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Do you know what it takes to start a successful online store? Learn the proven path for building a successful e-commerce store and start selling your products online from the U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and America’s palest business coach, Clay Clark. During today’s show Clay breaks down the following topics and more: The power of business coaching, what you don’t know is hurting, your network is your networth, how to determine who your top competition is, branding, website optimization, advertising, lead tracking, and more…



Concept #1 – The Power of Business Coaching [ 3:50 ]
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – (The best advice I ever got was from) John Doerr, who in 2001 said, “My advice to you is to have a coach.” The coach he said I should have is Bill Campbell. I initially resented the advice, because after all, I was a CEO. I was pretty experienced. Why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong? My argument was, How could a coach advise me if I’m the best person in the world at this? But that’s not what a coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be your best. In the business context a coach is not a repetitious coach. A coach is somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes, describes it to you in [his] words, and discusses how to approach the problem.” – Eric Schmidt (an American software engineer, a businessman, and the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. who was previously the CEO of Google)



Concept #2 – What You Don’t Know is Hurting You [ 6:20 ] 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player…And with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)




Concept #3 – Your Network is Your Networth [ 6:45 ] 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.” – Tim Ferriss (The best-selling author of the Four Hour Work Week)




STEP 1 – Determine Who Your Top Competitors Are [ 14:40 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.” – Robert Greene (The best-selling author of Mastery)
  2. 2. SPECIFICS:
  3. A. Create a Google Sheet of the following items:
  4. 1. Which website is the best and why?
  5. 2. What do they charge?
  6. 3. What is their Purple Cow (Core Differentiator)?
  7. 4. Which provider who you buy from if you were a consumer?



STEP 2 – Determine who your ideal and likely buyers are [ 18:55 ] 
  1. 1. Determine who the ideal and likely buyers of your competition are
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (The former business partner of Charlie Munger and the best-selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine)




STEP 3 – Determine what you will differently from your competition (your Purple Cow) [ 33:16 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t steer a parked bus.” – Clay Clark (Former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We run our schools like factories. We line kids up in straight rows, put them in batches (called grades), and work very hard to make sure there are no defective parts. Nobody standing out, falling behind, running ahead, making a ruckus. Playing it safe. Following the rules. Those seem like the best ways to avoid failure.” – Seth Godin (The man who used $20,000 in savings to found Seth Godin Productions, primarily a book packaging business, out of a studio apartment in New York City.He then met Mark Hurst and founded Yoyodyne. In 1998, he sold Yoyodyne to Yahoo! for about $30 million and became Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing and the best-selling author of the Purple Cow)



I know you going to dig this sting live from the center of the universe without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur  business coach  of the Year.

Clay welcome to the drive time show on talk radio 1170. Yes, it’s Ian Claire broadcaster from the box from the 90s, but I’ll show you what’s the proper show on your business coach  radio it’s about time.

So anyway, we go. It’S about time, show on your radio and three two one. Here we go all, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio.

They were broadcasting live from the man cave and the business coach  Beautiful Heart of somewhere in bigamous Tom is excited, and we are very, very, very excited to be here where Breakside of the bee broadcasting from a cave like environment.

Now now, I’m in before we get into today’s topics that we are talking about the business coach  proven business plan for online retail stores and online products available, but before we get into that, this is going to business coach   be kind of our will are where’s

Waldo question of the day. Here from the start, with you Steven, can I scan the room kind business coach  of look around if you could cuz every time you come here, there’s going to be something different is going to be, Improvement business coach  will be sitting added. Can you cite at least five things that I’ve been added to the man cave since the last time you were in the business coach  man cave so?

Can you hang out and I’ll put a good and put 30 off of 30 seconds of the board on the board and so without further Ado, one two three and out go to the strip out the Jeopardy music it if you could support and if you can Supply business coach  company Alex Trebek kind business coach  of that overall judgemental, a spirit where he’s like.

Okay, if I believe the sombrero is new, you believe: that’s okay, that’s okay, though the Rocks the Rocks poster has been added to the wall. There’S a baby elephant and a mama business coach  elephant thoughts on the bar there’s an elephant behind me on the bookshelf.

There’S a picture there’s a picture of somebody in you business coach  know in a boat going down the river, and it’s a raft raft that there’s that picture of Steve without a shirt on behind your screen that we business coach   talked about.

