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During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Doctor Zoellner and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year (Clay Clark) break down the seemingly unlikely success story of Richard Branson while demonstrating that success is possible for everyone (in a free market country) as long as you are work diligently with the spirit of over-delivering. During this show they discuss the following topics and more: How he started The Student magazine without being able to read very well (he has dyslexia), how he started Virgin Records, how he entered the recording business, and the story behind the hit song, In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

How did he sell advertisements?
  1. 1. Age 17 – How he sold advertisements:
  2. A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I would ring up Coke and tell them that Pepsi was advertising and then ring up Pepsi and tell them that Coke was advertising.”
  3. B. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One day I just threw up a little advert saying Virgin Records, saving 10-60% off of any album at any label and I got a big response. Nobody had ever sold music at a cheaper price than the normal retail price and it was the start of Virgin (Records).” – Richard Branson
  4. C. In 1971 – Richard Branson opened the first Virgin Records store in 1971.



How did he get the money needed to buy the music?
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The record companies wouldn’t supply us with the records because we didn’t have the credit. So we would advertise, we would get people’s money and then we would go to a local record shop and bargain…And in the end it became so successful.” – Richard Branson
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson (One of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence)



How did he start a record shop?
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We only opened a record shop when the post office went on strike for two months and our mail order company then looked in peril. So we then went above a shoe shop and found an empty space and we threw some records and pillows on the floor and some headphones…and we had a cue about a ½ mile long of people going through the shoe shop up our little winding stairs and it became a very hip for people to do during the 70s.” – Richard Branson



How did he get into the music recording industry?
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Well one day somebody played me a tape which I loved and we didn’t have a record company so I took it to 7 record companies…nobody would put it out…and so I thought…screw it…let’s start our own record company.” – Richard Branson
  2. 2. FUN FACT: Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield sold 15 million copies world-wide
  3. 3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can run one business you can run business…A business is an idea that is going to make somebody else’s life better.” – Richard Branson



Richard Branson’s Famous Failures:

Virgin Cola

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I got to drive a tank into Times Square and also to create a cheeky bottle in the shape of Pamela Anderson…That business taught me not to underestimate the power of the world’s leading soft drink makers. I’ll never again make the mistake of thinking that all large, dominant companies are sleepy!”


The New York Virgin Megastores – The last New York Virgin Megastore closed in 2009.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The business was losing a lot of money. We did not make a speedy exit in part because I resisted closing the business. I was worried about losing the flagship stores’ presence in Times Square and on Oxford Street since they were so important to brand recognition and our link with the past. But the scale of the losses meant that we had to sell the business to its management and focus our attention on markets where we could be the disrupter, not the disrupted,” – Richard Branson



Broadcasting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the  business coach  Year clay clubs, exercise that mine, dr. Z, with that business knowledge we’re going to bring it break y’all to break it down, for you guys he’s got coach business coach

Calvert joints in the Box near say hello to one of The people out there goes what’s going on out there yeah, you know the offer is tied to you even talk about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit, and just finding a way to make it happen in in you business coach  know, made me really think about this book.

You guys are heard of Warren Buffett, his book snowball – and you know he talks business coach  about things all the way from when he was 6 years old and started a newspaper routes to work.

You guys remember pinball machine other day. I love it so much fun way to make money off of pinball machines and barber shops. But anyway, if you go to my business coach  website, hood and I fill out the form will send you a copy of that book for free hood and then also any of you people we mentioned Phillips, laying off some folks.

I happen to be in Bartlesville, so anybody that wants it wear off also offering to an hour business coach  free of my time. So I suppose Phyllis people that taking the package you need to give me a call, go to my website hood business coach  or 918-336-7600 around your McLaren cuz. That would be a foot that would be a fun hour. We we getting a McLaren, we just take off.

You know when we’re driving and then we’re talking and an extra what it depends on if you’re like clay or like you clay you get in business coach  there, you go 35 miles an hour and he’s passing out as leaders.

Have you ever seen a dog. You know you hold him over business coach   water in their legs start going 55 and a car plays leg, start moving like that sells squareman, because clay – and you know he’s he’s actually doing his insurance – is not on right now, because he’s acting that the nurses hear from him.

I’M not sure if he’s going to business coach  survive it or not, but he’s he’s got to be certified as he’s the best business coach in the world, but he is certified as the worst business coach  driver in the world and it so that’s funny now he’s probably the worst passenger To Zoe, like an epic fail in the car,

is running around business coach  the studio here in his wife is chasing him. I’M not sure what it’s really is Chase. You saying you have to get this done. Oh business coach  my gosh wow, that’s the camera.

