How to Push Through Failure – 4 Powerful Principles

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How to Push Through Failure – 4 Powerful Principles


Failure is a pre-requisite to success. In this business podcast U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break-down How to Push Through Failure and the specific 4 Powerful Principles every aspiring entrepreneur must embrace to overcome the inevitable failure and rejections that come with choosing to live your life as an entrepreneur. During today’s radio show, Clay and Z discuss dealing with grief, learning how to move beyond dejection, the famous struggles of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and more…


Principle #1 – Babies Don’t Feel Emotionally Like Failures When They Fail to Walk the First Time. The Feeling of Dejection is a Learned Behavior [ 24:45 ] 


DEFINITION – Dejection – A sad and depressed state; low spirits.



  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE: Elon Musk Releases All of the SpaceX Failed Landing Attempts Compilation – September 14th 2017 –
  2. 2. FUN FACT – SpaceX lost a quarter of a billion dollars after one of its rockets blew up. A few minutes after SpaceX launched one if its self-landing Falcon 9 rockets on June 28, 2015, it exploded into a rain of debris over the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. 3. NASA had a bunch of cargo riding on top of the rocket, and it tallied its losses at about $112 million. Meanwhile, SpaceX — founded by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk — lost tens of millions it had invested in the launch itself
  4. 4. But as new financial documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal suggest, the total financial hit to SpaceX may have run into hundreds of millions of dollars. –





Principle #2 – Failure is Critical for Innovation to Happen. [ 1:13:00 ]
  1. 1. View the highlight reel of Elon Musk blooper reel of SpaceX’s failed attempts at landing the Falcon 9 rocket. See the epic fails here –
  2. 2. Fun Fact: Every one of those explosions amounts to millions of lost investor dollars, attempting a technique that no one in the industry thought was possible.
  3. 3. Fun Fact: In June, SpaceX completed two Falcon 9 landings in 48 hours.
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you already know it’s going to work, it’s not an experiment, and only through experimentation can you get real invention. The most important inventions come from trial and error with lots of failure, and the failure is critical, and it’s also embarrassing.”Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.” – Napoleon Hill (Best selling success author of all-time)


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton (It was with the intention of buying a bank that he arrived in Texas at the height of the oil boom. He bought his first hotel instead, the 40-room Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas, in 1919,[4] when a bank purchase fell through. The hotel did such brisk business that rooms changed hands as often as three times a day, and the dining room was converted into additional rooms to meet the demand.[1][5]

He went on to buy and build hotels throughout Texas, including the highrise Dallas Hilton, opened in 1925; the Abilene Hilton in 1927; Waco Hilton in 1928; and El Paso Hilton in 1930. He built his first hotel outside of Texas in 1939 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, today known as the Hotel Andaluz. During the Great Depression, Hilton was nearly forced into bankruptcy and lost several of his hotels. Nevertheless, he was retained as manager of a combined chain, and eventually regained control of his remaining eight hotels.

Over the next decade, he expanded west to California and east to Chicago and New York, crowning his expansions with such acquisitions as the Stevens Hotel in Chicago (then the world’s largest hotel, it was renamed the Conrad Hilton), and the fabled Waldorf-Astoria in New York. He formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946, and Hilton International Company in 1948.)



  1. 1. Walt Disney lost it all twice.
  2. 2. Henry Ford lost it all five times.
  3. 3. Thomas Edison had over 10,000 failed lab experiments to create the first practical light bulb



Principle #3 – Overnight Success Stories Take 10 Years [ 1:15:12 ] 

AMPLE EXAMPLE – 5 Successful Companies That Didn’t Make a Dollar for 5 Years –




Frederick W. Smith originally had the idea to start an overnight-delivery business in the year 1962 where he described in a paper while attending  with an Yale University. Smith went on to become a successful businessman who took his personal wealth of $4 million, along with another $90 million from investors, to found his delivery company in 1971.

However, Federal Express failed to take off initially and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Smith took the company’s last $5,000, flew to Vegas, and played blackjack. The gamble literally paid off. Smith made $24,000, which was enough to cover the cost of fuel and keep the company afloat for another week.

With a little more time, Smith raised another $11 million to keep Federal Express running. The company made its first profit in July 1975. Today, the Memphis-based company enjoys total revenue of more than $3 billion.




You’ve probably heard the origins of Amazon by now. Jeff Bezos left his cushy gig on Wall Street and moved to Seattle to sell books online from his garage in 1994. By 1996, Amazon had sales that reached $15.7 million and $147.8 million in 1997. Needless to say, people were intrigued.

Then, by the end of the decade, Amazon wasn’t as promising as it once seemed. Despite having revenues of $1.6 billion in 1999, Amazon still managed to lose $719 million. Things didn’t get better in 2000, when it was found that Amazon had just around “$350 million of cash on hand,” despite raising billions of dollars.

Jeff Bezos finally turned a profit in 2003, which was nine years after being founded and seven years after going public. Bezos was able to turn things around for Amazon by laying off one-seventh of Amazon’s work force and closing some distribution centers.

In the decade following Amazon’s first profit, there’s still debate as to whether it actually makes money. For example, there was an article from NASDAQ in October 2013 that asked “Will Amazon Ever Make Money?” However, former Amazon employee and shareholder Eugene Wei argues that Amazon does make a profit on most items sold on the site and has a profitable model as well.



Turner Broadcasting System

Ted Turner definitely came a long way after purchasing his first TV station, UHF channel 17, in 1970. Within a decade, Turner purchased the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, and Superstation 17.

In 1979, Turner changed the name of his company from Turner Communications Group to Turner Broadcasting System Inc. and launched the world’s first all-news network–Cable News Network, or CNN. CNN premiered on June 1, 1980, with 1.7 million subscribers, which was enough to keep the channel afloat. In 1982, Turner launched CNN2 and merged with MGM Entertainment after a $1.5 billion deal in 1985, which gave Turner access to MGM’s film vaults which created even more channels.

Unfortunately, the merger put Turner Broadcasting in financial strain, and the company wouldn’t record an annual net profit until 1991. Thanks to the coverage that CNN provided throughout Operation Desert Storm the channel gained a worldwide audience of one billion viewers. In 1996, Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner, and the company enjoyed $7.4 billion in revenue by 2010.




A father-and-son team, Bill and Scott Rasmussen, teamed up with Aetna insurance agent Ed Eagan to create an all-sports network in 1978. On September 7, 1979, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, the first-ever Sportscenter aired.

There was some drama behind the scenes. In 1980, Bill Rasmussen was no longer in a decision-making role in the company and completely left the board of directors in 1981. Whether that was of his own accord or he was forced out is debatable. What isn’t debatable is the network was losing money.

To help keep ESPN going, Michael Roarty (vice president and director of marketing for Anheuser-Busch) persuaded the brewing company to financially support the struggling network. In 1994, Roarty told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “We gave them $1 million that first year. And if we hadn’t, they’d have gone under.” The following year, Anheuser-Busch gave ESPN an additional $5 million. By the mid-1980s, ESPN was able to turn a profit thanks to the support of Anheuser-Busch. ESPN has become the most dominating sports network; it earned $11 billion in revenue in 2013.



Tesla Motors

What a strange road Tesla Motors has been on. The idea was simple: to create the world’s first electric sports car. Tesla was incorporated in June 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. One year later, Elon Musk invested in Silicon Valley’s first automobile company and became chairman. In 2009, Tesla received a “$465 million USD loan from the United States Department of Energy” and went public the following year.

However, it wasn’t until 2013 (a decade after its launch) that Tesla experienced its first profitable quarter. Wired reported that “Tesla recorded sales of $562 million, a gain of over 80 percent from the last quarter, with 4,900 Model S sedans delivered.” Though some of that revenue was from cutting production costs, Tesla also made money by selling development services for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric and Toyota RAV4 EV.

Though profits did decline, the future is looking bright for Tesla. Forbes reported that revenue has risen from $620.5 million, up from $615.2 million in the fourth quarter, and that the company will make its quota. Furthermore, research analyst Adam Jonas recentlystated: “Not even two years after the delivery of the first Model S, Tesla Motors has transformed from fledgling start-up to arguably the most important car company in the world. We are not joking. Tesla is also emerging as an emblematic force in America’s effort to foster high tech manufacturing job growth.”

Tesla may not be as established as FedEx, Amazon, Turner Broadcasting, or ESPN, but it appears that things are finally turning around for the innovative automaker.



Principle #4 – Be the Pig at Breakfast Not the Chicken [ 1:21:30 ] 



Casting for this evening play Business School with up to boom boom boom and boom. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio, your daily audio Dojo of Mojo, and today we are talking about how to push through failure. The four powerful principles you need to know to push through failure, but doctors eat before we get into the stuff.

