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Often times the hardest battles to win in life are won in the mind. During today’s episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark (the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year) teaches how to fight through the daily battle we all face, the battle within. Many entrepreneurs report that they struggle with self-motivation, procrastination, distractions and learning to focus on what matters. If you’ve ever struggled to be a productive person you will not want to miss this podcast.


Subliminal You – Emotional You


        1. FUN FACT: new studies reveal a subconscious brain that is far more active, purposeful and independent than previously known. Goals, whether to eat, mate or devour an iced latte, are like neural software programs that can only be run one at a time, and the unconscious is perfectly capable of running the program it chooses.
        2. The give and take between these unconscious choices and our rational, conscious aims can help explain some of the more mystifying realities of behavior, like how we can be generous one moment and petty the next.” – Who’s Minding the Mind? – Benedict Carey –
        3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” – Luke 6:45


EXAMPLE #1 – Blaming outside forces for everything (weather, politics, genetics, luck, etc.)



EXAMPLE #2 – Eating cake when you are on a diet



EXAMPLE #3 – Extending the middle finger to someone who cuts you off in traction on the way home from church



EXAMPLE #4 – Showing up late to work out, leaving early and eventually not going…but you are still paying.



EXAMPLE #5 – Not making the cold calls because “something came up”



EXAMPLE #6 – Not budgeting financially, and emotionally reacting to not being top in Google search results and passively aggressively refusing to do your article writing or podcasting.



EXAMPLE #7 – Refusing to Hold Teammates or Family Accountable Because You are Related

  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” – Robert Greene (Best-selling author of Mastery)



EXAMPLE #8 – Emotionally succumbing to marketing (no-money down, 100% financing, etc.) and financially always wondering where our money went.

  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” – Dave Ramsey (Best-selling author, radio talk show host and financial expert)
  2. 2. When your goals and actions do not align you experience feelings of guilt and depression known as cognitive dissonance.
  3. A. FUN FACT – “The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”




And no back to the  business coach radio show that Tony Robbins calls Daddy. You got a banana, you don’t need no Snack Pack, you know I like Snack Pack. Why can’t you just give me a snack pack. Tony will get you a snack pack. Hang in there. I’M headed to DriveTime show on your radio, and today we are talking about.

We are talking about winning the battle within the inner struggle between the diligent door in the happy hope. There’S there’s part of your mind. Proverbs 13:11 writes about this. Here’S part of your business coach mind that once to get rich quick, you want to do it your carnal Primal, whatever you want to get rich quick, you want to believe that if you can just sign up 7 of your friends and they set up some of their friends And pretty soon business coach you’ll be a millionaire. You want to create a click funnel. You want to create a click funnel.

This is it if you’re an entrepreneur, listen to the show, and you know what I’m talking about. This is for you. This is a laser right to you. Listen to me, you cannot business coach create a click. Funnel that will take the place of a salesperson, doesn’t exist, it’s what happens. If you see all these businesses saying I want to be as big of a company is Paul Hood, the accountant I see Hood CPAs is growing, and so what I want to do is I want to create a click funnel, which means that when someone fills out The form they get a series of 17 emails and text messages and then an automated message to help them converted to a client.

It’S business coach not going to happen ever wants to be the Uber owner of this. I want to be the Uber of pizza. How many Uber of accounting I want to be the one to talk about how they became the Uber okay. So how did they become your step? Number one? Their founder of cold called cab drivers for over a year to convince them to try the service and also Uber’s lost people talk about Uber’s in in the Hoover.

Currently, this is as of CNN money. Cnn money. As of June 1st of 2017 report business coach they’re still losing billions of dollars, billions of anything, let’s look at it, you’re, not making any money. What they’re trying to do is there trying to get rid of the whole taxi service, which I’m a big fan of, because all taxi drivers are required to charge the same price and they’re trying to compete with them, but eventually homeboys have to turn the prophet people Say I want to become the next Amazon? Okay, you do that Amazon started in 1994.

What year did business coach they post their first prophet 2003 ESPN took 9 years to make a profit. Tesla took 10 Walt Disney lost it all twice. Henry Ford lost it all five times. My friends there’s no get-rich-quick, now with a business coach in a program that business coach doctors in I put together, we have found if you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we can help you business coach become profitable real quickly and to get to the top of

Google to generate more Leads, but if you want to become the Uber of anything, there’s no hack did you want to become a great singer, a great guitarist, a great drummer, there’s, a guy that church we used to go to who’s phenomenal at the drums. I remember people used to always ask hey bro what what YouTube video do.

