Clay Clark Case Studies | 3 Companies That Have Doubled Their Sales In Just 2 Short Years (Success in New Home Sales and the Fitness Industries)

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Aaron Antis, the marketing director of Shaw Homes and Luke Owens, the founder of The Hub Gym share how implementing Clay Clark’s proven systems has allowed them to DOUBLE the size of their businesses.

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So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. Gov, we’d love to hear the word, but GA Losa say bed hearing the word doesn’t necessarily build the house. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. I want you to actively engage in the process of trying to do what you hear. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. Ask yourself the question, personally, I’m a Sam, you rid of waste. If you want to do something [inaudible] you want a better relationship with God. Look at. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true. And the reason is, uh, is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time.

Thrive nation. On today’s show we have got Paul Hood inside the thrive time show studio Paul Hood. Welcome back to another edition of the thrive time show on your radio. Clay, I appreciate you making the opportunity for me to be here. You know ed hood and associates CPAs or hood We, we thrive if you will, rive on helping other people and, and one of the best ways we found to help them is to direct them to hear you speak well. If you’re out there today and you have been on the fence about attending an in person thrive time show business conferences, Paul Hood, here’s making a sweet deal. Sweet offer. For all the listeners out there. Um, Paul, tickets are normally $250, but you’re making the tickets available for how much. If our listeners will just subscribe to the podcast and leave a review, how much is it going to be?

I think it is what? 39 37 to 37 $37 $7 look us, we buy their lunch. So you’re gonna, you’re gonna buy all the listeners a lunch for most days. We’ve got handling ease. Yes. And we’ve got Los Cabos, Los Cabos. Ooh, that’s some good eating right there. And so Paul’s paying all of the costs for you guys. All you gotta pay is $37 for the workbooks and you can attend. Paul, why would you do such a thing? Well, you know, clay and I actually, I’ll think, you know, I go back and forth because I people, I want people they don’t understand. The $37 could turn into millions of dollars in their pockets. And I, you know, we want to make it easy for them to be here because once they’re here, they’re going

to keep coming back. Not that we’re trying, you’re trying to sell them anything, but they’re going to be placed in an environment that they’re surrounded by, other hungry, diligent doers that are trying to, to just be successful and they don’t know where to turn. And once they come here, they see this is practical. I can go back to Missouri or California, wherever they came here and actually put these things into place and actually, and to create revenue for themselves. And so it’s an exciting, uh, opportunity to play a role in, in helping other peoples investing in other people’s success.

If you come to our workshops, I mean, Andrew, we don’t have any upsells, man. There’s people always ask me on Friday that I can’t, well, you know, seriously man, when, when does the upsets? They’re waiting. They’re ready. Seriously, I have you, I’ve heard people say that to me on like Alaska on Saturday. They’ll say, well, Hey, when, when this ends here, is there a big push or what’s the big secret? How do we sign up for some program? And I’m like, well, you all, we do, we literally can only coach 160 clients. Sure. So one guy, he’s like, well, when’s the first I can be a client yet? And I’m like, [inaudible] you know, I mean, but there’s not, you know, our, our, our business model for what we do with our business coaching program is it’s very different now with, with Paul’s practice, uh, his accounting practice, they can take on thousands of clients and they do have thousands of clients in Paul, almost 40 States now, approximately about 40 States.

So all over the place hood conserves, provide you accounting service all over the country. Now, Andrew, why do you believe that we tend to, we seek to keep our business coaching program small. Yeah. So we can, you know, be able to service and answer everyone’s questions, uh, with the, with the conferences, it’s great to keep it at a, you know, at a limited amount of people so we can answer everyone’s question so everyone has a good chance to meet each other. Um, so just that way you get to know everyone and every, it’s easier way. It’s easier to learn that way when there’s, you know, not thousands of people mingling around. Yeah. People can ask the our in person business conferences, you can write your questions on the whiteboard and we actually answer the questions. All of your questions on the board. We always answer each and every question, which we couldn’t do it. We had thousands of people attended.

That is the truth. Could I explain? Could I describe it in a word? It’s intimate. Ooh.

Yeah, so it’s business intimacy. I agree with that. I think a lot, a lot of people will tell me, they’ll say, I’ve learned more with one lady at the workshop who left a Google review. You can read it right now. She has a business degree, I believe in a PhD, and she said she learned more at the workshop in two days. Then she’s a lawyer in Jordan during the totality of her formal education. Yeah.

It’s crazy. It’s actually that do this. This is the results. Do this, this is the result. Should go here, do this, write this, and it’s, it’s this is, you’re going to make more money. It’s insane.

We had probably, I want to say Andrew, maybe, maybe seven or eight people that spoke at the business conferences that are testimonials, real life testimonials. Success stories. Yeah. People that had really had success who we asked to to speak at the conference. Real, real, real clients and Paul isn’t that great when you see people that are having success implementing what we’re teaching? Yeah. Well we all have this mental picture of people that are successful. They’re either lucky or they’re extremely talented and you come here and you see that’s just a normal dude or that’s a normal gal. Yup. And and all they’ve done is followed a system. It’s followed a pattern and you’ve developed that pattern in you, you everything from how to get started, how to create more revenue. You know, how to manage, how to measure the results, how to maintain success. It’s all right here.

If you want to attend the workshop courtesy of a scholarship from Paul Hood, this is for anybody out there. You don’t have to be in a tough spot financially. You don’t have to pay anybody back. There is no complicated paperwork. All you have to do is leave an objective review about the thrive time show podcast on either iTunes or the Google maps. So just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or find the Google map by searching thrive time show and the word jinx. Leave a review and send a screenshot of that review to [email protected] and your tickets will be available for just $37 my name is clay Clark and I’m excited for you to hear this. A little audio dojo experience. You’re gonna get a chance to hear the audio from one of our most recent in-person thrive time show workshops so you can hear the kinds of things we teach, the kind of atmosphere we’re creating, and I think it’s going to bless you. So get out a pen and pad and prepare to enter into the entrepreneurial lab. And now any further ado, let’s hop in to the thrive time show conference audio.

