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Do you know if you have high quality employees? In today’s episode of the Thrive Time Show business coach podcast, U.S. Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner dive into the importance of hiring A players versus B and C-players. They also get into the details of how to create a staffing ratio chart, the importance of on-going recruiting and training. If you’ve ever had a hard time building a team of high-quality employees this show is for you.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you’re in a start-up, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. Each is 10 percent of the company. So why wouldn’t you take as much time as necessary to find all the A-players? If three were not so great, why would you want a company where 30 percent of your people are not so great? A small company depends on great people much more than a big company does.” – Steve Jobs  (The co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of Pixar)


Step 1 – Sit down and invest the time to make a staffing ratio chart.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress. We have an interactive tool available to help you 24/7. As an example, with our photography business, I know that one diligent and honest sales person who can sell $11,000 of photography services per week produces enough revenue to support eight part-time photographers and two full-time editors while producing approximately a 30% gross operating profit for the company. I know that every year the editors will come to me and say that they feel overworked during the wedding season and then they will be practically begging for work during the winter and non-wedding season months.


Step 2 – Don’t Settle for C Players

The goal here is to create the following systems within your company to help you always maintain the optimal levels of staffing without ever being over or understaffed.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them.” – Jack Welch

(Arguably the most successful CEO of his time. He grew GE exponentially during his tenure with the company.)
FUN FACT: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” –



Step 3 – Never Stop Recruiting 

Create a time in your calendar for weekly job postings.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B- and C-players.” Steve Jobs (The co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of Pixar)


FUN FACT: “85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes.”  Inc Magazine –


FUN FACT: “The number of people who now admit to wasting time at work every day has reached a whopping 89%.” – Forbes



I know you going to dig this broadcasting live from the center of the universe is dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170. This is cool in the topic. I showed you with the prop hunt show on your radio and   business coach  some crap done so in a way we go it’s about time to show on your radio and three two one here we go boom boom & Kumar,

Go back to the flat time show on your Radio, my name is Clay Clark of the former USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission  business coach  to make your financial issues disappear and inside the box with me today, Drive Nation you are in for a treat because on Today Show not only does Dr. zoellner make his triumphant return on our to he’s.

He’S he’s back inside the box here after a long-awaited return here, he’s been traveling around the world, expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire, but we had to bring in the  business coach  big guns to fill his shoots cuz it’s. How do you, how do you fill a size, 23 Shaquille O’Neal shoe? How do you, how do you feel dr. zoellner shoes when you bring in the lead designer on the Thrive time, show team in the bleed graphic designer this is Darlene, Tucker darling?

How are you my friend out there who are familiar with Mother, Tucker Ministries, think a lot of drivers might know who a mother Tucker was all about it, just kind of an  business coach  idea of where you came from? Can you explain who mother Tucker was and your relationship to this wonderful woman, mother, Grace Tucker?

She was an advocate for the homeless. She had a homeless Ministry, for you, know 60 years started out in her house and she just went on to revolutionize the industry in the industry of taking care of the homeless. You come from a great great lineage, so you probably just genetically learn how to do graphic  business coach   design, but I just woke up one day and your graphic design as your bride do this for a living.

But did you learn and I’m sorry to have to eat that microphone, but I might, as it gets a spiritual experience, how many, how many hours did it take you to learn? How did you learn to go to school for this, or how did you learn graphic design, I’m self-taught, but I don’t know if I can calculate the hours there was just I mean staying up till whenever seeing the  business coach  sun come up just constantly doing it.

I mean you know, what’s in it and never ending learning process. So if you are a member of the Thrive time, show business coach program, one of the things you have access to, as  business coach  you have access to that, only the Strategic business coaching we’re going to teach you that the strategy and when want to do and how to Do it, but you actually have a team, that’s going to help.

You execute the system, the graphic design, the photography Eric chip. I don’t know if you know this, but one of my clients was paying $ 3,800 a month for computer maintenance with a local company in Tulsa that also charged in per hour. That’S about  business coach  right those computers right just left the office.

