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Learn how to fight through the daily battles you face in your mind. During today’s episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show,the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark teaches how to fight through the daily battle we all face, the battle within. Many entrepreneurs report that they struggle with self-motivation, procrastination, distractions and learning to focus on what matters. If you’ve ever struggled to be a productive person you will not want to miss this podcast.



  • How to convert more website traffic into actual leads –
  • Winning the inner argument that most people have with themselves everyday


Prefrontal Cortex – Thoughtful you


EXAMPLE #1 – Asking, how are you complicit are you in creating the conditions that you say you don’t want?

  1. 1. FUN FACT: If you took away our prefrontal cortex we would be ruled by our desires and impulses, lacking an ability to plan for the future or think about the consequences of our actions.
  2. 2. FUN FACT: The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behaviors and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it.




EXAMPLE #2  –  Writing someone a thank you card just to be nice



EXAMPLE #3 – Opening the door for a stranger



EXAMPLE #4 – Deciding when to work out, putting into your schedule and actually consistently showing up



EXAMPLE #5 – Learning how the art of cold calling and purposefully scheduling them into your schedule.



EXAMPLE #6 – Rationally and practically learning how Google works and committing to a 3 year disciplined game plan to become top in the world.



EXAMPLE #7 – Holding Your Team Accountable



EXAMPLE #8 – Logically budgeting and planning out your financial future.

  1. 1. “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey (Best-selling author, radio talk show host and financial expert)



  • David Robinson’s Letter to his younger self:


Casting for this evening play Business School with up to boom boom boom and boom. Welcome back to the DriveTime show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and the father of five human kids, five organic humans and in side the box that rocks typically, we are  business coach  joined here with dr. Robert zoellner, as well as we bring to you business school without the BS, but today he is at expanding His vast entrepreneurial Empire undoubtably celebrating his 53rd year on the planet, so dr. Z, happy birthday to you. We cannot wait for you to return, but on Today Show really talking about the Battle within found yourself or you know what to do, and you just don’t do it.

I never thought about. You know this junk drawer has gotten out of hand. I’Ve got I’ve business coach   got batteries in there. I’Ve got a Staples, I got a manual for crying out loud to a vcr and I don’t even have a vcr and I’ve got a remote. When was universal remotes I got all fired up to buy it and I’ve never set it up and I’ve got the DD the iPad, the iPad.

But it’s like it’s kind of a broken iPad. I’M going to fix it, but you haven’t it’s been about 3 years and then you’ve got like an iPhone that you’re not going to trade in or throw you business coach  just got all this stuff and resent all this clutter and undone stuff will unfortunately be undone stuff in Their head and see what happens if they’re battling to have this battle internally, everyday?

Okay, now that I know what to do, am I business coach  going to do it and so we’re going to talk about how to fight through the inner struggle on a daily basis to go from being a happy helper, where you say I hope things turn out alright to Somebody’S a diligent do, or business coach  we just going to do what I can do, I’m going to do my best and forget the rest, but before we do that Eric search up as a business coach is a fine job with arthritis clients, and you have some questions coming In hot from business coach  the Thrive Mason there Eric – I do, how are you today?

I am doing this weekend and reports everywhere. Just I was getting emails from you like all weekend. Search engine reports is the only thing in my life. I can’t currently delegate that, and I guess doing the radio show and it’s business coach  about a 24-hour project, and I do it on every Saturday and Sunday, the final week of the the month. It is just so sucking, but it feels so. But you celebrate away, we go business coach   to Google CPS sure you’re starting to move up the Google it so it’s exciting to see the progress, but the reports are terrible.

The Google machine is exciting. I’M excited about that when you’re doing like audits with a client business coach  or end of the year taxes. What’S the time of year business coach  when your head explodes as an accountant where you’re like oh my gosh, when’s it going to end, went that time of the year. It’S right about April 14th, or you just feel like.

I can’t take business coach  another step. I can’t have another thought coming by head coach questions: do you have to get your take on what somebody to do to enhance their landing page if they’re running like business coach   Facebook ads getting a lot of people to the page, get a lot business coach  of clicks getting a lot,

But not a lot of conversions so just want to get your take on what items need to be on that landing page. What’S the best way to get people business coach  to convert and fill out those forms or give you a call? I business coach  have a bunch of questions for you, so I can fully understand this year. So talk to me about this: it does a person have an offer.

