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Whether you are just getting started in real estate or wanting to grow your reach, this is the business podcast for you. In this episode business coach and U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark walks you down the proven path for becoming a multi-million dollar real estate business.

1. What is the Return on Investment of Following a Proven Path? [ 5:30 ]
  1.  1. Diligent Doers Always Win
  2.  NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford (Although Ford did not invent the automobile or the assembly line,he developed and manufactured the first automobile that many middle class Americans could afford. In doing so, Ford converted the automobile from an expensive curiosity into a practical conveyance that would profoundly impact the landscape of the 20th Century. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry.)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Proverbs 10:4 – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.”
  4. 2. Diligent Doer – Danielle Sprik 
  5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Testimonial
  6. 3. Diligent Doer – Dr. Zoellner
  9. 4. Diligent Doer – Braxton Fears


2. Create logo [ 9:30 ]




3. Register Your Website with Google Maps [ 11:00 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tulsa Men’s Haircuts (
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tulsa Cookies (
  3. 3. ACTION ITEM – Go to
  4. 4. ACTION ITEM – Save images correctly (Steve_Currington_Tulsa_Realty-2.jpeg)

4. Create Website [ 17:15 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Sprik Realty –
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Fears and Clark – We were once top in Google for “Tulsa commercial real estate” which produced –
    1.       A. The 9 Components That Makes a Real Estate Website Great
  3. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  4. 2. Most Reviews
  5. 3. Most Content
  6. 4. Most Mobile Compliance
  7. 5. Property Search
  8. 6. No-Brainer
  9. 7. Testimonials
    1. A. “88% of consumers read and trust online reviews.” – Forbes 

  8.  Https Encryption for Your Website – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a variant of the standard web transfer protocol (HTTP) that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure              socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocol connection.

  9. Information Exchange – Give something in exchange for the client’s contact information


5. Narrow down ideal and likely buyer niche – Must work to narrow down niche focus…not…currently investments, small customers, large customers, families, high-end, retail, industrial, land, etc. [ 32:25 ]

  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (C0-founder of Apple and former CEO of PIXAR)



6. Must create no-brainer offer that is more aggressive than other agents to land deals in a turn-key way [ 36:35 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – $99 for exam + 1 pair of glasses
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – $1 for first haircuts
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (The man behind the Disney Empire)
  1. A. “If I can’t sell your house, I’ll buy it.”
  2. B. “If I can’t sell your house in 47 days, I’ll sell your house for free.”
  3. C. “I’ll sell your house for 1%.”
  4. D. “I’ll pay for the moving truck.”


7. Must create 3-legged marketing stool for acquiring your ideal and likely buyers (example – commercial real estate) [ 48:19 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Doctor Zoellner and Associates
    1. A. Radio Commercial
    2. B. Calls to Former Patients
    3. C. Signage
    1. A. Valpak Mailers
    2. B. Search Engine Optimization / Google Reviews
    3. C. Facebook Ads / Retargeting Ads

 Recommended 3-Legged Marketing Stool Real Estate Agents

  1. 1. Leg #1 – Call For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings to ask them to list their property with a CLEAR no-brainer
  2. 2. Leg #2 – Create a Facebook No-Brainer advertisement / Retargeting Advertising
  3. A. Cookie – DEFINITION – Definition of: cookie. cookie. A small text file (up to 4KB) created by a website that is stored in the user’s computer either temporarily for that session only or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie). Cookies provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences.
  4. B. Browser – DEFINITION – Browser – Computer Definition. Also known as Web browser. A client software program that runs against a Web server or other Internet server and enables a user to navigate the World Wide Web (WWW) to access and display data. … Currently popular browsers include Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla, and Netscape Navigator.
  5. 3. Leg #3 – Optimize Your Google Map / Reviews
  6. A. By default the trolls are in control of reviews.
  7. B. You have not because you ask not.


8. Create Inbound Sales Scripts [ 1:13:40 ]
9. Create Outbound Sales Script 
10. Setup Call Recording [ 1:17:45 ]
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Use



11. Create Auto-Responder Email [ 1:18:30 ]
  1. 1. Auto-Responder Rules
  2. A. Very little text
  3. B. Include a link to video testimonials
  4. C. Assure the prospect that you will be reaching back out to them


12. Create One Sheet [ 1:20:10 ]
  1. 1. Steps for Creating the Perfect One Sheet
  2. A. Must be 8.5 x 11 Glossy Document
  3. B. Systemically find the problem that the buyer has
  4. C. Show them the gain of using your product or service
  5. D. Show them the pain if they don’t use your product or service
  6. E. Support every statement with facts
  7. F. Show how you compare to your competition
  8. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – LAW OF CREDIBILITY – “Don’t say anything you can’t prove.” – Jerry Vass (Author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)



13. Create Scripted Presentation [ 1:23:19 ] 




  1. 1. Avoid geo-fencing due to lack of tracking ability
  2. 2. Avoid funnel creation
  3. 3. Avoid blogs about no-money down making millions, etc.
  4. 4. Avoid get-rich-quick-schemes

A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11




Casting for this evening play business, alright, tribe Nation, welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. The former USS be a entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission to make your financial issues disappear to on the show. Today we have the incredible that the man, the myth, the legend of guy, who is just helping Tulsa secure  business coach  their financing to buy there. No new home, it’s Steve, Currington Steve.. How are you, sir? What’S up Clay?

Hey, I’m awesome: hey! What’S the name of your business out there who doesn’t know who you are, it’s called Steve, Currington., Calm and Concepts, total lending Concepts Tulsa mortgages. They can find you the easiest way to find me business coach  right at the top of Google. Now we also have Jonathan mythological person behind the scenes.

He’S the middle logical manager he’s the man who executes the system. So when we meet with a thriving business, coach client – and we come up with the Strategic plan – it’s definitely business coach  going to help him get to where business coach  they want to go once we would. We want to be laid out the proven path. John manages heat. He business coach  manages the tea biscuit: hurts cats, there’s photographers, videographers, graphic designers, search engine, Optimizer sales, people John. How do you find the time? How do you manage the team?

A lot of Red Bull, mostly lot of Red Bull? What does a whip there’s a way? I have a new property. You know today we’re talking about the path for real estate agents and that when you build a house at that, that’s that’s real estate, Steve, the business coach  mortgage guy kind of a real estate, Illuminati sort of an aura here only asking her. How excited are you about the groundbreaking? I am so excited. Our first house that we purchased was a nightmare nightmare nightmare, literal Nightmare, and so we are business coach  getting out of that house and build their own.

So it’s better, but I don’t get to pick the house. You should get out of it. Is it a deal where the water running out of anybody who wants to actually burn it down? It’S cash money? No questions business coach  asked you, don’t when you, when you work for clay, you got to have Perfection, then you know he there’s just a couple issues but we’ll see you in a little TLC TLC going to ask you. I just get awkward, but are you and are you going to business coach  use Steve for financing, or are you saying no to the radio I’m not upset when I do a mortgage for someone like less than 12 months ago and they’re already been looking at their house, a business coach  nd I hate it that you don’t really love that have to sell it, but I’m okay, now we’re talking about today’s the path for real estate agents.

In specifically, we have tried to reach out to us and said what is the path to become a multimillion-dollar real estate agent? If you work with some of the top real estate agents in Tulsa, you’ve seen some that are dysfunctional and you’ve seen some that are very functional. You work with the best and the business coach  worst and it’s it’s. It’S amazing because there’s like four thousand people in Tulsa ruffled and have a real estate license, but there’s like five or 10 % of them who dominate business coach  the industry.