You watch bro he’s not watching the YouTube, video bro, hey, yes, business coach and so there’s trade-offs. You have to make it so Jessica. Can you tell the drivers? What is the business that you and your husband own together electrical security and low voltage contractor, and so what are you do for that business and I don’t currently work in the business.

I work with our outreach program, which is called Eagle Ops. What time does your husband typically get up to get? You know the results in the end to build the successful business coach company. What time do you see that man waking up? How many kids do you have to have one kid and he wakes up at 4 or the same he’s always up for you go to the gym?

Yes, and I are what kind of workouts are you into doing a lot of lifting cuz? Our business coach son is interested in gaining some muscle, he’s 14 years old, so he’s into that. So we’re all kind of doing it and we kind of believe in doing everything together, so we’re all gaining business coach some muscle workout do you feel sore the next day?

Okay, so business coach what are you doing this week or you doing like chest and shoulders one day and then back and biceps? Are there how you doing okay and so you’re going to be sore? Probably tomorrow, I don’t want to be sore. What advice would you have for business coach them as a fitness? Someone is Into Fitness. Your future reporting yourself to be a fitness expert, but your lady who prides herself on on fighting the battle to stay in shape, is it possible to get in shape without having sore?

It’S not you’re just going business coach to have to deal with it pushed through it, but yet there’s a commercial on TV. Maybe you guys saw it. They business coach sold millions of units. It’S called The Shake Weight, no shake what you just need to hold the weight and it shakes. And business coach then you stay so like two million of these things, if you know there’s the the flyer you going to fly or you’re supposed to have no impact on your joints, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 weeks and Jessica. Do you know if such a thing is it’s just something like this ever worked for you?

I don’t think I don’t think they work at all business coach correct. If you ever seen somewhere, you have no snow you’re, not sore, it doesn’t require you to change your diet and you just get in shape. No, but I’m working on him, I’m creating a nap yeah. You just click on the app and you get in business coach shape, for they provide help with Benefits, veterans benefits and they provide rides for veterans to go to their doctor’s appointments and things like that.

What’S the website to go to to learn more about it, have you ever had anybody? Let you know that they’re not pro-military, this ever happened. We’Ve ever run into someone who’s, not pro-military to Oklahoma, get your job Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma. There are people, though, and I have business coach found that the more you put yourself out there, the more you go out on a limb.

The Bible is more fruit when you go out on a limb, but I will tell you’re going to eventually be attacked. It’S going to happen if you were seen your husband like as he’s growing his business, has he ever run into a hater, a customer or a hater competitors. He been pretty much insulated from all hate. Yeah he’s had a few of you and how do I want to build a successful company, but I don’t want business coach to get up at 5 a.m. what time are you waking up, 6 a.m. and a here’s a little secret for you, drivers supposed to Curl Secret.

This is just a secret between you and me in the 30,000 people that are listening from time to time I have yet to meet. What are you going to write this down I’ve yet to meet a successful entrepreneur, but didn’t put in between 60 and 80 hours of work per week every week until they reach to success?

Once business coach you reach success, you can hire people’s as an example. Very good friend of mine, Andy matheron. He used to work with me 18 years ago for DJ connection, use a division, 1 basketball player with a 44-inch vertical from Essex England, and I want to hire Andy he’s. My number one draft pick he’s 38 years old. I love the guy.

I want to hire him. Did you have to pay money to hire people? You spend money to hire people you do and he, when he had a pharmaceutical sales business coach background. White collar job been doing great as a beautiful house, beautiful family, and I was talking to and I realized, even though he likes me he’s unwilling to work for free, can’t afford to me. I thought about was it. You were looking like a fat Hut. You know, maybe we could build a house out of mud for you, but he said that I need to get paid for all things.

I thought I did, but when you’re negotiating a contract or a salary or hire somebody, if you want a 38 year business coach old man with a sparkling clean resume to come, join your company to work as a top-level Executives in business coach to be on your team.

It’S going to cost some money exactly what people want to make that I had to do it, but I couldn’t afford to hire people I started so guess medicines cause. I did guess who made the accounting all the all-night, accounting efforts, my business coach wife guess who decided it was okay for me to turn off the air conditioning to buy a yellow page ad when we could least afford it.