Excited to have you back. Thanks for showing up early. You sick freaks. I’m glad to have you here. I’m going to bring more energy than you guys have seen at 7:00 AM in a long time. And then at 11 we’re all gonna take some Tylenol PM and a warm milk and take a group nap together. Then we’ll have lunch and then we’ll finish out the conference. That’s going to be great. Um, all right. Again, thanks everybody for getting up and getting out here. I want to bring it, we’re going to start off today with a little mini session with Luke. Owen’s from the hub gym. Luke Owens from the hub gym. He’s a client of ours. A little round of applause for Luke. Oh, it’s everybody.

Luke Owens in the house. All right. So Luke O owns a gym in broken arrow called the hub gym. Luke, how long have you been working with thrive? Uh, I think we’ve been working together about three years now. Going on three years. Luke and I started working together. He’s now working with clay directly. Um, what are some of the things that we’ve helped you out with to get to you to the point you are today? Luke? A lot of it just has to do with building a system period. Right. We started working together. You asked me something like how many members do you have? I’m like, members, what are the members? What are these two where we can track them? So I want to take it all the way back. Um, I think we met at the very first conference. Was that right? I think so, yeah.

The very first thrive conference, uh, we split up into some groups and I ended up in the conference room with Luke and a couple of his business partners. And could you demonstrate the face for everyone that you were making at the time? Well, you know, I haven’t made it in a while. Somebody might be hired. Just imagine high stress, high blood pressure, pissed off, not wanting to be alive, something like this. That was the face. Oh no, Mike, no microphone. And uh, he goes, so what’s your goal here man? And I go to help you get that look off your face. And three years later, here’s my man right here. So to get going. Some of the stuff that we helped Luke out with. You needed a website. Yes, we needed a website. We needed a Google, Google canonical compliant website. So we got him a website.

Here it is. This thing converts. How many leads are you guys getting a week? Can we pull up your tracking sheet? That’s absolutely, absolutely. Can you pull up the tracking sheet for the hub gym while he’s pulling that up? So we’ll just go. We got him a new website. We launched some digital ads. We built a one sheet with him. Uh, let’s see. We helped him out with his accounting. We helped him out with scripting. We helped him out with tracking, uh, group interviews. Luke, talk about the group interview for a minute. Clay stairs is going to get into this at 11 o’clock today. Guys, this is one of the biggest systems that can change your life immediately. Yeah. So group interviews were not something I was into at the beginning at all. I thought I can barely interview one person. I don’t know how I’m going to do multiple people at one time.

So, but I can tell you that I don’t waste as much time. We don’t schedule out 10 interviews per day and then have one or zero people show up. Um, and it, it really, in my business it’s important to see how people interact with other people, right? So it’s, it’s a teller when you have 10 people in the room and you start asking questions, the person that likes sinks back probably not going to be a good fit for our team. So I’m excited to talk to you today. You’re a personal trainer. Oh yeah. Yeah. Not good. Right? So the group interview is great. You get to see how people are going to act in front of a group of strangers. Um, okay. I want it Luke, we’ll go over the tracking sheet cause this is huge. This is something that if you guys are not doing this with your business, when we talk about tracking, when I talked to my clients, I talk about this is how you go from feeling about your business to knowing about your business.

When I used to run a concrete company with my parents the end of the week, end of the month. Tell me if anybody’s been here. My dad would come in, Hey, how’s this month looking? I feel like it’s going good or I feel like it is not very good man. Cause I didn’t know how to track. I didn’t know this. I have two business degrees. They ran the business for 35 years. Nobody taught us these simple steps. Okay. So with tracking, the point of a tracking sheet is to measure what you treasure. Okay. Money is literally treasure. So we obviously want to measure that, right? We want to measure the money and anything else that you guys need to measure on a weekly basis. Finances. Um, the, so right here we’re going to go from the left to right. We’re going to lay out this tracking sheet real quick and we’ll show some of that growth and some of the success that Luke’s had.

Checkout that total number of menu and members column total members. Which one is that? There’s nothing in it. Yeah. So when we started working in September a few years ago, it took us about three months to even start finding out how many members we had. Yeah. All right. Don’t you guys laugh? I know there’s some of you out there the same way. I was the same way with my business, so, okay, let’s scroll down so we can see as you’ll see, this tracking sheet is not going to be perfect from the get go. All right, we’re going to keep adding and you’ll see these columns are all empty cause we didn’t have them yet. So as Andrew scrolls down, you’ll see we started adding new fields, new things that we wanted to track every week. And so we started adding these things and keep going down. Andrew, I want to show, let’s go to the right for me please.

Luke, I use this a lot. Um, you remember there was a time where uh, you kinda took your eye off the ball for a minute. Yeah. Okay. All right. So this is, this is good for everybody. Andrew, can you scroll around until this plus or minus? You find something that says 4% keep scrolling on the column and look for 4% something that says 4% we’re going to get there. It keeps scrolling and go up. Let’s try going up. All right, so here’s what’s going to happen guys. You’re going to start tracking. You’re going to start realizing, Hey, my business is doing good. I’m growing, I’m doing well, I’m growing, and things are going good. Okay, stop. So for weeks above this, Luke had been growing year, year over year, 30% 25% 27% 18% things are going good. He’s out of the business for the first time in 12 years.

He’s not in the business. 60 70 hours a week. He calls me up, Hey, I’m thinking about getting into this partnership with a buddy of mine. I’m like, love it. Don’t take your eye off the ball. Oh no, no, no man. Few weeks go by. I think you might’ve actually missed a couple meetings. I’m going to throw you under the bus. I’ve never missed a meeting. Okay, so that was my fault. I missed that meeting. No, I’m just kidding. Um, so we started looking at the year of a year and the cool thing about tracking is we now have data to look at instead of talking about our feelings, right? So we’re doing over, we’re going over and I’m like, Luke, the last four or five weeks, we’ve gone to 4% 4% 12% 13 7% and around that 13 a percent week right there. I remember Luke being like, alright, all right, eyes back on the ball and scroll down.