I talked about the need to just left the office or in the mortgage industry. Not Steve call they’re being charged a service fee, and we actually do that for them. As part of our coaching program. Absolute highway robbery make a modification to a website to pamper print peace. We have a great team and that team of graphic designers is headed by darling Tucker, and so they were talking to thrive Nationwide.

How many high-quality employees does it take to get the job done.? How many high-quality gold employees does it take to get the job done? Just got ta have fun go exercise before we get going. I want to read a notable quotable  business coach  to you from Steve Jobs and have a little homework for everybody who got the sheet of paper.

Schools in session here we go in your car right now, you might say, should I grab a piece of paper right now? I don’t know  business coach   if that’s really the least, make sure that one person has two wheels. Ask the person in the passenger  business coach  seat to reach over and hold that wheel, steady, hold it steady while you’re looking for the paper and then do you have  business coach  somebody else hit the gas pedal.

There’S a move. I got a new move: it sits on the windshield, while you’re driving safety safety, second safety, second or third – always take whatever you got to do, and I write write  business coach  down some notes from this, because this is some powerful notable quotable coming at your hot from the Late great Steve Jobs, he says when you’re in a start-up the first 10 people will determine whether the company  business coach  succeeds or not each is 10 % of the company.

So why wouldn’t you take as  business coach  much time as necessary to find all a player’s? If three were not so great, why wouldn’t I, why would you want to come in or 30 % of your  business coach  people are not so great a small company depends on great people much more than a big company does so the question?

Here’S I want you don’t want me to write this down a sheet of paper. Want you to write down the names of all of your employees. Buddy I’ve got 200 employees, okay, fine! You  business coach  can  business coach   be here for a while. You might have deposit on the podcast. I want you to write down the name of all of your employees and you might be saying, are you kidding me right, now.,

I’m being serious, I want you to write down the name of all of your employees on a spreadsheet. Now this spreadsheet will call this Star. Wars is get I’ve, never seen a Star Wars ever have you have? You are darling if you can watch a lot of Star Wars, not a lot, but I seen them most of them. Will you know the Star?

Wars was kind of an obscure fact, they’re coming up scary part of the foot of the film, but there’s a part of the film where Luke reaches over 80 he’s th talking to  business coach  each other than the early strategy, real many buildings over next to the Buddy. He says I used to Bulls-Eye womp-rats on Mighty 16 back home. What does that mean?

So I want you to label this file. A swamp rat t60  business coach  cuz. I know you’re talking about you just make this file in your office and labeled as womp rat t16. Let me know if you find this file, they won’t know what it is that you’re, the curious minds will look into going to write  business coach  down the name of all the employees label this file as the Womp rat t16s. What does how do you spell womp rat? It’S a made-up thing but Wom what you doing, what you write, the name of all the employees and I want   business coach   business coach   you to grade them on an A B or C scale now here are the rules?

Are the rules the NBA players get to work early and leave when the job is done, we’re going to be a players, get to work early and they leave when the work is done now the Bay players, the people – are the weather by the Bee players. Make up a dip in a typical organization about 70 % of the team and they get there right on time and they leave when the work is  business coach  done.

They don’t get there early and they don’t stay there, but they get the work done. Maybe get there right on time and they get too worked up. Buddy I get there early and they leave. When the work is  business coach  done now the same player they get there usually like usual, I cannot figure it out. It got there at the players that they struggle with traffic. They have a lot of issues.

The traffic like  business coach  he car doesn’t work, and I don’t know how to call people have the phone didn’t work the cartoon work they they. They can’t get motivated hard time yawning. A lot they don’t get things done with writing things  business coach  down there, they’re frustrated or angry that I keep yawning all the time and make some frustrated.

I just did like the culture, or they just feel like there’s so many people at the office, people that sets them so that’s the same as they get to work late than never get their job done, and I want you to do after you label them all Ab & c players: I want you two to commit to taking some action as a result of Today Show after you write a day be  business coach   in the Sea players.

I want to ask you Eric Chapa business coach is go out with the drive time. Show me ask you a question here and the companies that you were at your teaching them specifically a sales strategy? Okay, so you helped him write the script and you helped him set up the call recording, but they actually have a CD player. Answering those phones right. You ever seen a CD player, no matter how much training you provided them. Have you  business coach   ever seen a CD player actually get better and start to sell more stuff on the phone.

