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During this episode of The Thrive Time Show business coach podcast, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner break down Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Soft Selling in a Hard World by Jerry Vass and the principles they have learned from careers spent influencing and communicating with people. If you want to take your personal communication skills to the next level you do not want to miss out on this powerful training.


Benefits / Solutions with Facts
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Don’t say anything you can’t prove (and that you are not proving now).” – Jerry Vass (Author of Soft-selling in a Hard World)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author or How to Win Friends and Influence People)
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to get the best of an argument— and that is to avoid it. Avoid it as you would avoid rattlesnakes and earthquakes.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author or How to Win Friends and Influence People)
  4. 4. FACTS – Less than 20% Harvey victims have flood insurance as FEMA braces for tons of claims –



Call to Action with Passion
  1. 1. ACTION ITEM – Attack the problem, not the person.
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurt his sense of importance and arouse resentment.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author or How to Win Friends and Influence People)
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. “To know all is to forgive all.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author or How to Win Friends and Influence People)



Isolate Objections and Elephants In The Room
    1. 1. “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.” – Dale Carnegie (Best-selling author or How to Win Friends and Influence People)
    2. 2. No Time
    3. 3. No Money
    4. 4. No Need
    5. 5. Ask Yourself What is the Other Person’s Perspective
  1. A. Why would they not believe me?
  2. B. Why would they be offended?
  3. C. Why would not be able to complete the action item?
  4. D. Why would they wonder why I’m wearing a hat with the word “BOOM” on it
  5. E. I wonder why they think I was kicked out of college?



You know that imma, dr. Z, I need a lot of people get all worried and I hear the name Hustler like it’s a bad thing in business to be successful, you’ve got to have a hustle. That’S why I love Boston. So  business coach   much that’s why I love New York.

Could you bring Boston energy into Tulsa, Oklahoma, hearing that hustle that you have to have to survive a New York into business coach  Tulsa Z and you bring these skills and had an influence and communicate with people?

You will make business coach  millions yeah, that’s absolutely true it. So I think house was a great term. I don’t think it said negative term it business coach  all and if it is never going to claim it and make a positive, that’s wicked good and I’m so we can get the hustle on the business coach   good side. If it’s not.

So I think that every entrepreneur has to have some n n word in there in there being that little, you business coach  don’t think of hustle desire. That says you know what I’m going to have to do with what I need to do, I’m going to get it done.

No matter what and business coach   that hustle is capacitor between winning losing sometimes right, ruggle to influence and communicate with people. Then you’re, not business coach  alone, there’s all sorts of research and study.

That shows that a lot of people feel like sales communication leading an office meeting business coach  managing a team. It’S just stressful for them. Learning these skills were teaching you how to how to really flow, how to How to Be business coach   an Effective Communicator.

The combination for an uplifting conversation now do you want to find the needs with easy business coach   want to find the comp you want to find a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and how you can help him business coach  so that your auto auction,

let’s Say that I’m a sales guy working for auto auction and you haven’t invented the phrase Auto business coach  Auction – have the first Auto Auction in the world not receiving best of the time and money and resources into planning it.

So business coach  it is one of the best auto auctions out there I’m off, but you want to get the business right and walk me through. How business coach  do you? What what kind of training do you provide to your sales people and how do you teach them? How does your dad is business coach   Monte, teach them how to find the needs of of of of of the potential buyer?

In an business coach  honest, sincere with, how do you do how business coach  you find the needs of your ideal unlikely buyers? Well, first of all, we business coach  teach all of our guys to build rapport and that’s exactly what today’s shows about right and we’re giving you all.

The secret business coach  moves all the formulas and all the little things you do to build that Rapport, because once you didn’t have her poor, what business coach  happens if the guard wall goes down?

Guard of all down people ease up a little bit they’re happy to see you too you’re bringing business coach  in a box of donuts they’re. Happy to see you, you know everybody, everybody has there been lots of food Rumor Has It?

People business coach  need food and don’t really know what happened is the first time you going to be more guarded. I know you want something from them. They business coach  they run from your own.

The dealership there may be hard to get ahold of and just have to be persistent and pretty soon your business coach  persistence. He pays off your there every day and my Squire to open my helmet, so they can feed me a donut, please, okay, business coach   love letters to this phone.

Be mailed it the finest parchment of the land and write something down. He lived long distance from business coach   his girlfriend Love Letter every day and you know how sorry he was there.

