How Many High Quality Employees Does It Take to Get the Job Done? – Hour Two

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How many high quality employees does it take to get the job done? During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner answer that question and also touch on the importance of not settling for B and C-Players when possible. They also get into the details of how to create a staffing ratio chart, the importance of on-going recruiting and training. If you’ve ever had a hard time building a team of high-quality employees this show is for you.

Step 4 – Block Out Time for Interviewing 
  1. 1. Create a time in your calendar for weekly interviewing (I prefer the group interview because it saves time).
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 cast-members / employees)


Step 5 – Weekly Discuss Staffing Needs 
  1. 1. Place an agenda item in your weekly meeting with your managers to ask about any current or foreseen staffing problems.
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Public hangings are teaching moments. Every company has to do it. A teaching moment is worth a thousand CEO speeches. CEOs can talk and blab each day about culture, but the employees all know who the jerks are. They could name the jerks for you. It’s just cultural. People just don’t want to do it.” – Jack Welch (Former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4000%)3. FUN FACT – “52.3%—who are unhappy at work” – Forbes –


Step 6 – Provide Consistent Training 
  1. 1. Block out an ongoing training time in your weekly schedule to help train up honest and diligent people so that you can punt the skilled people who are not honest and not diligent.
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire character. Train skill.” – Chet Cadieux (The Head of QuikTrip)
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There wasn’t anything disciplinary I had to do. I had to do some disciplinary things with Dennis Rodman, but we signed off on them. ‘Dennis, I’m gonna fine you for being late,’ because he’s late every day. And he said, ‘I went to the team and I said Dennis is gonna be late, I’m gonna fine him, but we can’t act out of sorts with this and become childish because we have to make allowances for his behavior.’ He said that Bulls team was mature enough to allow Rodman that space to be out of bounds. But he’ll pay for it. He’ll be fined. But we’re not going to get caught up in Dennis Rodman’s eccentricities, his tardiness, and everything else. We’re not letting that drag us down, or make that an opening for then everyone else to get out of line.” -Phil Jackson on The Lowe Post Podcast with Howard Beck (11-Time NBA Championship-winning coach and former NBA player)



Arizona dream two people hanging, don’t remember seeing post Malone in concert at the Bieber concert, but yeah. If you are you next to a tablet from computer post Malone and down up and in so he personally chosen. Who was the first concert? I saw where the  business coach  performer wasn’t mentally there at all sleep through that that can intro go yeah.

We can pick up concerts in before we went to the break their we’re talking today about how to really improve the performance of your team and one of the theoretical Zone. Where you watch Ted talk to me, like man, what business coach  you got to do and you got to find the business coach  power to why you got to set up a vision for your team you’re happier with your team to help save the kids.

Man buy a pair of give a pair of business coach  any one of your help. To get to get. Do you want help drill a well for business coach  people over here? You would have been Mission and your team needs to buy into it. I mean, while someone else is going to hate, I’m just trying to get people to show up on time for my Plumbing business,

I’m just trying to business coach  get some. You might have the motivation or whatever mr. Simon sinek mr. TED talks, but I need to get my people on time. So Justin business coach  was trying to ask you some pretty tough questions. Justin Moore business coach  of elephant, the rooms ask dr. zoellner Justin tipuric questions for dr..

Yes, we just talking about the employee aspect and what happens if it’s policies on time business coach  and no stealing all that in business coach  and in you want to make sure there to do in right and you making a profit and we talked about what they break. Those and you’re told to talk to me everything to write things up, having and writing and in The Amazing business coach  he said he he gives them that Joy.

He gives him that when he throws the game, he throws the game for people who want people to have unemployment. I’M still in shock, okay and it’s so so. But the question is this: now: when it comes to the client to the client, maybe maybe they bought some glasses and you can totally tell they went to the lake and their water stain their chip this and that and oh or maybe have the laser eye surgery.

I want a business coach  reason there, a welder in they used their glasses while welding and they claim they just did their glasses can’t be that bad to begin with, I’m sure you’ve had a crazy situation situation. So how you question was: how do you business coach  handle a refund when you know someone is scamming?

