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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Doctor Zoellner and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year (Clay Clark) break down the seemingly unlikely success story of Richard Branson while demonstrating that success is possible for everyone (in a free market country) as long as you are work diligently with the spirit of over-delivering. During this show they discuss the following topics and more: How he started The Student magazine without being able to read very well (he has dyslexia), how he started Virgin Records, how he entered the recording business, and the story behind the hit song, In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.



FUN FACT: Virgin Records, a British-American record label founded by English entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and musician Tom Newman in 1972. The company grew to be a worldwide phenomenon over time, with the success of its platinum performers such as Janet Jackson, Roy Orbison, Phil Collins, Devo, Genesis, Keith Richards, the Human League, Culture Club, Simple Minds, Lenny Kravitz, dc Talk, the Smashing Pumpkins, Mike Oldfield, Spice Girls and more on their list of artists. It was later sold to Thorn EMI in 1992 for $1 billion.



FUN FACT: “In the Air Tonight” is the debut solo single by the English singer-songwriter and drummer Phil Collins. It was released as the lead single from Collins’ debut solo album, Face Value, in January 1981.




NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I wrote the lyrics spontaneously. I’m not quite sure what the song is about, but there’s a lot of anger, a lot of despair and a lot of frustration…I was just fooling around. I got these chords that I liked, so I turned the mic on and started singing. The lyrics you hear are what I wrote spontaneously. That frightens me a bit, but I’m quite proud of the fact that I sang 99.9 percent of those lyrics spontaneously.” – Phil Collins




NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As well as the Manor, we had acquired a studio in West London which we called the Town House. At the back of the Town House we had built a second studio, which was hired out at a lower rate. Rather than having the normal padded walls to kill all acoustic reverberations, we had built in stone walls. When Phil Collins wanted to record some solo material he decided that he couldn’t afford the top-of-the-range studios, so he booked the Stone Wall studio recordings of his drumming for “In The Air Tonight.” It sounded fantastic. And Phil got on so well with the sound engineers that soon he found himself talking to Simon, and before we knew what had happened he was ready to sign with us.” – Phil Collins (An English drummer, songwriter, record producer, actor and singer. Born and raised in west London, Collins played drums from the age of five and completed drama school training, which secured him various roles as a child actor. He then pursued a music career, joining Genesis in 1970 as their drummer and becoming lead singer in 1975 following the departure of Peter Gabriel)


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The time will never be just right, you must act now.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling author of Think & Grow Rich)


The Richard Branson Story



How did he start a business when he can’t read? 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The best way of running a business is to just throw yourself in the deep end and learn all those things and to ask lots of questions to listen, listen, listen…” – Richard Branson
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs (The c0-founder of Apple and the former CEO of Apple)
  3. FUN FACT – Age 15 – He dropped out of school and started his first business (1:40 – 2:30) called The Student, a glossy magazine.
  4. 1966 – After failed attempts to grow and sell both Christmas trees, Branson launches his first successful business, a magazine named Student, the first issue of which appeared in January 1968.


How he got celebrities to do interviews with his magazine at the age of 16?
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I suspect that I didn’t understand failure so the fact the someone else could say no is something that I couldn’t understand.” – Richard Branson
  2. FUN FACT: Richard Branson interviewed James Baldin after showing up unannounced at a hotel that he was staying in.
  3. Link –
  4. He showed up when celebrities were in town while lugging around a 3 foot by 3 foot tape recorder within him.
  5. He published the transcriptions of what the interviewees said word for word because he didn’t have the ability to edit it properly.
  6. Age 16 – How he got celebrities to do interviews with his magazine



Casting for this evening and swing the world’s only business school, without that BS with optometrist your ear Boom Boom Boom and boom, walking back to the Thrive time show on TV or radio, your daily Dojo of Mojo in the place that you go to learn how to Start and grow a successful business, and today we  business coach  will be talking about how to actually start a business.

I mean specifically how to actually go beyond the. I Have a Dream, but not to actually start a business and we’re going to be sharing with you, the Richard Branson story, but before we do that see, we have some housekeeping notes.

Today, I business coach  want to know is why on Earth, why on Earth would anybody want to even start a business here they’re that big three here all the time one is, somebody is not employable. They just can’t hold a job.

There is a certain person out there. If you were a good business coach  plumber except you didn’t want to follow the plumbing rules and see how to start your own business, you, okay, there’s one business coach  unemployable I like that.

I definitely could not have been in any good employee, but now is a consultant. It’S kind of a thing business coach   where you kind of like are an employee. Your your job is to that with the boss.

