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During today’s Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break down how enter into a partnership, how to manage a partnership and everything you need to know about partnering with someone in the world of business? During today’s show they cover the following scenarios and more


The 4 Cs That Come Along with Any Partner
  1. 1. Capital (or lack of)
  2. 2. Counsel
  3. 3. Connections
  4. 4. Core Skills


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett (One of the most successful investors on the planet)


Begin with the End in Mind
  1. 1. Ask yourself what happens if it blows up?
  2. 2. You must agree on how one party will exit (must have an operating agreement)


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” – John D. Rockefeller (The world’s wealthiest man who once began working in Cleveland at the age of 16 to support his mother)


One Party Must Have Majority Control
  1. 1. Anything with Two Heads Is a Monster


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Green (Best-selling author of Mastery)


Determine Who is Contributing What Before Agreeing to Anything
  1. 1. Capital (or lack of)
  2. 2. Counsel
  3. 3. Connections
  4. 4. Core Skills


Get Your Agreement in Writing




You know that imma all right if you are a hustler or you want to be if you’re somebody who’s self-employed or you want to be. You have found your show. It is business school without the BSN. Yes, my friend you can avoid the stress you can avoid that you can learn from mentors or mistakes. You could avoid the  mistakes you could by having a business coach.

Somebody help you down the proven path, and that’s all we’re talking today, my friend about partnership, Z. Why is it so important? Every listener understands these core principles about Partnerships, my friend, because it’s it’s one of the foundation building blocks of your business and if you get, if you build your business on a bad Foundation, it’s it’s not good.

It’S not good to go back to your mentors and mistakes, clay you and your approach we three years ago just order online business school that was going to be basically business, mentoring, business, coaching unit business, business coach that we filmed at that talks about their secret sauce. At their success stories of life, you know, I said to myself:

that’s awesome because growing up with you always kind of knew in the back of your head. You always kind of knew me and it be awesome if some dude, who has done this thing, would just call me out of the blue call me on the blue, hey Robert. I see that back. I just found out that you’re thinking about doing this thing, I’m calling out of the blue.

You know I’m a I’m a big deal on this stuff and I just kind of hard to just you don’t help you. I just like to meet with you on a daily basis and pour into your life. And just let you ask me anything, you  business coach  want, and I don’t want to hear from you and it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen that way. People don’t wake up a highly motivated to pay you or to cook clay did to me years ago.

You know and just management manages to lunch I’ll, buy lunch. I’M like okay, you know about an hour. You know right yeah, that movie coming on the back of your head, that you need it. You need it yep, but then you said you have what I find it.

Let me tell you something: different about mentorship and random advice. Mentorship is consistent, weekly coaching, that’s a major ship is it. Somebody was giving you consistent, weekly and coaching. It’S not what you want to hear  business coach  it’s what you need to hear that’s totally different than like a buddy system when you meet with the Unicorn one time. I give an example. When I met with dr. Z, he had my wife insisted.

I should meet the guy and I’m kind of like I don’t I don’t know he’s not a DJ his earings, he doesn’t wear baggy clothes. Cuz, like I know, he’s got multiple business that doesn’t boom boom and it drives down the road.

There  business coach   business coach  was things I asked you and there’s times you said no, every time you said yes, you gave me feedback when you gave me the truth and lot of time to quote you know that the movie was in a Few Good Men.

You can’t handle the truth. What times you don’t want to hear the truth or talk about today is stuff that maybe is going to be tough to hear, but you need to hear it, and so here is here is the next. The next partner issue I want to know I don’t get the money.

Okay hit it one more time, one more time, I’m just starting to feel it. You can’t handle the truth. Just let me see a partner who brings their personal issues into the meeting, so we can examine my wife and I  business coach  have a very good relationship things that I don’t agree on. As I don’t agree, the cupboards should exist or Captain’s Catch up, and I don’t want to shelf. I don’t want a drawer anything.

That’S like it has a shelf that doesn’t have a door to it. I’M okay, but if it doesn’t like it, if it’s, if it’s somehow where you can’t see clearly what’s in the fridge or what’s on the Shelf, I don’t want it because it stresses me out. I have hundreds of pairs of socks, and now the man cave, I can see how many I have Visual and it frustrates me if it’s not that way. How do you need me to hold on cuz?