Can business coach  you explain to me just before you business coach  get into the business coach  specific steps? What have you business coach  noticed about the top-performing agents that separates them from the bottom performing agents? I’Ve heard is about 10 % of those with a license, business coach  actually business coach  do it for a living, so everybody’s next door, neighbor’s best friend’s sister’s mom, is a real estate agent or has their license right right. So what would I look for when I’m having a client work with the realtor or if I was going to hire a realtor myself business coach  right as s business coach  omeone who is full time? Does it for a living?

This is business coach  their job actually like. If I was having heart surgery, I wouldn’t go I’ve been reading. This was like to watch a YouTube video business coach  which caused me to read the text underneath business coach  that I’m ready to go. I can do it for you for real Teen Mom, so just do a Remodeling and at what she does she’s going business coach  into remodeling the heart.

You know cuz it’s from the heart, that’s what she does. Remodeling in heart business coach  surgery, it’s a joke with Saint Joe, but you know people make the you buy the house, it’s literally the largest financial decision, those people ever make in their life. Second, to the next house. We got ta, make it quick willy-nilly. Pic, like you know, they’re business coach  there mom, who works at Williams, business coach  who is just got her license last business coach  month and that’s the person business coach  that’s going to go, write a hundred and ,000 contract and business coach  ago she ate it during this war makes sense, is what it you know.

How do y business coach  ou become successful real estate agent, I’ve coached many real estate agents to be very successful and they’re giving Mitch? And so here we go move number one if you have become a successful real estate agent question, maybe business coach  what’s the return on investment?

If you guys lay out the past, you know what what what’s the business coach  return on investment? Okay, if you, if you want to be successful in any industry, the diligent business coach  door’s always win, that’s the move, number one, the diligent door’s always win. What does that mean? Will Henry Ford he wants said you business coach  can’t build a reputation based on what you’re going to do somebody’s listening saying I don’t really care what Henry Ford said, because he back in the day. This is Unthinkable today. I just want religious examples.

If I don’t get anything business coach  from the Bible, I want even listening: ear plugs ear, muffs, not listening and not listening, that from the Bible. Okay, I’m listening, Proverbs 10:4 lazy business coach  hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring well okay. So as an example, we work with one business coach  real estate agent by the name of Daniel sprick. It worked with Daniel sprick. By the way you can see your testimony with DriveTime She was diligent.

She business coach  actually did the move. Sweetheart of the moves that you did, the movie she want to say she’s had for the movies and we don’t have to move some people say I don’t want to do the moves in it’s like a bang, but if you want me to break it down, you’ve Seen a lot of people business coach  come in they going to come to the conference, they ask the system, we teaching the system and there’s someone like Danielle that gets it done. They do the system, there’s someone else who doesn’t do this system what’s going on?

Well, I’m going to take it back to the Henry Ford quote where he says you can’t build a reputation on what business coach  you’re going to do and what that means is like good ideas are good, but they mean nothing without implementation, and so, if you’re not actually going To put in the work that it takes to actually take the big idea of the good idea and break it down into small action business coach  steps and do those on a consistent basis, then that you’re good idea means nothing.

Isn’T that really what you see is 2 over and over again John, I mean it. Could you hear you and the team managed the DDD execution of the strategy, but isn’t that what a business coach business coach  really does this helps you break down your big idea into those small steps for a while? Can you talk to me on the frustration of entrepreneurial brain where you have a bunch of ideas going around 90 miles an hour and you’re just unable to have somebody who can help you break it down to the small stuff in your phone yourself like that, we’ve Got tons of ideas, but you have to be to have nobody to help you break it down in the small steps, one of the things that I learned early with you and your team actually on the wall on the way.

What’S in the big room, it’s on the business coach  Whiteboard wall and basically the best way that you ever explain it to me is that you are the bridge from idea to execution you and the team, because a lot of people have this idea what they want to do. But they don’t only have the path to getting it executed. Nor are they business coach  disciplined enough in themselves to do the things that are needed overtime to get it done in Android. You and your team do is help you build the path to executing whatever.

That idea is or killing it or not, killing it sometimes ideas or crap. You know you business coach  got this idea and it’s not a good idea, but people who this path of this idea that they think is great, and sometimes you need somebody to say too kind of spell it out and go with. This is what you have to do. If you want to do that, business coach  here’s what I see I see a lot of people that get very emotional about an idea and the more time they spend on it, the more they feel are loyal to the stupid idea.

So I see people do this with relationships and I see them do it with businesses there. Just it’s a stupid idea: it’s not going to work quit doing it quit and I just want to let you know I was at the Tony Robbins and I was sitting up really close and he said that you could. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Something like that I can’t ever seem like. If you can believe it, you can achieve it and it was just it rhymed all the time, and I was just like. Yes, yes, and I just named it, I claimed it and now I’m just going to do it, there’s a proven business coach  path for Real Estate. How you do it, and so here we go any further. I do it’s teacher the bathroom number. 2 yeah. I create a logo. John, if you could show notes to go to thrive time and you click on the podcast there. You can find the show notes for every show and we put a link to Forbes when you can look at the logos in the most powerful brands in the world. John, can you walk us through what a powerful logo looks like as opposed to a logo where you at it’s not a thing so for the logo you’re going to want to make sure that it’s not like?

He was saying your brother sisters, Mother’s cousin’s, dog design. Your logo, you want it to look professional, you wanted to business coach  stand out from the crowd, but you also want to make sure that you business coach   know you’re. You can always involve the logo as well. So you look at Starbucks, for example, so was Starbucks when they first start.

It was very intricate. It was very like hand-drawn designed and it was very nude. It was. It was a lot of nudity and their logo, and business coach  they had to take it out to Steve, and you know this Steve know that I want to go, find what he actually was the one that posed for the original it was it was. It was a bare-chested woman and they had to go back and change it because of one different cities. People like business coach  what is this Loco, what’s going on here, so make some Evolution.

Our team can help you do that, but when you have a crappy logo, when your logo looks like when your logo says the same attention to detail that you put into the logo is the same business coach  attention to detail you put into representing my house website with Google Maps John talk to me about it, and I want Steve, want to get your feedback on how you were able to gather those reviews.

So John, registering your website with Google Maps. How do you do it so you’ll go to business., and you’ll set up a listing it, so you want to feel the listing out as much as humanly possible with your phone number with your website. You want to name your listing on with the name of your company and then you can say of and then your key works. So, for instance, will you bring that wizard was the website? I need to go to One More Time: Business. business., I’m just business coach  writing!

This down the show notes, business. way back to you, okay, and so, for instance, if Steve Currington business coach  wanted to start a realty company, you could say Steve Currington of Tulsa reality and then fill that out with everything possible to his website, his phone number and then Even save photos here dirty move move. You want to save business coach  photos and upload them to your listing with your keyword, separated by underscore. So what that means is for Steve, currington’s new realty company that he just knew it would be Steve underscore Currington underscore Tulsa underscore Realty.

You want to do that 5 to 10 times. I repeat that one more time, business coach  so it’s going to be underscore Currington underscore Tulsa underscore Realty and it’ll be 1/4 2, or things like that, and you do that 5 to send X. You upload that to your Google listing and that way, Google, when the your images or just on the web you’re going to pull up there and you can find the show notes and right there. We got ample examples of the mind could almost not handle no Steven.

We come back from the break you just if business coach  you’ve gotten a few Google reviews, oh yeah, and you whoever has the most credible in real, the business coach  most authentic, the business coach  most transparent, the most honest, the most convincing the most reviews from real people. You get to be top of the internet to the top of the interweb Steve if you type in Tulsa mortgages right now, you type in Tulsa mortgages and Google.

We find your company we type in business coach  Tulsa cookies. We find another client, Barbee cookies, Tulsa men’s haircuts. You find yet another client elephant, the room, a client and functional medicine Revolution, health extension to drive time show on the radio. When I teach you how to become the most successful real estate agent on the planet, broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS between optometrist and entrepreneur.

