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If you are facing a challenging time in your life and business, you won’t want to miss this episode of the ThriveTime Show business coach podcast. Today the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, is joined by Pastor Brian Gibson, Justin Moore, Doctor Robert Zoellner and Eric Chupp to discuss how these successful men keep it together mentally as an entrepreneur when life and business get challenging.



Apollo 13  was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon. The craft was launched on April 11, 1970, at 13:13 CST (19:13 UTC) from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the Service Module (SM) upon which the Command Module (CM) had depended. Despite great hardship caused by limited power, loss of cabin heat,  shortage of potable water, and the critical need to make makeshift repairs to the carbon dioxide removal system, the crew returned safely to Earth on April 17, 1970, six days after launch.

The story of the Apollo 13 mission has been dramatized multiple times, most notably in the 1995 film Apollo 13.


How to Deal with Pressure from Customers to Deliver

“In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels”  – Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ


How to Not Chase the “Constant Flow of New Ideas”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Emotional self-control– delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness- underlies accomplishment of every sort” ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.” – Proverbs 24:10


AMPLE EXAMPLE – Ryan Tedder Cold Calls His Way to Success –


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If someone asks, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ they will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.” – Zechariah 13:6



Casting for this evening play Business School cellar, what nation will go back to the Thrive time show on your radio? My name is Clay Clark in the former USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and today  business coach  we are having unicorn event. Here we have. We have a unicorn event happening today in side of the Box.

The box. Is this good or bad because from what I understand, a unicorn is about a thousand pound animal with a horn on the front end and – and you know business coach  your stuff coming out the back end and if you put one of the unit, if people want a box Of rocks in the biggest space, it’s saying I mean it could be it’s a little bit of both okay.

So let me business coach  give you the good part in the bad part of the front end of the back in okay. There we go that’s. The second is that Eric chop is inside the box. That rocks. Are you guys going out of me in touch with the ship to where you guys are on speaking terms? Americans are going to get HR in here again. Can we go to HR? I noticed that was me. I noticed that I just want him. We have got a pastor in side. The box that rocks your pastor Brian, who is it from business coach  River City, Church, Owensboro, Kentucky and of a big deal, he’s a pastor or his head on the Shelf rules.

Typically business coach  inside the box that rocks whatever we normally do. We can’t do that. What is behavior best podcast all around the world right and I’m sure that there’s other God-fearing people out there that lives in this podcast to the fact we have won a man of the cloth of man of God in the box of rocks.

I mean, if you say, listen a week if you know now business coach  that he’s here you know close to us, we have to act a certain way when I reach out that way, all the time cool things a lot of times, people feel like God, is watching it. No matter where you are – and I and I think God is Omni business coach  omniscient omnipotent, omnipresent me, these are things we learned at Oral Roberts University,

But Eric started spreading this rumor, the inside the box that rocks there’s a force field that reverses that it’s almost like those Up for Unique ability to be not watched and so Pastor, we did today, as he took it to not too too kind of business coach  whatnot that allow us to get away with things. He’S got a collar on he’s down the road and doctored up here and it’s creating that that sort of tension where I just feel like anything. I want to say I’m saying, don’t say anything over the break.

We got a candle burning in here because I feel I did just feel better qualified to talk about. It is how to keep it together mentally how to duct tape. Your mental Apollo 13, the movie with Tom Hanks, was in that movie is Ron Howard film best. They go up to space you’re the farthest that any human has ever been away from the earth and they all the sudden have a bunch of problems for the problem.

Is our computer system had less business coach  technology in the modern cell phone and what they did? Is there? Try to downplay it, but these guys are Flying Blind, nothing works, but they got back to Earth and they made it and they made a movie about it. If you haven’t seen the movie, you have to see it, but it in, I think, is entrepreneur. What happens? Is you grow your business to a certain level?

You work so hard to talk to to grow the church. To a certain point, I mean Pastor Brian. His business coach  story is phenomenal, but here’s a guy. He is basically starting one couple at a time and grows at church from nothing into something. Big here is an optometrist. A new doctor see you started, and I told you couldn’t from nothing to something.

Here’S Justin Moore start elephant the room from nothing to something here: helping clients everyday grow their companies in the first in the first sign of cracks, the first crack in the middle. The mental business coach  system in the middle portion of your Apollo 13 business is the customer to deliver the depressor to deliver to your customers that the pressure?