I haven’t been your man cave since its completeness. How do you show your socks? I have them all stacked up and I had that coming to happen. Either Stack Up on what they’re on the Shelf. So I don’t use anything: okay, okay, Cabinetry, but do not put doors on any closets and do not put you and do not put a door on a cabinet cuz.

If you do it’s a waste of time, so he puts it in there. So I set him on fire. I just burn them so that way it’s open, so I can see everything and literally took the doors off, went out back and burn them. I didn’t tell me that means what kind of normal, but my wife’s thinking we just paid.

Some but she didn’t say it, but she could see her face when we just paid someone to put new doors on all these things, and you just set them on fire, and I guess cuz I said it was going to be. There is no doors to be on any closets, because I don’t like anything right. I can’t say I want to make a retail.

I wanted to copy Lobby. Hobby Lobby covered strawberries autos for sale to hear every. Where can I buy new socks or I never worried about you buy new ones every week and that sucks yeah but got to be big? I don’t think I’m just going to judge you in any one’s unique, and I think I I’m all for it. So we have 5 kids and I get it there’s a lot of these. My wife does did lost, but I am not going to follow up with anybody about socks because she can, if she wants her time, I’m just going to keep buying more and more socks.

Ready socks on your feet, I will say that I love it yeah I like to have like 6 or 7 backup pair of the point. Is it’s bizarre, it’s weird what the heck! Why is this so weird? The point is I just I’m in right now. Right thing is: is it for me to bring up in a meeting going?

You wouldn’t believe that my wife put a door on a closet. Oh, my God, I brought my shoulder if it’s weird that I don’t want a door on a closet or at or would like to me it’s awesome and you’re in the bathroom. I’ve heard reclaimed in departure, man cuts and I’m trying to rip it off. I don’t want there to be doors and so the put the bags I have a staff meeting where to talk about sales before we do.

Why would somebody put a door on a cabinet just so stressed so weird you’re, the worst person ever, but then I guess not needed another example. Example. I don’t agree with a lot of people on religion.

There is no point, there’s no reason for me to sit there and debate with you about religion in our sales meeting, but there are people that insist on this of your partner with somebody who constantly wants to argue religion or argue with their spouse or argue about Something unrelated to what you’re doing see. How do you handle? How do you know your partner just brings up stuff, that’s just it since you’re going. Are you really talking about Cupboards in our staff meetings, a break it down?

The way I handle that is it in and you don’t know whether it’s personal or the other thing is, is that they have, they think the direction the business needs to go. They have a burr under her saddle. Meeting and talk about something that they feel like it important.

Would you like to see and you, as the leader of the meeting, save yourself? That’S not the purpose of the meeting of that’s not what we’re here to talk about, and we’re not going to talk about that. What’S up, what you have to do is absolutely okay, it’s a what you have to do to have to take control of that meeting and get to say we’re not going to talk about that today.

You know, that’s that’s a topic for a Tristar Raptor! Another time. It’S over my poor another time and I want to get back on point on track and medical haikey,

Creek and I’ve got rashes. We only have so much time and now back on point bill. I asked you that question about whatever you want, so we can think about it is, is that in any meeting someone and you know what usually some of the things they can, so they usually have some kind of high for Luton title.

I’Ve got letters behind my name, for you don’t want. I want to I’m going to roleplay to talk about you. Taxes in 20-25 play that’s okay, so I work for you and I worked my way up pretty high up there. Maybe 3 years.

Alright. Did I make a poor decision in a meeting, but I’m normally pretty good I’ve been there for a long time? What do you mean like? What would you do maybe a half hour for an hour to train your team on on sales or new product? The meeting with this, my guys, here’s the deal before we get started.

I want everybody to know that if you want to kneel for the meeting you can, because I actually endorse that idea, I’m what I would call a kneeler if you know what I mean so I’ll call this my Neil and you get the idea that have a Politically-Motivated message: I’m sorry I’m so anyway, I will cut you already cut you off.

I didn’t say we were not here to talk about that and I know it’s a little bit light-hearted kind of a joke joke about. What’S going on the side right now, but we’re back on to training at this new part that just came out there, that’s pretty exciting and so for the meeting I brought in a sales rep by the name of you know: Billy,

Billy and Billy can talk about About this new coding for 4 Linda’s, so please I table that clay and funny your funny you’re fun to talk about this New Jersey, okay, I’m here is it here’s the problem? It’S it’s really difficult to have both both a great business partner and a great friendship. Let me say that again: it’s it’s hard, it’s not a possible, but it’s hard to have a good business partner and a good friendship, because what happens is. Is that will be a day that you’re, like hey?

