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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) breaks down the specific proven path for building a successful online store. During today’s show Clay breaks down the following topics and more: The power of business coaching, what you don’t know is hurting, your network is your networth, how to determine who your top competition is, branding, website optimization, advertising, lead tracking, and more…


STEP 4 – Determine the 3-Legged Marketing Stool that your competition uses to reach their ideal and likely buyers   [ 1:39 ] 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” – Steve Jobs (Co-founder of Apple and the former CEO of PIXAR)



STEP 5 – Determine Your 3-Legged Marketing Stool [ 2:55 ] 


  1. 1. Adwords (Adroll)
  2. A. Note: Install onto your website so that you can accurately track your website traffic
  3. 2. Retargeting Advertisements (Adroll)
  4. 3. Third Party Sites (that you can advertise on)
  5. 4. Search Engine Optimization
  6. A. Determine whether to Podcast based or article based search engine optimization
  7. 1. The formula for getting to the top of Google Search Engine Results
  8. A. Canonical compliance
  9. B. Most mobile friendly website
  10. C. Most Google reviews
  11. D. Most original and relevant HTML (Hypertext markup language text)



STEP 6 – Make your branding superior to your competition [ 23:45 ]
  1. 1. Logo – See (see top companies)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX and more…)
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – 



STEP 7 – Build your documented workflow of what works once somebody buys something [ 28:40 ] 
  1. 1. Pre-written email
  2. 2. Sales script
  3. 3. Product delivery
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (The man behind the Disney Empire who lost it all 2 times in route to building his empire)
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you give someone a present, and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe that the gift has higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything– our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper.” – Michael Levine (Best-selling author and the public relations consultant of choice for Nancy Kerrigan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Nike, Pizza Hut, Charlton Heston, etc.)




STEP 8 – Run Adwords to get immediate clicks and and traffic to the website [ 34:34 ] 


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner.” – Tim Ferriss (The successful podcaster, venture capitalist and best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week)



STEP 9 – Create a tracking sheet [ 35:36 ] 
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE (Tip Top K9 Tracking Sheet)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets measured gets improved.” – Peter Drucker (Best-selling author and a man who has been described as “the founder of modern management”)




STEP 10 – Create a detailed proforma [ 39:00 ] 
  1. 1. Determine break-even point (# of deals needed per month)
  2. 2. Determine profit per sale
  3. 3. Determine # of deals needed per week to achieve your goals
  4. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)




STEP 11 – Launch your 3-legged marketing stool [ 39:56 ] 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney (The man behind the Disney Empire who lost it all 2 times in route to building his empire)




  1. 1. Avoid geo-fencing due to lack of tracking ability
  2. 2. Avoid funnel creation
  3. 3. Avoid blogs about no-money down making millions, etc.
  4. 4. Avoid get-rich-quick-schemes
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11




Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Club Lamborghini Mercy in the nosebleeds.

All right. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio, your  business coach  daily Dojo of Mojo, in the place that you go fo sho to get the knowledge that you need to know to make your business grow.

I’M I am, I know, I’m your business coach  business bro. And I am here to help you get into a great situation financially and specifically, they were talking about building a proven business plan for an online retail store.

So many people want to build a successful online on my retail store, but they don’t know business coach   what to do either of those steps were going to walk you to the specific steps to do. That’S.

Okay. So what will differentiate business coach  you from your competition? You have to figure out. What are you going to do? That’S going to make you different from the business coach  competition in a note of a chord, do I tell my clients all the time I always tell my clients.

You can’t steer a park bus, very action. You business coach  got to move you got to take some momentum, create some energy. How to move. You got to figure out what you’re going to do to business coach  make your company different.

No set number for you’ve got to determine the three-legged marketing stool that your business coach  competition is currently using to get clients to get sales. You got to figure out. How is your competition generating sales know business coach   Steve Jobs?

If he were here, he would say this is a notable quotable from the late great Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple business coach  in the former CEO of Pixar, good artists, copy, great artists, steal example.

You could do to prove my point to be super Shady, but business coach   it would it does what it does work / 80 previous to knowing Jesus. I did this move on, but actually the source code of your business coach  competition, it’s illegal and you get in trouble.

So don’t do this, but if you copied your competition’s website exactly and r business coach  an the exact same as that they ran, you would generate the exact same results. So there was a chiropractor I worked with business coach  years ago, and this is a move.