Andrew, look what happened whenever he got his focus back on 43% 21% 1728 30 2335 intense growth. The point I’m trying to make everybody is that all of these systems are proven. We’re not teaching you guys anything that we made up. It works. But again, my Angelou says nothing works unless you do. And so that’s why we wanted to bring Luke up to just be another example of somebody that has put the systems in action. Luke, what was some of your big pushback points from the very beginning? Well, um, you know, we can talk about this tattoo over here. This is pretty sweet. Okay. Uh, that was, that would’ve been a scripting pushback. Yeah. So bring it in. We’re talking about scripting and I thought, well, I’m an authentic person and scripting is not authentic. It’s robotic. I’m not going to do it. And I said, I’ve been doing this for like 10, 12 years.

At that time I’ve got this, I can call leads. He said, great, do it now. I thought, Oh shoot. Wow. And so he literally put a phone in front of me and I a lead. The lead was ringing, the phone picked up and I’ll just tell you, uh, it was an answering machine, which makes it worse. Um, and I start talking, Hey, this is Luke from the hub, Jim. And I go, shit, I don’t know what to say. I’m literally saying this stuff, right? Yeah. I don’t know what to say. Like, what do I do? And I’m like, and then he’s like, I’m like, and I just hung the phone up. Yeah. And what does that mean? That’s internally on this woman’s phone, right? And another one of the business coaches came in and he said, what did you just do? You never leave voicemails, right?

He said, why didn’t you push the pound sign? You can read who the hell knows about pushing a pound sign? He said, well that erases the message. It allows you to start over that same day. I got a cool hashtag tattoo. So I never forgot that moment. Be an arrogant ass. So yeah. And so everybody that’s over 30 knows that’s a pound sign. Everybody else is like a pound sign. I don’t know what that is. So now Luke has an awesome hashtag symbol. So again, I’m Luke. Any advice for anybody if they’ve just started the program or if they’re just trying to get their business going? They’ve been gone for 10 years. What would you say to the people out there that are struggling right now? Sure. So clay called me yesterday and said he had been approached by a few people who asked the question, when do you know it’s the right time to call it quits?

And they weren’t talking necessarily about business. They were talking about their life. And so he called me and asked if I would come to talk because three years ago, um, I was in a much different place. So I have an amazing wife, three amazing children, and that still was not enough to want me to continue to breathe, right? Because of the state of the business. So I walked into a coffee shop with my little note pad and I’m gonna write my last letter and there’s this redheaded dudes sitting at a table and he just keeps bugging the crap out of me about this conference. He was like, I just think it would help. Like I don’t want to go to a freaking business conference. I don’t want to be alive. Right? But he is insistent and you won’t leave me alone. And I’m like, okay, show me what you’re talking about.

He turns his computer screen around and I’m like, I know that guy. Clay and I went to college together and I’m like, well, clay is a cool guy. I guess I could call this off. And again, this is after about an hour of this man, just like not leaving me alone. So, uh, the best business conferences was a little while out, so I kinda had to put the plan on pause, right? And I came to the corporate conference with that face and I just decided like, this is, this sounds like something that could help me. Right? So before I left, you know, clay like darts off to some bat cave somewhere. Like I was on him, like a heat seeking missile. I’m like, I can’t leave without talking to this guy and getting to doing life with him or I won’t be around. Right. So, uh, I would advise none of you to do this, but I grabbed the man by the shoulder and spun him around and I’m like, I have to do life with you.

Wow. That’s neat. It’s a real [inaudible].

So anyways, if any of you guys are there today,


it’s, it’s worth it to keep going. Uh, I’m only three years into this program and I’m living my best life. And that’s not like, excuse me, that’s not bullshit. Like, that’s for real. I’m living my best life. Um, I can vouch for that. Luke and I have become really close friends and the guy is 180 degrees different person because he is now setting goals. He’s accomplishing goals. His business is good, his family life is better. It’s a huge thing. So like he’s saying, just keep going. You can get there. Yeah. And if, if you’re seriously having those thoughts, like when I break from here, let’s chat man, because you’re worth it for sure. Um, you know, I wear these shirts like this. I have a whole series of them and it’s like I’m powerful and beautiful and that’s not a statement I, I do make that about myself, but it’s not an egotistical thing because every time that you read this, you’re saying it about yourself, whether you know it or not. So anyways, when we go to break, if you need to chat, let’s do that business, whatever. Luke’s here to talk. Cool.

So, okay, everybody, give me a round of applause for Luke please. Luke hounds with the hub. Jim the real deal. My man. As a general rule, people that are trying to scam you make simple things complicated. So let me do an example

is merit based pay. Okay? You want to fix teachers do merit based pay as an example. Who went to high school? Oh, okay. Can you pull my microphone down about by about 25% so high school. Remember I high school, I want you to just open up to page zero and write down the name of your best teacher. I had one teacher that played a video all the time who had the video teacher, they play the video. Who’s had the video? Charles, you’d a video teacher now and for history we’re going to watch a video like about like Braveheart or something or just you know, so we there was great too. Who here can picture in your mind your best teacher? You can picture right now who can picture the worst teacher. Now here’s the thing. Steve jobs talked about this. If you want to fix teaching, all you do is you put in merit based pay.

So you say if your students score poorly, you make less. If your students score more high, you make more bottom line. And the teachers would say, but not what if my class is a different class? That’s kind of not as good. And what if your class is better? And what if that’s called accountability? That’s called cause and effect. Who knows what I’m talking about? But if you want to fix the school system, you just do merit based pay. So we’ve had different teachers with our kids and you know what we do if they are not good, we fire them. It’s amazing. We’ve had ah, music. We had one guy who likes to charge a lot but not show up a lot and we fire him. It’s called merit based pay. It’s called capitalism, it’s called reward, it’s called results, it’s called cause and effect. We’re getting this idea, so I want to make sure we’re getting today is as we move on and we start implementing these things like Google and Google optimization and we start to do, it’s a cause and effect thing.

If you learn all that stuff and you don’t write those articles, you’re not going to come up top. And then what you’ll do is you’ll want to make it complicated because you know what to do. But now instead of doing it, you’re looking for some way to justify doing nothing cause you want to go watch the voice with your poor ass self. So you and your poor ass helper sitting there watching the boys talking about how you don’t have time to write articles. You know that’s what it is. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to doing so. If you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it.

Doug, we’d love to hear the word, but J-Lo says say better. Hearing the word doesn’t necessarily build the house. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it.