Look so let’s go eat dinner, let’s go eat dinner and relax and have a good friend that you know you do partnership with having dinner with said he brings up some business stuff, so I was noticing you were spending about 16 extra dollars on your personal gas

And I wanted to bring that up real quick. I just wondered where you driving extra, because you drive to Mark Gaskill Smart Boards as yours, and we live right next door to each other. Let’S get some guacamole, I will take two blocks.

Will you bring that, though? We’Re going to talk about the route you’re taking to work order more beers. If you hadn’t spent all that money on the cashier, I’m saying it’s challenging, I’m Westwood!

You touch on that little bit. How how you see partners that come in that they’re trying to be best friends and yet they’re, trying to be partner, Best Buds and drawing the line to make it a good fence? And it’s it’s it’s tough. It is, and I take two things one from a practical standpoint.

We talked about prenups a little earlier. The partnership agreement should have some prenup Provisions that if this doesn’t work out, here’s how we’re all going to take care of her. No wonder you’re kneeling why you said that I come from a law firm, that to founding partner to a very close friend and partner for 30 years.

That’S work in from observation as kind of mind. My business coaches, I’ve seen that humility had a lot to do with it. They both understand that there’s going to be days, they over value themselves and undervalue their partner and the next day might be a way around and they allow for that emotionally and intellectually to there’s going to be days.

When maybe I think a little harder on myself than you do and vice versa, can I come across band play You’re, a former DJ tempted to how many, how many bands make it in as long as I like you too and they’ve been like what does the Best decade of you, too yeah and there’s the

Rolling Stones and and bad Deals Only Be leaves. You know you got the Method, Man, he leaves Rizzo start to make another albums. It gets crazy of Wu-Tang Clan. It could have been thinking ran for president with the group. Boys to Men could be many who is Bobby Brown in New Edition new edition Devoe.

Now you know when your partner doesn’t get their job done and you’re married to him stay tuned to the drive time. Show do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river two segments?

Three in the box with dr. Z, come out on Friday. She will go back to the drive time to show on your radio. I tell you what, if you, if you are not enjoying the Ecstasy that is next to me than you have not visually seen the man by the name of dr. Z..

I want to ask you this seriously: how many hours a day do you spend on chemical peels tanning exfoliating working out just break it down, I mean. Is it two hours per week 27 days a day?

I commit to all those activities me to Ted’s hard, but you know Me Baby dedicated, you got you got it, you got it. You just got ta push through it got pushed through.

That’S a thing going to put you on right. Now it’s hard even say I just go to the track of the horse track of that my trainer has my horses and – and I just say you know just just juice me to just text me and I don’t even know if they’re giving me anymore.

I really don’t it’s working, though it’s a big deal that it takes a while, but you know I just can’t you know I got to put this in the side. Effects of the horse sounds of Green Pastures. Quite a bit here.

Lately, you don’t have a couple of fences and tried to shoot some grass clippings into a partnership, and specifically I want to get Wesson steak with Justin’s take when it sees take on this and then we come back Eric Chuck business coach is going to join us With some tough questions in a meeting – and you say so, did you call the leads cuz? It’S happened to me three months ago.

This actually happens to Real Steel in a meeting and I’m in with a client. I said it was. I didn’t say it like this. I wish I could feel less confrontational, that’s awkward.

Somebody just tried to make it more fun. Here we go no man, I actually I had my assistant called the leads. I haven’t been married to a man and did you call the lead to me? Let me look over her and she goes and you can feel the tension in the attention you to feel like you feel, like I said we’re over here having brownies man. We live in downtown Colorado. Man with live on 63. We just put the piano to live off the land, man wear his brownies and I’ve got a prescription.

You know until it all this tension, and she says I forgot what it’s like the 4th week in a row that she’s not called Elite. Then we turned again. I said: did you fire that person who’s chronically late does another job? We talked about my turn.

To hurt you. I just feel like she’s, a good person right and such a good person. I don’t want to upset her and we’re just trying to focus on motivate her letters that tension now, where the intention, what happened to the intention, doesn’t get done disease or the disses there’s a dis is not an easy anymore.

