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“He’s engaging, he’s interesting, he’s fun. I found myself laughing and I’ve been to this twice.”

So, I’m Mark Wonderlin. I’m from Austin, Texas. So, I actually originally heard about the Thrive Time business conferences when I was searching online looking for a coaching or mentorship program and I followed the rabbit trail around Thrive 15 and said, wow, you know, I’m going to come to this conference and see if they’re going to be a good fit for a coaching mentorship program. I came to the conference and was absolutely overwhelmed. If I was to describe the office and the team here, it would be unbelievable. I mean, it’s such a cool, neat, fun environment. It has an open floor plan. There’s tons of cool quotes on the wall, you know, neat memorabilia all over the place and just a fun, energetic, outgoing environment. Every one of the staff is welcoming. Just the way that Clay and Marshall present is fun. It is exciting, it keeps you motivated throughout, but it’s also equally educational. They don’t spend a lot of time rambling. It’s tactical things that you can learn and take action on right away.

If I were to describe Clay’s delivery and the way that he presents, it’s like an interesting combination of like, comedy and content, which is so cool because typically when you’re being taught it’s very dry. I mean, I think about when I was in college and you’d be in this big lecture hall and it’s like, I’ve done this for the same time every year. The same content and it’s boring and when the presenter’s boring, you’ll get bored, which means you don’t retain the information. Well, with Clay, it’s the complete opposite of that. He’s engaging, he’s interesting, he’s fun. I found myself laughing and I’ve been to this twice. I’ve literally gone twice to this and I’m laughing at some of the same content, but it’s so hysterical the way that he presents the information in a practical way that gives me the ability and the knowledge to retain it and apply it in my day to day business.

You know, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of valuable things, but one of the things that really sticks out to me is understanding, thinking like a business owner instead of the technician. So I’m in video production and I know the craft and the skill of creating a video, but I want to be more of the entrepreneur. I want to transition into systemizing and structuring my business in a way where I can grow and scale and be more than just a guy with a camera, be a business owner and a team of talented individuals that can do the style and approach that I take to videos. My favorite aspect of the conference is really the way in which it’s presented, so it has a great combination of being funny but also entertaining and equally educational. So to me, that’s what really makes it so great is this combination of entertaining and educational where I feel like I’ve learned a lot, I’ve took a ton of notes and a ton of actionable steps are actually going to help me in my business.

It’s not a lot of fluff and rah rah. It’s physical steps where they have case studies in how it’s worked, the steps to take that I need to be as successful as some of their clients. If you don’t attend the Thrive Time show business conferences, you’re really stifling your growth. You’re minimizing your opportunity to be successful in a fast way. You have two things. You can either spend money, you can spend time or you can spend money and spend time, too. What you don’t want to do. This is a minimal, minimal investment in yourself and your team and your business for a maximum amount of results. I would have paid three times the amount to come to this and learn and absorb the information in such a short consolidated time. You can read book after book, but it’s not going to be anything compared to being here, talking to the individuals that literally has written, you know, close to a dozen books and is going to give you the tactical steps that you need to take that are repeatable, that have worked for business after business after business that they have worked with throughout this workshop. So unequivocally, it’s a no brainer to attend this conference.

You’re not looking at your watch, the time actually really flies by so fast.

I’m Cindy Litlighter. I’m originally from Missouri. I’m involved in the radio, and marketing, and advertising business. I heard about the ThriveTime business conferences through the radio station. The number one thing that I was hoping to learn, and I already have taken away great information, is about time management. I really liked the fact that they just keep it real. I mean, just real practical, simple, but yet entertaining. You’re not looking at your watch, the time actually really flies by so fast. At the ThriveTime 15 World Headquarters, it is just high energy. It’s really hard to describe. It’s just, you walk in, you smell the pinion wood. It’s all these notable quotables that are on the wall. Clay is super, super sharp. He combines that with his humor. You just want more of that because you’re just soaking up the knowledge and you want more of it. It’s not dull and boring like a typical boring textbook conference. It’s fun and educational.

“I would describe the world headquarters here at as energetic.”

My name is Gabriel Sanchez and I’m currently involved in for my business is video advertising and website design, things of that nature. I originally heard about the ThriveTime Show business Conferences from my dad. So from coming to this conference, the ThriveTime Show Conference, I was looking to really confirm all of the systems that I have in place already. So from what I’ve learned at the workshop so far is that a lot of the things that I have been doing are what I should be doing.

What I like most about the business workshop so far is really how comfortable all of the speakers have been with everyone. So I would describe Clay’s presentation and style of how he’s kind of running things over here as very energetic. So I would describe the world headquarters here at as again, like how Clay has been presenting is very energetic. So what differentiates this conference from some of the other conferences that I’ve been to is me, because I’ve never been to another one.