This would be a great way for dr. Jay chiropractor, who was the most successful chiropractor, believe business coach   it was in San Diego, and we just copied every single and he had exactly the same ads and we copy the landing page to look almost exactly the same with different Words and they’re in different markets, and so we ran the ads and guess what it works now, so business coach  you want to figure out what is the three-legged marketing stew?

How was your competition? What is that? What are the three ways that your competition is getting all their Sale? Dubstep? Five, you want event create your own three-legged marketing, stool and here business coach   are the four moves.

I’D recommend for usable Force, for that was three legged marketing still well, here’s the thing because it supposed to be like in marketing stools. You won’t have as few systems for marketing as possible and a minimum of three as few as business coach  possible and a minimum of 3 / 3.

You got to make sure and track all of them. Number one. You want to have AdWords Chuck and explain what AdWords is. Are on a basic, Loca Susan? You might be telling yourself why I never click on those things, but guess what click on business coach   those people do it works all the time with Google Adwords is a move.

If you are right now in front of a computer, I want you to go ahead and Google something Steve. Is it okay if you’re interviewing types in Tulsa mortgages, real, quick, yeah? Ok, Google comes up business coach   top with an ad okay.

Now Steve. Can you explain what happens if you were to click their ad they get charged? How much for the word Tulsa mortgage, I think the average is like .80 or something like that. Okay, then, the second companies EFG, if you click that add business coach  what happens to those guys.

They get charged and what, if I click to open mortgage, they get chart if, if they’ve got an ad they’re going to get charged? What about the ad for Costco home finance? Oh yeah, they’re, going to they’re paying for that too.

It’S also going to business coach  pay per click add, and how do you know what it’s going to cost for? How do you? How do you know what it’s going to cost per click, and how do you know that? Because you can Google tell you you look it up?

It’S going to be more expensive. If there’s not a ton of business coach  people searching for to be less expensive wants to know how much it cost per click.

Do you do that for them yeah we have a team that will optimize your ads, will run your ads for you and we’ll have a report every week showing you how this is, how many business coach

total lending Concepts that Steve’s company you guys are top with the most Reviews in the City of Tulsa, you have the most reviews, 179 and climbing, find me your top of Google and then they’re, Steve, which is also top of Google in the business coach  actual organic search results. If you scroll down, Currington mortgage is also on page one.

So you have Steve 3 key of the first 10 listings, but if you’re listening today and you want to build an online store, I’m going to go and give examples. What’S good, not type in buy business coach  socks.

Online queso buy socks online okay. So I’m doing that and you see a company called a happy, so I click their ad. Thus they just paid some money, so I have a, but when you click on it you can see they have all different kinds of socks business coach   for men and women and you can order custom socks that you can’t find anywhere else.

And so, if you were wanting to sell socks online immediately as soon as your site is built, you want to go ahead and run out of words, because you can’t learn anything if you’re not business coach   getting any clicks to your site, you want as soon as possible start Getting clicks to your site and winter running AdWords, I highly recommend that you would use a company there.

It’S called lucky orange, put lucky or and by the way we can install this on business coach  your website, and it is a tool that you can actually in bed and ate a piece of code on your website and that will show you how many people clicked it. And what they did once they click you guys should be a video footage of their of their actual screenshot of them.

Navigating business coach  your website, it’s crazy, so you can learn a lot of the second move. Retargeting ads, retargeting ads of the ads that follow you all around. Google there’s an example: Harrys calm when you go to, then immediately open up a new tab and business coach  go to and then do another new tab and go to that.

The let’s go to the Tulsa World, come to and then go to Fox. Another tab now go to sick of those three sites. When you go to those three sites, the chances are you going to see an business coach   ad for Harry’s already and it’s because Harry’s does retargeting

ADS and those follow you all around the internet and we will help you set those up. It does require some coding and a knowledge of WordPress. We can do that, for this is one of those tools that business coach  this.

This is how you know what Palace of shopping for online cuz you get on the web browser. After that, my wife is like when I can meet so many shotgun shells for shotguns party sites. You can advertise until get if you’re trying to sell sucks.

You business coach  look for sites out there that may be there. Maybe it’s a place where people go to buy things, and maybe it’s not your site directly in a good example that would be Amazon but there’s other every industry or stuff like that.

So Steve in the mortgage industry. Their sites business coach  out there that that mortgage professionals are real estate agents can buy leads from right. Could you give me example?

Maybe once I doubt they’re, the realtor could buy leads from Zillow Zillow Trulia, a disc jockey. Okay, so is here typing in Tulsa business coach  DJ’s?