When you business coach  got to be there, then, while you’re there, you got to be positive and be purposeful and building that report and you find business coach  out you got to fight, ask questions: you can listen find out what their needs are, what they like, what what maybe someone realizes In business coach  the country, music, well guess what we have a suite at the

BOK and Jason Aldean’s playing or George Strait, and it’s real easy to build business coach  that record. The guys really went out and say our founder used to rock a 7 inch lawn mower offended. I know what you do: they business coach  build rapport and then what happens if once they build that report just to go into how many should we use your auction?

Because if you don’t you’re stupid, I tell you that doesn’t go over again about this. How about this line of sales? This I’m not going to walk you through business coach   the three moves.

I see all the time they’re, just ridiculous, there’s moving everyone. One one man show me tell you: what business coach   are you into time, freedom and making more money or you going to keep on that stupid job peticulous like yeah business coach   School, teaches that there still people everywhere. I get to agree to obvious the head nod.

That’S like old-school! That’S like business coach  hard feelings! It’S basically, why I tell you what I mean. You know you like your kids right, so you don’t want them having business coach  screwed up glasses right.

If you want, she want to end up with some off the shelf goggles, you business coach   need to go to. property owners in. If business coach  you want some goggles, I just pulled off the shelf and give you some Rando perscription venues.

You know your intelligence. I hate that. I hate that movie, it’s obvious that men and women can order it, but they business coach   they, they name the small one, the girly forcing you I’m saying so as a man, you feel like you should hit the big big stress at all you’re doing princess-cut high pressure move On my chill out,

I mean what we’re chilling out right now, Red Hook it hold it going to want us to business coach  do want to buy this right now, because I just turn that Skinner’s Mom’s, okay and here’s.

What I found out is that in business coach  one thing in sales that I teach my guys – and they sometimes have struggled with this – and that is that say, listen guys if they’re hard to get going to be hard to lose.

What was the minimum turn brightness down on a piece of paper which I don’t give the first business coach  time you coming with the dozen donuts and introduce yourself and says ouch I’ll, send you some cards right now?

Will you be sending cards? Whoever business coach  comes in the latest gave you better you better Pony up and order. You been for The Daylight Donuts store in his office right, fresh donuts, business coach  every moment that are really easy to gain. Somebody else other than two and so the challenges ones that are the challenge.

Cuz, those are the ones, went you get them, then you going to have them for a long time zones. You don’t mess up the deal, you know, and business coach  so that’s the thing about it is until we need some time to come back to my business coach   business card hundred times, I’m taking 37,000 Donuts in the still have a car from him. I might we’ll keep at it. Keep at it keep at it.

What is he like boom boom draft pick? Who you are what makes me what does he like? I don’t know what that’s the problem. You don’t business coach   know the guy get in there.

No, the guy that got to talk to him. You do sales calls kind of like if you’re in the marching band and there’s someone playing the drums and it’s like you’re so nobody’s doing. What’S right, consistent poem poem, it’s like get rejected this week after business coach  week.

You just keep doing it and eventually you where the other person down, because right now cording to The Ultimate Sales Machine, a book written by Chet Holmes.

He points out that 3 % of his. If you said, if you make a list of 100 100 prospects, 3 % of them – and again this business coach  is just from his book in his observations, at 3 % of them are going to get dissed displeased with their current provider, this month, 3 %. If you stay consistent are going to go, you know what I am ready for: a switch, I’m ready for a fresh approaches: 3 %.

Then, for whatever business coach   reason, they’re they’re saying I was just thinking about that you might have 6 % of the people who are ready to do business so speak consistent.

I won’t ever three anytime, you make a claim or you deliver a benefit or explain how you’re going to solve the business coach  problem for the for the for the ideal in likely buyer anytime you’re, making a claim, you’re saying my product and do this.

My service can do this. You must Supply 8th back to support everything. You’Re saying is that Jerry bass in the book called Soft selling in a hard business coach  world. He once wrote,

don’t say anything you can’t prove and that you’re not proving now so you’re saying, even if you can prove it to me, give an example here, Eric chuck would say:

I’m trying to sell you insurance for your property ready for this. I’M ready! Okay, bye business coach  said Eric Chapa oven-baked, you don’t don’t make me to your current insurance company want to attack in the insurance coming..

