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We’ve all got our own quirks, but what are some of the idiosyncrasies of successful people? Learn more on this episode of The Thrive Time Business Podcast, as Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down the unusual habits of Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Winston Churchill, President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre, Warren Buffett, John D. Rockefeller, Michelangelo, Elon Musk and Thrive Time Show host Clay Clark. Listen to see if Clay can get Doctor Zoellner to share any of his idiosyncrasies.

DEFINITION – A mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual.

Steve Jobs refused to get a license plate [ 4:25 ] 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Now comes a story, in the aftermath of Jobs’ death, about one of his differences: the legend of how he tooled around Silicon Valley in a Mercedes with no license plates. The stories are legion — that he parked in a handicapped-only spot at Apple headquarters; that he was just daring California police to nail him.


It turns out there’s a provision in California regulations that give one six months to get license plates for a new car, and Jobs took advantage of it. Yes, he leased a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG, said Callas — and every six months he traded it in for a new one.” –


FUN FACT: The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 29 U.S.C. (abbreviated as FLSA) is a United States labor law that creates the right to a minimum wage, and “time-and-a-half” overtime pay when people work over forty hours a week. It also prohibited most employment of minors in “oppressive child labor”.It applies to employees engaged in interstate commerce or employed by an enterprise engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce, unless the employer can claim an exemption from coverage.


FUN FACT: Americans devote more than 10 hours a day to screen time – CNN




President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Dr. Dre, etc. – They prefer to wear the same thing everyday [ 16:36 ] 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routinize yourself. You can’t be going through the day distracted by trivia.” – President Barack Obama




President Obama – Refused to meet new people while running for President [ 9:12 ] 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “During their first presidential campaign, Barack and Michelle made a quizzical vow: “no new friends.” While we can’t peer into their decision-making process, that antisocial statement sounds like the kind of time-protecting strategy that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates always emphasize: you need to keep your calendar empty if you’re going to get anything significant done, like become president.” –


FUN FACT: The Brown Van Song:




Casting for this evening play Business School with up to all yes boom boom boom and boom. Let’S go back to the DriveTime show on your radio coming in hot, and today we are talking about the idiosyncrasies of super successful people and I think it’s super successful people. When I sit down – and I I form a committee – I make a team – it’s a SWAT team Z of people, it’s a board of people.

We sit down with copious amounts of time. Thinking of successful people that the one guy that I think   business coach  of the most is you and it’s almost your birthday, my friend and it almost his, but you know what I got to call you out on something I have known you now for quite a while.

I think I’ve ever seen you sit down so when you say I sit down with people that  business coach  more metaphorically again, because because I’ve, never I don’t even know, do you know how to set. Can I explain to you why I don’t sit down. Please do because most of my income is produced when people don’t see me on the show today, elephant in the room, yet you’re busy, but you’re still doing the haircut deal.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, we’ve had some guys last week, but the haircut for your first visit is Emily. What, if you know what I find very ironic? I’Ve said this before. So, if you listen to show her all the time, isn’t it ironic is that the dude? That’S the the main Drive behind a Men’s Grooming, Lounge yeah I eat, get your haircut.

I’Ve never seen a baseball c  business coach  ap on and you schedule your first haircut for a dollar and you walk your way into one of the shops. If you ever run into the founder o notice him your look, look for a guy who works there, who’s not in  business coach  uniform and is wearing a hat extending out from it that are different colors.

I mean to mostly blonde in the blonde and brown categories in it’s got this beer. That’S, like you know it’s like a man, because I missed a complete idiot. It’S magical to man,  business coach  beard, I’m like a woman. Dear mr. bin, mystery shop in December else got a horrible haircut right because I’m always here here is here’s the deal.

What happens is so for elephant in the room to come up top and Google Google Tulsa men’s haircuts for Jinx men’s haircuts. There’S no like a lot to it, but it literally we get paid to think and then to build those systems. And so when you build those systems it takes and you, but just you come over occasion when I’m in there  business coach  cave on the weekend was beautiful.