I used to own a company called DJ connection, that was the nation’s largest wedding, entertainment company and DJ connection was always top in the Google Search right.

We were to open, Google, but there’s a website that was always in the top two or three business coach   called, and you can actually buy an ad on

You can also buy an ad on the You can buy an add-on on and you can actually be top in Google on those third-party sites as well. But you’ve got to get some business coach  traffic to your website as soon as possible, and I want to break this down and Steve going to get your take on. This is search engine optimization. You need to make this party or long-term strategy.

You want to be topping. Google anytime people are searching chuck business coach  could explain the four variables impact your Google search engine Rank and I’d like for Steve to break them down with you. So, let’s get into it.

We’Ve got canonical rules right baby, I was basically doesn’t mean Cannon. It just means like it’s Google’s architecture business coach   right, you have to build everything within their rules. You got to be mobile compliant.

You have to have your title tags in meta descriptions and all the nerdery. All of these things done the right way with unique Ameri descriptions used to break that down at the business coach  same time to Google’s establish rules and if your website, if you’re, not sure, if your website does it, doesn’t write.

Email us to email us today, info at Drive of, and we will help you fix your side of a company in Tulsa that sells are rugs, made a beautiful business coach  sight, not not ranking in Google searches at all, and we were able to get them.

The top of the Google a search is real, real fast within like 3 months and other businesses blowing up. She want to get the canonical compliance set up and if you don’t know how to do it, don’t business coach   worry about it.

Just email info at 3:15. Com schedule your consultation today it will help you fix that site of the second is you have to have the most mobile compliances chat mentioned? You have to have your site work well and look well on mobile devices.

Now, the business coach  third variable there is, you have to have the most Google reviews, you absolutely Steve. Why is it important to get Google reviews and how have you gone about getting them?

Well, it’s important because it’s one of those factors I drive to work on the canonical business coach  stuff. We record and write tons and tons of content to win the content game. But in addition to that, Google needs to know what our customers are saying about us.

So we worked really really hard to get more views and that’s how were the most reviewed business coach  lender in Tulsa and in really all of our markets, but the way that we have been able to get the reviews.

We followed your advice and what Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning does, which now we talked about this in the last show at they’re. Probably 218,000 reviews now think business coach   they’re at once.

I want to search real quick while you’re talking about so we just tried to put it at the point of sale when we’re closing a deal with a client part of your system out of our system, to where we get

Google reviews on total loan officers that, If they’ll business coach  get a Google review from the client, before closing that we give a discount to the client for giving us honest review before closing, a lot of people have a business model, it’s already working and they want a franchise that they want to take it in

And sell they want business coach   to sell their business model to other aspiring entrepreneurs and that way they can scale their business model in franchising is a great way to do that and I one of the brands I’ve had the opportunity to work with this cold Oxi Fresh, and It’S Steve mentioned it to o x, i fresh and, if business coach   you’re wanting to get a

carpet cleaning quote anywhere in the world right now. If you, Google, search carpet, cleaning quotes, oxyfresh comes up top in the Google search with 400. With 117132 reviews, you have to have the most reviews

business coach   now. The next step is, you have to have the most content, Whoever has the most content, the most words the most hypertext markup language words, the most

HTML words the most. It would go to for a good example of that they have the most business coach   word, that’s why they come up top and Google searches for almost everything, but you’ve got to have the most words.

I know there’s only two ways to get the most words. One is with a thoughtful blog or podcast doing a podcast that you actually care about you business coach  actually putting time and energy into and a Blog.

You can actually write a really thoughtful, well-written blog or podcast. That’S option one or two. You can hire a team of people like our Thrive time.

Show team and they’ll write content for you now, but why do people business coach  have to decide where they want to write their own content or they want us to do they have to make that tough decision pretty quickly?

Because if you’re going to decide that you’re going to create your own content, you’re going to have to get on a regimen you’re business coach   going to have to get on a schedule and put this on your calendar and do it every single week.

So if you can commit to that, then let’s let’s get started. Let’S do that start podcast and get those transcriptions going if not you’re going to lose.

If you’re, not talking, Google business coach   so hire, us will get the content written for you, but you have to be diligent when it when it comes to creating content for your website, content is King.

Google’S not looking for Shakespeare. Write so needs to be would have to be the best in the world. What business coach   would you say for somebody out there who really really wants to write their own content?