My wife guess who said babe you got ta get up. You got ta load up the DJ’s. You got to get up at 3 a.m. my wife guess who make got pizza for all the DJs. We had one guy cover, guess it DJ to show in Dallas and then the next day with in 16 hours I needed to Minneapolis myself and Andy. Why is it good enough for it to pay a guy to go to business coach Minneapolis and go to Dallas at RDJ?

In Minneapolis cancelled and that’s what happens if your listen to the show today, I’m asking you: what demons are you fighting? What what is it? What is it the thing in your mind, the battle in your mind: what’s the thing, because what happens is we all know that psychologically? What do you know the names or not or the or the technology or the science behind it or not?

The prefrontal cortex is the part of your brain that allows business coach you to think strategically, but most people spend their entire day. Just react. If there’s another example deciding to work out and putting it into your calendar is a powerful first step, but most people never work out unless they have an accountability, partner or a trainer. This is just a known thing and I’ll put myself into that group. There very few people work out unless you have someone going with you to the gym at the same time or you have a trainer so Paul Hood. I want business coach you to break this down white.

Why is that the case where most people, just don’t work out, must have a trainer or some accountability? Most people, successful people focus on rewards, unsuccessful people focus on effort and when you we all do that at times, and when you focus on effort, you sometimes a lot of times most of time need that other person holding you accountable to get you past focus on

The effort, because if you you focus on your effort and business coach if you don’t show up, you know you’re letting somebody else down as well, and so you kind of feed off of each other when one of these up the other ones down but think the key is To focus on the reward: that’s why, when you’re sore the next day, that’s glorious, that’s awesome!

That’S that’s get excited because you know you accomplished something now the other side of it. If you have an accountability partner and you do show up – and you get that bet business coach that Rush – that feeling of yes, I had victory over my day, I said I was going to work out and I did the opposite of that is just you show up late To the workout, by about 7 minutes for a 45-minute workout, then you want to leave a little bit early because you to pick up the kids and then you keep paying now, then eventually you quit showing up business coach and that, unfortunately, there was a statistic: their damn work With one of the a gym in Boise, Idaho, having huge success, Cavell Fitness up there we work with a cola, obviously in Bartlesville doing well.

I work with the Fitness Together brand of a lot of big Fitness companies and they found it 8 %. 8 was the number they probably still at. The last number I saw was 8 % of people with a gym. Membership ever go 8 %, and I see this all the time in all different business coach Industries. It’S so important that we not only know what to do with that.

We choose to do it now this next one next one as you got to learn how to eventually make the sales call now Ryan the phone rings for you over there, an outlaw customs and when it does, you actually have to call people back people don’t just Schedule themselves online free AutoRap, it’s a pretty major purchase. I know it’s so hard, but would you say the entrepreneurs like?

I just don’t do well business coach with rejection. I just don’t want to get rejected. I just don’t want to do it well. I haven’t figured out in any way in life that you can get by without rejection, so you just have to Buck it up and 1/8 rejection and and understand that the odds are going to be against you.

But if you make those hundred calls are going to get those three sales now Paul you’re, giving people out there who will take the the step to schedule a meeting with your off a little trade off here, a little business coach bored. What do you offered for her listeners today? Well, just like you were talking about the having an accountability partner in the work it out Arena we function as that accountability partner.

On a business standpoint, we help set up goals and and hold you accountable to him. But if you land in the first step is to come talk to me and get that free, look under the hood and also give you the book. The Warren Buffett book He’s a lot of inside information in there.

So send business coach me an email Paul at Hood, Hall at Hood, CPA will get the book right out and sign up for your free hour, you’re going to give them Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography. It’S called snowball, it’s a big book. I personally read that thing and Elizabeth, the audiobook of it, and I will tell you it is a powerful books if you’re looking for the tips, how did Warren Buffett get from where he started to wear? Is I encourage you to go to hood business coach and going there fill out the form and claim your free copy of Warren Buffett’s snowball?

You can do it. I am a business coach, we’d love to see you at our next in person. Drivetime Workshop book, your tickets. Today and Thrive time, once again after drive time, it’s like Steve, Martin meet Steve Forbes. It’S not drive time show on your radio, alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio, and business coach today we are talking about a subject that I believe could be one of the most powerful subjects.