That makes sense was either the offer.. I don’t ever business coach   want to throw a client business coach  under the bus. What does the author make sense? It’S a good offer, dr. J, dr. J for for session, get X-ray analysis and an hour massage. How long is it? How much does it cost and how many people business coach  per week business coach  or filling out that form was getting one two three every week getting about 50 4250 clicks every week: okay, so how to convert more website traffic into into actually dishes gauging with those leads.

So the leads that business coach  we’re getting you said he’s there their they’re calling calling calling having a real hard time getting a hold of them. Okay. Well, let’s do this I’m going to go ahead and put a link to the landing page on Today. Show notes to business coach  drive me to Nations you’re listening right now and you’re able to get access to a computer.

Is he saying that I should use a computer while I’m driving? No? No, no, you can’t text and drive and you certainly can’t optimize a landing page while driving. But if you do go to Landing. Tulsa Oilers there, you can see The Perfect Landing Page and that’s as good as it gets so want to have a clear call-to-action to the topiclear offer and they’re offering for the first business coach  game or season tickets for just a month. That’S that’s the offer the offer has to be a no-brainer, it has to make sense, it has to be aggressive, Shaw, They have a great offer right now.

If you just tore one of their homes, they give you tickets to go to the Warren Theater. The upscale movie theater to go watch a movie. You know if you walk into his showroom to schedule a viewing session of a diamond you’re entertained for a business coach  chance to win. I believe a ,000 diamond right. Now, it’s not bad!

So it then, you have to have a clear form with your name, your phone number or your email got you. Do you have that? Okay? Does he have a video business coach  commercial on the page? Do not think there’s. Currently, a video, OK, Google, the page you got to have a video commercial commercials and most people are on your smartphone and smartphone is making people business coach  done.

So Psychology today did research on this and it’s cut. The article called is your smartphone making you dumb, and what we found is that most people today read words when they’re on a website scroll business coach  scroll in a video of God, I have a video. Does he have testimonial videos, no testimonial video?

Maybe I can remember he has to have testimonial, because someone has to have a commercial video got you and he business coach  has to have testimonial videos. Ok, Google does he can have text wise, that’s what he’s loaded, who needs an offer, a form, a video that makes sense a testimonial video as many Testaments as possible, got it, make it and then increased now once that happens, this is the thing that’s outstanding phenomenon And I’m going to ask Ryan Meyers if you can relate a ride, we’re not talking about your family or just talking about humans business coach  nd non-humans.

You know just humans that I know sure hypothetically have you ever met. Somebody who has said call me and you call them and they don’t call you back and then you text him and they don’t business coach  call you back but they’re the ones who said call me yeah yeah. I love when that happens. It’S very sincere and appreciate those okay. So as an example, Define example, here I’ll give you some it just recent new one that business coach  just came in recently, we had a member of our team. That said, hey, please call me on the way home I’ll do it. You know.

So I pick up the phone. I called the number but they’ve got this fancy little this move or if you call it automatically, sends all calls to voicemail and then, if you call again, you can get Marshall, that’s awesome, but if you call the first time he goes to voicemail, so we can Have more time for sure, so I know that so I called Marshall business coach  twice again, but he’s expecting my call.

But if I didn’t know that I would not have left a voicemail, I would send him a text now. If you send me a text and it’s Friday night through Sunday, my phone’s off, I just turned my phone off all weekend and do it no matter what the situation is., And so, if I left him a voicemail, he wouldn’t reach me and I would have missed Each other, by three days until when you’re calling your leads for elephant in business coach  he room, that’s one of our companies.

We average right now between the 10 attempts to call and text the person before we reach them. It’S a big thing to help. People understand is, like people aren’t going to answer the phone, the first time you called them and they don’t. If they don’t recognize the number, so people will never answered. So you got to call and text call and text until they all Cry by or die.

That’S the emotionally disconnected just business coach  absolutely right. People up at The Forum just light em up there right. It’S like they were Saddam Hussein Ryan. Do you were watching Desert Storm? I do yes and it’s like there’s that you can see the green tracers we’re just blast and Saddam Hussein, that’s how you got that was really funny.

I just everybody’s everybody’s rocking and rolling. If it’s fine with you we’re going to get into the shower now we’re going to finish up your head is there’s two brains. Everybody business coach   has two parts. Okay, the first part is the pre cortex. Why are you talking about pre cortex? Look it up. It’S part of your brain, it’s the part of your brain that helps you make decisions.