I don’t want you to do this. Oh, I blew that up. Lord is going to be tough this morning. I want you to actively engage in the process of trying to

do what you hear. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. I am so self bequested personally. I’m a Sam. You were the waist, you want to do something funky, you want a better relationship with God working. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true. And the reason is is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time and you have to do it over a sustained period of time.

Clients as a pastor, I remember one time he goes, you know the difference between me and you and I said, [inaudible] is a pastor. When people leave my church, I don’t follow up. I don’t say, did you actually do it? And I don’t like fire people that don’t act upon it. Cause if I did that I would have a very small church. Think about that, you know? So I’m just talking about the difference between knowing what to do and doing it. So I want to do is I wanted to bring up a couple of diligent doers who happened to be here. People just like you. Me who, the only difference between them and us and all of us is that they implement like a boss. Like you go, wow, this, this person. So where is my been? Is Wayland friend John Carlo. Where are you John Carlo. Come on up here. You sick freak.

Yeah. Now Karen, you’re rocking that Mike. John Carlo, you’re there. Aaron’s a diligent doer. John Carlo. Let’s grab that mic right there. You’re on that mic. Okay. And it just kind of make your weapon. So he’s from Venezuela.

Um, it’s just right off the coast of Okmulgee. Just really near here. It’s just unbelievable. You guys got to see. Wow. Wow. Oh yeah. So how long have you worked with colo fitness there? Lead EDD, super fit family back there. Six and a half years. Six and half years. And before joining Cola, were you a search engine wizard? I was not. I had no idea what SEO meant. Okay, so we start there. Who can relate to that part? You’re like, I’m don’t know what I’m doing. Okay. Who can relate to being from Venezuela? Yes. Yes. Venezuelans love us. Woo. Okay, great. I knew that would happen. Okay, great. All right, so now how many articles does your team write? A week? Ah, about 40 to 55 every single week. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. How did you find the time? Okay, let’s, let’s go ahead and do a little Google search for Joplin gyms.

Now, how many of you, if you lived in Joplin and you’re looking for a gym, might type in Joppa gyms or gyms and Joplin or something like that? I mean, did anybody, show of hands? I’m going to pick on people and don’t group things. I want you to write down what you would type in. So go ahead and write down what you would type in on page zero right now. What would you type in to Google? But don’t, don’t speak it. Do not speak it because otherwise you’re going to ruin my case study here. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t look at the person next to you. Otherwise you’re gonna mess it all up. Don’t, don’t off. Some of you are cheating. Okay? Just write it down. Here we go. So I’m going to pick on you. Uh, miss Bronson. Would you ever, what is your name?

Ashley. Who is an entrepreneur and as mom and it’s Ashley. Ashley, who’s a mom and an entrepreneur. I don’t understand that. If I ever found myself pregnant with another body, I would give up. I don’t, I can’t do it. I don’t know how you had three times, four times. Look at her. If I had four kids, I would just quit trying. I would just cry. Congratulations. You did it. Okay. So, but so what word would you type in? You would do gyms and chaplain by show of hands. Who would do that? I would never do that. Oh, let’s type in gyms and Joplin. But I would never do that. You know why? Cause I type in Joplin gyms cause I do it the right way.

Okay, so type it in and then who comes up top? John Carlo. Could you recruit? You read there. Who comes up top and who has the most reviews? Cola, fitness. How many reviews do you have? 2,864 how much does the next set company underneath you have? 215 yeah. And you might say clevis you, I don’t like your attitude. I don’t like you. Oh, it’s okay. Okay. I don’t like how competitive you are. I don’t like the fact that you, this is why I only work with one client in every industry in a city because I will destroy the other people. But you’ve got to find a way today to get whatever that end needs to happen to channel what he’s got going on here. Now you guys do how many articles again a week? A 42 55 every week. And are these, are these people who are fitness or these personal trainers?

Who’s writing these articles? Front desk staff, regular entry level staff that work for us. And what do you pay these people per hour? Eight, 10 bucks an hour. Eight or 10 bucks an hour. But this is what I see. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are like, well I have to write the content myself. And I go, that’s great. I affirmed that. That’s wonderful. And then you follow up next week. That’s what we do. And you say, did you write it? And they go out and ran at a time cause they, my kids had a soccer game. But see no one gives a crap about your kid’s soccer game. They’re just going to go with who’s top in Google. And we can’t make it complicated cause that’s what we want to do and we don’t do stuff. We make it complicated and we’re like, well really I wanted to write content but I didn’t have my second monitor hooked up yet.

And I also struggle with this. Lexi, I’m dyslexic. Your heartedness for me to write things, it’s pit. That’s terrible. I hate writing things. I write multiple books but I hate it every time I’m like, Oh God, why is this my life? But they wouldn’t get it done. I like that. Does that make sense to you guys? So I wanted to do is I wanted you guys to ask any questions you have for John Carlo or Aaron anti-ice cause Aaron antice was once an intoxicated Domino’s employee and now he’s sold. That’s a great, great intro. Thank you for that intro, but it’s still above a DJ. I was a DJ. I remember there’s, there’s intoxicated dominoes employees. Then there’s Carney intoxicated delivery drivers. That’s even, sorry, I’m just the real stuff. I’m just, if you’re charting in the org chart of life, there’s intoxicated Domino’s employees who are driving.

Then there are carnies and then there are DJs. I was at the bottom. Okay, so this guy Shaw homes, they’ve sold $850 million of houses, $850 million of houses. They’re over here and this is colon fitness. Thousands of members going against. Now you are going against big companies that were already here. You’re going against planet fitness. They’re both winning, which is why they’re going to be paid for our lunch today. Just kidding. But they’re both doing great. Do you have any questions about implementation? Because you’re here and if you don’t get it, that means I’m a bad teacher. Nobody hears a bad student. Does anybody have any questions for this? Yes. Great.


Great grant. Wonderful. Terrific, tremendous. Eric, what you got?

Give me a sec. You guys are writing the content like how have you been here? What do you guys fight about?

Okay, when you’re writing your content, what do you guys write about?

Yeah, how do you find like [inaudible]

so real quick, let’s do gyms and Joplin. Can we search for it? Let’s go back to that. Okay, and we saw Cola, Cola. Colaco comes up. Number one, we’re doing it right now by the way. I’m doing right now what you just asked. So if you, you see that come up one and then scroll down. There they are. Boom, boom. Ooh, planet Fitnesses ahead on that one. And then for that term, come in. If you scroll down, there they are there. CC Joplin is cool laws. There are three times you got to see that they have three listings and the results.