They want to write a blog and at the end they say you know what I’m going to be. I’M going to be I’m going to take the time I was going to block it out in my schedule to write the business coach  most content.

I’M going to do. What would you say for some of the thoughts on the strategy of writing a Blog as a way to get to the top of Google’s listening? Who want to do that strategy? I want to get your feedback on that strategic decision.

As a business business coach  coach, they just drive time show on your radio. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170, you won’t ever have alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio.

My name is Clay Clark, the former USS be a entrepreneur business coach   of the year. The father of five human kids and a man who cannot stand mediocrity definitely have an enemy of average.

I cannot stand mediocrity because I know what mediocrity does. Mediocrity leads to you having a bad dinner to you, having a bad business coach   job to you, having a bad office environment to you having just bad it’s just you do not.

You need to run for mediocrity. You want to surround yourself with a network of people with the high net-worth. You want to be surrounded by words of wisdom that business coach   you want to make sure that you understand that your mind is what the mind is fat and that’s all commit to doing the show.

Every single day to give you that positive knowledge, you cannot get in college, we want to help you get that now it’s business coach   going to change, because nothing is nothing, is more powerful than a changed Mind by TD, Jakes, DDD, best-selling, author and the pastor.

He said this over and over he says nothing is as powerful as a changed mind it once you embrace the success mindset and you business coach  rubbing, you understand that Proverbs 10:4 was correct, that God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the hand of the slacker.

Then you can be set free, financially and one of the things I see all the time. I see this all the time and see entrepreneurs who business coach   tuned in to the show, and they were talking about how to build a successful online retail store, and they hear this specific steps to hear that to get to the top of Google.

You have to create the most original content it when they hear that idea. They just fight it, they business coach  did, they can’t handle it. It feels like I don’t know. If that’s true, I heard a Blog know. I read this blog. I heard this podcast.

They told us that, since he is always changing, that’s not accurate. Google has kept it very, very, very, very similar for the longest time the only business coach   major changes they’ve done is there trying to come up with more and more elaborate ways to keep down scammers and people that are spamming, the internet, because you wouldn’t use Google anymore.

If anybody that just got highly motivated was able business coach  to get to the top of Google immediately, you wouldn’t use Google anymore if it worked that way. If anybody who just got motivated today to start a business could be top immediately, you would quit using Google.

You use Google, could you can trust the business coach   search results? And so, if you know you need to produce the most content to get the top of Google as you can do it once you can do a thoughtful, well-written podcast or blog a well-written podcast guy out lines.

Details researched and researched, podcast, right business coach  or or blog or the second move is, you can have a team of people like our Thrive time. Show team write content for you now Eric.

If somebody’s listening, they said, I do want to do a daily podcast right to do it daily blog. What time patterns have you seen as a business business coach   coach and what advice would you give to the first piece of advice I would have is if this is your strategy, you need to know how much content you’re going to need right.

Okay, so I’m going to go out, I’m going to do my daily blogs, I’m going to create this content business coach  myself. If you wanted to beat the elephant in the room in the Google search, Google searches, let me pull this up real quick. I guess 1090 pages of content, 180 Pages just to be in the same conversation there you go 1180 page..

I don’t know how long it would take business coach  you to let’s just to match them, but then you would also have to have good article double the wind right and you have to use the most mobile compliance, but you were asking about patterns are going to stop.

I got to get on this. How long do I have to do this? Okay, you business coach   set your time frame. You set your goal. You’Ve got a year to do this, so then you can divide that out by the number 1001 the beat elephant in the room.

You wanted to come up top and Google searches when you type in Tulsa men’s haircuts. By the way, the first business coach   haircut is always a dollar over elephant, the room you got to check if you haven’t checked it out, if you need some manscaping, if you need some escaping from the monotony, and you want some man’s

Sky manscaping to happen, then you need To go to Elephant business coach   Bar in the first haircut, but realistically 20 minutes to write an article. No, I don’t know anybody. I’Ve never met somebody who can write an article in 20 minutes, so it’s 2000 x, 30 minutes, okay, so 2000 x, 32. Take me at least if it’s good quality so 2000 times 2 plus business coach   4000 hours and then 4000 hours / to work 40 hours a week on just writing contest.

It would take you a hundred weeks, 100 weeks, almost 2 years. He should probably get started right now. These guys just how it started yesterday, you will fall off the wagon business coach  because you don’t know where you’re going so you got to have that number figured out and set that goal and then be diligent and don’t stop once you start.