How do you deal with the pressure from customers to delivery? No business coach  customers paying you for Optometry, a customers paying you for a haircut Z. How do you deal with that internal pressure that you have to do a perfect job every single time? Yet the reality is is that unless you have an business coach   automated machine based company or a machine greets your customers and even with the machine based business, they call it.

The lean Six Sigma lean Six Sigma lean, Six Sigma quality standard where you make an air like once per few thousand times and computers, and you make an air once per like 10000 times, will give you. The designation is Six Sigma, but a human. I mean it’s a human business, a service business.

How do you deal with business coach   the dissonance where you want to be perfect? But yet nobody? How do you do? How do you start? You see? How do you sort through that was easy? Another employee pretty much did business coach  everything. I mean I didn’t answer. Phones, people hate, how you, how you doing how you doing how you know you you use use your welcome.

You decided, you call my cell and I swear it’s a big deal you’re here and business coach  probably my only one, but you know what come on in it was easy because you just here with me, you want me to take for had a passion in a love and Excitement and enthusiasm that could not be business coach   matched by anybody. Cuz, it’s my business.

It’S just my deal is my thing. Was my baby was like? Oh he’s like weird, it’s like your child. I mean you hear somebody else’s child crying a plan you like when you so much so put the exact someone over the exit row and throw them in our room. Is it coming here, but you don’t just let it go. Can we shoot call Car time in the past was on the show today bring out a high-five, something there’s business coach  something about a child cry to their own parent?

That’S very powerful and there’s something about your own. Business is Cry of your customers. It’S very powerful! You know it’s at first at first was very easy to be very Frank with you, but as I added these things called humans, what employees as much as you know it sounds crazy, doesn’t it it is a great thing going on so glad you’re on the team.

You’Re awesome, this is awesome, be awesome, okay, awesome, business coach  yeah, it’s going to be awesome and they be like you know, whatever you’ve been negotiating for months to get a great deal on contact, lenses and glasses and I’m sure has happened to you coming you guys.

Listen. We’Ve got an unbelievable deal on contacts, we can for clients the best deal in town, the best prices, and we got a new selection of those new Nike frames. Under the first time, I, like Nike frames from you, yeah we’re all of y’all to come in and you’re excited.

So can I see business coach  what this means? This means we can destroy the competition and offer a better price, and the guy sitting closer to the meeting will call him Darrell. He goes okay.. Okay, are you even doing even care Daryl and he goes? Can I go to the bathroom?

No? No, but this is why you should be saying this: is this Conan lamentation of the women we got the new stuff. We got a great deal on it, it’s it’s on like Donkey Kong and it’s amazing how many of your employees you bring business coach  on board.

Do not have the same Zeal they don’t they don’t they don’t care like you guys, um. I just want to know how do you cancel the people listening help as a person Lizzie cuz I never had in my DJ means my first. I can tell you what I do now, but I used to be like: do you guys not care and then someone?

I don’t know what you’re just saying, but are we going to get to leave for lunch today because we’re getting Subway for lunch? To make me Chris, don’t business coach  ask you, how do you, what would you say to the entrepreneurs listing who are just frustrated the people within their flock?

We have a pastor in the Box, you know, maybe you don’t want to be led by the shepherd. The thing about it is is that you have to become a Jedi master in mind, control of these people and try to hurt them by then build them up. Um, I get him excited about a half a cheerleader, I mean I didn’t, have pom poms and you know I didn’t have the you are the business coach  wristbands in the you know. I didn’t and I never did her key in the hallway.

I think he’s at what to put in a cheerleader there’s a standing back. There is the ones it’s scary. I heard shut up. You know right, that’s what business coach  you did talk about. The hurt you when you did. The job was my cheerleader encouragement who, showing the way from you showing up in a good mood, is from you smiling from you being happy. Is from business coach  you being edifying from you coming and seeing how you know what I just like you.

I’Ve got a hundred reasons not be in a good mood, maybe more on Sundays. I’M right Justin, I mean, but you know I mean he didn’t take his hat off when they come in and you’ve got to be the standard, because the standard that they’re not going to quite hit that they’re not going to be some to Z, Astic that I Can be so excited about your business are going to be is business coach  on fire.

As for your business as you are, so you have to end, you have to kind of go over the top, and you have to be that leader that comes in a good business coach  mood as tough as that is. You have to be excited and you have to try to encourage them, identify them and say Hey.

