The Power of Hiring ONLY Positive People (And Pumping Gas with Bob Ross)

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On this show Clay breaks down the power of hiring ONLY positive people, looking for people who have great energy, edge, the ability to execute, the ability to energize others and a passion for life while attempting to pump his gas.

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.” –

FUN FACT – “85% of job applicants lie on resumes.” – 


“Energy – Energy is the ability to go, go, go–to thrive on action and relish change. People with positive energy are generally extroverted and optimistic. They make conversation and friends easily. They’re people who don’t complain about working hard–they love to work. They also love to play and overall just love life. “ – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

“Energize – This is the ability to get others revved up. People who energize can inspire their team to take on the impossible–and enjoy doing it. The ability to energize is apparent in someone with an in-depth knowledge of their business, who sets a powerful personal example, and has strong persuasion skills.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

“Edge – Having edge means having the courage to make tough “yes or no” decisions. Smart people can assess a situation from every angle–but smart people with edge know when to stop assessing and make a tough call, even without all the information.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

“Execute – Being able to execute means having the ability to get the job done. It turns out a person can have positive energy, energize everyone around them, make hard calls, and still not get over the finish line. Being able to execute is a unique and distinct skill. It means the person knows how to put decisions into action and push them forward to completion, through resistance, chaos, or unexpected obstacles. People who can execute know that winning is about results.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

“Passion – People with passion have a heartfelt, deep, authentic excitement about work. They care–really care in their bones–about colleagues, employees, and friends. They love to learn and grow, and they get a huge kick out of people around them doing the same.” – Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

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Although it’s not legal to text and drive to our knowledge, there are no laws against broadcasting while driving. Here’s yet another edition of the Hummer of love on the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. It is now time for another edition of the Hummer of love thrive time show. And on today’s business coaching show, I want to talk about the power of positive people, the power of positive people. Tonight we had a group interview at six o’clock. We had our interview, we do every win every Thursday night at 6:00 PM up here. And I interviewed some of the coolest people ever. Just cool people. I mean where have all these cool people been? This right here was an unbelievable crop of people. Now we had crop of people. We had um, approximately. I know we had over a hundred resumes submitted this week, over a hundred resumes submitted for the different positions that, you know, elephant in the room or Shaw homes or total lending concepts or any of the partner businesses I work with or, or my own companies. And over those 140 of 40 of the people actually showed up on time for the interview tonight.

Maybe we had 41 show up on time for the interview. It never ceases to amaze me, but we had about three folks. You know, I say about, we had three folks that for whatever reason, kit can’t quite, couldn’t quite figure out when it was or where it was or what had happened with. And so, um, they’re immediately disqualified now, then they’re not going to get a job. Um, because they just can’t be on time and that it turns out, you know, that’s a, that’s an important thing. But, so, you know, we had though a really, really good group of people and you might say, well, well, clay, how do, how do you know they’re good people? Well, they asked unbelievably great questions today and my group interview, I always open it up for people to ask me any questions about expectations, compensation, communication, uh, within the org chart.

Um, you know who their boss is going to be, the hours they’re going to work, the pay, they’re going to have the expectations of the job, the communication, how you know who their boss is going to be, who’s going to communicate with them. And the, the compensation, the compensation expectations, communications, compensations opened up for people to ask me any questions they want about the job. And we had people, I mean almost 40 people asking Greg questions, dressing sharp, showing up on time. It was awesome. And I say that to encourage somebody out there, because I know the statistics out there, if you’re a business owner, the statistics show that 85% of job candidates are lying on their resume. According to inc magazine, 85% of candidates are lying on their resume according to inc magazine. And 75% of candidates are stealing from their job, from their workplace.

