to build Better Lives of time show.

Today we are talking specifically about how to build a successful multimillion-dollar physician, staffing company, and why are we talking about that? We’Re talking about? Because in our last in-person business coach  workshop on October, 6th and 7th is the next one, but it our last in person today, DriveTime Workshop.

We had somebody had a question I wanted to know. What is the path that I need to go down to build a successful staffing company and help multiple staffing companies throughout the country? Do this word teaching you with great confidence, the system and its next aspect of the system, as you must create a world-class website and the variables that you must have?

Are the Fallen, I’m going business coach  to go fast, but you can listen to this, but this broadcast of this on our Thrive time show podcast buttons, you’ll, never miss it. If you did, I go too fast. Just what time should I come forward? Slash podcast and click on it to hear it again but wanted you must have business coach  a no-brainer offer. You have to have a no-brainer offer. You have to have testimonials. You’Ve got to have an optimized title tag. You got to have an optimized description. You don’t have optimize keywords: it’s got to be WordPress based.

You got to be, have a clear call-to-action on your website. You don’t have a click-to-call phone number. You got to have a headline that makes sense even business coach  have social media icons. You got to have a horizontal navigation bar, you have got to have an HTML site map and you’ve got to have a. XML sitemap other things you got to have on that website. Where business coach  you going to thrive time. Should I come forward, slash podcast! You could find the podcast version. Today’S broadcast you’ll, never miss a note.

A segment stay to the drive time to show on your car radio. I’M a business coach YouTube. It’S business school business coach  without the BS. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 can come Santa coming. Welcome back to the conversation today, we are talking about the proven path to build a multi-million-dollar staffing company Bridges, the gap business coach  between the employer that needs quality people and the quality people that are looking for an employer you’re like a Matchmaker for a business coach   player.

That’S what happened, and so what you do is you have to be in contact with. Only potential candidates were looking for work, but you all said to be in touch with the employers that are looking to hire great people, and you make your money by Bridging the Gap. So it – and it is example.

If you place a physician who makes ,000 a year, it’s normal for the staffing company to keep 10 % to 20 % of the gross paycheck of the employee, so the employees getting paid two business coach  hundred thousand was here you as the Matchmaker going to make business coach  between 20 And ,000 for matching one person, and so I worked with many staffing companies that have gone on to who got on to make millions of dollars of gross revenue and business coach  almost a million dollars a year of profit.

Many times it’s going to happen, I mean almost a million dollars of business coach  profit, because if you, if you’re good at it, you understand the game, you can make a lot of money to possible, but Eric chapstick number, for you got to create repeatable sales processes in this Is the part where I see a lot of stabbing people get business coach  stuck because being a staffing company, it’s kinda like being an NFL agent or NBA agent to your agent for the players and it’s a lot.

You can become very personality-driven and see. What you have to do is a staffing company, as you got to find a way to set business coach  appointments so that you’re only using through the owner of the founder you’re only spending all of your time presenting you don’t want to spend any of your time.

Getting someone on the business coach  phone, you don’t spend any of your time calling wrong numbers. You just want to work from appointment to appointment and I think a lot of ways I could be like being a CPA Paul. I mean it’s just called you. You said I’ve heard them tell me: you sat down with them for an hour for a one-on-one consultation and after doing that, their eyes are open and they say man financially.

I finally get it now. I finally know how you should be financially, but if you’re spending your time and I’m sorting, email and insipid through the business coach  mail – and it’s probably not the highest and best use of your time. So I want to ask you Paul, business coach  as you’ve grown your business and if you that you’ve developed the habit of becoming a better and better time manager, what are some of the things that you’ve had this learn to say no to that, maybe you would have said.

Yes to 20 years business coach  ago, when you first business coach  became a CPA. Well, as I am few examples of, I don’t know how to run a copy machine, I don’t know how to run a scan or I don’t know how to forward phone calls. I don’t those things I just don’t have time to do emails going to go through my business coach  emails and then clears out what I don’t need.

I don’t open my own mail and so it’s it’s everybody at my office or doing things, because I don’t want to do them and it’s not efficient for me to do my could do everything they do if I just business coach  learn it now. Let me reverse this. The mindset business coach  of most drivers and Eric Chapo want to get your take on this. Have you used an Apple device today? Not now we’re obviously we’re doing this.