I just want to say I appreciate you standing while report while we recorded today, I appreciate you standing the entire time or recorded a show. I just want to point that  business coach  out you did a great job. I will not be business coach  taking any today during the show at anytime awesome, and can we talk about when we talk about it like what show is standing right now we’re supporting arms.

While we record, I don’t know what would you feel better if I don’t, we go around the horn and we each offend a half of the audience. So that way we will go, get some work done. There will be nobody who is not offended because really what happens if it were not culture, where people put Italy correct that they want to plead the fifth and not really ever how they feel about anything.

So can I start with you and that way you can say the most Nonpoint of the business coach  correct thing and all kind of have like a of one-upsmanship where I’ll come in with the business coach  more measured answer after you just lose your mind and offend at least three quarters

Of the audience, so what’s your take back and forth with myself, because I don’t think anybody else for one of you to listen to it, but this business coach  whole idea of you know people protesting when it’s appropriate in in you know what it’s appropriate or not get the Whole thing about protesting is that you not get your ideas that you get under the skin of someone that you want to get business coach  her the skin of so that day, then all of a sudden are listening to what you’re protesting business coach  about and then change happen.

. I guess that’s how you know what I’m saying until you let the debate is and – and I saw it all the business coach  this whole weekend on ESPN – that it’s kind of interesting debate on how it’s shifted from what Colin Kaepernick first started to wanted to bring attention to, And that is racial Injustice in this country. To now it’s like the all the talk is about.

You know how are they protesting and why are they Pro States protesting? That way, you know, I’m saying, is it when Colin Kaepernick was protesting against racial inequality? I don’t know what would have to be done in order for him to stand up again. I don’t think there’s nothing. Anyone could do or business coach  say that would in the Injustice.

So I just sort of planned on business coach  him taking me forever, because I don’t know that business coach  anybody could come out the NFL, the ownership. Anybody could come out and say: okay, everybody we’re business coach  now equal. So can we stand now? I don’t think that business coach  could have been solved.

So I kind of thought it was a logical argument whatever, but as far as the whole standing for the national anthem my whole my whole business coach  perspective is it when President Obama was in office. I really didn’t agree with business business coach  coach  almost anything.

He did that didn’t make sense financially. That was my whole thing. I didn’t make sense financially, I disagreed with the math and but if he was speaking or if he came somewhere to a game or he was in attendance at a game for sale, if he was the Commander in Chief and they’re playing the national anthem, I’m going To stand because as an entrepreneur, you and I know of Freedom, isn’t free and you can’t have a free market without all the sacrifices the military people have made it to.

The national anthem is more about supporting the military and the people who fought for our country and less about how I feel about who’s in office. So I’m a big fan business coach  of favor of of standing, regardless who’s in office strong. Take on this film.

Did you watch each and every one of the national anthems over the weekend? If you watch the highlights on YouTube, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it. I just got so sick of hearing about it. That’S only one to talk about, and I’m just like are we going to have a game kind of annoyed by the whole thing, and you have a strong opinion about this one way or the other I do. I do.

I think that when you are disrespecting the the people that gave me the right to business coach  protest have a real business coach  problem with that. I think you need to find a way to protest without disrespecting the people that that afforded you that right, okay started this and there was a video that came out about Jerry Jones and lock from talking about you,

Hey, listen, you guys are entertainers of your entertainers And you and then you work for me and I give you your paycheck and in tow as an Entertainer. The people come to the stadium to be entertained, true and just like. When I tell you to run this particular play right, you don’t business coach  tell me when I can run that play because we’re going to protest when I say you’re going to pass the ball to this guy.

You know the quarterback says: okay, sir right, I’m right at some point. You know cuz they are being paid to perform. That is in a painter’s, I’m at some football, that’s Entertainment Tonight you know life or death and then we’re not your. This isn’t Gladiators back in the day in America. You really, we can talk about voting, but you really, but with your business coach  wallet and so what’s happening.

Izzy’S NFL stadium will give example like the Chiefs beat the Chargers. Are you know the LA Zoo team? There you have? The Redskins you different stadiums when you think about the NFL team. What business coach  percentage of the average attendance is either of former military and Veteran a current military, their families in the military?

A lot of these people who are attending the games have a military connection and in droves, people business coach  are not going to the game, so you’re, actually seeing attendance business coach  starting to be impacted by this will be interesting to see the progression. Cuz, I think, is more and more teams are kneeling. I think the lesson last Blue Collar fans are going to show up and I think eventually it’s going to business coach  get weird.

I don’t know it’s going to business coach  happen again. Like I said then business coach   Jerry Jones in the in the locker room today, listen you guys are going to you know here’s how you going to do this for this part of the entertainment process right right and it’s kind of like you know.

If I had an employee and if I said, here’s business coach  the the dress code, the dress code, we’re scribes and closed-ended closed-toed shoes and if they could show up with some outlandish costume on or t-shirt or like you just said, no pants is the employer than I have Been I am business coach  now faced with? What do I do?

What do you know which leads us, and you are first question from a business coach  thriver today before we get into today’s topic of how to push through failure, any business questions at all. You can email us info at 3:15. This is the question that came in hot from a clinical psychologist, who manages a large, a team of people, and he manages people and many of the doctors that he manages our contractors, meaning that they may be get patients all to the same place.

But it’s either base can self-employed people and us business coach  some of these contractors have decided to not do their job or business coach  effectively manage their time. So apparently they’re not showing up on time things and they’re not doing what’s required in their jobs. Are they protesting something? And so the question was asked by this doctor: how do you manage contractors who are not business coach  choosing to be good at time management and not doing their job? So I guess starting from the.

What do you say when it ended when it when you initially see the infraction and then how do you hold them accountable if they are in business coach  fact a contractor, but they put their doctors they’re doctors who are contractors they will you the way you hold them accountable With any employee, just like you’re talking about earlier, I mean someone shows up and where would you tell them to wear and do what you tell them to do and performed well business coach  tell them to inform you they no longer or on your team, you fire them.

You release them. You say I’m going to get somebody else to do that job. What if the person? Listen, I’m trying to ask a question. I think this person may be asking I’ll be saying: okay. Well, I don’t we have a back-up plan yet and maybe he hasn’t even told him it’s an issue.

I maybe there’s a problem right first time someone is at say, 20 minutes late to a meeting with you, it’s late enough, where you business coach  know they chose to be late, and I didn’t call in the time business coach  management is an issue. What words would you say the first time and actually happens when someone chooses to be late or to not follow your sisters?

I would say they were you not aware of the time yeah it’s? It is 12:10, but yeah. I guess I just got caught up in business coach  traffic and is this an employee of mine? This is a contractor who is a doctor, so there a doctor, but they somehow get patients from your system. Okay, but there an employee, yeah dr. Clark over here, either an employee or you’re. Not I mean if you’re on my team right when have I pay you and whether to 1099 or W-2, or am I just getting fancy now I’m employed right.

Okay, I’m saying to you, I’m sexy and I like I did know I’m supposed to be here at 12 business coach  and I just wrapped in between August about 20 minutes behind. I told you I’d be there, but it does hold the whole traffic thing over here by the Riverwalk manager in the traffic. Traffic here today. Is this huge?

Well, I mean obviously they’re kind of new to the system they’re new to me I would I would let them know the business coach  importance of being on time, how important it is cuz. A lot of things happen if you’re late and everything that just a domino effect of being late throughout the day – and I don’t put up with that – so I’m going to give you a warning.

Please don’t do that again. In the back of my mind, I’m going to be you know, I’m going to be suspect of this person texting anyway with you, I kind of like the velvet hammer. It’S a you notice, it’s a soft Blow To The Head. I business coach  mean it’s nothing too major x 3 days later and I’m supposed to be here at 12, and now I’m here at 12:12, like I said, hey and I try to walk in all cool like you, don’t know that I’m late, somebody hey.

How you doing there Waiting on me, hey everybody, how you guys doing business coach  how you doing what would you say to me that same thing I mean probably here’s what I would do. What I typically do is II velvet hammer until I fire them you’re late again, sometimes aren’t even pointed out at some point.

You know you put up with that business coach  stuff as long as you want to I mean. Sometimes you have a rockstar employee, write, Rockstar, employee and in – and I know this sounds crazy, but you put up with a little bit more jackass heard from them than you do business coach  someone who’s, not a rockstar like Charlie Sheen, like you might put up with Charlie Sheen.