Dr. Robert sell there with us SBA business coach  entrepreneur of the year all right right Nation. Welcome back in the conversation is that the right time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark, former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and typically dr. Robert zoellner joins us in side, the box that rocks, but today he is at expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire and I’m sure he comes back.

He will purchase Poland, and so I’m very excited to hear about his alleged potential purchase a call and we’ll see business coach  what happened to meet Steve, and did you receive your your light was at the last weekend. You were telling me that Apple has such a massive cash Reserve right now that they could actually purchase the country, Poland, if they want to this correct.

Among other things, I mean that would be pulling in like 19 business coach  other things, unbelievable Twitter. They call the copious amounts of cash now. If you want to have copious amounts of cash, then you need to listen to right. We’Re talking about real estate agents in the in the proven path to becoming a multi-million-dollar real estate.

Can we talk the system too many people and many people have gone on to do it’s or just teaching you the most okay, we’re moving on to our next registering your website with business coach  Google Maps, but before we can move on to how to create a website Steve? Why is it so important to gather the most Google reviews that you make it a daily practice and not a one-time event, because Google really likes it? When you have a lot of reviews – and in our business coach  case in all of our markets, we have more reviews than any other lender, so we show up on.

What’S the name of your company, how can people verify this? This disease claims so go? Google Tulsa mortgage or Tulsa mortgages and you’ll find Total lending Concepts hanging out there at the top. business coach  As of this morning. This morning we have 181 reviews just to Tulsa sick. We had 182, not yet. The reason why you got to keep working on this is because Google looks at every single review and they business coach  crawl these reviews, and they make sure that they were reviews that were sent to you by valid people.

Okay, yeah, it’s almost as if not if you have some 12 year old, go set up 19 Gmail account 7 reviews, Gmail accounts, Android, 18 reviews, two awesome people business coach  or customers. So what we did as we just made it part of our daily business coach  routine. We just business coach  everyday. We ask people for Goo reviews, so reminds me of this Remind Me of anything actually, okay, so really it be transparent, accurate reviews, my friend before you have to create a website, there’s a lot of detail behind that. Can you get a break it?

Obviously, if somebody is a coaching quite willing to sit business coach  down with them and do wear break it down and do a workshop with him and teach him everything or site needs to do any help him create it. But you get a break and just give us that the main key points here, so you want to create a website for a couple reasons.

The biggest for a real estate agent is so you can start your business coach  search engine optimization dominance. So it’s really hard to sell houses if you’re nowhere on the interwebs. You know that the new thing they go to the internet to look at houses, but you want the website that has your your offer your no-brainer offer at the top.

You want to be able to feature your business coach   listings and then you will really want like what separates you versus other agents. Okay, now Thrive Nation, I’m going to go through kind of a check list of action items at every single realtor needs to have on their website. On your website, you, my friend, are missing out you’re missing out. You got to get the game okay, so we want you’ve got to have a website that has Google canonical complaint on a 3rd grade level. Cuz, I’m a third-grader. Can you break it down? What is Google canonical compliance all about, so Google wants to look at it a couple things.

One is mobile compliance. They want to make sure that it looks good on mobile, because a couple people are looking at web sites on the phone sleeping together, floppy disks. I thought that people went to the computer, the CPU. I was actually using a fax machine to search using it took what’s a microfiche, the other listeners out there listening to us right now that actually don’t know the floppy disk is. If you want to feel, if you want to see what I’ve heard, some people, not knowing what a floppy disk, if you want to see if you, if you want to go down to the Department of Motor Vehicles and look at their computers, their rocking bats, are Used to be super thick, you carry that you got to be, I can talk in shape.

Fitness Guru, the caterer freaking, monitor member, wants to make sure that it looks good on mobile, that your method, scriptions your title tags and all of that SEO the search engine. Optimization behind the scenes is done correctly, the owner, actually your site, looks good, is fast and just as overall user-friendly, okay now Red Nation, the next movie, have to have you have the most reviews. Steve talked about the most the most content. The most content jumpers me to the most content. It means that you have to have the most words. Okay and so Google is the example. It’S not they’re, not looking for the best book in the library they’re looking for the biggest book, and so what that means is just got a crybaby.

You got to just write a thousand words for every single page that you want indexed by Google thousand words for housing. If you do one of the top real estate agent in Tulsa and Google, we can help you get there, but that there, by the way, there’s thousands upon thousands of people searching for that term every day. If that’s something you want to do, we can absolutely get you to the top of Google. You must follow these rules. Okay, someone have the most Google a canonical compliance to the most reviews.

Three, the most content for the most mobile complaints Johnny hit on that a little bit of the most mobile complaints. What side of a hundred websites you might work on On Any Given month? What percentage of them by default are mobile? Compliant well depends. Are we talking about the ones we do or go before they get to us? Okay, I would say conservatively: it’s probably 60 % just haven’t thought about the mobile site have a property search on their Steve you’re in the real estate game. Why does it? Why does every real estate agent how to buy property search on their website? Because that’s why people go online to look at properties? So if you don’t know what am I doing on the internet, man runs down. I don’t go back up there to look for you.

Some properties, yeah wow – that is awesome. The whole reason why they’re on your website, so the minute they figure out, they can’t look at pretty little houses. Location of the next draw for you got to have a no-brainer off. You have to have John went to no-brainer offer what it, what is a no-brainer offer mean to you. What no brainer is exactly that wear it. It’S literally a no-brainer to try you so like they lose nothing and it wouldn’t make sense for them to not. Try you so someone I’d brag on his coach Calvert score basketball, lessons and because of this no-brainer in his diligent systems that he’s following every single day is he’s actually been able to hit a new record in membership, actually be

You can see the record growth of Coach Don Calvert check, check check it out. He is a mythological Legend of basketball. Coach at your kids need to get better in the game of basketball, go to My name is Mark. I am a business coach stay tuned for teaching The Proven path to become a dominant real estate.

Agent live local, presenting the world’s only business school without the BS get ready to enter the Thrive time show hot rod Nation. Welcome back to the conversation today, we’re teaching you The Proven path to becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent. We’Ve had many many real estate agents do it and if you’re listening today and you got a license and you’re looking and smelling like a million bucks but you’re not selling anything, that’s a promise to have.

You ever met the real estate agent that goes out and gets the glamour shots and said you have two big bags and then they got that the license and they’ve got the glamour shots of the Dead Step. 1. You get the license number to you, got 30 of the glamour shot them all, but I got a lot of a ton of a mascara butter Rouge lot of eyelash extensions for your business card, that when you hand it to people, they look at 2 and then They look at that picture and they look back at you with this confused.

Look like hey who’s, the lady on the car, because that is looks like you. That’S like the thing. Oh, that was business coach  me 20 years ago. Okay, so now you want to be successful as a real estate agent, you have to implement the proven path. Nets were doing today and right now we’re talking the nine components that make a real estate website great. So when we talked about Google, can I make a complaint to get to the top of Google what you got to come out to the next in person Workshop?

If you go to, you can book your tickets. Today, you can look business coach  at tickets today to the Thrive time show in person workshop for just Booker to get to thrive time. Should I come to it’s the website with the most reviews you got to have those tributes in Google 3. The most content, if you missed it, go but go to drive time. Should I come and listen to the earlier at part of this broadcast business coach  the most mobile compliance 5, you have a property search. She got to have a property search 6.

You got to have it over an offer, so good to people cannot say no. Now I never said when you got out of testimonials testimonials John. Why do you have to have testimonials on your website from a consumer standpoint? You want to make sure you have testimonials, because you know if your, if your Googling something and business coach  someone pops up – and somebody has like a secret his case – he is it 18122 18122 Parson has let’s say 20, then the business coach   business coach  next person has five.

Who are you going to click on you’re, going to click on that 181 reviews and read those suckers and go okay? Obviously they did right by at least 181 business coach  people that left a Google review, I’m using them now. I know that you know John more about marketing. The average human’s this is what you do when you decided to commit to mastering this craft. But did you know that 88 % of people according to Forbes, read business coach  reviews before making a big purchase, 88 %, my Mid-State, but you know that 88 % of people read reviews before making a big purchase?