You, oh yeah, okay, this is going to be everybody if you’re driving all over by the nearest truck, stop or give me a second belly. Take the Wheel. Billy you give it to him, need to see you’re still. It says in your handbook employees how to handle, give it to him what you do. What am I core believes in business?

It’S in the upcoming book. I’M writing is a chapter that deals with being a business coach  lover, not a fighter, and what happens is that, even though you know that the people coming in business coach  maybe have a different reason for why they want the refund, if they’re being reasonable and if they’re coming in, and I honestly want that you can give him.

You know I always try to do an in-house Credit First. You know I always try to do a let’s find you a different pair of first is. What will happen is in. This is a sinner that happens. If someone will come in and business coach  buy some glasses or go home and their significant other will say something negative about the way they look on them, it hurts her feelings or little feelings, get hurt and the next thing you know they’re in the next day and they’re,

Throwing an absolute come apart fit. Maybe when you put those glasses on business coach  you, look just like a frog, ribbit ribbit ribbit, and they want something different and they they don’t have another reason to tell you other than they make up something.

Maybe if you just change your shape, your head in to begin with, and so you want to work with them, because here’s the deal how many more years are going to come to do business with you, you going to make it up how much money does it Cost to bring a new person in and and I think business coach  what happened is by making them happy – you don’t get all the troll assure you, no one star reviews of they hate.

I hate them, cuz we’re such idiots and they will give us a time. There was a time, and my wife worked for your business 18 years. Ago. Gymnastics business coach   in levels of lovely person by the way and Kylie is still the manager today and she was Vanessa’s manager that you try to keep a players as long as you can.

At your birthday, she was there a testament to you everyday in my perception of business coach  Kylie and she sort of like a very nice Hawk social Implement. What should she asked herself rhetorically? What would see do right and then whatever is he does it’s whatever? I want, and I see her do it. I watched it at your holiday party.

She just does whatever the boss wants it she’s, just a model. Employee, awesome, Kylie, big, shout out to you great. If you don’t Kylie your business coach   honored to know this lady so, but there had to have been a time – and maybe it was before Kylie’s time business coach  Ravens before Vanessa’s timer before.

But there had been a time: cuz you’re, an aggressive Guy, where you would turn the cannon military shows, and it did. The Canon takes a minute to turn. But it’s been in your turning business coach  you’re turning the tanks. Turning and you’ve got the laser sights and you. Why didn’t you just marked at Target red and then Tomahawk missile and then all of a sudden, it’s as quiet there had to have been a time in your career, where you were still firing off missiles.

So if you could go back and Coach your younger self and say homeskillet legal statutes have to go before we can talk about on the radio. I mean how many years 5 years or 3 years, through business coach  a time where you didn’t handle a customer service, for you business coach  are right, you’re right, but you you weren’t a lot of her because I think someone listening right here is like we don’t understand.

Well: okay: I’m perfect example of a lady came in for an eye exam and got her eyes, dilated the dilation of very, very, very, very, very few percent of them that causes a sudden, onset glaucoma. So she goes home. She has a bad headache, sore eyes and pain. I mean it’s not good, because the emergency room, they don’t know what’s going on, business coach  and you were up at seven days a week. They failed to call us business coach  when we called it an easy fix it right. Then you know right but and then next thing I know she goes into a nether eye doctors office.

Who is not very bad, you know. How would you say it doesn’t like doesn’t like me. Is that a good as I get my son looks like you have.? So business coach   that’s: what’s up what happened, what they do is I get. I get the units in that gave the kids settle down and gets fixed. Everything is okay now, but you know she had a couple.

You know three days of not not fun, it’s business coach  not get the call from her kids, your mom that did the doctor that the. And I said well, you business coach  know we didn’t do anything wrong, and why did you come back by the way? Why don’t you call us? I mean we’re open by the emergency room. Even call us, I mean we’re open 7 days a week and are you in town and Sunday business coach  we’re open on Sunday?

