The Idiosyncrasies of Super Successful People – Hour Two

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What makes successful people tick? What do they do that sets them apart from the “normal” person? During this episode of The Thrive Time Business Podcast, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down the idiosyncrasies of Super Successful People including the unusual habits of Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Winston Churchill, President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre, Warren Buffett, John D. Rockefeller, Michelangelo, Elon Musk and Thrive Time Show host Clay Clark. Listen to see if Clay can get Doctor Zoellner to share any of his idiosyncrasies.

Warren Buffett Avoids the Opinions of Most People and Cannot Stand “Group Think” and the “Herd Mentality” [ 21:30 ]

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It’s very easy to think clearly here. You’re undisturbed by irrelevant factors and the noise generally of business investments,” – Warren Buffett on why he lives in Omaha, Nebraska and not New York City when he is the King of Wall Street –

Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs Strongly Disliked Formal Education [ 35:30 ]

NOTABLE QUOTABLE –  “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein (One of the most renowned scientists on the planet)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein  (One of the most renowned scientists on the planet)

FUN FACT: Steve Jobs – The 1995 Lost Interview explains the awfulness of tyranny and how anybody who is motivated by it could not work at Apple –

Elon Musk Hates Acronyms [ 37:20 ]

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Individually, a few acronyms here and there may not seem so bad, but if a thousand people are making these up, over time the result will be a huge glossary that we have to issue to new employees,” Musk wrote. “No one can actually remember all these acronyms, and people don’t want to seem dumb in a meeting, so they just sit there in ignorance. This is particularly tough on new employees. That needs to stop immediately, or I will take drastic action – I have given enough warnings over the years,” the SpaceX CEO went on. “Unless an acronym is approved by me, it should not enter the SpaceX glossary. If there is an existing acronym that cannot be reasonably justified, it should be eliminated, as I have requested in the past.”

Oprah avoids the physical presence of negative people [ 37:30 ]

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey (Billionaire media mogul, TV personality, actor and producer. She was sexually abused throughout her childhood by her cousin, uncle and a family friend. She ran away at age 13 and has a miscarriage at age 14.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Secret of happiness is minimizing the amount of time you spent with people you don’t choose to be with” — Phil Libin (Founder of Evernote)



Michelangelo had the ability to singularly and obsessively focus on one thing until completion

FUN FACT: Avoided people, and nearly all interaction until something was done. He sculpted the Pieta and the David. He painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He received commissions from many of the wealthiest and most powerful humans on the planet, he hated interacting with other people and was known to walk away from other people during the middle of a conversation.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – It’s thought that Michelangelo had Asperger’s syndrome – ”When you meet someone who has Asperger’s syndrome, you might notice two things right off. He’s just as smart as other folks, but he has more trouble with social skills. He also tends to have an obsessive focus on one topic or perform the same behaviors again and again.” –

Napping Everyday –


  1. John D. Rockefeller – He took a nap every single day at his office.
  2. John F. Kennedy – He made it a habit to eat his lunch in bed before taking a nap…every day.
  3. Leonardo da Vinci – Famous for taking multiple naps per day and sleeping less at night
  4. Winston Churchill – Took an afternoon nap no matter what was going on.



John D. Rockefeller Logged Every Income and Expense Into a Ledger

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Now let me leave this little word of counsel for you. Keep a little ledger, as I did. Write down in it what you receive, and do not be ashamed to write down what you pay away. See that you pay it away in such a manner that your father or mother may look over your book and see just what you did with your money. It will help you to save money, and that you ought to do.” – John D. Rockefeller



Most Successful People Think Backward

They think backward or opposite of everybody else. The successful people that I have been around being their thinking at the finish line. They ask themselves what outcome or final goal they are trying to get to and then they reverse engineer they specific and detailed steps they need to take to get there.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.” – Elon Musk (The man and mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, etc.)



Idiosyncrasies of Clay Clark
  1. I wear the same thing everyday
  2. I can’t be around negative people
  3. I strongly dislike traveling and leaving the building
  4. I prefer the same food, clothes and schedule everyday





Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river I’m down by the river down the river? Alright Drive nation? That question remains today: do you want to be successful, or do you want to live in?

A van down  business coach   by the river goes super business coach   successful. Yes, you could live in a van down by the river, not really a middle ground. There are some fine Vans out there. I remember that we had the move. Was it shag carpet which witch went all the way around the van?