Okay, it’s it’s the part, it’s the prefrontal cortex and basically helps us make a plan. It’S what helps us realize that hey! I want to go to college there, for I need to step one apply for financial aid to apply for diversity. 3. If you can help you break down the steps now. The second business coach  part of the brain is the subconscious mind now the subconscious mind is the part of the mind that rules almost everybody all the time, if you’re not intense this, the reptile brain. Is that what that is example for for me for eating. I know what I should eat and I know what I shouldn’t eat.

So I know that if I do anything up and down the river walk pretty much it’s going to be cooked with step one. A lot too a step to have some bread to go with the butter business coach  and step 3. If you eat meat, wheat or sweets, you’re going to gain weight, if you eat meat, wheat or sweets are going to gain weight. I know these things right now.

The issue is not knowing what to do. The issue is choosing to do it or not with me, or we need right. So we have this thing where chub you would help me on your way to automate business coach  he meal plan. The meals I can eat is in the fridge that works better, I’m going to eat that, but it’s it’s so I know what to do but subconsciously this big Pole to just have whatever feels good.

So I want to ask you this all with clients, when you’re helping them do their accounting? What percentage of a time does a client have their financial on numbers in order that they have their their financial house in order before you, when you first meet up? What business coach  percent of the time do they have all their finances together, typically I’d, say, probably less than 1 % of time a lot of times.

I don’t even know what having their finances in order means and by the way to the lunch. I just had a ice cream sundae with Butterfingers. Your subconscious mind is taking over actually with your cheap month year yeah, so I just eat whatever I want and just exercise like crazy. He said you you work out, so you can eat what you want. That’S business coach  exactly nice, okay, so here’s the deal with a client.

They don’t know what to do with their finances right and you help correct. Then, once people know the path, what percentage of those people just passively silly choose not to do it? Well, it depends on if they don’t have the mental strength to hold themselves accountable or they don’t allow us to hold themselves accountable. I’D say: maybe 10 % follow through 10 %, 10 % and the 10 % I’ve seen big went with these people, but they business coach  have to do it. I would encourage you to automate your finances, make a decision, one time to save and have it just Auto drafted out of your account.

Do that and it’s a move to meet with you and do a one-on-one consultation how to get in touch with you? What’S it, what is the giveaway you’re giving her all the listeners here today? My friend for the giveaway is back to your you’re. Talking about automatic savings and Warren Buffett says you need to harness the power of business coach  compound interest in dollar cost averaging in in in his book.

That’S where it says that we’re giving that book away. The snowball and all you do is send me an email at Paul at Hood,, Paul Hood, CPA,, give me your name address and phone number and we’ll get it right out to you and if you want to, we will also get together and give you A free hour of our time to discuss whatever your needs. My mission here is a question. I want you to ask yourself headed business coach   into the break.

I want his wife, Anaconda Hood CPAs and fill out the form. Yet no, but here’s the question: what you ask yourself are you: are you complicit in creating the conditions that you say you don’t want so again, how are you actually complicit? How are you responsible for creating the conditions in your life right now that you say you?

Don’T want that sounds like a hard question. I think we need to sit down and think about this. I do this often it’s hate, business coach  this relationship that I’m not happy with this business. I’M not happy with this something in my life and I’m happy with it. Is it my responsibility, or did it just randomly, have a question about getting the battle within the Battle of your brain men’s clay Clark goes to the flash time show on talk. Radio 1170 live local broadcasting from the center of the universe. Time show: do you feel business coach  good tonight? What’S up Interstate driving back to the conversation?

Is the DriveTime show on your radio and they were talking about winning the battle within his inner struggle between the diligent you were in the happy hoper within all of us and in here’s? Here’S kind of the big. The big thought. I wonder when does to start with you is you have two parts of your head?

Okay, there’s the frontal cortex and, if you didn’t have this you’d best be business coach   ruled by desires, impulses and lacking the ability to plan for the future or to think about the consequences of our actions would be unable to process the concept of the law of cause and Effect which states that for every you know for everything that you do there’s a consequence, both good or bad. So here’s an example: there’s somebody listen to the show today and you are being ruled by your subconscious mind their subconscious.

Mind business coach   is the part of you where you make decisions without processing consequences to, let me just break it down, and I don’t get too deep. Then I went to Paul’s take on this. Here’S an example. If I touch a something it’s hot on the stove, we’ve all done it as a kid we now at once, you’ve done that once you realize that if you, if it’s it’s hot, so you don’t want to have that short-term pain.