I mean you know how these questions of you know. All you do. Is you didn’t? Do the right thing and everything wrong, and now you have all these bills from these other doctor that you went to when you business coach  realize that you’re only going to charge you anything to do to help you out and take care of it you’re right, I mean that You don’t see it babe, you look, mergency rooms are not cheap,

I’m going to sit there and I’ll keep you all day, but they will charge business coach  you and then X preference. How far right you business coach   are exactly going to be in the garage when I’m ready to go to any weight, so I said: well, you know what that’s not fair, it’s not fair, and you know here and here’s the reasons why and I’m not going to pay that And then she says: okay, bye business coach  and then I get the lawsuit the mail a couple weeks lost in a lot of people delivered, you don’t have to be delivered, you know and then the insurance company steps here in steps on you, because you know you pay the

Malpractice insurance companies in Western West – you can speak to this until then it’s out of my control, I mean the cost of litigation. Accosted is the cost of that.

The government that wasn’t fair and kind of made me a business coach   little bit crazy, but it is what it is so action items for all the drivers. Listening right now is one you would say you do not write people up in Oklahoma because the right to work state and you actually enjoy paying unemployment.

If you have to, because it’s easier for you to pay unemployment, then it is to sit there and argue with somebody with a problem is even if you business coach  write them up right now, nine times out of 10 you’re not going to deprive them of unemployment, you got Ta understand down there and it decides whether or not business coach  she’s making 9 10 bucks an hour, and she wants to like a lot of and she’s a lot of empathy in that person’s cause.

It comes in at a job without a job I mean you got ta understand something to an appointment is not the same salary. It’S not for business coach   very long. It’S not a no I’m on Easy Street, the rest of my life. It’S a little pirate of employment. What I do everyday I go in for jury duty.

I get that about once a year. I make at least like what you like, 50 bucks a day that you can. I donate my blood and I get for life last night, like 16 bucks a day, and then I get unemployment, which is like 80 bucks, and I put all those to get those are called multiple income sources.

It’S passive income streams right now today, you’re saying, if business coach  somebody wants a refund you’re saying just give it to him, see it see, it sounds like you are you’re laying down you’re. Just saying hey, you know what I got. You know Remember the Alamo they all died.

Forget those guys I’m running about it is that it takes a business coach  lifetime to build a reputation and just a few minutes to tear down. Thank you always take the high road. You’Ll never take the wrong road and and if you can lay your head on the pillow at night, knowing that someone got you today, but you know the bottom line. Is you move the ball down there down the field?

Yep you’ve got a successful business and you got one less person out there saying negative things about you and your business, which you know if you’re not going to business coach  wear the same thing right I mean if someone says something else in the room. I mean Justice. Like that’s mean it’s personal. You know, even though we’ve never ever seen him without his hat on and he owns a hair grow me a Men’s Grooming.

Today, it’s going down it just drives me crazy attention that I experience and youth bridge when you want to do you just want to see the hair and hair just getting longer at the back of it. I mean every week it’s business coach  okay now and when you finally get to a point where you have to replace somebody you, you can’t do it if you don’t have new people coming in, which is why you can never stop recruiting.

So just I want to have you share the experience with this, because you had really good people work with you, but it seems, like people have today have kind of a tour of Duty in according to Forbes. Most people business coach   today will not stay at a job. If your business coach  under the age of 30 you’re just not going to stay at a job for more than 2 years, according to Forbes, most people under the age of 30 will not stay the job for more than 2 years.

It’S a tour of them. They got to go somewhere, they move on. Can you talk to me about that and how that baby has occurred to you in recent years? We, like man, that is true people, just don’t hang out more than two years yeah. Well, my coffee or why do businesses? You know I support cutie, I seen you face jail time, but there’s a reason.

I go there. You know it’s consistency, it’s clean, you know and – and I see Richard cell time and new ones and all that stuff, but you’re always smiling and that’s what I look for, but so I think about this way. I can give her two professional sports team with the Oklahoma City. Thunder where’d, you go what happened you as big controversy, old Kevin Durant, do not say his name, but it got to Carmelo players.

Yes, it’s all the jerseys I’ve invested in. I’M all upset about this. You know when the Chargers two major cells, different teams Thunder. I can’t wear my jersey cousins like they’re, go to support for the team anymore. I do doesn’t we can play for the team anymore. I think I should have a jersey trade in if a player leaves you can come in and get like. Take his old Jersey in New Jersey Transit. You get like that.