I guess that way if it rolls you’re still laying on shag carpet. I don’t know, I think, that’s for me the ability what you could do is you had your own radio in the back, we have to just run. Frequency in the kids can have headphones on. Listening to their own Ike, FM my mom and dad, I was thinking like Sean Hannity deal with politics and you have things to chew. Ations, like the it is late night.

There’S that show Coast to Coast where guys business coach   convinced an alien’s inhabited his body and Mom and Dad are like I’m so tired. I don’t fall asleep while driving. I listen to a show about a man who sincerely believes in Alien is inhabited his body called Costa.

Listen to that show host that they used to put a VHS into the conversion van. No, no I’ve never had one, but I never heard it called a loser for not having a van. But my point, my point is though there are some fine van. So now I’m just saying you, the intro business coach   made it sound as if that wasn’t a good choice,

I’m an ultra successive successful or a van down by the river in Ann Arbor for the Arkansas River, I must say with with full full disclosure. It’S sometimes it’s because we’re located Thrive, time show world headquarters here in the Left Coast of the Arkansas River, Google, it it’s 1100 Riverwalk, Terrace, 1100 Riverwalk, Terrace in and sometimes there’s water dispensers, not but it’s right by the river, just as beautiful as come business coach   out for Your you’ll see that Made business coach

Me Love You business coach   by real, quick before I move on from the Vans. I don’t know if you guys need to pick clay actually had Prestige, the amazing van and it’s got hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. The van has been around for a while now, but it it was an old beater van to come through there, I’m going to buy it, and I’m business coach   going to have it shipped out here and have it just parked outside our headquarters kind of down by the river And then, when people come to business coach   the in-person workshops, listen, you can go to the two-day workshop.

You can conquer the Third teen points. We talked about on how to start and grow a successful business or or if you would choose, you could go and live and said van Eagle Point to it. That’S down by the river love. This idea, I’ll put I’ll, put a business coach   link on The Today, Show notes to the Brown Band song, which I recorded it up there for you can see in 2009 and knocked it out and I’ll put that business coach   up there in Lindsay you’re, making an informal commitment. You’Re saying listen: if a band comes through, that’s it’s the right deal made. It might be a ban worth.

Maybe why so much, I don’t think you’re listening. I ain’t mad at you, but I’m still frustrated. So he goes out and BJ’s the show and he doesn’t show any comes back to the show and he’s like man. I tell you what man it’s brown van is a 1984 Brown van zero quick. I pulled up here in the so you can see this real, quick, okay. So here’s the address to Brown business coach

Band right here, I’ll pull down the volume. So you can see if this Brown band was a nice as nice very nice, a nice time it was, and it was it’s unbelievably inexpensive and I drove this thing for every to work. The hall DJ equipment. Marquis’S. Can I business coach   borrow the van my car won’t work and I said absolutely,

I said here’s the deal about the van no just return it and it’s in good shape he’s absolutely return it. He returns it and he gets out of the van Gogh’s real quick.. Just let you know I broke business coach   the door off, that’s what I’m saying are you serious, I’m serious, and so the van door is broken to a level where it’s like just hanging and I’m like I don’t know so anyways, so the sliding door no longer was a Door so I had it open, like the 1818, was always ready to business coach   hop out and spray machine guns at a table.

And I use that as the door and I don’t care for 3 years 2 years with its at the table for dinner, able to move. And I already was financially free and I thought who cares? I drove the brown van headed to Open Door. Braxton fears in our building Its multimillion-dollar Real Estate Company in the brown bag of an auger in it we’d hang up real estate signs. It was a perfect man, what we’re driving it like 91st and Yale, and it’s raining it’s raining and the brown van had had. I had to change the oil, but I just never drove it and I business coach   apparently didn’t the other guys would install signs of driving all the time.

It’S raining and I hit the brakes and there’s nothing there bro nothing like raining, but there’s no brakes. Why I’m not kidding we’re going 91st and Yale? You can picture that Whole Foods right there and I’m driving and I hit the brakes and I realize I can’t stop and I’m going to like hit a car hit him from the side.

So I turn and it does a complete 360 can’t even like her or flipping, we business coach   went one complete 360 and now we’re going straight ahead, headed southbound, 91st and Yale and oncoming traffic by that business coach   iquor store Lima, so I jumped over the median and then it fishtails And then we finally straightened business coach   out it was so crazy. None of us could speak about it till today, we’re driving home to our house at 101st and Memorial and Braxton just can’t he got back. He served two tours of Duty in the military and he had severe post-traumatic syndrome he’s in there going.

