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Looking to grow your business faster? In today’s episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and the team discuss the proven path for building a successful compounding pharmacy. During the show the team discusses: branding, marketing, search engine optimization, gathering Google reviews, retargeting ads, checklist creating, etc.


Step 6 – Create Daily Checklists / Systems for Everything
  1. Daily opening checklist
  2. Closing checklist
  3. Inbound call scripts
  4. Outbound call scripts
  5. Daily Review Quota


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to deliver its benefits correctly, safely, or reliably.” – Atul Gawande (The best-selling author of The Checklist Manifesto and Harvard Medical School professor)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We don’t like checklists. They can be painstaking. They’re not much fun. But I don’t think the issue here is mere laziness. There’s something deeper, more visceral going on when people walk away not only from saving lives but from making money. It somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist, an embarrassment. It runs counter to deeply held beliefs about how the truly great among us—those we aspire to be—handle situations of high stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring. They improvise. They do not have protocols and checklists. Maybe our idea of heroism needs updating.” – Atul Gawande (The best-selling author of The Checklist Manifesto and Harvard Medical School professor)



Step 7 – Create All Branding Pieces
  1. 1. Signage
  2. 2. About Us Video / Story Video


  1. 1. Testimonial Videos


  1. 1. Business Cards
  2. 2. One Sheet
  3. A. Steps for Creating the Perfect One Sheet
  4. 1. Must be 8.5 x 11 Glossy Document
  5. 2. Systemically find the problem that the buyer has
  6. 3. Show them the gain of using your product or service
  7. 4. Show them the pain if they don’t use your product or service
  8. 5. Support every statement with facts
  9. 6. Show how you compare to your competition
  10. B. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – LAW OF CREDIBILITY – “Don’t say anything you can’t prove.” – Jerry Vass (Author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)
  11. 1. TV Screens / Menu Boards
  12. 2. Brochure



Step 8 – Launch Three-Legged Marketing Stool (4 for them)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin

  1. 1. Dream 100 (Call Cycles)
  2. A. Create Dream 100 List
  3. B. Agree on Drop Off Items
  4. 2. Retargeting Ads
  5. 3. Google Reviews
  6. A. Register Your Website with Google Maps
  7. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tulsa Men’s Haircuts (
  8. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tulsa Cookies (
  9. 3. ACTION ITEM – Go
  10. 4. ACTION ITEM – Save images correctly (Steve_Currington_Tulsa_Realty-2.jpeg)
  11. 4. Search Engine Optimization
  12. A. Decide on Podcasts or Our Team Writing Article
  13. B. The 9 Components That Makes a Real Estate Website Great
  14. 1. Google Canonical Compliance
  15. 2. Most Reviews
  16. 3. Most Content
  17. 4. Most Mobile Compliance
  18. 5. Property Search
  19. 6. No-Brainer
  20. 7. Testimonials
  21. A. FUN FACT: “88% of consumers read and trust online reviews.” – Forbes 
  22. 8. Https Encryption for Your Website – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a variant of the standard web transfer protocol (HTTP) that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocol connection.
  23. 9. Information Exchange – Give something in exchange for the client’s contact information




Step 9 – Create Weekly Number Tracker
  1. 1. # of New Patients for the Week
  2. 2. Inquiry Source
  3. 3. See Tracking Sheet –



Step 10 – Create Human Resources Pipeline System

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Go for a business that any idiot can run — because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it.” – Warren Buffett (One of the world’s most successful investors)

  1. 1. Create approved job post
  2. 2. Create approved job description
  3. 3. Schedule weekly group interview time
  4. 4. Create job shadowing system





  1. 1. Avoid geo-fencing due to lack of tracking ability
  2. 2. Avoid click-funnels creation
  3. 3. Avoid get-rich-quick-schemes
  4. A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11



Mitchell, mugshot type at the shop: that’s right, roll up in the driveway, and why would your wife say no to the boat just say? No, no, the flat top rock in Rocky 4 be pushing everything about that. Cutbank Caesars in the room is on your head to the haircut challenges. We can fight you out. The found it in me. First haircut is a.

If you don’t like it, it’s free, it’s the elephant in the room. It’S the place to be your listing to this. Rob time she sees zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz, know or more wallet expanding knowledge that you  business coach  don’t get in collegeladies and gentlemen. Doctors business coach owner is not in the building today, I’m sorry to let the room down, but he is out to expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire.