I’Ll be in there for, like 16 hours in a row not kidding either from 3 a.m. until the next I’m going in at 3 a.m. and I’ll be out at 9 p.m. and I’ll make all the at the search engine plans for the month and see for All of our Thrive, coaching client – I actually make the business plan what we are spending thousands of dollars make a business plan  business coach  going to college at the NBA to make a business plan. We give them to prove and pass and its path takes me hours, and so I’m going if I have to sit all day, making these plans and make any search engine. That’S when you see it, I just can’t  business coach  stand it.

I  business coach  can’t stand it sitting. Is the new gluten? It is it’s bad, I mean I mean gluten and sitting are pretty much just sitting on a carpal tunnel will kill you I mean, don’t you think you’re not going to die from gluten sitting and the sun? Those are those are three. You know it’s probably added what 87 minutes to your life.

Secrecy is of super successful people, and you can, if you want to drink today, show you have permission to share with us an idiosyncrasy you can put yourself  business coach  out there be a little vulnerable, something that’s What Makes You unique and kind of odd and kind of like Most people don’t do that, but they were going to what we’re going to teach you. The idiosyncrasies of Oprah Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Obama, Zuckerberg, Elon, Musk, Michelangelo, it’s going to be awesome to hear we go Steve.

Jobs refused to get a  business coach  license plate his entire career, and you know, Isaac Wiki to beat the government of some tax dollars that going to the tag agency took his time, which isn’t he take 2 hours. Usually it’s a big line: you’re waiting, LA or waiting in Silicon Valley takes hours and he didn’t like the experience she’s, not that old school computers things take forever, not great customer service.

I don’t want to go, and so, if you get a chance, we put a link up today, show notes, but  business coach  there’s an ABC news story about this, but what he did is he basically least a Mercedes every 6 months on the 5th month. He would get a new one, so we have the provisionary tag you get. So you get a six months to get yourself a new license, yeah he was  business coach  known, for they can’t prove it, but they said known for occasionally taking the marker out and changing the purchase date. Why wouldn’t?

But he never got a license plate his entire time that he worked at Apple and he always parked in a handicap only spot, because he thought there was too many pro rata handicap spots allocated for the number of employees. He didn’t agree with the state of California.

So  business coach  you could always Park in the handicap, so it’s right there idiosyncrasies and it’s funny. You know it’s people always think that the entrepreneurs that succeed or the ones that follow all the rules oh come on now and that’s, I think, part of the idiosyncrasies of some of these very  business coach  successful people is.

Is they director Overhills? They do they make. You say that out loud well, I wanted to ask you a question: rhetorical e n z i want to. I want you to come to share the answer became known as the drivers. The question: why  business coach  does everybody work nine-to-five? Why do you?

Why does everybody feel the need to do the coaching client in foot out, and I said, he’s back in his 60s late late, late 50s at the time, and I said hey what time do you wake up when he says to you: wake up at 2 a.m. What time are you done? Work at 9, I’m actually work from 2 tonight, yeah cuz. I find a more productive when I’m not interrupted so I’ll, just work from 2 a.m. and international banking. Should I get up at 2? I do  business coach  my prayer time. I do my workout, I organize my thoughts.

I do whatever I have a standing meeting with my team every morning at 7 and 8 and then I go and I’m like you’re done at 9 a.m. what are you doing excuse why I love to go golfing with my wife. It’S something we do together. I like to see you golf with your wife everyday, and then they usually go shopping or will go up to Utica walk around I’ll look at houses tonight.

I have two reasons why everybody is brainwashed into  business coach  into working nine-to-five. Why are they brainwashed, Dolly Parton song working? My way to make a living working nine-to-five, that’s one reason we were past presidents actually made that move. The move you know he’s probably need Centric, optometrist and he’s probably not a fact check today, he’s probably optometrist about to just go to thrive time, and click on the podcast about and I’ll put a link to it right now, but the fair labor standards Act Of 1938, the United  business coach  States in created the system would happen. Is a lot of people were saying there weren’t enough jobs to go around, and so what FDR decided to do?