There’S a DriveTime show thing up on the wall. Above the counter, but yeah, it’s the doctor, Z on bravehearts body business coach  behind him, leave her behind.

I go anywhere anytime that I go anywhere anytime anywhere and there is a z or an elephant. I business coach  have to buy it. What if it’s a real elephant? I was describing dr. Z and saying it was no computers, shotgun for online retail sales business coach   in online product sales.

Okay, you got ta understand the power of business coaching, okay, this is a notable quotable that business coach  comes. It comes that you’re hot from Eric Schmidt and Schmidt, was the CEO of Google and the CEO of a company called Apple, better alphabet.

It’S easy, the chairman of this company, which is by a biscuit sister company partner company. They rearranged the business coach  way Google is set up, but he explained these. He was a string of Fortune Magazine interview.

They said what is the best advice that you’ve ever received. This is the best advice I ever got was from John door, who said in 2001. My advice to you is to have a business business coach   coach, the coach he said I should have his bill Campbell.

I initially resisted the advice because, after all, I was a CEO. I was pretty experience, but why would I need a coach? Am I doing something wrong or argument was How could a business coach advise me if I’m business coach  supposed to be the best in the world at this?

That’S not what the business coach does. The coach doesn’t have to play the sport business coach  as well as you do. They have to watch you and get you to be at your best in the cut in the business context.

The coach is not a red Texas, coach, a business coaches. Somebody who looks at something with another set of eyes describes it to you in his or her words, and business coach   it discusses how to approach the problem.

So it looks like somebody’s going to build an online retail store start a new business of some kind. Why is he having a business coach so valuable for people?

Well, I think it’s what we’re going to get into here in a business coach  minute, but that whole concept of you don’t know what you don’t know, and so, if you’re out there trying to build an online store – and you don’t know how to optimize a website – that’s not Going to be good, that’s good!

That’S a recipe for disaster right there give business coach  you a broad-brush example. This is how you’re going to do the online retail sales. What is you’re going to need to have world-class Brandon is going to be step. One then, what you’re going to need to do what you need to make sure you actually build the business coach  shopping.

Cart that works using a program called Shopify. Do not use any other program. Good Commerce, don’t do it! Why cuz it works, and I’m telling you don’t get into custom coating, avoid custom coating at all costs to not pay a customized coder web developer business coach  to build something for you. We want to do what you want.

Do you want to get great branding? Get your shopping! Cart and third, is: I want you to attempt to sell 15 somethings as soon as possible. You have to attempt to sell 15 some things as soon as possible rush to business coach  revenue cuz.

If you don’t do that, we’re going to do to spend all this money on branding and marketing and all these ideas and products, but you can’t sell anything, it’s not worth going to teach you how to do that.

No contact number to is what you don’t know. As business coach  Eric point out is hurting you now, Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft, and he wants said he says everyone needs.

A coach doesn’t matter matter, whether you’re a basketball player at tennis player at gymnast or a bridge player it with no feedback. No business coach  coaching, there’s just no way to improve you’ve got to get that Phoebe.

You got to do it in a constant or 3 hours to put into your head before we start teaching you. The steps is your network is truly your net worth Tim Ferriss, the best-selling author of the book, The 4-Hour business coach   workweek.

He says you are the average of the five people you associate with the most so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious or disorganized friends.

If someone is making you some isn’t making you stronger, they’re, making you weak or business coach   get your feedback on this, because there’s somebody listening to this show who is doing their very best to build a successful business or a successful marriage or successful something and they’re surrounded by Idiots has this ever happened to you why we threw business coach  how to upgrade their Social Circle?

How have you been able to do it? What are the challenges of the Walk us through the how important it says, I’m a guy that most people are trying to upgrade, but you don’t mean like they’re, trying to upgrade till like a better Social business coach  Circle.

So there? Where can I rent a car in the habit of a drug-induced? For me, it’s just about protecting your mind and if you’re around people that are negative are not ambitious.

Who are constantly giving little digs about your success or trying to not like the business coach  people in the valley that are down there, grab your ankles trying to pull you down, but you know not wearing pants.

I mean natural way that I was raised. I was raised out pants and then you’re out there. Bringing that Spirit of judgment in your born without nation is business coach  what I’m going to wear.

Please I don’t care what your fancy friends, I’m not moving my bus, I put the bus and on the yard – and I left it there and I’ll come back to her mother and I’ll.