Uh, according to the U S chamber of commerce, 75%. And that’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing. It’s not a good thing. But there are great people and that’s why elephant in the room does so well. Our men’s grooming lounge, we have happy people up in that place. And when you hire happy people, yes, it just works. The systems work to quote Maya Angelou, the bestselling author in legendary a playwright. Nothing works unless you do a, but to put it in the context of being a business owner, yes, nothing works unless you do, but also nothing works unless your people do. No thing works unless your people do. And I was just, I was just so blown away by how many good people there were tonight. And I only have for my companies, uh, two openings tonight. I only have, I only have two openings, but I found tonight at least at least 20 people tonight that are sharp. And so if you’re in the Tulsa area right now, I’m not sure when you’re going to get this show. I’m recording this show here.

I’m at seven. I’m recording this right now at a seven 43, um, P M here. I’m going to try to pump some gas by them. I try to pump gas while doing a podcast. I don’t if that’s possible. Maybe, maybe my phone will cause the gasoline to ignite or something. I don’t know. But I mean, we’ve got 20 people right now who are ready to go, who could fill in any slot at, at any company. And you might say, well clay, how do you know they’re good people? Oh, I told you, they ask great questions, but you said, yeah, but they ask great questions. But what else? Listen, homeys they put off great energy. We all, we all know this, right? But the mind is what the mind is fed. The mind is what the mind is fed. That’s it. That’s the thing we know.

But we also know this, that whatever somebody has in their heart manifest themselves through the way they look, the way they interact, the way they hang out. By the way, my Hummer has a new feature now where it’s, you know, Betsey’s uh, got, you know, um, let me check here. The mileage on this thing. Betsy has got a 200,000 plus miles on it, on, on her. Uh, my, my, my vehicle here and Betsey’s new things. She no longer wants to accept gas. Betsy has 200, 8,000, 859 miles, 208,859 miles, 200, 8,000, 859 miles in Betsy just doesn’t really want to take gas offering. So I try to fill it up. Um, you know, fill her up with gas. I’ve got the pump going on here. Um, she will reject it at a certain point. Listen to the guy that I hit the turn the gas push, the trigger pumping.

And then as I’m pumping, I’m getting pretty close to the gas pump thing so you can hear the audio. Um, and I’ll read the warning labels says warning, improper use may cause a hazardous condition. Refer to postage mornings, avoid hazard, remain at nozzle in case of fire. Do not rule, move nozzle. Um, no smoking cigarettes or flames. Licensed drivers only do not top off the check and pump. This gas of Bob Ross was here and began pushing in slightly down. Look at that. Oh, you had to do a sort of wiggling it C, wiggle it, wiggle it and to, Oh, she’s taking the gap. She’s, I bet you this is the only podcast you’re ever going to hear where the host is pumping off and gas. Let me find me another show out there where the host is pumping gas and driving home while doing the show.

That’s the kind of dedication I have. Your fault. But you’re getting more saying, well, what kind of things play and you know, do you look for in people? How do you know they’re a good fit? Well, let’s, let’s, let’s go through the four E’s and the P. all right, the four E’s in the P. if you haven’t listened to this show before, maybe you’re new to the thrive time show. Just know I always cite what I say. So you know what I’m saying? It’s true. I always cite what I say. So do you know that what I’m saying is in fact the way, so I told you 75% of employees still from the workplace, from the U S chamber of commerce and CBS news reports, 85% of employees, uh, lie on their resumes according to inc magazine. I told you those facts. Um, and I’m gonna tell you the facts about the forties and the peak.

You see that the four A’s in the P R the system that was designed by Jack Welch, and you might say, well, who’s Jack Welch? Jack Welch was the number one C E O in American history. At least. It’s arguable by many. He was during his time. Um, he grew GE or general electric. The company famously started by Thomas Edison, the guy who invented the light bulb and recorded audio and recorded sound. Thomas Edison. He started general electric and Jack Welch kickstarted the growth of that stagnant company. The company was stagnant, it hadn’t grown in a long time, and it was just kind of idling, barely making it kind of lost at sea. And Jack Walls grew that thing by 4000%. 4000% that’s a big number. Yeah, it is a big number. 4000% that’s a huge number, right? I mean 4000% that’s a massive number. I think that’s a massive number. It is a massive number. I think you get the idea. So Jack Welch grew the company and he said that the things he looked for in his people were the four E’s and the P. what kind of, what are the forties in the pate? Do I have to judge people? Yes, you have to judge people. But I was told I shouldn’t judge people by broke teachers. You have to judge people. It’s called discernment or you gotta judge people. You gotta have like a radar up that lets you know whether they’re good people. So it’s towards talking the forties