This is good stuff, Charlie’s. Facebook some questions from the Thrive Nation out there that I want to be somebody’s knowledge of you guys had as far as what these people are trying to grow in system eyes and run their business coach  business.

So don’t start with your doctor Z. We had some conversations last week on the Shelf, where we were talking about business coach  something that I know for a fact is very near and dear to your heart, and it’s a very it’s one of the top indicators that somebody’s going to be successful. I’M talking about a little bit of self-control talking about a little bit of a pattern.

I’Ve noticed growing up in a business coach  house full of entrepreneurs a working with businesses day today in our business coach program, people are on all day at work business coach  right, Showtime, they’re, bringing it there laser show for the clients, they’re making sure things are getting done, they’re managing business coach  to

Hold people accountable and then it feels like okay, you can just be going so hard during the day you get home and man. Is it easy to just torpedo one of that couch and just kind of lays out and eat some potato chips and maybe not exercise like you should or business coach  not eat like you should?

Do you have any tips or tricks for people that are looking to man? I can motivate myself at work, but business coach   just when it comes to my personal life, it seems like there’s a disconnect right there yeah and I think that gets back to self business coach  control.

That’S really what it boils down to. I think that that is probably the more I think about it. The more I talk about it. I sometimes feel like that is the number one most important rule in a man’s or woman’s life who wants to be a successful entrepreneur, because, business coach  unfortunately you can go to Forbes right now and you can

Google their success and failure. Rate of business is according to Forbes, 80 % 8 out of 10 businesses fail acceptable, unacceptable that were doing out there as far as our business coaching business coach  platforms, but the thing about it is, I think the number one thing you have to have is self-control know we

All have a friend business coach   or two that has no self-control around them and no self-control the date they eat too much to drink too much they’re business coach  they’re, not where they’re supposed to be on time. There there there. You know they’re, not a good friend because of that and so number 1.

Why is that person? Your friend that’s a whole nother show we have, I think, that’s one of her shows maybe 220 or business coach  something you know back in the day, but allows you to say every moment that you’re awake every moment that can be purposeful.

Am I doing what I need to do to move the ball down the field in my in my being the best that I can be right now and that the self-control business coach   you can do that, and that doesn’t mean you don’t have some down time.

That doesn’t mean you have some okay. I give him I’m giving myself an hour at night to watch binge Watcher or Netflix show or something you know that I know it’s frivolous, I’m going to business coach   read my book. That has nothing to do with business.

Is it just a dinner my mind just gets me up a time out there I come home and I’m not motivated the house is a mess and I’m a mess, and then I get up and I try to be a good employee.

It’S almost impossible to business coach   give me the best employee you can be, and then just have your home life be an absolute Trainwreck, but you see that sometimes you’ll be able to have their kids and their wives for their husband, they’re all screaming going on.

Why can’t you be a rockstar here business coach   at the house like you are at your business and I think it has to do with self-control? What do you think that some people are just naturally more consistent, and I think that we all need advice on the best piece of advice I could give his.

If you need to have a business business coach  coach, you need to have a financial and attacks coached. If you have struggled being committed and getting in exercising, you need to have a personal trainer. If you and there’s nothing wrong with having a counselor, or you know that, did you go talk to that? You business coach   don’t have to be.

You know having a bad marriage or whatever you know you got to have guidance. I think the the one thing that I hate that people have to do is recognize your weaknesses and then you know you don’t have to solve those problems. business coach  Yourself. Just amazes me, as I see people in their life, and I see them, sometimes go to make such an easy decision.

The car breaks down where they did that go to a mechanic mechanic and yet just like you said Paul, you said it very very eloquently in that is. Is that business coach  your finances and you wonder why your your finances are a mess?

What you have a financial planner, do you have someone in accounting to have a CPA? That’S ever seen that giving you a plan and holding your feet accountable. Is your body of mess.

I bet you business coach  don’t have a personal trainer, that’s on you every week or every day with your schedule is and took somebody I seen so many people with problems in their life and they just got their hands up.

When I go on, my business is failing with the other business coach know. What’S business coach   that you know what my body is a mess. The doctor says: I’m borderline diabetes, I’m there. So I got a high blood pressure.

Where are you? Are you eating right and exercising know? I don’t know what to do a quick trip everyday, so good, I don’t know, don’t be business coach   best. If I quit, I didn’t talk to her twice today and I’m smoking isn’t what you’re saying is make yourself accountable to somebody.