I thought I was going to go two tours of Duty in a Humvee and he’s like this is the most scared. I’Ve ever met and we’re being shot with small arms fire here in, like Bing Bing Bing hitting business coach   he side of a Humvee, and I was scared then as in this, but it never snowed or – and so I realized it’s time to move on. So I parked on 16th and Boston, I donate it to a Cancer Society and they have to run the paperwork to have to quit the title to your auto auction. But I got a clean up clean title and be signed over, and so therefore you got to make business coach   sure there’s no linga, I’m sure.

There’S the title, and one day I go to the car to me to grab the title out of the out of the glove box of a great place to keep the title for your car by the way and there’s a man he’s living in business coach   the band. Boston. Squatter’S rights, sorry, sir, I couldn’t I go in there to get it and I almost died and I’m not kidding.

I said, I’m sorry I apologize to him cuz. I realized I haven’t been in this van for, like 30 days he’s living there he’s going to fool the kind of smelled like it was like. The state of Colorado’s after after exhaust smoke second hand smoke from Colorado secrecy by the way Brown van without a door that she’s a table for the door.

This business coach   is what he did. He refused to meet new people while running for president, so in Fast Company grade article I’m putting on the show notes. This is what the article says during his first presidential campaign Barack and Michelle made a vow. No New Friends. We can’t Pier into the decision-making process and anti-social statements sound like the kind of time protecting strategy that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates also emphasized. You need to keep your empty if business coach   you’re going to do anything significant like become president Z, talk to me that sounds crazy, but they said we’re not going to be anybody.

New hurting, other people need to know. Now. We need to have deep relationships with the people. We know we got to win this thing. We can’t be running around having random dinners with people. We don’t know Z talk to me while he had his eye on the prize in the prize was winning the presidency of the United States of America and they and they they need to have their calendar clear, not do a lot of social Staffing people in the Glad hand them and pointing to squirm their way into their life as a friend, you know because they said business coach   hey with this guy’s got a shot. So, let’s be friends, can you share the story with the drivers?

How you looked at me at the front desk at 16th and Boston and I said see I really would like to pick your brain and you said: hey pay tiger used to hate you hate tiger, I own 1 % of the business, the right now, I’m going To give you, like, you know, maybe 1 % of my mind, and I remember you saying that at first I was like you were offended and you seemed offended. You seemed upset if start a little emotional this.

What I’m trying to do, as I get older, have kind of a wait-and-see to my emotions like I tried to react, but you said it to me to my face: cuz you’re, powerful person. You business coach   speak directly, you’re, very direct. You said it to me and you didn’t raise your voice because it was only on 1 % of the business. So if I do get one – maybe maybe 1 % of my mind but and I’m ever going – oh no, he didn’t tease and I wanted that’s why I wanted to team up with you cuz. I wanted your mind.

Can you explain that cuz you didn’t have it? It it it it, it was, it seemed and immediately – and I couldn’t my motions – couldn’t lie. I was immediately unsettled, but then I understood the truth of what you were saying. I respected it, but it was kind of emotional and I business coach   never heard someone speak to me. Like that, what happened was 3 years ago, you Shark Tank me what you had done over the years. I don’t know, if you remember or not I do you would you would have an idea getting out if you have a brain child idea, and you would say hazy I want to.

I want to run this by you. That’S what everybody says to me. I want to run this by you cuz. You know you want to hear some of these ideas, because some of business coach   it turned out to be very big winners in Salem love. The show I love the show Shark Tank because that’s exactly what my life isn’t out at that time ago.

That’S my life, people coming and Sharpton you all the time. Cuz people are like how to business coach   get the kids had to get it back, but I got Shark Tank that you came to me and you said: Hey, listen. I have an idea and in here’s, what it is that’s okay, late on me and you said I want to scale business coaching because that’s what I’ve been doing successfully and I would say at the top of your game for those listening out there in this – is This is not I’m not making this happen. This is not hyperbole.

This is. I am saying that clay Clark is the world’s best business coach   business coach. There’S no doubt about it, so you did a fabulous job, you’re, making tons of money. You were changing line, but you only do it one time at a time. You know you can only see one patient or one client and our citizens. Would you describe deal? What kind of a business go without the BS at we’re, going to find great mentors were going to film, I’m going to put it on, and people can kind of Netflix business coach kind of come together, and I said business coach   man that’s a great idea. It was well I’d like for you to if your lead, I like you to be an investor. I said, that’s a great idea. I think I want interesting this to sound good.