Don’T stop. Have you ever gone to Walmart and notice the Pioneer Woman hurt her or truck products on business coach   sale at Walmart, Oklahoma, husky and a lot of people know of The Pioneer Woman and they had this guy here all the time.

Oh, my gosh, I would love to do what she does. She has. She started in Pawhuska, so excited knowing that she’s start that Apple Huska business coach  Oklahoma, to look at the population of Pawhuska.

How many people do you think live in Pawhuska 9, the population of Pawhuska is 3620. It actually has gone down Bosca. What am I saying I just didn’t know if you said Paul Huska has foska has 3417 people, the population business coach   is actually going down and people say.

Oh, my gosh, it’s so inspiring. She has her own website and her products are in retail stores. How many blocks? How many pages do you think she’s written? I have no idea 1300 yeah, but she wasn’t she right in her blog for, like United States of Google,

you’ve got to be realistic about it and if you want to be treated, you want to beat this lady you’re going to have to have it least, at Least, ,000, to get to writing so, if you’re listening to the top and Google,

you can do it, but you have an option. You can pay a company like our company to do it. I won’t tell you if you’re, comparing out there, we optimize your website it. I did the math on it and if you were to hire somebody and you paid them .25 an hour and

You abided by all the laws and you provided them an office space and you are, you got out of all the cost of having them. We can get you to the top of Google for less money than it would cost you to pay someone an hour to work for you. Good luck, Superior to your competition almost went through this is brand, is just a perception and perception will match reality.

Overtime. Sometimes you’ll be ahead and other times you will be behind what brand is simply a collective impression, some have about a product.

We go back to break down everything you need to know about branding right here in the drive time show on your radio. If you get to subscribe to the podcast, go check it out drive time. Should I come quick on podcast and sign up today.

It’S free, you’ll, never miss an episode and you get the updates immediately on your phone going to drive time should I come and sign up for the podcast when it’s Clay Clark, your laptop Shell station, get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk radio.

1170. Oh yes, Tulsa! What’S going on Bartlesville, what’s going on Australia, what’s going on Canada, what’s going on San Diego, what’s going on Fargo North Dakota, what’s happening what’s crackin in Tennessee, what is going on in Minnesota? How are you people in Austin, Texas, doing San Antonio in the house, I’m just rambling?

I love him that I know that are actually places where real thrivers have reached out to us from, and I know we have thousands of drivers all over the world. People who have decided to move Beyond surviving and they reach out to us at one particular said: hey I’m trying to build an online retail store. Can you help me answer we’re teaching you The Proven business plan for creating a thriving online retail store step?

Number 6. You must make your brain being Superior to your competition. Elon Musk says: Brandon is just a perception and perception will match reality. Overtime, sometimes you’ll be ahead.

Other times will be behind, but brand is simply a impression somehow about a product. What does that mean? That means that if you’re starting a business, you need to look big already, your personal perception you need to have in the marketplaces that you’re already big and then that will match real the overtime we actually met it. I saw a lady yesterday, one of my Thrive client.

I won’t mention her name on the radio, but she is actually starting to get a momentum right now in her business. It was so exciting to see her yesterday on a Saturday by herself podcasting just diligently, applying effort, because she learned what to do and she’s decided she’s going to do it, and that is so exciting to see that, and also there was somebody who was humble enough To say, hey, my branding,

I did the best I could do with what I can do, but I don’t have a team of graphic designers right. I don’t have a team of photographers, I don’t have a web developer and I also don’t have the ability to pay ,000 a month.

What could you business coach  do for me to put her on the scholarship program, which means she doesn’t owe us anything back? There’S no favor.

She owes us, we believe in the law of reciprocity and investing in people who are willing to invest in themselves and we actually for the low low price of whoever the scholarship this person and her business is now doing great.

I’M so excited, and I think you’re listening you’ll know who you business coach  are, but I’m so excited for you and your future, and I’m so glad that you’re into your kid is out of the hospital. That’S so exciting to me that your family is doing well.

The business is doing well, but seeing you doing the podcast yesterday was inspiring for me, because business coach   I knew that we bet on the right horse horse a great lady, but it was a thing where I really. I really did believe in you, and you said you want to be successful.

The extra money to put in the work did you notice something about her, maybe like a renewed sense of confidence now, just getting things done and she’s feeling awesome and proud of what she’s doing amazing, when you see that so here’s where the word confidence comes from

The word confide means to say something to yourself, so here it here is where confidence comes from when you confide in yourself, and you say self today, I’m going to get this done.