Take the tree might be going through it, but that I don’t have appointments in the business coach  garbage in garbage out that it’s not affecting them, but I told somebody that’s the other day.

If you have, you know, you looked like when a tornado comes through or a hurricane or wind in general, as its or water. That is constantly dripping upon a rock over business coach  the years.

Eventually, it will mold The Rock right. Eventually, the wind will knock the Jew, not judge me. For my older. I realize it more as an aroma rice people, those Nelly Nelly negatives of people that are there in your life that are not being that positive influence.

You’Re business coach   not going to win. I told my daughter this you’re trying to go, save somebody because they they need help, know they’re going to drag you into their pit of of crap, rather than drag them out every single time she got to get people that are not going to drag you business coach  down.

Herndon, are you saying you’re cancelling your your membership to our bowling league already? Did the other personal hell that I went through to get you that that thing fancy bowling ball with them with a rose in the center?

I put the rose in the car that I business coach  paid it honest man to put the roads right now in the center and I and you and your in the whole thing about they drink anymore Currington.

I don’t appreciate that right. I had a whole big group of friends that hung out in one day I nixed, like 75 % of this group business coach  that – and I just said these – are the people that I’m going to hang out with, because this is where I see no riffraff.

I have no negative feelings and it doesn’t bring me down Socia and some people got mad they’re like well, that’s true, but I think it’s time we should have business coach  see you sorry.

I don’t understand me for dating my sister. Well, I’m here she is hot they’re there right now are going through his you’ve got somebody sister’s hot.

Just that I have a sister somebody, there’s somebody out there that it’s battling this you’re, surrounded business coach   by idiots. Another example I’ll give you ain’t coming out to a nice restaurant yesterday and the food was awesome and the decor was awesome and the price was kind of high and the people to my right were nice.

If you want to I left for nice, everybody business coach   in the restaurant that was around to me was nice. Now, have you guys been to the movie going to see a movie where the person who’s attending the movie? Who is a group of people, but there’s one person that you invited who believes that the movie is an business coach   interactive film and they must warn the actors of all potential

Danger: don’t do it, they must cheer for them, and they must also continue texting and doing whatever They would do during have you ever been to a movie like this in the person next to you just keeps business coach   at the movie theater and they just keep your texting and emailing on their phone.

I’M just glad Sally’s out here, because she would say that was me. I hope she’s, like I’m, not going to be with you cuz. You won’t put your phone up and I’ll.

Let you know that I got a business coach   ticket and there’s people all around you that are super negative. It ruins the film who is the atmosphere.

I also call this to Country Club through I’ve talked to so many successful people, and I say why are you a member of a country club and when you get them when business coach   you’re alone with them, and they don’t think you’re going to quote him on the radio?

Show in the other, going to reference their name Bill usually say he caused the until they usually say, because the idiots can’t afford to be here, though, I really don’t business coach  know. I, like I, like the country club, because the people who are paying to be here have worked hard over a given period of time.

They’Ve delayed gratification, they’ve saved up money to be here and so now, they’re here and it’s an environment that is conducive to business coach  conversation. I can get a business deal done, I can have it.

I can swim at the pool with my kids and not worry about the safety of them, and I just encourage you today make a list of the people in your life that are negative and the people that are positive.

If you don’t business coach  have any positive people, if nothing else booked a ticket to one of her in person workshops, so you can meet drivers out there. Just like you, people that are positive people.

There upwardly-mobile people that are looking to improve their lives and then you can buy your business coach  tickets by just going to thrive time, and clicking on Comfortis. Would you click on conferences? You can book your tickets right there. My name is Mark. I am a business coach.

Stay tuned were talking about the proven business plan for online business coach  retail store and online product sales. The truck paper football team Hall of Fame helicopter black cards, good credit and such Peapod customer live world headquarters. First up right time show alright Thrive.

Nation we’re talking about how many proven business coach  business plan for a making a successful online retail store, how to build an online and product-based businesses driver out there who reached out to us and wanted to know the path, and we are teaching you the past.

Today. No step number one you have to business coach  determine who your top competitors are. This has to happen. You’Ve got to know who they are.

You absolutely have to take the time needed to make a spreadsheet because you’re going to spreadsheet. I don’t want you to make columns on the spreadsheet business coach  okay.

I know it’s hard to think about this abstract ID on a podcast to work with me. Call him a okay call him a! I want you just to list the names of the of the company’s okay. Maybe the company’s names of companies call MB.