You could do this. What would you say if someone wants to bash their employees business coach  over the head with a rock because they’re, I can’t work after 2 years, my business and I felt like I was running the ministry right, so he’s always listen to get back on the track like in The job, no one else, would all those business coach  things you’re, not making money.

You know, but anyways. I can relate to what you’re saying, because this morning I felt like I just wanted to get a new software launched and I spoke not connecting and then they’re not hiring right and an Insider. The reverse way I felt like – and I actually had to show them love – should appreciation appreciation. I’M so proud of you guys. I can see you guys doing great things and I just love on them and talk them up.

You know business coach  I could I could do whatever we want to feel it. What I want to do and bring them down. You were kind of like the love doctor. How do I can change the soft and we can have the best if we don’t work, the software won’t work, go to your whole life being dumb, let’s not be dumb anymore, starting today, top business coach questions from your clients this week. What’S the first tough question you have before you get back into our topic, so I want to talk to you guys business coach  about a pediatric.

That’S what I’m looking for pediatric medical facility she’s, going to be offering a free parental, clap, first parent class, to try to get some new patient. That’S the best way to kind of get that out in front of people and let them know how we’re going to offer this free thing from first of all, what is it it’s at, so for for expecting mothers expecting father’s, they can come check it out. We’Re going to teach you what to expect as you’re going through the business coach  process that you have a new baby, what the lifestyle changes are going to be just preparing you to have a baby for the first time. Will those are known quantity she can. She can get her dream 100 done fairly fairly easy because you can go to OBGYNs.

Those are the baby delivering doctors that you can say: Hey, listen for all your mothers that are going to be delivering here in the next 30 days, 60 days. Whatever days give me I reach out to them, I like to offer them business coach  a free parenting class, a free parenting, easy Gathering, easy thing to do, and you know there’s only so many those in town and they are in most of the babies – are delivered down through Obgyns beautiful, that’s a beautiful and thank you so much.

Play here on the time show on your radio get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 Maze Runner insecurities call Healing Hands on Manchester alright tribe Nation. Welcome back to this lifetime business coach  show on your radio and dr. Z. We’Ve got a super show in store, were talking today about how to keep it together mentally and we brought in the big guns with Pastor all the way here from Owensboro Kentucky the pastor, the senior pastor of River City Church in or you graduate and a great American eye exam excited, oh say: can you see if I know and then and then deleting song?

Is you know yet today this is sung by a group called Bastille, it’s business coach  called Set Me Free, and the idea of the song is that he ended he’s talking about how he basically feels overwhelmed with life, and he needs somebody to help him set him free and So you go, and so I think it’s a great great intro For Today Show a great a great song to play it so Pastor Brian.

How are you, sir? Hey I’m doing great, it’s an honor to be here with you today, clay., It’s just great, and I love being back in Tulsa spent years here and hang out business coach  with you. Guys is the icing on top. Why I hate to throw under the bus of the tough question right away, but I’m going to go to the people want to know cuz you’re a little little little little.

You know we got up. You know some of that hold hands or something, and then you could again all kind of kind of hot. So here it is. This is, this is a notable quotable from Daniel goleman, the best-selling author and psychologist behind emotional intelligence, and he business coach  says he studies, successful people and looks at psychologically how they process things, and he says it is very real sense. We have two minds, one that thinks in one that feels he goes on to say: emotional self, control, delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness underlies accomplishment of every short.

So you as a pastor, I’m sure you have probably you’ve seen pastors, who have a desire to chase new things and shiny objects. Maybe you’ve even business coach   thought that impulse on yourself in the past, but you have to deliver a sermon every single Sunday and you got to prepare you’ve got to write the helpline. You’Ve got to be an In-N-Out. Did the consistency? How long have you been a pastor and a senior pastor for 13 years of two questions here?

One is: how do you stay consistent is every Sunday for years and then how do you want advice? Would you have for the driver out there who is struggling to just business coach  be consistent? Yeah Sunday is coming with great regularity.

Every week I mean it it’s showing up every time, and then we do it Wednesday as well. We’Re going to be in that in that every time so I got to be ready and stuff is always going to come up. Stuff is always going to happen right, you’re, going to have a Monday problem or Tuesday.

I have to deal with it. The Bible says this: it says he was in The Day of the Dead. His strength is small, so I think a tacky. You don’t business coach  want to be a fainting goat right. We both seem fainting goats. I actually have seen it that’s what I want to know what I’ve been dealing go, but not offending go my neighbor’s own fainting, goats, and so this animal has this tricky little genetic disposition where, whenever they come and collect the garbage they picked.