he number one, do people put out, put off, give out good energy, period. If somebody puts out, gives off a Mitt showcases bad energy. Good. I’m outta here man. I’ve had some family in my life that if admitted some bad energy and I hired him. Why? Because I’m a recovering jackass for a years. I had no idea what I was doing. I kept trying to hide, hire people and try to fix them. You know, you know that move where you, you date the guy that that you know you can’t possibly get his life together, but you’re going to be the one to fix it. You dated the girl, she’s attractive, but she’s got some problems. You know you’re going to fix her. No, you’re not. According to doctors, elder, my partner, he always says, people change. Seldom look up. Proverbs talks and properties at great length about a companion of fools, right?

Shall what? Experience. Harm and a companion of wise people shall what you do. Well though, you’re new. Okay, so right away, do they have a good energy? We had so many people putting off good energy dudes and ladies putting off good energy. It was awesome. I didn’t want to leave. I’m like, yes, these are my people. These people are great. These people will show up to work on time. These people will not talk back. These people are coachable. These people are approachable. These people are sober. These are good people, sober people, good sober people. These are nice people, people, great people. The power of positive people hire people with great energy to second E from Jack Welch, the CEO who grew GE by 4000% 4,000 what percent? 4000% right second eat. Execute. Man. These people got it done. I asked them to fill out a questionnaire and they did it and they wrote nicely with a nice pen.

They wrote nicely where you can actually read the words they were writing down. They were executing. People that execute can show up on time. They understand the space, time continuum and the complexities of geographically relocating a vehicle from point a to point B on time. People that cannot be on time can never be on time. You know who they are. I’m riding in the car with them right now. What do I do? I don’t know what to do. Stop listening to this show with people that are chronically late. When you quote John D Rockefeller, he talks about this. He says, no man has the right to his says, no man has the right to occupy another man, another man’s time unnecessarily. No man has the right to occupy another man’s time unnecessarily as a result of being late. Don’t be late. These people were on time and they got the worksheet filled out correctly and they wrote nicely they could execute and the people that can’t figure out what to do on the worksheet or the kind of people that won’t be able to get it done, they can, they have great energy and they can execute.

Pop quiz E number one was what? Energy pop quiz. By the way, you get to make up points. Pop quiz number two, number two, woo. They, these people could X ex execute. Right. Okay. Now through 30 30 as we talked about the power of positive people. 30 is these people had the edge. The edge. Yeah. The edge. The edge edge is when you can make the tough call. You can ask the tough question. You can really showcase what you can do when you ask people in a group interview setting if they have any questions. The kind of person that doesn’t ask any questions or doesn’t want to ask any questions is the kind of person that doesn’t have edge because they fear the ability that they feel. If you’re being criticized, you want to deal with people that have edge, people have good energy, people that can ex cute and people that have great edge.

What was the first day again for 5,000 mega points? Energy. The next is, ah, execute. The third is edge. Now the fourth E, energy, execute edge. These people could energize other people. It sounds a lot like energy. No, it’s different. These people could energize other people. These people have a connective, uh, they have, uh, uh, it’s like, uh, an energy that connects people. It’s, it’s like a force field. They put out a positive positivity. You can sense the vibrations around them. They’re the frequency with which their mind is operating. That there’s a, there’s a certain glow in them. Their eyes. You just sense there’s a sense of urgency, expectation and motivation. And it’s all there. They have this, this energy is expectation. This, this motivation, this, this, um, something as this idea of the fire, of the desire that is required. They, they want it.