I don’t want to think smart wife and I do a good job of those we hold ourselves accountable to organic. We going to get to church we’re business coach  going to eat right or going to exercise and just holding yourself with such an expert advice.

Speaking of getting a code of some sort, now you are a basketball coach right and then you have a company Scourby ball, Scourby for the best lessons best business coach  basketball, lessons in the Tulsa and surrounding areas now give us a little tip on.

So let’s say you are tired and you’re down and you got some players that are there, it’s been a long session may be there the week Camp Elite week-long Camp. How do you motivate, then? business coach

What what kind of tips do you have for motivating people when they are down when they are tired, when they’re struggling to push through first, you have to get them go away and it’s.

We talked about set your goals first, because you don’t do things because you business coach   feel like it. You do it because you have these huge goals. You want to come. Shannon want you to hear what the goals are.

You set your schedule or what you going to do like. I work at the kid on named Ryan on Wednesday nights and we’ve got his schedule setup and business coach  Jay also that there to lift their to get their shots in their to do all these different things.

They do them not because they feel like that everyday. It’S because they set their schedule for the week same thing and business right doctor that you set those KP eyes, those business coach  key performance indicators for your team.

That way, they know where their head in and what they have to get done, because somebody in the organization is going to come along and hold them accountable right right or you could just do your like you’re, an absolute business coach  pitch dark room with a with a paint Gun and you’re just shooting in your buddies in there, two shooting guys just shooting each other until we haven’t.

Let me know when you hit something: you know your own team, maybe you’re on to you so high in business coach   business 80 %, because it’s it’s not rocket. Science and less, of course, your businesses in building Rockets signs of the rocket persuasion.

It’S amazing and Eric you see this and Paul. You see this and I see this in person workshop for people come in for 2 days right business coach  here to the headquarters before I hang out and learn all the little tricks. How many times you see, the light bulb go off and it literally, I didn’t know that.

I didn’t know that I didn’t even know that was a thing I didn’t know. I should be doing that. Oh my goodness, I have business coach   been doing that for the last three years that I’ve had my business right now.

Where would I be now, and it’s not too late to get started on it, took you have a business even if it’s struggling or maybe doing good, and you wanted to be doing super great or maybe this business coach  dude super great now you want to do phenomenal.

You can come and visit in person Workshop sweeter than once a month. You can get our website Thrive, time, and figure out when the next one is and and come in, and you can learn and do business coach  the funny thing about it to Eric.

Is that when you’re around all these other entrepreneurs for the word for the weekend, when you’re around like mine’s, how much fun, how can I iron sharpens iron have fun it is to meet and Network people?

That is not an business coach   exaggeration, not an exaggeration. Last conference. We had there was seven or eight people, literally dancing during the breaks cuz, we play music, it’s a cool, seeing it’s a cool atmosphere and it’s very intentional.

So we want to make sure that you have a good time business coach  and something else you were saying about that Z is a lot of people that lightbulb moment for them. I sit here after I’ve been at all of the conference’s.

I’M always up here right, I’m watching the crowd, as Clay is doing his thing. Marshalls doing his thing, people are Arthur business coach   presenting and it’s a lot of times when somebody else asked that question and it’s like dang. Oh my gosh, don’t even know to ask that question. So the into in person workshops are great. I highly recommend anybody come out and check those out.

I got business coach  one like another question here for you: okay, it’s going good now, it’s time to look for some management time to find those coachable people, those quality characters to get in your organization.

What is it some qualities in a? What are you looking for a new business coach  person in and what drawbacks come with some of those qualities it if you may what I’ve learned from from the workshops here, because I am a True Believer in the Thrive time workshops, it is revolutionized what I’ve done.

I’Ve been successful, it’s kind of like the business coach  book book of the snowball he talks about getting your your business sole running so well that it can be ran by a ham sandwich, and so I think your management is a reflection of your systems, and so, if you Get a coach and they help instill systems.

You got it. I just business coach   have to find somebody’s coachable that wants to learn that will follow your systems and again Dad. You know things here business coach  and there, but open the year the year the year that the driving force – and so I highly encourage –

I don’t care how successful business coach  you are, how unsuccessful you are is to get to the next Workshop. I’M go to my website, Hood You come talk to me business coach   for an hour I’ll talk to you in an hour or an hour about the workshops here.

Do it very fun can hear again? Can we do it out and sit in your car and talk about it? Maybe maybe I become a client. Can it can you drive me around for an hour and that car that would business coach  be a very intimate time to go to hang on Cedar right?