30% of the results. If you scroll down to the very bottom, Google suggests what terms people also search. So picking on you, sir, your dad is a police officer.

You’re probably a well-disciplined man. You’re probably afraid of your dad all times. Okay, sir. What would you type in a to Google and don’t get it wrong because your dad is a member of the law enforcement community. Go forward. What would you type into Google? What would you type in for the gyms for Joplin? What’d you type in? I’m going to come back to you. What would you type in ma’am? Gyms and Joplin who would type in something different personal trainer and real quick because he doesn’t do that. That’s, that’s correct. But because they don’t do that, we wouldn’t optimize for that. But um, Jim, what would you happen? Workout centers in Japan. I’m going to be real with you. I would never ever do that. But that’s another key word. You see what I’m saying? And you’ve got those people who are driving down the road and they’re talking to Siri and saying, Siri, please find me the best place where I can work out.

True in Joplin, so you have to do is elephant in the room. I sat down with our customers, actual talking to people. You mean real people? Yes. I said, what would you type in? What would you type in? What would you say? And you know what? Almost nobody does the same thing. So you don’t, we have a list of like 200 keywords and we go for all of them and we’d come up top for all the different keywords and Bruce Clay who writes SEO for dummies, they’ve done the research. It shows that eight out of 10 people search for something different than the main thing. Does that make sense? That’s called the long tail keywords. Are you getting this idea? So that is that helping to answer your question? Yes. It’s the actual writing of the articles, I think now the writing of the articles, this is what, you’re right.

Who, what, when, where, why, how call to action or repeat who, what, when, where, why, how called action. Who, what, when, where, why, how a call to action. It has to be a thousand words. It doesn’t have to be great. You know why? Because people can’t write great. And if you’d, if you could write great people won’t read it. This is my little test for you. Next time you go to a friend’s house, do it dude. Dope. Don’t say I said to do it. No wait. Say that I said to do it that way you’re not a jerk. Go to their house and go Gregg, Carl, Carl, you’ve got some great books. Have you read the entirety of the book? I mean honestly, and they’ll go, no, really no. Then go to the next book. This is another great book. I love this book. Winning by Jack Welch.

Have you read this book? Yeah. The whole thing. No. There’s this awesome book here now called the Bible. Have you ever read the whole thing? No, I would never. Have you read any of the books you have? No. I just buy them. It’s like decoration that says, I must be smart. I must be smart. He must be smart. I was reading a book is different than like actually owning a book. Are you getting the idea? So people go to sites and they don’t really, they don’t really go do, do what you think they’re going to do. So everybody would, I would recommend, I don’t make any commission for doing this. I would recommend you install lucky orange on your website and can you pull that up there? Any other questions for John Carlo or Aaron antiques? Cause these guys dominate for years. Google just tries to catch scammers. So if you’re like ha, like if you’re just copying and pasting, they have a new thing that’s going to catch that. Any questions about writing content? Cause this isn’t anybody. Any questions about how to write content? Who can write content when to write content, where to write content? No questions. We’re good. So you’re right, it feels like you could leave here and do it. Question in the back. Yes.


how many people are writing your 40 50 articles? We have two to three people just cause they’re not full time doing that. But two to three people writing content. Any other questions about that? Yes sir. Uh, we want to make them at least a thousand words. Google if you, if you get a chance to [inaudible] um, Bruce Clay search engine for dummies is the most intense book I’ve ever read and I, I read it’s really slow so that you should see what Chuck can vouch for this. I’ll sit there and circle it and I’m like, what does HTTPS mean? Oh no, cause I can’t move on. That’s what I read the Bible at. Or you had to read about Bible, you know, so I read the Bible, I’m a reading the whole Bible. I remember going Nepo filium, what is that? I talked to my teacher, he said, well, it’s where the angels came down and made it with humans.

I’m like, that’s in the Bible. And then the firmament, the water dome that surrounds the year, like, are we saying that we believe that the earth was actually surrounded by a dome of water? And he was like, yeah, I don’t know. I’m having a hard time. Like Jonah freaked me out the whole story. I’m like a guy in a whale. How big was the one? These are the, I can’t move on. I, I obsess on the details. You know, so I’m just saying is you, you the whole search engine concept, it can get overwhelming if you make it overwhelming. But you just want to sit down and write a thousand because Google says you should write three 50 Google says you should write 350 words per page. So you would want to do a thousand cause it’s three times almost more. And that way you rank higher because most people in America do just enough.

So all the other guys are writing three 50 so you’re doing a thousand make sense? That’s the move. That’s my little hack life hack. Do more than expected. Yup. Let’s pull up lucky orange here. Now look you orange. And I’m going to let John Carlo explain how he uses this after I show you how I’d recommend you use it. Cause he, nobody uses lucky orange more than Cola. Like they’re our favorite client ever as it relates to using lucky orange. So if you look though, if you guys go see this, you see lucky orange that shows you where they’re actually clicking on the site. Those heat, they’re heat maps. So you see that nobody, I mean when I say no, but it’s not an exact, it’s like hyperbole. That’s not me. Just exaggerating. That’s not me over here. Trump tastic this is me being like conservative.

This is me being like Ben Carson. This has been America. Nobody is clicking here. We have to start thinking about what’s important. This has been Carson. I would like to be president. I’m a neurosurgeon. I’m a heart surgeon. I’m, I’m very, I’m a cardiologist. I’m very measured. Every comm I, this is America here. We need real healthcare reform. Immigration reform right here. This is no one clicks here. This is Trump. Tastic nobody freaking clicks. I’m not gonna say, I’m not gonna go as far as to say you’d be a freaking idiot to write articles here, but I, some would say it’s my top advisors have told me to say, I’m not going to say it. I would not go as far as to say

I never attack him on his luck. And believe me, there’s plenty of subject matter right there. Dates are saying, but you know what? When I raised money, his, excuse me, I’ve watched you on television. You’re a real beauty. One of the officials, actually one of the ex officials from Mexico had a news conference and he announced that we will not be paying for the wall. Who does Mr. Trump think he is? They came to me, the press. These people look at all those cameras back there. The press came to me and they told me that he said, would not pay for the wall. Do you have a comment? I said, yes. The wall just got 10 feet taller.