More yeah cuz he was so funny and I think the show another example of personal problems, but he was a phenomenal actor and so they put up business coach  with it for a while and there’s a lot of times you put up with a rockstar, maybe more Z than You’D put up with a bottom feeder, but yet you, I think a lot of entrepreneurs are saying, but what about the hypocrisy?

I know we all want to to think that we’re all equal but we’re not – and I don’t know when I were exactly equal in all areas. So now I realize that he’s actually more Superior to me in every area. Mr. pickle know, I guess it’s a thing about it. Is that business coach  we’re not and people you and that’s?

Why, when you show up to work, some guys just show up to work, maybe 30 minutes late on a regular basis, but when they’re their there a rockstar, they bring the heat that get a lot of stuff done and what you might just hang tight bro. Can you do me a favor you’re, truly a bad example for the rest of the guys I mean you’re, so awesome I don’t want to have to business coach  whack you, and can you set your alarm like 30 minutes earlier than what it is at your house and you

Say it’s time to let the person go and when it is time to let the person go. What are the specific words that you say hello to save you hours and hours and hours of frustration and aggravation? First of all, you already got plan be in place and what that means you’ve already, we’ve business coach  already hired the next guy, you baby you’re having a sky trained or gal, but you have done with hearing and what’s best for the business. So now you’ve got when you let this person go. You already have your you. Let him go and going on.

I got to go, hire somebody. That’S no good! That’S no good! That’S no good! Sometimes you put up with something for maybe a month or two because you have to for the business right and then there’s there’s there’s a business coach  golden sentence, you say is you’re letting someone go. That will free your mind. Free your mind. It will you.

Will. I tell you what, if you use this strategy, this one right here in firing, somebody know when I’m getting ready to tell you come on the one. That’S the one, I’m going to get ready to tell you. If you use this strategy, you will be like a dove landing on your shoulder. This could be a dove late. Does this, but does it up poop what are known to poop business coach  poop on your shoulder to see, if you don’t have hours and hours and hours of frustration?

I know when business coach  I get back I’m going to tell you that I’m going to break it down, you’re keeping your you’re keeping fill in suspense you’re, keeping Eric and suspense you’re keeping everybody in suspenzi. There’S a lot of suspense here. My friend, I’m very, very excited about hearing about this Dove.

It’S a poop free dog that could end all of your business management problem. These are the words that you need to business coach  say when it’s time to let somebody go business coach  by its clay Clark. I am a business coach drive time show on your radio stay tuned for the super move that you can use. I know back to the only business coach radio show that mentally intimidate, Chuck Norris, alright Thrive Nation.

Welcome back to the conversation, it is the Thrive time show on your radio, the show where we give you the super moves that you can use to make your business improve, so many entrepreneurs out there find business coach  themselves in these situations. They say I don’t know what to do now and you have 2 options, you can learn from mentors Z or you could learn from mistakes, and so we had emailed us info at thrive15.

This is a clinical psychologist and he said he’s got some members of the team that are refusing to be on time and to do their administrative tasks they’re just refusing they know what to do now. Ever if you’re, a clinical psychologist rumor has it. You business coach  have gone to some schools and maybe went to Lauren week in Puerto Rico. When we can important, we had to go to summer school, so it’s not if they were they chose.

I didn’t know what to save now. It’S clearly established that they’ve chosen not to do it and we’re working on the assumption that you have been business coach  directing candy. You’Ve told them in a velvet hammer nice way that duh. This is not acceptable, and now the time comes to Z, good thing about the Thrive time show. If you miss anything, you can always go back and go to our website. Drivetime, where we put every radio, shows a podcast.

So you don’t share with a friend, you can listen to it. You can send it to an enemy. Could you can send it to check this out on what the person go? You have the super move. Five magic word that you use and you use these words alone: okay and they will, they will bring you Harmony and peace to your life. Let me get my cowbell ready when you don’t use these words.

What happens if you get into an argument you get into a discussion and next thing you know you look up a two hours and you’re still trying to get rid of this person out of your office right, so you decided to let them go ahead. So there’s no changing your mind is not that’s done. Your body rehiring got somebody else in place to do their job, and now, when you meet with them, you see these five magic Works before you whack them all. Absolutely that’s!

What’S best for your business, it’s just not working out about it. I just take it in. I take it in I I’m processing that web bet that felt better than I thought it would feel. Well, most people think it’s mean it’s not really mean your people say. Don’T you need to tell business coach  them why they’re being fired?

No, no, don’t you need to try to fix them business coach  on their way out, so I can be a better employee for their next employer. We can go to jackass free therapy sessions to go to the time management therapy, listen to really like Kim Jong young and set all the clocks 30 minutes different than they were the fire off a shot.

I don’t know you heard the moves now, Eric just not working out. What that does is keep you from them saying, oh well. Why? Because anything you business coach   tell them. Somebody else is done on your business coach   team and they pointed out as it don’t want to argue with you, but if they used to move this kind of back-door move will tell me what it is that I can fix myself so I’ll, be better.

Next time. Traffic watch out don’t step on that bear trap. I don’t get you until what happened? Is you can sit there all day long? You don’t decide. Let them go. It’S been any more energy on this person, so you need to be Focus now on going forward with your business and doing the business coach  new things you need to do that day. Instead of sitting there trying to fix or control or you don’t need a gun to get the whole, can I break down move on you?

When I didn’t I didn’t know, you meant that I’m going to go smoke, never ones. You just say that the employee will tell you I did not know what to do. I did not know there was. There was some kind of missed a miscommunication, but I I just did not know who hasn’t been guilty of something. I forgot business coach  something, and then the third is is the emotional and fruit for women when they get pulled over right away.

When I get pulled over there’s other and your speeding by 15 miles and you’re getting a ticket or a lot of women who can force cry and then for guys it’s a lot of that false aggression. It’S a lot of business coach  intimidation, a lot of that Angry Eyes, but I’ll tell you guy who doesn’t use any of those moves up. Time show business coach, she’s, a phenomenon and Eric you have a question form of the drivers out there.

What is the question my friend for doctors? He was so emotional right now, I’m working with a doctor in Oklahoma City and he was wondering what your guys take would be on hiring doctor. So go the employee route and what are the benefits of that versus the business coach  contractor route and why that might be better. If you think about it, there’s there’s things that they’re called laws and things the IRS one rules.

They want you to follow closely the Earth’s man or woman protester, so I tell you I come on. You know what I’m going business coach  to I’m going to just me. I’M business coach  taking me right now to come and protest, I’m just out of breath, I’m just going to say Robin doing it. I was looking through The Life and Times of the islands of the Isley Brothers and Lauryn Hill and various other, the taxation.

Now they have all ended badly, but I’m back business coach  on track because then they can in the back of the month, without give me some tax advantages, if he’s only working there on the schedule and that’s only helps his work and he doesn’t qualify to be a contract. Labor: okay, if you have the schedule he’s only there, then by definition of that you to do some of that is defined by the tax code.

That’S out there. So if they have any questions, they can have your listening from at this very business coach  moment, cuz, like I said it’s podcast, you could be in St Petersburg. Russia, listen right now, it’s somewhere more exotic, like Claremore Oklahoma, where Phil pickle has a a vacation home right now.

Wow, that’s exciting Authority and double-check that you’re bringing them on it correctly and I’m putting them in the right category. But for the most part I like to make him Debbie, I mean Debbie to an employee for the most part now, contract labor is really more like a contractor that business coach  comes in and put on a new wing of your house for a period of business coach  time, or this Type of thing that you’re bringing someone in not going to work for you for 10 years did, I know I know you a little bit more, but trust me doing it the correct way.

The first way is the best way you have a gift gift gift. This thing called The Safe Money book, walk, walk us through what’s the Safe Money book, and why are you giving it away to all her listeners? Well, basically, this book is going to show you how to keep your retirement funds safe business coach  and there’s a law things going on in the world and we can’t predict the future.

So, wouldn’t it feel good to know that your retirement plan is secure and is going to be there when you need it, it would feel good to feel, and how do I get a copy of this book? Where do I go to our website or give us a call at 918-591-2880? That’S my anchor! If you want to get a copy of Phil’s book, called The Safe Money book learn how to protect your financial assets. When we come back we’re business coach  talking about how to push through failure for powerful principles, it’s time to show on your radio, my name is my name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach.

Do you want to learn how to build a successful business, or do you want to live in a red van down by the river river river? Oh there’s, a lot of excitement there is people want to live right here by the Jenks Riverwalk. They want to get a van, they want to live right there by the river. I don’t understand why people want to live right here by business coach  the Jenks Riverwalk of Arkansas River, that we are on the Left Coast of doesn’t always have water in it took time.