Alright! Well, that’s where you’re wrong me to be the fact check it, and then tonight we can pack check. If you go to drive time. Should I come you’ll find the show business coach  nothing to find Steve with Sebastian Wrong by 1 % going to be called an exaggerator terrible. Did you have to business coach  have HTTP encryption?

The stands for hypertext transfer protocol to secure what it means is you have to have a secure, socket layer protection. I don’t understand what it means you have to make business coach  your site secure so that the hackers can’t get through. So when you go to the website to go to YouTube right now, go to business coach right now. Go there you’re going to see that before the business coach  WWE going to see the HTTP. If you go to challenge you go to thrive time, go to DriveTime by the way free books you can download.

What are you Whispering? We have to free books that you can download. Why are you yelling? Why are you Whispering the boys you can download to Bucks, could have five time? Should I come when you go there, you can see the HTTP to https. Is there anything you’re, more passionate about the T, the T in the p, in the S?

Oh yeah? It’S amazing, in fact, all of my secure website for renewing this month. That’S exciting! You got to have it secured, especially when your mortgage guy, because you don’t want people coming on your website, to do like a loan application and they don’t think it’s secure Mona. Okay. So what you have to do you’ve got to get the HTTP encryption on your website. It must have been the final thing. The information exchange you want to give something in exchange for the clients, contact information Steven helped a lot of real estate agents.

Do this John Utah real estate agents, to start with, you stayed talk to me about the information exchange and what kind of information real business coach  estate agent could give in exchange for the person’s name phone number email who’s on the outside of this, will you could give him business coach  Something like Priority Access to listings that are like, maybe not on the market yet or you business coach  can give him a free download of a foreclosed properties. That’S like the hot-button. You a lot of people think they want a foreclosed property.

You they want a rehab property or something they can get a deal on right. So you know something like that would be something that someone would want. One thing you could do Thrive Nation as you could allow your customers to unlock the original video of Taylor. Dayne’S song. Love Will Lead You Back. You said you put your information business coach  in then you can download for free Love.

Will Lead you business coach  back down here at the song before I have not now John and heard this song before you’ve never heard Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor. Dayne Johnny never heard the song Johnny Depp heard the song of oil never got myself lost of these lyrics canoodling business coach  in the corner. Sorry about that, you can put on your website. You can say if you will give me your information. I will give you a song. You can already have her free on YouTube.

I do go to work, I don’t want to work. I need to go home and kiss my wife. You can tell this to all your clients. Are you today business coach  just put your information into this form and I’m going to give you a YouTube video, so hot right now, the song? I remember I remember it, I mean I fall asleep to it every night talking about back. In the day there was Roller City, Lore City out there in Broken Arrow, and they put the black lights on and they would say business coach  just a couple of couples: only couples.

Only a couples-only dance experience, experience experience to Skaters police took the outside thank you. Billy your mother’s here. To pick you up, so my mom is so lame real talk. I think I was conceived the song Nation. They love Taylor, Dayne Minnie Driver. Could you turn the business coach  song off future, but you have to think about that. What are you going to give your clients in exchange for the contact information, because if it’s this song you’re getting zero people to fill out that form 0?

What kind of stuff can you get off, or what could you offer in business coach  exchange mobile, Japanese Liberty Drive time? Should I exchange for their information? Well right now, if you would go to, you can actually download one of two free ebooks, either here or the Boom book. Also, if you click subscribe, you can get a high-five from play. Clark, unlimited, business coach   unlimited free books. You can download right now is going to DriveTime and you can download the two ebooks you can now.

If you’re listening right now, you’re saying I don’t know when I’m going to give my real estate potential customers in exchange for the information you could give them a song business coach  headed, you would be poor as a result of it give us an idea. What can we give away?

You can give away a free pamphlet or book on the home-buying process of a Starbucks gift card people having sex. There was never planning on your radio in today we are breaking down the proven path for to be added to become a successful real estate agent, we’re breaking down the proven path to become a multi-million-dollar real estate. Agent number number 5. You want to narrow down your ideal and likely buyer Niche. Some people say snitch snitch know it’s.

Why are you saying it that way near most? But you must work to to narrow down your Niche Focus, because everybody that I talk to my default. Every real estate agent says well currently, I’m focused on Investments. Customer is large customers, people on women, men, families, I’m focused on yeah. You can’t you can’t focus on cars, people that Breathe No, but Steve.

You can’t be you’ve. Seen this real estate agent. Pretty much is investment small cuss, large customers, families on what a high-end is well a lot of retail, a lot of like an industrial, and I do a lot of plan where to buy or sell real estate. Sylacauga like an alien or a non-human like it go to give a goat said to me: if a goat walks up and says hey, I want to buy some real estate.

The profundity to go with me talking to me, wouldn’t be the first thing I would think about. I would say: hey, goat and the Goat would say I want to get some real estate and I’d say: that’s. Okay, don’t I wouldn’t be at the awkwardness of talking to a go? I wouldn’t I would. That would not be the part that I would focus on. I would just say, ethically.

I would not work with you, mr. goat, because I only work with humans, because it’s a bad idea. Why does everybody have to know they’re going to get your take on this to so John? What is everybody industry? And why do you have to know your Niche Focus? Will you want to be able to focus on the ideal unlikely buyers that that are going to be looking for your service?

So let’s just take from an advertising perspective. If you really narrow it down, of who you’re wanting and who, who you’re, trying to Target that’s going to make your advertising spend dollars, be much more effective because they’re only going after the people that you actually want? Okay, okay, so Steve Steve break it down!

For us, why is it so important for real estate agents to know what kind of clients they’re going after in the what kind of plants are not going after well, for example, if you a lot of Agents want to work in the high-end marks, just a lot Of Asians Asians agents, like you only work with Asians, I thought that’s interesting that they could be Asian agents.

Oh no, that’s not awkward at all. I work with high-end, like anything over 500,000 thing, that’s over 500,000. That is what I do when I have experience in that Niche and you don’t know how to how to Market a 500 above listing at the house. It’S worth that much money, then you may never sell one of those, so you need to buy currently live with.

My mother, but I only worked at homes that have incredible leather, bound books. Mahogany I live in a house. My parents are so rich. I’Ve lived in houses like this, the nice so driving is mine. That’S mine! It just doing what you’re doing I just don’t do it, but you have to have to know that you got to know that how to how to get a that house sold. Or you got to know how to how to show that house in what buyers going to buy that house?

And you got it. You got to know business coach  your net Sheet example this one lady, that I know Danielle spread, who did very very well in real estate, and she focused on a lot of those Midtown homes and higher in South Tulsa homes. In a little bit, larger price and Danielle did very very well as a real estate agent, but she knew her Niche from the very beginning, so she dressed the part she had her design. Look the part her entire website look the part she was kind of like. I, like Jackie Kennedy, meets real estate and she had a very, very good job, doing that and so a big shout-out to Daniel sprick.

What she knew her Niche now Steve Jobs business coach  says this is Steve Jobs, notable quotable about the importance of focusing he says simple can be business coach  harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean, to make it simple, but it’s worth it in the end, because once you get there, you can move mountains. You have to focus on your next new moon or 6. We talked about a little bit earlier, but you must create a no-brainer that is more aggressive than other agents to land the deals now it in a turnkey wet again.

You must create a no-brainer that is more aggressive than other agents to begin to land deals and a turnkey way as an example for dr. Robert zoellner and Associates. Might my partner in the co-host of the show his offers for your first exam, plus one pair of stylish glasses, right elephant Lounge? I challenge you by the way go to eat ITR, your first haircut at elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge. It’S just a dollar: it’s a Dollar Tree Brainerd, so good. There is no catch. It’S a dog who it is.