How can I say it? I would not go as far as to say, you’d be a freaking idiot to spend your time writing this, but some had said I should. What was the question? That’s, you know, do you want Ben Carson? You want Trump? What do you want? I dunno. However you want to get it. You want it Bostonian. I swear nobody ever freaking cliques. You lady. Quit brighten the content. Dabs debt or if you want to be, you know, country, redneck way. I’ll tell you what doesn’t look rock. Anybody’s cousin. The country, you go slower. You know, Oklahoma, we all saw, well nobody shames to be clicking over here. Uh, you know, if you, if you would like a Minnesotan, Oh don’t you know, nobody seems to be clicking over here, but it could be worse. Barb


a so bit. These is scroll down, go down your arm, go down South or go to go down. Keep going. Oh don’t you know. Oh you betcha. So you look on the site map and no one seems to be clicking their Bjorn cause everyone in Minnesota’s Bureau and I grew up there. Oh PRN. Russian Dorfer doesn’t seem like there’s anybody biotin. Biotin is everyone fishes all the time. They’re fishing all the time. 24, seven people are fishing this seminar fishing while they’re at their job, your fishing, ice fishing. Oh Nova seems to be biting their Bjarne


now this person said, no, no, people do click there. And I said, yeah, but it’s people with your IP address cause it tracks that it is you to prove me wrong. She’s like, you’re right. I’m sorry. This is stupid. People get all emotional about stuff that doesn’t matter. I like what the crap like why are we getting emotional about paying teachers who suck less? Why is that an emotional idea? Why is balancing the budget emotional? Why are we like so okay. Why is it like firing somebody so emotional if someone sucks, fire them but through my cousin and cousin them, Whoa, seriously, I have fired family. I love it. It lets you know you say should you hire family, hire family and then fire family and then no, you don’t need to see them anymore. You’d fire your own brother. Absolutely because it says in the Bible wise council look that up. Wise counsel Proverbs, right? It says he walks with the wise becomes wise. It doesn’t pick up, it doesn’t have a disclaimer that says walk with the wise, unless they’re family

jackasses are jackasses, but just look at the data. So if you click here on segments, click there segments and it shows you where people are coming from. So click on source. It appears as, no. If you look at the spreadsheet and the pie chart and the Google analytics report, who gets the Google analytics reports have no idea what those say. Who’s got that report and the spreadsheet and you’re like I have no idea what’s going on here. Honestly, who’s got that from a marketing company and you’re like come on did to be honest. You’re like I got, see that’s the thing. You have no idea. I got this spreadsheet in this pie chart from Google, I got to do analytics, I got to put your like I honestly who says I have no idea what the crap that is. I meet entrepreneurs all the time where like I’ve been getting reports for years and I feel like maybe you should give me a report too.

And I’m like I’m not going to give you a report cause you’re not going to look at it. I’m not going to look at it but we’ll give you lucky orange and you log in whenever the freaky one but I’m not going to send you a report that you’re not going to read that stupid. That’s called college. Everybody remembers some things. And then put it on the paper and then forget it and then we’ll see you next week. And we’ll do that for four years, talking about papaya, Russ and cuneiform. And then we’ll give you a degree that’s not usable at all. So you can become a barista. And if you work your whole life, you’ll pay off the debt when you’re 50. Oh, okay. Why? So you can retire. Why? So you can enjoy your freedom when you don’t have the body to enjoy it. I don’t know. God. Holy crap man. It’s just a stupid idea. So anyway, so if you look here, that’s how that data works. Now, John Carlo, how do you use it? I’m going to Aaron. How do you use it? So John, Carla, how do you use that

data? Uh, we check it every week. Just eat that Mick passion. We, um, we check it every week on all of our pages and we see how customers interact. There’s the heat map and then there’s also videos of what people are actually doing. And every week it’s like, Hey, we, we’re going to try to do this video here. We think it’s going to be a really good three weeks pass by and it’s like not a single person clicked on it. Let’s get rid of it. Let’s try something new and see what works.

But here’s what’s cool about John Carlo. They’ll make a video right with passion and if the video, no one clicks it. John Carlo doesn’t get emotionally attached to it and say, but I made it myself cause that’s called a baby. Little baby. Little baby should not be entrepreneurs. Got to get off the field. We’re playing linebacker here. You’re I got hit cause you’re aligned back or get off the field. I got hurt though. Entrepreneurs don’t call in sick, they don’t have a sick day. I haven’t been sick in what? 19 years? Who? There hasn’t had a sick day in a few years? Remember the day you were sick though, but you weren’t sick and you showed up anyway yet like syphilis and swine flu and you’ve got like the wild wild Turkey leg or something and discernible disease and you’re still there working. You got a rash covering your body, you got chicken pox, you got like cancer in your ear lobe. They’re currently amputating your ear lobe and you’re still working who you can relate to that. Yeah. If you’re entrepreneur, you just shut the hell up and you work. What’d you get paid time off. That’s not an entrepreneur question.

So clay, I want to jump in. I can tell you how we saved 25 grand or would have saved 25 grand by paying $10 a month for this. Tell us. So we had a, I had this grand idea, thought people

would love to have interactive floor plans that they could change and redesign and save it and all of this. And the marketing company says you should all of them. Oh, you should do it. We were working with, they were like, this is the most valuable thing we’re going to have everybody’s doing and we can make it for you for 25 grand. It’s only 25 grand to add that to your website. So one of the interesting things was when clay pointed this out to me and I jumped on the lucky orange, guess how many of our clients, I mean we have like 3,600 to 5,000 people a month on our website of that. Guess what the grand total of people interacting with our interactive floor plans. Juan’s what? Zero. So we literally had this tool on the website for 25 grand that nobody spent any time on.