The new players Jersey, like half off, have you taken business coach  the old Jersey. I think that’s what we need to do our running a business, it’s kind of like running an NFL team where the players change every year. There’S free agency people. I was looking for a better better deal, but you got business coach   to put a great product on the field to raise the brand value minutes.

Coach, Steve, Martin, meet Steve Forbes business coach  drive time show on your radio all yesterday. She’S, welcome back to the conversation today were talking business coach  about how to build a healthy Team, how to improve the efficiency of your team, how to build business coach   a broken into the stuff behind the stuff?

How to build a successful business team of employees to run the world right now, it’s kind of a free agency market, so many people – this is what I dis is. This is something that I don’t like and I’d like for you to your proper to share anything else.

You don’t like about the whole NFL National Football League conversation. I don’t like. I don’t like when people watch the NFL and they say oh my gosh. I cannot believe that business coach   Vince will. We will forklift the Patriots to go sign with the text says we need about 4 years ago, and I go with. Why do I love the Patriots?

Mason will be just left the team for, like six million dollars I mean come on, he could have stayed with them and retire to Patriot. It is what I had said this person, I said back in every tires a patriot, but he makes six million dollars. I believe that Vince is very talented, probably a great many things I mean. Who knows, he can business coach  probably put it in for the guitar with his with his toes.

You can probably do you code a nuclear reactor and he can probably do a lot of things. You can build Mistle-Tones, the military, I don’t know it went what he can do, but if business coach  you can make six million dollars a year, God bless them.

You go play for the Texans for 2 more years and he went and played for the Texans for 2. More years and no matter what he does in the civilian World he’s not business coach  going to be bringing in six million dollars a year post NFL. I can’t believe that the business people do the same thing they worked somewhere for 2 years ago. You know what I could probably make a little more over here and see you business coach  talking about you can’t be you can’t be greedy.

You cannot be great. You talk to all the times. You’Re number one rule that the Hogs are going to get butchered right and then you can’t cut back the pay of your top people, but eventually business coach  certain people move on. So can you get a break down the balance? Because I have an a-player today, Vince Wilfork, who is a big part of the Patriots franchise by the way one of Bob Kraft’s favorite people – and you realize hey, we just don’t have the money to pay this guy. You know anyone who would get upset that your top guy goes and plays for the other team.

I mean that I wanted to get your take on that. Well, I tell you what I can’t you know, I’m I’m older than you, okay and business coach  I have to talk about a show, but when I was a kid it was near and dear to my heart, was it Six Million Dollar Man? Would you remember that show? No? No, no, no, no! No! No!

The character’s name was Colonel Steve Austin and he was a business coach  man that had been injured in war and they spent six million dollars in making him bionic, which there’s a rumor and I’m not going to accept it or deny it. But there is a rumor on the street that you have some biotic component in you.

I appreciate that preciate, the good parts of that statement in the bad parts of the state and I rebuke and however, I’m just going to say that that you have a nickname clay Tron and if you go to thrive time, you business coach  can see the banner up There and the photograph look suspiciously, half human half, robotic of you Terminator, I’m just saying: I’m not I’m not saying you about that. He would go around terminating people, but I’m just saying that this whole six million dollar thing. I think that goes deeper than I think that I think you may be in some internal issues, because I think you could be slightly bionic yourself.

You think that your natural personality, you’re very business coach  gregarious, and you enjoy groups of people. I think you’re really good at that. Ever me, my natural thing is more like reclusive and hey, let’s just what we work 17 hours a day and then in and shut the heck up to get your take on it. So if you’re listening to the show today, it was listen to show right now.

They have a top person on the team leaves to take a better check business coach  somewhere else. How should they respond to shame on you? Keep them gather them. What’S it going to take to keep you hey Bill, had a good run at this thing you know you’re one of my key people. I hate to lose you it’s going to take to keep you and you don’t believe that then go while you know what this is unknown factor and it happened and it’s one of the ways that some people actually entered negotiations for Ray’s.

I mean it’s not the best way business coach  to enter the negotiations were raised with Tulsa hey, you know, I’ve been offered, I’ve been offered a thing over here. I’Ve been out for think about a thing of her over to circle thing: Craigslist, for several hours been applying for jobs, I’ve got a couple. Things is that even a players can get a little.