What you don’t pull Circle, be a model a-plus-plus business coach  employee that lost their job. They realize they’re no longer exists employable. So you’re saying, if I go in and I punch a Time business coach  clock and I say to myself why I like doing that because I have job security right. I know I’m always going to get a paycheck right.

I business coach  know that that when I wake up in the morning, I know what I’m going to do and how long I’m going to do it for, and you been business coach  doing that job for a year do 25 years, 30 years, all the sudden you’re Industries gone bad. Word of that to another country, they business coach  Outsource that somehow they reduce the job layoffs –

I don’t know, but all the sudden you’re an idiot interest and I’m in business coach   the area manager Blockbuster Blockbuster ain’t going anywhere anytime. Soon I got to take when you go to Blockbuster man, not currently for your shift as anybody else. There I mean if you noticed you’re working like a cell phone. That’S what I do.

I do on a horseshoe business coach   in blacksmithing, so I don’t knock that it’s awesome that they make good money in Oklahoma. Fair to ask you this business coach   because you’re up there in Bartlesville, where they’ve actually laid off a lot of people, what what company has a blade business coach  off a lot of folks up there in

Bartlesville Bartlesville kind of Rise and Fall by Phillips, petroleum and the other? Have that’s they’ve business coach   announced a lot of times. They give people the opportunity to attack voluntary until the night before people start their own business coach  business.

So, if you’re listening right now and your job is been outsourced or maybe you’re not employable and the 3rd, which business coach   is this is why I started a business. Is I want to have time, freedom and Financial Freedom, Z? That’S that’s my reason for business coach  going to do it.

How do you, how do you do the listen? I know a way to take time out to my pump the brakes on the show. We business coach  get practical advice and we tell people, have you want to be an entrepreneur?

You get to pick the 60 to 80 hours. A week to business coach  get to work that doesn’t sound like time, freedom to me, okay, what is the example of time Freedom has, I would

Define business coach   it for years and by the way I have to leave here a little early today for once segments I’m getting blood work Done for Life business coach  Insurance exam, so I’m literally violating your personal space on a different microphone than normal today, and I think it’s business coach  making me crazy and then your kind of moving stuff around in my area to

Scott Summers been messing with my stuff and move business coach  my stapler. They move the stapler where’s my stapler Jesus off today when you started your optometry clinic, you would date. You business coach  are definitely working 7 days a week ago, and you said: okay, I’m going to work 6 days a week, Wings on your way.

You said, business coach  drop them off. Like I don’t even know, if I can see any patients – oh, that was probably your time flies when you’re having fun. I would say 6700 it’s 10 years ago, but if you know probably in that you know eight nine ten years ago, probably now did you did business coach  you just walk into work that day shirtless?

So it wasn’t even possible to see patients just go in there with a new tattoo. That says, I’m done and you just go in there. Looking all crazy and like this is the final day I will ever see a patient or was it more of a sudden shorts business coach   in the end of soccer jersey, I can Scrub

Daddy, normally wires and – and I took out of my car – remember that distinctly took the Mic out – and I got right in the middle of the waiting area – is packed. Full of people will start of the table. I said watch that business coach   send the guys to drop the mic you just like you said you were cute.

You go from working in the business working on the business business coach   and then pretty soon you get the right people in there and you built it up. When you done the right systems and you’re done, the business coach   right programs are printed, then you do have the time for you, but at first you don’t really sell it day.

One start your own business coach  business, and now you can go, do whatever you want and that’s why sometimes I see that as a problem with entrepreneurs right business coach   is they see the end result over here and they don’t realize the years and the time that was needed to put In to get to that point, where business coach   it is it’s all about your principal over numbers that you talk about it all the time, it’s delaying gratification.

You still wanted me business coach   gratification. You just want to delay it. I don’t get very very real example. I remember very vividly. Remember Leon Lett the business coach  really good football player for the Dallas Cowboys Cowboys in the Super Bowl against Buffalo Bills

beat the series of football picks it up and he begins running he’s a big man he’s like what 320 330 we can run and he’s just runs down. The field he’s probably 2 or 3 yards outside of the end zone. How do you start celebrating, but he doesn’t actually get into the end zone..

I just quit my job and there’s one business coach   guy. We worked with about 3 years ago and I’ll change it. Whenever the facts, business coach  you can’t guess who he is, but no already who did, but he was a government employee.

I know I’m going to go out there business coach  and start my own business and I said, hey buddy when you do that. I want to make sure that you have income coming in. So is business coach  your coach.