I said I like you to be a mentor to go okay. I think this is worth my time to put into, and I actually said one person actually bought into percent 2 %, but 10 %, and you came to me and you’re having some difficulty, because you had Outsource coding, truhit outsourced to like Indian in the Indian outsourced To like New Zealand in the last days, without business coach   frosted tips on Star Wars, having some serious problems you came to me yet on. I need some. I need some help. I need some. I need some business coaching. I need some mentorship in this area. Exactly that’s how you do it sets a change and you’re making some some bad choices there, but you know what I only own: 2 % of company, so you’re only going to get 2 % of my brain.

That’S just the way it works taken aback by really and then come back. I want you business coach   to explain kind of how you decide where to spend your time and where not to spend your time having a lot of people feel like hey. I got an idea, therefore it deserves your time. I can send you an e-mail, therefore you’re going to respond. I can send you a text you’re going to respond. It doesn’t work that way. Business coach radio show entrepreneurs, radio, 1170, I’ve been high and I’ve been real low, so many clouds are formed by my energy Sun.

Always business coach   Rises forgot to make it to the next day. It’S in your lungs and you were running out of time, show on your radio. If you haven’t checked out the song called inner ninja recommend you check out the circle in a ninja and it’s basically a rapper explaining his quest to be successful, as so many of the rappers dude.

What he talks about is that he basically had to battle the the the demons in his own mind. First, you had to battle the feelings of depression business coach   to feelings like it wasn’t going to do it battling in the habit of being lazy, the habit of doing less than paid for the habit of being negative hit a battle that inner ninja before it go out there And do battle with the rest of the world we’re going to find it if you studied top entrepreneurs were talking about idiosyncrasies of super successful people you’re going to find that super successful people seclude themselves because they understand their network business coach   is their net worth WorkSource right that Tomorrow is your net worth it’s?

What you do is you begin to cook Coon yourself when you’re only around positive people, because most people are negative by default in so now you become a positive person. If you are a positive person, you will produce profits when you put His prophets people business coach   that want to pick your brain, but negative people also want to pick your brain and if you’re, not careful, you spend all your time with negative people. You become negative. So how do you draw the line?

How do you and dr. Z’s were the best time at managers? I’Ve ever seen so dr. Z? How do you decide who to meet with and who not to meet with? Because you are a man of the people, you love helping people, you love investing in new business coach   ideas.

You love new entrepreneurs, you love helping them. How do you decide where to spend your time? We’Re not to spend your time? Because, ultimately, you can make more money, but not more time, but that’s true right. You only have so much time in the day and in which I think one of the best things about her in person workshops.

Clay is a segment. We talked about time management. You know I hear more often than not when I’m business coach   talking to a young entrepreneur – and I say young, that their businesses, young yep and I’m talking about things and they just put their hand in their hand, to go out of the construction shoulders and say you don’t Have time I don’t have time for that say that what if I replaced you know my screaming selfie taking the inner dialogue using our new technology called brain scans. So when your transcript. That’s 10 hours a day, but I just dropped business coach   narcos on Netflix a guy system.

The Game of Thrones, but I want to watch him again cuz. I missed a couple of key components of Secretariat because I don’t think I was lamenting for 4 and 1/2 hours about things that already happened last week. Until this we didn’t really happen. Cuz I was emotionally last week that way they can. I tell you what, for those out there, that are wondering really how you do it? You come to an in-person workshop and you learn business coach   how to do time, management and part of time management. Part of the you know, making sure you are proactive in your day is saying no and I think that’s on the hardest thing for people to say, particularly when they’re kind of getting started in the rolling up and getting going, because that everybody perceives know it’s like

This negative mean term here’s the thing: he’s Bill elephant the room from an idea to now 4000 members strong as an example. How business coach   many people does the driller Stadium holds about ten thousand twelve thousand fans that the Tulsa Drillers downtown Stadium show up for a game of the current customers at least half right now, and so how does a guy like? What would advise? Would you give a guy like just in front of our listeners, were listening to it going man?