You know get a little rough around the edges and they need to be replaced down the road. I know this sounds crazy, but what happened is entitlement kind of comes in you praise him so business coach  many times you get your kind of raising. You have a particularly nice things. You need to raise them to the limit of what you can pay that position.

You don’t have a position above them open, so we should never stop, never stop recruiting, Because what happens is that these people, even the great ones? Sometimes I matter fact I am talking to a doctor years ago and I went in to see him. It was a position that I saw. The patient in a winner was like hey, you got some new people know what business coach  happened to Becky or Susie or whatever. Whatever her name was wow. Really isn’t that because I get entrenched in it and I kind of feel like they’re little entitled and then they feel like they’re, not really working as hard as I need to cuz.

I don’t have to you, praise him and have you given enough money, and he said you know if you’re always at recruiting a he didn’t say. But if you have to retrieve top people right, then you’re never caught without time, people now business coach  business coach. What is a tough business coach?

Can you have from one of your real life clients today, so this question actually came up in a coaching meeting that I was doing today and it’s very relevant to the discussion that we’ve been having here already it’s it’s about how to fire people how to build A better team – and I have a few questions in this regard – actually have a good amount of a boatload of questions to ask regarding all this. The first question business coach  is: is it has to do with time? V? Okay, so you have these people, they show up the clock in right, hourly job at Cricket and then they sit in the bathroom for 45 minutes.

I called people squatters or perhaps or pruning an enormous amount of time in the bathroom or Facebook or wasting. You know company time, how do you handle that? Well, I was all business coach   start first one as I do like to take note and then I do like to be candid with people when I have a back-up plan.. I take note and when I have a back-up plan, I love to be candid.

If I do not have a back-up plan and see maybe disagree if I do not have a back-up plan, I am not super candid. If I don’t have that’s, why I’m always recruiting so I can be very candid cuz. I always have a back-up plan, but back in the day I mean I made a lot of mistakes right old people, hey. I realize business coach  you’re spending about an hour a day in the bathroom you don’t like flying I’m quitting and then all the sudden I don’t have a backup DJ for the wedding sign up DJing every Sunday, but I wouldn’t be candid Z until I had a backup.

Do you agree with that or you just absolutely, and I’ve got a story when we come back to this break that it’s going to blow your mind about a man that I had to do, but you know what to think about it is that you put up With that jackass trees, long as business coach  you want and then to think about it is that you want to always make sure you deal with it on your time as the owner is the entrepreneur and when we come back, I’m going to break that down play Clark. Work later on, as your note around in certain circles, here’s the deal I want to come in here because he was grooming, Lounge,

1000 of customers. How do you know when it’s your time honey.? It’S on your time. We would visit open your 6 days a week when business coach  your time, which is not your time, get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 about tell you, I you’re fired now that was kind of hostile song, but you getting out here.

Here’S the deal we put connection of this is Robert. You told me it was music Dua, Lipa Lipa. I like your music, and I was joking about Dually Dually because it was like we like to believe his music and I always like what other songs did. She say about 10 good song business coach  and then you throw out you go yeah. The person is dating her.

I went to college with him and I’m like you’re full up your beer. Making it up. Can you explain the story of my life? Actually, his name is Paul. Klein Klein Victory Christian school with him, then went to argue with him, live on the same floor door, you with him, and then he graduated and pursued a career in music and form the years of like 21 to 26 27.

He was going to Tennessee and Kansas City a business coach  bunch of different places, not having well look. Who, finally, is like forget this, I’m moving out to LA I’m just going to pursue my I’m just going to commit to I’m just can’t pursue it, and I started modeling a little bit and modeling and modeling primarily for JCPenney and just really pursued his music career.

Then all the sudden, some folks from a very, very large notable record organization, heard his music and they said hey. We want to talk to him all the business coach  sudden. He was signed going on tour and he is the frontman of the band called Lani, who just played a sold-out show in canes last Friday night. That was absolutely just incredible. Dating now Dua Lipa, I’m going to post a picture of Paul Klein hanging out doing leave because it’s just it it did hold things, obviously been photoshopped, I’m going to put it on podcast you’ll see that Dua Lipa does definitely not date. Paul Klein, you’ll see. This is what business coach

I mean it’s like. I mean this, isn’t even good Photoshop. The Photoshop there around the world in any put he’s done. 133 shows this this year I mean, if any position in the industry as a work ethic, that’s comparable to yours clay. I think I might be his 133 shows, and it’s not even the whole entire year, yet obviously how to improve the performance of your team won of things that you can never stop recruiting.