So you you don’t we do that took so it’s it’s easy as logical for everybody. Listen to the business coach  show to not put your hand into a fire to touch them. It’S steaming or hot for be safe and here’s. Another thing that I know to be true on a on a thoughtful, very strategic, very, very, very much so the prefrontal cortex kind of way.

I know that if you have a bad employee in your office and you don’t fire them, it ruins the culture for everybody. That’S something I know to be true: I’ve seen it happen. I’Ve read the books, I’ve studied the books, I’ve lived the life, so I know if business coach  you have a bad employee one, it will spoil the bunch but there’s somebody listening to show who says why don’t want to fire them because they’re related so because they’re related most Most businesses out there are small businesses. According to Forbes, 65 % of businesses are small businesses, so you know you know deep level.

You know strategically yeah. I have to fire people that don’t perform, but now they’re related or now they’ve they’ve business coach  been with you for 5 years. It says such good people or there a friend another example. You know that if you save money and with the current interest rate about every seven to eight years, your money will double right.

If you put money into a mutual fund or something that’s right. So you know that Albert Einstein has said that the 8th Wonder of the world is compound interest. You know that Warren Buffett has talked about the importance of compound business coach  interest, but yet you’re choosing to react and to not save so Paul you’re, an accountant and when people schedule 1 phone consultation with your hood CPAs talk to me about this that they did Elizabeth. The first education you’re teaching them you’re educated them strategically, but then there’s got to be that emotional part where they actually do.

It walk me through how to help your clients go from knowing what to do when not doing it. Could he business coach  have the clients, don’t even know what to do. Maybe three-quarters don’t know what to do. I I certainly didn’t when I first started my business talk to you about how you educate someone, what to do and then how you act when we fight with this really strange being a CPN account, and we it’s actually a lot.

Psychological people spend what they have. So we teach people to pay themselves first to save before they get their paycheck with your employee put in business coach  401k. If your business owner, then you save it all for the gross, because there’s always more expensive than that. Are there at the end of the month or you create them?

It’S it’s something strange in the universe, but you spend what you have in your pocket or in your bank account and the challenges as most people. You know it when life. Weatherby, exercise or Investments or financial success. Most people say I can’t before they even tried, and so we business coach  we just set up a a very systematic process and it’s a strange phenomenon. It it always works.

Everybody has money to save that stays. Have to say, if someone says schedule free consultation with you, how do they do it and what what do they get? If I do it well, if all you have to do is go to our website and you can do it there, Hood CPA, or send me an email Paul at Hood and will give you a free hour of time. You know it’s, it’s it’s it’s! We business coach  do as much as one of our clients want us to do, and really, I think one of the first things we do is what you get a hold of this Warren Buffett book. Send me an email Paul at Hood. Cps.Com will get it right out to you. I start reading it and then give us a lot to talk about Customs.

If I was going to listeners how to put an auto wrap on a vehicle going to walk us through the steps we want, somebody brings in the vehicle and they’ve agreed on business coach  the artwork. What are the steps that you have to do behind the scenes? To put the wrap on the vehicle in to make it looks sharp.

Yes, I tell people that a vehicle wrap is like watching sausage being made. You love sausage, sausage, taste delicious, but you don’t really want to see it being made and if the process of the vehicle wrap, so you bring your vehicle and we’re going to take it apart. We’Re going to take the mirrors off when I take the headlights and business coach  taillights out we’re going to take away everything that we can off of that vehicle.

You grind it all up, so that we can grind it up and put it in. The casing also said that we can then apply the rap. So then, after we get all the accessories off of it, we’re going to clean it to a certain limits were going to use isopropyl alcohol get every little. This is where I was at the store when I dig in K previous to knowing you, I have paid multiple companies to AutoRap vehicles business coach   and you do what to clean the vehicle to a surgical level of cleanliness.

Yeah we’re going to go over every square inch of that thing, with isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, number of bottles of Mountain Dew washed. It would anybody know well, they would immediately know, but they would know when a year or two when that starts bubbling up in areas where it shouldn’t and that’s what happened to me with the AutoRap company in the past business coach  right and I know somebody who work there And they pointed out to me yeah, we got ta, we get busy, sometimes we’ll skip steps in this is what I’m talking about the Battle within. Is it it’s?