I cannot advise you to commit career suicide, because the industry that you’re going into has a longer sale business coach  cycle and Paul. You can identify this weed with accounting when somebody’s thinking about switching accountants of their it it’s business coach  a time, and

it can’t just stop doing accounting not even have to finish this year’s taxes and then switch. It’S not an immediate like business coach   buying a burrito at

Taco Bueno, but he’s convinced, because it’s fast but vast knowledge of this particular industry that he’s just going to kill it, and I said please business coach   promise me that you won’t quit your job and he says well,

I’m not. I can’t commit that I lost a lie. I will definitely consider it went business coach   away two months into the coaching he’s getting like one hell of a week to a week to leave. We can make it some money and business coach

I’m going hey man. This is going to be great, I mean you didn’t couple leads a week couple deals a week in combination with what you’re making I mean you got. What you want to do is text when we want to figure out your jump point.

So the number of deals business coach   you you need before you can quit your job anyways. What’S the jump point is it was the number of deals you need before you quit your current job right there any cuz.

I got to be honest whenever you hear that you realized. I haven’t been honest business coach  previously right and I said so. Where was that mean was I I just? I didn’t want to upset you a lot because I knew your passion about me, keeping the job, but I quit the job like the day, one of the coaching program and I can barely make it – and I said so – you mean business coach  the war chest of her building.

So that you could yeah, I couldn’t anyway long story short. He had to quit his business and go back and humbly hat in hand and risky reapply for a job in that industry and the government job wasn’t available and it did not end business coach  well, and I saw the guy years later.

He told me I totally wish I would have just kept that job and done the business on the side. Like you said, and I just I just I just ran into that story and see you just get excited about the idea and they they they drop.

The mic business coach  they start celebrating time for them to start waking up at 10 a.m. and they own their own business. They start staying up late. They start not returning emails and calls him. If you ever seen the entrepreneur.

Oh absolutely, and I you know you sit there and you talk to me business coach  to listen. You’Ve got to be the pig at breakfast and not the chicken, and what that means is you have to be fully committed, and that means the first few years you have to be able to do whatever it takes to make sure you get to critical mass, make

Sure you get business coach   that momentum to make sure the rocket ship gets up into orbit. You know, I love your analogy. The rocket ship play because you spend so much energy, getting it up and raising them as it’s leaving the ground across your story about you know.

If you were business coach   like okay, you’re off the ground, celebrating at you, let off the gas it just going to fall to the earth to orbit Bingo astronaut a little bit was there driving the rocket ship?

I just noticed in there. It’S just coasting to orbit. Cannot that bundt cake we had for a celebrate business coach  Tango, tang and bundt cake? I think it’s weird that you celebrate your step by step backwards.

Houston, Pilots, I’ve been sitting here with the oxygen. I woke up early going to be blowing up a little bit over to early their attention that you’re eating a bundt cake and drinking tank in business coach  control of the

Space Shuttle and you’ve done all the hard work while going to give you been all committed, you’ve gone In early you’ve stayed late, you work the weekend, whatever you needed to do to make it work that you may said yourself, you don’t eventually I’m not business coach  going to do that. Eventually, I’m not going to work every Saturday and Sunday.

Eventually, I’m not going to feel much like I’ve been trying to wake up until when all I want to do today. That is what happens, is a lot of people. They say I don’t have what it takes to start. A business coach  business is worth of Richard Branson story starts.

I can’t start a business because I can’t insert I don’t have the money, I don’t have the connections. I don’t have time to mentorship the time I don’t have the ability to read Richard Branson can’t read the guys got in the business coach  unbelievably intense level of Dyslexia, he battles and he was asked during an interview on NPR.

They said you know, what’s the best way to get started in the business, and he says the best way to running a business is to just throw yourself in the deep end and learn all business coach  those things and ask a lot of questions.

Listen, listen! Listen to see! You have multiple Industries, you’re, not dyslexic, but I mean you probably had to overcome some stuff, maybe lack of capital and what was the biggest challenge where you could have easily said Me?

Maybe business coach   it’s not meant to be. You know I probably I probably shouldn’t have started up and I didn’t know it’s not a good time to start a business when you start a new business is some of your key people that are helping you that, maybe you know more about it, though business coach  you do

Step one cuz: that’s what happens when you start when you go to an industry, you don’t know a lot about. You surround yourself with smarter people in it’s a smart or some water in that industry, and then you get a moment.

Things are going. Well business coach  then those people go. You know what we’re going to go. Do this on her own without you so you’re, trying to start a business for the people who work for you know more about the industry than you do yours in that that that that’s a big challenge, open chances business coach   that you get rolling now I start to learn A lot about the industry,

I would say, I’m learning, learning learning within those people go and they leave and they start of a competitive, competing business against you. That can be pretty. That can be pretty business coach  overwhelming when you said some things I overcome.