You know a lot of times that there’s that they’re, the unicorns that they’re going to get better but a lot of times, they’re just there to make a paycheck right there, just there to put in the time and get paid and they’re really going to do the Minimal effort, and also a lot of times no, but there are those random rando’s that you can be pushed into it, be  business coach  level now., not here, but other places.,

Not that this job, but other other places have you ever had to work and next to another, a Player here at work next to somebody who just gets it done, they’re sharp and it’s almost like man – you want to keep up. Have you ever found yourself working by somebody who’s, a sloth kind of person that just can’t ever?

Can you explain what makes you cuz you are sincerely are in a player on our team, so I asked you  business coach  what makes you in a player in your mind what what what is what’s driving you at are you are you are you are we were you afraid Of mother Tucker, I mean what was the deal, what what? What motivates you to be in a play Everyday?

I just. I sincerely have a passion for what I do. I love what I do it’s easy to do it you mean normally, I have to be kinda. Unplugged, I have to remember to unplug, so I feel like I have an advantage because I love what I do, but  business coach  those are the people I struggle with the most or the people who seem to just Google with herring. You know you have to you, can’t teach someone to care, and that seems to be most of what you end up doing if you own your own graphic design firm and you had a c player on your team, and you knew you knew you knew.

You knew that I see player Brownwood. You motivated me to send it to a TED Talks. Would you take him out to Camping or how? How would  business coach   you motivate him? Where would you move on? My natural personality is to try to work with him because you say so many times. People change seldom there’s a point where you just got to help people.

You want to help him get better for me and you you and help people get better when you were doing construction. When did you ever have a CD player on your team? My friend did we ever not have CD players speaking of caring as my parents, they  business coach  did they just care too much, and it was Time After Time chance after chance and you just it’s just too much.

We just got to let people go there not going to work today. Optimizing your status is Step number one. I want you to sit down and make a chart of all of your people. You have to do that. She got to make a list just like a football team and if you had a depth chart, let’s say at a football team and you were trying to field a competitive team.

You want  business coach  to make a list of the seven running backs, who are trying out for the team, the seven people, and you would want to score them right on areas so think about your business, and I will make the simple just scored them. On the for East Jack Welch, the number one CEO of all time gives you for ease that you need to score to get into right now. Would you like to know the 40 s here?

I’M ready any number. One number one is execute, get the job done. Cuz  business coach  there are people out they’re, nice people, they just can’t get the job done. So as an example of an opera singer and I haven’t been operated, you know I got these types. Man, I’ve been reading man, always Tony Robbins books, man, if you can take them all, then I went to went to a seminar about it. I’Ve read a book about it. I didn’t read the whole book.

I read part of the block, but I am motivated Opera man we’re going to get this thing going. I got you where I want you to start  business coach  off in the key of and I’m at the Kia. What and you said the key of you no see or something I don’t know what that is, but cartoon energy energy to the job and rate on a scale ab & c energy.

They have energy to get their low energy people, I’m not. No, I’m not hating. On your lower and you people, I’m just doing a little energy people, one you got to put you on it, but to you’re not going to want that job. Okay, energize other people, the other is  business coach  energized.

Stiffer than energy is energy to the energized other people around them. Do they get other people inspired in the final one is Edge. You can tell if someone has the edge or not. If they don’t say this, don’t have the edge typical say I don’t want to throw him under the bus, but we’re going to continue to offer a horrible product of our customers cuz.

I care more about not throw them under the bus and I care about doing the right thing to do the  business coach  right things. They don’t offend anybody, but do you have the Competitive Edge needed to make the tough call become backwards? Optimize your staff with Eric chop business coach and Lead throughout time show designer Mister Darlene Tucker.

If you’ve ever been counted. Mother, Tucker Ministries, big shout out to you, we come back your list back to the business coach. Radio show that’s more interesting that people watching a pregnant  business coach  person without shoes at the Tulsa State – Fair, oh yeah, Eric chop. Nobody relates to the time you’re, bringing the state fair Eric. Have you ever been you’re a business coach and so you’re an observer of best practices of case studies?