We want to wow you so much that you want to become a member, and you want to come back and I John you business coach  see a lot of people make super weak no-brainers that our listeners are our listeners, that many of our listeners business coach  make the best no-brainers man. My brain is so engaged, I’m so pragmatic. I make the best no-brainers, but other people really struggling super weak no-brainers. Can you maybe highlighter a no-brainer that you thought was business coach  awesome or maybe no brainer?

What you thought show me to the company’s name. If it’s week, okay, yeah for real estate agents, a no-brainer, that’s just awesome – is – will list your house for 1 % right 1 %, 1 %. So that’s just like that’s a literal no-brainer, because why would you go to anybody else when you can go to this person and the list your house, for that now a lot of times are some pushback on that or any no-brainer, because there I go. I don’t want to lose you, I mean what are stand at the no-brainers to get customers through the door so for real business coach  estate agents is to get signs in yards right signs in yard in 6 % sides.

It’S called a special. It’S got a special as an example. As an example I go up there. I go to Hobby Lobby business coach  yesterday, maybe at a special seed to see if they have a special going on right now, maybe a little half off day and a half off of this have off of that. I bought these really high-end Market Center. Half off I go in there and sometimes I pay full price, but you know what I went in there they’re half of you. I went in there because I got in there when they’re back in the day when I was building at one of my office is I needed frames and I heard they’re having 90 % off today on these framing 90 % off it’s a good deal.. I go back and buy frames even when they’re not 90 % off cuz. I, like the experience Steve.

Why is it so important that one you offered no brainer and it to you, while your customers enough to actually come back and bring friends at a non no-brainer price yeah, you got it Trinity at a customer, first right and then they’re going to tell other people About their experience with you – and it doesn’t mean that forever with every customer that you have to list their house for 1 % yeah I mean just like you said you list – maybe 10 houses at 1 % and pick up 20 at 6 %, and you can Also get them on the right, so you list your house at 1 %, but then you sell it at 3 % or 6 % or whatever that might be until like Hobby Lobby is an example, so you go in there to buy your brakes. Sharpies are super Sharpies or your great frames, and I can almost guarantee you tell me if I’m wrong, but you pick something else up on the way. Every time I buy stuff like the elephants right there next to the microphone, I bought that they’re those little nice elephant.

I bought two, oh yeah, I mean I bought all those Z’s everytime. I see the letter z i buy one every time I move here’s. What that includes now, if you want me to do list it at the fool, you’ll 5 or 6 %, we also have this this this this, and this, and some people will say, will great. I, like your no-brainer offer, but I actually like your system and I want to pay you full price cuz. I want the house to sell faster, it’s just a get in the door. You know it’s to get customers to call you right at the bait and switch right. That’S why it works.

Okay, now Thrive, Nation here and he’s saying here is here and here’s a Walt Disney notable quotable for and I’ll read it like Mickey Mouse. He says. Well, do it so well that when people come to see do it, they want to come back and see you again, I want to bring others showed how well you do it and do it? Well, if you, if you do your job super, when you do a great job, people will tell the people that you do a no-brainer you’re going to get repeat customers who aren’t focused on you having a low price. But if you do not do what you do well, no matter what your offer is done Steve you seen people make a no-brainer and then renege on the no-brainer.

Have you ever seen that happen and what what happens when that happens? To you know, people don’t like that when you, when you, when you give him a you, give him a deal and then you actually do the opposite. True story, real estate agent, a couple years back. This is what this person said. This is what this guy did. He made the offer. This is also your house in 55 days or less. You know what friend of mine uses him, and then it gets to the 55th day. Cuz, it’s been over 55 days.

it’S it’s the pity that they wouldn’t sell it. You know, and so therefore, the deal’s off Wichita other kind of business owner that you can Implement as a successful aging. You want to stay tuned as the DriveTime show on your radio, and you want to go to thrive time.

Should I comment subscribe to our podcast. Subscribe to the podcast, I will give you a free iPhone. 5S. You be going to drive time. Should I come right now and download a free copy of the start here. Ebook.Com welcome to the DriveTime show a show for the enemies of average to rights. Retribution welcome back to the conversation is the DriveTime show on your radio big, shout out to my incredible wife and former Oral Roberts University cheerleader Vanessa Clark it out today show we are breaking down the proven path to become a successful real estate agent.

We are joined today with Steve Currington from TLC total lending Concepts and Jonathan Kelly, The Man Behind the Scenes who manages the execution of all the projects for the Thrive team. So I don’t. It just got a text from a listener and they asked if you would do the rest of the show in the Mickey Mouse course really we’re talking about real estate marketing. Here’S the deal tribe, Nation you’re, so many Realtors out there, and so many of them are not making a profit in our our goal is to help you learn The Proven path and to help you execute that proven path.

Now Steve we are talking about making a no-brainer offered that’s more aggressive than other agents to land deals in a turnkey way. I can you make me break down a few no-brainers that you’ve seen over the years that you thought were very effective to help agents get listings quickly.

Well, you know you could have a no-brainer where you offer to sell someone’s house in a certain period of time or you’ll buy it yourself, okay in and I maybe it’s still doing it Tulsa Center for a long time. So if I can’t work Steve will basically he works, he buys it at like 70 or 80 since of the dollar. So it’s not like I’m going to pay you full price hundred percent for your house, but you know it’s it’s it’s not like a Bates which is just you know.

You don’t have to present when he’s sitting there when he’s putting out an ad that says I’ll, sell your house or I’ll bite myself. Then people call. You know that when I find out the details and they can decide whether they want to or not, but it’s better than the offer that someone else isn’t giving them now what what’s another one Steve? What’S your 20 people coming to give it to you been doing real estate, you been doing mortgages forever, keep the no-brainers flow it! Okay!

So you could. You could offer to do a competitive market analysis or comparative market analysis for free on someone’s house so that they could determine what their house is worth. You could also offer to someone’s listening their house for sale by owner. Typically, the reason they do. That is because they don’t have a real estate right, so you could tell him hey. You, don’t have to pay me anything just if someone calls you and wants to look at the house I’ll show the house that way.

You know that you know you’re not getting a weirdo looking at your house, I’ll bet him first and then your signs are in their yard and other people will seed. Seen you see your signs that we still real estate agent. We call the signs and wonders once we will begin to see your signs May begin to wonder wow. I wonder why this real estate agent has their signs everywhere. It appears that there everywhere, I turn to the right Steve. I turn to the left everywhere. I turn there are signs.

I wonder why they have so many listings. I should call them Steve. That’S a No-No, John, the other one is also your house for 1 %. You mentioned previously other no-brainers. You thought about what you thought man I wish we could get a real estate agent would do this move because you’re very good, no brain a no-brainer. I don’t know why you’re actually here right now, you are you able to process the words that I’m saying it coming up with no brainer offers for all different clients, score basketball, you help them. I mean it at this to the Tulsa Oilers.

You came up with the move. It was like four tickets that they sold out to be okay for the first time and when you get to the game, when you get to the game they say. Do you want to sit right there at lower unit? Can upgrade your tickets to sit there right by the glass or do you want to sit up top and most people and that emotion of, like I’m out of game and I’m taking my wife, I’m sitting with my kids – are kids right yeah. We want to sit by that glass want to sit down: okay, okay, so yes and half the people are upgrading your tickets right there on the spot, but they’re not get out great. If it don’t go to the door writer for real estate agent, you would highly recommend well I’m going to wipe the drool off this mic.

Real quick because who but no brain thing but no Mom, I’m coming from someone that just moved, is about to move again on me like something that I would quickly take up is offering to pay for Movers. So if they’re, like hey, you listen to us and when you sell your home will pay for the movers, I’m I’m signing up two times for the pair’s. What, if you did that Steve didn’t you do a deal where you said, didn’t even pay for the moving truck yeah bask in there, a Baskin yeah.