It’S like I said, maybe a little bit, maybe not even play like 50, so think about management. Is you get one of two ways either develop it or you hire it right and when you have, it have to be very careful because when business coach  you’re bringing people in the end to your culture, when you bringing people in the in now that’s going to be the

Boss of other people already working for you, if that’s a tricky deal, and when we come back in the break, I’m a kind of break down some the business coach  problems. You can have it at some of the issues that you can have that you wanted of the pitfalls.

If you will be survivors, did you to survive a tiger hire scheme of Life enjoy the eye of the tiger car. Just thinking if you were business coach, if you are business coach, when business coach  you play this music to motivate your clients all day, everyday, no broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters, it’s that thrive time show welcome back to the flat time show On your radio, dr. Z, I wanted you two to hug me. While business coach   I was in there Kevin blood, my friend I just I feel like they didn’t they put.

They took a needle in my arm and took my blood without asking. No, and no one makes me bleed my own blood and they did ask. You did sign some waiver, it’s right when you knew they business coach   were coming in and sneak up on you and the part that makes me the most disappointed about this.

Wasn’T the fact that you left the box of rocks and and in that you know, we were kind of on her own, like children like children, without you no supervision, but business coach  we sweet struggle through.

I wish I could just come in here to the box of rocks and did it so we could have business coach  watched you turn pale and sweat and pass out and other things other things you do when there’s a deal.

She actually apparently business coach  schedule an appointment with my wife about a week and a half ago you have to draw the blood, and I interpret this life insurance business coach  exam thing until I I didn’t know about this.

My wife thought the best move would be just to book it and then that way business coach  happened because the previous three times I attempted to have a vasectomy two of those times were walk out.

I decided I’m I’m business coach  coming out of a meeting and I turned to my left eye. I walk out here outside of the copper II. I turned my left headed towards the business coach  restroom. When I see this woman and I’m going, she looks like she’s looking for me yeah.

I said: can I help you I’m here to business coach  draw your blood? I can’t I can’t do it was better that your wife just kind of jumped it on you or would have been better.

If she told business coach  you a week ago, you could have and then you could have had a whole week of worried. Well this week she did tell me sorry, I business coach  walked out lasted lady showed up here.

I think I’m not doing it. No okay, I’ll pay double whatever. I’M not, I can’t do it, then business coach  my wife told me and last night I went to bed or can I go to bed at 9 and I counted like 10.

It’S 11 eventually was like 3 x, 303 304 business coach  and I’m like well. I got to get up anyway. Might as well.. I didn’t sleep at all. Last night, Turner’s Rebellion they’re just waiting business coach  for the night to end. I think I might as well just get upside down stayed up all night.

Why you thinking of such an aversion? I mean business coach  why do you think it weird you out so much experience as a kid number? They say. Your parents, don’t throw you up in the business coach   air at the tuna enough, maybe have like a problem with balance.

I didn’t give your kids straight in the air too. Much maybe business coach   you’re afraid of needles, or I’m not sure there are some sort of deep psychological issues.

You know what we have all the business coach   rest of our lives to dig into that and find out. What’S going on there from a thriver, see how to tell what were you talking about business coach  my man?

What I was talking about, you know when you hire management you get in from two ways: you can either business coach  internally someone that’s been working for you, you going to come, see Billy, you been doing a great job right and you been business coach   to minors and guess what YouTube You got the call Billy the bags and it’s so funny.

I take what, if you own a business, it’s it’s so funny how you raise people up and in your organization. You know you hate you do this. Well, then you become in the night. They business coach   had the Peter Principle you at the Peter Principle is no no, no, that’s not the impression that your level of incompetence and that’s what happens a lot of times it’s at.

I got to do this really well until then. I get the next step right by step up the ladder, and I do that business coach   really well and then I get to make step up the ladder and then I haven’t felt this level.

So I don’t go up the ladder anymore right, right, cuz, I’m not doing it well, but now I’m now, I’m stuck in a job they’re not doing very well at all cuz. I went to my level of incompetency business coach   and that is so challenging when you own a business, because now I’m seeing you think if I could just turn back time,

If I Could Turn Back Time manager, but what I got to do the shift manager. You know he was just an epic fail. Sorry, I know it’s great love it, but business coach   you know what shift manager was too much for you to go back to assistant shift manager, anybody’s disgruntled and he quits and leave me like a man.

