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How do you keep it together mentally when your life and business get challenging? During this episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Pastor Brian Gibson, Justin Moore, Doctor Robert Zoellner, Clay Clark and Eric Chupp discuss their moves for getting through the difficult times of entrepreneurship.

How to Deal with Legal Issues

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Emotional self-awareness is the building block of the next fundamental emotional intelligence: being able to shake off a bad mood” ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ



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How to Deal with Being on Time

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Out-of-control emotions can make smart people stupid.”― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ




How to Deal with Social Media Hate

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Many people with IQs of 160 work for people with IQs of 100, if the former have poor intrapersonal intelligence and the latter have a high one.”― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ




How to Deal with Internal Pressure You Put On Yourself

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Goal-directed self-imposed delay of gratification” is perhaps the essence of emotional self-regulation: the ability to deny impulse in the service of a goal, whether it be building a business, solving an algebraic equation, or pursuing the Stanley Cup. His finding underscores the role of emotional intelligence as a meta-ability, determining how well or how poorly people are able to use their other mental capacities.” ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ




How to Deal with Hate from Employees

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Emotional resilience comes down to how quickly we recover from upsets. People who are highly resilient—who bounce back right away—can have as much as thirty times more activation in the left prefrontal area than those who are less resilient.” ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ




How to Deal with Financial Pressure

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “…emotional intelligence accounts for 80 percent of career success.” ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ




How to Stay Focused

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “the ability to monitor feelings from moment to moment is crucial to psychological insight and self-understanding. An” – ― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ



Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. Alright, why they should welcome back to your daily conversation, is at right time show on your radio. My name is Clay. Clark on the plumber, USS be a entrepreneur of the year, the father of five kids and I choose to  business coach  be positive, and let me tell you I could not be business coach positive on a daily basis.

If I had not learned the lessons were going to teach today. If you have struggled, but just getting out of a emotional rut, if you’re stuck in the negativity you’re like man, I’m not going to be positive until I get through this. Let me tell you something: you’re never going to get done getting through anything until your dad, because everybody’s going through something with your physical body, y

ou’re going through some Financial with business coach the employees, the teammates that there’s always something there’s, always the economy when you’re doing great the Economy gets bad, there’s always something, and you got to the quote – that the late great Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister, who stood business coach up defiantly to fight Adolf Hitler, he said

You’re Going Through Hell, don’t stop, which is why we brought on the pastor I guy from Owensboro Kentucky to Owensboro Kentucky, Pastor Brian at River City Church to educate us it’ll, give us the good news. Doctors and I’m excited to hear his stories very excited to hear his story of startup. I really am because it like you, said, there’s a lot of parallels between what he’s done and for you out there.

I’M in Forbes tells us that business coach 57 % of your listing right now or wanting to start a business 57 % off of people. Listening listening to a cooking show, you could be missing a home and garden, oh by the way real quickly and not not to say we’re home and garden show, but real quick play. How we doing with the chickens and the new the new Home Depot business coach getting strep throat just got the bid, the new print I want to share.

That’S going to be when you go down the stairs in the man cave it’s business coach right there. It’S called the rocks and The Rock Rockefeller in the words of wisdom from you, made the two biggest impact in my life. That’S the what rocks turn off the rocks and I’ve ordered the Seagate. You know New Orleans has a Seagate yeah.

We have a Seagate, so it’s a big gate with a c on a business coach massive. Yes and I’ve got the approval from Broken Arrow. I know exactly where I can build with the easements you’re going to put up, I think about a 10ft. You actually asked that’s. Impressive. Trump is going to be a big wall behind you know.

If you brought up, I prefer, if people who are here illegally stay at my house without asking, I just keep the door open for 9 check on my lawn that I let them sure you are here today. You but you’ve started a church business coach years ago. So talk to us about: how did you start the church and what was it like on a daily basis?

How did you mentally keep it together when you went from you and your wife from from the Wii to the three? How did you go for two people business coach to now? Thousands of people had to do it yeah. Well, it was a went when you first step out and jump out and do anything you know you’re going out into the unknown and one of the great things when I started as I was young 26 years old, I was just getting started..