So Eric who are you currently insured with x y s, Insurance, tell me a little bit about that. Well, they’re pretty easy to get ahold of you know business coach   if I call and have a question that get back to me, brother and I don’t even really know what they do for me.

Will. Let me ask you this here: if it’s companies charge the same price, what’s the main thing that you’re looking for out insurance company, like I business coach  said, maybe maybe I would just like to know actually what you know I’m covered, maybe send me some updates.

Let me know what’s actually going on with if it’s changing or anything like that, you know of USA. Today, less than 20 % of hurricane Harvey victims had flood business coach  insurance, which means that their insurance agent focused on selling price and not making sure they’re getting taken care of me to you want to have a bad day, not a bad life.

So if it’s okay, I would like to do a deep dive into your home and to look at how much business coach   Insurance you really need cat versus what you have, because 80 % of the people in Houston weren’t insured, and then I would supply for you a fact.

I’Ma put on the show notes, but USA Today did not go to come on August 29th. 2017. That showed less than business coach   20 % of all people who live in Houston had the right amount of insurance. You might go we’ll cuz, he hasn’t screwed up man Oklahoma.

We got it figured out, no one more Oklahoma when the tornado hit the stats were almost the same, and it’s because insurance agents business coach   are always focused on the lowest price in the experts. Insurance experts are focused on getting you.

The right coverage full coverage, but I thought making a claim see. I have to support with a fact and see. Why is it so important that sales people hold business coach  themselves accountable to never saying something?

They can’t prove what happened as soon as you do that then it comes out that you’re not being honest and when you can’t prove it it’s almost as it made up and they’re making that up. What else are they making up business coach  the following me until then?

It just leads to whether you trust this person, because that I think is when the biggest things is insurance is. Do you trust that person you know because a lot of times you get you can experts in here and they’re all want your business and they business coach   say different things and you’re like oh, my God, who I believe who do.

I believe who do. I trust it. So someone that is using facts to back up what they can do with their with the are things like that, just like there’s, a beautiful thing, which is about 20 % boom boom business coach  boom, and you show me, Google that I being did, I know who Yahoo it Into a quote from you give somebody a fact, I would highly recommend that you use at you quote butterfly goby on recommending.

I would say you have to cite a source that people view as business coach  credible, and that is the whole issue. You can’t be quoting some reason. It feels like that 80 % of people are uninsured in.

I was talking to her and she was saying you want some toast and I said why I do but first, let’s debate flood insurance because I feel like 80 % of business coach  people are uninsured in something to get a quote of credible source is so big.

Okay, he says I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way under high heaven to under High having to get the best of an argument, and that is to avoid it avoided, as you would of business coach   where rattlesnakes in earthquakes.

You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it, but if you want it, you lose it. It’S so important that you use fax when selling, because if you’re dealing with somebody and they’re not willing to deal with business coach   facts, then that’s it.

That’S it! That’S a weird weird, weird individual, but if you can use facts, then they’re not arguing with you. There arguing with the facts – and you want to focus on that, could fax will allow you to sell your products more effectively use fax when business coach  selling.

If you don’t have fax, if you don’t have a one sheet of facts to support your claims, get one homework tonight. Do it make a fact she do not try to sell something unless you can prove what you’re saying that’s.

What’S so exciting about dr. Z and his businesses business coach   have been an optometrist in Tulsa, for this is 26 years that right Twisted 26 years next month. I was also going to see a pinion or not backs just because you have an opinion about something does not make.

It does not make it a fact, and that’s why you business coach  know you can say what you want to say. You can argue with the method, but you can look at the fruit in for 26 years.

Doctor’S he’s been doing things the right way at dr. zoellner and Associates. So I encourage you to look into the history and to look at the truth business coach  of what we’re teaching your damn that, on the drive time show me stay stay tuned, so you can learn more about how to influence to communicate with people.

I’M a business coach live local, resetting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist business coach   an entrepreneur, dr. Roberts Elder and ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk.

Radio 1170, alright, tribe Nation. Welcome back to the conversation, it is the drive time show on your radio. My name is Clay. Clark of the business coach  former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and the proud owner of a new thing.

I call the Seagate the Seagate Seagate. It keeps the water out. I’Ve been working on the Seagate and soon see that will go up at Camp Clark and Chicken Palace, it is a glorious gate, is massive business coach   made to keep the waters out.

