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I like how they keep you engaged the whole time

I’m Wade Riggs. I’m a part of a family owned RV dealership. I’ve heard about the business conferences from online searches, and also, I know Clay from DJ Connections. I used to work for Clay back in the day. Basically, I was looking to learn sales script, get even better with my organization, and SEO services. I like how they keep you engaged the whole time, the side stories, the jokes, to keep it entertaining, and they break it down to where I can understand it. They’re not talking over your head at all.

What makes this conference different is the atmosphere, and there is no upselling at all. It’s, you get what you pay for. If someone doesn’t decide to come, I feel like they’re missing out on a good opportunity to continuing … Hold on. I feel like if you don’t come you’re missing out on a perfect opportunity for continuing education on building your business.

“If you don’t come here, you will not have the full visual of what business really is.”

My name is Brandon Pogue. I’m from McKinney, Texas, and our company is called TrueLabs. We make workout supplements. We heard about these business conferences through a partner of ours, Dr. Brian Artis, and we’re really glad we came. The atmosphere is electric. It’s eccentric, and it’s a lot of fun so if you’re not here it’s totally different than a lot of business conferences that I’ve been to because it’s an enjoyable atmosphere. It’s not boring.

I would say Clay’s presentation style is raw, humorous, and direct which I think a lot of us in the business world really appreciate because it has been so much fun to hear the truth and to not have to try and cover it up. The most valuable thing I think we’ve learned is how to go and get our customer. We spent a lot of money through Facebook and Instagram last year and really most of it was a waste, and I think the way that we’re going to be attacking that now, I cannot wait to do that with our new business.

You should at least attend one Thrive workshop to see a completely different perspective than any other business conference that you’ve ever been to. If you don’t come here, you will not have the full visual of what business really is.

You gotta see it to believe it.

I’m Patricia Bower from Long Island, New York. The business conferences are amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s quite eclectic, very casual but still very professional. You gotta see it to believe it. I knew nothing about marketing before I came here, so the way he broke it down into small segments, little step by step instructions, something that even I can follow. So if I can follow it anybody can do it.

Clay’s teaching style is very casual, very relaxed. He jokes around a lot, but I like the way he shows you everything on whiteboards and visual and it’s not just being lectured at. He shows it to you and he gives you stories that you can relate to. I haven’t heard anybody asking us to purchase anything more. They’ve been helping us every step of the way. There is no more upsells after this.

I think if anybody is looking to grow their business, they need to come to Thrive. Unless you’re a computer geek and you know how to do all of this stuff on your own or you’re some kind of marketing wizard yourself, they show you things that you just wouldn’t be able to figure out yourself. You need the help and they provide it. They make it easy.

he makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh so that it opens you up ’til you see and hear better.

I’m Ken Pelot. My business is Professional Painting by Ken. Quite a bit of stuff. A lot of stuff I know that I needed to do but didn’t know how to do it. Web page, how to hire people, sales, making a schedule, making programs, I mean just a lot of stuff. I mean it’s overwhelming but it’s good stuff that you could actually put to practice right away.

It’s a lot different than I expected. Been to different business conferences and you’re just waiting for the sales punch, and they give you ideas and stuff but it’s always 10 years down the road when you could actually apply the stuff that they’re trying to promote and this is not like that at all. It’s very ground-level, help you start a business and maintain and grow a bigger business.

I like it a lot because he makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh so that it opens you up ’til you see and hear better. This is great. It’s a lot of interaction. You can ask him questions, I mean if you don’t understand something, he can explain it more. It’s very helpful.

They’re missing a lot because a lot of businesses probably do some of the steps that he’s teaching but there’s so much they can learn and easy steps that will grow their business even better. It’s not like any other workshop I’ve ever been to. It’s very laid back and a lot of information, and it’s a comfortable setting. It’s awesome, it’s a really good experience.

“Oh my gosh! It’s the bridge between what I want to do and the people that need me to do it for them. “

I’m Renee Sheppard and I from just south of in a little town near Kiefer, Oklahoma. I’m Renee Sheppard and I’m from a little town near Kiefer Oklahoma. I have a girlfriend, Tina Nettles, who is an aspiring writer who listens to the show. I think she says she won some tickets by participating and invited me to come along with her as her guest.

Well, what I own is a medieval fair. The Kiefer medieval fair. What I want to do though, I’ve been inspired by the business conferences. I don’t want to share my idea quite yet, but I have had my Aha moment. I know how to get it started now. It’s really cool. This is cool. This conference is really cool. The atmosphere is great. I would do this again. This is a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed the humor that he approaches business, because really if it’s not fun, I don’t want to do it.