I mean you’re. Looking for the Competitive Edge. Are you. You are always been known to go to businesses and the Mystery Shop in the study, the best practices, how how they built their business to be so successful. You also study  business coach  companies that are not doing well and you try to make sure that those you don’t want to scale the family.

What is one thing you do? Is you become a great study of just a human rights studying you study of the human race and so you’ll go a lot of times to the to the state, fair I’ve been told and you’ll go there and you’ll just sort of observe and you’re going. People are, as you say it is it. Is it truly possible that is a human race?

We can deep fry anything I mean  business coach   for we, we we, we went to space, somehow we’re deep frying ice cream. Now I understand how that works. The first challenge: that was the first thing you wanted to do I get to the man and now the next challenges.

Can we deep fry. Anything in the answer is yes, but the second the second I want to ask you cuz. I know you was talking about the time at the Tulsa State, Fair watching this. Do people show up at the State Fair without shoes or the people  business coach  who are pregnant?

Do they take the shoes off when they get there, they lose their shoes. How do the pregnant people at the fair end up with this riddle, and I have a photo to prove it for you clay? There is a Frito ring place at the fair this year, I’m being serious, I took a photo of taking their shoes off and letting a strange man put rings on their toes and, I think they’re stealing their shoes.

It’S a cover-up, that’s how I feel about the whole toe ring  business coach  thing to do that business. I don’t know what you’re doing your grandmother, mother Tucker rest. Her soul was in the ministry giving back helping the community. I know she’s studying scripture a lot. I don’t know if she ever asked you. We were talk to you if you ever had a heart-to-heart conversation when she said darling, people that are getting toe rings at the State. Fair.

That’S part of the Illuminati verify that I thought it was a sign of the end  business coach   times on the same page. Everything is good. Now we’re talking about how many high-quality employees does it take to get the job done, what it takes about 3 times less employees to get something done when there a player?

That’S why, on the show today we have a player’s inside the box that rocks and we attempted field issues for dr. Robert zoellner, expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire so step one to optimizing, your employee team. Did  business coach  you want to sit down and invest the time needed to make a stabbing ratio chart?

What does this mean? You are make a chart of all of your employees, but with their names and, if you’re, looking for a clever name to name this file. So no one will find it on the shared server caught womp rat 2016. What is an obscure Star Wars reference? I guess it is t16, so I guess he was in a t. I don’t know I used to Bulls-Eye womp-rats in Mighty 16 back home.

That’S what  business coach  Skywalker, and so the notable quotable. We’re talking about his is Steve Jobs. Talk about you have to hire a player’s. What you want to do, if you want to make a chart of all your people, and you want to listen to falling for Criterium energy Edge, execute and energize. You ask yourself of your teammates write them on a scale of a b or c on the following.

Four areas: do the energized other people, do they bring energy to the workplace, can  business coach  execute? Can I get things done and do they have the edge to make the tough call? I don’t want you to rape them fairly and clearly. It is so important that you do that, because if you do not rank your team honestly, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to end up overstaffed to compensate for jackassery now jackassery.

If you follow, it is from the root word jackass! That’S where that word comes from, so you don’t ask you if you had a job  business coach  where you have worked next to somebody who was a hardcore or manage somebody who is a hardcore, see player and it took 5 times as long to get something done every time. I’Ve worked anywhere or manage any people, that’s the way.

It was especially like in the restaurant scene, and things like that cooking stuff on a grill there, dropping it on the floor, put it back on there, eating it as weird stuff that goes on. You don’t have to share the name  business coach  of the person and a graphic design job where you were working next to a deep layer.

You don’t have that where you’re working too hard core D player, yes, what kind of stuff does a deep layer do in the work day, if you’re in graphic design play Solitaire on the computer instead of working? And it’s baffles me cuz we’re doing something that should be fun and you’re playing Solitaire,

I’m just like I get back now. What’S the most in statistics that  business coach  show that, unfortunately, about 15 % of employees are actively trying to hurt the business they work at 15 % or actually trying to cause problems ever work next to somebody was actually trying to cause problems like a like a terrorist in The organization had never seen that I seen it I’ve seen it it’s it’s.