It’S two and a half time gay, two and a half times the height of an average 6-foot man. So it’s like a 15-footer. It is beautiful.

Oh my gosh, is it digit? Just spell it when you look at you just said yourself, there’s something really business coach  awesome on the other side of that gate, to the inspiration for this, or that goes over the yeah.

I thought you know that that sharp business coach  you know, that’s sharp and I got I got to happen. I don’t. I don’t have a thing where I drive under a thing to see the not so business coach  much under a thing.

I want to drive through a thing and I want to sing to him on it. So that’s so close! You know when your home, like I’m looking for the sea, the sea, the sea there’s this is ours. When I’m walking around my house – and I am I home – and now it’s that business coach  validation –

I need some excited Z to show you the the Seagate. So do we have you completely left the old home completely out of it cuz? I know there for a while you’re using it for Wi-Fi for sure your bathroom across the street.

Could you literally just a right across the business coach  street, said you’re completely out of I just? Can we like say you could buy to make a time? Is it in metaphysical kind of wax I’d still like to own it play okay?

Okay, yesterday was a very traumatic show. Oh my gosh. He was a very traumatic show with traumatic on all of business coach   us. You had to do during during the taping of the show you how to do an insurance, a quick Insurance test, for they drew blood yes and other bodily fluids.

It was off to to to give you to say, you’re, okay, to give this some life insurance for right and – and you business coach  know you were you were you, can you walked away from the show for a little bit and you are under stress – and you said you

Didn’T sleep the night before I didn’t stressing about stressful, and so did you sleep last night? How are you doing today? I was down. I was stressed business coach  out.

I was very, I just thought it wasn’t myself. You know that I gave the blood and I didn’t. I didn’t want, I gave the blood as I can know what you took that blood for me, but I’m not going to give you my urine and they don’t know why.

I didn’t see it myself, my business coach  yard, my bodily fluids and I couldn’t I couldn’t perform an ass. I could I couldn’t, I could have said, could you could you please urinate in a cup and I think myself, I Can’t Help Falling Skies got around.

You cheered you on or something with that happens. When you die business coach   your brother, I called the cryo Med Spa. Somebody like her walk-in fridge, okay, but I went in there and I had like 8 cups or 8 glasses of water, okay, nothing but nights one.

I thought the Sahara desert might be the feeling that this activity feel before urinating while business coach  and then I got it done and Like A Champion II, clap for myself, I did what it took and I’m tired of people doubting me.

The people in the box of rocks are voting against me that we’re betting on me see. I don’t think I didn’t see you bet. We had a parlay card in business coach   here and we weren’t sure if you were going to get back for the show is over, because when I saw you walk by the box of rocks 2 times and you didn’t even break and we think it did, you did.

You fall because we felt bad about not putting a helmet on your head, but business coach  then we also knew couldn’t get a helmet again. When you’re asked to go in the cop – and you can’t do it – you know because you’re just so mentally discombobulated, it leaves you feeling like you’re black you’re, not a man went into the bathroom there’s a lot of business coach   notable quotables in the wall. I wrote in their relations, I don’t have what it takes.

I talk, I don’t have what it takes and and let’s go to get a good night’s rest for your into someone. You don’t know about you is why you’re successful at what you do not desire a fight or business coach  something yeah, the hustle down in your bladder.

Can I give one quick tip people to take the stuff we teach and then it didn’t take some of these moves and use them for evil. I’D, encourage you don’t hand the vial of your own urine to somebody.

That’S not a move, we’re business coach   talking about how to influence to communicate people getting your blood or lack thereof and you’re into somebody. So this is not see.

You should never do this teaching you by example. What not to do a what is great in the urine sample this today communicate business coach   with people. The combination for uplifting conversation number, for you got a call to action with passion. Once you build rapport, you found the needs. You delivered the benefits, supported by facts.

Now you got it called into action. If you got to go, get something business coach  done, but the thing is you got to attack the problem, not the person. Was it a cigarette dentist and the patient needs some dental work. You don’t want to say to the patient man, I see what your grill is messed up. Let me help you fix that buddy cuz it doesn’t.

It doesn’t business coach  come across as a good thing, even though that may be true. You don’t want to say if your financial planner now we would terminate your finances, aren’t horrible. Why don’t we go ahead and fix it?