Susie with the person is not doing, the job is married to the owner and she married the owner after the business was started. How, if you’re in that meeting? What do you say? What would you do see if you’re in the meeting and the guy go, you can just feel the tension?

Is a business coach, your urine, optometrist entrepreneur, successful. You know you build a multimillion-dollar business is what would you say if they actually said? Please tell us the truth. What  business coach  would actually said please we can handle it, tell us the truth, how would you handle cineworld? The spouse is not doing his probably has his or her job.

Well, the thing is: is that usually I have found in those scenarios when it’s electronic, like that they don’t want to do it. They don’t want to do it that they don’t want to do it till they married in and they didn’t sign up for that. They got recruited, they got, you know they, they said hey and it seems I decided. Okay, you know that that was going to be a team player and I don’t want to say no absolutely but they’re saying no, no,

I’m not doing it and they’re saying I don’t want to do it. I didn’t sign up for that, and that was my deal for the scenario that you said is by replacing them somebody else, you’re, probably doing them a favor. By going to be happy, there probably be like secretly going. Thank you. How would you keep my paycheck coming?

Go in my allowance, but what happened? Is it that they’re they’re, letting you know they don’t want to do it until now, you’re the fool who doesn’t listen to that you’re, the one that says you know what you’re not doing that for weeks in a row and she must have just forgotten 7 times. Yesterday, crazy questions for you. What if the person not do the job? Is your spouse?

Yeah? I made you know I have it. I have other family members, including someone yes spouse. I have said you know what you know. Tennis and kids and life is keeping you very busy and I, in order to effectively manage and said business, I need numbers accounting, bookkeeping done on a timely fashion, and I understand that your  business coach  personal life is is keeping you very busy right now until I thinking are In the business is best interest, don’t you agree that we probably missed I’m now we could hire someone full-time in to do that.

I appreciate all that you’ve done so just stares into a new position order. Yes, so I just where I want to get in as well. So when I ask is because I see a lot of entrepreneurs to have a business woman listening to the show today sure he has a successful business, doing great she’s doing well and she’s going to get married, she’s so excited she got the Bliss to Euphoria.

The excitement about the new marriage thing they come to work right. Do you endorse as an attorney a prenup? I do, I think, if you’re, not if you’re coming in and you have established assets coming into the marriage and why white have a knock-down-drag-out later. I think of it this way, if we all know the rules, how we’re going to fight later on people.

That fight is not going to get as nasty if we’ve all set the rules in advance. So it’s better for everybody, I’m going to ask you what I’m going to ask you just a gut-wrenching point. Blank question I know you’ll be honest with I will be, and I know you’ll be honest with me: have you ever ever ever ever seen a couple come in to you or your your law firm and say we’re going to do a prenup and then that process

Of doing that broke them up and I didn’t get married, no, no Victory Christian Center yelling at you yeah, but you know what I have seen. I’Ve seen clients get married, haha tell us, I don’t need a prenup.

This is the one yeah come back in and asks for prenup for the second marriage can split a cart. So yes, I mean it. Obviously it’s a very personal decision and if is going to jeopardize the marriage, maybe it’s something you shouldn’t go down that road, but they both have to agree by the way. This is Anita, Lotto decision.

You both have to agree to this. So right, all right. If I meet you in your office, but the process, if they both agree, Hey, listen, you know, you’ve got stuff, you’re bringing these I’ve got stuff, and so you know what we’ll do is going to build new stuff, but the stuff we come in here with you And you got your stuff,

I got my stuff stuff is fair game right yeah. If it’s created during the marriage, then you can agree how you’re going to split that up. But you can’t say: that’s all mine right, okay, but my point is then then, but you’ve never seen a couple that come in today. Listen work.

We want to do a prenup, whether it’s a girl’s energy of the guys, energy that starting it where it has ended up being a a deal-breaker awkward, but never a resulted in a breakup shop  business coach  interest. The Box, the Box Stadium over 25 years, has been trying to take the game to the next level, but not this year and it’s 31st and Harvard location he just put in the new Lobby Oshkosh when I walk up in the spot.

This is what I see staring at me. He’S got to show it show it show it show it now. when you decided to invest in the renovation of your new lobby of the building, or were you just here totally sold on the concept of just renovating your lobby? Isn’T impressive Lobby? It is. I want to go on a pilgrimage to come to the Wailing Wall of Optometry Lobby’s. I just want to know, did you think of the rest of the building or was it just the lobby?