So I’m going to be examples. What I’m going to do today, I told myself, I said self: did I wrote this down? I’M going to buy a glass fridge so that I can see if I have beverages or not cuz. I hate shelves and I hate cabinet’s,

I’m going to get that today. I’M also going to buy a flashlight I’m going to pick up another pair of glasses from dr. Sanders. Today, I’m going to set up screen number for oh yeah, I’m going to adjust the headphones near Steve’s.

I get fixed I’m going to reach out to Jonathan, to launch the phone system for elephant in the room and I’m going to find drapes for my daughter, Havana it.

When I commit to doing those things I when I do them, I end up feeling good about myself, because I kept a promise with myself. So the new condition that you receive when you confide in yourself and you do it is confidence.

What happens? Those when you make a promise to yourself and you don’t honor that promise when you say you’re, going to do something I’ll take over here, so I can hear it. So that’s the whole point of that is you you don’t break that promise.

You don’t have that dissonance in side your own head, there’s, not these two competing ideas going on Ribbit, you create dissonance dissonance. Is it as a psychological term?

It’S called cognitive dissonance and it’s when your actions don’t match what you’re saying to yourself. So you have a certain set of values.. Give me an example, but this is one I know. I know the person who openly says I am against abortion. I am against abortion. I am not here to listen to danger for abortion or against abortion.

This is not with their argument, is this person says I’m against abortion is very up-front and outspoken about not having abortions. How are the person has had two that I know of and their ability to their inability to reconcile that has caused them to be an alcoholic?

I go crazy right there actually in the ministry, and so this is a person who is a head of a major Ministry who has said for years that that having an abortion is terrible, but yet they personally have had to, and now they are an alcoholic and They never talk about, and they won’t even admit to this day that they had them.

But yet I know they have and they’ve told me, that’s the dangers of of being in this situation and not fulfilling the promises you make to your Sensa deep kind of a heavy example, but other examples like I’m not going to eat ice cream not going to Do it I’m not going to, but then you do it ice cream ice cream right now setting up of

The Promise You Don’t It Make too many promises to yourself, cuz you’re, going to feel bad. If you don’t keep those commitments number 7, you want to build your documented workflow. You would have  business coach  documented works of.

What does that mean? It’S what I said what what about Brandy? What are you doing the Brandon Mall Brandon? You need to build a world-class website.

You need to build awesome business cards. You need to build a fabulous one sheet against the website, the business cards, the one sheet and everything that customer touches.

You need to make sure that that is phenomenal. Everybody, business coach  okay text me what you got to go to the document and workflow. I don’t overwhelm you, but it works. Slow, just documents.

Your process, like a blueprint for a business at an actual physical drawing from left, to right of how your business plan how your business model business coach  works from left to right.

That is what it work flow is no step number 8 step, never ate as you want to get those AdWords up immediately and let’s go back to step 7. Let’S say that your workflow, when you do a b C it produces, but then you shouldn’t try to scale a business coach  fail.

What, if you’re going to get that you don’t want to scale a Fail-Safe? Your system creates happy customers. Then you should ask a little Give an example: mini Barbie, cookies,

Thrive Klein with the Barbie cookies on Saturday, with the kids and the woman in business coach  front of me ordered the pumpkin. It’S called the pumpkin pumpkin spice cookies.

Have them it’s very, very good and the business coach  lady said the woman said: hey. Is it that pumpkin any good? That’S what she asks the lady behind the counter, lady behind the counter said: oh they’re delicious.

Can I get you a sample who so she confidently memberships confidence, because she made a business coach  promise to yourself. These cookies are good and they are good and she gives it to the potential customer.

How are going to? Let business coach  me get a box like two boxes, because she’s happy she’s going to tell her friends, but if the cookies were good, then she business coach  wouldn’t buy cookies, wouldn’t want to come back, and fortunately is a business coach.

I’Ve actually working a lot of business coach  restaurants that serve bad food, so you got to make sure your workflow is good and that you’ve nailed your product before you business coach   go out there and try to scale it cuz.

If you’re terrible at it, people will take be more diligent about telling people not to buy business coach  from you, hypothetically, if you’re putting on a roof.