You don’t want to see, there’s a way to attack the problem without business coach  attacking the person and you’re very good. I call this the velvet hammer but you’re able to call the action durable. You hit the gavel, get time to go, but you don’t attack the detective person.

Walk me through kind of your rules of your if you’re a business owner – and business coach  you realize okay, there is a problem, and now we need to solve me to take action. How do you prescribe to fix the problem if the person in front of you is actually the source of the problem without attacking them?

How do you attack the problem, not the first of several business coach   ways, one by attacking the problem by taking the person you gain nothing. All you do is cause discomfort you off to get an argument out of it, because now people people get personal about that they’re like I’m way too sick.

I didn’t know you’re not business coach  understanding this, for example a lady come in when time and she was fussing about her glasses. She came in she wanted to.

She was just unhappy the glasses and I listen to when I said you know what I’m sorry and I’m sorry that we did have a poor job on that. You know business coach  we’re really not here in the business of doing anything but other than giving you clear glasses that you can see well out of that you’re happy with.

Let me let me see, let me see those I have them to me and I go where I kind of like just you know if we drop them in business coach  the trash. I said: let’s not worry about those.

Why do we use armor skills all of our equipment? All of our brain power to take the best care of you get you the best eye exam today right now and then get you the best pair of glasses that you’ve ever had. Why do we have business coach   to do that?

Okay and what I’ve done is. Okay, the problem is, she wants glasses, you can see out of it and but I don’t want to go back and say well who do? Who made the mistake? Who was at the doctor with my God who was the business coach  Doctor? Who was the doctor on duty?

Who do I need a throat punch right now? I would have somebody who’s right. It does look up that way. I know I got the right person throat punch, my staff want me to bring myself, but you just takes a deep breath and she says: oh business coach  yeah.

That’S that’s all I want. I just got this problem and I need to get it fixed it. So, instead of worrying about what happened, hey, let’s go. What do we need? What we need done, what what needs to be solved with better energy in bat and not worry about what went business coach  wrong and who did it?

Typically, when you call somebody to action, are you move forward with a solution to try to sell some of your confirm a deal? There’S an objection. People having a concern have an issue. How do you deal with objections? It’S a drive time show on your business coach   radio stay tuned, yes, dream vision.

Take a number! I was lightning before the Thunder. Alright trap Nation love that song by the way calmer Sation. Yes, it does lightning thunder. The song is a great song by the group called Imagine. Dragons awesome awesome business coach  group, I will.

I Love Is Awesome songs. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but they’re fun. If you’ve noticed that I actually with most of the songs he played for a short run, choose purposeful songs.

That actually means something, and so, if you listen to the show business coach   today – and you have a song that you recommend we play as an intro to one of our shows just emailed us info at 3:15..

Calm. And if you send me the song, The Humpty Hump, I’m going to not play it, but if you have other songs, you shot the Humpty Hump. You business coach   know we are going to take out. You can tell he just made the Yahoo account.

It’S like the Eric chop at, absolutely we’re talking about how to influence and communicate with people how to influence to communicate with people.

That combination for an business coach  uplifting conversation before I went to the just talking about the importance of call to action. After you have determined there is a property built, a rapport step one and you have found the needs step to any luck, delivered, succinct benefits.

You’Ve said this is how we’re business coach   going to solve the problem and here’s the fax to show that we can do it the next step. If you want to call people to action with passion with passion of Dale Carnegie wrote, he says criticism is dangerous because it wounds a person’s precious

Pride, but his sense business coach   of importance and arouses resent resentment so see. How do you call here’s? Okay, here’s the problem. I had a doctor that was very slow. Bracelet was not seeing that many patients.,

I’m stuck in molasses it. So I had a problem. The other doctors are business coach  pheasants and hey man, I’m you know how I’m telling you now I’m seeing twice as many as you know. Dr. sloth, here in day after day after day – and I just you know you just wanted out – and so when I sat down with dr. slotten, said: listen here’s how I’d approach that I business coach   said I need. I have a.

I have a situation going to go home, but what your situation is why I’ve got a little bit of a problem here in the office. I don’t know what your problem is it well, I need you to see more. What do I need to do?

Help me help you with what do I business coach  need to do you to be able to see more patients in a given day? Now I didn’t criticize I didn’t say you’re not seeing enough. I didn’t criticize and say you’re spending too much time in the exam room.

I didn’t say any. The criticism essay help me help me with this situation. I had business coach  this problem. I need to figure out. We need to put our brains together and figured I could we can figure this out how to get you to see more patients.