They need it. This is what they do. This is not an act for them. They put out good energy, so good. In fact, they energize other people. That’s why I didn’t want to leave. The is unbelievable. Unbelievable interview. Unbelievable grit, grit, people, great people. These people could really, really energize other people. Now the P P yeah, four A’s and a P was Jack Welch into urine. I don’t know if Jack Welch was into your own, but I can tell you the fourth, there’s four E’s and a P. P. P stands for passion. Does the person have the kind of passion needed to record a podcast after seven 30 on a Thursday night after they’d been up since three in the morning while pumping gas? I mean, does the person have the kind of passion for the job where they want it? You can just sense it. They do.

They have a passion for life, not just a passion for the job and have a passion for the job. They have a passion for life. They want to be alive. They want to dominate, win, grow, succeed, elevate. They want to get it done. They want to get things done. They like to win. They like winning. You can sense that and you say, how can you pick up all of that? How do you inhale? You know, how do you know who these people are? Well, I opened this invitation to you. If you are a business coaching client or a business conference attendee, you can always come on a Thursday night at 6:00 PM to watch me recruit the people that know how to win. You can always come shout at me on a Thursday night at 6:00 PM to watch me recruit people that win because when you win, the fun begins.

Winning is fun. It’s fun times, good times. Blasty blast, laser show, fun winning. You know it’s not fun losing and you know, causes losing losers. Let me repeat the forties. Energy. Great people have great energy, bad people, low energy, that’s fine. Be introverted. Make less money. Oprah, top TV personality makes more money and good energy. Steve jobs made money. Good energy. Elon Musk makes money. Energy. Ron James puts off energy, good energy, makes money. Introverted, quiet guy. Never talks introspective, not going to work. Now what? Yes, I’m introverted too. I spent a lot of time by myself on the weekends, but when I’m around people, I have to get it done. Every, every interaction with humanity is Showtime. It is go time. It is pro. Time is go time. It is Showtime. It’s pro time. Pro time. That’s what you do. It’s every interaction with people is a Showtime.

So come to the, come to a group interview, Thursday night at 6:00 PM, be there. It’s ladies night, you know, or it’s guys night. It’s, it’s a great opportunity. You can learn, you can watch it. If you’re a client or a conference attending, you can come to it. If you’re not, then come to a conference. Learn more about how the group interview works. Listen to my podcasts where I actually played audio from a group interview. Um, I don’t know what I need to tell you, but this is such an easy thing once you learn it. But if you hire low energy people, you’re going to lose. Don’t hire your son or your daughter. If they’re low energy, stop doing higher up associate pastor. That’s low energy. You know higher up manager, that’s low energy. What are you doing? Execute. Don’t hire people that can’t get the job done.

You know all these nice people, they’re a nice person. They just can’t seem to get the job done. Well, I’ll tell you what. Look, they seem like a nice person, but they can’t get the job done. I mean, what? What? Why are you, why are you hiring? Deal the cake. Get the job done. Well that I’m not going to ask person and I go to church with him. I’ll tell you, I love that you go to church with him, but you can’t hire people just because they go to church with you. Where am I in my business? Show blood is thicker than water. I don’t know. Hire my son cause my father hired and his father hired

him. I don’t know what that is. Don’t hire low energy people in people that can’t get the job done. Execute the third. Don’t hire people that don’t have the edge. They don’t have the ability to say what needs to be sad, when it needs to be sad that people that are just so timid and afraid of ever offending anybody, they’re the Lord of political correctness. These people, which is the vast majority of people are the people you shouldn’t hire. Yeah, I’m saying these people, which is the vast majority of people, 85% of people according to inc magazine, do what? They lie on their resumes. 75% of people do what? What are they? What are they? Do you know what? I’m going to grab a beverage right now. They will sip my water. While you think about that, 75% of people do what? At the workplace? 75% people do what?

Come on now. They what? They steal from the workplace and 85% of people do what? Lie on the resumes. 85% of people do what they, they lie on their resumes according to what? Clay, what study? Ink magazine. 75% of people what? Steal from the workplace according to what the us chamber of commerce and CBS news, the vast majority of people do not deserve to have a job working for you because you want to be excellent. Consider this factoid for you. This will fun factoid. This just did this Justin, 330 million people inhabit this great country. We call the United States of America. 330 million people inhabit this great planet, this great country, this great place on the planet. We call the United States of America. 16 million of which check the box on the tax returns and say they are self employed. 16 million.