Does beachfront property and it also becomes waterfront property the next day, so I mean it’s, it’s both and that’s that’s exciting that that has business coach  value and value you just bought a new house and apparently you have a vacation home in Claremore for the listeners. Is that right?

That is correct, but this beautiful vacation Claremore me that’s! Like kind of three syllables Clara, more syllables, one house tell us more four bedroom, two acres and you can blow whistle of the train in the in the distance you can book. If you, if you, if you book your vacation destination during his attack, Larimore vacation home, you will be the first business coach  person to book so at home is for sale and it’s in Claremore.

So now I have a vacation home in the whistle of the hope you feel emotionally like failures when they fail to walk for the first time. The feeling of dejection dejection is in fact a learned. Behavior definition is a sad or depressed state, Low Spirits. As an example, when I SpaceX was started, Elon Musk had this idea.

He says the United States NASA program is really business coach  on the decline and we need to come up with a reusable rocket that could send Goods up to space and in Blandon be reused, and so he came up with this concept of the Falcon 9 rocket snazzy.

This is a little fun fact, every time that he shoots up, one of those rockets and those bad boys blow up its hundreds of millions of dollars down the toilet, because he’s not subsidized by the government he’s going to operate this thing at a profit or close To I mean it’s see business coach  what he’s going to do it yeah and you know good for him. He found a problem. I hear I love it. You know that’s what I want for new worship. It’S curiosity. You find a problem that you’re the kids in the ships up there at least rockets, and they just they never use them.

Why don’t we reuse them, and so I would see what business coach  happened was on September 17th for the first time ever he’s released footage the failures because they’re far enough in the past, we thought okay, what’s the word funny at the time, but let’s go ahead and release These things these Rockets blowing up and it’s it’s a it’s a phenomenal Testament to what it’s like to September 14th.

The videos came out, but what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and seeing I mean he wasn’t he will he was a billionaire but to business coach  see a quarter of your savings of blowing up yeah and apparently after the third time it is blown up.

You don’t want to his leading technicians, pulled him aside and said: hey what do you want to do and he said well, let’s make the next one and they’re like, but we won’t have the money to make another one after this one blows up when he says We’Re going to make this bloody thing work and he is a bunch of other colorful exploitive to use to explain the situation because there is no way business coach  in the world.

I got to get this rock it up and poop and it’s going to happen. I mean it was a lot of cursing going on there, but he was determined. I tell you what we take a 4th of our income every July 4th and we buy bottle rockets game fireworks. We brought in front of business coach  us sitting here, but I still think we only communicate on a CB because we’re at work.

Sorry, you recommend buying premium smoothies at QuikTrip for the fair. Thank you Financial question for for field meeting up with women at the absolutely example business coach  of a business that struggle Microsoft in 1975, he Bill Gates, young guy.

He decided he decides to develop a program that he’s going to sell basic interpreters to this company. I called Altair that made this computer what took him six years later, Z to get a contract with IBM Z, 6 years. I think a lot of entrepreneurs can’t handle the idea of staying focused on one idea for 6 years, like Bill Gates or 5 years, like Elon, Musk, SpaceX, five and six years.

It’S amazing business coach  how many of the top business is out there today didn’t make it on Amazon and the list goes on and on Apple, I mean aren’t even friends. I was over there at FedEx, Google start in the 1996 put in 1999. Almost no one had heard of it and they’re not making any money.

Three years later I mean, if it’s someone’s listening here today, how do they decide where they should keep pushing forward or where their idea is insane? I mean how do they business coach  decide? Like example, you might have somebody who has a concept that is no point, is grounded in reality, but they’re passionate about it at a passionate finger painter and they want to take over the world by teaching Dog painting.

Let the dogs out of finger paint. You know, while under the influence of Narcotics, that’s their business coach  business plan, how do you think that’s a great question, a great question and that’s why really great mentorship IKEA business coach can really be helpful and in clay?

How many you think about how many people out there right now listen going? You know I have my business. I shut it down because after 3 years or a two years of the idea that I had how many of those, if they just hung in there little bit longer, will now be the next Amazon business coach  right now be.

The next Uber right now be the next fill in the blank. You know what they think about this Facebook. He actually started. The program originally called the face Smash and it had a really dirty purpose, so I won’t get into that. But three years later he called it the Facebook and they had lost 3.6.

So it’s like for the Facebook, any really didn’t have any traction until you know like the for the year. So I think, if you’re listening here today and you feel stuck the best thing, you could do go to business coach  thrive time. Show.Com go to thrive time. Should I come it’s okay, I’ll wait: tickets for the in-person workshop because Eric business, coach practice, doctors, dentist lawyers, people in all different Industries who were once stuck? Can you brag on the guys, with the gun, with a gun coating what they do yeah so Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms day Bros in arms.

Net? Guess you have access to this new internet Trend. They do microfilm ceramic coating on firearms and high-heat objects like business coach  motorcycle exhaust and things like that, and so we know that they were feeling kind of stuck there doing good and I’ve been in business for a few years, but we had to come up with their marketing Strategy, everything going with him and now they’re getting anywhere from 10 to 20, leads a week, spending 50 bucks and it is rocking and rolling when we come back.

I want you to brag on the guys at Keystone, Harbor and talk about their successes because, again, there’s a lot of business business coach  owners were working with who are established, but maybe they reach there may be semi stuck and we can help you get unstuck and that’s where All about her in person workshops and on each and every broadcast. My name is Clyde Clark.

You listening to the Thrive time, show on your radio in today’s e. We are talking about how to push through failure, how to do it without the use of steroids. Did your ability, sound is is awkwardly accurate. I think it business coach  would have been a state broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Just talk just hold on we’re going home Thrive.

Nation welcome back. Here is the situation. You want to business coach  start a business you, as an 57 % of America, wants to start a business in. So you have found your show it’s business school without the BS. My name is Clay Clark on the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year and to my right on the mic is dr. Robert zoellner. This guy started in optometry clinic 25 years ago, right here in Tulsa.

After previously working at Eyemart, they went on and took the fruit from that business to start with an x onesie of the business coach  next night. It was an auto auction, so you started Z66 AA, but that was your first Auction Center Sleep Center on the next one. I mean the rocking Z, Ranch RX300 and then was actually Madison medical.

It was an extra board of directors of the bank, I’m invested in the bank, we bought it and I was 19. It was actually the worst time ever to buy a bank Shawn Copeland. Talk to me into, I was like he can. We try to pitch me to bank with his bank, and I said my bank.

You look at me because I actually that’s business coach  awesome as do it, so everything falls off the table next year, so I can start 798. We bought it and it was just like we hung on the first couple, two years cuz it was, you know I mean it was everything. Was you know?

When did you get rich quick? What was the day? Was it a Tuesday? It was a Tuesday August 4th nice walk in the year of Our Lord 2002. The fog came in and I got this idea and then you put on YouTube, but it went viral and then all the sudden money it came with that was at least a lottery ticket.

That’S business coach  not good! That’S a good way to get rich or look in your mirror, attracting money. You were just attracted to the right mindset and then you just went viral and the money came in because of the of the mindset yeah. I do it’s funny because of my business and my business is my business and business is just kind of slow grind.

You need to look up when you go to school, because I have about buddies of mine that were attorneys you and they had these big, huge legs business coach  and then nothing for months and another per month, and I got that may be harder to manage. You know kind of what would you say there mr. pickle can harder to manage and let you get back to your lawsuit, you get a big chunk of my buddies, are attorneys in there like and then can I get the mines in this coming at all time?

In Guam the business coach   can do like a like an NFL player. You just start blowing money than then they don’t have to be poor financial managers. I have noticed that I’ve seen this a lot where they just spend a ton like you mentioned, that get a lot to get a big lawsuit next month, and then it’s 6 months later they had a big paycheck again so that, but that would be harder for Me clay in my life and just the way I am to to budgam it’s more of a challenge because you don’t really business coach  know it’s coming to mine.

I have a budget in a kind of know. It’S coming, you want to slow grind everyday grind. Everyday grind. I grind so what would you recommend if someone is out there listening to say? Listen, I have a business and I get big chunks of money at random times. How did they manage that how they get their head wrapped around that?

Well, I was, I would first like them to get to big chunks consistently, but barring that happening, you just really business coach  have to have some self-control. I see this a lot with agents. They will with your Asians, your 8, okay. Okay, I’m standing on your agent agent story for you, are.

Attacking all the white people in the shop right back right. Basically, we have a situation come up quite often, and I always tell them don’t get in debt just because you got a big sale because you might not get another one for a while, and so you got to have some self-control, you not speaking negativity, isn’t it? That’S not being very positive business coach   that can hurt someone’s feelings.