I always tell people that it’s like my major correction but yeah. You know you had his own moving truck, so he just said: hey you know when, when when you let me sell your house or I help you buy a house, then you get access to our moving truck for free another no-brainers. You could do free video, ography, photography and drone of the property before they commit to listing with you that kind of a try it before you buy. It move that’s not to move, but you have to come with a no-brainer number 7 on The Proven path for becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent.

You must create a three-legged marketing stool for acquiring your ideal and likely buyer marketing stool, dr. zoellner and Associates the optometry clinic for dr. zoellner. He does radio commercials. I guarantee you heard doctors on his commercials on 106.9 on this station. Other stations doctor’s he’s very consistent with his advertising for 25 years. I can actually quote his his ads really listening over a decade. Now that I can recall what they say then. Yes, there definitely effective they’re, definitely good, because everyone remembers them.

If you listen to this. Listen to the radio you’re going to know the voice of doctors found in a lot of people. Choose him over choose him over other optometrist because of that name recognition. I hear those commercials at top of Mind awareness now, John. What’S the next step of doctors on her through the marketing store on the next step? Is he all of his former patients? So he calls them checks up on them and then they they they get them back into the practice.

Stay in touch with former patients in the final, what is signage by 65th and Memorial 67th Memorial right there by the mall you’re going to notice the signs when you see its prominent real estate and that’s how they give their customers are not running around coming up With new ideas, every 7 minutes and that’s the three ways: they have a tried-and-true method for acquiring customers, business owner sympathize and comes up with a three-legged marketing, still not a 74 like in marketing stool. Well, if you have 74, I guess lines in the water so to speak. You know that you’re really spreading yourself too thin, and that way you know you have a limited budget and you’re saying okay.

Well, I need to put some here here here here here 74 x, but you want to have three no matter what, and that way you can really focus on the three areas and constantly improve them. Another example is the elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge haircut to change my brother-in-law, find Jonathan Barnett have started and we have three locations and we’re going to expanding here soon into multiple cities as we franchise. If you want to learn more about the room in buying the proven business model, you just go to eat II, Tiara Lounge.

We there have a three-legged marketing, still select. Never, what is Valpak mailers junk explain what a Valpak of mailer is Valpak mailer is where you going to take your no-brainer offer and you’re going to actually mail it out to your ideal unlikely by her. So you can pick your demographics. You can pick the locations, you can pick the houses that you want these to go in and if you want to make sure that the reason why you want to make sure that you’re no brainer is on there is because when people are just like shuffling through Their mail, you want something that’s going to make them stop and pay attention to what your mail. It says it’s fun with the mailers because we know they’re going to pay for themselves, so we going to spend about doing a mailer and we get about two to three percent of people who respond and on that mail or we not. Where does branding and getting our name out there? You have to have a no-brainer offer.

You have to have an offer that people say: okay, it’s a dollar, a haircut yeah. I might I might do that next month and then they they come back to. But you have to have a no-brainer offer on the Pak Mail, or is it when you do a Valpak me or for a Zone and it always pays for itself for as we don’t make a profit on it, but then those people come back and they bring Friends and that’s how it works now, the next area for elephant the room next area of are three-legged marketing.

Stool is search engine optimization and Google reviews John. Why is search engine optimization, so powerful, and why are so many people just not taking advantage of it when people are taking advantage of search engine optimization one cuz, it’s hard right, so it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of consistency to just ride out thousand were articles over and over and over again, but the reason why it’s been so successful for a steak elephant the room, for example, is because if you pull a room and encourage you to do this, but Pull a room and ask them what they’d search for when it comes to hair cut to there looking for,

if you’re, a dude and you’re looking for a haircut. What are you going to say, and so if you just pulled the room, some people there’s other people that are like what I want that that high fade. You know and then some people don’t even know that means they’re like well. I just got to type it or somebody would say I have no hair at all and I’m typing in no hair from in time. If I put it in my type it into my iPad, my fax machine, I hit the enter button and next thing I know. I’M going to stay.

Do you still sitting out the MP3 when someone fax as your other, the website, I don’t think you could fax a website. Bernie people type in all different words into the Google search John. If people are typing, it all different words into the search, how do you dominate Google?

We want to make sure that you have more content about that particular subject than anyone else, so, for instance, Tulsa man buns. If you actually typed it in right now, open the room does come up top because we’ve actually put the time in the effort into writing those articles about that particular Jenks men’s haircuts or men’s haircuts, Jinx or finding men’s haircuts in Jenks or Tulsa men’s haircuts.

Where to find it funny that your number one in Google for actually top in the world for a business, coaching ninjas, going to look that up his business coaching and just as we are there, is something there is something that is like the book about monkeys or Something that your number one in Google, for, I am sure, I’m talking to them for a lot of things. I don’t intend to be top for because of the sometimes colorful language of the seventh grade when we transcribed transcribe each and every show until there’s many words were coming up top drawer and Google that I did not intentionally plan on.

But the final. The final leg of our through the marketing store for the elephant, the room is Facebook ads and retargeting ads John. What are Facebook ads and what are we targeting at the Facebook ads are when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed and you’ll, just see an ad right there and it’s right in front of you.

So you cannot get away from it and those are important because there’s a lot of people on Facebook a lot of time every single day, so that’s important to be there so you’re, always in top. So the reason why we have these three is where the amount of the Valpak mailers, because a lot of people will go through their mail and will make decisions that way.

Then there’s also the other type of people that are just going to Google everything. They just don’t believe anybody. They don’t believe anything and there’s going to Google away right, then the other people that just been all day every day on Facebook and you want to make sure that you’re in front of all of these customers and then what retargeting ads are, is what they’ve actually Been to your site that these are the ads that start following you around, so we always use Harry’s Razors, exactly a S an example: if you go to Harry’s razors and then go to any other side, ESPN, any other site, you’re going to start to see Harry’s Razors ads pop up immediately.

That’S what retarded me is now Thrive, Nation. You might save yourself. What is the three-legged marketing stool that we would recommend for real estate agents? What is the three like a bird that we do? I have a proven path. I have a three-legged marketing still that I would highly recommend for all real estate agents and if you stay till we come back we’re going to break down for you the past that we would actually recommend for you.

So you know someone who’s real estate agent or are you are real estate agent? You want to stay tuned, or at least tell me to dinner right now: go to go to 1170 talk radio 1170 right now, they’re talking about the three-legged marketing stool, real estate agents need to know my business coach download the start here business book today for free At DriveTime go to know that baby, it’s free. It includes our entire proven path everywhere that you say keys and bouncing around in my head.

All my decisions and Grandma turn in the magic system. She’Ll be there pointing and laughing to prove. You were wiser than that. I I’m just pretending Perfection I’m flying uncomfortably High, if you as I go. It feels like it feels like alright driving Nation. What is going on my name is Clay Clark, and I am excited to be here with you on the show.

Today were talking to date today about the proven path to become a multi-million-dollar real estate agent, Steve, you are a Mortgage Banking, professional! That’S right talk to me about you not to mention your name unless you want to but talk to me about the most successful real estate agents and just what separates their their mindset from them.

To put the mindset of the typical Minnesota, people have agents, and unfortunately, I would argue: 90 % of Agents aren’t really taking it full time. I’M not really focused on the business or just hanging out. They got the license or just selling a couple houses here. Are there talk to me about the mindset of a successful agent versus that of one who just happens to have a license? Well, it’s a difference. In having a hobby and having a career, I mean the thing that annoys me more than anything is when these no offense to you, but it’s listening, but the soccer mom who, like their kids, grew up and they’re like I’m kind of bored.

I think I’ll go get my real estate license in sell some houses. So imagine if your doctor, your eye doctor, was like well, I was bored because the kids grew up, so I thought I go get my eye doctor license and now I’m like putting on glasses. Here and there we wouldn’t do that so that the real estate agents that are really successful, they treat it like a real professional business. It’S not a hobby.