However, according to inc magazine, look it up. 96% of businesses fail within 10 years. Corrine inc magazine according to the U S chamber, according to Forbes, I mean every study you see shows that 85% of businesses fail or but each shows 96% well, if the ink study is correct and you can read it and look it up yourself to see if it’s true, if ink was correct, the 96% of businesses businesses fail. That would mean you have a 0.00193 repeating 0.0019% chance of being successful as an entrepreneur. Point zero zero one nine three that’s two tenths of a percent. So why is it possible that dr Robert Zellner and I have built 16 multimillion dollar companies? Look these things up. Go to EITR ask yourself why is it successful? Is it because I’m smart? No. Is it because of my gut flux? What are you talking? It’s because your connections, you’re part of the Illuminati. No, I’m not. I mean why does doctors’ East bank, bank bank, Regent bank, he owns a bank bank, [inaudible] bank she don’t tell anybody. Why is it successful? Why is my make your life Epic marketing firm and coaching firms successful? Why is make your life Epic dotcom successful? Why?

Why? I dunno.

Perhaps I know a proven system. Am I lucky? Well, if I’m lucky, that means I have like a 0.00193% chance of succeeding and then the next time I have a 0.00193% chance of succeeding in the next time you start to add up all the, all those variables. That’s like one out of a trillion people, one of a billion people. One out of a very few people build 15 successful multimillion dollar companies. Very few people, very few people, but why do I do it? Why did I go DJ look it up. Why was it successful? Look it up. I don’t know why. The clients like coach, where do they succeed? People like you know, Cola fitness dot Gammer Shaw, why does Charlotte homes grow from $40 million in sales? $37 million of sales to over $80 million in sales by

why do the heads of large commercial real estate companies like Kanbar real estate who used to own look up, look this up. Kanbar K a N B a R Kanbar properties in my name, clay Clark. Why do big companies like that hire me? They had 20 you know, the Kanbar used to own 23% of downtown Tulsa, 23% why did they hire me? Why the great companies like Oxi fresh bring me on to help them nail it and scale it wide? A great companies like Oxy bridge have 400 locations. Why does some people nail it and some people fail it? I think one, my Angela’s correct. Nothing works unless you do. But the second problem is nothing works unless your people work, which brings us to a conclusion. You got to live for people who have good energy. You have to look for people, look for people that have great energy, people that can enter it jives others, people that can execute, and people that have the edge to make the tough call.

But the final thing you gotta look for is that P you gotta look for people with a passion. People with a passion to do more than just survive. That is who you want to hire. You cannot hire people that are content with barely making it. You wouldn’t hire people that want to thrive. People who want to dominate, people that want to succeed. I know you want to succeed this way. Listen to the show, but I encourage you, I mean wrestle with what I told you today. Look up the stats. Look up, look at the statistics I’ve shared with you. From 85% of people lying on the resume from inc magazine or 75% of people lying on there are stealing from the workplace. 75% people stealing from the workplace. Look that up. Look up this, uh, these statistics about, um, Oh look up. All the companies I’ve cited.

Look up all the companies I’ve referenced on today’s show. I mean, look up living water, irrigation, and ask yourself, how could they hurt? How were they able to grow from $300,000 of sales to almost one point $9 million of sales in two years when most people don’t grow, when only 0.00193% of businesses grow. Why are they successful? If you go right now and you go to thrive time and you click on the the page that says testimonials, you will see there a long lineage of successful business coaching clients. You understand, I’ve been business coaching clients since 2006 and seven and my business coaching clients win and they don’t just kind of win. I mean they win consistently, they dominate and if you’re out there today and you have not been able to win and sometime you need to get your body, your body, you need to get your potty to our next in-person thrive time show business conference.