I don’t even working at a very large Church of Kansas City of about 4000 people, so we we kind of had something we had. We didn’t ever dream, but things weren’t, bad right, you’re, both getting paid my wife’s, a business coach youth pastor then had five or six hundred kids in our youth group. I’M doing what I want to do, and so God tells me it.

I believe the spirit of God spoke to me said. I want you to build me. A church and a job on this show is be sort of like the business coach antagonist a time we have an expert on just harass, you sure someone’s listening. So I saying cuz, you actually hurt Pastor Brian. This is God you like what I want you to start at church on Tuesday at 3:47 I mean yeah yeah, I’m saying in my heart on business coach the inside.

Your people might describe it as their gut, but Christian will describe it as their Spirit got it. I feel like this is something I must do. Solar people interpret that, as that is the do you know, that’s got talking to me, so I felt business coach like I’m supposed to start this church.

I go back and I start here’s the kicker clay back then I had no money, no matter how I had no staff boom. I had no great plan at the top like a recipe for Success. Yet. All I had was grit, and it’s like I’m going to do this. If it kills, me killed my wife if we live homeless, if I have to eat all out of the trash, can I want to do this and I’m going to make this thing cook, and so I started preaching in a heavy metals in you and so business coach yeah.

That’S exactly what it was. Is it a Christian 100 they’re, just heavy metal bands, but the owners were Christians yeah. So these guys are business coach doing their thing. I jump up and I preach to a metal crowd of kids and I’m telling you a preacher. They were pretty much always preach.

The heavy metal come on now, cuz, you’re, business coach preaching and guys are screaming, go to hell. I hate you all that stuff and I’m like I hate you too, but but Jesus loves you and kind of my lunch team and, and so we upgrade from this metal joint and we get a bar.

This guy gets busted stealing any of the music that was played before you know what I disagree at. They was some of the music, but actually this is my new favorites female. Let me know someone good most the time it was terrible business coach it you know, you’re talking about guys making Pig. That’S why I have a soft spot in my heart for pick up some coke out of this bar and I think that would make a great church, and so we take this church.

We renovated and it becomes our church, and so it’s grinding out back in there. So much better information now right, whatever you you’re starting right now I did the best I could to educate myself. I was educated there theologically and then I’m reading everything business coach and I don’t want a theologian necessarily.

I want somebody, that’s somebody a fee of Theologian, someone who studies God right. I want someone, who’s practically put boots on the ground and and really done it, and so I’m looking for somebody who successful in my vein and that there weren’t as many books are applications for that back then.

But I got everything I could get out of a load it into the best of my ability. I put it in in practice and then you just you business coach do that and you just keep knowing that you’re showing up now here’s the thing as emotionally. Okay, I’m going to ask is because you grow it in your dream meeting in the house, maybe an apartment where you meeting where you eating at this venue.

Oh yeah, I was – I was meeting at this at this venue. I was meeting anywhere. I could I’m at a 99 different locations first, 5 years – it’s right and you know that God has a heart for them, but you got to eat right. How do you business coach not get angry? So a guy’s real, quick, real, quick talk here, you guys might be headed straight for you know what I mean hot place.

If you don’t get something today that bring some back. I guess you deal with that and here’s the deal you were talking about emotional intelligence service, the EQ always trumps the IQ, so you got ta, learn how to deal with those difficult situations and if you’re going to Pioneer anything there how to be a million of Them all in the people that business coach the people that you start with are not necessarily going to be long-term goal in whatever you’re doing here’s.

One thing I want to say, and I won’t ask you to get these feedback on this opportunity to help you with these – are just some of the branding and marketing of the church, and I told my wife, I don’t you tell you that I have like. I said this guy is a guy.

I could attend his church because you’re sincere about your, your immediate, it’s it’s. Your real calling – and I can say business coach that I work with other churches are past – is where I go. This guy’s just displaying Church he’s not good, but you’re at this is your thing. This is something you’re into.

Could what advice or encouragement would you get for The Listener out there who goes? I just feel called open a furniture store or to be a distributor me. A pastor – and they just see that I want to hear your take on this Pastor, Brian and see what would you say to the guy who, just like I just I just fear of failing, business coach I feel with the rejection – is like George McFly from Back to the Future I just can’t handle that rejects in the rain.