It’S a bad deal, they’re, hiding stuff there. You know watching movies, even and just doing some crazy stuff. I have. I have a funny story for the tribe  business coach  nation that you guys can laugh at my expense and don’t know if you remember if you remember this or if you are around that time. But you remember the guy who used to like to watch Game of Thrones at the office by the title company and I didn’t have the ultimate power to whack a guy.

And so I have partner. So you have a partnership which kind of people, art and one of the things I couldn’t do it fire people without the permission of a few  business coach  other people. Okay, and we had a guy who would we supposed to be adding photos? We have 2 monitors to increase the efficiency. One one monitor he would be editing the photos you on.

The second monitor keep me watching Game of Thrones the sounds of fish, and that’s not what you wanted. I need a Game of Thrones if you watched, if you watch the the show or you see a preview for the show up on the screen will say morning.

Language,  business coach  violence, nudity sexual innuendos on screen sex with her, and it tells you how to watch the show get ready for this to happen. So I he’s editing and then you know certain scenes come on with extreme violence or sex scene that he would turn and then he would just start watching and I was like dude.

Why is that on? You got to turn that off. You can’t watch TV. I didn’t I didn’t know that Matt is at the handbook. I didn’t know it was that  business coach  night is in the handbook. Can I so then I said I don’t want him, but you can’t watch adult movies at work but get that out of here. You know I’m just totally feel blindsided man, no one ever said anything about it and then, like the next day,

I’m not going next day he’s watching Netflix and I’m going. What are you watching now he’s like watching House of Cards, because I thought you said I could watch Game of Thrones  business coach  course I like? No, you can’t watch any movies.

I thought the adult content was the issue know you can’t watch movies. When we have a dress code for weddings, you have to dress up a certain way. I get feedback from Brighton and he’s going to dress like a homeless person and he’s like.

Oh, I didn’t know that I had to dress up for all weddings. I just thought it was for certain wedding. She had just come from the fair and he was Shoeless. That’S probably  business coach   what I would do if that happened to you in your business. I want you to go back to your chart of your teammates, so you just made to start the show you want to make a list of all of employees and you want to write them on a a b or c scale, and I want you to label The Sea players: you need a label to see players because you need to walk up to the seat player when it’s convenient tomorrow or something you say:

Hey, listen, I’m going to give you 30  business coach   days to improve or it’s time for to make a move. In 30 days to improve, you always want to tell him that when you have a back-up plan, so don’t have a back-up plan start recruiting. Today, AC player will kill your business. We come back we’re talking more about how to improve your team, how to improve the efficiency of your team.

It’S this right time show it was a business coach and darling Tucker, the descendant of mother Tucker Ministries, designer  business coach  Stadium, it’s business school without the BS. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk: radio 1170, 1030 B, Thomas Panda, Kung, Fu, Panda, all right, tribe Nation. Welcome back to the DriveTime show on your radio.

My name is Clay Clark, former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and I have been sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position. And so, if you have ever felt like, you have gone from being the boss and you hire the  business coach  employees, the teammates to team up with you did you were you switch to now. You are actually somehow being held hostage and it did a terrorist situation.

You’Re coming to work every day, surrounded by nefarious, negative people, you come to work. Everyday people argue with you. You want to say Merry Christmas in Samoan words that end in, and you want to say, happy birthday, it’s my birthday and you would have said we got to hit the deadline  business coach  and they say I don’t want to and pretty soon here to go shooting with these People, that’s how you found yourself in a situation where you are now being controlled by the people who work in your office.

This shows for you, okay, we’re teaching how to optimize your employee team, how to increase the efficiency of your team. So you want to sit down and invest the time to making a staffing chart where you list out all the names of all your  business coach  employees. And you want to write them on a scale of a b or c based upon the for ease their ability to bring energy to the workplace through their ability to execute their ability to energize others and their ability to have to make the tough calls. Where do I come up with these?

I didn’t Jack Welch number one, CEO of all time, so that’s how he grades employees number to don’t settle for C employees. The goal here is to create the following systems of in  business coach  your company to help you maintain optimal levels of Staffing without ever being over or under staffed. That was the whole point of this.