The recording the show Apple device outside of the show have you used an Apple device today? Yes, have you been on today? No use, Google, yes, ok. Google business coach  denominator between all three of those very successful companies is a business coach by the name of Bill Campbell business coach  Bill Campbell Bill Campbell.

You will find it and Bill Campbell was the business coach of choice for Eric Schmidt, the CEO Google, for Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Steve Jobs, and you know the one thing the bill Campbell could not do that right. He said. That’S not what I do on my goal was to help to get each client I work with to perform at business coach  their business coach  best and to help them avoid predictable problems.

My goal is not to become a coder, and people didn’t really know about how much of an impact the bill Campbell made until after his death, because a lot of his clients didn’t want him working with anybody else. I mean if your, if your Steve Jobs and you hire Bill Campbell to be your coach, you don’t want him helping your competition right, he’s trying to make self-driving cars he’s trying to reinvent the music industry.

The business coach  headphones. The computer is the iPads, the phones business coach  and there’s not a lot that Steve Jobs was it in, and so it’s not a thing where you can like refer your good buddy Bill Campbell, but he died of cancer last year and when he passed all these articles came Out in TechCrunch USA Today, I’m big media features, Business magazines, Inked magazine, they all started talking about The Life and Times of Bill Campbell and all these top-level entrepreneurs came out and said man.

This was the guy that business coach  helped me, but I think a lot of people have this mindset that you have to be the one making the New York me one, making the sales calls you have to be the one we’re talking about: Building repeatable Sales processes, Eric Chubb, A business coach all of the clients listening to the show anybody listen to the show is a potential client, your business owner.

You want to be a business owner, you have to make a one-sheet correct, search up list, offer us what’s included in this one business coach  sheet and what is a one-sheet. So one sheet is basically like the name says it’s one sheet where you have like all of the pertinent information about your company, so you’ve got a list of services that you offer you, then you got to have your US versus them. Can I have a 16 page roshier, you got a list out what you do better than the other guys business coach  give me smile by name.

You can call the other guys. You got everybody that we got a list out. I swear I want to let you know this and we don’t have any competition. Tony Robbins seminar on I discovered the only competition I have is in my head, which is cool, and so I’m unable to Tion really like burpees into your brain, explodes business coach  and then ten more personally. No, but that happens a lot nice nice, That’s Right, Nation! You can’t take your sales team to the pit, allegedly with the current labor laws.

You can’t do what you can do if you can’t hold them accountable to following the script and if you don’t have a script yet there’s nothing to hold them accountable to the next. So many people go to hood CPAs everyday. So many people are going to hood CPA because they’re not happy business coach  with their account they’ve, never taken a look under the hood of their personal finances and when they reach out to you, you have a process in place.

You give away your phone is answered and a team that helps people and it’s a walk me through the importance of having a process in place to answer business coach  your inbound phone phone phone calls. While we have three offices and if we want to stay small just me and one person business coach  that we would need that, but you need the principal tube tube tube is systematic, so that if somebody sick, if somebody leaves for greener pastures, it’s a lot easier to train.

It’S also easier to control what sad and so just the general principle of duplication. It’S it’s! It’S a necessity today about how to grow a business coach  multimillion-dollar staffing company for positions. In so we’re business coach  talking about sales conversion. You got to create an FAQ script.

Can you explain explain why a business owner needs to compile an FAQ are frequently asked questions sheet for business coach  the Celtic guarantee, there’s going to be a list of a few, you know three five, ten questions that you’re going to get all the time questions that are just Always being asked by your clients by your customers, where is a fork? Where is the forks okay, so we need to business coach  scrape it out answer that so you’re not sending them to the store.

If you’re a restaurant, you don’t see what I can go by there on Forex and people will make crazy choices like that. When answering questions your clients, so you got to make a list of all those business coach  questions that you get last day after day. Get them get the answer, script it out and get it into your team’s hands like how do I get to your office right now? Are there extra fees, I’m not happy, except what kind of fa Q’s?

Are you being a stud your business every single day, and you want to create a frequently Asked question script? Then? The next step she business coach  want to set up call recording to record those calls for accountability. You want to create a presentation script and you also want to make your list of your ideal.