That was one of the biggest things I overcome, and one of my businesses is that Mikey guys leave and go start up and compete with me now. I’M going, okay feels nice.

That feels when we come back business coach  we’re break down the life history of Richard Branson. With the age of 15. He was told by as Headmaster at the school.

They didn’t have what it takes to be successful, so he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and he can’t read so he starts the perfect business a business coach  magazine.

He starts a magazine called the student how’d. It go today we’re going to learn about the Branson store. We come back and by the way Richard Branson didn’t have success.

On his first attempt any of his first attempt in business, he tried to actually sell business coach  Christmas trees and that business didn’t go so well either. So when we come back Gumby history of Richard Branson, how did Richard Branson become a billionaire that we all know and love? How did he build the billion-dollar virgin brand?

How is it possible that I’m business coach  going to be able to get my wife exam done, while I’m still conducting radio show for my first step? Is this a serious situation? I’M a turn off the music I’m going to leave the box that rocks I’m going to go over there and I’m going to faint, like a goat statues.

Rap time show business coach   on radio show genius. The song that jammed or is it still is the gym. I’M Not Dead Yet to her. This was Elmo song. You know who produced this song, Richard Branson’s, a Richard Branson, no way it’s true, true story.

I got to tell you this story behind the story with business coach   this song, The Virgin Guy, where you were when this song came out of it. For you skating, we are the hours for the roller City for the third consecutive Friday, where you and they’re enjoying your night.

I know exactly where I was I’m sitting. I was in the business coach  barbershop that was getting my hair permed it just the back of it getting permed the back of my hair perm in the song came on, and I can remember the smell of the perm and then that the accoutrements of all the barbershop and This is a moment of my life.

Song was business coach  written about, as you can just feel something in the air that night, and I hope they realize that you can just feel the of the aura, those perm chemicals, the perm chemicals in the air or the song.

I got the light-headed dizzy. I know I know that how to start a business business coach   in specifically that need this concert at how did Richard Robert Richard Roberts? How to Richard Branson? Do it Branson start a successful business?

Will the first thing would happen if he’s 15, he realizes he’s not really employable, he can’t read so it eliminates a business coach   lot of jobs but does want to do want to start a newspaper.

You say how to do at. He explains in his book called losing my virginity, which I highly recommend everyone listen to or read. He explains he gets out a phone book and begins calling all of the businesses business coach   in alphabetical order, trying to sell them at 10.

He said he quickly realizes that it might be easier to call the bigger guys cuz. If he gets a deal, then he’ll actually be able to survive for two small deals. He can’t survive. So he calls Lloyd’s of London, the bank and he business coach   says:

hey, I’m Richard Branson, I’m calling on behalf of the Night by publication called the student we reach thousands of students and a before we placed an ad with I’m making up the names.

I don’t remember the name of the company before replacing it with your business coach  competitors, will just say it was like before we place an ad with Bank of Oklahoma.

We wanted to see if you wanted to do it. What does Bank have an app fund and they thought? Well, I mean who doesn’t reach again now. He says primarily students, college students.

Do business coach  they go in and fix poke Network season. He reaches out to Mick Jagger’s agent, he’s never had one before and they go to make any been rejected by all these people, and they said well who advertises with this thing is: there’s thousands of people that read it and business coach  and Lloyd’s of London is one of

Our biggest sponsors and they’re like why is London, so he calls his mom and he says mom business coach  Mick Jagger’s like coming to the house.

True story: she’s: at week we got it so they convert there like basement with her operating out of into a pseudo office, and they only had like 4 people that work there that are like volunteer High School buddies, so he business coach  made them call each other over and Over to seem like there was action and momentum like the place was hopping.

This is crazy. How many used Mick Jagger saying the first and it’s Mick Jagger’s that the first issue. It features an interview with Mick Jagger and add business coach   by Lloyd’s of London, and he used all that money and all that swag to get started, and he just continues doing this. What happens if he ends up running an ad in his own paper?

One day saying I can save you 50 to 60 % off of music and its staff is like. How can business coach   you do that? It goes don’t worry about. I want to see if there’s a market for it, so he runs an ad in the students to college students can’t handle they want to know. How do I get 50 % off of all the albums?

How can I get this deal then? He was like Columbia, house before business coach  Columbia House. How can I get all these for just one penny, you know, how can I do it and he says we’re going to need to start a record store and they’re going to run the paper, and he says I got it figured out and they can see the Step number one is not sure where business coach  you got to have a plan.