Is it you want to make sure you’re getting rid of Sea players? Cuz see players, I’m telling you what you’re not coachable. What, according to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75 % of American employees are stealing from the workplace cameras. This is just a funny situation that happened. This is about 6 months  business coach  ago in our office. I don’t know.

What’S going on with headphones, but they’re my headphones until I said: hey, you’re, walking out of building with headphones. Does my headphones videos? Oh my gosh. I forgot. I had them in my hand, cool cars that I said bro you also took a lacy drive. It’S an orange Drive is about a thousand bucks. You know, and he goes oh, my gosh thank you for reminding me and I said that you’re also going out the door.

We  business coach  definitely said don’t go out behind the Riverwalk here. That’S the side door! Oh! Thank you. That’S a CD player, so the question I have for you right now is: if you’re working with somebody who’s a solid, see player, is it time to move on?

Is it is it time to ask yourself that question now, step number 3, never stop recruiting. You got to create a time your calendar for weekly job postings, because you are a top-notch graphic designer  business coach   here to thrive. Time show team of all the clients we work with.

You do a lot of the back in graphic design. You coach the team, how many people have you worked with since you worked with me, people have been next to you, I’m taking your shoes off to count his toes and his fingers. I was going to say about 8 about 8 in a player, or somebody was who was going through some things going through a time when there been in a plumber and you’ve  business coach  also gone through AC Point.

Yes, can you explain the differences with a player? Work looks like in C player, just from your perspective as down Natalie designer at the Trap Team. The main thing I noticed it looks like they care about the way this thing looks and how they’re helping the client to the represent themselves. They seem like they really care about what they’re doing they’re paying attention to what they’re doing out there. Who says I just don’t ever  business coach  want to let my 8.

My see players go cuz, you’re, a naturally kind of guy that your natural but unnatural in a coat tonight. Do you feel like if you were going to be guilty of one thing? It would be over loving on this person. Yes, I would say so: whenever fire no I’ve never ever work for some someone who who would never fire people look at, but I also would kind of.

I have my points where is like: okay, okay, I have a little threshold for BS. Would you give to the driver  business coach  out there who, just as I just don’t want to fire people I just I worry about, I imply that I just don’t ever want to fire somebody. Would you say those people are like the sand bags on a hot air balloon and they’re, just holding you down and keeping you from achieving your goals and your financial dreams and dreams of time for them and they’re?

Also, a representation of you and your culture and your company to your clients. So it’s one of those things  business coach  where you just have to realize that you’re wrong, and that is 10 and you have to just do it because he and the key to being able to do it is step 3 here, never stop recruiting. I run into it all the time you got a good team going.

I’Ve been recruiting for 3 months. All I stopped all the recruits topic and you can’t do that, because you’ll find out somebody’s not been honest with you. There’S something is going to happen. You have to keep recruiting weekly  business coach  interviews. You have to keep that up so that it won’t once those things do happen, you’re prepared for him. It really stinks.

Is that, like you and I work together now for what two and a half years and really good arguments, I can’t think of it. I’Ve just described me to the drivers, who can radio show it’s kind of like you know it’s like the best right. It’S like. I know you’re on show me a nice guy, but I mean I mean. How would you describe My overall attitude  business coach  towards managing humans from you?

I’M just going to say that if you’re managing them, then they’re probably doing a bad job and you will let them know it like ASAP. Otherwise, it’s like we got Elder a players that you don’t really have to manage, almost manage themselves and the any follow-up.

But if you are not doing your job and you’ve been warned, get ready, just come and visit the thing that frustrates me is that, like I feel like, I’ve got to be  business coach  friends with you guys every time, because you get to know somebody’s character based on their Work ethic and so like we can hang out it’s like a deal where I can you, if, whenever you do, the radio show with me, I’m not like off right.

Here comes the entire time and attention no he’s just he’s a real guy who I really like, and I did such a shame when people don’t allow you have to have it in a work environment because of their poor work ethic. So we listen  business coach  to that.

You have a CD player in your office, then you know fairly don’t Blind Side and let him know and give him 30 days to improve it can improve. Let them go now.. I want to ask this because you’re, a guy who knows R & B music, your guy, does American your guy, who is in tune with the people and the weekend the weekend that we came into the with music by The Weeknd, the song. I Feel It Coming by the weekend. Have you seen him  business coach   dance? No, I can’t say that I have we get done with the show today.