Let’S say right now: you actually take payment for the roof, but you don’t put the roof on. That could business coach   be bad. Word of mouth bad confidence, dissonance it could lead to bad things, but if you’re referring you put business coach  on great

Rush that you’re going to feel confident about what you’re doing we come back, we talked about the importance business coach  of running AdWords immediately and tracking cuz chap once you

Start advertising you’ve got to do tracking stay, don’t want to get your take on tracking. When we come back, we can talk about we’re going up and roller coaster we’re moving up to it.

Once business coach  you start advertising Here, Comes the Sun ready to enter The Primetime show on talk radio 1170: that’s all., Mamajuana! Alright, you should welcome back to the conversation and, if you’re prepared to get a little deep, I’m going to go deep with you.

I really want to business coach   help you today, but I put your somebody needs to hear this message in so I’m going to go ahead and just speak directly to you, whoever you did it.

You are because there’s somebody out there listening and I know this is what you’re doing you’re saying that you business coach  want to become successful.

You you tell people, I want to become successful, but yet you’re not willing to do the work. As an example, this radio show we broadcast live everyday for 2 hours, which means there’s four hours of show prep per day, but before

I could do business coach   the show prep needed to do the show. I had a vision. You can ask my wife: when I was 19 years old, I said I want to do a radio show, so this is like my life’s goal to the thing: is you that you have to have read the thousands of books that I have read and then you

Have business coach   to show prep for four hours a day to get to the knowledge base that I’m at today to go to do what I do and that’s why I do a business radio show to help you that’s why I’m not doing a show about physical fitness or Gymnastics or something else that I don’t know business coach  about.

Okay, so you can’t be a color commentator for gymnastics. If you haven’t played the sport or you don’t know the sport or you haven’t studied, that’s. Why, listening to Bob Costas call something is so amazing because he takes the time to study it.

Would business coach  you watch the Olympics man that guy knows everything about Michael Phelps and curling and what is on? That’S why, when you’re around an expert, a master of virtuoso somebody who is obsessed with their crap, it’s obvious, it’s abundantly clear business coach

game, recognizes game. If you get, if you knew, if you’re, if you know you’re around somebody who knows what they’re talking about you, can sense it until somebody listening right now, your saying I want to build a successful online retail store that that that were business coach  talking about today, but I Want to make sure that you understand this concept on a very deep fun middle, you get it step.

Number 8 you’ve got to run. Those AdWords you’ve got to run those AdWords, but you have to take this notable quotable to the to your business coach  heart, Tim Ferriss. The best selling author of The 4-Hour workweek and a successful venture capitalist once wrote being able to quit things that don’t work is as intricate as to being a winner.

Let me try that again being able to quit things that don’t work is intra call to business coach   being a winner, what it means when something clearly doesn’t work, stop doing it well, how do you know when it’s when something’s not working or when it takes more time?

You have to track it right. Here’S. The thing, though, is that you could, as example, I know business coach  how to get to the top of Google, so I could keep you on the path and that path and for certain industries may take you three months and other Industries. It may take you 2 years.

I could tell you whether you’re going the right path or not, because I have been up to the business coach  mountain now. If I hadn’t been up to the mountain, I couldn’t tell you: hey buddy you’re, going the wrong way.

That makes sense a business coach can show you when to stay the course when to not in here, except you’ve, got to start tracking and the only business coach   client I’ve ever worked with it immediately tracked.

Their stuff tight and right was Tip Top K-9. The dog people Tip Top K9 tracking chip. Why is it so important for all of our clients to track, and why are you so fastidious and so intense about making sure that your business coach  client measure their results for the one thing we want to be good.

Stewards of our clients resources in money right, so when we’re advising them on what Avenues to run ads on, if it’s you know, we got to track and make sure these things are working. We don’t business coach   want to just spend money, just throw it out there into the space, so you have to track it and it’s another thing I’ll keep harping on it.

It’S all about diligence right. If you track for two weeks – and you don’t for six – you don’t really have a good picture of what’s going on business coach   there, for you can’t know what step you need to take next now, it’s dusty!

I want to make sure that the did you get a chance to chime in on this, because at total engine Concepts you know you guys are fastidious about tracking and overtime. You get more and more business coach   detailed.

It was tracking you as you grow a company. You get more and more detail Peter Drucker, the management expert would say what gets measured gets improved.

Why are why are businesses struggle so much with asking the question: how did you hear about business coach  us and then actually track what? Why is it such a big struggle?

I think some of it depends on the size, your company, I mean the here’s, the thing, if your, if your small business and you’re one to two or three or four or five employees, that should be really easy business coach   because he locked the head off of the person

That doesn’t ask the question: you know where it becomes difficult is when you’re like for us the reason it’s it. It was difficult for us to get it placed as we have people in 767 States and we have different managers and we business coach  have different employees.

