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This is concrete things that you can use to scale your business.

My name is Nigel Williams, and I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I’m starting a few businesses at the same time, and I realized that I could use all the help I can get to make sure that they’re all successful. So I was looking for a mentor and business coach, did some searching online, found Thrive15, did some research of the reviews, and I liked what I saw. So then I gave you guys a call.

One of the things I liked a lot about Thrive15 business conferences right out the gate, it said: Listen, there’s no upselling. There’s no BS. We’re giving you step by step, we’re not just giving you inspiration or whatever. Enough of that BS. This is concrete things that you can use to scale your business. And one of the things I really liked about Thrive15 that really did it for me is that they’ve been successful businessmen in several different verticals, not something special. So that’s why I knew that the techniques and what they’re teaching here, they’re business agnostic.

You could take it and apply it to any business and it should work for you, and that’s something that’s very important for me.

One of the things that I learned that I really, really like here is that you really got to stick to your guns, know where you want to go, know what you need, and fire quickly. If people are not going in your direction, and you’ve given them their chance and you explained it to them, get rid of them quickly and move on, because when you have a set of A players, you can go a whole lot further than having a whole bunch of B players.

The Thrive15 headquarters here is interesting. It’s like what you see is what you get. It’s an open space environment. Everybody’s working at the same time that we have our seminar and our teachings that are going on. This is pretty cool. I like being here, to be able to see that, hey, this is for real. This is not: Okay, it looks great on the internet and then you get there, you see something else. This is the real deal. You’ll like it when you come out here.

I like Clay’s presentation as a teaching style. I can see that his background really came from DJing and so forth. He’s got that natural showmanship and presentation, and he just tells it like it is. This is what it is. It’s not a gimmick here or anything. It’s the real deal. That’s the guy. You talk to him on camera or off camera, in front of a stage or not in front of a stage, it’s the same person. It’s not an act. It’s the real deal.

It’s one of the things that I enjoyed coming here is because normally when you’re on your own, you’re doing something, you got a lot of distractions, and your mind is on your business, and it’s on that. When you come here for your two days, it’s like: Okay, you’re here for this. You paid to come here for this. Focus on it. And it gives you that focus that you need to think about: What is it you really need to do for your business to make it grow and thrive?

Not at all. There has been no upselling of any kind. This has really been: Hey, these are step by step things you need to do. These are actionable stuff. Here are the tools we use. This is what we’ve found from our experiences. There’s nothing else to upsell, and I’m very, very happy about that.

I recommend people just checking out Thrive15. I’ve been running businesses for several years. I’ve hired, and fired, and I’ve grown businesses from nothing and so forth, but it’s refreshing to know that people have step by step systems that really, really work. And even as a seasoned business owner like myself, I did learn quite a few things here that was totally worthwhile coming to this trip. So if anybody else is working on their business and really want to make it grow, there’s nothing to lose here by coming to the Thrive15.

It definitely helped to put me in the right direction.

My name is Alexa Jones and I’m from Los Angeles California. I heard about it because I signed up for a Thrive15 account online, and I sent in a question. I had some questions about my business, and I got a call back, and someone let me know about the business conferences. I have learned that there are certain priorities that I needed to take when building my business. I have learned how important it is to cultivate those first hundred relationships with customers beforehand, instead of just working on getting as many sales as I can. I need it to work on the foundational levels of my business, and how customers feel about my product.

I would describe it as really exciting. Clay has given out a lot of information, Marshall has too. It definitely helped to put me in the right direction. This place is really awesome, it’s really awesome. It’s very spacious, it’s very comfortable, it’s not just your boring hotel type of atmosphere.

I would describe Clay’s teaching style as raw, and energetic. I can tell he’s not pulling any punches. I know that he’s speaking from experience. There’s a whole lot of coaches out there, or “Coaches” that make their money based off of telling you something that they’ve read on Google. But the thing is, Clay has actually lived this, with him opening up several businesses. And so, for all the years that he’s done it, he’s actually able to give you his own real-life experience. That’s the difference between him and a whole lot of other people.

Interaction level has been pretty good. There’s an opportunity every single hour. They’re asked the questions that we need to, and he’s answering them directly. They are missing direction that could help them to get to where they are going a whole lot faster, and a whole lot clearer. Instead of them doing it by themselves, they’re missing mentorship, much-needed mentorship. It’s different because Clay’s not trying to upsell you anything at all, he’s just trying to give you the best information that he possibly can. There’s no pressure, no sales tactics, no games, no gimmicks, just straight help.

I would recommend it because starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be really, really difficult, even if you’ve been in it for years. There’s typically a place that you really want to go. And the thing is, is that, Clay has actually reached the highest of entrepreneurship that most people want to reach. And you can come here, and ask questions to someone who’s been there, and get all of the advice that you need.

You walk in, you’re like this is like the coolest looking place you’ve ever seen.

My name is Don Calvert. I am originally from all over the place. My dad was a high school and college basketball Coach so we traveled a lot. I lived in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Oh gosh, I’ve written down everything. There’s like 30 different things I want to implement from the business conferences. Things like, I want to start doing mystery shoppers. It’s gotta be critical to my business. Just making sure that I’ve got all of my scripts taken care of and that I can duplicate. Having a feedback loop and mine’s not very good and I’m not consistent with it.

Rescheduling my schedule during the week a whole lot better so I’m more efficient with my time. I’m pretty good with my time but it’s like I don’t need to do this and I could get rid of this and I want to add this. I like the one hour of doing your business every day. I’m always working on my business, all the time, even on Sundays. But having that one hour time to set apart is really critical if I’m gonna grow and change. I’m always trying to change. But that gives me a concerted effort of here’s how I’m gonna do it.