That’S just horrible. So you have to be very careful when you are giving someone the leg up or the step up within business coach  your organization. Is that being said to bring someone from without the culture letting them make sure that they know that’s a good fit, as is a challenging thing? Play Because I’m happy that sometimes will come in you can get you candy can get this.

If you’re, business coach  not careful, you get this yeah. I’Ve got my MBA Rob got my dish for I’ve learned about this and you know I know. I know it better than you and we’re going to do it like this and and and I’m now, the boss and – and it can be tough on the employees that are there – they business coach  can be tough on.

You is the owner of the business and you can cause a lot of disgruntlement within Scott. Why didn’t you promote us know if I Could Turn Back Time. Video we share on Alameda naval ship will put a link to the business coach  video, so you can see it, but it if you’re a camera guy on the set of the Turn Back Time.

Cher video, the worse than they can possibly do, is promote you, the worst. They can possibly do is promote you to become a the body. Double for share doesn’t mean you should business coach  move on their coach Calvert you at score, basketball. You help players develop, but you’ve seen this before you’ve seen this happen.

Where is a parent will bring in one of their kids and their kids really good? Let’S say it playing the center position or low post business coach  until the thought is.

Will you know what we’re going to go ahead and maybe promote them to a forward or position that gets a little bit more variety in their game and then they’re incompetent at that level? So let me ask you this within your organization that score: how business coach  do you try to develop the next level of coaches to have seen you do that for years?

How do you develop your next level coach? We? How do you take the the beginning, coach and develop into a coach Calvert clone of first weed?

We have a check list of things that business coach  coaches are responsible for and they have to follow those things how they talk to the parents, how they talk to the kids. How they develop the kids, and then we have a series of skill sets that they have to learn and memorize, and then, after that, we start talking to business coach  him about how

they started a beginner, how they start somebody who’s in middle school. It’S interesting because every the youngest kids have different goals than the medium size, age, kids, and they have different goals from that.

The oldest kid. So you have to learn business coach  different sets of goals for each kid and then he got to treat each kid differently. So gets pretty complicated, but one of the things that you know we were talking

about is that a guy’s got to have the energy and that’s the first thing you look for is: if he doesn’t have the business coach  energy or he can’t create RG and a kid, then

He can’t coach and that’s the first thing we look for. I want to ask you to the doctor, say you you have built many many successful companies. It is were talking about today supposed to be how to go out there and start a business coach  business. Richard Branson once wrote, he said if you could run one business, you can run any business.

What does that mean to you as a successful entrepreneur? Many businesses the same he’s exactly right, because you just did the rule change little bit, but there’s business coach  still the same set of rules and see what happens.

Is that General hiring good people making sure things are done on time, making sure that your systems are in place? Making sure that your checklist are in place did the right checklist and they’re being followed by business coach  the people are supposed to follow them.

It’S the same phone and that’s why? When people say how can you be an optometrist in own and auto auction, how can even Auto Auction have a sleep center?

I can’t even sleep center and have a thoroughbred horse ranch business coach  because it’s it’s all the same business really business is business and we’re talking about how to build a successful business.

We were focusing on Richard Branson and his life, but not only is he a billionaire and Bray successful entrepreneur he’s also a guy who’s failed business coach  affordably. What does it mean to fail affordable?

How do you fill in a way that you doesn’t keep the results and you living in a in a van down by the river sting live from the center of the universe, its business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur business coach  dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA Entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, all yes tosa.

What is going on when it was Clay. Clark of the former USS be a entrepreneur of the year. I just completed a life insurance exam or that draw blood. I can’t believe I made business coach   it through it see.

I push through the pain I pushed through the agony. I kept my eye on the prize and then I couldn’t urinate when called upon. Well, that happens if we were going to come in there and cheer you on, but you obviously rejected our offer, which I’m business coach  getting a little hurt.

I know I mean I want to share with the drivers. Are there cuz? I know the drivers want to know we’re talking specifically about how to build a successful business, but before we do, I want to stay on the topic of public urination cuz.

I feel like there’s not business coach  enough shows devoted to that ends. I really want to dive in deep where other, what other shows what the hell yeah Republic, I think that’s what our listening audience wants that wants to hear.

I mean they’re they’re, probably having a tuna sandwich right now for business coach   lunch, driving to get a letter X, words with us to the game and there’s a guy in front of me who is is really loud, just drinking a beer while they’re in line..

What’S taking so long, what’s at the stadium, so there’s probably 50 people are a hundred people in line and business coach  the Lions, probably 6 or 7 guys deep.

Well, some guy is having the moment that I just had while doing my by test or he just can’t go for whatever reason he can’t go. I won’t go something’s going on because it come on, but I will next thing.