As he said, you know what Imma do you know all these multi-millionaires only super successful people. If you are working 60 hours a  business coach  week and 70, the top the top earners in the world are working 70 hours a week. They’Re taking Implement a minimum wage, by which I think you know made sense, there’s a lot of child labor at the time and also your prohibited now from working more than 40 hours, because you know that the thing is we got to be with you that the

Top Runners are taking all the hours, so we just make more hours available in the bottom feeders. Those people have enough hours by working someone more than 40, because then you have to pay time-and-a-half it to go over 40, but yet, at the same time, I’ve never met an entrepreneur.

Who’S actually ever worked less than 60 hours a  business coach  week when they started the company. Has it you actually work 7 days a week when you started your business, absolutely hate, but the only apparently someone only do it up to where they’re seven. I don’t know why.

I ask: is cuz you’re a business in the same question as a business coach? Have you run into a client that wants to own a business but work the same hours? They did when they were an employee receivers ever that they want to work  business coach  the employee hours. The same 35 or 40, let him play with it, but they want to have the success of an entrepreneur starting something ever happened.

Yes, it has happened to answer the question and you know I think cuz. I’Ve recently thought  business coach  a lot about this. I thought I are really have thought a lot about the eight out of 10. You know a statistic: according to Forbes, 8 out of 10 businesses will fail. I thought about. Why is that? Is it just because there’s a lack of knowledge? Is it because  business coach   people don’t have the resources?

What’S the real reason, and I think the real reason is that someone does not have a Magnificent Obsession and are not able to focus for a duration or or a long period of time? Now let me let me real quick. I want to  business coach  break you want to break down the the the tyranny of the be that the idea of either or or cuz. I just said. I know that you are have thought about.

This price was right beside it and I will probably grab that he would have to agree with this, but i  business coach  t’s both because I’ve been in a place in my life and see maybe you’ve been there too. We are just working super super hard, but you don’t know what to do to get to get stuck yeah, so you’re going 80 hours a week, but I just don’t know how to scale and then there’s.

I think it’s what one, not knowing what to do. Z and into choosing not to do it and sometimes it’s either or both, but it’s I don’t think I sent another some people who clients we had. I seen your clients,  business coach  my clients come to him come in and work at 80 hours a week, every Daisy, but it’s almost like a form of laziness to not think about how to get unstuck right.

And if you know how people say, I’m working that many hours and then you really bought down there, not really working there they’re hanging out at the place of business there. You know they’re there, but they’re Facebook, you were there or their Facebook every day and just read the comments. No, I do not, but you could, though, you could spend an entire day doing it.

I couldn’t you Google it right now, if you’re at a computer Google, how many hours is the average American I’m talking about American is  business coach  looking at a screen screen TV and an door screen, and it’s it’s pushing 5 hours. Now. Ok, Google  business coach  screen time to CNN CNN. You know what you might call Foxy, no, no political, going on right right to work 10 hours a day, 10 hours a day on their screen according to 5 hours on TV 10 hours on the screen, so for like 5 on TV right now, if you were Spending 10 hours a day on a screen on social media or you were monitoring the constant social media feedback of customers. Could you get anything done at all sincerity? Could you know you couldn’t, but the light  business coach  people say when I was working today? I worked 10 hours today and you like well, okay.

We need to probably break down with your calling work till I put on you know. Social social media is what it’s all about these days. It’S not, but that you don’t hang. I got to monitor this and I got to I got to watch this, and this is something that I’m working for the business and that’s not really working for the business a lot of likes if it just goes viral oh yeah.

Now this is a big drivers. If you’re  business coach  listening here today, I want you to think about what do you want your average work day to look like and what is something in your schedule for Steve Jobs, it was hey, look I’m almost a billionaire and I am spending my time 3 hours of My time sitting here, waiting in line for a place with bad customer service, it would be a better utilization of my time just to have the Mercedes people deliver a new Mercedes every 5 months.

So I would never have to go to go cabinets like  business coach   ten Grand of down payment to lease the car he’s, like that’s a better use of my time than waiting at the Department of Motor Vehicles of the tag agency in your schedule and your schedule today is The biggest waste of your time – and I remember back in the days to sit at a laundromat for hours and then explain to me the wealthy people do not go to laundromat. So maybe you should buy a washing machine, you’re, just simple things like I think about what is something  business coach  you could spend a little bit of money on that. You give you a lot of your time back.