Top 100 ideal unlikely buyers. We called the dream 100, which one of make your list of your ideal and likely buyer said the quote: the late great Chet Holmes, best buyers buy more they by faster and they buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal. Clients have a special business coach  effort dedicated to just the dream: clients Drive Nations. Might my name is Clay Clark Drive time show on your radio, I’m a business coach and I have my playbook available for you for free to download DriveTime

It’S drive time should I come and download the start here. Business book it is all the systems of doctors are not used to build the 13 multi-million-dollar Justin’s going to download that book today. Also, if you want to business coach  attend our next in person workshop – and I know you do – buy your tickets today at Thrive time –, it’s right time show to take its just due to the generous sponsorship of Paul Hood CPAs Hood,, Arizona, dream people hanged.

Alright on your radio today we’re teaching you the specific path, The Proven Plan, the map needed the millionaire map needed to build a multimillion-dollar staffing company established companies like you’re, a Matchmaker between companies business coach  needing quality people and the what the employer, so the employer needs people to

The employees here at the gap between the employee, who want to call the job and the employer or the need to call the employees so you’re the Matchmaker between those two on business coach  people and then, if you do a good match, then you actually hooked say you you, For helping employee find a job where they’re making ,000 a year to get staffing company will keep 10 to 20 % of what the employee is paid for their first year.

And it’s a move want to go to make millions of dollars of gross revenue and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars profit. If you’re good at this industry with a driver who reached out and said, hey, I have a business coach  struggling Staffing Company. I need some help.

Doing and so we know the proven path – we’re here to teach you how to do it, but before we do that, we know this this past weekend there was NFL players everywhere, kneeling everywhere, many of them we’re not standing in the basically, if you’re, if you’re, not Familiar with this situation and kind of tea, it up an end if I’m business coach  getting this wrong, but basically Donald Trump made a comment that he felt like if he was in honor of a team, and you refuse to stand for the anthem, then he’d he’d.

Kick you off the team and he he said it at a rally and use some really strong language, and so is a way to get back. A lot of entire teams decided to kneel and therefore the entire Steelers team, with the exception of one player whose a US Army veteran even business coach  come on the field during the national anthem and so coach Calvin.

I want to get your take because, as a business owner, it’s all about accountability. I just want to know what would you do if you were the owner of a team, and you heard that your players were not going to stand for the national anthem of its a Sunday. Your ear, basketball, coach, okay, you so you you’re not too far removed from Sports, and imagine that you hear Rumblings that your top business coach  players are not going to stand or the Steelers they’re, not even coming onto the field for the national anthem.

How would you have handled that? First of all, thanks a lot for a great question like that to start off the shuttle right now. 230 kids during the week are young and impressionable, and I have a real problem with it, because the influence that you’re having on the kids, you have to think about first, and that is what are you telling these kids, because when business coach  they do it, they’re going to Get kicked off, their teams are going to cause all kinds of problems.

I don’t see how, because this was started by a guy who hated police who said he hated please, and it was started by a guy who supported Castro and where’s that business coach  taking to send over. We dividing the country or we bring in the country together, and so I have a real problem which kicked off the team.

Would you water board? If you can’t water board players, can you coach, I don’t think not anymore anyways I used to when I played you. Could do anything about kind of perception? We want to give the kids what kind of in your step by step, one is to say what are we really saying here and what’s the effect that we business coach  want to have?

The second thing I’d want to know is okay. What are you doing on your own? Besides this, we can talk as much as we want to. But what effect are you what time, energy money? Are you willing to give to make a difference in the community to don’t just talk and stand up now? But what are you really were wanting to do?

I ask this question is because, if you’re a business owner, you look at the NFL’s, a business and the business coach  owners of those teams are doing what they’re running a business, and sometimes you have to make the tough call. I think it’s at least another Nelson interesting question to ask yourself an end, because I asked you the question might take would be. If you don’t stand, you don’t play and if it’s going to be one on 42 today, that’s fine, that’s what I would have done that he might take about, but that’s why I got out of college.

That would end so it was until morale improves. I want to get your take on this year at your a CPA and at the end of the day, you’re kind of a logical guy. You you process information, you look. It precedents, you’re, well-read guy. How would you respond to them your business owner for if your employees refuse to stand for the national anthem at your Christmas party or or more specifically, for the coach of the NFL team and do your players you get where they’re not going to, and how would You handle it well, I kind of got a little bit of a different direction.