You know the guy buys a business coach  bunch of Bostonian, so the guy behind him is like you could do it after adding music music cheerful this whole crowd of raucous fourth-quarter Patriots fans, who are just totally intoxicated, are going to come out blue sweater, putting in the guy

Next to him is like business coach  now I got my I got my money on the red and they’re like betting on who’s, going to go over there first and I’m like they’re, really betting on who is going to urinate the fastest in the stadium, and I thought this Is my place,

I need to study, found home finally decide to business coach  rticulate what kind of what I’m looking for at a friends and family I knew it was. A competition was key for me. Spend a cheap beer in your bathroom smells guys gambling on strangers and how quick tow finish their I said,

said business I can see where you’re like I’m business coach  going to set up a tent in here and live. I rest of my life or you could drive your van in the bathroom. Oh I’m not.! Oh I’m not done drive that van in with out the door and shag carpet set up camp and you know what make new friends that’s hilarious. Are you allowed business coach  to

Boston stories up there, but that’s when that’s something the cracks, because this is great. I go there and I go to the restaurant where, in the Boston Commons area in this guy asks me if I want Lobster or if I’mma any just throws them like, I said: okay, so did you business coach  want some Lobster or are you and

I, like you, just Work at a themed restaurant where they attack people, were they come in and they’re just rude on purpose, to see how he was and then, like my wife and he said so ma’am I would you like to get into a drink, or is he business coach   a little bit Cheap, like that kind of stuff, I’m really sorry that he was just going to insult, because it’s in Boston you can away with that stuff.

There yeah that’s just normal conversation. If you just want somebody to you know, you want to say hello to a dear business coach  friend on it or, if you’re, just you’re hyper motivated about anything or you just any any traffic in that type of situation involves the horn.

They were talking about how to build a successful business, how to do it in one thing, you have to do to build a successful business business coach  that you have to learn from failure.

Napoleon Hill once wrote, and I wish you would have brought it over and over again. He says failure is a prerequisite to success. Failure is a prerequisite to success and the thing about failure is Richard: Branson had the business coach  ability has the ability to fail affordably?

What does that mean Susie? He thought there was a market potentially for a record store so rather than starting a record store first hear an advertisement to see if it would work.

First, that’s the move. It’S also the move of business coach  our. I think it’s really cool the guy that wrote the 4-Hour workweek Tim Ferriss. That’S how it came up with the idea for the buck yet 4040 titles of books that that don’t exist and then the one that got the most orders as if it was a real book that that’s enough business coach  said, then that’s the book Smile.

He should write that. That’S what you wrote, It’s unbelievable, very clever, same thing. There is like I’m just going to throw this out there like. We don’t have a.

How do you, how do you sell 50 % off 60 % off record? I don’t know, but I’m business coach  going to see if the kids want it right right, it’s a move, it is what he did is once he figured this out. That’S how we went from the record industry to the next industry he goes into.

He goes in the airline industry, the airline industry and here’s. What happened? He did business coach  the math and he realized that he could agree to rent a plane, Lisa plane from Boeing.

What airlines will least two planes, but he agreed to lease at sea for one year, cast, have a poor performing a poor performing Airline for one year but didn’t lose everything, but he business coach  has always failed one of the things he did. Is he chronicled he’s he’s archive?

He’S written down all his failures throughout the years, and I wanted to hit on a couple of nights out what kind of hilarious joke about that. So we have one playing first year: who’s open right business coach  yeah.

He least his Fleet close in Wayne’s the root of the route to blow off hand, but I’ll put it on the show notes I’ll put on the show, that’s real good. They can fix to learn about it. I can’t say that people were very, very worried that the maintenance might not be business coach   there.

Cuz here is a record executive unknown for hanging around a bunch of music artist, and so he committed to flying on a lot of the original flights, and so he will be okay. He said: Hey listen to the plane’s, going to crash,

I’m going to be on it. Let’S do this thing business coach  I know he’s getting his major success with the record company has major success with the record company has made your success, recording music.

So then, when he does, he decide to know what I’m going to go and start virgin Cola Cola. You know I have not, and business coach  I hate to say that, because he didn’t like a VC me and my

Vichy you’re, a benevolent guy you’re, always giving away great things were listeners. What are you giving away to all the Whispers like today, my friend? Well, you know you’re talking about business failures, not business coach  successes.