We’Ve ever had the privilege of talking about it’s, this inner struggle between the diligent door and all of us and The Happy Hooker. It’S it’s it’s the battle between being lazy and getting it done, it’s winning the battle within and when you decide to become self-employed, you have to become self disciplined. But right when you hear the word discipline your business coach like this is a stupid show.

I don’t discipline and other people. Other people need discipline, know me. I have business coach it to listen to the show, because I will I take notes for my friend, my friend Carl, that guy screwed up, but I have it together. Now I got a whole notebook of things. Carl should be doing now the reason why I have gained a lot of weight this year. It’S cuz my man, it’s my metabolism when you say a word like that with a lot of syllables, it makes you feel better.

It’S my metabolism. I’Ve got a it’s what you call a thyroid issue. Basically, if my thyroid and mixed business coach with my metabolism and is that that makes the motivation I mean, I mean it’s genetics. Basically, I do eat all the ice cream and I do not work out at all, but I did you know what I’m saying: that’s what happened to his nose people for myself, I used to say we’re.

Basically, I’m just not a big reader, because I readings not something I do. I have a hard time concentrating. I would be where I would call myself a DD, and so I just I just don’t typically a lot of me. I just skim the business coach book and then put your dinner, been your professor would say hey. So what did you get out of the book?

You know if you read the book, would you get in and you didn’t you say if you’re smart enough to not seem super dumb in the classroom, setting music will basically the book How to Win Friends and Influence People with. Basically, a good could have taught me how to influence people and become friends with other people when I love how to win free anything business coach with people.

Those are two things I got out of that book. Yes, and so they just like what just stop it. You know what I’m saying, though, and that’s what people do, though, and you say on the readers, you can put the fitness people, what about being a good parent? You know someone says so: hey how’s it going with your wife. You know we would I do.

If I have this new move, I call it removal from the situation. I remove it myself from the situation for 7 days a week and business coach then we stay together for years. It’S a move. I’Ve been ruined, you’re going to have something. We can improve on everybody that I do you do come on, come on somebody sitting here on Mount judge, Moore, saying you have it all together: okay, what is the area of your life that you want to improve upon the most? Because we know this scientifically? The prefrontal cortex part of your brain is the part of your brain that controls your desires and impulses.

If you didn’t business coach have this part of your brain to be running around just totally emotional all the time, but what happens is is that the subconscious mind is what rules that what you feed them mind you become. You will see a lot of music. You listen to a lot of what you want. A violent programming you’ll be more violent. You turn yourself, a lot of Comedy you’ll be more funny.

You surround yourself with a lot of Joy, you’ll be more joyful, and so we have people on the show today, who business coach are doing very well when you consider that, according to Forbes, the average American has less than saved and 70 % of people according to Forbes hate. Their jobs, these people are doing well, they like their jobs, they’re saving some money.

Are we perfect know what I want to go around the horn kind of go around the table and I want to pick your brain so what’s up with you Jessica as you’ve started the business with your husband, you grown this thing business coach you and Jonathan. Can you explain the drivers what’s the name of your business and maybe what’s the biggest struggle you guys had in growing that business our business is americom Technologies Group and you can find out more about it at americom,

TG, calm and I think I don’t know the Biggest struggle is, was just I think, for us, it was business coach just the push to you know to jump off the legend. Do it honestly, just a fear of jumping out and starting your own biggest, a feather fear – and I can say this if you listen to show that you want to know when when’s the time to make the jump to the math on emotionally and then, when the Math makes sense, make the jumps.

As example, I told my wife when I can consistently book for weddings every weekend for four weekends in a row. I’Ll quit my jobs and there was a couple business coach weekends right before and then actually have a zero. And I wanted to quit the job emotionally I did. Would you have 3 jobs at Applebee’s and Target DirecTV? Let me tell you everyday:

I want to quit every day I was a customer comes in and there’s a part of the receipt where it says tip and they would write you better steak and I’m like I was great, but I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t Because I had, I knew that number to coach. I want to ask you this: what’s the business coach battle in your mind and if you’re going to put yourself out to unlock, what’s the battle in your mind, do you have to fight the most to become successful as an entrepreneur, a couple different ones? One is insecurity. Am I good enough, can I do this? Why would people want to do business with me?

I just the insecurities that you grow up with and getting over those insecurities getting over the fear of doing things and you know being Fearless in life. The best of the fear business coach of any insecurity believe that someone actually want to buy from you just have to get over that studying hard working at it been ready for every time. I always do something.