What would you say you and him first Pastor, yeah yeah. I don’t think the first thing I would say is I promise you. You will fail all right that doesn’t sound, very encouraging., So go home and give up no. No, it’s not what I’d say. I’D say: that’s a promise!

You you’re going to fail and everyone’s going to fail. But if you spell enough, you succeed so so the business coach biggest loser in the room is the guy that doesn’t try and and what’s the worst deal it if you fail today, what are they going to take from you you’re, nothing, but whenever I started it’s like it’s Like okay, if I fail, if I lose, you know, I sign on everything.

What are they going to take from me? I don’t have that much to begin with, okay, okay, what did you have a rule when your rules you’ve told me over to be so? You can say you have to be the pig at breakfast and not business coach the chicken, my friend. What is this made?

This conversation takes me right back down to the farm. I love me. Some farmyard you got ta Rosa wheat and corn growing, make some sort beans over here on the south slopes supply of auto-ship Skoal dip. You got a tractor that, but you love to start up his it’ll backfire when it gets going.

There’S always some eggs and bacon cooking in the morning, and that text me to my number to ruin business coach business, and that is the most important thing. The pastor just said in his whole thing in my mind, to me that spoke to my heart, was that he was all in.

He said I don’t care where I, where I was going to sleep when I’m going to eat where I was going to lay my head down and what it was going to be. I was all-in I was committed. It was going to happen. He was the definition of the pig at breakfast and not the chicken, and business coach what that means is that the pig is totally committed. You were totally committed, it didn’t matter who showed up then matter when they showed up didn’t matter. If they’re going to show up, you were to be there we’re going to continue on, you were all, and you took all your chips for poker and you shot them all in the middle of the table, and you said you know what I’m already in bed.

That’S a big to the pig is his life business coach for bacon and ham, and you don’t have breakfast. There is a a musical artist by the name of Clay Aiken who was on that show The Voice. Anyone that yeah and my friend Ryan Tedder wrote him a song. So you wrote me all the songs about Ryan tedder’s life, but Clay Aiken sing.

It doesn’t pigs, he says my address has changed almost every year I found that standing still can quickly make a lifetime disappear. I business coach rather try to fail. Is it is it? He said? I’D rather try to try it another try and fail a thousand times denied, and in this will never he goes on to explain.

Basically. At least you know that you’re alive, because when you’re a thousand times than I’d at least you know that you’re alive and that the idea of those lyrics was. It was profound to me because, when Ryan was building his musical career, he went and applied for an internship business coach for everybody and really funny story, but he actually I’ll put the link on Today Show notes, but he did an interview on a morning. She’Ll put the link. If you have drive time should I come, you click on podcast, you can hear it, but he used to buy CDs and he would call the customer service line and able to answer.

I disconnected and he would work his way through to 8db Labyrinth of voicemail hell to get to somebody in HR and he would business coach go hey. Here’S the I’m an artist, and I was trying to talk to me about an internship and he would just make those calls everyday from his Oru dorm room just to all in so you finally gets his first internship.

They said he will hire you you’ll, be working. The same building as Timberland out here, I’m out in Nashville. The thing is, though, we’re going to pay you and he says: okay: sweetie gets a job at Pottery, Barn he’s a he’s. A college graduate from Oral Roberts,

University business coach and Harry is working without any compensation at all for free for a multi-millionaire number talking to him, and he said I’m selling my my vehicle. I see you’re selling your vehicle hate. You know it really goes yeah, I’m at the vehicle and I’m taking all the money and I’m buying studio equipment.

That way, I don’t have a back-up plan. That’S just an awesome idea. So, if you’re listening today, I encourage you to burn the boats, be all in before you begin, we come back, business coach we can bring it back Eric chop into the box that rocks we get Justin Moore’s, take on it from the elephant. The room experience this concept of: how do you emotionally keep it together as you’re building something?