He should be back. He should be back here later this week, but in the meantime, in between time, we are going to continue we’re going to do this. Isn’T that just like the Alamo, it’s like the Alamo, remember where for soldiering on we’re fighting to the very word for fighting we’re, putting up a good fight, but, unlike the business coach Alamo, when we obviously know that is not possible to win I’m getting out of there. I’M on principle at stake here: no, no! No! No! No! Okay! I’M going to abdicate the business coach Alamo!

That’S what I’m going to do about how to build a successful compounding pharmacy to proven path, to build a successful compounding pharmacy, but before we do that, I was quizzing. Andy cuz Andy’s over here he’s Andy matheron business coach she’s over here from England, great guygreat, actually, American since 2012.

Is that correct, and I was drilling, am I said you just you tell me just give me one invention that business coach the British haven’t been just one thing that they’ve come up with and then I will respect the crown. I just want one invention: 1 NBA player who’s playing over there. One NFL player give me something that those guys are business coach producing and he he said.

You know what you know. What I’m going to do. My research showed in the break. He we allowed him to use the internet with you Steven, so Steve. You have a list of things that allegedly the business coach the crown invented so go for it. I’D like to point out that I’m 99.9 % European, I mean I got my DNA back – 64.1 % British and Irish, so I’m kind of a pain go over and here’s a deal.

Here’S what they’re saying this one website is reporting tell us the website you’re on. First, this is the Reader’s Digest. Co. Uk. So this is like the UK version government will first off their websiteReader’s Digest. Co. Uk. They are big big. They they claim to have invented. One business coach of them is the television okay there’s a guy over there.

That, apparently, business coach was the first person to ever transmit images, moving images on a what you would Now call it a television. It says famous John Logie Baird John Logie Baird, and are you referring to make sure that the thrivers are are clear when business coach you say he invented the television? It says. I know that in England that means taking two red cups and baking a hole in it and attach it with the string. That’S business coach actually not the man who first transmitted moving images via a boxno big deal free on August, 6th 1991.

Tim berners-lee is the one who let me get to this next America’s a we want up, so we invented Wonka Vision. This is more like business coach it because it’s like on the level is so that business coach they can handle those people called the mini. Of course you did. You see the car, while the Americans were driving supersize Cadillacs, a post, Swiss Britain famously went in the opposite direction. It came with a compact car that would business coach become the epitome of cool the world over, which was the many things come up with. You’Re. Welcome Bell.

Your break now that went okay I’ll, give him that one. We all remember that guy. I sit corrected at HEB. It’S Ronnie GB, /, 7 of building a successful compounding pharmacy 47018, all of The Branding pieces hour to go to the line by line one by one. Here, Chapel: let’s go through signage. Why do I get the signage right?

How can you get it wrong break it business coach down? You got to have sinus. That makes sense that simple. That shows the company’s name, because a lot of people do drive-by traffic. You know if they’re driving around and I happen to, need your service and you’ve got a business coach well-lit, highly visible sign that says what you do and who you are you’re going to get some traffic that way, so it’s important to have that stuff. You know highly branded in this is so important that you make a checklist of all the things that you need to.

You don’t miss a single item. We talked about checklist. I want to make sure we don’t skip over this point I to go on dates as the volume and complexity of what we know has exceeded our individual ability to business coach deliver its benefits correctly safely and reliably get. This is the guy who’s, the head of the Harvard Medical School who’s, the guy who wrote the book called The checklist Manifesto checklist Manifesto.

He goes on to say business coach we don’t like checklists, they can be painstaking, they’re, not much fun, but I don’t think the issue here. As mere laziness there’s something deeper more visceral going on when people walk away, not only from saving business coach lives but from making money.

It’S somehow feels beneath us to use a checklist and embarrassment and runs counter to deeply held beliefs that and about the, how the truly great Among Us, those we aspire to be handle situations of high-stakes and complexity. The truly great are daring The Improv I do not have protocols and checklist. Maybe our idea of heroism needs. Updating. What is pointing out is a lot of people feel like successful business coach business owners couldn’t possibly use a check. Is there a system that they just have?

They can just come up with stuff off the cup. That’S not the way it works in our business, coaching, a conference, arthrite time workshops. We got through work, but my man right, I mean there’s no way that you were. I would remember all those steps is too much stuff, there’s too much stuff going on in your life in the world and everything.