I feel very bad. I feel really. I mean I’m kind of torn right now bad tuna sandwich. No, no! No! No! I I! I feel bad for those if you been listening, the entire show you when you get this for those of  business coach  you who haven’t been you’re being like. What’S he talking about that’s, why we have a podcast free of charge, go download, it lives in the rest of show need to talk about, but I just want you to know something right now and I feel very bad about this. What is it I put doors in the closet, I put doors on the Plaza Restaurant to cabinets everything hat stores on the restrooms total transparency..

What’S going on, I want to know, if someone’s in there that I know not to go in there and the only way. I know so I can report. Where is the series of walls? Were you walk around certain walls? There’S no door no door. Well, I just did full transparency. I have doors on the closet. We have doors on the cabinet tree chance.

I want to ask you a question to ask you a question that that is probably over there, but then I go back to back for all back up in awhile. Are you one of those people who puts the hand  business coach  washer thing that limits the amount of water that you can omit?

Do you have other things? We have to wave your hand under like the airport, to get the water out of your new location there in Harvard or at work. Can you get as much water as you want to wash your hands?

You can get as much water as you want. I do not have the limiting the limiting, I think about you and you can sit there and you did not water on you sitting there and just whistle Dixie and wash your hands nice.

Thank you for doing that. Railroad. It comes out Emmanuel Emmanuel, electric windows. It could break with your mom and dad take on this. I want to go around the horn when I get there. It’S me back. One of the four C’s does Capital. There’S.

Council has connections and, of course, before you do that, there’s a hot questions that came in earlier and I was hoping you were going to tap it because I want to hear what you I wanted to hear what you had to say: yep yep, you know I’m Saying most question about your spouse? Doesn’T like your your spouse?

Doesn’T like your partner know, you talked about Vanessa liking me at your apartment, so we we’ve had some Pinon wood burning and we all make s’mores and during the break – and we hugged it out, you know we need.

While we did it, though, of course – but you know, how do you handle that, though you know, you’ve got a spouse and a partner that are just at each other’s throats all the time. I have some enough to listen to you like me. As a result of this, but I’m just being direct with you, I was a kid, so I didn’t really talk consistently.

Well, too, I was 12, so we can try to be in a room and most people are talking and I couldn’t talk and so everytime. I try to say my name, kids Maki, when you stutter your specific, and so I could get along by myself Island. I really don’t need I’m not. I mean that sincerely.

I don’t need other people, so I like other people, but I don’t need them. So, for me, I’ve always been really direct about telling the spouse that I had visited. Hey, listen, I didn’t partner with you. So until things change, I really don’t want to hear your feedback at all and how you feel about.

It doesn’t really matter to me, but that’s why I probably eat on the couch, paying it out and see what happened was. We know I got his partner with and I asked the staff to read Rich Dad Poor Dad  business coach  by Robert Kiyosaki grape and Think and Grow Rich great book, and then they read the book and then at the end I said the final book we need to read Is

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale, Carnegie you’re, getting my husband a lot of extra work, and I just want to know if you’re being paid for that heating pad. He is a partner in the in the in the company. I was DJ connection.

The time and I you guys got married after we partnered and I just want you to know, I didn’t hire you, and so I’ve is the relationship I have with this person. You say that to the spouses wife, until your partner’s wife. How can I see me at the meeting and brought this up, but it’s kind of like a lot of people.

It was weird – and I said – and I said I didn’t partner with us – we’ll talk later after the meeting that came up until the end. So then I want you to know, I don’t care at all about how you feel,  business coach  furthermore, it it’s it you talking to me and sharing with me how you feel makes me even more Resolute that we need to do more required reading.

So I don’t care. So stop talking to me and it got awkward. The partner came up to me and said dude. You can’t talk to my wife that way and I’ve been having a migraine and I can buy I’ll be happy to.

If I have talked to her again cuz, I’m not, I didn’t agree to that partnership. I didn’t agree to her. I didn’t date her if you don’t want to, but it wouldn’t things you just said those very powerful, and that is that old montage is that you had an agreement right and agreement specifically said that you have the right to buy him out for now.

They’re going Home and that’s really cool, I wish, but I didn’t and to say those kind of ventral words to say to a person. That’S going to be in your life and of note does not bode well for the future. You  business coach  know. Does that guy still around what happen with this particular person is. This particular person came to me after this and said: hey my wife’s, not a big fan of yours.