My name is Clay Clark, you listen to the Thrive time show on your radio. Several moments when she was Stronger Than You Feel You Are life is not always a comfortable happy birthday, Scott Justin Bieber. If I thought I was all the way alright on business coach your radio is a great song called be as you are by Mike Posner and one of the things that

Mike Posner I love. I love his music more than things that I I love and appreciate about him is that he is was a Megastar is make a star the song by Maroon 5 called sugar. He wrote that Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. He love that, but, like he appreciated my wife praying for him and I love that more or he’s a very honest about the fact that he battled depression and I love that more business coach than his music.

I love the fact that here’s a guy at the at the peak he’s running top 40 songs, he’s making ridiculous Revenue, I’m working with with Big Sean writing songs for Jay-Z writing, songs for Snoop Dogg, and yet he saying hey. I have issues with depression and I just want you to know that transparently, so moving forward. It’S not weird,

I just think, that’s powerful, because I think they’re going to listen to our show and I’m so sorry, if I ever done this to you, but my goal business coach is for you to feel whole and not to listen to her, show and feel like you’re. Full of holes – I don’t want you but you’re, comparing yourself with somebody great and Go gas, and I can never do that. Cuz, I’m going to take we all battle, something so to put myself out there.

I’M going to say here are things that I do that are weird, and then I want you to say what are you doing pictures of the you can say what what are you do? We are right during rhetorical. You don’t have to pay for business coach me and Asperger’s. Asperger’S are people that enjoy repetitive tasks over and over and we’ll do things because of the rapidity of doing the same thing over and over helps them for supper me.

I hate variety. I cannot stand Rite Aid freaks me out. People touch my stuff it’s like today, or to the radio, show and have a little bit of a panic attack. Cuz there’s been an adjustment to discuss it stresses me out. It also stresses me out when there’s variables that don’t need to be business coach introduced and anything variables in a conversation variable in the planning..

That’S why I don’t leave the building. I am the Payless man in the world because I never leave the building. That’S why my schedule? The same every week, but it’s also my superpower so like I don’t miss meetings and I never fail to get my stuff done because I therapeutically like doing the same thing over and over some people hate repetition.

I like it Under Armour baseball. My coach business coach said: if you become a good hitter, what you need to do is do soft toss and do 150 hits and do this and that motor and I’m going okay and I’m just out there like, like. I have like a problem. You know I just keep doing it over and over and over I got a very good by just doing the same thing over and over, but variety of your business coach.

You work in the office and you see what he does to my head: it’s not a fun experience. If you are part of business coach that variety into one of the coaching room There and Everywhere We business coach have so many members in mallets in the office taking it’s funny cuz.

They know that I noticed it and like meeting with a client in there’s like now one Mallet, then there’s two well, here’s the thing is it’s good that you’re funny, because otherwise you’d just be standing there, holding a mallet like tapping your hand at the client that Might not be the best visual, but if you bring it all together together summer start with you Justin.

Is there a part of business where business coach you say elephant the rooms? Obviously, very successful, it’s doing great as our part where you say you know what this is the hardest thing for me mentally, because he has been around long enough where you could coach everybody and give us some feedback going to get your tags or something for you To the hardest part mentally of running a business looking to do your own thing, but you may you be your biggest critic and no one’s going to care as much business coach about your life at. As you do remember some friends, even some investors row comes down to showing up to pull an all-nighter.

It’S me you so so one you can’t be soft. You can’t be soft. You got to take rejection, you guys take the knocks the blows. It’S like a boxer. You’Re going to be in the ring for a fuse, but guess what you’re going to get a chance to rest and it back in the ring, and if it’s provincially does trials and tribulations.

That’S what teaches you along the way to get you business coach where you want to go and I’ll finish with this, if you’re focused on the now meaning, no car, no money, no resources. You think your folks on what you don’t have you always take that present state with you wherever you go and you want me to leave it, you got to find ways to make it happen.

I love to hear more about Pastor and what he’s done, because he’s got a perfect example of that and if it’s a church, if it’s a it’s a car shop, whatever it is Automotive, you know it’s the same business coach principle, the same applications. The only asked you mentally is there anything for you.