It’S a DriveTime business coach radio show dude, I’m a business code for taking my idiosyncrasies of successful people, get your mugshot type at the shop, that’s right in the driveway, and why would your wife say no to the boat touch just say no flat top rock in Rocky 4 be pushing their Caesar in the room. Is on your head. Take the haircut championships to invite you out the found me first  business coach  haircut, his adoptive, don’t like it it’s free! It’S the elephant in the room. It’S the place to be adjusting to this Lifetime show with clay and Z, zzz zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz zzz.

All right swipe, Mishawaka back to the conversation, is the Thrive time show on your radio in to the right of me to the next. To me. It’S ecstasy, it is amazing. How are you doing at your bitch birthday fabulous? You are approaching a birthday, my man, I know bro, I’m pretty excited about it, but you know  business coach

I love your new hot intros. That is just what we would call a think tank and it took us like 14 hours. We spent on on that. Just just that. We finally found Big Tymers stay fly, one of my favorite at the 15 cultural. We get stuff done real entrepreneurs, we get stuff done, we move fast, we get things done and we want would have  business coach  give you the best radio show possible and so we’re always making fun new hot intros.

We have a bunch of new ones coming out over the weekend very excited for you’re the new intros, because you deserve the very best and Audio Excellence and see we pride ourselves on providing business school. Without the be asked to explain what business school without the BS means to you, dr. BS is a dual meaning, because BS is a is a short version for Bachelors of Science  business coach  degree is a short acronym for unit out of a bong out of a cat. Have a bowl of matter matter matter matter: video secrecy is of super successful people. We just talked about Steve Jobs in his refusal to get a license plate.

When I move it move it move it onto. President Obama Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs in dr. Dre. What do they all have? In common dr. Dre? He launched the Beats headphones. He built Death Row Records before walking away. He was the ringleader for wa Steve Jobs. When  business coach   he started Apple. They went on to grow Pixar in the movie Toy Story.

Biscuit every movie that Disney produces is a Steve Jobs. Shadow I mean Pixar is the is the is the mother ship, their Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who started facebook. Facebook, facebook, formerly called the face, smash look into that it’s kind of crazy. Then President Obama, what are y’all have in common? What are we doing notable quotable from Fresno bomb and we’ll see if you can figure it out?

He  business coach  says you need to focus your decision-making energy. You need to routine eyes yourself. You can’t be going through the day, distracted by trivia. That’S that’s President Barack Obama. What does he mean by that? What what did okay I’ll take its? They wear the same clothes everyday in this is what happened for President Obama he’s getting out there to deliver the state of the union or the big talkies Talkabout Siri, I mean, is – are serious situation the  business coach   president of Syria gassing their own people. We have to get up there and talk about what time does North Korea I mean like him or not.

He has to make some serious statements and you can hop on there as a present of the Free World and go hey guys. I’M actually pretty nervous about this one I mean you can’t you got to be pretty you can’t right now. I do  business coach  not know what will Ben Horowitz he’s out there trying to raise Capital to start it to grow a company called ops where he’s trying to raise millions of dollars where was sold for 1.6 billion, and he says he sits down one day at time to Ask for an investment check, a pretty large sum from Venture Capital fund and he realizes. Oh, no, I’m wearing pants that don’t match my suit and I have a guy that doesn’t match either.

This is not  business coach  Orono, it’s the fall, I’m wearing, so they they all decided to share the same thing everyday, and I ask: is there something in your life where you decided to eliminate variables in your? Like you know what so I don’t have to think about the same question over and over and over, and he asked the same thing for my team over and over and over, where to respond to the same email over and over or to get the same in

Your life, where you just said, stop it, I’m just your just made a decision, one  business coach   time to eliminate decisions forever because, like you said you’ll find yourself answering the same question over and over and over and with your team. It’S it’s important for me. I mean I don’t wear the same. You were the same thing everyday, but I do you were the same way and your suit phase. How many of those did you have it done it? Six Mi close at lamode cuz, I’m owed one of our clients for I’ll. Do all your laundry for a week wow, I’m totally and here’s the deal I do  business coach  is cause. I don’t actually wash my socks.