What do I need? What do I? What do I need to do? What do I need to do to help you help? You help me help you now business coach   what I’ve done there is. I said I didn’t criticize them. I didn’t attack them. They weren’t on the defensive.

When I had a scribe a summer, I told me and jot down the notes and have to write him a very slow rider, and that would probably help move me along and Mike did business coach   you do that for somebody who absolutely what does scribes off and on with

Dumb people that now it’s now 2 on the computer that we on the describes action, the computer, you don’t shut, that’s actually back when we had paper charge paper, you made you business coach   mention things like paper want to know. I have hurt you.

I didn’t see your question. I want to know when you were originally watching your optometry clinic. Yes, and you were seeing patients by candlelight. What time would you shut down the shop and we were business coach   together? I would love to animals onto the ark and then I go back in to do an eye exam, and so if the candlelight was very important, we try to do most exam during the day.

So we have to burn to Precious wax it. You require the employees to churn butter business coach   and to see patients by candlelight, or was it sorta like you, churn butter on your off day. You have one hand free, so you can turn butter.

That’S insane! I don’t know why. You’Re you seem a little negative about that. Tris would inevitably pass business coach  away from polio. Did you do a group interview every week to replace these people?

How did you get scurvy and polio I had to well. We we we passed out lines, everybody alignment day, cuz we were not going to screw me. Take us down, and so you were real big on lines business coach  and twenty-five years ago.

I know that I know that predates cell phones for most of you guys in the room right now, I either to send text me if I would have a concept with that was like not having a cell phone connected to your hip center Memorial and their business coach  Conestoga Wagons, would you would you reach out to them and wave it then I guess I should be walking.

I didn’t watch it or I’ll. Kick you out dust every step to call for Action, whether it’s being you’re trying to help doctor sloth go faster, you’re, trying to help the customer business coach  buy from you you’re trying to help on a tree at the motive right, you are trying to help. The ideas are trying to help improve things you’re not trying to sell somebody.

I tried to manipulate someone or try to take advantage of some of your trying to help them when business coach   you are trying to help somebody you’re going to run into an objection objections your temple run into if you’re doing with the standard human they’re going to say.

I have no time, I have no need, or I have no money. That’S the objections for everything I business coach  don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money, you know I just don’t, have a big need for it.

Man, I don’t have time, and I didn’t see it when you have that objection Eric shop, you if you get from a marketing perspective, the drive time coaching program we are so business coach  good at generating leads for the clients that the next problem goes from just generating leads.

The next problem is: how do I get somebody to buy some? How often do you run into this with a business coach client? Were there just struggling to close deals almost business coach  always in, and what I found is that a lot of times it’s because they get that?

First objection that let you know I just don’t have the time right now to set that follow-up appointment or why don’t have the money right now. That’S typically not the real objection right. I’Ve business coach  heard you talk about this play the no Zone cast into the no Zone.

Just like the ozone, if you want to get from space to Earth, you got to get through the no Zone to make that sell, she’s going to ask him. What do you mean by that and you just keep drilling down to business coach   find out that real objection, and then you show them how you can solve it? My wife does this to me all the time and it works very effectively.

It’S because, like she’ll, Show tickets to go, see the Patriots in Denver. Do you want to go, and my immediate reaction is always business coach   know because I hate traveling so much, I’m always immediately like know – and I know she’s doing, but she does a good job.

What are your concerns on Michael? That would require me taking off on Friday and she’s like, but that is something that you could just business coach  work me through till 6.

So if so, who was that you were off on Friday and somebody had already planned to take care of your dad, you don’t have to be there and if she does, I love working. So for me, it’s like I want to be at the office. I enjoy doing it and she’ll business coach   say and suppose I’ve already done that and I’m like.

Oh you already have. No objection doesn’t like argue with me and say: you’re doing it, because what happens? If you try to force feed somebody something even if it’s something they really do want cuz once I get business coach  to the game, I’ll shut up and I’ll have a beer and

I’ll be happy, I’m there, but it’s always that initial. Just for me, cuz, I’m at Ultra Alpha and I want to get stuff done. I always just my immediate reaction to any new variable is no it’s just going to be it nope.