That’S been the hardest part of being a business owner where you go. You know what I don’t know that I signed up for that. But then, when you realized you were all in, you started business. You realized. I did sign up for this and it’s been the heart and what’s the hardest part for you, just mentally of running your Empire. First thing that pops into my mind, there’s other things are business coach popping into my mind. First thing: first thing that popped in my mind is firing a really good friend letting someone go. You done that that was a lifelong childhood friend that you know you you mentored in the business you brought them up.

They got in the business because of you. They followed you, they, you thought, you thought looked up to you, you thought they were one of your armor bearers. You thought they were a person that was like in your inner circle, and business coach then you find out that the really taking extreme advantage of your relationship with the other employees that they are leaning on them in an unhealthy way, because the other employees know that they’re a Good friend of yours and when it all comes full circle and hit you in the face and your your face now it’s a decision that you know you have to make, but you don’t want to make you don’t want to do it.

You don’t want to sit down with that person say it’s business coach over. It’S done, you need to leave, and that is perhaps I mean employees that are family family already have kind of been an entitlement that you know going into it. Guardians kind of built-in little bit little bit little bit was the only business going to work for nothing or not a lot of money and then being that have an entitlement that comes along with it, you’re kind of like that’s kind of normal, but a friend, that’s Kind of gone through thick and thin with you business coach through Life, Journey’s and now you’ve, you know you’ve, you brought them on board and there a key employee or you thought it came Floyd, and then you come to find out.

They took him complete advantage of the sea. Uation you have to let them go. That may be one of the most difficult things to do as a business owner, but you know what years later, as always, when you always the right decision, they look up at you and they say you business coach know what that was. The best thing that happened to me and that’s why you know it so difficult in life.

You know we always have this little myopic or shortsighted filter of oh, my God, what’s happening tomorrow. What time tomorrow not what’s happening in 1 year, 2 years or 3 years down the road, but as an entrepreneur, you have to kind of be able to sit back and say you know what I’m going to do what’s best for the business today as painful as business coach It is, and I know that down the road it’s going to work out and be the best thing all the time he’s looking to get a new lease he’s in the current lease he’s got three years left on it.

You want to know if there’s any secret moves to try and get out of that lease and find a new place play Styles and how to get out of a lease and how did not burn down a business coach building that you’re in on radio. I’M a business coach Stadium, sweet just one thing darling: I know how to write one hell of a song yeah.

I know alright on your radio there’s a good chance that you are somebody who can do something really well and Mike Posner talks about. He came out his one skill Mike posner’s. One skills he’s very good at writing. Songs, but because he’s good, it’s writing songs. That doesn’t mean he’s good at managing the business coach emotions of Fame.

He talked about Fame, just was destroying him because the first off his agents, his hand or his people said you got to like make sure you lift weights all the time and get your physical body into a shape for you look like you’re. Basically, I like a rapper where rapper close and you want to make sure change change, because that the video has Killed the Radio Star.

So now you have me on the videos. You have to look a certain way or business coach asking me to write songs that you wrote a song called Bow Chicka Wow, Wow Wubbzy, which to him was like soul-sucking cuz he’s like that’s, not who I am they’re asking me to write music, that I don’t even agree With that’s not what I’m about, and I want to write something I sincerely stand for so for him was this battle of being sincere with also and by the way, Mike posner’s, unbelievable podcast.

Now I encourage you to listen to where he is super sincere business coach and it may be, gets a thousand downloads, and then he wrote a song recently called took a pill in Ibiza about how you regret the decisions he made while in on the island of Ibiza, took A pill in Ibiza to show a beachy, the famous DJ, that he was cool and he’s like. I just regret that and they turned into a remix and the original version had like ,000 and then the the remix have like millions and millions and he’s like it’s.

Just going to world, where basket the business coach world glorifies insincerity in this in the celebrating of dumb things, and it just it’s amazing how so he battled that I’ve always battled. I just made some very very hard to change a traveler’s check. Freaks me out variables. Freak me out new ideas. Freak me out like to do the same thing over and over and over he talked about.

We have to fire a friend, that’s the tough part. I want to ask you here at this question: Pastor brought. I want to ask you this, but before I ask it a question about, what’s the business coach toughest thing you’ve battled Eric Chapa business coach asked, he has a client is in a 3-year lease. How do you get out of that thing? Is there a way to get out of a 3-year lease?