This massive off trash can up truck drops it that got like 30 or 40 of these fainting goats. They all hit business coach  the ground pass out at one time. They can’t stand. The stench, like you clay. When I come to your house – and you know your kids just pass out the things that that keep you consistent, keep you going, you have that control, no matter what is hitting you what’s coming up on, you is, you got to have a schedule.

You got to have a plan. You got to have time set aside where this is what I’m going to do. No matter what happens unless a comet hits, you know business coach  not not even to get to my next door neighbor, but if it hits me is, the only thing is when he starts job. I love your calling.

I love this one as well as you, and I and Z. We have a very parallel universe, sewing dr. Z, with set an appointment to meet with a client about their Optometry needs. He had an appointment at a set time and guess what he had to show up. Who is Showtime Showtime, and you was a pastor business coach  that there’s a thousand people coming to church that give to me.

You had Services what three. What’S the most people you’ve ever had in a service that you’ve spoken at 3000-5000, I’m sure five to ten thousand. At a time you can’t be late. There’S a small business here is a small business came. This is a small business. If I’m a plumber, I’m a dentist on my doctor, I’m a whatever.

I can go ahead and be 7 minutes late and no one business coach  notices. But you can’t be late because it’s showtime, because you are a picture of a mega church yeah when the time is on it. It’S it’s all you and it’s all go. So how do you create that pressure? Give you a pride and you’re a pastor. You probably wouldn’t be like calling in your praise and worship.

Going to Ameren in 37 minutes behind my bad. I didn’t get a chance to prepare, prepare my outline preparing for whatever I’m in their interview business coach  with them. If someone it’s abundantly obvious that they’re not prepared either, but how do you conjure up the motivation? How do you fight the demons we have passed on the fight, the demons that keep people from the people procrastinate?

I think that that self-control is something that it’s developed over time. It’S something you have to be intentional on it, something you have to work on. I’M thankful that I was raised by I’m a I’m a pastor, but I was raised by businessman very successful business coach   businessman. Cattle broker ran the largest cattle Brokerage in the world and so that sort of discipline was required of each and everyone of us names.

Please don’t mention names, but somebody preach, and you said man that guy is going someplace if he can get self-discipline and watch that person fizzle. I’Ve ever seen that happen when the super talented guy doesn’t have success. I’Ve seen that a bazillion times the number.

Yet I just saw just business coach  now was going to ask you this because you have a high level of emotional intelligence. He worked on and I mean this. You are very much. You have a phrase. You told me numerous times you said clay. We’Re going to do.

Is we need to know when to cook the pic, and I’m like? What does that mean? You have to know you’re the most disciplined guy I’ve ever seen, but you also know when to cook the pig break it down what you got going to put the cook. The business coach  pig is when to celebrate a victory, but I always get back to your father and it’s kind of business.

Did you watch that he ever sell a purple cow I’ve not yet seen a purple cow because, on the show we often talk about purple, couch Cisco wrote a book about the purple cow, the cow that sticks out the marketing? So it’s just kind of a tie and some other show. So if you, if that means nothing to you, try Remington’s podcast Nickelback concert. If you on the business coach  drive time, podcast, I’m going to give you an example.

You took my wife and we went to a nice restaurant in a fancy meal. Bull riding actually insisted on paying for the bull riding bull riding the driver who picked us up. You tip that guy will you everyone would assume this guy is the most casual relaxed,

Showtime guy in the play this guy is like he is having a great time, but you have this fastidious discipline and when things don’t get done, it business coach  makes you crazy. I just want to know how do you balance that cuz, you are an extroverted Communicator.

You like people, but you’re, also disappointed, I think, a lot of times. People think it’s different personalities when we come back clay, I’ll break it down, break it up, break it down. Like a plan. I’ll bring that thing down, I’m going to call AAA because you’re breaking it down and I have a business coach  limited roadside service drive time show 321 boom help me exercise Carnation your listing of some Bastille.

If you never check those guys out, Google search Bastille, they do. I grate cover of a Miley Cyrus song on BBC live Lounge. What they do is Miley Cyrus cannot stand when they reference the achy breaky heart when talking about her family and to actually turn it into an epic remix, and it’s unbelievable how talented they are business coach  musically. They take a song.