I just wanted to go on YouTube and watch the song to perform live cuz. He sounds like Michael Jackson in his voice. Do you like his voice, I’m going to give my man a B+, vocal, okay, I’m going to give him on the dance moves in f is so awful in the face. If you were going to build a dance team and you’re like hey buddy, I want you to get out there and just you know, do the thing he’s  business coach  a guy who needs therapy.

I mean he needs a rhythm therapy. It’S like a Roma therapy mixed with, like Rhythm therapy. He needs electrodes on his head. Is that where you hit him with a stick on beach, look like singing he’s got that something that book BB Plus. Imagine that you are him and you can sing and you’re on the wrong position.

You up. You know you can sing, but somebody asked you to be to court if we come back we’re going to talk more  business coach   about getting the right people on the right seats on your business bus. My name is Blake Clark. I’M a business coach, stay 2 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. No business coach radio show not endorsed by Richard Roberts.

You made be discouraged and feel like giving. You may call that’s up Richard Roberts Greatest Hits there this evening. I didn’t know you had the album, I didn’t know you had an amazing how you had the album. We  business coach   were able to play here on the air. Richard Roberts greatest hits it with me everywhere I go and come on. It’S alright. Let’S see your back! Your back!

Dude I had a fantastic birthday. Life is great and it’s so funny back in the box of rocks R53 now right to be dyslexic. Can I say that I could really be 35? I don’t know I want to say something in the air that they could be offensive. I don’t know you looked 5553, you look 42. What do you think about that? What  business coach   do you think about that?

I guess I’m like that. Benjamin Button can’t get it. I’M getting younger getting ready or not right this second, but I mean I’ve been known to exfoliate, you don’t see, we don’t have an entire show starring compliment you we got to get serious here until West Coast sure is inside the Box That Rocks the super attorney. Attorney for my appointment for my, how to keep me safe play is that so many people did intimidating to go to an  business coach  attorney, and I know back in the day when I was first starting out.

If I was a very intimidating, usually a high tower building, you don’t guards and in all kind of you know stuff down there, too kind of like a maze to get through it right right next to me, is that your first 15 minutes like free free, so There’S no, you have to go to go on. My gosh might have to sell a kidney to pay for this.

What’S going on going to cost me of your employees, how many  business coach  high-quality employees does it take to get the job done? Is today’s question? So we’ve been talking on the earlier segments about step number one. You want to sit down and actually make a chart of all your employees.

Do you want to write down all their names and actually rate the my man see? Why do you have to? Actually you? Don’T give him a ranking, my friend I mean to write them in and actually put them on, one chart the last job I had I work  business coach  for a man who was who was very wise, and that was when the questions he asked me early on.

He said: hey the boats going down or you got to throw him off the boat and its metaphorically speaking, there’s not really a boat. You have the full game, buddy off of boat, whose first off the boat whose last off the boat – and he would ask me that periodically, because what that did. Is it tested me on to know we never wanted to, even though  business coach   my people that work with me work for me, and there were two did I have them ring.

That was a constant thing of great managers, great owners, great, and you have to have them right at all times. I know that sounds weird, but you got to know who your number one draft pick is in your last one or your person off the boat or sea level, sea being the people who get there late and leave before the job is done. We will get there.

Just  business coach  on time, and do just enough in a the people, get there early and do over and above you want to wake him and anybody who’s a CD player. He would tell you to go, find him today and tell him you need to improve. I see player, the eight players go, tell them you’re in a player to be players, tell him how to become an a-player and then give people a chance to improve, but if they won’t improve, you move out of that, got it or they  business coach  stand. If that’s true and that’s a big things, I learned about Jack walten in Greensburg, listen to him lecture is that the key is communication.

The key is giving him the opportunity. The key is always encouraging them to move up the ladder and then that way, when you feel like you know what you’re not getting it done, you’re not doing it you’re not going from sea to be your B-day. It’S time to replace you, I need.

I need to give me to try to bring another  business coach  person in about. Was you don’t want to settle for three players in? I were just talking about this today. Cuz elephant. The room is a a brand and Susie. I want to get your take on the whole ride up game.