I want you to put which website is the best business coach   of so of all the companies. Your your company included, which website is the best call MC put in there and their? What do they charge right with your competitors? Charge?

Call m.d. right: what is their core differentiated? What makes them different in call MD business coach  Now calling me right there sincerely on your spreadsheet, who you would buy from and why you’ve got to have that objective mindset going into it if you’re unwilling to take the time needed to actually Deep dive in your competitors, you Will lose?

This is step. One do business coach   not skip step one, because that one has to happen but Derek Chapman. I see this so many times where people say I didn’t get a chance to call them.

They wouldn’t call me back. Do I have to actually set up a different phone because if they call me back what are they business coach  doing to me? I don’t have the time I don’t hit. You was worried what, if they call me back, I don’t want to spy on my competition.

That is all you’re talking about this a minute ago that that that was also a problem. What’S up someone that wouldn’t call business coach  ompetition, and I don’t have the time I don’t have the resources to get it done, but it’s really more of a I’m scared.

What I might find out, I’m scared they may be better than me. I’M scared what it’s going to reveal about my business that I’m going to have to really put time business coach   and energy into fixed, so here’s another recordable coming in hot to

Robert Greene, the best-selling author of the book, called Mastery which, by the way, is an Incredible Book. He says in the future, the great division will be between those who have trained business coach  themselves to handle the complexities of life and those who are overwhelmed by them, those who can acquire new skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media.

Around them and they can never focus enough to business coach  learn oscillating. That is, I was looking over here at the news. What do you say so this is?

This is the thing I want to make sure you’re getting this. I would if I were you – and this was my task – this is how I would do it. I would go to Target or some store today how to get business coach   one of those track.

Phones at Walmart, one of those disposable phone – I buy the phone today. I would sit down, I block out the time and I would light up my competition and I would have a A Bar Named that I would come business coach  up with. Like a name.

That’S not my business coach  real name is trudo name like my wife’s name was right. That was her bar named Rachel Rachel. Okay, you could be Rachel, nice, that’s weird, okay, so I’m going to go with no, but I don’t know, but some people, some people when they call when they call to Mystery business coach  Shop.

They screw this up. They get all weird. They sound all weird and it just it just use the name, Troy Smith, okay, Troy Smith, see you call and you just call your competitors eating and you try to buy something business coach  from them actually go business coach  through the process of zit online store of buying from them call

Their customer support – I just work with a client just on Friday, about this very specific example. They have a business at that offers memberships and they were struggling with. What are you business coach  doing?

Someone wants to get a refund. What are you doing still wants to cancel, and I said just call your competition and cancel and they’re like, but then I would have to have a membership and I’m, like I know, go get on.

This continues to be the issue, and I’m telling you business coach   what, if it’s, okay, if you’re competing in this case, this person was competing business coach  with a multimillion-dollar, almost billion dollar company.

I, like I, promise you they thought it through. They have a system, they have a plan for what to do. If you want a refund, but business coach  you’ve got to determine your top competitors are, it must have been do not move on to step two until you’ve done not pass go over to determine who your ideal?

In likely buyers are you got to figure that business coach  out real fast now, if you’d, if you mine and you in you deep dive business coach   into mystery shopping your competitors, you business coach  should quickly discover who they sell to write.

You should be able to figure out who they’re selling their their products to business coach   if it’s an actual in person retail store just go. Watch the customers that come in there go Mystery business coach  Shop that have business coach  been arrested online store.

There’S a program out. There called sem Rush sem and we can actually do the research business coach   for you. If you’re one of our clients, we can do the research for you to detect, to tell you how many people per month to visit  business coach  business coach  their website in what key words are typing in to find the website search up.

We have the whole thing figured out. We can do this, we can do that next step for you, but you have to determine who the ideal unlikely buyers of competition.

That’S so business coach  true, and one thing business coach  that I see a lot, especially with like startups, are new businesses. Is that what we talked about it all the time, the business is your baby right.

This is your thing. You are so attached to this and you’re like what everybody business coach  can my service or my product. It’S awesome. It’S the business coach   new thing. Everybody out there can use it.

Well, that’s too broad of a net. You got to find out who these ideal unlikely buyers and make a concerted effort to get in front of them. First, so business coach  you’re just wasting a giant marketing Budget on people that are not going to business coach  buy from you.