It’S not like a thing that they do. They didn’t get their license, so they can buy and sell their own the real estate once or twice a year, and if you really want people to look at you as the expert and the Real Estate Field, then maybe get a hundred transactions under your belt. Really really fast, because then you will be in a thority on selling houses are buying houses and people want to call you because the average agent, just in Tulsa blood cells, two houses a year. If you go to thrive time, right now, and that’s DriveTime

If you go there right now, you can download our free book. It’S called this to start here book and it documents all it’s. The proving path, John, actually contribute to the search engine optimization chapter of this book, and it is in documents all the systems that doctors and I’ve used to go 13. A multi-million-dollar business. Isn’T all there for you for free. You just go to You can download that what we’re doing is we’re pulling out specific elements of that book today on the show anymore teaching you the deep, deep in the proven path to becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent.

Now this is this is the thing here. This is where it gets real. I’M going to give you the path right now to be coming. Imma, give you the three of the three like a marketing tool right now for becoming a successful multimillion-dollar real estate agent, but I wanted to catch or a pen or marker John they’ve got it right. This time it did got to get up in some kind of a chisel show me direct me to Chisel or, and it just scheduled you reckon if you can use in it at your sketch to write notes down. I would really like to meet you cuz.

That’S so impressive, nice body through, like a marketing tool for real estate agents like number one call for sale owners, cake call for sale by owners and expired listings to ask them to list their property with a clear no-brainer offer. John, we record the calls, so we’ve actually done this. We have a proven script that we use for real estate agents, talk to me about why they’ve been affected for real estate agents and maybe where the dysfunction of a certain real estate agent, maybe makes it impossible to work even though they’re getting appointments.

So there’s a couple things one can I say something cause I controversial. So a lot of people have this fear of actually picking up the phone and making cold golf call reluctance and – and that’s on TV industry, not just Realtors but like most Industries. I would argue. There’S people out there that are really successful, they’re just going to pick up the phone and there is calling people right absolutely then, there’s the flip side of that where they’re like well. If I make these these funnels these clickfunnels in the sales for you you’re, hitting on that you are eating on the tip of the iceberg.

Let me let me just real quick. I want to hammer home is gone. Calvert was score, basketball back. I will pick up the phone if you fill out that form on his website or even if you don’t, if you meet you somewhere, he will call you. He will call everybody till you cry by or die when I don’t DJ connection, we did. You came to the bridal, show we’re going to call you until you cry by or die Daniel sprick. When we were calling for her, our team would call it would call her leads until they cried by or die. But you know what happens is John.. He said people, they say, I’m afraid of call. You may start making these clickfunnels and ease drip.

Emails walk me through just a BS of that that fear base stupid marketing there, like hey of my products, good enough people come to me, yeah that. phone ring magically and I’m not actually going to pick it up, because I don’t like talking on the phone, but I can email them, they were so weak sauce when somebody will not make calls they want to make a drip. Well, as example, I am not you but the drivers how many of you just straight-up do not respond to the marketing emails.

I actually use big and I actually opened every email and respond with great thoughts on what you my friend are bizarre creature, but mostly we do not respond to marketing emails, and so you come up with these elaborate systems to avoid calling call reluctance. If you do that John Eaton Road apartment, so I can work so true. Actually I have a funny story about Coach Calvert. So cuz he’s one of our clients every once in awhile will send a dummy lead and just to make sure that the system works to make sure that they’re getting their leads and, if they’re able to follow up on them and that guy.

Let me just tell you this: I filled it out and that day I had 3 missed calls from him three one voicemail one text message and an email, and this happened every single day for, like 45 days, he’s working it until. Finally, he comes into the the conference room for our weekly meeting and I come in there and I tell him and I’m like coach. This is awesome.

This is so incredible that you’re able to do this you’re just trying this out and you’re just calling people left and right, and he was actually mad that it was me because it means that he couldn’t get ahold of them. It was just the most awesome thing of all time record for the most number of students he’s ever had in his programs, a big shout out to you, Scott coach Calvert. If you are listening today and you have a a child who wants to improve their game, I get better at the game of basketball, just go to Scourby, and sign up for your first lesson.

I believe your first lesson is free with the score babe. Also moving everyone for real estate agents in the leg number one of your three-legged marketing stool is call for sale by owners in the expired listing to ask them to list their property with a clear no-brainer off for like number to create a Facebook, no brainer advertisement And retargeting ads John explain again: what’s the Facebook ad, what’s the rich are getting at the Facebook, dad is going to mirror your no-brainer.

So if you’re calling his Bose see if I’m right there for sale by owner whatever in order to hook them in order to get them interested you’re going to want to offer them your no-brainer offer, and it’s the same thing with the Facebook ads you’re going to Want to watch these Facebook as they’re targeting towards people that are likely to that, have behaviors. Looking like they’re going to move there interested in a Trulia or Zillow, or anything like that and you’re going to want to mimic, that’s a no-brainer offer and then that get them to the site and what we talked about earlier is on your site.

You want to have a property search and so they’re searching business coach  your properties. John, we come back. I can’t wait for you to break down more details about the three-legged marketing stool to becoming a multi-million-dollar real estate agent, state KK. I need it and now back to the business coach radio show that has a diary called a Guinness Book of World Records. America in America, alright, tribe Nation, welcome back into the conversation you’re entering the dojo of Mojo if you’re just now.

Turning into the show for the first time, it is the Thrive time, business school without the BS radio show us what we do. Is business coach  we coach you, we teach you the specific moves. The doctors out and I’ve used to build 13 multi-million-dollar business business coach  bureau’s people in the know, people who know what they’re talking about to pontificate to teach to educate to teach you the specific moves that you need to know to grow a business.

Since we have John Kelly today on the John, how are you doing? How are you doing, I feel great, but not as great as Steve Currington looks Steve current mortgage man, I’m doing great, but not nearly as great as clay Clark looks song difference between business coach  the John Mayer song, but it’s more about me and I’ve got some selfies. I took myself that you can look at online if you want to Steve Steve, I have a heat map. Checker I’ve noticed you’ve been on there, a lot I’ll just put those body shots at their Steve, so it will separate out the pictures by selfies. Are you sure, the business coach  proven path to becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent in we’re talking specifically about leg number?

Three, you want to optimize your Google Map and reviews in Lake number to you want to create a Facebook, no brainer advertisement and business coach  retargeting ads and move number one. Would you want to call for sale by owners that expired listings of The Proven script in a clear offer, John break down the Facebook no-brainer and the retargeting advert? Does it work? How do you do it so? The Facebook ads are going to want to Target your ID likely buyers, and business coach  so you want to go after people that are likely to move based on different things that they’ve indicated in their web history. And then you really want to pay skipped over the. How does that work? That seems crazy?

Well, Facebook is kind of weird where everyone gives them all of their business coach  information right, and so they know everything about. You is kind of creepy. It’S kind of Big Brother you, but they know if you’re looking at Zillow or Trulia, they know if you’re looking at moving companies. They know all this and the other.

They know if you’re awake, if you business coach  are parked on the side of it, also down by the river. But if you want to talk or get these these guys and then you want to get them to your site and so anytime, you do any type of advertising. The reason why retargeting business coach  ads are so important is because you’ve already spent time the money, the energy into getting people to your website, and then you want to make sure that so when they go to your website, retargeting put put a cookie, a pixel on your your Browser and and now you’re as well start to follow them around and that’s really important, because you want to make sure that once they believe they’ve left your size, they always see you so you stay top of mine John.

You just business coach  mentioned some more nerdery there. You mention to cookie now I’m going to put the definition of. Maybe you can just can’t explain it in layman’s terms after I read the definition of you know. This is my cookie. Is a small text file created by a website that is stored in the community and the user’s computer, either temporarily, for that session only are permanently on the hard disk cookies, the right away for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences.