What do you do when no one’s watching and if you’re, self-employed, here’s the crazy jump? You just made? You now don’t have the management layer holding you accountable, because when you work for a boss, if they’re a good boss they’re going to what be business coach  on you – and this is what I hear all the time I hear small business owner say the reason why I started My business is my daughter, be micromanaged, so then you start a company and you don’t micromanage your people. Every successful company I have ever seen Target Starbucks Southwest Airlines.

There is an intense level of micromanagement going on. There has to be otherwise planes would crash. I mean when they fill up the they don’t business coach  just say alright, Gary did you fill it up, like I’m pretty sure I did know, there’s like checklist their systems that she have to talk to the air traffic controller, to verify what airspace they’re flying in on into And out of its not casual and casualness is what causes casualties as if you’re listening today in your business and you’re, not getting anything done. It’S because you’re allowing your subconscious mind to rule the day.

Well, here’s a little secret. Your business coach  subconscious mind does rule today. So we’re going to teach you a comeback: how to motivate your subconscious mind how to feed your mind, positive things so that my default, you always do the right thing, because you feel this deep internal pressure to do the right thing, because you program your mind to Be that way on the daily when it’s quite Clark, it was me the Thrive time show on the radio if you have not yet autoraptor car. What business coach   better way to say,

I love you in with the gift coming AutoRap customs and check it out, check, check, check it out, live local, get ready to enter The Primetime show on talk. Radio 1170. Alright, tribe Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive. Time. Show on your radio now joining us in side, the box that rocks we have Miss Jessica Jessica.

How are you doing business coach  wonderful? How are you I will? I’M excited to see you and you are raising awareness for a great cause. Tell us about yourself! Isn’T else about this cause community outreach coordinator within our outreach program called eeylops Eagle option?

If you want to find out more information about our outreach program, you can go to Eagle Ops. Info and what we are doing is we are have paired up with the local DAV Disabled American Veterans, to run their business coach  DAV 5K this November 4th.

And if you want to find out more information about it, you can go to DAV 5K. Org. We are trying to create the largest team in the nation, so we need people to sign up and register know you are married. A guy who served in the Marines is that correct. That is correct. Were you in the military is married to a marine? Well, I’m going to take on this at all. I will I just cuz you’re married to a marine, so I just want to get your take on. This was a very business coach   good friend of mine. Served in the Army was very, very high up and he ordered talking today about battling a winning the battle.

Within your mind, that we’re talking about you’re just doing it we’re talking about winning the battle within your mind and when he was in the Army before he enlisted, he was not a disciplined person, so he would not get up early. I wouldn’t really work out. Was it really intense about anything, and he told me to the reason why I’m business coach  enlisting is because I feel like I need discipline in my life so probably 7 years later, six years later, when I sat down with him again after he was getting out, I said What time you wake up today he’s like 5, and I said what to do: hit the gym: what to do next?

This ain’t even know the guy that, if you found it with Jonathan, he came back. Is he still in that Marine mind or what sea did you know him before he was in the Marines? I did he’s always been very motivated, so that’s business coach  I mean a little bit different, but afterwards definitely very regimented and it sticks with him. He’S been out 14 years now and it sticks with him.

Definitely one of the things that I heard from my buddy was telling me is that the big one, the biggest adjustment for him of coming back into the into civilian life? Is, he said so many people don’t have a purpose and they just drift around.

They have no plans, there’s nothing, there’s no game plan, there’s no intensity, there’s business coach  no diligence and so he’s he went through probably four or five jobs before you found one that he could stick at cuz like the people around me are so lazy. He’S like in the military, if I don’t want to run my United States Commander, would just basically I don’t know it’s not an option, and you know, and it’s okay, you just get the world Dr Coulter, so coddled now does it delete. It doesn’t bother him at all the work ethic of the typical person riding the bus on the business coach  radio show, but Disney lack of work ethic bother him well. This is one thing:

I’ve discovered with top entrepreneurs is that every top entrepreneur has a work ethic where they just get stuff done, and it’s because they have found a way to win business coach  the battle of the mind they, but they found a way to convince them self.

On a daily basis, what business coach   needs to be done and they do it now, here’s what we’re going to teach you to read. Teach you the different parts of the Mind part part number. One of the mind is the part where we watch TED Talks. It’S the prefrontal business coach  cortex. Without this we would all be ruled by impulses and desires.