Also, if you listen to the founder of Instagram on his interview with Tim Ferriss, he explains that Instagram used to have all these features and he realized that nobody used any of them. So we got rid of them except for the one people use. And now that’s what Instagram is, is just a feature of the big thing. So you can listen to that interview. But he was, but anyway, I just to make sure we’re getting this idea, so that data though, you just track it and then you move on. But what happens if you’re not careful? The person who made the video will fight you about removing the video that no one watches. And I can relate because a lot of times I get really spiritual about a project and I’m like, Oh, this one’s going to be hot. And in John we’ll go. Nobody ever clicks it. And I’ll say, but can we keep it? And he’s like, why? Because I put a little time on, is this get help me? It’s just, I don’t know. It’s like a, you know what I’m saying? It’s just, well I don’t know. We get emotionally attached to crap. It doesn’t matter. Does that make sense to you guys getting the same thing? Yes ma’am.


that’s what I’ve been advocating for months. Maybe a year. Yeah. You want to, the content just makes you the top of Google, but don’t ever read those things. The only time that’s different would be like if you write for psychology today or you’re a thought leader of something, you have. The pastor himself did a blog. People would read that cause he’s a pastor. So for the pastors blog, you wouldn’t want to delegate that. Jennifer for your business. I was, I was advocating for you to maybe do like a YouTube show and then transcribe it because you have a viral connection with your customers. She has a home decor business in Houston, kind of like a hobby lobby on steroids and people come there to buy knickknacks and decorative things and for you having a little a YouTube channel where you display new items and then transcribe it, that’s a great thing for you because you have a connection with your audience. For you, mr CrossFit, I would do something like that to where you’re doing like a podcast so people can listen to while working out and it encourages them and it’s just like a 15 minute daily podcast that encourages people so you have a connection with your people as you get bigger. So they’re listening to you every day while they’re working out. That’s a great thing and he just transcribed that, but people aren’t gonna really read it too much. Does that make sense? Yeah.

Is there a place or a software that automatically transcribed

the software? I’d recommend uses rev, and John, how much is it per minute? Dollar per minute per rev. And it’s like a human that actually types it up probably in India. Um, and then no, seriously. And then it mumbled, a lot of these programs are, and then Timmy is an artificial intelligence and Timmy is like 10 sentiment, right? John, if you ask what I do in my downtime, which people ask sometimes nothing but work, hang out with my kids and work. I know nothing about anything. I don’t go out to eat. I don’t watch sports except for the Patriots. But when bill rebel, Chuck retires, I’ll probably turn off the sports entirely. I just, I’m just interested in like how it works. So if we can pull up your website real quick. Okay. Is that cool? What’s your website? Yeah. As it relates to growing a business, I know how to do that. It’s very easy. Whether it’s a bank, Regent bank, the auto auction, Z 66 whether it be asleep, center a to Z, medical haircuts, elephant, the room, whether it be carpet cleaning, Oxi, fresh insurance, Bronson. Are you growing or you hear Bronson? Is he growing? Is your husband growing? He’s a great guy. He’s growing. We know what we’re doing here. So with your site, let’s pull it up. What’s your website? A fly grader.

Fly And we’ll do a break here. I’d at nine, but I wanna make sure I’m answering all web questions. Fly.

How? Like greater it

fly, greater fly and then greater.


Public typing. It’s awesome every time. Okay. So what, I’ll make a list of homework for you right now. Okay. One at the top left. Your site does not have the HTTPS encryption on it, so you’d want to add that. Okay. That’s the first thing. It’s the HTTPS. It’s in that checklist we gave you want to add that? If you go to YouTube real quick on the Macklemore video on the far left tab, you see how it has the go will go to um, you know, go to colon


so we want to make sure anyway was, we’ll make sure it’s on there. We’ll do an audit and it could be on, just make sure that it’s on there. Okay. Make sure it’s on there. Most of the time it’s not. Go back your site right here. This looks great. This looks great. Put a video right here.

Now I think you inspire confidence, but if you don’t feel like you do hire Linda laymen, that’s a company in Tulsa and get like a model, like an actor dude who’s got gray hair. No, I’m being real. Getting, how old are you by the way? That’s the problem. You look very young, which is good. You’ve probably eaten kale all the time. Probably never cheating on your diet. You sick freak man. If you had somebody who had like a little more salt and pepper in the hair, you know what I mean? I got, I got kind of a, you’d want to get that guy on there and he’s like, or if you’re on there, get, let me be very confident you can do it. But I mean it’s gotta be like, you can’t be like, not that you would, but it can’t be like it. Fly we believe in. And a lot of people when they shoot a video, they kind of do that. We believe in having a great time. We’re safe. So you want to have somebody with confidence. So you’d see him, he’d say at [inaudible] dot com we, I’ll show you a commercial in just a second, but put a video right here and then you’re no brainer. We’ll see. We have one scroll down. Okay, party foul. Scroll back up. You want to have your no brainer offer right here because you’re a no brainer is what?

Three or three [inaudible]

you’re saying anybody in this room who wants to do a flying lessons learned how to fly a plane with you. The first three lessons are free. What does that mean? Okay, so the first three lessons are free though. Who? Who, who hears kind of interested in maybe learning to fly healthy. We’ll show hands, look around. These are your leads. So when you go to the site, remember people don’t read. So you want the headlines. It’s called hieratic scaling. People just read it. That’s what a headline is. Tire scaling. The most important thing first. So you would say get rid of fly grader and say your first lesson, three lessons free. And then underneath it put radar reviews, like a safer way to learn. Read our reviews, who’d be kind of concerned that you might die. So I’d put again first three weeks free, a safer way to learn, read our reviews.

That’s how I do it. And have a play button. Cool. And the play button, we will get into more details for you, but you want to put your phone number is your phone number, the top, you want to put your phone number, where to click to call at the top, right. It’s a click to call. That’ll get you more calls. Cool. And then if we go to go into Dropbox and find the Joel David commercial and then Aaron, um, on the Shaw home site, has it a little bit blown your mind how little people click around on that site? Yes. How many homes are you building right now? New homes currently under construction, about 160 right now. So you’re building a 160 houses. How much does the average house cost? 282,000. So 282 times somebody with a calculator. 102 hundred 82 times. What’s that? 202,000 times one 60 times one 60. What’s that floating around right there?


so $45 million of stuff’s going on and we got people who bring it in like you know, 400,000 a year who are going, I don’t know if it works. The word I would say is fiddled dicking. Cool. And then back to mr police officer, we were talking about your business. Um, do you uh, have uh, do you, do you, you went to class to learn how to shoot weapons and stuff, right? I thought about you last night and I shouldn’t, I said yeah, that’s why the problem, these conferences, I can’t sleep very well cause I’m like I got to help my, help my man, this is what I would do. This would be the business that I would do for you. I would do like self defense classes and if you don’t like it you do something else. But self defense classes so you can leverage your knowledge because as a member of the law enforcement community, there’s nobody more trust in my opinion than you, you know?