It’S quick! It’S business coach  a you have to figure out the objections we come back. I want to hear doctors see how he would overcome objections, let’s say in the

Optometry industry, where somebody just have some early objection sexy back in the day when I used to see every single patient that business coach  came in there, I want to hear how he actually overcame Objections,

I’m excited to hear about this fun fun fun. In my pants, I’m going to put my pants on and then we’ll start to have some fun yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to do it.

I thought you know if you just gave business coach   a life insurance exam and have extra bottle of urine. Why not share sharing is caring? Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river?

How is little excited about living in a red van down by the business coach   river? I think they realize we’re going to be living right here by the five-time world headquarters, International Studios of awesome, Z, there’s a lot of people that want to live it.

Do they do want to live by the west coast to the west coast of the Arkansas River? My friend business coach  sensitive, it’s a prize possession. Does it have to be a red van? That’S why I’ve been meaning to ask you that before, and I always does it have to be red – I mean: what could it be?

A white van according to article 7, be on our it’s kind of a articles of organization that business coach   my mind yeah. Article 7B would be against the original bylaws movies big to me. Yeah it does it.

Does it matter that our office is down by the river? Is that a subliminal kind of cry for help? I mean: are you really and you’re here at the office all the time? So it’s like business coach   your leaving here.

So are you really saying I feel like I’m living down by the river? Is that what deeper level? That’S probably true, but that’s pretty much do we have Oprah dr. Phil told me we have Oprah dr. Phil, come back here to the final step of how to add fluid, to business coach  communicate with people, the winning combination for an uplifting conversation. You have to isolate and deal with the elephant in the room is you’re going to ask the person to take action going to say so?

Do you want to do debit card or credit card? So, business coach  do you want to start working at this job on Monday or Tuesday? So do you want to buy these glasses or these contacts you’re going to have to get somebody to take action?

You want to join the church. Do you know and when you go for the call to action you’re going business coach  to hear three objections over and over and over again, and so we’re going to use the example of the optometry clinic back, see used to see patients each and every day and people will

Say I don’t have time I die just right, now’s, not a good time to buy the business coach   glasses or it’ll say I don’t have the money or it’ll say I just I’m really not right now. You know I don’t have to walk me through.

It said I don’t have the time, how would you handle it? Well, okay, I’m going to I’m going to walk you through some of the super moves that business coach   I had backed in okay and we can break them down into the different categories of the time.

I’M there there there there now and that’s you know that mean I care the nice thing about it is, I always had kind of a secret sub secret move and that is prescribing prescribing business coach  prescribing your pre-testing.

You talk about. How can I have glare at night really bothered you so then I’m going to prescribe you anti-reflective coating, I’m not going to sell it to you, I’m going to prescribe it to you, a secret move in the industry of Optometry a business coach  nd getting doctors to prescribe things that They know are going to be another problem right.

They know how to fix it at 2. Instead of saying you should really get, they prescribe it. The guy sitting in front of me, who’s, interacting with the movie of the film, is interactive business coach   film.

You know he has a cell phone on and he’s saying, hey I prescribed for your man’s. I purchase a big pile of shut up out there in the world or other medical device world of kids comedies.

It’S a it’s an easy move. It’S an accurate moving! Its into proper move, you business coach   know it’s kind of like hey, you’re, sickening antibiotic, I’m not going to let you know I feel like you should. Maybe you should maybe I know you may not have the time to take this antibiotic, but you know,

I think that you prescribe it. You prescribe and how many times business coach   I take it when they take it and how they take it to no one. So now I feel like I would touch that, but the other thing is try it and that’s another super move there.

I always did try it. Someone today on my contacts in there they’re expensive than this one I’ll give business coach   you a daily your daily disposable. Like you. Never tried them and I’ll give you I’ll give you a pair to try a trial pair will.

Try. I try. I try it. If you don’t like it, you do. I don’t have the money right now. You know the money I mean I do not want. I want to go, buy the glasses business coach   in the move on the money and a lot better coppices. You pre you preamp that my staff is taught how to teach people.

You know I hate to think about. It is it’s kind of like with glasses when people have a pair of glasses, you say to themselves: what’s the one thing business coach  you put on every day, you wear the same pair of shoes.

The same clothes off today you put on is that pair of glasses right every day, so you want to make sure that they are stylish, that they are well-made.

They’Re still looking good on you, because people look at business coach  people always in people’s face and those glasses are sitting on your face and also the idea why do have different pairs of shoes? This is all the time she’s in her closet 21.