You can never stop recruiting out that business coach   robbery of one more hot business, coach business, coach question from an actual real client here, working with someone today and apparently it’s more of a retail store and apparently they have a particular employee who’s spending.

An enormous amount of time. In the restroom, just just basically wasting time apparent by the name of Lee is spending enormous amount of time in the back of his name is Lee it’s my time. The bathroom there on Facebook business coach  they’re wasting company time they’re, making personal calls during work and it’s a being like 2 hours out of a six or eight hour shift.

So the question was: how do you handle it? I think dr. Z was just about to tell real compelling story. I was thank you Robert. You break your back out because you guys are super Dee duper leave, do whatever dude she’s, obviously photoshopped way to park lines. Actually I don’t even know you know, you know. I’M pulled over in a business coach   truck.

Stop I’m taking notes, I’m kind of going. What I want practical, the bathroom all the time, but before the break I teased everybody up and now they’re sitting there eating their egg salad sandwich or their Oklahoma Joe’s burnt ends and baked beans are going pretty sure that busy finishing I am going to do your Favor, I’m going to a part, A Part B is going to be what we were talking about for the break-in. That is a story that I had in. That is, is that business coach  I had a doctor.

One time tell me that hey I got to leave. My husband got a new job. I got it, I got it I’m moving down, there might even be a great employee. Thank you very much and later, on a date, another doctor coming knock on the door. Hey I heard since I was leaving in 30 days.

I just want you to know if I don’t get the right schedule and the right money I’m going to leave too, and I know that put you in the super super bad bind. But I’m going business coach   to do that to you, because I am wanting someone in a better deal and more money and a better schedule, and I looked at them and I smiled my big smile that I can smile and I said well of course.

Yes, of course, you could just scheduled. You want this bonus course and you don’t. You deserve a pay, raise and you’re awesome, and I really really like you on my team and then hunker down. I went business coach   out and I didn’t hire one doctor get somebody hired clay to two doctors. I would you hire to. Would you only need to replace one will? Listen to this story gets better.

So then, in a month when my two new doctor start one replace the doctor that moved off and one replace a doctor that I fired, what is a second I didn’t fire. I gave her a raise in a better schedule. Right, oh, but wait. It gets better but in my mind, in my brain – and I didn’t say this outloud for business coach  once you are, you are you are the you – are the kind of that at low ethic, pragmatic chess-playing entrepreneur that I’ve seen on those shows? No? No! No! When I wasn’t smart, ass Elizabeth best for the business what’s best for the business is to keep that doctor here. In my mind, she was fired right.

Then I couldn’t fire her right, then, because I needed her until I hired two new doctors and then when I started, I called her mom. I said she couldn’t have business coach  been in a better mood. I think about it because she had to raise your schedule is crazy. Good – and I said I want to hear name, I said: hey remember, you came in about a month ago and you and your kind of depressed me up a little bit.

You kind of have to buy. Carabine is great yeah and you said you wanted to schedule a more money. Yeah. I think I do. I said that moment you were fired, but I just couldn’t do it right then, but now I can’t understand. I’Ve had to explain business coach  that to my other attorney because they get angry and want to fire a paralegal, and I explained to them. That’S fine, that’s a good reason, but wait till you find someone to do their work before we take him out. Bing bing bing, bing bing West gets that’s why I love, whereas I love working with the west west is my attorney of choice.

I’M done with your listen right now in your attorneys. Sending you all these Rando bills for things you didn’t agree to business coach  elephant in the room where look at the franchise. What will be the estimated legal costs? And you sent me one specific number new attorneys ever do that they always agree to you’re the kind of guy you just tell it how it is you’re, nice guy related, and we come back like West top of. Where do I find out how much time you should block out for interviewing as a small business owner? What is a guy got to get to now? The question Robert answered?