I just buy new socks every weekend. Cuz. I go to the store like once a week, so I just buy new socks every week because it’s not worth me asking like you know, are you done. Reading Washington, I just buy new socks and then I have 6. Socks are like piled up somewhere, so I dropped off my sweatshirt in my socks, my boxers in the ladies, like it’s like that uniform, but I know why I didn’t.

I realize I have six have like 400, not kidding it’s like. Maybe  business coach   three hundred pairs of socks at like 6 of the same outfit and I have bought 4 pairs of the same Adidas shoes the same times I just want to think about. Where did you switch from the suits to the hoodie to the Hat?

Will you always need more soccer jersey to help entrepreneurs and we never remember the bleeding edge of something when you say listen, we have a business coaching program that can teach you how to build a business plan that people spend  business coach  50 Grand.

How do I do a 13-point assessment with you will send you your business plan within 72 hours and then our coach will lead you to the Promise Land, for you were the first people. Do doctors have to be a little bit crazy, but now it says the success stories of piled up an industry after industry of seeing success.

Now people are starting to refer each other in our coaching programs just taking off, and so I wanted to get elephant in our  business coach  coaching program to a certain level and then I, like I’m, never dressing up again, I’m not doing it so and then the last thing I dressed up for was your son’s wedding by the way.

That’S the last thing. I’M dressing up for henceforth, I’m going to this wedding really, but henceforth I’m wearing hoodies the wedding. You could have worn your hoodie. I would I wouldn’t have cared I’ve been like a man run upstairs and put on soccer jersey. I hate it when I had big  business coach   presentations, big meetings, big whatever going to watch the dress up today.

Not today, I shouldn’t I just started as a default. I’M going to wear a suit

as I got a birthday party wearing a suit I’d, be a wedding wearing a suit. I could be like at. The golf course want to see how much easier now, I’m just in the hoodie  business coach  thing and I’m just no longer dressing up, I’m just I’m not doing workshops for sale you you could go around and look like clay Clark every day of the week.

If we got hoodies for sale at The Improv Workshop, we don’t upset you, but we have some books and we have some hoodies and some T-shirts, but you’re not you’re, not being honest by the way about. But looking like me because my head is so much a larger like that you can get this sweatshirt, you know you  business coach  get the sweatshirt, but you couldn’t get this big of a heads up. I’M in my Cranium is like a size.

What 9 3/8 your head. I’Ve said before you’re kind, like Eli Manning in the NFL, your helmets just a little awkwardly larger than the rest of players and and that’s going to have your head as if you were in the NFL. You be like to have to wear it like an Eli Manning helmet stay tuned. Robert Redmond business coach has some hot business questions when it’s quite  business coach  Clark, I’m a business coach back again shut up, yes, Drive Nation.

Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay. Clark of the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and Z. I like to wear the same thing everyday. I noticed that you didn’t like that. Song played a lot of kind of guy, was kind of animal dance moves going on right. There, that’s a little Bruno Mars. You know, you know, I noticed one thing, that’s missing in your outfit, you got the hoodie, you got to  business coach   hide, you got the check.

Has your name on it, you should. I will put your name on the mic. You see that person maybe knows they don’t have the knowledge about Cuban Linx. Like you to know when is studied Cuban Linx, the alacrity to the study of Cuban Linx IQ means the excitement to learn something new Alaska PDF to learn something nobody brings to buy basis.

Nusenda alacrity looks like you did: that’s a big build-up for just a piece of jewelry, but I have no doubt the Cuban  business coach  Link is it to like a seeds like shape of Cassie and the most of the two necklaces, but it can be uniquely bracelets.

That can be other other pieces of jewelry, but it’s a certain link, it’s kind of like shaped like assians gold and you kind of lock him up, and so that’s the Cuban Link and it’s typically a necklace, and I think that would be a wonderful addition to Your daily, what you wear everyday wear, a Cuban link to wear Cuban Linx. I seriously a great client  business coach  ext me a picture for what I would call your mom and a registered for jewelry that I don’t need it here sees birthday, no matter what it is.

The daily, oh, like the next in person Workshop, you see what he liked with the necklace that says, humble you don’t go to the mall kiosk in the Middle, with the other, the other Druids  business coach  deep sea in Porta Tupperware. It’S amazing.