I wrote a ton of things down. I read a ton of things I just preparing myself and I’m getting ready, and then I worked non-stop Evert Leslie to be successful. David Robinson, the NBA Hall of Famer, an investor in the Thrive time, show he wants said that he said preparation is what he’s all about. He says business coach it’s it’s preparation, he says preparation is, is where it all starts and ends with him.

He’S just preparing for every game. He knew he would be successful just because of the way he prepared any put all of his Hope and Faith in preparation, and even now you know last night, I’m repairing last night, I’m reading 3 books reading 3 books right now that I’m going through one’s winning Wednesday, nothing just reading great books and then I’m writing down all these programs business coach and things you got to do and how successful I’m going to be over the next year is going to be determined by how much I prepare every day.

I just talked to him. My coaches on the phone about preparing another coach that we just started training and what we’re going to do to prepare him and work with him. So, even to this day after 22 years, it’s the due diligence everyday. That makes us a stressful David Robinson once said. Preparation is business coach everything. Preparation is everything up all Hood.

What’S the battle you’ve had to fight in your in your mind, you think that’s a big thing for entrepreneurs is the Battle of the mind. Give me what is the fight the inner battle you had to win to build? Your practice took two big Hood. Cpas is today and how big is get when my battle. It really comes from my upbringing. I come from a business coach family where only three of us ever graduate high school.

I was the only one to ever get a college degree and I, my mom raised me much like Chet Holmes, mom in and when he wrote the book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. He he talks about how you got to have a have a cheerleader. You got to have somebody when you’re coming growing up for it, since he told his mom, he said if he told his mom, he was going to be a bank robber, his mom would business coach say well, honey you’ll be the Best Buy proper.

There ever was, and my mom was that person to me so my my battle is: I won’t allow myself to making excuses. I have to be delivered and everything that I do if I want to to weigh this amount, I want to be in this amount of shape. I went out of business this size, then I have to be intentional. I write it down and once I write it down, it’s done it’s just a matter of putting together the process of business coach doing it.

Stay to the DriveTime show on your how to be happy how to feel successful how to be successful as a result of winning the battle within when it’s Clay Clark time should. I comment subscribe to the podcast today back to the business coach. Radio show that show all inclusive at Barack Obama and Donald Trump could agree on it. If we could just get them in the same room together, get ready to enter The Primetime show on talk.

Radio 1170. This weekend, I’m business coach alright right Nation. Welcome back to the conversation, it is with Rob time show on your radio. I imagine that’s about how that conversation would go if those two did get in the same room together.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama don’t have a whole lot in common, but we like doing this, shows make the show on non divisive and not non-political when possible. We want to teach you specifically what you need to do to grow a successful business down business coach today show where did winning the battle within the Depart of your brain. That makes you not make the cold call. You know what you say: you go to the seminar to learn how to make the cold pills. You get a script, you learn the script, they tell you what to do.

You now know what to do, but what part of you decides? No, I’m not going to do it. What happens if it’s science will show in research will show that the prefrontal cortex of the brain is what rules are desires business coach and impulses, and without this part of the brain, you would lack the ability to plan for the future.

Where to think about the consequences of your actions, it’s kind of like the difference between a mandolin and a dog now the problem, is it once you realize that your subconscious mind affects everything? Now you got to start to ask yourself: what are you putting into your mind, because your mind is very very I just give example the other day I walked into the business coach conference room and your your mind is very instinctual, so I was walking by a big light In the lights, remove on the tables the light was it my head height. So I would have smashed my head right into the light fixture, but I duct without thinking to duck.

I just walked by and I ducked they’re in my wife walked into the room and I was working on a new book, I’m knocking out here when she walked in the room. I might not, because I’m naturally and it’s like a defense business coach mechanism, we will sneak up on you on what happened to the human mind. If you feed your mind with violent video games and violent music and negative, a discussion and negative self-talk and negative balance is negative.

Becomes your default and you always fall to your level of preparation, and so one of our partners. We teamed up with his David Robinson is the NBA Hall of Fame basketball player and he actually wrote a letter that was published in the players business coach Tribune and on November 16th. I love this November 22nd. 2016. This is what a letter he wrote to his former self.

So he says Dear 18 year old David. Please allow me to give you fair warning up something from the future tomorrow morning, you’re going to take your first swim test of the u.s. Naval Academy or not, the Navy requires plead to business coach actually be able to swim.