You business coach  have to break so if you want to get on a hanger to die, but I’m going to fight through play Tron and his you know stuff that you make sure you get the answers to the test, questions, you’re, emailing, calling texting thinking. We have a lot. We want to get through. We got employee has been an enormous amount of time in the restroom.

Just got to figure out how to block out time for interviewing staffing needs. Chapter got time for business coach  weekly consistent staff. Training. Go away. Is it possible to stressing me out guys, do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river river Ozzy? The question remains: do you want to be successful, or do you want to live in a van down by the river this year or two options?

I remember when I was a kid: they have these really cool conversion vans and had shag carpeting all the way through the roof in the sides. I never business coach  you know I never really got to ride him at some friends at their parents on when I was like. I look at that good wow wow that would be cool to live in when you probably did want to live in a van down by the river. If I didn’t want to be successful cuz I like to be a step down from Dirty to me to meet that was success to me back when I was a kid that was success,

I mean had your own place, you had beachfront property or water yummy around On the business coach  edge of a news it with the ocean waves, water, you achieved your dream of having a vehicle, I mean you thinking about you think about it. Yeah and your home was mobile. I mean you almost go into a coma of Awesomeness. You just like disappear.

Yes, when I was a kid that was like that was a success On The Run van down by the river, but they do is they go to work and they look for ways to business coach  take time off and Robert Redmond woodmar business coaches Tina.. He said Hey what, if what, if somebody notices are you made it there spins copious amounts of time in the bathroom during their work.

They, like 40 minutes 15 minutes. In addition to their lunch break, I mean it’s a real situation as a real client in this is not of this is not a laughing matter. This is not funny me laughing right now is because I have a psychological problem with this is not funny business coach  business. A real situation so since I made the hilt one day at the other place seriously, this is you know: how do you deal with it for you when I, when I get him in the ass,

I had the weather call the five days when I, when I Give them an in valuation, I evaluate the money’s 5 a.m. and then I either need to move them up. The ladder I can raise are moving down the ladder. I would let them go and he just thinks I’m always thinking about when I’m evaluating business coach   employees when I’m reading them and I’m ranking them doing all the guns at each other’s to do first appearance. They show up and Anna shirt or an outfit or the scrubs.

It looks like they’ve been sleeping them for 3 days, not good hair groom to mean you know. I was like a chicken looks like a man attitude. What is your attitude? I mean you know you wanted team player, you want the one that comes in there, not in the bathroom for 45 minutes or add to business coach  your attitude is good there positive, not bringing negativity randomly curses, while walking by himself sounds good, because we all have a reason

To be upset, you know, but do we focus on that and focus on that hate being unhappy and focused on doing her job above and beyond? Are they doing more than what you’re just paying them to do? You know people think if I just do my job. Hey man, I just showed up barely on time and barely got my stuff business coach   done and dude I’m like I’m.

Nice should get like a 10 %. Raise I’ve been here 30 Day meal City accuracy. Are they doing what they’re supposed to do with accuracy? That’S a big deal it specially in some of my business as you don’t want small mistake here: 3 or 4 5/16 take down and she told me she was 28 2112 pictured.

It was more of like a 4-0 off and I’ll put 2010. I put 2010 down inside that’s one of things at the last minute deals with attendance and that really kind of factors into your question. The other words you can be there and not be there. Another word you can just like you don’t spend time with your family spend time with your friends I mean you, can you can sit there on your phone, be Snapchatting your buddies old time bingo and just like you can be in the bathroom. You can be doing other things on Facebook, I mean we know, 75 % of people are stealing law.

That is timed as soon as you mentioned earlier, and these are all you can get online and Google the stuff. But the point is: is that every pop everyone is five days at someone? Does correctly you’ll? Do this you’re going to put up with them doing it poorly as long as you want to? If you want to put up with her, if she want to say that today is the day as we we we, we can review the moves today September. Three as you want and never stop business coach  recruiting. So you, if you, if you are never, if you’re ever in your recruitment, then you can move on.

If you know you have to put up with it forever now step for, as you have to block out time for interviewing, it’s not important just to say you want to recruit new people, get that you block out time and Lee Cockrell. If he were here right now, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts, he said what gets scheduled, gets done, bring up business coach  then step five.