So it’s it’s silly and business coach it’s kind of egotistical to believe that you don’t need one, because why not? Why put all that stress on yourself when you can just have a simple checklist that make sure you don’t skip any steps in your job number to Steve? Did you receive my to do well at Sunport you exactly that’s the mindset that I used to have a lot of people.

Have it sits that they’re so busy enough time to make a checklist? That’S way too much going on? If I began to tell business coach you the stories of the builders and the contractors that we’ve worked with, who told us it first at a marketing problem and we help them triple the size of their business. And then it came to me and said I have a quality and I business coach told him I keep messing up big time on a home and we’re just not using some reason.

My team doesn’t get it, they don’t have common sense, and I want builder in particular Steve tell me how frustrated you would be. Imagine you and your wife or building a new house, and you were very clear that you wanted the staircase to be open to the stairs leading up stairs.

You want to be open, so you can actually see all over the living room as you’re business coach walking up the stairs. Well, I guess something wasn’t communicated something wasn’t written down and so the guy enclosed, the staircase business coach a big wall.

He finished, the man came very close enough. So you can’t see the stairs in the way up and is couple of been on vacation, your story and it come back and he already finished it and it was enclosed in the lady whose house it was like no. No, you have to take that off. I I I need the staircase to be open and business coach he realized it by taking it all they all the sheetrock down and fixing it.

It would actually cost more than the property made, and I was going. That’S not good what the problem was. Not only did he do that, but he also did multiple other major mistakes like walk-in closets Ray put the shelves at the wrong Heights and stuff, and it’s because he wasn’t using the checklist and see if you listen to Danny, never forgot something.

I know I have you need to use a business coach checklist. You wanted a roof on the roof on your house. I’M sorry I was in the bathroom. I been eating pieces, the moon ever. Do you want to create a badass video and a story? Video, I’m Steve. The tip top K9 to go to Tip Top

You can see a great example of a wonderful about his video, but can you walk us business coach through why they’re videos so powerful and why everybody needs to have an about us video on their website? Well, first of all, you business coach can tell by watching this video cuz I’ve seen it a bunch of times that they’re real and it’s natural and there are likable and they were really cool business.

So when, when I’m looking for dog training – and I look on there and see a husband and wife and when you look at their story about how their dog kept running business coach out the door, that you can do everything else, it will rule over do everything.

But it went with the door, open, see a dog, and so he he taught himself right how to train dogs using YouTube and then started a business from a business coach solar system out of this. But when you watch that it’s believable their likable, it’s just a good. Almost like, I would say, like a heartwarming video immediately, you can cuz, I want to go, buy a dog and get it trained by them.

Just business coach so I can be like they start selling Dogs, 2, Tip Top You can see the no Brainerd offer they have the for your first dog training session. You can see the about us video of Andy. I want to ask you this because your wife is a very virtuous kind, lady she’s,

very Discerning, and how important is it for her to know the character of somebody before she works with a service provider or works with it before she begins a little paying someone To do something else now important business coach or her to know the price of the provider meet the babysitter meet the vendor before she starts to invite them into her home, we will still have five children, so it’s very important to know the character of somebody.

Somebody was just on the status on his character in the radio, evaluate, and some of that too, that’s something she has to do with the family, and I appreciate that for it and that’s why the videos that we had two videos, the tip top people made, is So beneficial for them business coach cuz, they have come across as Steve point out of sincere and I’m just saying it helps our sales dramatically and if you go to tip top right now, you really should watch that video. It’S a cappella.

You know the another thing that I find that this video is really beneficial to small business owners and in like that, are growing their business. Is people love to see that you’re, not the Walmart of the industry? You’Re, not the huge mega-corporation, your business if business coach your product and service and experience as world-class and so that will really help people connect with you know the next move, the next movies you got to have a testimonial video. You have testimonial video testimonial videos, because if you don’t have them, what you’re saying is a claim and you never wanted.

This is kind of sales 101 for you, but you never want to say something that you can’t prove and that you’re not currently proving now right. So you, business coach even if you could prove it the act of the you not proving it is just as bad almost as you not being able to prove it. So if you go to thrive time and you click on testimonials there, you can see it when you can see,

I don’t even know how many will you be pricey. I think we have over 400 video testimonials now and you can go up there and see real business coach people just like you who we’ve been able to help over the years over me to say we can help. You grow your business you’re like yeah sure, but then I say: go watch the video of the Tulsa Oilers, showing you how business coach we help them go.


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