I mean cheering for them at all. Feel well guys were talking about how to push. You know through failure. Okay, the four powerful principles. Now this first principle I want to hammer this home is the only get your take on this baby do not feel emotionally like failures when they fail to walk.

Why does a baby not feel didn’t want to learn a new skill? You take an adult to like at our lessons and you take a seven year old and 7 year olds, a call this is new. I am business coach   learning a new thing and they don’t even process how bad they are there like it’s a new you get an adult who’s liking a 45 taking guitar lessons there like we learn the feelings of dejection and rejection, the biggest and the most powerful lessons of Fella can get wrapped around in his Cranium his brain, and that is, is to be an in weave.

This world works as hard as it can against his philosophy. Against his concept, I mean it’s all about growing up and being business coach  Towing the line and being an adult and misery cuz. That’S where we’re all experiencing here and the advice is to be childlike well and when your child, like you, you don’t react like she’s, beautiful how you said it does 7 year old and a 27 year old, taking guitar lessons they deal with the failure totally different When business coach  someone is acting child, like he’s he’s acting innocent he’s acting like you know, it doesn’t, but you know hey.

This is fun. This is exciting. I’M learning what did a good note and said the I did six bad notes right. You know anyone good note, he’s like hair hit that right note of being childlike in the way you look at things in the way you you interact with people throughout the day is very people like that. It’S it’s heartwarming, it’s good like Forrest Gump.

Can I go business coach  into the day with this coachability with this mindset of hey, I want to get my business to a different level and one of the businesses we talked to and then just honored, to work with these guys because they understand how to run a business.

They’Re very successful as entrepreneurs they just want to take their Market to the next level, and so they reached out they interacted with the show, and I we’ve been working with them as clients for for quite a while. It’S the Keystone, Harbor folks.

Can you walk us business coach  through the no-brainer that you help them come up with, and maybe some of the big wind you’re saying and then just come over on how you help them with the marketing yeah they they came in and they had bought a brand new Fleet Of rental, rental, boats and Jet Skis last year, and they didn’t do very well until they were wanting to know hey how come we Rebrand?

How can we Market these things, so we came up with some ideas for some no-brainer offers they had business coach  their their new boat fleet was 70 % off on weekdays, 70 % off on the weekdays because they just sit there, otherwise, I’m so getting them out there.

Getting people on the water and having fun out of the lake was worth it to them to do that, they also have tons of slide bolt special. They got a new boat out there that has two slides off the back out there, so we got some specials on that didn’t do it the main one that was working really well too, with their business coach  jet skis at two brand-new Sea-Doos, but rent one for an hour.

Get another one for a dollar, and so people were just loving these things, so the kids are whining about who gets to drive, and I like this morning, actually they had 44 leads. Last week, total 5444 Lake Joy did you get? What did you spend cuz? The people listening out there right now, you probably almost caused the car right cuz like oh, my God, that’s our business coach and a team like we have surrounding business coach  our business coaches can do for people so right. What did break that down?

Just a little bit, someone out there right now just take a bite of tuna salad going to want to spend it all over the dash that they’re, actually only spending per ad. We have 5 different ads running for all of their different no-brainers, and so really what we help them do in business coach  the first couple months was break all these things down into actionable chunks like their overall goal, was a hey.

We got all these rental boats. What do we do right? Let’S put special to each of them: let’s get people in them. Let’S Get That Word of Mouth going because it is a fun time you haven’t, played you been out on the boat house yeah, it’s good! It’S a good time. Keystone has a bad rap. It’S good Lake there’s a lot business coach  of fun times.

We had out there. So really we just getting people out there, an increase in the traffic and now they’re doing. I think they did four times more than I just got through Facebook and triple and quadruple what greater business from last year. I don’t remember off top my head, but they’re, climbing David.

They put a real impetus on Gathering those for people that have been happy with the experience you have a gift for all of our listeners today. What’S the gift you’re, giving away to all the Thrive time, listeners well, we’re giving away, are safe for business coach  money book which will help secure your retirement and where, if you go to our website, my anchor or call us at 918-591-2880 operator standing by to get that Out to you I’ll pray to God about operators,

Neil Clark, you listen to the radio show. We encourage you to go to thrive time, and book your tickets for next in person Workshop October, 6th and 7th, but your tickets now at Thrive time,, business, coach and now back to the business coach. Radio show that business coach  has a diary called a Guinness Book of World Records. America, alright, tribe Nation, welcome back to the conversation is that’s right.

Time show on your radio and next to me it is always ecstasy when he is here in side the boxes, dr. Robert Z, doctors, on how are you, sir? I am fantastic. I take what this this show is so business coach  encouraging, because it’s teaching people how to take a failure and flip it around and fight through. You know we talked about earlier on the show about how many people hung in there for the years they hung in there for their business and now they’re such a big deal. You know, and so that’s one of things you reports play that there’s 80 % of businesses start fail.

I don’t know better one, and so you got to go, that’s heartbreaking and how many those people, if they could have business coach  hung in there and um, and they say them so I didn’t know what to do. But guess what? Now you know what to do book? Your in-person Workshop next month go to DriveTime, show up and let us go over the 13 steps of how to start and run a business business coach  successfully, and I promise you if you’re on the verge of saying you know,

I don’t know how we can keep going To give me to find a few things going to say that that’s a game-changer here is that here is that the passion area I want to just Hammer home, pretty buddy listening right now, if you have a real product in a real service that solves a real Problem for real customers, then we can really help you, that’s what you got to do.

You have to have a real product in a real business coach  serves. I think so many people want to you know that part you want to have a truck. I don’t want any service that people don’t want, but you and Brandon in the marketing and it’s hard to couch that’s hard to be a business code.

For that, that’s painful, and sometimes you don’t sometimes being a business coaches is the hard truth of that, and so a lot of times you may save yourself. You know you’ve gone to your uncle your uncle here with your mother, your uncle’s business coach  mother, and your your grandmother. Your aunt Matilda as your thank you for your new business right and they and what do they say until it’s, because I think that’s a great idea. That’S a great idea Robin! I need to get a certain, a certification.

You can grow up and be great, like your profile, a lot of times the people that are business coach  cheering you on this one time we don’t know if they’re talking about even on the college campus example, there is a a listener, a thriver who he’s he’s a gentleman And I mean no disrespect, I’m just giving an example.

I won’t give any personal details, but he actually went to a major university right here in Oklahoma and got a certification and something that nobody cares about now, because you have the certification I care about you as a person, but now that you’re topping Google for that Particular business coach  subject that doesn’t mean that people want it and it’s humbling and it hurts and it sucks it doesn’t feel good when you have something that you work super hard on that people don’t want. What you can do. Is you can you? Can you make a slight adjustment, a slight change and, for the same reason that.?

I wouldn’t get super emotional as easy. If you and I can go pick up where on Keystone Hardware, Keystone Lake together and we’re headed out there – and you said – hey and I said well. where to go out here to the other side of the lake and we’re driving along and it still says, clean When I take the wheel for a minute, so I take the wheel on the pontoon and pretty soon we see little branches sticking out of the water or something – and you say, do you want a pivot and I say as pigheaded as possible with no I’m not Open to take advice, I just want to thank you business coach   very much.

I’M going to pay that man, you got to business coach  pay that and a great deal on on jet skis weren’t, you rent one an hour at the second one: okay to buy one get one free at the dollar I’ll. Do I get a dog to stop biting through failure? I’Ll bring it over to failure is critical for Innovation to happen. Failure is critical for Innovation to happen so Jeff Bezos.

This is the CEO of Amazon. They just bought Whole Foods. He said if you already know it’s going to work: it’s not an experiment, and only through experimentation can you get real invention. The most important business coach  inventions come from trial and error, error with lots of failure and the failure is critical, and it’s almost it’s all so embarrassing to explain something to you real quick.

If you have business like, if your, if your optometrist in Tulsa we we can, I help you because we only help busy. But if you are not Tom, a tryst Zealand saying Missouri listening to the show or Texas sure you’re a chiropractor in Nashville, for instance, you’re.

A mortgage Banker in Canada. If we have a proven path, we can help you on, but if you’re like Jeff be so so you’re trying to come up with your tummy, the first online retailer to go into all of the different customer categories like he does all the different product categories. When you’re in dating you just can’t do it without some failure mixed along the way, will you can’t because there’s no blueprints is no path. There is no. This is the known seven steps to do this. Seven steps for painting of the best each other ever ever going to machete.

Can you make you have to back up a few times? I didn’t realize what was on the other side of the street? I just fell because I didn’t see it and that’s what happens when you’re innovating you’re you’re you’re, going to the jungle on your chop, chop chop and Brittany end up in a clip.