You know I move is a razor. A system is our secret passage. Everything in business is negotiable. Listen to that I’m going to let that just remember. Rotisserie marinate for second didn’t like it’s like sliding over the thing. I can put some more sauce any weapon over flip that thing over everything’s in business coach negotiable, and when you talk about getting out of the lease it is that a foregone conclusion is there is a move to do it as a recording to statute 13.5 of the federal Legislation of the act of the pilgrims on the Mayflower you can get out of a lease. If you don’t want to do this home,

I want it and I catch up. We don’t have either one. I mentioned a client specific information on the show, but this is what I would do one if they sincerely aren’t going to be able to pay the payment, but they business coach just can’t. I would just meet with the landlord straight up for the night. So I financially I’m not going to be afloat if I continue to honor this lease, so you’re going to end up getting like half of the lease and then we’re done.

But I would be happy to pay you for the next amount of time and we can sublease it or you know that without headphones on your present garage Bay right now in using it, it’s like a 10 by 10 garage 10 10 baby, and you need to Upscale business coach downscale, whatever it is, you need to scale, need to go one way or the other right now. Everything’S, negotiable and, and he may be able to help us.

I need to go to a bigger place and in part of his mental thinking, is it uses of my overflow place, I’m going to hang on to him. Let the landlord know that I’m moving, but yet if he can sublease it great, if I can sublease it great, you look at that. That’S when the moves and I’m about to actually try to sublease I’m business coach trying to find a place in that that meets my needs. But maybe then you can, and maybe you need to use both of them and he’s at NBA. So this is three they find 5 or 6 or 7 or 8. You know base other than that.

It’S in my point, is he: maybe you don’t kind of puts it together, someplace close enough to where he keeps both of business coach them. I mean the think about Lisa’s. Is that there’s a reason why they’re called the land-lord landlord the Lord of Light?

There’S a reason why to landlord and whatever you sign a lease, you have to take it very seriously, because that’s that is a contract not just as up it’s, not just a monthly payment play. When you sign the lease. It is five years since 5 years and ,000 a month.

It’S like what happens by law. All that’s ,000 x 12, which is ,000 x 5, which is do the business coach math on it hundred ,000. Roughly will call it directly at some things, a bit less, but that’s a contractor sign in at 4, and that is the money that you’re owed that person and now and before that. You could use that space for the for the time frame. To make sure you get this did least made sense for you when you signed it was The Honorable thing for you to do and that it’s not convenient.

You want to tell the landlord hey I’d like to get out of this deal. If I can find business coach someone to police it are you, okay were you, would you be okay if I found someone else to sublease it, but I see unfortunately, many many clients most clients, three three out of four people. I’Ve met, who will just come up with false reason, a false narrative, a false justification for not paying their lease and they get out of it cuz they prey on the other landlords heartstrings, but you lose the game of Life. In my mind,

if you give up your integrity in exchange for what you want, if you give you business coach change your blessing for a bowl of soup, that’s why we have a great guy, like Pastor Brian, on the show today, if that’s the right, I want to ask You this what’s the what’s the hardest part for you as a pastor that you struggle with mentally when it comes to keeping it together and in building a a church that drive by all standards is very large and very successful River City Church out there in Owensboro. It’S the part that you struggle with the most will the hardest.

The business coach hardest part of Pastor are leading people is, is the people and I’ll say this this? This is how this works is that you invest your life in someone in in business. It’S the same way. You’Re, investing your life and your customers you’re, providing them a product as you do that you develop a relationship with this person and our relationships past that it’s not just on an exchange of money. It’S spiritual, it’s love! It scare. Your families are together and then there’s going to come business coach a day as I passed your people, I don’t like this day. Some people are very faithful.

They stay with you forever. Some people have valid reasons for going somewhere else, leaving the care of your church and your ministry, but when that person leaves it feels like rejection that there’s a scripture in the Old Testament. It’S actually it’s alluding to what Jesus would go through the future, and he says these are the wounds with which I was wounded in the house of my business coach friends, all right, but the one that comes from the person you care about Hurts the Most earlier. You were talking about a fear of failure and really the fear of failure is not the fear of failure.