We wouldn’t have an ability to think about future consequences, but the subconscious mind is what allows us to laugh at a joke. So when someone says something that’s business coach  funny or not funny, we is a human unless you’ve taught yourself how to give courtesy, laughs, you’ll just give somebody that kind of look alike, and then you realize I’m supposed to laugh now and then it so it’s like it’s the business coach  Part of the brain that makes you cry when something bad happens.

It’S the part of the brain that makes you sincerely feel sad when, when a loss happens, it’s it’s the part of the brain that says, I want ice cream. I know I’m on a diet, but I’ll start that tomorrow cuz I might have ice cream. Is it’s the part of the brain that says I’m going to quit smoking after I buy another pack of cigarettes and it’s it’s the it’s the and that’s the part of mine that rules most people and business coach  successful people have found a way to beat that area of Their mind the subconscious mind it’s all going to walk you through specific moves and a situations of where you could see the prefrontal, cortex winning or the subconscious mind.

Okay, so one is just asking the question: Paul Hood: how am I complicit in creating the conditions that I say I don’t want hell? Am I to blame or two credit to where I am right now? What time does the weakest muscle business coach   in the body?

In the end, it’s weird how we all have that negative self-talk or oh, it’s, okay, it hurts stop doing that or you know you really you don’t remember what all grandma or this person or that person – and you know when does make excuses just fight through and They focus on the rewards versus the effort, and so you know like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he says the last three reps is where the growth is.

The problem is most people quit before business coach   those last three reps in here is what I have found. Is it? If you are somebody who believes you’re the capacity to change your life because you’re accepting that you are today, you got here because of what you do, then you won’t blame things like politics, whether family luck in genetics, for where you are George Washington, Carver, Was Born Into Slavery didn’t even know his birthday didn’t know his real name.

While he went on to become a very successful business coach  botanist and bought in Destiny. A basic helped completely rejuvenate the African American farming because they had depleted their soil of all the nutrients and he studied the peanut and the sweet potatoes in a way that allowed his people to totally replenish the nutrients in the land.

But he could have just complained that hey, I didn’t, have any education and hey. I didn’t. I didn’t grow up with a father, hey, I don’t even know her name, but instead he took business coach  control of his own destiny. Ii example of this would be like writing. A thank you card just to be nice, that’s something you have to do for being thoughtful and strategic, but then making the time in your schedule to actually do it or saying I’m not going to eat that food anymore.

That would require you saying no, but then the subconscious mind would say: I’m not going to write that letter and, let’s just go, have some more cake for a long time. Have you ever business coach  been hard for you to motivate yourself?

I mean it cuz. I need a lot of people ate at in business. Owners go out of business, they fail and I think, a lot of times I unfortunately just cuz. They refuse to make the hard decisions yeah. I think that I may be unique, because I have to do it.

Every single day, so I wake up in the morning and that’s that that’s that’s the first thing I do. I motivate myself and I have to do it constantly. So it is, my brain is weak, and so my back is strong and it business coach  said just get up and do it well.

There’S a book called The Magic of thinking big, but he talks about in the book there. That your mind is what the mind is fed, and so I am very intentional about taking the first hour of my day to feed my mind positive thing. I do every single day but listen to TD Jakes, while I’m taking a shower and I listen to the audio book while I’m getting business coach  ready, I do it every single day.

So it’s not yet just on the days. I don’t want to have a bad day, because I know that I have to take a shower everyday. I’M going to start where I’m going to start to smell weird, and I also need to go to bed myself everyday, because when I get into the work day, there’s so much adversity is an entrepreneur or as a father as a parent trying to raise kids in Today’S world, you just got to get yourself coached up in the mornings, if not business coach   you’re, going to drift, and so I’m asking you today.

What are you going to do on a daily basis beginning tomorrow morning? What are you going to do on a daily basis to motivate yourself? We come back. I can’t wait to get into the routines of of Paul Hood, how you get yourself motivated your Big Workout Guy, where to get your, how you do that cuz!

I need a lot of people, you know you’re a fifty-year-old accountant and it looks like you’re in the best shape of your life, and I love to pick business coach  your brain on how you doing and really what steroids are taking business coach radio show. My name is Clay. Clark, we don’t Advocate steroids, but we do have a curiosity as to how Paul Hood looks so good right now, I’m 50 years old, 50 years old and see what you guys are looking good in the water.

So remember when we were driving in your car. I was drunk City Lights. I had a feeling that I was wrong. I could be someone bring some money. Alright, tribe Nation, welcome back business coach  to the conversation today were talking about winning the battle within and if you’ve ever believed that you could be someone I guarantee you can, but I’m also telling you that by default, if you don’t start to dramatically live differently, it won’t happen.