I do respect a person’s right to protest. What I don’t respect as a protest on my time when I’m paying them and they’re my employees, it’s my business. They reflect me if they want to protest. I can protest on their own time, and so they need to. You know they were the reflection of me and I’m paying them for their time. So they’re going to do what I tell him to do or they can move along what they doing their own free time, that’s their business.

Now, how do you, how do you go out there and grow a world-class price positions – Staffing, Company, Staffing Company, because many people do this – I’m just teaching it supposed to be specific, Pat, ignore the geopolitical situations that are everyone’s talking about the office to me at something We should we should.

We should talk about on a business show cuz the NFL is a business. So if you want to build your online reputation as soon as possible, so number one. You want to set up the Google Maps and, if you don’t know how to do it, just go to forward slash business in there you can set up your maps and his example.

If you, Google, Tulsa basketball camps again, if you Google, Tulsa basketball camps, I don’t know what I use. You do not use being and if you do use being you’re working for Microsoft, so typing Tulsa basketball camps. When you do that, you’re going to find score. Basketballs up their top in the Google search results: coach Calvert.

How important are those Google reviews for your business and how have you gone about getting them? We do a couple. Things. 1 is sweet. Ass people we give them free Refreshments will tell Will beg them. I’Ve got Sarah basically begging people now and she’s doing a great job of it cuz. We we signed up like 10 and 2 days and it’s imperative because, like my wife and I, if we see somebody that has 70 to 100 reviews, we’re not even looking at the people that have two or three reviews, we won’t even consider him a business.

So you’re competing with the Tulsa hurricane. There is also USA Sports Camps. Steph Curry has a program and your program, you guys, are setting record attendance week after week and it’s neat as when you do a great job and you ask people for a review. They’Ll, give you a good one: it’s called The Law of sowing and reaping. I don’t get offensive concept, but Proverbs 10:4 from the Bible. All you called the Bible. It says that God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slacker.

So if you do a good job, guess what people will go and tell their friends? But you have to you, owe it to yourself to get a hundred reviews as soon as possible, because, according to Forbes, 88 % of the population now reads. Google reviews before making a buying decision 88 %.

That’S a big number 9 action item. Number 6. You’Ve got to create a no-brainer offer and we come back. We have a fabulous guess: who’s. A member of the US Marines retired US Marine Danny Oliver and he’s going to be telling us about a no-brainer at a great way that you, as a concerned, citizen of Tulsa Oklahoma, how you can get involved to support or disabled American veterans. It stay tuned.

Oh yeah, this just in. If you want to download the start here book, you can get that now for free. The 13 proven steps the doctors on and I’ve used to go 13 multimillion-dollar businesses cannot be yours, download, free, just going to drive time, and download the e-book today get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170. Alright, Dr. DriveTime Nation, welcome back into the Thrive time.

Radio show my name is Clay Clark in the former USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission on a mission to help. You start and grow a successful business, and, while doing that, we also want to stand up for causes that we believe in and give the platform that to folks to be able to share about causes that they’re involving themselves. In that we as a tribe nation support – and so you might say what are the values I mean, what are your real values?

Well, here’s the deal, there’s a thing as I am a big believer of the US Constitution and the Constitution. Basic gives people the right to pursue happiness. It doesn’t give you happiness, it doesn’t say by mandate. You shall be happy if you’re not happy, you know you, you get to blame people, and I didn’t say you have the right to be rich for the right to have a ton of money to write to be super.

Abby says the right to pursue happiness at the freedom to pursue happiness, and so anytime we have somebody the other member of the Tulsa area, Who has fought for our country, and they said he had like to hop on the show that to share about something we Always take at least a second look right there, because you talk about the sacrifices.

I mean Freedom, isn’t free free market, okay, but let’s, let’s, let’s break this down for a second. Let’S say that you listen to the show everyday and you are office tin, a Mexico sick. That’S where your office is everyday and your business is located in Mexico City.

Well, Step 1 get the heck out of Mexico City because you’re not going to be successful because it’s almost impossible to do well when there is instability economically and in terms of just your safety. You know my wife and I did the speaking event in Trinidad Tobago years ago and man, those guys are going through a tough situation. Every time we’ve been on a cruise port of calls and it in the city, the naturally the local economy is just a disaster.

Almost every time until, if you’re listening to the show today, I don’t care how bad you have it. Cuz I’ve gone through a lot of stuff, no matter how bad we have it here. Somebody else has it worse, almost everywhere else, when you have one life Lottery, just to be born into this country, but every generation has to fight to keep it free.