I believe it’s the fear of rejection because I failed now. Someone will reject me right going to talk about me. It’S not going to work and I’ll look bad in front of my pierced. So there’s this repetitive thing in my life and my wife’s life and my wife is a very outgoing people, business coach oving all of the people, but now she lives and dies on people, and so it’s a it’s a very difficult thing for her she’s that life of the Party wants to connect with everybody so you’re with these people 10-12 years and the next thing you know they’re done with you and you got a deal with that in your heart very difficult to get a hold of you.

How can I find your church? I can. I learn more. They can find me at lead pastor at lead, Pastor on Twitter. They can business coach find my church River City Church. CC online doctors in the hot seat. I’M asking him a ton of questions, no real fast; no, no! No! How do you mentally this is what the Lord wants me to do in my heart. I just believe that is no good.

I think about the Melodies important, but nothing sounds sweeter than the truth. I used to sit the whiskey and hit the bong all he just said Bond. Why would he do that to his story about how he basically was just a music business coach artist? Is it at the peak of his career and he realize that you know what the heck?

The action steps that I’m doing the things I’m doing here in my daily life conflict with my morals and I’m no longer going to be perpetually drunk and I’m no longer going to participate and Drugs in there for everybody around me doesn’t want to hang out with Me anymore, because that’s the kind of people have tried it myself, which ties into our show they.

How do you? How business coach do you keep it together, mentally whether you’re a celebrity songwriter, whether you’re, an optometrist with the top optometry clinic in Tulsa weather you’re? The Men’s Grooming Lounge is putting the competition out of business by the way the hell out of them are going out of business right now. I’M close. There’s another one that just close business coach their by Garnett.

By the way, we’re sorry, you can figure something out of a a job where a she has some applicants coming in or take an interview. So if you have one of the occasion just closed, we love to have you see question. Let me ask you: is either going to go past 45 seconds per one Maxim here we go. How do you mentally deal with legal issues? Go? How do you do a command to? Let you go to bed tell you. Going to play.

You don’t stress business coach out of it. Okay, if you do cuz it’s your first time in, like oh, my gosh, what I could, but I could have done differently, but I did wrong. I feel like I should, since is going to be a public record. Mommy Mommy didn’t know you were a few times, it’s pretty upsetting, but then what you do is you learn that you have just like anything like my accounting? How do I deal with my account?

I turn over my account. Is it go take care of this? Let me know when you’re done we’ll go business coach over. The numbers are both stressed anymore. How do you deal with legal issues.? It’S just not the same question. How do you question that you just asked me coming fast., It’s unpredictable, maybe a different answer.

The second time turning people just text, you all the time, I’m old enough play I’m old enough to remember when the cell phone was like a sacred thing. I mean you went from a pager. You went from a pager to like a cellular device is not giving business coach out the magic secret number. You know what I mean.

I know you make a call or driving how’s it possible. You must be someone important cuz. You know my cell phone, I used to say the military uses to you. You know myself, so you are okay with the thing about it is nowadays everybody hasn’t. He remembers, calling them all these random. I mean I get all the stuff. Like someone calls you don’t answer, and you were just selected as our lucky winner, I’m calling you business coach from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. How do you decide whose phone to answer his phone call Triple K, moving and moving?

Please come on. How do you know? Pastor, Brian, you have a church now with thousands of people. How do you deal with people that are chronically late? Emotionally you or late? You have a church service, it’s on Sunday speaking it Blow on your feeling it and I’m going to show up Daniel goleman best selling author psychologist he’s out of business coach control.

Emotions can make smart people too stupid to know how do you deal with without being stupid? How do you not lose your mind when someone’s late to the church service and every Sunday, and how do you do at know that they are always late to church, wow wow look out there and I know they’re good people they’re going to support their children are Taken care of they’re holding down their job they’re, paying their mortgage there on time.