Why? Well one will teach you marketing, sales, branding, accounting, all the legal things you need to know. We answered all the questions there for you, but you’re surrounded by winners and not whiners. People that have succeeded, people that record a podcast while driving and pumping gas and now I’m in my driveway. People that are committed to doing whatever it takes that’s you’re going to be surrounded with you. Do you understand? Like 80% get 80% of the people who attend our business conferences are the owners of successful multimillion dollar companies. You told me another room, you’re going to find like that and check this out. The people sitting next to you who are in these multi-millionaires, the vast majority of them were not multimillionaires before the coaching. That’s powerful. My name is clay Clark. I encourage you to hire great people because when you hire great people, there’s a, there’s a power there. There’s a powerful, there’s something powerful. There’s this, there’s the power of hiring positive people. There is a power in hiring positive people and I like to end each and every show with the boom because boom stands for big, overwhelming optimistic. What? Momentum? Big optimistic momentum. Big overwhelming, optimistic Mo. Momentum. It stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. You see leave in your big dreams. I believe that there’s an optimistic, I believe that big. I believe in that big dream you have, I believe, and the

overwhelming odds, but yeah, I believe you, despite the overwhelming odds, you have an overwhelming energy and a commitment, you’re going to do it. I I believe in optimism. That world of pessimism and negativity that you’re, you have, I believe in. I believe in you. You can do it. And I know you have what it takes to build that momentum. So when you say boom, today, really made it, let’s bring the boom thrive nation. And now with any further ado, just low enough so somebody thinks you when somebody thinks you’re weird, just loud enough. So if somebody thinks you’re weird, here we go. Sorry, I feel like my three start off kind of weeks. Let me try that again.

And we’re back. Thrive nation. I wanted to, uh, bring on three incredible guests, three incredible employees who are on my team with one of my companies, the elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge. So that way you could meet them, uh, listen to them and uh, know that it is possible to find really good people. It really is possible. We often talk about them on the uh, the show and how great they are. But I thought we need to capture, uh, as a great Christmas gift for you guys out there who are struggling to find great teammates, you business owners out there that struggle to find good people. We need to present and share with you three great members of the team. So team member number one, Jordan, how are you? Welcome under the thrive time show. I’m good. How are you? I was excited to realize I’m kinda scared too, but I was excited and scared to realize how strong you are today.

We do a look kind of a tip matching thing from time to time where the person who gets the biggest tips, um, you know, gets in an opera or wins a, an award or a bonus where their tips are, where their tip is matched. So if you’ve got tipped 50, then we would match it. Thus you’ll get a total tip of $100. And there were three people this week. They got tip $50 cause you’re all doing a great job and you won the arm wrestling competition. What was your strategy? I’m just, I’ve been working for about a year at the gym really? And I just paid off what gym you go to? I go to the hub. You’re using the hub membership on main street. Cool. You see you like it there? I do. What time do you go? I usually go from like eight 30 to like nine 30 in the morning.

In the mornings? Yeah. Cool. And so you work out three three days a week? I was doing like four but now it’s more like three. Three, yeah. Okay. Have you changed your diet too or what do you do? What’s your move? That’s not very consistent, but the workouts are consistent and they are. You’re a powerhouse. I was just disturbed and amazed at the same time. Now I want to ask you because you’ve worked with us here, the elephant, the room for it for how long now? Three years. Three years. And I can honestly say this, you do a phenomenal job. The only time I’ve ever seen you get irritated is when people on the team are not doing a good job. You don’t like mediocrity. What is it like to work at elephant in the room and how does it compare to other jobs you’ve had in the past? It’s a lot more positive. We don’t have phones in the store, so that’s really helpful. You’re not stopping what you’re doing to go answer the phone.

Everybody works as a team instead of individually, so it’s good.

What is the hardest part about working at elephant in the room? Like? Like what? Like what kind of person should not apply to work with us?

Someone that’s lazy just because we, you know, again, we work as a team and if someone’s not doing what everyone else is doing, then they’re not going to be liked or it’s just not going to work out for them.

Could you describe the atmosphere of the stores and maybe what you like about it or what you don’t like about the stores? Just so that I can know.