Of course, you know that part already you’re in good shape right what’s a little morning, swim what you might not realize just how long 20 minutes of Treading Water feels like that’s right, 20 minutes when you first go into the pool you’re going to be doing good After about 10 minutes, your arms and legs are going to be burning so badly.

I want to quit and after 15, I don’t even want to tell you but you’ll think about your dad and what he’d say if you failed and you’ll find a way to keep your head above water for 20 minutes problem is you’re not done yet you’re stone-faced Water survival instructor will bark you alright. Next top 100 meter crawl stroke.

There is no business coach break there’s! No, sir. Can I catch my wind? You are overboard in deep, open water without a PFD, personal flotation device, or at least that’s what your instructors yelling sink or swim. Please you choose to swim, I thought will come to your mind as you push off the wall and use all the strength left in your 6 foot 8 body to shake your first stroke.

Oh, my goodness. What have I done when you touch the wall and turn to start your second lap? Another thought business coach will come to your mind, I’m thinking you’re done. You grab the wall and tell the instructor. I can’t do this. You David, have flunked your introductory swim test. Your swim test in the Navy tomorrow when you lie down in your bedroom after this embarrassment and you stare at the ceiling for hours, you’ll have another thought this one is very important. What have I gotten myself into? Why am I doing this? I want you to think long and hard about this particular business coach this particular question. We both know the obvious question.

You chose the Naval Academy because of your father and grandfather both served in the military. Your grandfather is, and always will be, your hero, your inspiration, he fought in World War II and came home to Little Rock Arkansas and work for 50 years as a mailman in the segregated South, not once today job promotion in the five decades, but he kept working.

All the same, he saved up enough business coach money to buy a piano for his home and use it to teach his four children how to play. When you think about that. Think of that piano, you don’t think about music. You think you’re all that family around the piano.

You think about how business coach much joy it spread. It was much more than a piano is a symbol of something up, keep moving the family up, keep working and saving and striving for a better future for your children for their children. Even if you want me around to see it business coach pay off, that’s what your grandfather did rain, sleet or snow.

I want you to think about your grandfather’s integrity and grit when you’re, starting when you’re staring at the ceiling of your barracks room, but I also want you to think a little deeper. You need to learn a practical lesson. Grit alone is not going to save you from sinking. Remember when your dad used to make you study a page of the dictionary every night after school and the next day he quiz you on the business coach definitions, okay, David.

Your next word is ambidextrous. Dad is crazy. No, the other kids are doing this. Your father is very demanding of you. Actually a lot like a coach you’re going to have in the future by the name of Larry Brown. But that’s not that’s a story for another time, but the reason he’s so demanding is because preparing cuz he’s preparing you for the real world he’s not just giving you the tools to excel in school and eventually choose where you’ll go to business coach college is also showing you How to succeed in your life after basketball he’s doing what your grandfather did for him up always up?

How did you build a solid vocabulary? The same way you build a house Brick by Brick, word by word night after night, the same rule applies to learning, to swim or developing a post move or building a business. Preparation is everything. This is a simple but undeniable truth and it’s completely lost on business coach you and your 18 year old mind the reason.

I’M writing writing this to you. Now is not the swim test to swim test as nothing come on you’re an African American kid from Virginia. You didn’t exactly grow up the diving in the ocean every summer, just relax practice every day and you’ll get past. The swim test he was talking about is preparation to put the importance of business coach preparing.

That’S why David is done so well off. The court is he’s preparing he’s preparing he’s putting in the work day after day, he’s grinding. That’S why doctors on I’ve been able to build 13 multimillion-dollar businesses, it’s because of the preparation, Paul Hood. If you’re trying to prepare your clients to be successful financially, what are some of the tips?

What are some reactions tips? What should someone do right now if they want to prepare to be successful business coach financially, the most important part? That’S why I’m here? That’S why I go to your your workshops, which will be one this weekend Friday and Saturday. Is you got to seek advice? You can you know, most of us are good technicians.

They’Re good at good plumbers are good. Accountants are good whatever, and but they don’t know, they’ve been taught the pattern for success, and so you need to come and take advantage of the free hour that the that I’m offering go on to business coach my website. Hood sheep fill out the form. Send me an email Paul at Hood, Paul at Hood: CPA, it’s free, but what do you have to lose, but you seek advice to help accelerate your success. Now here is the next part of David Robinson’s letter to his former self.