So if it’s like my name is Gary and I have a lot of guns, I think it’s scary. I worry about Gary Gary’s AR class like carry. Why do you have 47 weapons? Cause my constitutional right to protect my family. Well, I’m sure if the burglar came in, any one of these 15 guns could kill them. Why do you have a whole closet full of them went with Obama. They bullets are going to be banned here soon. Right? Okay. Well you know, I get it. But if you’re a police officer, you’re like, Hey, I’m a father, I’m a dad. I’d really, the reason I’m doing the self defense classes so that in the event of an emergency you can go hide in a room, hide behind a door, you know, while you’re calling nine one one and it gives somebody a blasty blast to becomes to that door.

You know what I’m saying? And I would go to your class. How many people would go to a class like that? It was taught by police officers. Show hands. Will you look around? Okay. You gotta stand up real quick and look around just to make sure you get a good look there. Looking around say so we’d be buying that thing. You see what I’m saying though? Cause I’ve got a kid who has kids you ever been broken into before? Oh I have it’s PO, it’s fun. So, but one time it happened, I was out deejaying and my wife was home by herself and so we called nine one one and the broken arrow police did a good job but they got there about 15 minutes, you know? And I wish it would have been like 15 seconds like microwave police, like boom, beat me up.

So we went to a self defense class and my wife can shoot every target and I’m shooting like a parrot on the shoulder of the and the instructor. Like if you are shooting a parent on the shoulder of the guy, you would be on Firebird currently. You’ve yet to hit him. And it’s got this other watch too many like boys in the hood movies. I’m like, that’s why there’s not more deaths than the gang shootings cause they shoot this way. Someone’s gotta hook them up and say go this way, you’ll kill more people. Okay snap. You know what I mean? It’s just like you’re the worst ever. You know my wife just bam. I’m like God, I’m just, I left afraid of her. But all I’m saying is you, I would, people would pay for that though. And that’s a real problem you can solve.

It’s very inexpensive to start and then you’re in business and you say, well how do I do it? We’ll get you top of Google. How long does that take? 90 days. You’ll be top in Google for Tulsa if you haven’t. Tulsa self-defense. I did research last night for you, cause I’m a sick freak. So we type in Tulsa self defense. I’m serious. When I leave this conference, I’ve talked to Jennifer the first time I, I’m like thinking about our business before that call. That’s how I do it. So you type it in. So all you gotta do is get, Oh, that’s so he’s eight. How many of you would sign up for a free class if he was offered one today? Jerusalem and Tulsa C. so we’d sign up today and then you’re like, well clay, I don’t have classes yet, but that’s cool. Put us on the waiting list in October.

We show up. If it’s good, we leave your review now you’re top and Google money cometh money coming in. It comes on. I went to ORU, we say that all money coming with money. So money, you know, so the seeds money, come with, here we go. All right, 10 fold return to them. All of a sudden money’s coming back in for you. All right? And then you wow people and it keeps happening. Your overhead is very low. And you might say, well, where would I conduct this class at a cheap place? There’s a lot of cheap places. A lot of buildings aren’t that much. Maybe 1200 bucks a month. Get ya office warehouse in broken arrow. Look up the various laws. I’m sure you know them. And you’ve talked to your city people, you know, and then all of a sudden you’re up in business and you’re kicking butt. Cause I know I’m not ripping this specific one, but you can take your guests. I’ve talked to two of these people and they’re morons. Cause they called me and said, Hey, we want to get more money. And I’m like, okay, you gotta do this. They’re like, no. Why? Because we wanted to make less money. I mean, I don’t know what it is. It’s like they don’t want to get Google reviews. They don’t want to write articles. They said their Mark, one guy said his marketing company told him Google’s changed. Meanwhile you could beat him up real fast.

Is that good? That’s the move. And what’s your first name? Be caught police. It’s like something like Patrick’s


come on, Patrick. Wouldn’t be Patrick’s. Patrick’s maybe S P protection. Patrick’s self-defense course to protect Patrick’s protection palace. Learn firearm safety from the police. Personal protection from Pat. Personal protection from Pat PPP, triple P. put three pizza pop pop up so we can do that. You got something going there. Oh wow. You’re getting ready to go. Okay. But you, you, you feel good about that. You feel good about that. Could you like own that idea? If you left here, could you do it now let me tell you the same interaction I had with somebody who, this guy over here, Thomas and Thomas, when I advocated for you to quit your job as an ambulance driver or ambulance, uh, what were you doing? Yep. Paramedic. Kind of similar. I said you should quit your job. And what were you first thinking? Right. So we made a lot of sales first and then how much sales were you doing before you quit your job?


20,000 a month before he quit his job. Now you don’t have to wait your job, you just do on the weekends or whenever your wife approves because your wife is right all the time. You just talk to her first. Don’t talk to me, talk to her and then you know, and then customers are going to call and go, you don’t offer any classes on Wednesday nights. What’s your problem? Like? Well, cause I’m at church or whatever your wife says you’re doing and you just offer openings when your wife approves it. And that’s the key because happy wife, happy life, that’s my one marriage tip. You feel good about that.

So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. God would love to hear the word. But Jesus is say that hearing the word doesn’t necessarily build the house. So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it.

I don’t want you to do this. Oh, I’m losing the blowing. It’s going to be tough this morning. I want you to actively engage in the process of trying to do what you hear.

So if you, if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to doing actual self requested. Personally, I’m a Sam. You read the waste, you want to do something for, you want a better relationship with God. So if you know what to do, it’s incumbent upon you to do it. People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing. And it’s totally true. And the reason is, is because it’s so hard that if you don’t, any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it a sustained period of time, and you have to do it over a sustained period of time. And now, without any further ed, do what?


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