You got to have a plan or dream, you don’t have plans, but you know what I see. I need a plan so what he does he says: here’s we’re going to do we’re going to go ahead and rent some space above the shoe shop and we’re going to go ahead business coach  and start putting records out for for sale, and I were to tell people all

The records they have to have to pre buy it because going to ship it to him and they’re like okay, so there’s pre-sell albums using nothing but the covers and they take that money to actually buy business coach  the album’s.

A discount in this is the life of Richard Branson. Will one day A guy walks into his store, and this guy is you know, music artist and in the music artist that did just trying to get his music out there and he’s really not having any success.

Marketing his music, business coach  because music is instrumental and Sir Richard Branson realize it’s like. You know what no one’s going to produce this guy’s music.

So if I’m going to do it, if it’s going to be produced, I’m going to have to do it. So he starts a record company on the song c business coach  alled Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, which sold 15 million copies all because a guy walked into his store was like me, and you know how to get my music out there and he’s absolutely.

I have a record company. Will they couldn’t afford to furnish a nice recording studio, so business coach  they ended up having this? This really makes shift recording studio that had Stonewall, so they called Stonewall because it wouldn’t stop reverbing and all day producers.

They said this place sounds terrible. There’S no phone! It’S going to Echo the Reverb going to business coach   be terrible. Absolutely that’s how we want it to be babies. This other one set of the night was recorded at the Stonewall Studios and he convinced Phil Collins.

We just left Genesis and was out of money. He says I know you, I know Peter great, Gabriel, left the group business coach  and now you’re the lead singer.

Now you want to go on your own and I know you don’t have any money, but I’ve got this revolutionary technology and we recorded in the stone on his three verbs, like you wouldn’t believe in that song air the night.

If you listen to that’s business coach   what are so much Reverb an echo, it’s cuz, they couldn’t stop it and that’s the only place they had to record.

Oh, my goodness, I feel like I’m on steroids, Oklahoma, beautiful man, doctors on renters in with Rhyme Time box. When we come back business coach  from the break, I want you to share some of these duct tape stories.

What politician or somebody’s duct tape stores, where you had to duct tape, your Apollo 13? We had a record in your Stonewall Studios. Could you couldn’t afford one where you had to business coach  aybe call it dr., zoellner and Associates, and maybe there was not did the plural form of Associates that you don’t think I would just make something up to you.

I don’t think you were you insinuating. I would say none of our listeners, whatever accutime people, if you even business coach  had a story similar to it, would probably just to turn the station cuz.

I knew it wasn’t a true story, instrumental it’s an instrument and that the whole thing about Richard Branson is every time that he saw a problem. He thought to himself. How can I solve it at a profit? They business coach   realize that she went to school with thought.

All of these student papers were terrible, so it’s not. You know what. If I wrote a publication that everyone would like to read the features interviews with with celebrities. I bet you it would do well.

You know this business coach  guy and his music is Crazy. Instrumental is Crazy. Instrumental music I’m going to do it myself and he did it and he thought you know what air travel has to be better than his air travels got improved.

I mean the guy just. Has this mindset of fine problem see solution s business coach  olvent at a profit, show on your radio? I’M going to go actually get my blood work done for Life Insurance exam and I’m going to try to paint like a coat and we come back.

Eric Chuck will be leading the way stay tuned. I have a business coach, alright Drive Nation Mystic Lake Clark is business coach  temporarily predisposed see. This is affecting.

I don’t know if you know this, but he’s actually doing recreational life insurance screening right now, yeah. You know it said we never likes to when it’s fun, fun things and I didn’t realize what he’s so averse to giving business coach  blood, I think, is going to actually pass out.

I would have. Rather, they came in here in the box of rocks, and did it in front of me because I would have I would have been entertaining would not have been a good Facebook likes.

We could, and we could business coach   have told all the listeners out there at the details of it. Okay, there now, okay, he’s he’s turning white he’s sweating profusely he’s down to get that thing.

You know what kind of gets unstable Matt gets a leaning on him. I mean he’s going to be like a rocket go business coach  down. Think it’s heavy with all that knowledge. You didn’t learn a college right.

It’S know what we should have done since there’s not a helmet app for his head for safety reasons. We could have had Paul run down to the pumpkin store in a bright orange business coach  car lots of bright orange pumpkins.

We could have carved a couple of those out the big ones. Now we could have put on him as like a like a pseudo helmet, and that way, when should I store? Yes, the game of dropping pumpkins from at all, from at all space business coach   we could explode see my car is only a two-seater. I don’t know if that pumpkin picking up his head would fit in my car.

I think I like a front trunk and it wouldn’t fit for treasons sidenote good morning how you doing., I don’t want to go, don’t touch that that’s fast, but business coach  I’m sure you’re on a close track and it was safe and secure right. It was wearing a helmet and safety, it was a pumpkin pumpkin.