Yes, I like that. It’s really chill and it’s, everyone just kinda does what they do and mines their own business and there’s not a whole bunch of drama like in a salon.

Have you worked in a salon before? Was there a lot of drama really? Were there a lot of checklists in the salon that you worked in?

No, there wasn’t any checklists. And again, we had phones in the store so that made it stressful and yeah.

Do you like, do you like the checklist and the systems or, or what, what are your thoughts about [inaudible]?

Yeah, I feel like it makes it more organized and then you can kind of see you sign off so you can see who’s been helping and you know, who’s a teammate?

What about, uh, the, the membership model where we have, you know, recurring business coaching clients that come in every, every, every month. Do you, do you like that? Are you not like that? What does that like to work in the hair industry where you have recurring, you know, membership client?

Yeah, I feel like that’s really helpful just because even on a day where it’s really cold or rainy, we still have consistent business coaching clients come in with the membership and they come in once a month. So, you know, it just makes it to where they can keep coming in and we don’t have to, you know, wonder are we going to be busy, are we not?

I have one final question for you. What’s been your highlight of working at elephant in the room thus far? I feel like

the people that I work with, everybody is awesome. And before when I worked in a salon, it, it wasn’t like that at all. So

why don’t tell you enough, but I’ll tell you here, you do an awesome job and I appreciate you and don’t go, don’t go changing. Um, and then don’t get any stronger cause it’s scary. All right. Now I want to ask a Carly. Um, Carla, you’ve worked with elephant, the front room now for how long? Almost three years. Three years. And you’re like the lead trainer by the way, just, just eat that microphone with a passion because it’s just, it’s so sensitive now. So how long has, you said, you said about three years you’ve worked with us. How is it Elif working in elephant room different from the other places you’ve worked at in the past? And it’s extremely consistent. We’re constantly busy and like Jordan said, we do have a call center and we’re constantly booked. We, um, never stop recruiting and we never stop our weekly meeting and everybody asks me every week, uh, could we have to have this meeting and then why are we still recruiting? I get asked that every week by somebody. Why do we have to have this meeting and why are we still recruiting if we’re fully staffed? Could you maybe share with the listeners why you think that we never skin stop the weekly meeting or recruiting people?

Um, the weekly meetings just, they hold us accountable for the things that we do throughout the week.

You’re a really, really good trainer and really good at cutting hair. What are your, what do you, what, what is, what is your deal? I mean, do you, is it like a passion project for you cutting hair? Is it more than, uh, is it more than a job? Is it a passion thing for you? Yes, that’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was like 13. Okay. Okay. Well, um, what, what, what, what kind of person out here should not apply to work at the elephant in the room? We’ve got a person listening to the today show should go, Nope, I would not want to work there. What kind of person would not fit in with us? And if they’re not consistent and if they’re not happy, if you’re moping around, you’re not going to stay. All right. I want to ask Joel, I’ve got some questions for you, Joel.

And if you need to adjust that microphone a little bit more, you’re more than welcome to. Or if you need to steal Jordan’s stool or take Carly’s, whatever you want to be a you, you’re a man with a plan and I trust that you have the technology and the drive to, to make it happen. You also have a beautiful beard. How long have you been grown that, that, that, that face mop? Uh, 37 years. Wow. Now how long have you worked with us at elephant in the room? I’m coming up on my second year. Why do you think we can’t ever stop our weekly meetings and, or always recruiting great people?

Well, I liked the girl said it’s consistency. It’s awesome getting to meet up with all three of our locations and you know, we all get to socialize. But yeah, we’re always doing competition between the three shops, getting some training in everything.

I’m not looking for a praise report, I’m just looking for objective feedback, um, working with me. That’s kind of how I view it. I think we work together. What does that like and how’s it different than working with other bosses? Just, just so that I can get your take on that.

Oh, you’re hands on. Uh, again, we get to see you once a week. Um, I honestly, the meaning to me, it is kind of, it’s a pep rally we get to, I mean you’re inspirational, but we also, we get to joke around. We have a lot of fun. But yeah, it’s, it, it helps out, uh, just having you around the shops and everything too.