We have you know almost 50 employees and so it’s hard to get to take a system that we didn’t previously have and try to slam it into the company. But if you’re, small or smaller or you’re bigger you just got to start somewhere, it’s just business coach   going to be easier for the people that have two or three or four five. These are.

They can start tracking that stuff that you, the quicker you do it in the earlier you at the better, because once you start actually closing a lot of business and getting business, it just business coach  becomes even harder to go back and figure out where it’s all coming from. I think this is also come down to an honesty thing.

I think a lot of people are unwilling to be honest about why they’re, not tracking it’s cuz, your reception, man, is an idiot. It’S because your business coach  daughter who handles your phone’s is a moron and doesn’t answer the phone. Your husband isn’t tracking. It’S somebody in your office is refusing to track and they always say.

Oh I I meant to I forgot. I forgot I was going to I I won. I tried it was like what I worked business coach   at Target when I was an idiot and my boss used to sell a time. He would say, hey guys if somebody has been eating the pretzels on the third shift, and I just want to call attention to it. I’M does anyone know about it and then I would say yes, I did I did I am. I too had business coach  a couple pretzel salt on you can try to take over.

So I can you can’t remember that you had the pretzels and then he’ll say: will guys, can you try to stop eating the pretzel, Absolutely I’ll, try to try to stop having the pretzel saw I’ll.

Try to remember you know, I’m not business coach  trying the answer is either you did or you didn’t you’re, either going to or you’re not there is no try just do..

Don’T try just do it just do it just Brody Brody, quoting Yoda. You got to do what you got to do it next week of September 10th. Yeah, I create a detailed performa. Now business coach   we have templates that we can work through with you if you are a Thrive time, business coach client. However,

I’m going to break it down on a very simple level. You want to determine the number of customers needed just to break even four months. How many business coach  customers do you need per month to break even to you want to track?

What is the profit you actually make per deal? How much profit do you actually make per deal? If you get a deal, how much profit do you make per deal and then finally,

you’ve got to make sure business coach   that you know the number of deals you need per week to achieve your goals and Bill Gates when he was here to encourage you today, Bill Gates, A notable quotable he said, knowing your numbers is a fundamental precept of business know your numbers business coach   is a fundamental precept of business.

You have to know your numbers now step number 11. You want to go to lunch. marketing stool Champion that you can’t just got to get the tracking and place you got the ads at work. You need to launch that three-legged business coach

Mark about it. So once you know that you’ve got the ad, you got your no-brainer. You’Ve got your purple business coach  cow everything that we talked about. You picked out your three legs of your marketing.

Still it’s time to get those things going to start getting leads in and then and make sure I’m going to keep saying, make sure your tracking you’re not going to know where you’re going or business coach  where you’re not going.

If you’re, not tracking, where these leads are going and how much you’re spending on them know Walt Disney Walt Disney Stevi, he was the the guy who started the Disney Empire. He said the best way to get started his to quit, talking and business coach  begin doing.

That’S what I was about to say – and I went through that because people your dad’s, never going to be perfect to your three-legged marketing stools, never going to be perfect.

Okay, Grant Cardone wrote a book called the 10x Rule and he he jokes business coach  about how the first like 11 or 12 copies or Prince that he did. People would constantly messaging him.

They weren’t say hey great book. I learned a lot from there like. There was a typo on Page 6 right here and he said yeah you didn’t put the star. This doesn’t make business coach  sense why he said.

He’D made a couple million bucks by the 12th time. They printed it and it was perfect, but I think a lot of people will wait and then they’ll net, like he’s like where’s your book right.

You know you didn’t even write a book and then, when I talk to business coach  me about my book and that’s where you’re going to have to understand the rhythm of Entrepreneurship, which is the following for statue, Define what you think’s going to work.

Then you have to act. Then you have to measure the results and then you have to refine business coach   that’s what successful entrepreneurship looks like it. If you want the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur, we have for tools in one place: the in-person workshops, the one on one business coaching and the world’s most world’s most affordable business business coach  school.

Just a dollar for the first month, it’s all accessible for you at DriveTime I encourage you to go to come today and subscribe for the podcast, never missed an episode, interactive, email info at thrive15, calm and always up like to end the show with business coach  with with a boobs. Without any further Ado, I do here we go to what



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