The most valuable things that I’ve learned at the workshop are SEO, the search engine optimization and website development, learning to use WordPress. I’ve used WordPress in the past, but I didn’t realize how powerful a tool it could be. I’ve used a lot of website development tools. They’re, overwhelming, they’re confusing. They puke a lot of information at you and really don’t give you a lot of return for your effort. I’m learning that I could put a little bit of effort into this formula that will create a thing that will make my business much easier to access. Oh my gosh! That’s just kind of the bridge between what I want to do and the people that need me to do it for them. That’s the key to any business.

Definitely Clay’s humor. The way he approaches business. Look, I’ve read every self-help book on the market. I’ve either read it or seen it or watched it on Ted Talks. But coming here and hearing him present the material, I’ve never heard his radio show. I’ve never heard him speak. This is the first time I’ve ever been exposed to Clay at all. He’s pretty cool.

My favorite aspect of the workshop so far has been how much fun it’s been.Oh, well, if you don’t take the workshop, I mean, living by the river in a box is okay. I guess, if that’s for you. The reason everybody needs to attend at least one workshop is because everybody needs a reality show. Everybody needs to realize that you need a second or third or even fourth set of eyes on whatever it is that you’re doing so that you can differentiate between your fantasy of what you think your businesses versus the reality of your truth. If you’re not making the kind of money that you think you need to make doing what you’re doing, that you haven’t been to one of these workshops.

He’s fast moving. It’s very dynamic.

My name is Randy Barnett. I own a commercial sign company. I heard about the business conferences by listening to the radio, AM radio. I’ve been in a lot of training seminars over the years. Insurance and other things, motivational things, and this is much more than motivation. What I got out of this is a comprehensive set of things to do in sales, marketing that really boil things down to definable steps that I can do to improve my business.

Where we began was something good in a really good area: marketing. We went over Google, search engines, getting on the web and do’s and don’ts. Got into sales. There are just some things, persistence, learning and to get back into that mode of thinking and getting into a rhythm and we’re still going through a little bit more. I’m looking forward to getting everything together on the numbers side, accounting, so I can measure my progress and see what to go back and refine.

Now, what I like most about the workshop is it’s not boring. There are different multimedia so you get plenty of breaks. It never gets stagnant. There’s always something happening and it’s good to bring employees too, as well. Clay’s presentation style. Well, Clay’s out there, he’s a little bit off the wall, which is one thing that keeps, if you’re going to get as much out of it as you possibly can, you probably have to go back and catch a little bit here or there. He’s fast moving. If you’re taking too many notes, you may miss the next thing, so it’s very dynamic.

The atmosphere is one thing that you can look at and say, you know, I want my business to look more like that, where people know what they’re doing, where they’re supposed to be. You know, how to communicate among themselves, how to build teamwork, you can see that going on here in the seminars. A lot of times I’ve been to seminars that are motivational. They might have some to do lists and some good content, but they don’t seem to typically put it all together in an all-encompassing way. This is very comprehensive and it’s orderly and it’s logical. You can use this seminar in a simple one or two day process and really up your game, make your business more effective.

You know, somebody who decides that they don’t want to attend, something more important’s come up. They need to remember that you only get so many chances to get your life reviewed and you do that. This is a stimulating event. You can get stagnant if you don’t make time to take a break from life and get something of a review. If you want to enjoy the life that you’ve dreamed of then you’ve got to stop at some point and see what you need to do to get a team together and make it work.

“I have a notebook that is just full now of information that I had no idea about businesses.”

My name is Matthew Elliot. So I heard about the ThriveTime Show Business Conferences actually from the ThriveTime Show podcast. I’m an avid listener. I love hearing Clay and Dr. Z talk about just about everything that comes up. They crack me up every single time. What I was wanting to learn from the workshop was really how to get started. I’m not an entrepreneur yet but I have avid hopes to be, I want to head in that direction. Learning a lot of stuff that they talked about today is actually giving me a pretty solid roadmap to the way I needed head forward.

The atmosphere of Clay’s office and the team is almost like a nonstop motivational speaker, but everybody’s actually sincere. It is like you come in and there’s music playing and it smells amazing and everybody is like really genuinely happy to talk to you. It’s incredible.

So Clay’s presentation is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I love everything he says and I was actually feeling really obnoxious laughing as much as I did, hearing him talk and then trying to write as well. It was just, it was really fun.

One of the most valuable things that I’ve learned so far is what … The things that I need to do in order to keep track of not only the money I’m spending but also how to pair up with like a CPA and then a bookkeeper so that I can keep track of the numbers. That way I know where I’m at every single day with my business. The other big thing that I learned is the value of having meta-time, just that consistent time to sit down and look over everything and plan it out. I can’t wait to start implementing that because that is going to change everything.