What kind of car does not pass through play passes out? So what do we do? We just stand back and laugh. Do we mouth-to-mouth? What business coach  do we do?

Hell-Hole, hey cold water on your lap around smelling salts stories of Entrepreneurship right those times when maybe you’re not ready, you don’t actually have a plan, but you know you got to get out there and do something. So I want to see if there’s   business coach  any good stories stories of my career high. I have been Optometry for a few years.

I was next to a commercial Optometry business coach  Practice phone number to Eyemart Express which are all of the country down. We have quite a few of them in Tulsa business coach  Oklahoma today and I transition there was a time frame that was actually the president

Eyemart Express John and asked me to come down the day before me. President had passed quickly and suddenly it’s kind of sad that Rick was a great guy, and so the German business coach  own did ask me to come to move to Dallas and to become the president Bi-Mart Express. Why did that?

I was down there for a year. I won’t bore you with all the details of Abby night about learned a lot. I did learn a lot less in an opened up about 24. I March around business coach   the country during that year, and so that gave me really opened my eyes to a lot of you know going to places finding space hiring people building now to meantime fransman.

So it really learned a lot in that and 364 days into that job. I was fired from it. Oh my God, one business coach   day before the year, one day before we celebrated my one year – anniversary Flappy the contract.

Here again, I won’t bore you with all those details of what happened to this is June of 96, and I had kept my eye my to metric practices next to Eyemart here in town, I business coach  come back to Tulsa with my car, my tail between my legs and I’Ve got a little bit of a chip on my shoulder.

Imagine that right and and I sit down all my people and I and they look at me like what what now boss would wait. What do we do now and I said why he’s going business coach  to start selling glasses?

Are these two location to work physically next and Eyemart, weird that sells glasses right right and I said how we going to do that, and I said I don’t know we’re going to figure it out and it’s a weave you, you know you can have been so business coach  Blessed you in, as I know, it’s no big deal, we’ll figure it out.

When we don’t have any account, you don’t have anything. We don’t have any friends board, we don’t normally do you figure out and in six months January, 1st 1997 at was the first day that that I sold business coach   last year for the first time I remember calling Frank companies in the end, they said that your new accounts Again, that’s what friends you want me to send.

I remember this one company that was kind of a generic name brand, so it didn’t have the other big-name business coach  brands of to come. Just generic names. Send me one of every friend you have., I just I don’t even notice it and everything you had before for myself.

It’S in there, like some more of these big box office in these big boxes, start coming in and see what I got reprise. Some business coach   of it came up the pricing plan.

We came up there. Do we just figured out on the Fly and then it’s 6 months we unveiled it and boom start selling glass. So you have the option of like if you just go to the drive-thru at Walmart near like I’ll, have everything one of business coach  each and then sorted out and then we’ll sort it out.

That’S all I put a lab and we could do one hour when our you know one hour glasses and we did all this in the space we had, which you come in and go, there’s no way.

You can do it that space and we figured business coach  out a way to do it. Space and then now you know I’ve got you have a built-in grown in and build my own buildings and I’ve kind of expanded beyond that, and and I’m well.

That was 96, so That you know 20 years ago, but that was a fun story of the fun chapter of business coach  my life, your next door to me – and I was it – we were like right next to each other and competing with each other. Let me get this straight.

I just want to make sure I have a 360 and then they removed you from that position. They they elevated me to a customer said they business coach  opened up your first store next door to one of their location to absolutely get out of here. Okay!

Well, I get out of here, so I don’t want to give blood and pass out that isn’t see. If I don’t see him from the window at least we can watch The Menagerie of him giving business coach   blood opportunity.

So I’m not sure if that was an opportunity. It was going to happen and – and you know what I was, I was not going to lose that battle. I was the pig at breakfast and I gave everything I was there all day, everyday man.

We were open 7 days a week and business coach  we were just you know we were scrambling, we were, you have to sew in scramble mode yeah, I’m figuring out there how to learn, to use the equipment figuring out how to sell glasses figure.

All this out of my staff did and then, like I said within 6 months, worth of all business coach  retrofit away at all built-in. We had it all ready to go and we had that brown paper over the windows.

You know some people couldn’t see in you, don’t see this going on glasses and it was so much fun about about a month before we actually open up start sunglass.

I gave business coach   out those coupons and coupon basically said thanks for coming in today we can start selling glasses January, one bring the coupon back and you can get 50 % off your glasses, all the move and and I’m or put down a when

I understand they put business coach  Down things to listen, you do whatever you. Can you do whatever you can to get that coupon? Out of that customers, hand cuz.