You got to schedule a weekly time to discuss your staffing needs. You know what needs to happen. What needs to move who who we need to move on from and if you go to, when you click on the podcast, you can be all the show notes and so you’re never going to miss a step right there. So we have all done it before it was right there, for you know, step 6 Justin. I want you to talk about this. You must block out time for a consistent training. You obviously only business coach  Men’s Grooming Lounge on the verge of franchising and West Carter.

You have a team of legal professionals. I want to start with you just and then, when I get on down the road here to Wes about the importance of scheduling, weekly consistent time for training, why is that? A must for scheduling needs to be scalable and realistic. So, ultimately, with health in the room, we didn’t want to create a job for, for me, I’m in the shops, and so I had to business coach  then think of.

I can’t be everywhere at once. I’Ve been relying people, so we actually with our training it’s on every single day and ultimately they are people, managers and team, a players that have people shadowing them their training. So it’s ongoing thing today and tomorrow there’s locations over five people that are me shadowing and training and ultimately providing that growth for our company cuz. We want to grow and you have to be adding business coach  people all the time to grow, and it’s only one chief, the whole time you have to constantly block out time for training on West Carter.

You have paralegals, you have members of your team for adding all the time for the winters and King. It’S a growing organization. I want the top legal firms you guys actually represented from a literary perspective TD, Jakes, Joel Osteen. Some of the top attorney are some of the top of Pastors in the planet.

Why business coach  can’t I use your own that back up, you never knew that. Why haven’t I name drop that America’s number one attorney the planets never wanted: tourney full legal to pull legal disclosure. So West Carter talk to me about the importance of legal. You know how important is ongoing training in the in the legal world when the legal world right out of law, school so loud and them to go operate independently, is a very bad idea, because I’m going to get sued for business coach  millions of dollars so also, besides, the Liability Bob as a kind of a managing attorney, is to raise these people up.

I’M looking for people as smart or smarter than me, so they can do a good job and I can grow with great players and I have to either do it myself or have other Good attorneys coach them teach them along the way. Cuz. Even smart people need a coach business coach  now we have a tough question. I want to ask you today.

This is a tough one where to bury a politically sensitive time in American history, put the correct and a transgender you not going to answer yes come on, I’m not even sure where to go with that answer. The question he’s telling me he’s just to know: he’s probably texting his law Partners right now and see what he says about Tiffany Tiffany, Tiffany click on the podcast button, and you can see all of the notes of the business coach   notable quotable going to give you a notable Quotable from check casualty, I want you to write this down as the president of the billion-dollar Corporation. We love called quick trip.

He says, hire character. Train skill that was just tippy gave to me years ago, says, hire character, train skill. What does it mean? Why is it so important that you can’t train character? You can hire characters. You can hire a guy. That’S like a clown that can do the blow up balloons in different shapes. You can. You could hire a business coach  character, but you can’t train character.

What character means as people, that are honest people that are happy people that are forthright people that do what they say? There is one for offensive line as usual. I went too far, but you can always teach people how to push a button. How to fill in a form, how you want the how you want them to check-in or check-out somebody how you want them to greet.

You follow a script on the phone and you know so business coach  you could teach people all the fundamentals and that’s what we do in our in-person workshops. First off we have a thriver in here from California who just walked in the box. That rocks. Is it gymcats guard in 2017 he was voted number 9 out of 1300 speakers on the planet, most successful speakers of all time he’s attending the words I’m so excited business coach   to see mr.

Jim capguard and at our Workshop, what we do is we teach you specifically the Steps to grow a scalable business between you and I we’ve been able to 13 multimillion-dollar businesses and it’s not because we’re super smart. Well, maybe you’re super smart, but it’s because we know them prove it past, and so we have four ways to help all the drivers.

We have one we have the in-person workshops come on. Now we have to podcasts. Let me have it three: we business coach  have one-on-one business coaching and for we have the online school, it’s just a dollar for your first month of expensive, though it’s there after a lifetime, you’re going to get a buffet of knowledge, you’re not going to get in college. It’S business business coach  school without the BS, but it’s up to you to say. Yes, my name is the clerk of the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year. That’S dr. Z, I’m a business coach, that’s Justin, Moore, that’s West Carter, 3, 2, 1 BOOM!


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