If you don’t show up to this conference, you’re missing out on probably one of the best motivational business coaching experiences you’ve ever had. They’re going to dive into like so much of the business like I have a notebook that is just full now of information that I had no idea about businesses. Granted, I’m just starting out. But I just kept talking to people who have businesses and like, I can’t believe everything I’m hearing.

Everybody needs to attend one of these conferences to see that the game has changed. It is no longer the old style of doing business in the world. With the digital age being like it is, you need to understand how to have a valid online presence and what you need to do in order to get to the top of Google.

The energy at the Thrive Time business conferences are awesome. It’s awe-inspiring.

My name is Leon Jilman. I’m from Long Island, New York. And the business I’m involved in? There’s two. There’s real estate with Melissa Shea, Long Island REA, and also Wirehiders ported sports apparel. So I heard about the Thrive Time show conference from Melissa Shea, who’s my real estate mentor. And the thing is, I don’t like flying. So to get me from Long Island, New York to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I have to have a tremendous amount of belief in her and in Thrive Time, Clay Clark, Start Here in order to get me here. Oh, she said it was about marketing. So different, unique ways to market the businesses. And we have a couple, you know, Melissa, we’re real estate, myself with the Wirehiders so it seemed like something that’s a no brainer and awesome in this day and time.

I’ve learned a lot. Being unique, leaving a mark, an imprint in people’s mind, making sure you have a product that has value in substance and there’s so much more. That’s why I take notes.

I love Clay’s energy. I like his commitment to his spiritual foundation and the fact that he’s transparent and real. You know, like Wu-Tang says, and he loves hip hop. You can’t front or forge a vibe, you’ve gotta keep it live. So it’s an energy, you know, and people connect to that. Yeah, the energy at the Thrive Time business conferences are awesome. It’s awe-inspiring. It’s welcoming. It’s phenomenal. I love the interactive nature of the conference. It causes you to think on your feet. Challenges you. Think differently. It’s just great. Yeah. Don’t take my word for it. Come here and experience it yourself. If you don’t attend the Thrive Time conference, you could potentially be missing out on huge success and huge finances. And as you said, the difference between big businesses and small businesses, small businesses may be sucking a little, that’s why you need to, you know, come here and get the knowledge up, get the information up so you could thrive as a big business.

“They’re giving you real life, true examples of people went through, where they started, and where they’re at now.”

My name’s Cody Frost. The way I heard about the program is actually from a client of mine that I had closed a couple of sales on, and she just let me know that it was one of the best business conferences out there for somebody that’s going to start their business. The type of business that I will own eventually is a heat and air, and it’ll just service mostly residential systems in that aspect, and what I’m hoping to learn is some marketing, so that way I can kind of, get my building blocks together and get my feet wet.

The aspect here is really great. Everybody’s inviting, everybody’s always trying to get to know you, network with people, and it’s showing that basic building steps of what it is to have a business. I would say that the presentation style here is pretty straightforward. It’s easy to understand, he’s real, he’s going to connect with you on another level that people can’t, for sure.

I would say one of the most valuable things that I have learned from the workshop today is marketing so far. I had no experience in it whatsoever before, I knew a little bit about network marketing, but even then it was just kind of, real baby. The favorite aspect that I can tell that he uses for an example is, you know, all these people that have come and taken the program, or have partnered with him in the past, they’re giving you real life, true examples of what they went through, where they started, and where they’re at now.

I would say that if people don’t attend this program they’re missing out on a lifetime opportunity to really build their skills and their marketing phase, and just overall business. They give you all the tools that you need to be able to grow your business the way you want to and make it profitable. So, I would say why somebody could, or somebody should attend at least one class here, is that, when you’re going in things blind and you have no experience, and no education, formal or either way, they give you all the tools that you need to help you start that business that you want to start.

I haven’t laughed so much or learned so much in my 63 years.

My name is Brants Edwards. I’m from Tontitown, Arkansas, or some people would say I live in Springdale. I was telemarketing some people, and the person called me back and informed me about these business conferences so I came. I own a roofing business and I’m going into my sixth year, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get to the next step and that’s why I’m here. When I first came here I was a little put back because of his style, but I haven’t laughed so much or learned so much in my 63 years. The most valuable thing that I learned is you don’t have to create the storm, just get in front of it and let its momentum take you to where you want to go.

Like I said, in a couple of days I’ll be celebrating my sixth year in the business. Tomorrow is going to be my first day … after hearing this I didn’t know anything about business, so it’ll be my first day tomorrow after this conference.


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