I said you got the whole day today. Only jewelry I will I will wear everyday, a money sign that says humble. I would wear that. I would Robert Redford, you have a business coach, she’s, a super, successful people. What we want to answer all the questions coming in from listeners, and you have a question from an actual business coach client break it down.

I really do I am privileged to work with multiple  business coach  contractors and the contractors that I work with. They do really great work. They’Re, honest people, they have a high reputation, allow them to try to get Google reviews, have great Google reviews, but a problem that I consistently I have is cash flow cash flow cash flow.

They start a job they pay for most of it out of pocket and then once the job is completed, the customer delays on in the payment because they only accept checks. I have three out of three tf33  business coach  thoughts and I want you to break him down cuz. He knows what he’s doing.

One is the method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan, the Method, Man. He says cash rules. Everything around me cream, get that money to hell are dollar bills y’all. So what do you say? Cash rules, everything around me. What is it? Cash is king. So, let’s start with that, cashes King, why do you as a builder not I need to operate as a bank?

What why do you need to  business coach  operate on the on the cash? What why can you not be a bank maybe break that down? For the guy out? There is extending Finance terms with what happened that you didn’t contraction that particular contract that come in there just excited to get the job they get the job and now they’re like they’re already in their mind, baby guess what I brought some champagne cuz.

You know I got the so you don’t have to come down there at the pier. You know. What to do. You need gave me the deal. You know you  business coach  don’t, but that you were so good. What would happens if it ain’t done till it’s done. That means is that you got a deal to where there’s so many people are willing to ask for the job they’re going to go in and put a presentation they’re going to give you the here’s, what we’re going to get it done, how you doing how you

Doing how you doing everybody’s doing good and they get the job and then they I don’t know why but they’re afraid to ask for the money. You cannot extend  business coach   payment terms, Trebek, you can’t choose a half down up front to get started boom and now and now we may have a couple three payments, or at least when I get done, I need the full of it or you know what oh, I didn’t Quite I’m not going to get it done to a picture of that money.

Example of an appliance. You go there right now how to planche great place. I just bought some stuff from Hahn Appliance. I go to how to plan to go to buy my TVs. The guy said: hey: do you want  business coach  to interest-free payment for 18 months?

I said no I’ll just write you a check, that’s not good. At boom to go to Plants. I buy the thing up front. If I wanted to do credit, they have a credit to a company called synchrony Finance, it’s not called Hahn Appliance, it’s called synchrony Finance, it’s a third party bank and if your credit score is north of about 7:50 you’ll get approved for about 24 months and would Live with a huge limit and get them you want, and  business coach  you can do credit if you want, but you think is an appliance is not in the banking business there. when analyzing my credit, if you’re a dentist one of my dentist,

I work with he work for The company called Care Credit Care Credit, they said, hey, you want to finance your veneers, you say yeah, they said we’ll see. If you qualify for credit score of 650, you get credit, will knock it out, but they’re, not a bank. If you get it at baked. Ziti in the banking business,  business coach  it’s not all the time. I don’t take credit cards expensive for you, you you you you jumped ahead.

Oh I did. I did a lot of money to be cheap about credit card fees. It cost a lot of money to be cheap. That is so hard because there’s people out there they’re in the business of loaning money they do it. Every day I eat credit card Banks IE, you know check machine guy and on Ben Boston, who I want to. I want to help.

You know and bad news is that there’s  business coach  people out there doing it they make a living out there good at it. They know what they’re doing you don’t have. You know how to build a roof. You know how to fix plumbing. You know how to put up an ad on a kitchen. You know how to do that, and so you do what you do you bring the you, bring them in gas to go to charge you before you going to you going to go, but up top credit cards.

You know what, if you’re Savvy point a half. If you’re not maybe three  business coach  points on the worst, you know, but the thing about is the money you have to work collecting the money. They do all that and I’m going to start off particular we’re starting off Robert Redmond, making sure you have the cash flow and the money in the bank money in your pocket, so you can continue on with other job, is extremely important.

Third third thing in this is something that didn’t. We come back and when to break  business coach  this down about how he did it with elephant in the room, most people do what most people do, because poverty is popular. Poverty is pop.