I got thousands of customers. Everyone wants to pick my brain. Every former employee who wants to make things right. Every business coach customer was upset every social media. What would advice? Would you give for just another one at a time for to ask you any questions at all about timing because you have 100 employees or less in this is their life, so I want to. I want to see what advice would you have for or people in that in that, in that same game, with the advice I would have is be able to say no and that’s the thing that happens is that you know it’s funny, because we teach our

Thrivers business coach had to go and get their top 100 and then pounding those people in creative ways to get them to respond to you, so that you can an opportunity. But we called the Golden look good golden opportunity to sell them, whatever it is, you’re trying to sell them. Cuz it’s face it. People are trying to contact me they’re not doing this, because they want to ask me what my favorite color is a question, though cuz. I just realized it’s listening. This happens a lot to you need t business coach   he number of a celebrity hey. I got these ideas. I want lunch I’ll pay for it, In-N-Out that I might say that it didn’t treat me if they’re done it correctly. If they’ve, you know, if, if if they catch me in the right frame of mind, I might say within 10 seconds what your idea you know and if they don’t.

You know when I’m in a meeting when I’m in a meeting when I said I’m with someone, I believe we may have a 37 seconds of you. No pleasantries. You know how’s the business coach   weather how’s, your how’s, your head down to has your van down by the river by Hazard, cut checks on that thing, oh yeah. I know if you have to remember what do you want what’s going on and to be direct and to be bored, because I don’t sit around for an hour. Hobnobbing then go. You know we’re really here, because you don’t need to fill in the blank right. So I think part of it is being purposefully and being asked him to Frank questions. Even business coach   through names of Frank.

You know I mean it could be Billy or Sarah or June. My name is June, but the point is is that your time is valuable. You only have is Clay, said, 24 hours in a day, the planet work, leg came from or not sure how many hours are in a day every day during the week, because clay works on a different time Consortium. What’S up with the word, I’m looking for it’s it’s it’s a problem, but the thing is my wife is almost convinced me to go on a business coach   Christmas Cruise, we’re almost there baby steps.

I may want to go on that just add photo document, the the Braves steps in the corner by the ice cream is just World Cup. Second, your thumb, just you know, trying to find a WiFi hotspot after reading all this shit about these are selling the bookstore of successful successful people.

Next business coach   idiosyncrasy is Warren. Buffett, avoids the opinions of most people and cannot stand groupthink or herd mentality. Warren Buffett goes on to say it’s very easy to think clearly here as an Omaha Omaha Nebraska, where he lives here undisturbed by relevant factors of Wall Street and noise generally of business Investments.

Z. When you go out to dinner, you do a rule of six try to get out the rule of six and then your idea of just basically business coach   just not listening to random opinions of random people question their rule of 6 is how many more than 6. In a meeting I E M dinner, then you can’t break out conversations. I know what your people at this on the table. I have a conversation people this conversation, so if you really want to visit with the people that you’re inviting you don’t want, invite like 20 people to dinner – and I think you’re already have the same conversation and then the second part is how do you decide whose business coach   Opinions to listen to it is a pain is not to listen to be. There are some customers that are right. Some customers are wrong. Some employees, who are rights of employees were wrong.

How do you decide? How do you filter like Warren Buffett? Does how do you decide whose opinion to listen to It’s, the DriveTime business coach radio show stay tuned subscribe to the podcast. Welcome to the Thrive time show a show for the enemies of average. Jesus is business coach   right there. Anybody else has been attacked by a goose that you own.

So if you own a goose and you can empathize if you’re listening right now, because it is a big – is a largemouth bass, a large percentage of women who owns geese that are that are attacking them. In and then their bites are breaking the skin, I’m just thinking out loud right now I once got attacked by a duck and another duck another duck and a goose, so yeah Duck Goose.

Goose know. I have business coach   the trauma that can happen when you were being attacked by a black-billed goose. Well, I can say: there’s a lot of things in life experience but being attacked by a black-billed. Goose is unfortunately not on the left. He Ducks his head down low. First, you raised him as a small little Google Gosling. I think it is. And then it becomes very nice he’s snuggling you and now I’m sending us like that.

He has his one-time Wars that had to start charging at you and then he just bites the inner thigh of business coach   my wife and breaks the skin, and so it’s it’s Z is if you listen right now, your name is Vanessa Clark and you’re. My wife and you can buy a geese, are Google’s Founders.

Then then I I just want to make sure that to you, if you list of the show you’re, not my wife but you’ve been bitten by a goose, I also want to apologize to. The goose has goes to I’m glad you mention that because I like to play the game duck duck goose and it would probably be leaving in a business coach   bit to my to size. Your wife, if I said hey, you don’t play duck-duck-goose, should probably start crying scared.