Moving short shocking you’re not going to hear from her, and I I signed up for the long-term here and it was and years later, when long story short. The part did the spouse came up to me and said I finally understand what you were doing with my husband. Didn’T make sense I apologize, but whether they like me or not, I don’t care.

I care about doing was required of the fact that this guy I needed to read these books and it wasn’t and read the book. So I made a required reading and so that’s kind of that that deal, and I want to  business coach  bring this up. There’S a four seas that come along with any partnership. I want to get Justin’s take on this okay, you have Capitol counsel connections and have core skills, so Justin you and I are Partners.

Let’S talk about core skills when you partner with somebody, comes out there listening and they want to partner with somebody what kind of course skills to maybe you and I have that – are different from each other yeah.

So, when you’re looking for a partnership, there’s a reason why you need a partner rights to fill a void, maybe that you yourself can’t field Phil or there’s an employee cat that you’re looking to hire that they can’t feel anyone.

Someone have Sweat, Equity or financial stake and so you’re looking for them to feel so you would want to Starship with someone it’s on your same level, skill level in the same area, because then you still have that void open.

So we’ll talk about that when we come back as far as how to look for their proper partner, we come back. I want to get your tank and I want to hear except take Encore skills, connection, Council and capital never want to turn. In my opinion, when is Carter with Winters and King in these guys, by the way Sherpas an advisor,

I believe, to the president of the United States, Donald Trump stay till I just got even more proud to introduce to you today is Main Event fight it out Of the blue Corner wearing a blue soccer jersey  business coach  featuring Aloe gone from an unnamed international corporation wearing somewhere between 102 pounds and 170 lb and three-quarter ounces from

Tulsa Oklahoma to Wichita, legendary birthplace of the sod farm tours. His professional record includes optometry clinic Fall by 13140000 minutes, he’s been part of growing eight multimillion-dollar glitches on air co-host over Ramey’s to ever, ask him for the money back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, except for those few times when he didn’t lose a couple. Bounce Undisputed champion of the world dr. Robert zoellner, oh yeah, welcome back to the truck time, show on your radio.

It is dr. Robert Z. Next to me, we have Justin Moore’s elf in the room and we have an incredible business coach Eric shop in the box of rocks me what’s harder touch, we talking to all that we got the job  business coach  of the older genius on one shot. The four seas that come along with any partnership we’re going fast here we go Capital. Let’S talk about this Justin. When you look for a partner, they have to bring the force easier, Capitol, counsel connections or core skills talk to me about Capital.

Why is capital something to consider when you partner? It is DEF fuel that keeps you going right. So it’s not the money, placing employees, it’s the investment, my the marketing right, so you got to send Capital.

We talked about this before and some other shows in and you get their own podcast, but you got to know where to find Capital, if you don’t have it personally, have a funny story for you and I can share  business coach  it’s not funny, but it’s funny now for Us and we would match every week.

So if you know somebody, why do you think if they don’t have capital, I mean why is ice, cancel the advice? Why is it important to think about partner somebody?

Why does council matter what and when I first start off with it, I don’t know anything about the other watching business until their Council, their advise their knowledge of said business. So what time is your cue? You meet somebody take while you’re awesome and in the back of my mind sometimes I do this.

I go hey you’re, so you’re so great. What do you know a lot about? What can you do? Okay, let’s go get a business that does that uses those score of things you know and sometimes that counseling what build the business around the thing. Really, you know exactly seen that I’ve done that in and that’s a move. It’S a moped. Another connection you’ve seen this.

Where somebody maybe a business, coaching, client, you’re working with maybe they’re they’re super connected, they just know everybody. We would have our clients today, unbelievable unicorn event. This  business coach  guy has seven multimillion-dollar fitness, centers and he’s doing great, and I have a client.

I work with a pastor who is very successful in Kentucky Owensboro Kentucky Pastor Brian, a pastor friend has a vision to offer a fitness center to his congregation, a man and the clan I work with. He actually wants to team up with churches to offer Fitness, and I I just had the just went to Woodland Hills Mall.

I just had dinner with colaw Fitness, and I just talked to Pastor Brian and the ability to connect it to his powerful. Did you eat dinner at the mall? I like doing that?

Sometimes it looks like the most I’ve ever seen him since you don’t want to team up with people that are chronically connected to bad folks, because that’s going to become your network right and we  business coach  talked about it on the show.