He said now I’m going to drop the bombshell on you and for years you’re going to in sign in the u.s. Navy in your own a salary of ,260.90. I know it sounds like a tremendous amount business coach of money for pizza money, but that’s not that’s not the bombshell. The mom shows that you’re going to be drafted number 1 by the NBA San Antonio Spurs.

You will sign a contract of the signing, bonus and you’ll be stationed on a submarine base in Kings Bay. Georgia serving your 2 year commitment in the Navy waiting to play in the NBA and you’ll get a check for preparation. Preparation is what made David Robinson’s David, Robinson, successful and preparation is what’s business coach going to make you successful.

The question is: how are you preparing for the future? You we all want to be successful, but what are we doing today to prepare to live the life we want to live with preparation? What are you putting in today when it’s like Clark, Stadium, welcome to the DriveTime, show a show for the enemies of average cheerleader Nation? Welcome back to the conversation, a big shout outs to my wife, Vanessa Clark, former Oral Roberts University, cheerleader you’re the best, and I’m so glad that you have impaired vision, and you never seen me so. I thrive Nation.

We’Re super excited to talk to you today about a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and it’s one that I am thank you business coach for being honest. Everybody who is successful had to win this battle first before they could move on to another battle since winning the battle within its the battle. It’S in your head, it’s the one that makes you complain or train right.

It’S the one that says I’m going to go! Train to be the best I can be, or to basically complain about, what’s happening to me, it’s it’s this concept that you don’t understand that you don’t understand the way that I was raised. You business coach don’t understand what I went through Interstate. How my dad was my mom was how I grew up.

You don’t understand the racism. I grew up with the weather conditions of my town, my IQ, you wouldn’t understand it just not possible, so we’re talking about how do you do it? Well, first off you have to know what you need to do on a daily basis, because business coach what happens is your mind is divided into two parts: okay, about 80 % of all your decisions are impacted by the subconscious, mind, which is why that, if somebody loves you,

You immediately do what try to protect yourself. It’S why, when a mother has all sorts of stories about this before Mother sees a car running at one of her kids, moms will jump in front of that car. It’S an instinct think it’s not even a. I am as it’s not something to be intentional about it business coach just happens.

Do you have to re-educate your mind so that you can actually make the right decisions? You have to give a person a principal, not a person of reactions. You’Ve got to find a way to get the prefrontal cortex part of your brain, which makes all of your plans and strategy happen. You got to get that to be in, let it get that to be so prevalent in your life. That impacts your subconscious mind.

The only way that I know how to do that is through consistent business coach prayer and meditation on a daily basis. Some people say a prayer, some people say meditation. This is not religious show, but I would say for me: it’s prayer, splits, the thoughtfulness of saying everyday God.

I know that I am a failed him in this area and I’m very appreciative I’m alive today, but today my number one focus is: I am going to be the best I can be in this area. Help me to be the best. I want to be the best and then help me to forget the rest. Help me to do the business coach best and forget the rest. Helped me, and you have to just focus on you got ta put positive music into your ears, pasta movies. In your eyes,

I want to ask you that, because I go down here, have you watch the movie? Have you ever watched a movie that pump you up for a month or a week or a year? Coaches are a movie. You watched you thought man that that that was pumped me up my man. I always liked watching Pete, Maravich, stuff videos and then it’s his books. I, like a lot., It’s the Pistol, Pete, the business coach basketball player that you do on a daily basis.

That did motivate you to get you in the right frame of mind because everybody, including yourself, even though you’re very successful, we have to find a way to motivate yourself. What do you do to win that battle of the Mind everyday? Well, I like music, I like to get excited. There’S a can remember that the artist, but it’s called light up the sky, and I like to be yelled at and and loud, music and and just get business coach to get the old juices flowing at work that no Jessica. What’S up, we could you go and is it is it? Is it a police grade taser or what what gets you go?

How do you get your mojo, everyday and working out? I think starting starting off the day and mind and your body together. I think that’s helpful, but I’m a girl. I also like to get on Pinterest and I like to search for business coach motivational quotes. I just you know, and I pinned them in my special little folder and it makes me happy motivational quotes on Pinterest. Get you going to have you been doing that to know yourself figure out what you need to do to motivate you? I remember talking to one person with a client who said they’re really into yoga.