That means virtually nothing and I turn into something epic and they sort of do a tongue-in-cheek poke at Miley Cyrus and it’s super great go to BBC look up. Bastille super talented guys, I’m feeling you don’t like Miley come on. I just pic of Miley Cyrus podcast, and you know she typically forgets to wear clothes which to me is sort of kind of. I don’t know.

If I put remember to wear clothes, you know yeah. Well, I’m going to business coach  happen. She’S, a spitter she likes to spit on the state tax rate of a weird deal. I did not know that and she likes to be able to urinate Laser Nation cheats.

This is something that she actually is into not getting true story type to find that, but then don’t click the link just go. Oh no, but don’t just don’t need any Miley Cyrus at all. You don’t click the link that says hey if you, Google, my name just don’t click the link. That’S a concern!

Now we’re talking it’s a clean show. They were business coach  talking about how to keep it mentally together. How to duct tape. Your mindset how to make sure that you don’t lose it, but before we do that Eric chop, your business, coach, you’re doing client everyday. What’S a tough business coach question, do you have for doctors, ESC emotionally recovers from seeing Miley Cyrus blinks temperature?

It’S not safe for work. Don’T don’t put your place right now, actually kind of a broad question that, as I’m working with a lot of, we are on board at some business coach  new clients and we’re really getting into kind of what you were talking about a minute ago.

Holding yourself accountable, Indian that diligent person, so I just kind of a broad question: what’s the basic steps to get yourself on to that track and kind of if you’re, in a bit of a rut, to get out of that rut and and hold yourself accountable?

Well then, he said two words that I just their hyphenated that go together. Well, they actually getting put love warm fuzzy in my business coach   heart that make it look like LOL. I got a step and my smile it’ll get up and my step when he says that in its self control for those of you listening right now, you may be going to lunch.

You may be a listing on the podcast you could be. I can be late and I didn’t like you cancel I’ll be at which is not even a country anymore. Shelby is what I meant to say. It’S part of the old Yugoslavia, large or large. In Poland, Big Fan, Fest 2014 company Yahoo is a faithful business coach   to Center. In Australia back to you – and I said I was so excited hey did you do the Hobbit trailers dominicos?

Let you know that the Hobbit thing yeah? Oh yeah, I haven’t either cuz. That sounds pretty nerdy. I want to do some self-control. Self-control, but the point is a self-control that is when the keys and we all listen right. Now you may be driving. You may be a trucker, you may be in a truck.

Stop, you may be a aren’t. You could be the business coach  cubicle, you can be anywhere in the world. I just said yourself, you know, I know some people that don’t have self control and they are not much fun to be around, and I know some people that have self control and they are awesome to be around I’m just telling you, because when people have self Control they you look at them and you say wow you I’m at the other day you I’m coming on this business coach  carb-free diet.

I hate to quote is John Mayer, But Your Body Is a Wonderland, sorry, Thrive, Nation! Sorry, I would apologize Fortaleza, but the point is: is that you don’t you can’t eat bread like any bread, or will you don’t like better go? Oh, no, not looking to go little self-control, no business in life and everything you do learning self-control.

Just I tell you what it kind of puts you ahead of us 83 per cent of the people, but it’s probably at least 62 %. I’Ve been business coach  Google. Those numbers are going to to know for sure, but I’m telling you it will. It will catapult you like. Nothing else and that self-control is probably – and I call it delaying gratification, notable quotable – that sort of validation of a statistic for you, but I want to give you an example and was hoping you had a good cuz.

I threw up his numbers. I Hope College book called emotional intelligence. I haven’t read the book. I encourage you to do it for career studying business coach  people who are successful and people who are not the courts in his book. He says many people with IQs of 160 are working for people with IQs of people working for people with an IQ of 100 personal intelligence in the ladder have a high, only explain, EQ and IQ he’s.

Emotional intelligence is more important than it in into your ear. Iq is basically what it is: it’s how you score on standardized tests relative to your Age, 2 and 3. If you don’t score higher on test, as you business coach   get older, you actually getting Dumber according to the IQ IQ. It’S how quickly do you rebound adverse emotional situation?

How quickly as an example example today that made me crazy and I got over it in about 90 seconds, we had somebody who I know very well – I’ve known since college at Oru, which, by the way we come back to the rake Pastor, Brian, isn’t Oru grad, But this guy went to Oru, but the one I want to or you and he went into the office and shut up. You know the business coach   situation.