You don’t understand, like we had to fight versus the Redcoats, to get this country to be free when we declared our independence, and now we have to fight for it generation after generation we’re just one generation away from losing those freedoms again, and we fought so hard To have just one from one generation away from potentially losing those rights and so Danny’s on the show today and end Danny Oliver served in the US Marines and now here raising awareness for the disabled.

American veterans walk us through this, this 5K event you’re putting on, and why are you doing it? Thank you clay. We do have that event that 5K on November 4th, we have a wonderful venue in downtown Tulsa to Guthrie Green, where the Patriots and other veterans in Oklahoma can come out and honor the men and women who have served this great country of ours, you’ll be presented

With an honor bib, whether you’re, walking riding your motorcycle or rolling in your wheelchair and you can either honor a family member or somebody, you may have served with somebody who never came home from your unit and at the same time, will have information available to the Family members and the veterans themselves, who may not be aware of some of the benefits they earned through service to this great country of ours?

Now, if you are listening to right now – and you are saying okay – I’m looking for some actionable knowledge – I can apply today – will let me walk you to the next step of building a multimillion-dollar medical staffing company. What you need to do is you need to create a note. Brainer offer actually number 6. You must create a no-brainer offer.

No, no brainer offer me that offer so good that the human mind cannot stand it and so coach, Calvert Scourby ball. You guys have a no-brainer offer if someone’s never been up to score, be bald before they never been to Scourby They have a child that plays basketball and, frankly, they’re not getting as much playing time as the parent would like.

You know you’re going all the games of the kids on the sideline not playing a lot when the new player going okay, that was a bad show where they shooting at the broadside of a barn. What were they having at there and so you’re you’re? Realizing your child needs a little bit of help in basketball. What is a no-brainer off of your making for everybody?

Kids can come in for a week free and try it out. That’S like 5 or 6 times and come in your first week is free. It’S going to be able to claim this offer man how to get in the game is called 918-955-7160 and we’ll get him set up a hood, our a generous show sponsor he is making to no-brainers. Today, I am super excited about no-brainer number one he is saying. Was I’ve gone to the Thrive time in person, workshops and I like him so much seated. What Paul you decide to sponsor the show and how much are tickets now now they’re.

You look, no excuse not to be here so you’re sponsoring the show your sponsor the radio ads, and so the cost of the workshop went from to know. General mission is 99 and 500 will be the seats for premium that are and you’re going to be a limited-time offer. You got to get your tickets now for the October 6th and 7th event, and you can claim your tickets right now.

Tickets are going fast, for you can claim your tickets right now by going to thrive time, and booking your tickets and also orbit Hood CPAs, the accounting practice that you only have three locations to serve Tulsa you’re, giving away a copy of what book. My friend is Warren,

Buffett’s book called the snowball and you know the reason I’m giving it away as I believe that the success is already been laid out, and why would I recreate the will there’s things in there that I don’t agree with, but the reality is: Is the man’s been successful, and so, if you want to be successful, you need to read this book and the to get the book for free. You just send me an email Paul at Hood, CPAs. Paul at Hood, CPA, send me your name address and phone number to get a ride out to you.

The one thing I admire about Warren Buffett’s book is it super transparent, and so he only authorized biography. That’S ever been written about his life and he starts off the book by saying anything that you discover while reading this book. That’S negative is true and it’s positive, as plow, probably flattery and so away.

We go and he lays business coach  out of his life story and there’s a lot of it in there that you go. Oh, don’t want to do that about your life and wanted someone published all the intimate details of your life and all the good and bad decisions you made. Would you be proud of the actual book I mean I don’t know, but business coach  Warren Buffett. He teaches financial success in such a linear step by step process and the book is a powerful way for you to learn how to become successful in the world of personal finance and we go out of our listeners.

They want to become successful in business coach  the world of their personal finance. How can they set up a one-on-one consultation with you, my man? How can I sit down and meet with you, mr. Paul hood, and we’re offering if you, if you have time you want to business coach  take the time but I’ll give you an hour my time for free call my office at 918-747-7000, we have offices in Barnesville Tulsa to Claremore that phone number can reach me at any of them called and set up a time that that works or send me an email directly and Paul at Hood, Paul at Hood, CPA, and again, if you, if you want the book, send me your business coach   name Address and phone number and will get that out to you now Thrive Nation step number 7 to build a successful medical staffing company. You got a critter, wow experience. You got to make sure you designed the first email. What was the first email business coach  going to say design?