Can I rip on store in Tulsa, real, quick and yesterday when do this place and I’m going to drop ,000 on something? Okay, I’m going to spend ,000 at cake store business coach   in 75,000 and I’m not kidding. I go into the actual store.

I go in there to the hundred business coach  first Memorial area go in there and guess what there’s not a single person who says hello to me at all for 10 minutes now there was only another customer there.

So business coach  there’s a customer there who appeared to be like 607 man in the world and he was being helped business coach  by the by the front desk person.

Then no point did they ever Steve ever say hello in even one word, and it’s just crazy awkward, cuz we’re there and the business coach   oldest man in the world is there and he’s waiting for something to be pissed that he’s not going so.

I have this great business coach  story about the most his. What I actually met him when he was one of these in Moses told me directly. Was we took a business coach  vacation day he’s an older man he’s in there waiting for his chemicals or supplies or something to get to him and the one person who’s the one customer business coach   service rep literally, does not acknowledge the presence of myself or my wife the entire time.

We’Re business coach  there and I have to force the conversation, then I say hey. I would like to talk to you about buying a set item. You know so I can go in there and I want I’ll business coach  show you guys, but I’m not going to I’m not going to this and various things that go with it. You know business coach   various outdoor things and I ask for a price list.

I want to know what things I don’t I don’t. I don’t know why I just work here, I’m very new. I don’t know why don’t I business coach  have to like basically push this person just to get me a catalog that you actually push business coach   them.

Could you get me a price list? If you have an essay get down underneath there is no hustle there, and I guarantee you that that company has never mystery shocks.

I wanted business coach  to another store their competitor, they were, and that’s who got my business business coach  you’ve got a Mystery Shop.

The competition, a manager sting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner, with us SBA business coach  entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, all business coach   yes, bright, Nation, Shimmy, Shimmy, Ya, Shimmy, yam, shimmy, yay, welcome to the premiere of the Year, sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position, and specifically I’m so many drivers are starting to discover business coach   how it works.

I think a lot of people thought you know they. They talk about in those topics are probably procured from The Ether from a mastermind group for my discussion of discovering hey, they really do when you email them info business coach  at 3:15..

Calm and you schedule a one-on-one consultation. They actually not only meet with you, but then they actually use the business plan. They’Re providing you as the content for most of the radio shows out there who has an online retail store, he’s business coach  launching and he wants to know the proven path in so we’re teaching him today how to do step.

One was determine who your biggest competitors are. Step2 was determined who your ideal unlikely buyers, are your ideal in likely buyer. This is so important that you business coach   understand this.

I’M going to mention the company. Can I went there yesterday to buy something it was about a ,000, something that I’m going to be doing over the next few months. I go in there and I’m telling you.

I was not greeted immediately or any time at all business coach  during a 10 minute window of time in the only person who was there in the showroom, except for myself and my wife and my kids was the oldest man in the world and it’s just crazy.

How I go to the competitor and they’re all that they immediately like hello, how’s business coach   it going. How can we help you and I’m going mad? You guys just lost the sale. Do you guys come and pick it up myself to you, whatever Mystery Shop at all, and that’s why I go to Whole Foods? Cuz those people say hello.

They do great service. That’S why I go to business coach   Quick Trip and I and I’m new to this particular industry. I don’t go in there and buy these kinds of things all the time, but that’s why I love Jackie Cooper like this.

They say hello to you. They think they’re on it. If you’ve got a shot of your competitors, I’m telling you business coach  you would online shopping, cart that looks horrible and you’re the only one who doesn’t know it.

That’S not good Steve hilarious story, hilarious, try the other day I go upstairs and I’m good to work in the man cave first, I go upstairs and if it and you when I go into my business coach  closet, I have like hundreds of pairs of white socks cuz.

I don’t wash them. I just go, buy new ones at the moon and keep adding to the Hammer, then I’ll, just clean laundry on occasion who does all the laundry for the house but really finicky about it or I’ll, take it business coach  to Lamoni membership.

You know I’m putting on my socks up on the top shelf, will suck falls off the top shelf and it bought that land on to my, but I don’t know it go upstairs to My Wife and Kids: hey family.

I said something like guys and I’ll look at me kind of weird and business coach  ‘m like I was thinking like what’s going on, nothing much dad just stopped here and there like just sucking around up here,

but I don’t know what’s going on and then finally have an Appoint to have his dad to you intentionally have a sock on your head and business coach  my website through a horrible you got to suck on your head, hit that suck off no State.

