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Dear President Donald J. Trump, I’m “Mr. Clark” and Kim Clement Told Me I’m Supposed to Share This Message With You + An Interview with David Clement (Kim Clement’s Brother) and Karin Clement (David’s Wife) 

 2020 is the year God will allow the world to see the systemic technology-enable voter and medical fraud that is robbing Americans of both their life and liberty (literally). 1. Stop false-positive COVID-19 PCR tests 2. Ban the use of the RNA-Modifying “Luciferase” Vaccines 3. Allow Budesonide to be available over the counter for all upper respiratory infections.

Podcast Audio – 

A Visual Explanation of the Message: ACTION ITEMS:
1. Stop using the false-positive COVID-19 PCR tests 

  1. Ban the use of the RNA-Modifying Nano-Technology-Filled “Luciferase” WO-2020-060606 Patent Crypto-Currency Vaccines created by Harvard’s Charles Lieber, the prolific pedophile Jeffery Epstein, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. 
  2. Allow the FDA approved asthma medication budesonide to be able over the counter for all upper respiratory infections.

Get All of the Facts Related to the COVID-19 / 2020 Chaos At: 

    1. I am the “Mr. Clark” referenced in the following Kim Clement prophecy video: 
    2. Learn about the “Luciferase” Technology embedded in the COVID-19 Vaccines which include: RNA-modifying body-activated cryptocurrency with a patent number W02020-060606 – 
    3. Read the Patent – 
      1. The Creators of the Technology – 
        1. Charles Lieber Created the Technology with Epstein – 
        2. Jeffrey Epstein Was Creating His Own Race of People “The Luciferase” – 
        3. Epstein Worked on Bioengineering His Own Race – 
        4. The Astra-Zeneca COVID-19 Vaccines –  
    4. Read the Scripture – “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” – Revelation 13:17-18
    5. How the PCR tests are creating an infinite and unwinnable game for America – 
    6. Dr. Richard Bartlett (the former top advisor the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry) shares how his protocol has been used to successfully treat 1,000 + deaths with 0 deaths – read his study at 
  • How to End the “Pandemic Chaos” Immediately:
    1. Authorize Budesonide to be available to all Americans (Over 3,000 COVID-19 Patients Treated with 0 Deaths) –
      1. Dr. Richard Bartlett 
      2. Dr. Jim Meehan 
    2. Ban the Use of the Wrong Calibrated Fear Causing and False Positive Diagnosing PCR Tests –
      3. Dozens speak against Edmonton’s mask bylaw at city hall meeting
        1. WATCH: 
          1. Article about what the ZOOM call was 
          3. Bio of Dr Roger Hodkinson


  1. The Models Designed to Create the Fear Were Nefariously Wrong and Funded by Amazon – 
  2. The Intentionally Wrongly Callibrated PCR Tests Are Creating an Infinite and Unwinnable Problem for America – 
  3. The Vaccines Are Worse Than the Virus – 


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Voter Fraud 2020

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April 4th 2007 – Prophecy: April 4th, 2007 — Redding, CA — Media, Time, Newsweek, Trump, Gates – 

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