So one of my biggest frustrations or or struggles or even frustration, because I’ve kind of Let It Go, and I don’t think it’s just it’s just that. I guess my realization was that when you get to the top it’s alone business coach  up there, it’s only there’s just very few people up there.

So I went to a workshop years ago and the guy was teaching how to get to the top of Google and remember he was teaching you things you have to do is hit the most content and the time the DJ company wasn’t very big, and I had About 6 guys – and I realize I’m going to have to write about so I thought okay, when am I business coach   going to do it and I realized okay, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to have to do it and my current schedule. I work in a pretty much from 7 a.m. to 5:17 to 6 everyday, and so I’m going to have to find time. So I told them.

Yes, I’m going to set my alarm every day for 2 a.m. and I’m going to go to bed at 9 and I’m going to write articles for the first five hours a day every day. And then, when I got to the top of Google and DJ became a multimillion-dollar business coach  business, people say hi to do it and I like to say it was luck and I’d like to say I surrounded myself with people smarter than me.

So I’d like to say I will it was my family and everybody say was God it was the church. It was my neighbor’s, it was the support of the community, but it wasn’t. It was me, waking up at 2 and choosing to write articles every day. So I can get to the top and I got the top as a result of sacrifice. I traded off a lot of things and I had to work on the business coach  weekends.

Instead, during the day, I had a trade-off lot of stuff and now that I married a lot of times, dudes ask me they’ll, say: hey dude, you want to go to the summit club and hang out you and me and the dudes, and then I say, roll Call if you’re divorced put your hand up and they’re all their hands go up great, I’m not going with you guys, and so I don’t go because that’s why I’ve stayed married. If I don’t go to places with single man, I just don’t do it, and so I know that it’s hard and it’s business coach   about trade-offs and so the question I would have for you Paul hooded you’re, in great shape.

I used to stay in great shape and any room you’re in one of the most In-Shape people, but I know you’re going to make some trade-offs. What’S going on in your head, what kind of trade out so you’re, making your 50 years old, so the trade-offs to mine said how do you do it? I have three sons that walk around my house when they’re over there with no shirts on in the wrong Rippling business coach  muscles, and I just you know I I I got to compete.

I got to stay right there with them. I can’t do that. I was taught as far as a raising my my kids. If I want them to do X, I got to do 10 x, x, they’re, going to duplicate me, and so I get up every morning around 6 and I and it’s a good 45 minutes to an hour workout, and so I give up some sleep.

I, but I bet I like the results, also compete with myself. I got a story for you. I don’t like to run. I hate business coach  to run. I ran a marathon. Have a quick question. Cuz the listeners with all these things. Do you have a trainer, or do you go by yourself? I have, I don’t have an actual trainer. I have a client, a good friend of mine.

Charles yep, in Barnesville Carlos Fitness, and he kind of guides me a little bit of Charles colaw guide you through this. That’S correct and you’re, saying that you don’t like to run yeah. I hate to run, but I saw somebody with a sticker on their car business coach  and they have a sticker. I want sticker 26.2 sticker, so talk about being motivated and fighting with yourself at about mile 20, I’m ready to quit for a beer, bad.

I hate or bad about it. I know I hated it. That’S impressive, but you know what it was. It was a very humbling experience. I probably will never do it again. What was happening is it mild 20. Is this lady passed me? I see how to be a hundred, and ten is Lady hundred ten she’s. Excuse me sweetheart business coach   just get over here.

So I felt like you know. She just blew a man, and so I can’t quit now, because my kids are going to be there and they’re going to see it’s always tough when the person with the walker with the tennis balls on the bottom of it passes, you blew by me at the Marathon, I’ve been married 23 years and here’s one thing about you: I’ve business coach  never going to pick on this because you are a really committed Family Guy you’re, always talking about I’m taking my kids here, we’re going. There were doing this, we’re grilling that sure you’re really committed.

I am now we’re not going to mention any names, but do you know of some dudes that you have grown up with been around whatever and they have not made certain trade-offs to keep their marriage where it is, and you have made certain trade-off. So talk business coach  to me about the trade-offs that you’ve made dinner to make your marriage successful and maybe see what I mean cuz.

I need some listening cuz. I think what happened is we want to have a great marriage? You want to have a great workout. You want to be in great shape when I get money great success, but no one wants to make any trade-offs. It all talk to me about the whole marriage thing cuz. You seem like a happily married man, at least you’re tricking business coach  me into letting you know.