The rest of business coach everyone else is going to be late, so you know it’s church, so song service starts and I won’t be able to it. Cuz we’re going to start on time right. You never cater to that. So you start on time. You run it come on now. You can’t cater to laziness and you do it, but they’re not going to be there till the 3rd song. So you do fun things up front before they give get there like to give away money. You have you know massage chairs up front because it just up like they’re, going to business coach sound like 1015 per cent when it rains out listen last week and it’s fall break.

Monsoons between the service hardest I’ve seen in years and so I’ll walk out there I’ll look around, and I know that these are the people that I’m going to be in heaven with right. Now wonder what they’re going to look for one for you and one for just for social media hate, because I like positive, like that, it’s so fun on the radio.

I don’t want to start the radio went out in the thing about it. Is that business coach the first few times it’s really upsetting? Can I get your first lawsuit? I don’t know how many people in the box of rocks right now been sued. What’S awesome, you been served, you been sued in like scratching like a week and a half at the moment of every day, and you know what do you find me after you have to been through you like, okay, just the cost of doing business?

That’S what’s going to happen to here’s, how we do it same thing with social media hate business coach the trolls are out there, just just put it out there always been there before back when I was a kid that try to throw a rock through your window when I Was a kid they would try to leave a note underneath the windshield wiper of a car is the move done the windshield wiper.

You are because I took too long yeah. You know the thing but ended. That’S happened to me on all those occasions. You know, and in the think about it now, is that it’s so easy business coach and so Anonymous to get on and say whatever you want to say, and I say what I used to do when I was a young jackass, my boss.

I was 16 years old whenever he would say something crazy. We used to lock his mailbox. What does it? What does that even mean like a series of chains around his mailbox and put it in the mail, and it business coach wasn’t like a nice small bolt? It was the biggest ones possible and we just thought it was awesome cuz.

He would come into the work. The next day he’s like somebody has put a series of talking about, so I must have been bested hundreds of dollars walk in my mailbox. I have to replace the mailbox I can’t cut through it. I can’t wear like oh my gosh, it’s so terrible, so horrible always been people who are idiots. I was an idiot back of the day.

No, no! No! business coach How do you deal with employees? Just a quick quick: can we go? How do you deal with hate from employees? How do you do it? So I have some of your team or, if you want to do it yourself, but just not emotionally have someone that can handle that and it’s just what is factual. It is our light or, if they’re, hateful it and just don’t, play with emotions, but just not emotionally deal with it.

You know who this is for you. Financial pressure building at church were business coach supposed to be focused on helping people get to heaven not focused on money, but you have to have money to fund the air conditioning. I think everyone obviously dealing with financial pressure in some shape, form or fashion.

I think you got have a plan. I think you don’t need to bite off your. We bought off big Vision, but you know you didn’t you take big Vision, what you got to do it in bite-sized chunks, so you got ta, have a plan that makes sense tomorrow and business coach watch commit yourself to and then sometimes stuff goes awry and you got to Make necessary Cuts in life. You got to be diligent with what you have you just have to take care of business General stewardship for tools that we have created to help the Thrive Nation It Fun by the way for incredible websites.

Only. Let me list the tools and then we’ll take the website. You can get it at first time we have a podcast. Why do people listen to maybe 15 minutes of the show? They business coach have to go back into work? They miss a segment. They want to hear it again, go to drive time. Should I come, they can subscribe to the podcast and rumor.

Has it that it’s it’s free and that rumors true it is free and people are downloading all around the world and you might hear show – and you might say I’ve got a friend in Cleveland – are going to friend in Pittsburgh. I got a friend in somewhere, that’s doing a business because they need to hear this, send it to him business coach share with him and all the next, the next to remove business coaching.

If you need somebody to lead the way to see The Proven path, we make a custom business plan for every single time. We were to lead you through the past. It’S unbelievable, it’s systematic and it’s a blessing. It would cost you to hire even one per hour. Employee move number 3 to go to thrive time.

Show.Com you can, you can sign up for the world’s most effective and affordable business school business coach for just for the first month and each month. Thereafter and finally, we have been very effective business Workshop doctors, either entertainment and education when people come to them they’re, so there, and when I say I’m with her, I said I asked him to question picture lab. They say. Yes, did you learn? They said yes and I go success as always like to end this show, with a 321 booms business coach homeless together now, 321 BOOM!


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