We always see we look at a successful person. We think it was all wins, so you know we’re giving away a book to help you it’s it’s Warren Buffett’s the snowball book and then there he talks about things that he was successful and and what business coach   it was a failure at so go to our website and Fill out the Portland Hood, put

CPA and we’re offering a free hour of Consulting time on whatever you want to doctors, and I were talking about how to talk about Consulting on how to to give blood.

Now, business coach  if we come back, I want to break this down a little bit, but this is what Richard Branson says. He learned from his experience trying to start virgin Cola.

He says I got to drive a tank and Two Times Square and also to create a cheeky business coach  bottle in the shape of Pamela Anderson that business. Me not to underestimate the power of the world’s leading soft drink makers, break it down.

It’S right time show on your radio were talking about how to start a successful business and a push through failure. I’M a business coach  business coach live Eagle, world headquarters, alright, tribe Nation, tribe Nation, walking back to the conversation, is that’s right.

Time show on your radio. I have just got through. I pushed through the eye of the needle Zio’s able to give blood and to urinate in a business coach   little cup all while doing a radio show, it was impressive,

I’m not going to lie impressive, except one small thing: what you’re? Actually, in the other room passed out crying like a little baby, thank you for leading the charge there any time you need to give blood I’ll business coach  be here, for you, man, thanks brother.

I appreciate that very much. That means a lot, but one of the reasons why he’s done so well, it’s cuz he’ll test in Hillsdale, test a business concept and idea and he’ll be able to fail affordably.

So we start virgin Cola and he’s here was business coach   his idea at the time Andersen shoes on Baywatch V, the number one celebrity a female out there,

Pamela Anderson, so we thought we could do is he could take her figure and hand actually have a Coke bottle made In her shape is that, like the Aunt Jemima business coach  model, he actually tried to do this little shape to I put same concept, I believe that the coke bottle in her the shape of her body, and then I’m going to do, is I can’t compete with the other

Companies for marketing, but I can deal I can do any stunts sweet – drives a tank business coach  through Times Square tank tank and remembered the tank, but they never remembered what he was doing so poorly.

So Justin because I mean there’s been some. Some guys have had success him in both those Arenas right and and had to compete again.

So business coach   what happened? What did what did Coke and Pepsi? Do they just crushing loaded with crushed tomatoes? Credit people don’t realize how much money Coca-Cola spend on advertisement.

I mean Pepsi advertises a lot, but Coca-Cola is just so dumb and I mean business coach  every sporting event. Every place, I mean z, that’s Coca-Cola Rumor. Has It Coca-Cola knows that we know who they are, but they keep on Advertising.

It’S like consistency C they did. They want to see and rumor has it. You won’t stop advertising either. Why would you business coach   not stop advertising, even when you’re already are in the lead with hip hop of mine?

You want me top of mine. You know what I really like their new kind of angle, that they’re doing it’s all about cooking food and then add in the tie-in. Is it didn’t matter where you get business coach   your burger from?

You should always have a Coca Cola with it doesn’t matter where you get your pizza, your thick thick thin, deep-dish Chicago-style, whatever you should always have a Coca Cola with that is, that is at, I think, it’s kind of clever and that you’re business coach  even too honey.

But I always dream horse drink a Coke, and the thing about me is that people go. You know how you were spending so much you’re, so busy, but the day you stop advertising.

What happens if you have turnover new in a community people moving in business coach   people moving out right, so believe it or not clay, there’s actually people in Tulsa Oklahoma that I’ve never heard of me before. I start at the coach of you heard about the doctors he ever hear ya. I’Ve even had eye surgery.

Are you? Are you seeing him here? I haven’t met this gentleman by Sia Sia. My silly boys size case study science, research. We got a focus group because it’s it’s the four of us and you’re. Also in this group and of the four of us, we determined that we know who you are.

Therefore you should stop advertising well, there you go and a lot of people do that. Go you don’t have my business going great, we have Word of Mouth. We have these other, the great things going on with your good.

You know and tell him to stop advertising, but then what happened is that that slowly slows down for car down to business? Could you get turnover getting new people into the community and and the problem is Clay’s, not business coach   everybody that listen to your ads ready to buy right then I don’t know also point out that it’s the degrees of separation so give an example.

We had a listener who listens to the show by the name of a Deidra. Determine and Deidre is a is a consultant for the Thrive. Ranch helps us coach and Mentor businesses for a successful business woman and she knows of you coach

Calvert, but I think that business coach  she sent her son out to your basketball camp as a result of seeing the ad having met you in person and having been recommended by People, so how did she find you,

but I mean if she told me she heard about you through multiple Avenues. Why is it so important business coach  for squirt hope, you’ve noticed it impact basketball, Natalie work with you for a while, and you just consistently advertise business coach  every week.