Thank you, I’m glad that I’m giving you that impression cuz, I absolutely am so I’m more in love with my wife and I ever have been and everyday. I thank God for her and so but there, but there are sacrifices. She makes a lot more than I do obviously, but there are our sacrifices that you make the decision that you make every single day and those are to do the right things and not do the wrong things hang out with people that you want to be just business coach

To look at as as mentors and an end, so I do that so I try to surround myself with people that are also successful, happily married. They see time, commitment and and part of that time. Commitment is to their family now hear about winning the battle within we’re talking about the struggle to beat the part of your mind that wants to drift everyday, so I might call it Satan out of your ears example.

This is me being an idiot. To put. This is what I did. I used to go to church once a business coach  week and when I would go, I was pumped Paul. I would stay pumped until about Tuesday. Just I was good till about until Wednesday, so you on Sunday by Wednesday, I’m still open the door for people. You know. Oh my gosh. Yes, yes, I will open the door.

Yes, yes, it’s so good to see you to turn the other cheek people saying horrible things to me and I mean yeah. I could see your point, I’m just Captain business coach  positive, then my about Thursday, I’m like clay. Why are you bringing the musket to work? I just in case that’s.. I would just start to get ready so that you know and remember this happen.

If I went to church one time and I went to church and I pulled out of the parking lot of the church – and I got to cut me off – and I extended the middle finger to him in the parking lot on the way out, because I was At the parking lot in the gates, the business coach   finger, though, and I don’t get hit, T-Bone whatever, and then I can be sped up and Amina, but it’s not acceptable behavior for me to give the guy middle finger.

I did it because I cuz I was operating in my subconscious. Mind will now I pretty much listen to TD Jakes like every morning, while getting ready, and so now it’s more of like a daily thing. So I think that my natural pull my it pulls me to not do it so they’re day, but very happy very happy about myself. Here business coach  recently I was at the Jenks Riverwalk here and a guy goes to cut me off in my nightmares are subconscious.

My instinct was to not giving the middle finger, it was almost like I was going, I would have waved my hand came up and I didn’t immediately, but I’d almost like pre-programmed the hand and the extension of the middle finger of like a quick like a knee-jerk To move and I and I and it back in the back in high school little bit, I’m wondering if I used to do is if you, if you bumped me or you in any way, insulted me,

I’m business coach  going to throw a Haymaker, but that was like my. I didn’t have to like really think about. It was like a big like, oh my gosh. Is there a fight, I’m just going to sucker punch and knocked and knocked out cuz? I feel like, if you’re not going to try to intimidate me at all, so how many girls did you hit in high school?

I know, ladies, but it was a selfie stick, so I think maybe somebody every time you get stressed out, you just ate, like 4 gallons of ice cream, looks like Ultra business coach  irritated and he goes in there and he orders, like I’m dumb, not kidding. It was like. I don’t even business coach  know what it was: 8 Scoops nice cuz. He comes out with this huge tub and you can tell that was his coping mechanism. For being honest, we all have to find a way to cope with life and find a way to train our subconscious. Mind so business coach  I want to ask you this Ryan: how do you stay positive on The Daily?

I won’t ask you this. I was just going to ask you the same question as well. What are you doing right now you stay positive on a daily basis will play. I am truly, I focus on the positives. I focus on the blessings that I’ve been given and I grew up pretty poor and with with grandparents that were crazy, pour let me know where they were Paul cuz.

They couldn’t afford the RM poor, and so they would business coach  well their ships. They didn’t have shoes, they shared close I’ll text him right out of it. Every time. I think I’m feeling you have poor little old me. I think there are a thousand people that would trade places with me in a heartbeat and any the day there, a thousand people that would trade places with me, and I focus on that and it keeps me positive now we come back from the break.

I want Jessica to share with us what she does on a daily basis to stay business coach   positive. Her husband own, a business together, would be a great chance for you to share about what it’s like to be in a married to an entrepreneur and in to be somebody who’s growing, a business in that also like for you to share this a little bit about

This cause because you’re in a time when people are feeling for the national anthem, she’s standing up for the veterans and that it took its outstanding to see people standing up for what’s right, it’s business coach  pathetic 250 people kneeling for what’s wrong. My name is the political show, but it’s a Primetime show on your radio and with the real Patriots. Please stand up taken.


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