We know they’re coming out of his office at month or two months, because I think I started maybe 60 days. Maybe the 90 days out, you know business coach   that I gave people that and let him know, because I could see the construction going on in the Middle East right next door to each other, which made it crazy.

I got a couple crazy stories about that, but I want to hear we got to make some money. We got ourselves business coach   some ads. Capitalism sell something right, keep the lights on. We got to pay for baby, getting him to the emergency room.

I don’t know. Andreas Play baby, but you have somebody to get into the back from the break, we’re going to get a couple business coach  more, and I also want to dig a little bit him in with it how you ended up next door to them, cuz that is so fascinating to Me so we will see you in the next segment.

My friends Drive Nation keep grinding, get ready to 1170. That’S all that matters. Give you more time lyrics. What business coach  does Works marked welcome back trap Nation to the Daily conversation joined today by The Wonderful Paul hood, and they’re, always very, very handsome gentleman.

Dr. zoellner is very nice size, proportional head. We love to have that in here as well. We can business coach   talk, is rubbing off on you guys. I tell you what happened on pins and needles, wondering if play survive, giving blood we just saw him walk by the the box of rocks and he seemed alive and well so hold your cards and flowers.

I think if we may have, we may business coach  have dodged a bullet there. I think so big Bullet at a big ball at the houses, big boy back to you guys now, doctors, he we were just talking about the Eyemart example and how you opened up your store right next time, so tell the listeners again cuz.

You were told me business coach  off the air how you ended up next door to. I was already next door to them. That’S that’s a little confusing, but I get to LensCrafters and then you have a doctor’s office.

Next to it. You know you have to say I am going to whatever Pearle Vision and then you have business coach  the doctor. Next to it, you know, and so I marked as the same way until I was in my doctor’s space and then I was trying to compete with them.

So what they did they built at another little space in the Imart and they brought another doctor until then they brought another business coach   doctor and their Eyemart, and I had my doctor clinic in sailing classes and that went on for a couple years.

If I said you don’t forget it, they moved and moved to other location to wait for me, and so I was like Victor that’s. What I was going to give up. This is business coach  my hometown is all I have are the two offices they had.

You know I would say by now that when I open up 24 hours a president make thanks to you, thanks to you, I think sometimes in some employees are you know what that entitlement comes in and we talked business coach  about that other shows, oh by the way.

If you miss part of the show where you want to go back and listen to other shows, we have them online as a podcast. You can share my friend Nicholas.

Do whatever you want, you don’t have to listen to it from 12 to 2. So I have business coach   time click the podcast button or check out the iTunes podcast app for free download on me that cost you /bin/sh to drive to it and then that will never miss a show me a number between the goodies.

But my point is: I’m too good, as we talked about business coach  you and you have a great employee and they’re doing their job, and then I was going to go in here. Like a man hey, I could do that wow.

Look what I did when did your job and sometimes I get so lost connection. I get paid a lot more, why you did your job right business coach  to know what I mean so sometimes I could happen, but no, I don’t go down that slippery slope, but 50 stores do they had other store.

They had their stores to worry about in the storage kind of care about it. So these little to stores in Tulsa, which I was just business coach  fighting tooth-and-nail, you know to build my business next to theirs and it was it was you know it was on you brought into the street fight.

You brought this or NATO at you, don’t have it. I had to because they were going to give it to me, and you hit already fired business coach   me until we was not a very friendly relationship at that point.

To be very Frank with you right, what kind of doctor is a conductor, dr., Z, playing the part of Frank Frank today? Was such a fun chapter of my life and how I know you being an entrepreneur on building business coach  your business.

You had to have some moments in there we are kind of going. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but we’re going to do this took some fun. What would it cost to ship?

A duct tape store duck tape, story of Entrepreneurship yeah. Well, you business coach  know, I don’t know if it’s messed up. I just know that I think you hear a lot of success stories and it’s just you just find a way to make it happen so yeah I graduated school and went to work and blah blah blah, and then I got a job for a short. Time.

For a private oil company – and business coach   I made it about 2 – what I was doing, but I started thinking no way I’m doing this for like 20-30 years and it just it to me. It was just a life sucking just born, but I couldn’t do it so so I just decided I’m going to go, buy an accounting practice and doctors.

He like like a business coach  lot of a service businesses. You know if you go and buy a half a million dollar business and they have ,000 worth of equipment. It’S kind of hard to get a loan for those kind of things to tell sister has so.

I went to the one that primary banks in Bartlesville. I won’t business coach  mention any names and actually somehow met with the president of the bank and he literally laughed and said I will never loan you money for a business like that.