It’S scared as a super successful people, do you decide who to his opinions, to listen to and whose opinions not to listen to me, people in your life who have horrible ideas and they made well, but I got theirs. It deserves a Blog and I’ll. Send you a business coach   link I’ll text, you a link to like the 17 steps to becoming the world’s best auto auction formula. Really, what’s the formula sit back in my big armchair and I beautiful, I love Pinon wood. I love the pinion what I did, but I didn’t ask for your opinion. Why are you carrying a horse?

Therefore, I’m not going to listen to it while you’re carrying the head of a horse rescue you, I asked I asked because I wanted to know your opinion. So I’m going to listen to you. Can I ask you a question: business coach   why are you why you’re buying lots of concrete copious amounts of concrete know why they have so many wet wipes, and why is there a man outside with a chainsaw removing the heads of horses? It’S complicated, you got ta understand it’s kind of complicated clay, but here’s the thing is simple: it’s pretty simple!

It’S amazing how many people reach out to me on a daily basis with an opinion about something and when I find Abe a guy or gal ad, that I highly value and I ask business coach   them their opinion, then I listen with both my ears example website. Right now, yeah, let’s go to Z66 and they could say this.

Is this what they could send this to you? But maybe if they have you tell me, I was reading a Blog and I just want you to know the color red on this been research that shows of people view the color red to be very aggressive tone, Progressive logo. And so, if you change your logo to Blue Heeler border women and then on your commercials, your business coach   kind of goofy you’re joking around a lot of people, don’t take you seriously because you know Optometry is a serious thing.

So beautiful, that’s funny and you’ll put the car in the new year with a PO, many more people, you know what I don’t even get. I don’t even read it the whole way down some, absolutely all the time you know in I just know, don’t even bother. Reading them, so I can’t even listen to it cuz. I might even read it. I don’t waste my time here to be business coach   one page email. What are you doing delete?

I? Don’T I don’t I don’t I don’t even look at it. It’S a time-waster to get your mostly involved. All of a sudden. It’S kind of these people that have arguments over again. Social media platforms are saying they’re going back and back and back, and I want to send stroll. Now, I’m back at the back of her back and you know what it gets. Nothing accomplished it waste your time and get you all hot and bothered for no particular business coach   reason.

Is everyone doing right now, I’m kneeling as I’m typing it. If you didn’t ask you know, and it’s something that I learned as a child and it’s absolutely true and that that is when people don’t ask your opinion, don’t give it come on now preach it when people don’t for your advice, don’t give it because I’m here And ask for advice is unheated advice, you know you might say you know what I got a great idea for you and Blank Stare on her face business coach   that eyes clouded over and I’m looking for another drums ticket Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t have to worry about the movers to move across the street from across the street as mover he’s, he says, hey, but I swear. I was just the way. Just forget it, just whatever you were going to say something or going to say cuz.

You told us to park the van up here, but we had business coach   to move your your your your your stuff, your equipment down here. If I would have known that we were down here, I would have parked here, but I have to move it like an extra it’s just, I won’t say the actual words I said. So that’s why I said so.

Basically you’re up, and so you you’re upset that I hit you have to carry the equipment extra 50 ft. So if I, if I move it, will you stop? You know if I move it and I will stop it isn’t. He looks at me with that. Look of like are you. What are business coach   you saying? I said his mother’s are complaining, so I pick up the equipment out of the moving truck and I move the equipment by myself down. I need the Mover said bro, you got my mad respect. You got my mad respect, man, I thought you were all softy.

You know I thought you were all soft moved it over my shoulder, moved it and then he’s like bro. You got mad respect. I might listen man what you got going on for today, by the way I told Vanessa Mike I’m so tired of these business coach   movers in the sky little bit.

That’S why he’s like a boss or the manager? That’S why he’s the entry level mover is cuz. He literally told a customer that I’m paying him. He told me that I told him to park in the wrong place and therefore he’s complaining. So I had to like move my own shelf and once I moved he fist-bumps meaning of my respect. Bro – and I respect I just business coach   want you to get the damn thing done – that I paid you to do, but the good thing about you as you’ve got a secret weapon.

What’S that next time, I do that only have to do is go up with that big head head-butted 87 pounds in that kind of business coach   sores sick enough for speaker, size, 6.


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