I would think somebody would miss out on if they decided not to come to or haven’t ever been to one of these conferences is confirmation for anything that they are implementing or possibly learning some new things to implement if they need to learn new ones.

I think this place is great.

My name is Jerry and I heard about Thrive Time on the radio, and I continue to listen to them on the radio. I own ARW Care. I’m a rosarian. I’m not a florist. I work on roses. I go to people’s houses and I work on their roses. What I’m trying to get out of this business conference is everything from the ground up. I think this place is great. Everywhere you go, you see all these little sayings and they get you to really think. Nuggets of truth, I call them. That’s a great atmosphere. What I see with Clay is he speaks from the heart. This time was way better than the last time. I really appreciate him speaking from the heart.

You know, these business conferences, I come expecting that I need help, but the greatest thing is that I can do it and I have all the tools that I need with this program and with the things they offer. My favorite aspect of the workshop is the question and answers. I think every entrepreneur, every business needs to come here. That’s what I think. I think they’re missing out on a lot. I think the reason why you need to come here is you need to get your imagination going. You need to ask those questions of why am I doing what I’m doing? It helps you to think about the why. From there, the sky’s the limit.

I think they’re missing out if they don’t come and at least try this.

My name is Cheryl Geiger and I am from Coweta. A few things that I’ve learned since I’ve been at the business conference for the past couple of days, it’s really a lot more about even the importance of search engine optimization, about Google reviews, and really how to market your business effectively in today’s changing environment. The building is interesting. You’ve got a beautiful view of the Arkansas River that I think is really fun, and a little bit distracting at times, but a very beautiful view. It’s a very modernized building, a lot of activity, very high energy. A little chilly, I have to say, but high energy. A lot of fun. A place that you can really come and relax, and it’s a high learning environment.

Clay’s presentation and teaching style is one that keeps you engaged, keeps you laughing. There’s been several times that I have just literally laughed out loud. Some of the illustrations that he does really make the business come to life, and it has really been fun and engaging and kept me on my toes for sure. I think people that have never attended the Thrive business conferences are really missing out on practicality of running your own business and running a small business, and even large corporations, just the daily fundamental things that you need to do in order to run a successful business. I think they’re missing out if they don’t come and at least try this. It’s two days, and you’ve got a lot of things that you can do, a lot of agenda items that you walk away with to really run your business effectively.

I have gone to many other business conferences, a lot of motivational speaking events. You get that package where they try to sell you. At a minimum, you get a book or a series, or here, we got the free book. There’s been no upselling. The thing that they ask you to do is that if you have a great experience, write a Google review, so it’s that simple, and it’s quite refreshing.
You know, I would recommend it. Even as I’ve been here, I’ve thought of other people that could really benefit from coming to the Thrive 15 Conference. I think that if you are not having enough people, if you don’t have enough customers, if you want to grow, if you want your business to thrive, this is the place to come. This is the place that’ll give you user friendly tools to make it happen.

“If you decide not to come to the conference, you’re going to miss out on some really key techniques that could really help your business.”

Hi, my name is Mike [Stockhill 00:00:01], and I am from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I recently heard about the workshop through my son and daughter-in-law, who are franchising a product that is currently working with Clay Clark and Thrivetime.Well, I’m looking at starting a web business and helping people that are currently looking for work help find that job and get back in the workforce. So I was here learning about techniques that would be helpful in starting my website, doing the branding, doing the sales, and the things that would make it profitable. The atmosphere is very laid back, it’s entertaining. It’s very beneficial in learning. It definitely keeps you motivated, keeps you alert and focused on what’s being said.

Okay. Clay’s presentation style is definitely unique. There is no dead time. He’s always making noises. But it does keep you entertained, and he does give you good examples, life examples, that let you show that what they’re saying is just not theory, but there’s fact and there’s empirical evidence backing it up.

Probably, for me, because my background is not in sales, is the process about the sales process and the five steps to basically going through the sale process before all the way through the close and making sure that you come back with money at the end. The workshop, it is entertaining. You do get a chance to meet other people. Just don’t be shy. Be outgoing. Be willing to introduce yourself to others that are attending the conference, because not only then you learn from people such as Clay and Marshall, but you can also pick up tips and things as well as networking contacts by the people that are also attending the conference.

Well, if you decide not to come to the conference, you’re going to miss out on some really key techniques that could really help your business, particularly when it comes to the web and using reviews and things that could help drive business to your company and that includes your sales. That would be one thing, is that if you decide not to go, is that you are missing out on the potential process that could help your business grow, and not just grow by a few percentage points but to possibly double and triple your business.

I think one reason why it’s important for people to attend the conference is that if you’re in business you’re wanting to succeed in business. You’re wanting to benefit people, but you’re also wanting to create a profit. And what’s really important about this business is that it’s what the purpose is, to help you be successful in your business, so not only are you providing a service or a product but you’re making money at it, and you’re making money to create the life that you want to create.


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