John layman’s terms, what does it mean when a cookie, my business coach  favorite one, is Snickerdoodle? So if you guys want to bring those bonds, nice note on your website or a pixel, so it does the interwebs Al Gore invented. I don’t know if you have another, not appreciate that the place code, basically on your browser, so that way that they say that it’s saving your preferences.

So that way they know I had a tailor. Your search results. Have it how to tailor your eyes that you see and so it’ll stay on there until you clear them, it’s business coach  pixel that the the the company that Steve Jobs was the CEO for every Pixar, but the definition of a browser to also known as web browser a Client software program that runs against a web server or other John. What does it mean to be more your Firefox or Safari? You know even a Internet Explorer used to search the Internet Optimizer map and get those reviews we talked about earlier in the show.

But you definitely want to gather reviews and optimize your map, John one, more time why we have to optimize our map and why do we have to business coach  gather those sweet sweet reviews? Will you want to optimize your map so that way when people are searching on the interwebs? That’S the sound of the searching that you actually pull up. Okay, and so you want to make sure that your your listing pulls up and then once it does pull up. You want to make sure that you’re Far and Away the best result, meaning to with the business coach  most reviews on the idea of a giving you a review or asking out their own client for reviews.

Talk to me about how you been able to crack the code of the Google reviews. Well, so after you get your loan approved by TLC and before we close early, we ask for Google review and we incentivize people. We tell him hey if you’ll give us a Google review before you close to give us a fair and accurate. Just give us a review. I don’t care if it’s a five or one just give us an accurate representation of how your business coach  experiences been and I’ll give you two hundred bucks off your closing cost, and so you incentivize somebody to do the right thing and to write a review good or bad Or how of how things are going, and you just want to make sure you’re getting review is caused by default.

The only people who write reviews are typically who John was going to say. Typically, the only people that are just super angry are going to go out of their way to leave a Google review everyone to leave you one business coach  because there’s a lot of times where it’s like I’ll pick on me. So we’ll go to a restaurant and it was a great experience right. So look at my wife, Stephanie and I’ll say that was a great experience, but that’s as far as it goes. So no one else knows that that was a great experience and they should go there.

And so the reason why you have to ask for these reviews is so that way people will leave both positive and negative, and then you can grow as a company must have by Clay Clark by default. The trolls are in control of reviews, sailor, the beginning, some people, they want something people say they would like to learn things where they hear that they had a different voice. That helps me fall the troll Zion control. It’S a bad thing just make sure you get rid of. He is also another Pizza Hut by Clay Clark. You have not, because you ask not to say anything as long as it’s super deep.

I like to end it with what happened to point number 8. You want to create an inbound sales script, credit inbound sales script. If you don’t have to do it at our next. In person Workshop, we spent a lot of time teaching people how to make call Scripps that work with you to the science system, the theory behind. We come back where to get more about the final steps. That. They’ll be proven path for becoming a multi-million-dollar real estate agent.

If you want to do it, we’re going to eat your house stay to the right time, show on your radio skinny pop up scary me: broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us Sba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark Just hold on we’re going home just hold on we’re going home just saw one to two one, two, three on the microphone.

It’S me mine is busy, but we are super happy to be here with you today, broadcasting for the Left Coast of the Arkansas River, from the beautiful DriveTime world headquarters in beautiful Tulsa Oklahoma, the birthplace of Tourism, the center of the universe, the place where America comes To partake Steven there’s been a huge influx of people, usually about hundred people a month coming from all over the world to beautiful, Jake’s business coach  America’s. If you noticed it once a month, there appears to be almost 80 tourists coming to Tulsa permits to have. You noticed this during their like here to or Tulsa, and they come in a shop in our workshops and they business coach  are game-changing event.

We want to invite you to come if you not attended a Thrive time in person Workshop, but I encourage you to do is go ahead and Google right now, just Google search Thrive time, show, reviews or Thrive time show in person. Workshop reviews read the reviews for the business coach  feedback from great people like you, we would love to we just we would love to see you either next in-person Workshop. I believe it’s October 6th and 7th correct they’re only for a limited time we’re actually offering a seats for courtesy of a sponsorship from the Great Hall Hood.

The accounting, wizard soap Drive Nation. If you are listening today and you are in need of a win for your business you’re in need of an uptick you’re in need of some Catalyst you’re in need business coach  of something to get you out of being stuck, I encourage you to book your tickets today at Thrive time should I come in John Mitchell for a limited time. Do a generous sponsorship from Paul Hood. It’S only oh! I believe it baby dolls. You can be sitting in the premium seats as well.

Now we’re talking to you about the proven path to becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent and I move number 8 and you got to create an inbound sales script, how to create an outbound sales script and by the way we have templates available for you. He will provide for you at our Thrive time, show in person how many of them, what what, how many tip giblets give give me an hour to process that did I hear right out of it and it took me so fast, and so I took that information In my head, I got it right after it was no longer fun of it was funny at first and I apologize for not allowing me to Steve. Can you do that again? We have proven templates. If you don’t have a pre-written proven script.

We have templates available for you at our next in person, DriveTime Workshop, how many plates for my call John, why do people not want to set up your car because it’s accountability, so you know the reason why you want to have scripts in the reason why You want to have recorded calls. Is it because it only keeps your team accountable on what they’re saying and in that they’re actually getting your system, but it keeps you accountable as well. If you don’t know how to set up your call recording system, we can teach that to you at our in-person Workshop.

If you don’t drive time, should I come when you click on podcasts, you can see today show notes and there you will find a link to a company called RingCentral where they will record your calls for you. It’S a great company. You can use RingCentral come to record your call now move number 11 on the ribbon path to becoming a multimillion-dollar real estate agent.

If you want to create an autoresponder email that immediately comes in every time that a new lead inquires about your service, every time will lead comes in taking advantage of your no-brainer off or do you want to have an autoresponder explain what is an autoresponder?

What’S the value of it all you want to make sure that your autoresponder is a one well-thought-out and that it you know, thanks to him for taking the time to fill out the form and the reason why you want to do this is because you want to Contact them as soon as humanly possible. So you want to make sure that we abide by that 72 hour rule where it just as soon as humanly possible, you’re in contact with them, while the deleted, still hot.

So, in on your auto respond to hear some quick rules for you very little text and include testimonials very little text include testimonials and Asher the prospect of when you’re going to call back Steve, break it down how you’ve seen some bad autoresponders and some good responders. Yeah, so you don’t want to have an autoresponder that is so generic that it causes no one to respond to the autoresponder.

Okay, I said example, like you might say, hey boss, do you know the email might say, hey boss, where we are? I will reach out to you as soon as possible by 5. Today – and I look forward to you, know I owed for talking to you what you said 5 o’clock today until we just filled out the form at 5:07, if it wasn’t sincere right, but you always want include again very little text, you would include a link to Video testimonials you want to make sure you include a link, include a link to video testimonials and the third: is it sure the prospect that you’ll be reaching out back to them as soon as possible?

No number 12 Johnny go to create a one-sheet. You’Ve got to create a one-sheet. What’S a one-sheet, why does every business owner need a one sheet will once she does what you do on one sheet, so it is actually have two of them at TLC cuz we’re over achiever it’s up to you anyway.

You want to make sure that you have everything that your company does on this one sheet of paper, and so that way, it’s clear, concise what you do and then I’ll what the typical you know in this case Realtors do it so that we can create that Dissatisfaction get now. This is the tips for creating the perfect one. She don’t want. It needs to be an 8 1/2 by 11 John. Why does that mean eight and a half by 11 or 1? It’S going to stand out, so you know if it’s it’s real small one is going to be hard to read right right. Now, too, it’s going to get lost in the papers. 8.


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