The most haircut businesses hair a barber shops, hair hair salons there empty when it rains it rains rains coming down. Tonight. The weather report looks like a tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake  business coach   up with the idea out of with a little bit of a rain and Ivy 75° Andy’s hair stylist will says he know it: let’s go with a membership model, so we have over four thousand Men who are members and if you remember you’re, going to come, whether it rains or not, but how can you do a disease contractor say?

Will nobody else charges the client half up front or 1/3 up front? So I don’t want to Seattle, one of his first one, the first contractor  business coach  in my Niche to charge people I deposit it. You know what that is one of the reasons why some businesses don’t make. It is because it’s so afraid to do the right thing and the right thing is: no, don’t you be done?

The hard work you’ve got in the bed that giving me the job, and now you got to get the money because you’re not working for there’s, not a lot of businesses that make it out there clay that work for nothing, I’m just it just hits it’s a Movie, you got to make  business coach  some money, I mean it’s at the Catalyst you’re such an obnoxious Catalyst drivers of your business owner make profits profits when we come back. We’Re talking about enio secrecy’s of super successful people.

Today, to book your tickets for our next in person drive time to day intensive business coach Workshop back to that show all inclusive at Barack Obama and Donald Trump. If we could just get them in the same room together,  business coach  get ready to enter The Primetime show on talk radio 1170, this weekend 0 hours of an audience where they had the one person the audience who love to go.

I love you in whatever you want yeah. It’S nice to have them. We’Ve all had like a mother you’re out of your baseball game, and now you know who played hard to get up there and there’s, like maybe 50 people in the stands in your Mother’s Day when you’re. Just like you can’t even focus on the picture. Cuz I Little  business coach   League Baseball, the one that got me was always the mom that there’s always at least one and then and then sometimes you didn’t affect another mother and then bring the cowbell.

No, you don’t get some Cowboy, I got to. I got a fever, I got a fever and the only possible all Pokemon you can hear that you can hit in your father is like an angry person. You’Re, the father did angry guy and a finger guys like Spider-Man watch. Your back make sure  business coach  don’t step on your stepping out of the box, rapper right and you’re going, there’s not a reference in Empire personalized interacting with every pitch. cowbelly, with all that yelling umpire. I believe, and then it begins.

The game’s over your team loses Dairy Queen Dilly bar in the father’s, like listen here, kids, who won this game, but the Umpire who’s by the way, like 16 years old, making like what eight bucks a game he cozied up  business coach   to the Sand, Springs Sooners exactly.

He does a lot of fish oil. I know. I know it was right now, calm down, just work on billie’s, batting stance, don’t yell at the Empire’s he’s making 7 Bucks game Bucks game anymore, plus a Dilly bar with jazz. We know we know is a big incentive idiosyncrasies of successful people in the world, the way it is, and they say I don’t think it has to always be that way, everyone else. It’S always been that way. You know slavery has always  business coach   been a thing and Abraham Lincoln.

Actually, my thought is we could in slavery, but it says there’s parts of the Bible that say You’re supposed to not argue with your slave owners. You know calm down, I’m just trying to end slavery. Don’T say that you’re going to get shot, you know. Shutting people say:

Hey, listen! Maybe if African-Americans could go into the front door of a bank, maybe that seems fair cuz. We are free that she calm down. Martin Martin, you start talking like that people get hurt and that something until things  business coach   change who put the feces Robert red, know what it would.

Martin Luther Theses on the door when he nailed 95 Theses are basically 95 revisions that need to be made to Catholic theology. On the door of the Catholic church in Germany, so he made the deal if somebody’s already dead. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that they’re the people who are alive could buy them out of hell and get him to have that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and it’ll bring their  business coach   women to a priest as an offering.

That’S not really a movie this weekend probably stopped at directs, really quiet, Martin and so anytime. Somebody is a defiant one great recommendation, Amazon, but my favorite video, a document every the defiant ones unbelievable.

But if you, if you’re, even his defiant, they’re labeled as weird and so, looks at hair salons, I’ve been there and when it rains or snows, every  business coach  Salon is empty. So the revenue goes up and down like a yo-yo, I’m going to make a membership model for men’s hair. I’M going to introduce high-end Decor, I’m going to introduce a beverage, I’m going to introduce a paraffin hand, dip it’s going to take a country club for men’s hair and we’re going to call it the elephant in the room.