Your own hold music. You got to design your own sheet one sheet when she does go to thrive time. Should I come pick up the podcast button and we listen to the beginning of this episode class brochures. You got to have world-class videos business coach  on the outside of the website. Everything the people see before meeting with. You must be first class. We come back we’re talking about how to build a world-class multimillion-dollar medical staffing company today on the

Thrive time show if you have business coach  yet to download the start here book. It’S an Amazon bestseller and it can be yours for free, so we might going to thrive time. Show.Com, you can download The Proven The Proven action steps, The Proven system, the doctors and I’ve used to build 13 multimillion-dollar businesses live local broadcasting from business coach  the center of the universe. Do you feel good tonight? What’S up, God is this moment and I’ll drive Nation? What is going on, my name is Clay. Clark.

Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio, and today we are talking about how to build a multimillion-dollar physician Staffing Company lot of people want to know what is the proven path for my specific industry, where we had one person actually took the time out Of their schedule to attend business coach  our last in-person DriveTime Workshop now, this month’s Workshop is October, 6th and 7th, and they wanted to know what is the proven path?

What would how do you do it now? I’Ve helped multiple staffing companies generate multi-million dollars and there is a proven path. There’S the system, if you’re just now tuning in we are now moving on to step number 7. You want to create a business coach  wow experience. It is super important that when you finally do get a custom through the door that you wow that business coach  customer every time, or at least as at least as high of a percentage of the time as possible, you want to make sure that every customer that comes into

The business is not just satisfied, but they have to be wowed. There’S this thing of the net promoter score with business coach  your Harvard research. That’S called the net promoter score and they found business coach  when people are wild. They will tell their friends them if they’re merely satisfied, they won’t and that’s the battle that you’re fighting you you’re fighting the the cultural norm of mediocrity and so the first email that you send people in response to them, filling out your former

Mets response to you Talking to the one on the phone, the first email you sent them has to be thoughtful and it has to business coach  include a testimonial. It is business coach  super important that your first email includes a testimonial and that you have a branded email address. If you don’t do this you’re emailing somebody for the first time from a Gmail or something not, I said not good, because if it’s, if you’re calling somebody you’re supposed to be like the best

Staffing Company in the world and you’re emailing from you know, Clay at Yahoo 1980. Com, credible until you want to make business coach  sure that your email has a testimonial business coach  included, a testimonial video, testimonial or text testimonial link and a branded email address. You have on hold music. That makes sense when you put somebody on hold on hold music, should Inspire to build confidence. It should makes people laugh it should let people know it’s a big company.

If you want to know what great on hold music sounds like just call our offices and ask to be put on hold and you’ll have a good time also, you want to business coach  create a one-sheet now A1. She we talked about earlier, but it’s a clear comparison of U-verse is your competition and it describes all of the problems that you saw. Ideal unlikely buyers supported by facts.

You also have a world-class brochure brochure. You don’t apologize, you know what to say. Here’S my brochure, but I hope you don’t actually look at it. You don’t say here’s my brochure, but I hope you business coach  don’t recognize everything is spelled wrong. Here’S my brochure, but there’s a lot of clip art on there. You sure is world-class. You also want to make sure did the videos on the outside of your website are incredible.

You want to make sure that business coach  everything about your first experience is Ben has been thought through you and make sure that your presentation is. Your presentation should feel like there’s a plan like it’s thoughtful like a tour. It should just make sense if you’ve never been on one of business coach  those double double decker tour buses where they tour guide, is hilarious.

You are missing out you’re talking about you want to make a tour guide experience where every business coach   joke that’s being delivered as they described the to her is hilarious if you’ve not been on a double decker outdoor tour bus in a big city where the, where the tour Guide is hilarious, you’re missing out, it’s like a stand-up comedian makes it everything makes sense of the presentation as a plant make sure your sales presentation is scripted now the next part of the system. Actually I’ve never ate. You want to optimize your business coach  website and when you optimize, your website be a lot of specific details on business coach  today’s show notes.

But due to the constraints and having a two hour, radio show here, I’m going to highlight the the big ideas. But I want to encourage you to go to thrive time. Should I come and click on the show notes that you can get the details on your Google canonical. Compliance has to be locked in. You have to follow Google’s rules and Google is laid out specific rules, but I’ll read you a notable quotable from mr. Google on Google.