Pouch wow, that’s hurtful yeah, so I should they just laugh inside. So there’s a chance later or yeah, I business coach  know I’m sure he had tears rolling out of his eyes. He was laughing so hard.

Oh, that’s right! I didn’t even know if I hear anything I just said Thank you and walked out the door. So you know I had to go back to the proprietor that I was trying to buy and sell. Listen business coach  to.

If we’re going to do this, you can have to carry a bunch of it cuz. You know I’m 22 years old and I don’t know anything and I can’t get Bank financing for the longest long-ass story is long and short of the story is: is I’ve acquired 18 accounting practice since then?

That business coach   bank actually called me last week and said? I heard you were involved with this business and this potential acquisition by Hud loan him money, and so did you I said no, thank you.

Did you laugh? I want to be with the president said. I don’t so you know, I business coach  think, but I think a lot of hard from there’s a lot of people build their business. It’S it’s. You know just like Richard Branson.

You know he probably didn’t think he was doing that much out of the ordinary. This is the way you thought that, and he just found a way to make business coach   things happen.

Dr. Zu, You know a lot of people who gets laid off or terminated or promoted to customer we going lay over in the corner, and woe is me and victim mentality, and I invested all this now you you said alright, it’s on and you went and made business coach

Things happen, pick yourself up dust yourself off and became a super success right, but the thing about it is is that when you’re, when you’re true entrepreneur – and when you said yourself, you know no one is going to you look around pretty quick.

When you say, there’s business coach   no knight in shining armor or there’s no sugar momma, I guess I would be the Derby at use coming by and bringing you a big stack of cash and saying hey how much money do you need this month in and I’ll be here? Every month for you, you have any time business coach  for me. It is rather simple.

I mean it’s either either swimmer swim or drown. That’S just pretty tired. You know when you’re in the deep end is Richard Branson’s, Sir Richard Branson suggested people do to jump in the deep end and sorted out.

I was in the deep business coach  end I just was like you know. I can either swim where I can or I can drown, ride or die right.. That’S why we’re doing it. So that’s what you doing.

That’S that true entrepreneurial spirit, and that’s why I always say before anybody that listen to me, you always business coach  need to be of the piggy breakfast and not to checking at the kids a pic of his life.

He was committed. He gave 100 % And the chicken lays an egg and says well, you know enjoying breakfast, then I’ll, let you know when I may not go tomorrow that I’ve learned business coach   as far as like having this. This type of duct tape on Premiership attitude is:

if you’re in this situation, don’t be afraid to ask questions. I see that sometimes where people they seem a little timid, they don’t want to let somebody know they may not know everything, and business coach  that one thing I learned was running a business with my father.

The concrete company we ran is, he was not afraid if you did not do something like that, we’re going to figure it out and we’ll ask whoever we can to get the best advice, because we need to waste time business coach   trying to figure things out of somebody else. That he knows how to do it.

Well, that’s what and that’s our hearts. That’S why we started the radio show. That’S why we start at 3:15.. Come online business go without the BS 3 years ago. That’S why we are big business coach   Believers in one on one business.

Coaching! That’S why we start her in person workshops, because what is this you don’t back in the day when we all come up those duct tape moments when y’all come up to those. Oh, my goodness moments were I’ve. No I’ve business coach   got to do something.

I don’t know what I’m going to do right, wouldn’t that have been fun to have a business coach right there in your hip pocket. Wouldn’T that have been fun had a resource. What we’re offering nowadays for people to lean on call up and say help business coach  me out what do I do?

Here’S my situation helped it’s unbelievable. The resources, the system, the best practices, just even a couple of them this, knowing how to do a group interview and how to hire people would have changed my life for years, because business coach   I had no idea about what the best practice was to do to help you Out there are hard because we know there’s a lot of you out there – that got a dream.

You got that little fire burning little Amber. That burned down and what step 1 Step 2 – maybe I maybe I had business coach  stepped in maybe I have no business – is going. How do I take it to the next level?

Hey this thing looks good. How do I franchise? What was that even look like? How do I do that with step one for that, because I know a homerun and now they’re like hey? If you don’t business coach   take that out and go grow,

it someone’s going to steal the concept for me and go grow it to write, not right with the business you’re doing and now go out there and franchise it, and then that could be overwhelming. You may know how to run business coach   that business. Well, you may know what you’re doing with this. You got one or two stores, but now I may be going to 10 or 12 or 15.

How do I get my head wrapped around? That’S where we teach you how to be the secret agent Doctor, Z, that’s where we teach you all the business coach  moves that you need to be a super spy in the business secret ninja moves. This is Coach. Gary Clark he’s such a great business coach, the world’s best business coach,


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