He tried to recruit you what happened to move today and then, when I call him on it, I’m like dude, you just did it again, because it’s just business and he’s got a low IQ. Some guy who, a month ago, wanted me to give him ,000 cash loan, so he can pay his mortgage cuz. He failed to save for taxes. It’S unbelievable! This dude is trying to borrow money off you and is trying to snipe some Yorkie people from the Christmas recruit air traffic business coach   at work.

Do you know what great people have here today? He did it again and I’m like you just asked me for a cash. Did you think I would the question that begs to be asked? Did you give him alone? No, I didn’t say anything what you what you say, what you talk to this dude comes to his broke, and he says he needs some money to lose to lose his gear every time I just said it’s not like.

I said it’s just not something we’re going to do your money here today, she’s been business coach  eating like giving the reason why I thought I did not. I did not give him a reason why you’re not going to do it, but today I called him and had maybe a 30-second conversation. I said not cool, stop doing it. It’S ridiculous and he says it’s just business and that’s the kind of stuff they.

How do you emotionally rebound? I just moved on stage of drive time to show on your business coach  radio broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Ecstasy, all right Red Nation, welcome back to the conversation is that’s why I’ve time show on the radio and if you are somebody listen to the show today in your moderately OCD like I am, and somebody touches your stuff, but I might tell

Matt business coach  to listen to Show today and you have complete, verified Asperger’s, and you realize that the repetitive doing of tasks over and over and people just keeping things where they need to go, is your secret to happiness and some one’s ever touched your stuff and you feel like your brain – could Explode and so you’re, just duct taping your head right now to not explode.

This shows for you because you’re you and if you’re somebody who’s, listen to show in your business coach  captain, relaxed Captain. Hey, it’s all good bro going to work through it. Nothing matters, it go get it. He can. We just make some mores High School by your work. Together we can participate cuz, you know we didn’t keep score.

What is you want me to do? Send it to you, then you maybe you’re trying to mentally keep it together in the guys. Today is my day for my birthday early gift. They actually made a book, which is a parody of me, which is ridiculous, which business coach  is really funny by the way.

Definitely put my favorite word in the book, which I showed you in the bathroom which works all. I could introduce you to some of your favorite things I didn’t realize it was one of your favorite things show me a joke about all the time and then somehow it made it to.

The book is one of my favorite things. So it’s you want to go visit. Hr really just ask him how we fix ourselves, so we can be educated by from someone who business coach   has class. Thank you should be I’m at the balance of life. Right I mean we went to the break. I was telling example of like you know, but to me that’s the hardest struggle with greed.

Someone else struggles with jealousy. I struggle with the Adidas desire to right wrongs. That’S my deal. I have to understand that the vengeance is God’s. I’Ve been taught that a pastor. I sat down the guy and he said. Let me please understand this is Matthew 5:10. I want business coach  you to write down Circle and highlight it. He said blessed are the persecuted?

The bills were persecuted because of their righteousness is Matthew. 5:10. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of the righteousness. Please understand that if you are right, you’ll be attacked. What’S the understand that and let the Vengeance be the Lord’s, and I’m like okay and it’s the now today, I literally like today just happened to them.

Like you just tried to recruit one business coach   of my employees, I’ve known you for 18 years, you just apologized three months prior, you just ask for a cash loan two weeks ago and then today you try again to recruit an employee of mine, and I wanted to say Things but haven’t had a Musa, and I said yes, so you know if you, if you listen to the show all the time you’ve heard this segment, but a couple weeks ago, we didn’t show on that business that entrepreneurship is similar to the war.

Yes business coach  and The Balancing Act that so now you’re sitting there saying oh wait: the vengeance is somebody else’s. I eat the Lord’s, yes and now you’re like and and so what does that mean? How does that look to you and Pastor Brian dye me sort through this, and I mean this is so I want to get his take on this cuz.

It’S big. I was not sincere with the person today and I just say: yes, hey it’s just business and I go okay, okay, you know what I forgive you business coach   and I can tell you I forgive for myself, but I am I if I did, I think about it. All. I’M fired up and I N I N Out old-school how I would have done. I would have done it and I did that a little bit in college too.

Much is a good boxer and I just go after him. That’S why I wasn’t a fan of story, but the point is I just I’m I’m not I normally that’s where I would go. I would just man to man, let’s go. Do this right now, if I put you in like a UFC cage fight was supposed business coach  to say I wouldn’t quit coming back, I mean I can be like the best UFC fight, like the guy.