I went the wrong way and you go back and then you go a different direction right now and that’s a business coach helps business coach  you do by the way. We hope you did it now. It’S ripe Nation, here’s, the here’s! The deal principal number 303 here is the end of those numbering this yesterday, but I don’t know what time I’ll have her call you or not going to talk about failure as a business coach  critical component, and I don’t get to hear one of your great failure stories with Your when your business coach  company’s I mean come on now I mean it’s an epic ones with the the party rental company.

I don’t talk about that very much. Okay! Well, there’s Bobby a reason why so I bought this company called party perfect and party. Perfect. Guy does tables chairs and linens and in film I thought was. I don’t know if you would advise your clients to do this, but I thought you know because I know a little bit about the industry and I’m buying it so low.

I should just business coach  move forward. So I saw it it’s it’s super cheap. I know the industry fills a financial planner. Would you advise your clients that you know if you’re buying the law, when you and you know the industry just by Without Really diving deep into what year it? Would you recommend that probably want them to at least do their due diligence, and I thought I did you know?

I’M at the owner shook his hand. Look at the financials two years from the accountant. Looked at all the goods looked at all business coach   of the products inspected them, but here was the problem. The reason why the company was failing is it everybody who work there needed to be fired every single person, and I didn’t understand what I understand now about the velvet hammer and delaying firing people until the time is right.

I made it was a deal if I got my ticket guys. I just took over the company Hay Day, one there’s like no 15 employees we’re going to meet and we’re going to meet on Mondays at this time, we’re going to establish just key performance business coach  indicators, basic things and we’re going to track my aunt I’m deliveries and we Going to track in our sales conversion percentage is,

I just want to start with those two things: sales conversion. What percentage of the leads are weak and burning and on-time delivery budget deer in headlights? At this point? No easy: is he smoking in the building, but he’s smoking during the meeting, and he continues to try to light the Y Torino racist either. That’S why I don’t forget this is lighter, wouldn’t you know anything just trying to get the thing the light in the whole time, I’m like I’m kind of OCD Anyway by Mike, could you could you could just stop the the lighting think of yourself? I get it so you’re a new owner and so you’re.

You want to deliver everything yourself, I get it. I get it. I really do. I have a chance, this matter, who’s, arguing with me in the first meeting, and so I did the unthinkable, see what I did there cuz I did. I did I move, it wasn’t a move, it was, it was something I did it was. It was a non-authorized, but he was never the lighters flicking the entire meeting he’s not paying attention, and then I asked him if he thought I bet that’s exactly the one still trying to figure out what’s happening and you do a public execution fan right there. Just respectful get out of here so he’s gone, and now I’m like you, like,

I really did want to deliver everything. I said: hey he’s the only one who has the delivery routes and they’re all in his head. So basically, I spent the first probably day just waiting for people to complain that we hadn’t delivered it yet and that’s how I knew we needed to deliver the message. Finally got that situation set up. We got a new delivery driver. Things are starting to go better.

Our standardizing the pricing, many things are starting to go well, I found out I wasn’t aware of when everything was due like a certain license. Licenses and renewals. The van gets pulled over and the licenses are license is crazy, expired, the tag. Whatever I mean it’s it’s. This thing is like impound apple and the officer that we’ve been pulled over our driver in our driver, the new driver guy.

He was a little Surly and he got pulled over and he called me like: hey the van just got impounded the big band that delivers all to go and get my van trying to get my tags trying to deliver on the weekends trying to stay married during The day trying to just end, it occurred to me that buying a business is more difficult than I thought for this business, but that I’m all NZ and because I have to be the chicken at breakfast and not just I’m, going to pick up breakfast and breakfast.

I don’t have a back-up plan here. I’Ve got to I’ve got to stay the course. It’S a long story short took me about a year-and-a-half two years turn the business around got to be very profitable and I was able to sell the business and now party Pro in Party, Perfect, R1 and party Pros the main name today, but see it was. It was a two-year at 18 months of of just with me not being a purpose.

Why should have gone into the meeting? I should have written it down and thought about it and thought, no matter what that guy says. I know he’s going to argue with me. No matter what that guy says, I’m not firing him today. I should have said that I didn’t do it, they didn’t have that sell talk man, I got off a shot. You got it. You got to have that self-control feel talked about earlier in the show.

It’S something we talked about all the time and as always, you know when you’re young, your little bit more aggressive about things. You matured you’ve gone through some things and you know better now, but the filter, you always run it through, what’s best for the company. What’S best for the business, you know a lot of times your pride or your emotions.

You have to set them aside and I need to plan you yummy give me look at that guy right there and think I can you’re fired in my brain, but I just can’t say it right now, because I need to get all the information out of your Brain I need to get someone hired to replace you. I need to get you know things going forward, and so I’m going to just smile and Nod and say I’m sorry to want me like that, for you say when we come back, I want to get Phil to share.

This is obvious. He’S a successful financial planner. Now – and he has a lot of word – malice in a lot of referrals and Lada top-notch business coach   people in Tulsa call him for their financial planning needs, but before you kind of built the business I would like to hear. Maybe maybe this career, your previous career, may be a challenge that you pushed through you know.

Maybe there was a time where the business coach   line was longer than he business coach   thought it would be at the state, fair and he’s able to push yourself from your career like how you’re able to push through getting a lot of people listening today, you might feel stuck in a Certain area, and just at Shear perseverance, is usually the missing ingredient.

Does the ability to just push through that adversity and the first part of that is understanding that to know that it’s going to come when you open a business you’re going to have something at the push broom? I just already have a pre booked in your brain before it gets hot before the other smoke start to rise, that you’re going to push through it, and then you already got your mind wrapped around it like.

I am a business coach and I business coach  encourage you to go to drive time at to schedule your one-on-one business coach assessment. Today, a Nd back to the business coach radio show that’s more organic than sprouts and Whole Foods combined all yes, he got on this roller skating to get my back hair permed. How nice I mean the hair on the back of my business coach  head perm wrong.

Do you have the drivers haven’t seen you in person, and I haven’t got a chance to ask you this question and it we’re talking today about pushing through adversity and in specifically, were talking about how to push through failure? I just want to ask you: when did you decide last week and we went last week?

Did you decide it was time to cut off that that mullet in a 25 year commitment to the you had to that flowing perm I mean when did what time last week, did you decide to write? That’S it. You don’t cut it off. That’S funny! Just wake up – and you just said yourself, you know what I’ve been I’ve been having a mullet down for 25 plus years.

It’S been a good run, it’s been a business coach  good run, and then you just look at the budget, how much it cost and how much it cost to turn that thing really cutting into my bottom line, and so I said to myself: okay, I can either have this Blowing lock of mullet harm, or I could have a new car lot of people worried about business coach  the Sun’s UV rays – are worried about raisin.

In what happens, if you are taking photos of the mullet when she is you pass by them and it flows by not flowing Mane, I Think for your health is the radiation. It wasn’t good. I mean you got ta admit drivers. If your want to hear the fair and some guy walks through with a flowing mullet you’re getting the first time, I had what I’ve got a Great Bear Strike Bow using two years ago.

You know I always used to find activities to take my staff to and business coach  we’d always try to celebrate a victory in some way to send a picture to celebrate, so I take them all to the fair right and little game. Whoever sends me a picture of the most outlandish was committed in both committed outfit today of an individual is going to win a hundred bucks at the end of the day, they’re taking photos of people without their knowledge, Whoever has to be so outstanding in their uniform.

I’M ahead of your time, this is before the Walmart photo business coach  center at the Tulsa State. Fair, I mean before the break. I want you to come pick it up for us we’re talking about pushing through failure and how to do it. Is there been a time in your career when you’re first getting started, were you thought man this is this is the worst, maybe a job you have what’s up?

What’S an example, he was pushing through some adversity, your story and also a pivot early early on. In my insurance career Lee was business coach  the year of 1992. We, I was learning the business specifically. I hired on with this take me to do health insurance, mainly health insurance, health insurance. So I was going along. Okay, I wouldn’t light in the world on fire. I was learning the business, but I had to add worked with this one group.

Then it was a car lot, Joplin Missouri and they had about 60. Employees was going to be a very big group. Health deal for me right and I’d spend hours out they’re, going to all the different lots and meeting with all the employees and sitting down and doing the applications. What time of year this was were you like in the fall of the summer? Did your memories?

If not it’s okay, I just want to know it was late fall, late fall 1992, so you could have. The Blue Jays could have been playing the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. So basically I got it all done. I had built some great rapport with the owner. Yeah I was in for a big payday at that would keep paying cuz. You know I got something every month this is going to be huge.