Knowing there’s mystery shoppers in every store, every day. Is that good thing for you or a bad thing for you knowing that that happens?

I honestly, I don’t even think about it. I mean, I don’t want that to affect my work, you know, I want to, I want everybody to have the same experience. But yeah, it’s, it, it doesn’t affect [inaudible].

Now we have some of our listeners, we have a business conference next week where we have, um, 302 people confirmed to be at the business conference next week. You come in here next week, it’s like the most you’ve ever seen here is like one 25 so it’s going to be crazy. Um, and a lot of our listeners, they have a real problem with their staff cause they don’t have cameras up and they don’t have call recording. So like today’s meeting, we have a member of the team who’s definitely Jeff minutely not following the scripts. I mean it is Epic is terrible. And uh, what’s interesting is that I know, cause I listened to the calls, so their day I saw Jordan just mopping like a boss, just folding towels like a boss. And I’m like I, I turned to days and I said that is a winner. She’s great. There it is.

Boom. You know what I mean? You can check the cameras and you see Jordan doing that. You check the camera, you see other people. We have a very good team now, but in the past I’ve seen people not working and it’s obvious cause they were on camera. Um, do you like having the cameras in there? Is that good? Cause I always see you doing good things. I always hear you guys doing great things on the phone, but seriously, I mean, do you like knowing that I actually know what actually happened or do you prefer it to be like a, he said, she said scenario where I don’t actually know.

No, we, we actually honestly joke about it in the shop. Uh, I know you probably can’t hear the music that’s playing well I guess it’s playing up here too. Yeah, we’re dancing around. We’re having a good time. You know, we’re our shenanigans, our shenanigans, but we kind of limits us to know that we can’t do certain things because we’re on camera. But at the same time, that’s kind of what it’s supposed to do a little bit. Yeah. But you’ve actually mentioned it to me in shock to you that when you see me on the camera, you like that I’m laughing, I’m smiling. I mean the camera doesn’t affect that at all. It’s nice to have it there.

You say is the biggest difference working at elephant in the room as opposed to other places you’ve worked?

Oh man. Like the girls covered it all too. Uh, I love not having a phone in the shop. I mean it’s hard to cut hair with a phone on your shoulder or having to stop what you’re doing to talk to somebody else. So having the call center that bookstores are, you schedules all of our clients being fully booked out for the day is such a reassuring thing, you know, not saying, well I’m going to just leave cause I haven’t had a haircut in two hours versus you know, people don’t realize that having a call center that eats about 9% of all revenue. Absolutely.

No, but I really do think it makes a better experience. Um, you know, for, for you, I don’t know. Jordan, do you like not having a, dancer, your phone in the store? Is that a big thing for you? Does that mean, is that like a scale of one to 10 10 beings, you know, yes, this is the best thing ever. Or one not caring. How would you rate the importance of not having phones to interrupt you while you’re trying to cut hair?

Well, it is really nice. And also not only with the call center, but the people up front as well that help out the managers. Yeah. Because we don’t have to deal with checking out or you know, booking or anything like that or any issues. They handle all of that. So we just are there to do our job.

Well, thank you. Uh, you three, the, the, the triumvirate, the triple threat, the Trinity of greatness. I appreciate you guys for, for doing a great job. You do a great job each and every week. And again, thank you because there are great employees out there. If you’re listening out there and you’re going, I can’t find good employees. The problem is you’re not looking hard enough. You’re not recruiting enough. You’re not. You’re not doing that because there are great people out there. Now, there are a lot of jackasses. If you look up the U S Chamber’s statistics, it does show that 75% of employees steal from the workplace. And that’s unfortunate. But there are statistics from the Washington post that showed that 78% of men cheat on their spouse. So it’s the same 70 something percent of people. It turns out humanity has some issues. Go to life church, figure it out there. But seriously, we’ve got great people and I just refuse to accept having mediocre people. So thank you guys for making my job much, much easier. And a honey further ado, we’ll end the show with a, so here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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