This is on business coach  search for Howard. How search works its forward, slash search for how search works. It says, as we speak, Google is using web crawlers to organize information from web pages and other publicly available content in the search index from the beginning, search has been Guided by Three core values: focus on the user.

That’S one learn: how search evaluates improvements through rigorous testing to empower our business coach  website owners learn how Google helps website owners manage their search process and three maximize accessed information learn how search helps support a free and open web long story short there, cheering to the little guy And he has the most content and who follows the Google rules wins so stand for one fall.

All the Google can article rules if you don’t have business coach  to do it email as info at 3:15, to whoever has the most content about your specific keyword. If you don’t know what that means book, your tickets to our next in person drive time Workshop October, 6th and 7th, be there make it in October that you’re absolutely making of October that you’re all over make it in October that you that you can’t stop thinking About making the October that changes your life book your tickets today at the right time, should I come free app that the most reviews you’ve business coach  got to have the most previous somebody stay with me.

We have to have the most. You got to do it. Okay, if you have to the most reviews, if you don’t have to do it, just go back to the earlier portion of today’s broadcast on drive time. Should I come put on the podcast business coach  button and you can relive the Excellence for make sure your website is mobile. Complain, if you don’t have to do it, just email, his info at Thrive, info at 3:15, and your performer includes a detailed list of your fixed cost. You also want to include all of your variable costs and you want to determine your profit per customer. So you want to enter in all of your detailed, fixed cost.

Like you release your utilities, your insurance, your salary, is your business coach  phone bill, your car payment consulate, Consultants, advertising cost of living. You get the sure, all your cost that are fixed. Second, you want to create a detailed list of the variable expenses associated with providing a service. Every time you provide the service. What are the costs associated with and maybe, if you’re a staffing company have to pull back business coach  ground check every time? Maybe you have to pay somebody a commission every time they make a placement figure out your variable cost and of those all-in-one to determine your profit per customer.

How much profit do you make actually that every time you get a new customer phone number for batting cleanup? You want to determine the number of customers needed to be profitable facts about the prophets yeah. You want to make sure that you’re being profitable and you want to determine the number of customers needed to be profitable.

Then what you want to do what you want to take all the information to make a business model, that’s actually profitable in a business model, that’s profitable, not super hard to make it just have to be objective and a lot of people get very subjective, very emotional. When people are emotional lot of times, they have a hard time looking at data clearly and concisely, business coach  that’s hard for them to not look at it with kind of Rose, Colored Glasses, so to speak. So I encourage you to get with one of our Thrive time. Should I come business coaches and we will help you make a performer that makes sense. Actually remember 10. You want to create a repeatable workflow.

What’S a repeatable business coach  workflow, what are repeatable workflow is a is a repeatable system that other people can duplicate over and over again, if you go to Subway or any place that scalable Chick-fil-A Southwest Airlines, QuikTrip other people other than doing the job, I mean someone’s flying the Plane someone’s greeting the the passengers, somebody’s doing ticketing, it’s right, complex system, but it’s duplicatable so step one. In order to make a repeatable workflow, business coach  you got to buy a massive whiteboard.

Don’T fight me here by a massive whiteboard and write out your process from left to right, then you have to draw out a linear, workflow Platte path. If you never seen that before I get to, one of our workshops will help you do it on a credit check list for everything.

You’Ve got to create a business coach  checklist that you can’t just have a series of vagaries and verbal commands. You’Ve got to create a checklist for everything action item number 11. You’Ve got to create a billing system that is intense. You got to create a billing calendar. You’Ve business coach  got to create a double verification system and you’ve got it at a standing meeting in your calendar about billing action item number 12: you got a credit quality controller. What does that mean mystery shoppers and a customer Survey System in finally getting stool and for the specific Niche you got to quit the dream 100 system, digital online at heads and search engine?

Optimization? If you have no idea what I’m talking about it’s? Okay, because there’s a lot of stuff, you business coach  need to learn and we teach that at our in-person workshops and we have four ways to serve great listeners like you and there you will find all of the resources that we have made for great people like you. We have the workshops to the podcast and 101 business coaching at the world’s most affordable business school and it’s just a dollar for the first month, go to thrive time and is always 3 2. 1 BOOM!


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