Did I mention that straight commissions help business that they didn’t want it? That time they can no longer do that, but at that time they could and they decided, because there was a premature baby born on this group that too could or may or may not cost hundreds of thousands. If they turn down the whole entire group say deny the entire group for a pre-existing condition.

They decide they want to sign off on the liability and they build your hundred percent commission and I’ve been business coach  working on this thing for the big car you got into jumpsuits and leisure suits. Are there done that? But I can’t say that I didn’t business coach  pick up the one – that’s a little discouraged to say the least.

So I pushed through worse through and remember I signed on with this company for health insurance right and they were the second largest health insurance provider. At the time when I signed on, and then there was some discussion going on by of this l business coach  ady named Hillary Clinton – I don’t know if we recognize that name. I never heard of it never heard of her..

She helps doesn’t ring a bell. Insurance, in was the second largest health insurance provider in the nation, was going out of the health insurance business going out health insurance for the bottom to the really bottom, because they came out with all these Financial products, and that was the direction they were going.

So now we’re doing investments in business coach  you know mutual fund company with me, and that is where I need the baby, and I took off like a rocket. How long ago was that my friend has a 1992 and you’ve been doing financial planning, since that time is the right, that’s correct, 25 years but 1992, that was the bottom for you.

It was known as the business coach  great submarine the beginning was the bottom Z. Do you have a crater moment in your career, where you thought all man this right here this right? This is the car parked down here: eating the poop of other fish and you’re, somehow looking to eat that car or you thought man. This is a time that is under the bottom of the bottom of that bottom.

It was June of 1996. When what happened? I do the only job I was ever fired from. I had opened a practice next to Eyemart, Express business coach  and then the owner of Eyemart Express at hired me move me down to business coach  Dallas, and I became the president of Eyemart Express in 95 to 96. I was there for 364 days of the year. Contractually is all I’ll say, but I was far from that and I remember going.

Are you kidding me it’s just what her and I buckled down and came right straight back to Tulsa. Take me back till I just got fired. Take me back to Tulsa. I just got fired. I’Ve got little bit of red honey, I’m going to compete, you with you. I got a little bit of Rich anyway, I was I was not here hot I was coming. I was c business coach  oming to Tulsa and I buckled down and we business coach  had an epic epic, epic, capitalistic entrepreneurial listick.

You know ballistics ballistic battle, not going to end up a failure. Statistic, that’s right, and I tell you what it’s something you know. Sometimes, when someone hands you a bunch of lemons, I mean you can cry about it and run. You know where you can turn that bitterness in to betterness and get yourself a motivated, that’s right, and if that doesn’t help, you can always get get a perm on him.

What you’re going to say, protest, Z! You have this ability to turn the the haterade into fuel. I want you to do it, there’s a there’s a way you do. We come back over here a little bit more about how you’re able to take that negativity into turn into positivity business coach  what year. Maybe the self-talk is yours and yourself? What do you said yourself? What he?

What do you pay someone else to say to yourself? What do you do? Keep yourself encouraged when you’re at the bar staring in the face of a carp. My name is Clay Clark. It was the Thrive time. Business coach radio show back to the business coach radio show that is the equivalent to a venti Starbucks latte, with 18 additional shots.. My head, I’m tired of the way things have business coach  been the things.

Second, don’t you tell me what you think that I am the one at the say, I’m the master of my sea. I was broken from a young age to the message. The missing in Pompton Lakes, from the pain AMC in the alright Drive Nations. They were talking about how to push through adversity to push through failure. In business coach  before we went to the brake doctors. He was telling us about the year of 1996 the same year that the Yankees beat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. Why you got fired my man and when you got fired you got inspired, but I want to know how did you do it? What kind of self talk to you do even to this day?

What did you say to yourself to encourage yourself when nobody else was encouraging? You had to do it before. I do that, though you on the intro, which I love all your new interest by the way, very clever, very done any more of your rap intros, I’m working on a more personal that it would be based off of actually other some comedic ones, but the new Ones are to be more business coach  based on like real things that I actually do feel funny, because we talked business coach  about that that shot you’re 18 shots in the in that drink.

You came up with the urban legend behind Golf 18 holes because there’s 18 shots in a fifth of whiskey in the day they would, they would play a whole 18, can a random number. I have to ask you this, but I got to business coach  play music lot of times at these golf tournaments at the end of

The Golf Club of Oklahoma, specifically noticed that a lot of the guys that would golf know specifics about the 12th or 13th hole the carts Would be driven so erratically and they had these beverage, ladies, that come out and bring up Beverages, and I like gator, lot of Gatorade cuz, it’s hot out there on the corner.

The other day I was DJing with all these dudes. They usually are business coach  used to work at a golf course. I guess that’s a stupid things. I do you know it’s a lot of vodka cranberries. I know you know you know he likes to imbibe. If you don’t need their beverage of choice, but was unaware of what it was 15, I think is swink juice and it’s actually, I think it’s a medical term. You know business coach   it’s prescribed to me. I think, there’s usually doctors on the course prescribed as an optometrist.

I did not know it was called swing, juice, yeah, but now I know right that down in my phone now swing juice and I think it does. It does affect you to do your swing a little bit. So how do you get Inspire yourself? Do you go to the grieving process? People under don’t understand what grief is grief is as when you have a change, change, change change I mean I remember going and I are you business coach  talking about the river in Egypt.

Yes, you have to fly out to Egypt. You visit the business coach  the big tall things called the pyramids, and the gangster dog face that’s important and then you right there by the happened happened to get. You have to come face-to-face with it and go that happened to that happened. That happened. This is the thing and then the next faces in Greek and then the next one is sadness.

So I can I mean it’s like oh my gosh, my paychecks over my things that my whatever it is. You know they said this. I must mean that I mean now business coach  you’re, sad and his face. What I found is that you’re at the office – and you can’t get the stapler to load, you can’t get this. Could I help you with another Cemetery to go to this thing where you do like, like you do deal making?

You know you’re kind of like it mean if they would have done this other than that? If I do this I’ll go back and get it I’ll go back and I’ll go back and I’ll get back to her back and do this and roll over to expose my soft underbelly. I get business coach  my job back. Yes, yes, I’m going back in I’m going back to you, don’t know!

What’S going on Miss under it’s a misunderstanding and you know, and then you get to the beautiful face of grieving grieving. Some people take longer than others and what happens if you bounce back and forth between all the spaces at different times, energy can be sad. You know what you’re getting with the angry doesn’t mean you don’t ever get angry again.

Cuz. You didn’t ask you this because you’re pretty good at this. How long do you allow yourself how many days how many minutes are we must you allow yourself to grieve cuz? I do know people who still talk about horrible things that happen to them 15 years ago, and they use that as like the timeline a point back into it was great back then of Interest Monument as well.

I think what happened is that you’ve matured as you get older and you should go through different greetings, that you’ve had to do you get better at and if you’re purposefully about it really understand. What’S going on and that’s why I like listening to what I’m saying right now, you can that’s what that is. You know yeah when my baby, when my buddy had that bad car wreck and past I agree.

You know, I’m still think about their getting angry about that or get sad about that. I hear a song and it’ll trigger something so that the loop has shortened. Quite a bit of my life and some now I can get through things much quicker than when I was young man. It’S just the way it is, and then the 5th or the last, if I should say, clams going to get to, is acceptance accept it and when you get to acceptance, then you are free.

Your mind is free for you to put it in overdrive and go on to your next thing, and that’s the thing about you. Ask me how how you take that and you flipped out of that haterade into Gatorade into motivator Aid, and what happened is it? Is you don’t dwell on it? You dwell on when you get to the acceptance of it, then you dwell on how w/hat am I going to do now? What are my options?

What am I going to do and then you focus on those blinders on your head and you go. You just go straight forward. You know on Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author. He has a lot of comments about pushing through failure and so does Conrad Hilton, the guy who started the Hilton Hotel chain. Conrad Hilton says its success seems to be connected with action.

Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they don’t quit. He’S a success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, they make mistakes, but they don’t quit now. This is a guy Conrad Hilton who tried to buy a bank and it didn’t work out so well. I tried to buy an oil and gas a business. It didn’t turn out so well, but he’s in town, and he noticed that there was a hotel that the owner of the hotel wasn’t very happy with the hotel and he was very happy Conrad that he couldn’t buy the oil and gas get into the business.

They wanted to, and so he talks to the hotel owner and says: hey. I can kind of lease purchase this from you. How are you go? Pursue your visions of oil and gas I’ll just run this hotel and Harry was a guy who would not done well in the oil and gas business or in the banking business who bought a hotel with essentially no money down and who know who knew that would Become his dominant area in his life is the Hilton Hotel chain was born right.