Your network is your net worth Sophia. If you can connect with people that have other connections that are going to increase your the value of your business or what you can offer to your clients and that’s a good good connection for you to make – and one thing I think the Rockefeller quote, he says

A business built on friendship is not as good as a friendship built on business is that a business founded on 3rd and friendship, friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on  business coach  friendship. What he saying is overtime. You can see people’s character in the way they handle in the partnership.

When you build a friendship with somebody you partner with in business, it is amazing now from a legal perspective, when you start a business, what happens is you need to establish? Who  business coach  has majority control and you need to get everything in writing so, West Carter? U r z, he’s Tulsa Stop attorney! In my opinion, we can’t, we can’t say he’s Tulsa stopped returning to Quincy.

I want to get your take on my get Wes to take out start with: u z y, do you want to get your agreement in writing because, like I said earlier in the show it, if you missed it, you can go to thrive time, and download. Today’S pod gas, in fact we have every show on there’s a podcast download them share with the friend you can even put them on a CD and give them as a Christmas gift around it. Would that be to see?

If I be awesome, it would be to CD Santa sweater that doesn’t fit in this right, but you were. The point is, is that you talked about why you want to have down in writing, because I tell you what I  business coach  don’t. I could count if I can’t count that high, don’t think how many times I have told a patient something in the exam room very explicit boom boom boom.

I know when I get out there checking out that go with what were you told to do and they’re like it’s completely different. You’Ve got to get it in writing that completely different. It’S different enough that you go that’s a problem. Is how you’re going to break it up if you have to enforce it later

I mean it. If it’s not, writing it doesn’t exist in people’s memory change, doctors. He said people misunderstand people flat out lie, so it was done writing it doesn’t exist as the stuff that West to the  business coach  people don’t want to talk about Wes, it’s easy. When you start a business, you really want to get in riding higher going to break it up.

If you have to sell one Partners overwhelmed, they’re done, one partner wants to sell out to his example. Warby Parker is a very successful online. No, no don’t use them as I’m done, I’m going to start throw punches right through you leaves were there had to be an agreement in writing how it’s going to happen right so talk to me about what.

Why is it so important to the horror story here? So I have a client. They did not want to do an exit strategy in the agreement. So, two years later, what happens is partner be goes out and starts a  business coach  competing company now.

A provision to buy him out what I have his partner is running growing the business partner be on top that business, while he’s out there competing with you and you have To go through two years of litigation to get it sorted out.

Dad is the most crazy situation, that’s like be in an elevator when somebody smells bad and it’s not you that’s right. You need a way out it weather in there’s a million ways to do it. Where everybody can be fair, but I can exit strategy a prenup for your business Z. Are we getting phone calls in On The Hotline here? My friend with no,

I know I got. I got a new, I watch Anna and I have it I and I didn’t. I didn’t turn off the notifications. I watch the CDs and is connected to CDs and how to use it I’d rather work in fundamentally agree with that. I  business coach  want your. What is your thoughts on the I watch? What I figure is that Steve Jobs is a really. What would you call it when I’m with you he’s?

He wasn’t, he was kind of weird. I would almost want to shoot myself. If I had my watch, I think really ask for updates. I could not handle it, oh no, the other, but I watch updated. They take so long to download everybody by kids listening. So I got to go. You know there. I tried there. I turned it off. My kids are going to sound like the best

Father’s Day gift a man could ever received it. Thank you. Thank you, children to personalize, to make give all your all the fathers out there and see we’re getting close to the holidays here Thanksgiving and  business coach  what better way to say. I love you too, with the gift of Thrive time,, there’s more ways that you can show your loved ones.

How much you love of one one you can do given the podcast, I just free gift, but it’s free. It’S a ring sent him a text for Thanksgiving or the Christmas. You say: hey man, I love you so much time should I come get the podcast for free to one-on-one business coach and you can say about your weight. Should three you go run your birth month?

Is a dollar it’s just a dollar and the four that you can have it in person, which is not something you can regift Z. It’S incredible and give me the author holiday gift adjusted, can’t stop laughing I’m trying to get  business coach  together say if you’re looking for Chris Partnerships, your Partners, lawsuit, he’s certified Christmas shopping at 5:15. We can do that. See he’s next to me. That’S y Scarlets Justin Moore at the Eric Chuck business coach and is always 3 2 1 BOOM!


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