Until you start this business model, people think you’re crazy, crazy break it down. What how did you go? Did you come up with the  business coach   idea for memberships? When did the curry occur to you? This could be a thing and now 4000 members later people are lining up to buy franchises, break it down.

My my secret was, I just work nine-to-five just 40 hours a week, nothing more to say: no, no! It’S okay! I took a lot more than that, but yet the membership models is what we focus on early on, because we are right as we grow. We want to be that knowledge that Source  business coach   those guys come back to air bases, but the industry was controlled by shops.

Are closed on Mondays, it’s hard to get in on the scheduling is, is issued. You showed Maxx hours Saturday, the weeks during the week. It’S it’s no one’s there stylus to talk to you about their personal drama, while you’re getting your haircut.

So we want to create a new standard for the haircut experience, so we were very conscious and what we wanted to create, but memberships were were part of that scheduling was part of that mindset, the the decor of the conversations are very purposeful and in our Training and I suggest that it wouldn’t really let the haircut so whatever your business is, you don’t reinvent it, but you need to create an experience. You need to make it different if it’s customer service, if it’s the fall up over time, whatever it is, if you’re in Roofing, if you’re in dentistry, whatever it is, make it unique, and you don’t need to follow the same thing that everyone else is doing an Open parking space in the parking lot, if you go  business coach   to Target today in the parking lots full, it doesn’t make sense to drive z-drive your Hummer into a spot. It’S already full and I’m going to drive my home through it.

I’M going to park right here by ramming the car in front of you makes more sense to it pretty open parking space. He can you speak to this importance of finding your Niche and trying to just run right over the competition. You don’t remember. People have an idea when people have  business coach  they found a problem they’re going to solve it. I mean they’re like just like. Just in the saying you know it’s hard for me to get in it’s hard for me to do. I want my haircut on a Monday.

It’S hard for me to Boom Boom Boom Boom Read. Let me think something is an ethical or unethical Z, because you’re open on Sundays and Saturdays and people cannot have ipipe. There is unethical and is it as a person is not an optometrist but one whose guys with everybody else  business coach   who thinks you’re wrong cuz. I know that’s what I do as an apologist for every Doctor Who Wants to be closed on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. It’S not ethical to see people to help the human eye see well on a weekend or at night and second, it’s not ethical to only charge for the first exam because you’re a bottom for you here.

You know what I’m sorry come on. I’M a catfish on Saturday Saturday and their glasses would fall off. Their heads up on me.  business coach   Bring in my class is at the leg something Hood glasses at the bottom of Lake of the Ozarks or grand lake or whatever office closed on the weekend killer open. On Monday to serve, you were closed all week all week and you should have lost your glasses on Saturday at 5 on the weekends and facts and people people coming to my love it because it’s because it when somebody needs glasses.

When someone, you don’t need to see, and it’s a Sunday where they going to go, are you business coach  going to call you, don’t even care about other optometrist, I’m going to call Doctor Z who you going to call and I lost my glasses. I hate it’s underserved on the Sundays cuz because I’m a capitalist – and I am have you been attacked for this ever before – buyout optometrist course. The worst thing you’ve been called happened to you. As a result of you tell you the worst thing, honest one guy coming poo poo face YouTube.

Disney Princesses, never hurt your feelings, the business coach   fact that all your colleagues are really not calling anymore problems. I have a question. No, I got a long time ago. Cuz, it’s true. Does he may be Noble about this, but in Oklahoma you can’t sell if Car Lot you can’t be open on Sundays, are the laws, and so it’s called blue the blue laws and all the cartoon I got together today.

Listen, let’s just end it troops the same way and I couldn’t be legally open on a Sunday I wouldn’t be, but you know what we  business coach   don’t have those same laws I can be, and you know what I choose to be and I’m going to be. You know we shall only be open on Sunday really. Will you play the religious cards? I can’t believe you know me like Chick-fil-A guys, the  business coach  guys that you know also be blind on Sundays. Happy and you know it smells – are closed. Group


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