There is what results of Conrad Hilton failing in his two previous careers it it’s awesome. You know how it did, because you failed in every great entrepreneurs I just because you failed. Don’T give up Friday when we come back we’re going to talk with the final two steps that you need to take to push through failure as an entrepreneur you’re not doing anything stay just deprived time.

Business coach show ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170, alright tribe Nation, welcome back to the conversations they were talking about how to push through failure. How you specifically can push through areas of failure in your life, no principle number three business coach  principal number: 3 overnight.

Successes have a way of a kind of a tendency to take 10 years 10 years. What is an example? Fedex, you know FedEx, the FedEx guy is well guess what he had the idea to build this business in 1962 and he was a 1971 just getting the company going in a 1975.

You finally made a profit. Another business coach  example: Amazon, Jeff Bezos started the company in 1994. At a full decade later had still not made a profit on another example: Turner Broadcasting – that’s CNN, that be TNT; TBS; those guys used to own the Atlanta Hawks in the Atlanta Braves that station didn’t earn a profit for nearly nine years, ESPN, which everybody watches ESPN.

Espn didn’t make a profit for almost almost 14 years. Tesla Motors did not make a profit from 2003 to 2013 and the bigger the goal, the bigger the idea, the bigger the hoop, the bigger the longer it seems to take to make a profit, and I just think so many people you’re comparing ourselves to magazine, covers They but you’re, not comparing ourselves to the struggles that the people on the magazine covers, went through you’re, comparing yourself to the guy on the cover of Forbes, going in yourself to the success and not to the stress.

Is he break it down white? Why should we not compare ourselves to people at the Finish Line in which we compare ourselves to people who went through her go? Who can you no more and more? We really should be comparing yourself to the kind of stressed at all. These type of cheevers went through the problem with that.

Is we all as a as a size Society? We celebrate the victories and we should victories are awesome and we cheers. But the idea, though, that we have to didn’t, say: Hey, listen, they didn’t get their overnight here is their story. That’S why I love to listen. Oh Paul Harvey back in the day in the rest of the story, the rest of the story.

The idea is that we love to see the Finish Line with what we don’t be like that picture that image, but the reality is, is that the work, the failures, the critical things I had to go through the mistakes they made all those things which you know, 9 times or eight times out of 10 according to Forbes, must have a guy.

That said, I can go, get some more. I don’t have any customers go find some. I don’t know how to mark it. Yes, you do. I can’t afford to advertise here’s some more money off to me fired up where in a culture right now, everybody has some kind of mental disorder that people will validate example.

I Am Naturally if you had to classify what are you, I would say, I’m naturally OCD minute. If you touch my stuff, it freaks me out. If I let it if you’re not organized it freaks me out, if I let it if things don’t get completed, the freak me out, if I let it and there’s somebody else, that was the show right now and people told you you have ADD so.

Therefore, you don’t read books, you know I just I don’t do well business coach  with rejection and then there’s people out there that will validate you. So how many your take on this Ian Phil’s take on this, but you know where the culture now I’m I’m serious, everybody could say you have some kind of issue which you could use as your excuse for not doing well in a life that everybody has one. That’S that’s our big thing right now. That’S a politically correct thing is to put a label on everybody. We got to get a label on them because we know nobody out.

There is mentally 1 in percent sound. So, let’s, let’s find the label and let’s get him a medication for it’s an anger problem. Let’S get him, let’s get it, let’s not the problem, and let’s talk about that lets you know focus on the front Robert is OCD. All he wants to do is make things perfect I want to do is just he keeps you know. When it comes in my house, you keep straightens my business coach  picture frames.

You know it’s just it’s weird, but I think there’s a lot of people out there that have bought into that crap. Somebody told you that well you’re just too lady to read a book, and I hate that I’m a big believer in you. No speak positive things over people. You know coach him up. The meta, buy them build them up.

Instead of sitting there a hammer on him about the problem they may have or something they making a failed to Ward’s, like you just said to me, play you said a beautiful. You said, if I let it go, let it go, let it go giving them the label by Tom that have a problem by Pat him on the back and send me an okay you’re, just not giving them permission to go ahead and reacts to that problem.

Boot play did that, I told you so’s, he didn’t you should attach a stapler and now, like I was over there banging his head on the wall screaming and he’s looking for. I promise blowgun Dart to shoot you now I mean I want to ask you this question, because you see a lot of people who come to you at my anchor and they are people who need financial planning their in their thirties in their 40s, and you Made and they said yeah, I just have a hard time savings and I’m just I have a problem with spending.

How have you been able to help some of your business clients to business coach  learn the discipline of delaying gratification and save money? Well, we are to make their savings and what I mean by that is, we automatically take the money out every month and business coach  they get used to it not being there and it continues to happen and they’re.

Okay with it. So you automate the savings you make, help to make a one-time decision to take the money out automatically and you saying they don’t even miss it overtime right right to the point where they don’t miss it, and then we can put more back in and it’s now The next step is that got to leave it alone when they start by seeing it pile up a book called the automatic millionaire that totally hammers home validity of your system.

There. It absolutely works and by the way I feel, what’s the book you’re giving away for all of our listeners today it’s called the safe money and income, and you can get that by going to our website at my anchor or you can give us a call At 918-591-2880, right here in Tulsa now is he?

The final principle want to teach on Today Show as it relates to pushing through pushing through failure. If you want to be the pig at breakfast – and this is a concept that you have developed and you wanted me to pick up breakfast and not the chicken explain to the Thrive Nation, what does concept is all about and how it can help you push business coach   through Failure as a business owner, it’s kind of weird to me yourself as a pig versus a chicken, your what happens.

If you think about breakfast biscuits and gravy, you got some bacon off. You got a couple scrambled eggs or maybe eggs over easy. You know how you like your grandmother’s, going to curlers in yeah. You know if you’re from Latin America, I want peppers in your eggs.

At the pig gave his life, he was totally committed to breakfast. You got handy, got bacon, he had to die for you to have that. I know it’s. I know it’s sad, but that’s what happens. Okay and the chicken legs. If you act like I’m going to let you know, I might contribute a little bit a little bit. A little bit – and maybe tomorrow, maybe not – I don’t know anything about it and pray about it. I mean you know it’s okay.

The idea is like Napoleon’s book, Think and Grow Rich when the best books out there. You got to read that he didn’t. If you didn’t hear us our shows on the books, you have to read as a business entrepreneur, you’ve got that you’ve got him down all those podcasts to listen to DriveTime, I mean to unload. We have six and I give you a bonus. 7 cuz.

I only say that, because I’m a big bonus point is, is that the chicken, then it’s just kind of bald, and I don’t like business owners like whatever works out if things go well said to get some traction before I decide you know, and I’m hopeful I Believe I’ve been when I was building this newest business-minded, my audit Z66 auto auction and you can look at the pictures of its chemical places. East 66888 Drone footage on the website. Awesome Monty’s looking fresh, it’s good stuff on the team and we’re getting ready to be going to get open, kicked off and and we’re not open.

Yet I sent you guys, you know hey if I sit on the porch light turned the corner from. I hope this works too. It has to business coach  work and they just look at me like I’m like we have no room for failure. We have no room for. What’S our plan B, we had no plan B, you don’t think I told you have to have that mindset. You have to be all in have to take your Chips and shove them all in the middle of the table.

Boys and girls yourself, cuz, you’re, self-employed. So don’t ask other people to care as much as you and don’t be offended when they don’t, and it was a hard thing for me to learn – is that it works people who said they’re going to come help hey I’ll, be there for you. If you need anything I’ll be praying for you, they didn’t actually come to my Aid. If you just got ta, you must seize the day.

That’S right! They should. We have for valuable tools that can help you right now for valuable tools and they’re all available at one place. First off, if you’re looking for the archived broadcasts, you can find it by going to the podcast button of Thrive time. Show.Com never missed an episode and make sure to subscribe.

If you looking for a video of thousands of videos taught by some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, you can find those as well at DriveTime If you’re looking for a one-on-one on one one-on-one, you can find a one-on-one business coach to help you today simply by going to thrive time.

Should I come, you can schedule at 3:13 Point analysis and finally, we see we once a month. We have these in person through so fun workshops. It was starting to help people from all over the country are coming back for Workshop number to Workshop number you’ll be surrounded by top-level entrepreneurs. If you want to read reviews – and I know you do just type in drive time – show reviews and you can check out. The reviews goes right time. Should I come today to book your tickets and as always, I’m a business coach in 32210 business coach,


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