I want to get your feedback on this and I want to get your feedback on this trip and I will play the part I will I will. I will do that I’ll put the part of the distance. It’S it’s a family member business coach  of yours who has built your website yet okay and it is awful, it is awful.

So Stevie you are you’re going to be you’re going to the client with the awful website. You shut up. Is your good friend who just point out to you that your website looks awful and I am going to business coach   be your aunt and here’s the situation.

So how do you like your website Steve? I love it. It’S so wonderful. I spent like an hour and a half one big, so I built an excuse, so great Steven yeah, I love it.

I think it’s great. I think that money up Eric Chapel, you think of business coach  yourself, nice reminder of your brother. I have always loved your brother. You. I can tell you that I can tell the work that you put in this and I’m so happy for you baby.

I want to get some so good. Lord! I spent all weekend while she’s over there talking to my salad. I want business coach  to ask you this question. I did, are you still dating that? What was the name of your wife? What was her name again?

That’S that’s actually hurt and what was the name Candice? I can’t dance almost like 10 minutes late and it’s so weird that you can. I see what does she come by that I don’t understand.

I can’t believe that I sort of made you out of myself, I’m going to send my related to leave about that website. What do you guys want to do it since it’s great, we just start selling billions of millions or billions at Bonnie casserole.

What do you think about the site? This was my aunt I would like. I think I would believe what what do you think I want. I want you to be serious., I’m trying. I love the site: okay, cuz! It’S not because Aunt Bonnie made it, but I just think it’s great what a cool thing is.

I want to buy a new one, I’m looking at a fairly right there. So many description things we need to do so about this. It doesn’t even know how to do this all different.

Now, it’s all about back window that Google entirely different colors changing all the time. It’S like. I had a team in India whose work 24/7 8 minutes and I watch the series of Tai Lopez videos he’s so cute that got in this bunch of your brother, who I’ve always liked more than you funny.

This is what happens when people stay with the website for years for years, because someone, the family, built it’s so stupid, so ridiculous. It’S jackassery in jackass Ridgewood binds the universe together at home, says the best selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine.

He writes best buyers, buy more by faster and buy more often and other buyer. These are your ideal. Clients have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients, I’m going to fix this retail store. I went in yesterday,

I’m not to mention your name, but if you’re at 101st and 111th and Memorial in that area, here’s how to fix it. One have so many great the customers within at least 10 seconds, of their arrival 30 seconds at the most always put a door chime do something to have pricing available. 3.

Have overhead music have overhead music for having a person who works there not tell you that their new five times in a row, the oldest man in the world, is there by himself great, the oldest man in the world and be nice to the oldest man in The world cuz he’s your only current customer, be nice to the guy, be nice to your customers.

It just. I just need your website do something about it, update that thing and quit letting your Aunt Bonnie or whatever don’t let her make that website for your website is nasty great and I know you’re, but I know you’re paying rent over there, two hundred 11th and Memorial And I know it’s expensive so fix that mess you got to do it now.

The next move you’ve got to determine what you will do differently from your competition. Whatever 3, you can’t just copy them exactly that a figure out what it is that you’re going to do.

That’S going to separate you from the competition. If you don’t, if you don’t, do that, you’re going to lose your soul and you’re going to feel horrible all the time, because your business is failing your business to fail. Kauai business coach  differentiate your business from all the other businesses that are out there.

Now don’t be a brown cow Amber’s, the brown cow, nobody remembers, the brown cow. Are you ready for you? Batgirl said: ok, Google, broadcasting from this universe and the business coach  world headquarters.

It’S that thrive time show yeah, baby, yeah, baby Thrive Nation. If you’re, the man, if you’re the woman you business coach  looking at the man cuz, if you are the man where you are the woman you’re, the dude you’re, the boss, you’re the guru, you are business coach  obviously this show because you’re not give me listening to this show if you’re,

Not the man or the woman in the tank. Money business coach  in the bank, maybe maybe it’s a thing where you’re on the way to becoming the man, maybe you’re not there yet but you’re on the way cuz, when it’s not about who you are now it’s, where you’re Going it’s not where you came from it’s where you’re going it’s!