How does that impact you and your dreams are real numbers people finding you online will sometimes you know. Somebody else say that they’ve been thinking about doing it for a year to literally a year or two, and then that the time just had business coach  some right or they’ve said that I we hadn’t heard about you and then we saw it on 3 different Avenues.

We saw it on Facebook, we saw it on. I heard on the radio and sold every person is different on why they will come to visit you sometimes. I need to hear it a bunch business coach  of times.

Sometimes it’s a recommendation that you have so it’s just hitting all the different Avenues near me: brag on Coach Calvert, all the time he’s sort of a dream: unicorn business coach for years.

Can you explain what is rare about his mindset of being able to be business coach   consistent with that? Could you go to the lot of businesses and, unfortunately, usually when people reach out for a break business coach   through half the time they just had a breakdown, and one of the big breakdowns I see is that they’re kind of reluctant to advertise?

Can you cut and contrast where coaches at in his mindset and dr. Z versus out of mulatto startups yeah diligent to her right? Maybe that’ business coach  s a think. Maybe maybe that’s what you exhibit right coach.

Not only that, but coach is coachable. He’S coachable the secret moves into practice and as far as like that, advertising goes and how coach doesn’t stop and keep some doctors have heard business coach  you talk about.

It’S like the advertisers, like the gas pedal of your car, for your for your business right now to keep that gas pedal to the metal in the system just apply it keep doing. It reminds me of dr. J, whatever Thrive, clients, the chiropractor.. He has a chiropractic business coach   clinic on HealthWorks Chiropractic in Franklin Tennessee from someone who had attended a conference.

Yes, and he was a recommendation and he has been a delight to work with he’s been a pleasure. We got all the way through is branding into the marketing and business coach  running ads and getting leads and systemizing.

And we know what he’s one of those guys that he basically fired all of the players and D players and see players on his staff and his life he’s told me is so much better now that he’s going to implement these business coach  principles now here is the deal

We want to leave you feeling whole. Not full of holes, want to give you some specific advice, so business coach  coach, Calvert doctors. I want to ask you guys the same question to question to ask you is if you could go back and give your younger self one bit of advice as it relates to starting a business one piece of advice, just one nugget, one golden key.

You said if I would business coach  have known that when I started my first business, I would have gotten to to success a lot faster. If you give you can just give that one and I’ll start with me.

So that way you guys can be like the Monday Morning. Quarterback, it always be. The Geniuses went up to me. Okay, business coach  so here we go. I would just say for me:

I would always test my business concept with advertising before investing in the product is, it seems like every am I getting a room with people who always say nothing you make me, do you need to make a great product business coach  first and Then advertise and I’ve just discovered through first-hand experience that every time I advertise before I actually have a product.

It’S always gone better and I just I wish I would have brace that concept earlier as advertised before you can actually deliver cuz. You business coach  can always tell the customers are booked out, you’re not available or what you don’t know, you’re at your sold out or whatever chump.

What’S your big advice, you might give it a driver, so we talked about earlier dr. Z, but probably just know any business coach   importance of self-control and actually no in to say no to those fun things.

Whenever I was telling myself I’m so busy, I don’t have any time to do this or work on the business, but then so it was Wednesday night and I went out for dinner and a beer with a friend right.

So business coach   learning that self-control, the earlier age, would have gotten me a lot farther down the road coach Calvert. I want to ask you my friend: what’s your tip, you would have given your younger self about business startup.

I had no business background at all, and so business coach  they were so much I didn’t know if I had to do it all over again, there’s a certain set of books that are read. There’S certain there’s different people I would go talk to.

I would have a business plan way before I. I did the second time everything from how you build to how business coach  you set up your appointments to how you do your paperwork, to how you hire just all the different things in your younger self.

Back in the day. What’S the one tip you wish, you would have known my friend. Well, I think you know that gives back to the business coach  delayed gratification probably would have would have started some other businesses and lay my gratification little bit more then I did just so.

I could cuz what happened to this kind of saving early in 20 years. It’S a huge amount, but to take 10 years off business coach  of that, it’s still a good amount, but not the Big Show play tennis all the ways we can help folks out there, when we have four ways to help them.

My friend, what we have at the world’s best podcast, it is totally free and it is available to you at Thrive time. Show.Com also business coach  have the world’s most effective and affordable business. Coaching one-on-one business mentorship all available at 3:15.

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