That knows all the Brazilian nunchuck Moves In Like A Dude on the couch. That knows how to use his remote control me. Where would you rank in their athleticism or whatever I just won’t, stop, I’m so aggressive. Would you give your head so big if you get that thing going forward and you hit him with that, that’s got ta hurt almost seven feet tall.

He went on to play business coach   very high levels of college and the guy. You know what he could turn in the elbow just catch you right in the shoulder. I turned good rebound. I turned as hard as I could right into his ribs and he was like a foot taller than me and the whole game I’m shoving and pushing off getting into his head in the second quarter. He quit pushing cuz, I’m just so crazy and my dad was like you got to stop cuz.

I was just so aggressive. You know what it was like. What business coach   you did today was I prayed up. Getting it got so heated. I end up throwing the basketball at their mascot, the Litchfield Dragon running the guy setting ridiculous screens. You know that was my car, because my dad is such a nice person, and I was so aggressive he’s just like what you did was just embarrassing.

You don’t need to get it. I just am at walk up the guy just shot him and just talk to him. I was on it because I was you said it was simple.. What business coach   would you say to him that I said hey, here’s a you know. I remember the exact words that have some of the effect of I’m going to make your day miserable and every time the rest not looking to hit in the crotch, and it was just that was the idea.

Then that’s awesome, cuz. I got nothing but he said he thought about asking is okay, if somebody’s listening to show today and somebody they just were betrayed by someone close to business coach  them to you, how do you do it? How do you mentally do it? Cuz you for your pastor, help us yeah, but Trail is the toughest thing I think the leader will ever go through the business owner will ever go through and what you got to decide it.

It’S coming, it’s going to happen and up because you’ve been betrayed, doesn’t make you a bad leader. You didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. Think about this Jesus. The perfect leader had business coach  Judas Iscariot come on think about this God in heaven had a rebellion in heaven, God, the Father in Heaven had Lucifer lead one-third of the angels in an Anarchy come on out of where he is preaching.

So if you think no one’s going to betray, you you’ve been to see it’s going to happen. But what you have to decide is that I’m going to rise up and I’m going to become better than betrayal and I’m going to overcome it, and I probably had the largest dose of business coach  betrayal in my life this last year. I had guys that I work with this happens in the church world.

The church world has this all the time, and I had a group of men at work with for 13 years that Team 13 years were my best friends in the world, and I thought they were my best friends the world. The thing about thinking. People are your best. Friends is be careful if you’re paying someone, and you also think they’re your best friend.

Those lines become very blurry business coach   come on now, so you have to watch that. So these guys, you know when you’re, when you’re, when you leave anything when you’re the head of anything right, your business owner, your pastor, there’s a parallel there and there is a Temptation for people that are working with you to potentially become jealous of your success or Where you’re going and it creates an opportunity for that to happen, that happened in judas’s life, alright, Jesus is business coach  Ministries, it’s getting better.

Judas is CFO for Jesus and Judas seized that opportunity there. He wants it for himself and betrayal happens to make sure, because I want to kind of tea this and we come back from the break. I really want you to share the story because you’re, a guy who started the church from nothing and you just got to have been I’m so maybe we were talking about how to keep it together, mentally there’s got them, and sometimes here thinking – oh my gosh, I business coach

Am spending all of my time building a church and there’s no money coming in at all in the very people that should be giving are sitting in front of me saying. Thank you for the sermon. Thank you for the words. Thank you for praying for me.

Thank you for coming to the hospital, and you know, they’re not giving anything, not even zero, don’t even know nothing at all or just as you are that, given two or three or four, they giving nothing and ability to begin business coach   in front of an audience a crowd. Aa congregation in to be able to preach a message sincerely to people who you know or not, giving anything to support your ministry.

I don’t know that I could handle it to me. That would be very tough. Every like customers coming in to your grocery store, leaving with the full of with all the items they want and then not paying anything I mean I did just think this is fascinating. I got you could start at church business coach  grow it into a megachurch he’s on the verge of really doubling in size.

Lot of neat things are happening, the world of Pastor Brian. There was River City, Church, Owensboro Kentucky, and I just didn’t want it. I want it go to get his take on that order. Your take on it when I get Justin’s take on that cuz. You guys have built something from nothing that exciting what you know. What I just asked you he’s a cool dude and his voice is really awesome. It is business coach  a great voice. I mean it’s, it’s really fun. If his voice were a food, it would be better. It would be like butter on a croissant stay to the business coach  right time.


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