I just did love you. I don’t get you, but if you came with me to the man cave, I don’t know whether you would business coach get what I but I’m doing, but I listen to TD Jakes every morning while getting ready, because I have found that he says he has a a video. He has a sermon he delivered. This is nothing is as powerful as a changed mine.

Nothing is as powerful as a changed, my tux, but how you could buy yourself, a new house or you can get yourself a new spouse, but at the end of the day you are still there. You’Re still present a matter where you are. If that’s where you are, and he business coach talks about once, you change the mindset that used to write a lot of back back in the day to respond to people who are very fascinated with this concept of alchemy. But I thought you could take an element and add another element and do it in to turn it into gold, and I really do believe that’s what entrepreneurship is about.

So we opened up the elephant in the room at 16th and Boston. There were no other businesses there. There was no other businesses that were business coach nearby, but we did it because it was very affordable and I wanted to test the business model that my brother-in-law had come up with this high-end Men’s Grooming, Lounge experience, and so we went ahead and opened up there and lo And behold it took off despite the location, despite not having the name. Recognition despite to entrepreneurs can find a way to add value. To something another example would be an entrepreneur and entrepreneur.

May they may say business coach you know what I want to go to a workshop. To learn how to get to the top of Google, what an entrepreneur somebody actually solve the problems for a living, they would say okay, so I need to do this for the next three years to be topping, Google business coach and so coach. Calvert we’ve been doing search engine optimization for score basketball for about 4 years now, and you’re topping Google for everything.. It’S like basketball camps in Bixby, Tulsa, basketball, Broken Arrow, it’s about 25 28 terms and you get leads every every day.

I’Ve got five people. I got a call when I get off the radio here. Do business coach you ever see the weird times that I sent that search in to report to show it to my wife it’ll, be like 1 a.m. 3 a.m. they’ll, send that search engine report and because I have spent so many years studying search engines how they work. I can get anyone to the top of Google, but the process there’s a lot of variables and Route 37 factors, and so I have to run your website through a battery of of of test and then, when I find what’s wrong with it, I have to fix It and assign it to business coach the team and hold people accountable and it just mentally as taxing, but it was really mentally taxing Dexter.

You learn the skill or a CPA, now talk to me about. Was it mentally taxing learning to become a CPA? It was very mentally taxing had to actually go to college and yes and had to pass exam. That was two and a half days long, not like today. Today they get to take it one at a time and study, and we had to take literally two and a half days of solid testing. Wow, business coach that is a sacrifice and Jessica, were talking about sacrifices in overcoming the battle of the Mind, the men and women who serve our country. These people have battled mind over matter.

They decided to sacrifice financially physically. What time is it given the ultimate sacrifice their lives to protect our country and you’re, doing something to give back you’re standing up for what’s right, walk us through this cause and what our listeners can do to get involved with you business coach absolutely so. Our outreach program, Eagle Ops, has teamed up with the DAV Disabled American Veterans for their 5K this year. Their event is November 4th at the Guthrie Green and we are creating the largest team in the nation. We want everybody to come out register and sign up and run walk roll ride.

Whatever you want to do, come out and support the veterans with us that you can sign up at DAV, 5K. Org, select, Tulsa, Select, join team and from their business coach search, Eagle, Ops and join up with us. There are two more battles of the mind that every entrepreneur has to win. I win, and this is the first one here is. You must hold your team accountable, female cannibal, even if they’re related dinners get kind of awkward, but you won’t go for you just you have to you have to do it and then so I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like confrontation either, but the thing is, I hate poverty business coach more than I hate confrontation accountable and the other thing is you’ve got to tell your money where to go Dave.

Ramsey said a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went now, if you want to make a bunch of you’re serious about getting ahead financially Paul Hood tell him about the offer. How can I schedule a one-on-one budget, a budgeting meeting business coach with you or you can help them finally make a budget that will guarantee their financial success means, don’t cost a thing.

Send me an email or visit my website, Hood, there’s a link there. You can fill out paperwork or send me an email directly Paul at Hood. Cbs.Com Hood, CPA, and you’ll send him a copy of Warren Buffett, Warren Buffett’s book snowball. As always, we have four ways to help you with a podcast. We have one-on-one business business coach coaching.

We have a conference and we have it online school. That’S a dollar business coach for the first month, it’s all accessible for you at DriveTime,, win the battle within time and is always free.


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