I sent you. I don’t know why people think that just one set of glasses are one pair of contacts are business coach   one of something about septic. So wonderful is your vision.

They think that that’s adequate just to get one up, you don’t have, and then it’s always the latest craze contact. You’Re always talking about what iPhone do you have live?

Got iPhone 2727 even come out. Yet I business coach  knew that you know everything about. It is that we always have the latest craze of everything. So why wouldn’t have the latest craze technology acceptance going to use every single day?

I eat your glasses, your contact lenses and took it by educating them and business coach  letting them see where they’re spending money cuz. I respect everybody spending their money somewhere there spending her money somewhere and what you have to do is yet trying to get in front of that spending line and and bring some value to the thing business coach  that you’re selling so that they go.

You know what all you’re now in Q you’re now in line and I’m going to spend some of my money with no, you mentioned something a moment ago. That was genius.

Man, genius, genius, brilliant. This is the thing. Is you business coach   brought up the objection before they did? You pre train your team to bring up a Jack the objection before the person that I call this a dressing elephant in the room as an example.

If I’m doing sales, I would be asking myself rhetorically during my presentation. Why would business coach  the person, I’m speaking to not believe me? Why would they be offended?

Why would they not want to cuz? You don’t have your pets, I need to put on my pants, so why would why would they not be able to complete the acts out of my signs, and why would they business coach  not?

Why would they? Why were they wonder why I’m always wearing a hat with the word boom on it? Why would they think that way when you bring up the objection before they do to as the example, he worked an automotive repair shop and you were recommending business coach  the person to a massive fixing of their vehicle, because I have a major problem that could cause there with

The say crazy example, but it could cause they’re engine to just stop working. They don’t fix it now, because they’re leaking so much oil and you see it and you business coach   get.

You have filled it up with oil today, but it’s leaking so much that we really need to do about it being barbell bent the customers and it’s going to cost a lot, and I bet you’re, probably at think of yourself as a man is going to cost

A lot well here is the deal. We business coach  have a finance plan, so you can pay a month for the next 5 months and take care of it whenever your deal is, but you want to do with the objection before they bring Super Lube.

It’S so important that you do that now., You see, we business coach  have for all the drivers out there. We worked really hard over the past. You know, 3-4 years to build for tools that all of the thrivers really need to check into any little thing of the nation is most of these are free to these are tools that can help you and they’re they’re business coach   free.

But the thing is, if you don’t take action with these items, is not going to help you with the first get your take on this trip. We of the podcast they go to and I subscribe to the podcast. What kind of things do you hear from our our nation that they learn business coach   on the podcast?

Why would anybody with a sound mind want to subscribe to the podcast? Will a couple things 1? Is that like we try to do always make the advice actionable right? We want to make it things that you can actually Implement when I just build you business coach  up here, and we also want to make a fun as you talk about this all the time. Did you learn something?

Did you laugh? Those are the two main things. That’S what we want to provide of this podcast.. The second thing in person workshops how many workshops your inner business coach  thigh to stay awake out of respect.

You know, they’re going to April’s cocktails will be served at 5 and you’re like we serve it. Now I mean there’s just different than other Workshop dr. Here’s. What I love about them is that the people do the two things Eric just said is business coach  they learn and a lab and what’s funny, what’s funny?

Is it that when I talk to some, the drivers have been to multiple ones? You know in theory, it’s the same stuff, I mean in theory it’s in 13, steps. 2 days worth of Awesomeness and boom boom boom, terrific and and business coach  yet every time they may been to multiple ones. They said you know what I learned something I heard something I didn’t hear the first time and so now they’re going.

I don’t want to miss one, because what did I miss this time every year on the plumber Pearl and business coach  you don’t know what you don’t know and even things I can do with Google with things out there in the world Facebook, the rules are changed.

They Are A-Changin, often to other reasons why you want to go to DriveTime You can set up for a one-on-one business coach   business. Coaching assessment web actual business coach will sit down with you to help you identify her biggest limiting factors any of those five time should.

I come and you can sign up for the word most affordable and effective business school for a dollar for business coach   the first month and then every month thereafter. My name is Clay. Clark have a business code such as doctors.

He he’s an optometrist that he is a business coach and you have been listening to the Thrive time show we look forward to hearing from you in the near business coach   future. You guys email is info at 3:15 and as always, 321BOOM!


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