Okay, just now we just talked about that this morning, and the write-up game is where somebody – and I want to get what’s your take on this legally. But this is where somebody is you know late. There late by 21 minutes and then someone else’s  business coach   light by 7 minutes: okay, but they’re just late and they know they’re. Let you Starlight when’s the right time to do a write-up.

And how do you do it? You know how many people I have been in business Now, 26 years of 26 years, almost $ 0.20 next month, we 26 years tell you I did the math on it. Okay and exotic the show note right before we got started yeah I got in here a little late, but I’m on rock and roll you could have a big deal. I want to tell you  business coach  exactly how many people are written up in the in my career.

Okay, how many 00 so far now, if you’re around that number up – and you carry the two and divide that by zero I’ve talked to people, can I bring them up mentally. But the idea that I sit down and fill out a form and someone puts on your camera, I’m going to put it on the platform, I’m going to take my time and fill out a form. Okay, I put it in your in your folder and it’s time to talk to you over  business coach  here now west people file unemployment.

Do we have to write people up? Do we not? I want ugly, I am I’m going to get that to his conversations. It’S on your time, zebra the least. Have one of your other employees do the performance Improvement plan and they said you were told me. This was a nice way for us to improve, and then, when you fired me, you didn’t tell me that was a ride up phone.

Even people find any excuse possible one to get  business coach  unemployment to try to find a way to wiggle in for a wrongful termination claim or discrimination ATA. You have hundreds of employees. You been doing this for a long time and you’re saying don’t this is this is this? Is this is the most heated debate we’ve ever had?

This is like Holyfield versus Tyson. I think it’s just bought your ear. That you’re here are you sucker punch, he’s out he’s out my blind side right there to check with the laws of your land. My  business coach  right about this being a podcast now play on Thrive time, be in Zimbabwe. Listen to this right now, you can be in South Africa on a hunt to the heavy is an over there.

You go on the internet and we listen to It’s A Beautiful local rules in an Oklahoma where an at-will state and what that means basically is. I can fire you for any reason I want to, but Wes is over there saying you got a ride. This is the most hot and bothered I’ve ever seen it get  business coach  in here. This is very angry.

When you make a big deal out of it nine times out of 10, they get all hot and bothered to get attitude and then taking her shirt off yeah, but the people they start just killing, live chickens in your office and then because you didn’t write up Billy because he was like hey, Billy came in 5 minutes late today and he didn’t get written up dude, you don’t have to prove that they were willfully.

Trying to damage your business is coming in  business coach   late will flee trying to damage your business? That’S not. The threshold is being an idiot on the clock, you know is Snapchatting and Facebooking will flee, trying to damage your business they’re going to give them an appointment. I’M going to give it to him anyway, and it’s kind of feel like it when people leaving it’s kind of feel.

Like you know what I’m out, I won the last battle. I want the last and they leave with that attitude. You came to win, you know  business coach  what I want to hear. Yes, I want them to feel like they are the winter as they then go and hit the classified ads and try to find a new job.

Yet even people that have done will flee damaging things. I typically don’t fight that, because my My Philosophy is now a days with the trolls winning on the internet with rocks going through windows with people out there. With this mindset of hate you you hard to meet your rep early and I’m going to do no  business coach  damage of you’re in my town,

I’ve never heard it said on the air we still talking or her hair cut your first visit at about 8, if you want To see a true, a player and action go by or Broken Arrow location. His name is Jason because Jason be an a-player he’s. The manager out there just watch him in action. You’Ll see in a play with that looks like, but my question is: it sounds amazing. I actually applied work for you, dr. Z, I’m highly impressed.

So how do you handle  business coach  talked about? If someone is you still ain’t up to write them up a document things? It’S just at this point. It’S not a big deal, and I out I see that you’re saying what, if someone you know. Ultimately they need a refund, but just a question:, real business owner of the soon to franchise elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge Paterson.

To Remember, by the way so Baton Rouge you’re blocked out buddy, but when we come back just  business coach  going to ask you, the tough question marks like like I’m a business coach Z is not just applying to be a business coach owner and West Attorneys.


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