Okay! business coach  If you are listening to Today Show we have got a great topic here for you with a driver who reached out to us, and I want us to build a business plan for them, and so they are a coaching

client and so we’re teaching the specific business Plan for building a successful business coach   online retail store and online product sales based company rights or moving on to our next move here, except number, three determined that what you will do differently from your competition. So one there’s a bit of the book out. There called The Purple Cow business coach   by

Seth Godin how to read an excerpt from that book. To you know, Seth Godin is a guy who took his ,000 life savings and he started a company called Seth Godin Productions. What they did was book package books that wouldn’t sell.

They would help business coach  them sell more, they helped package, the books, help them, sell more books and he ran into a guy named Mark Hirst and they found that a company called yoyodyne and then in 1998 he actually sold to Yahoo.

For 30 million dollar city became their vice president business coach   of direct marketing and is also the best-selling author of many books, one of which is called The Purple Cow like factories, wheel and kids.

Up in straight rows, put them in batches called grades, and we work very hard to make sure that there are no defective business coach   Parts. Nobody standing out falling behind running ahead, make your Rockets playing it safe following the rules.

These are the best ways to avoid failure, explains what that’s not that’s, not what he explained that because of that mindset, kids today, what are frayed business coach  adults today are afraid to stand out, but that’s what marketing is you’re competing for people’s attention?

You must be the purple cow in the sea of brown cow search up. Can you explain what a purple cow is going to go to break it down? What a purple cow is it?

Maybe business coach  one business out there may be one Famous Brand in your mind. Is a good example of of a purple cow yeah that can be a lot of different things. One of my the best examples, in my opinion is honestly elephant in the room right.

They have. They cut business coach  hair, okay, everybody, they don’t know what in the room, but they said they are part of this. You know haircut industry, but they’re completely different than everybody else.

Man only membership model, the decor is awesome. The phones are not in the store, so nobody’s business coach  going to ear cut off. You know pension, the old shoulder move with the phone right there. So that’s it there’s.

Even things like Walmart there, purple cow is low price right there, they’re all about having the cheapest lowest prices. That’S how they stand out from all.

The business coach  competition went to fire up a bunch of purple cows to help every every driver out there who’s listening help. You be successful real fast, okay,

Harley Harley-Davidson tell me where they went into bankruptcy multiple times before they found their Niche. Their Niche business coach  is bloud, American-made motorcycles loud and Powerful, American-made motorcycles Steve.

You drive a Lamborghini write this down. What is the niche of what kind of person likes a Lamborghini? Why do you like a Lamborghini? Please describe the niche of Lamborghini business coach  to the tribe Nation.

Oggi’S, that’s a tough one, but I want to know what what is the? What is there an itch? I mean who are they trying to appeal to what makes the car nice well? So I would compare like to Ferrari. Okay, so some guys drive a Ferrari.

Some guys drive a Lamborghini like what’s the difference between the doors Ferrari versus Lamborghini, Lambo would be set like somebody who likes to maybe stand out a little bit be original your Ferrari. Guy buys a red, a red Ferrari and he doesn’t touch it right.

The Lamborghini guy, like me, Tarzan or buys Lamborghini cuz they want to modify, they want to change it. They want to stand out. They want to.

You know your Ferrari, guys, like your stockbroker, your Lambo guy is like your mortgage guy, your mortgage guy or something else. So you know: does Lamborghini have a purple cow,

I mean yeah, they they they build a car that has you know it’s literally A Raging Bull. I mean when you drive this car. It literally is supposed to feel like you are riding a bull and whipping it. While business coach  you’re driving it now, this is where I want to get into this, because this is the thing you took me in a ride and Lamborghini.

You took me to lunch right what does Sprouts and we got the nice boxed lunches there at Sprouts right some fancy about 4 bucks, a piece we go there and got those, and I mean that sincerely.

I never want to go in that vehicle again and if you gave me I’m just assuming gave me a Lamborghini, I wouldn’t want it like. I don’t like anything about it, and so, but it’s a great car and Everyone likes it.

Except for me, no work with me if you were business coach   designing Lamborghinis, and so the three of us are in a room and Eric chop is the head of the company and you’re the head of marketing Steve, and I work an accountant and I’m like I don’t like It it’s so low to the ground and I got sick when you accelerate, I don’t let’s business coach   too fast,

I don’t like it at all. It’S Tuesday, it’s Tuesday and I can’t stay too loud. I can’t haul Pinon wood in it. Get back in your closet in the front. Okay, the the truck I’m just saying, like you, couldn’t make a compromise between business coach  the two vehicles I want.


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