This is about the coolest place you could go to. I’ve never seen a business environment, it’s like you want to be here. It’s kinda like my gym is or score basketball. You walk in, you’re like this is like the coolest looking place you’ve ever seen. This is the same way. I’m always looking to see what y’all have done differently. What Thrive15’s done different, what pictures, what sayings. It motivates you and it inspires you to be here.

By far the best speaker I’ve ever been around. I could listen to him all the time. It’s not just comedy even though it’s funny. It’s not just stories even though the stories are great. You’re constantly being driven home of what can I accomplish, what can I do? What do I need to do? Everything has a purpose to it but it makes it so easy to learn and so much fun to learn. I work late and so to get up at 6 AM, I’m like half asleep. But at 7 AM I’m ready to go at this conference.

You can’t go to college and learn this, there’s no way. You’re not gonna learn Optimization. You’re not going to learn about firing people and hiring people. You’re not gonna learn all these different things. It would take me years and years. I was in Business for about 15 years, 16 years before I heard of Clay and started working with Clay. I was a terrible businessperson. Finally, I found him and it is so much better. Everything that we’re doing and implementing is so much better. You can’t learn this kinds of things at an entertainment, motivating workshop that is out there, those don’t work. He doesn’t give you 18 things and then they run them off.

You really learn exactly what you need to do. It’s not just, it’s motivating but it’s motivating that this is what I’m gonna go accomplish. There is no upselling. In fact, they give you so much more. They’re answering your questions, they’re telling you what to do. If you have any concern about your business, they’ll immediately answer it. It’s not hidden in well if you buy this you’re gonna find that out. There is none of that stuff. It’s practical help, immediately.

I was just talking to a guy on the phone, he’s working two jobs. I’m like do you wanna take your business to the next level, where you’re not having to do so many hours? He’s like yes, definitely. I said okay you gotta come to this. And I don’t even know the guy. I was like you gotta come to this then. It’s because it’s a place that you can immediately help yourself get so far ahead of where you’re at. Not only in your finances, in your time and in your business and your family, it covers everything.

“He gives you a strong desire to be better, but he only also gives you the knowledge and the tools to be the best you can be.”

Hi, my name’s Paul Arnold, and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. Actually, I’ve been a long time friend of Clay’s on Facebook, and I happened to see some positive things he was doing with these business conferences, and that’s how I found out about it.  Actually, I’m with a media company, and we help businesses with their marketing advertising to help them get new customers, generate leads for them. My main objective in coming here was to learn about search engine optimization.

The atmosphere is alive, a lot of energy, just full of life. That’s all I can say.  Clay’s delivery is fantastic. He’s got a lot of energy. He’s educational, at the same time, he’s entertaining and extremely motivational, give you a strong desire to want to do better for yourself and everybody you come in contact with. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is what I came here for.

I wanted to learn how to be number one on Google. Clay definitely knows how to do that, and that’s an extremely important thing for any business today.

My favorite aspect of the workshop so far is the way Clay delivers it with his humor, that he’s entertaining, but he gives you a strong desire to be better, but he only also gives you the knowledge and the tools to be the best you can be in whatever business you’re doing. Well, a lot of people may think they know everything, but Clay knows a lot, so I would encourage anyone who hasn’t been here, to not think they know everything, to be coachable and teachable, because Clay has a lot to offer, and can teach anyone who’s in business or in life ways to be more successful.

Well, they need to attend this conference, because it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Just to be in a crowd of people in this environment where people are striving to be better, words really can’t describe it, but I can promise you if you come, you’re going to be a better person as a result of it, and money’s going to come your way in high amounts.

Clay’s delivery and presentation is fun. He’s a great teacher.

My name’s Mike Kinner. I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I signed up for the coaching program recently just through an old school Google search, and it’s been a life changing experience to find great coaches and business leaders who are teaching us step by step how to run a sustainable business. I’m an inventor, and I created a new product. So we’re looking to bring a new product to market. What I’m looking to learn from the business conferences is really just learning the system and the step by step strategies and action steps to really build a business that runs with or without me. It’s a turnkey system.

A really cool vibe when you walk in here. You immediately know you’re someplace special. I like just the fun environment, great humor, and obviously a lot of great business wisdom from people who have done it, not just people who know how to talk the talk.

Clay’s delivery and presentation is fun. He’s a great teacher, and he really delivers clear messages, but also he intertwines it with some great humor to keep you awake and alert and receptive. So all in all, great teamwork.

I’d say the biggest thing I’ve learned thus far is really honing in on our no-brainer offer and Purple Cow to really have an enticing message that sells. My favorite aspect as far as the workshop goes is probably just connecting with a lot of great business owners. I’ve already made some great contacts that I’m sure will be able to help bounce ideas off and network together and build future relationships. I think by coming to the workshop, there’s no way you can’t learn and grow your business, so if you really want to grow and get on a fast track by business leaders who are thriving in their environment, you’ll miss out on growth. By coming here, there’s no stopping where you can take your business.

I think everyone needs to attend it just because it’s a great way to learn and by surrounding yourself with people who are smarter and better and have built stronger businesses than you have, there’s no limit to your growth.

One of the coolest things about Thrive is, it’s a culture. It’s not just a place

Hi, I’m Jim Cathcart, I’m from Thousand Oaks California. Originally Little Rock Arkansas, happy to be in Tulsa. I’m a professional speaker and author, I’ve been doing this for 41 years, so I’ve done 3100 talks around the world to convention audiences typically.
And I’ve written 18 books and so, in my niche I’ve gone deep and wide and I love being around this kind of training, and that’s what attracted me to Thrive in the first place.

I’m a mentor with Thrive 15 and I’ve done a number of programs. I’ve done, actually I think 110 short lessons on video that are part of the learning system at, and Clay told me about how the workshops had evolved and I said, “Got to be there.”

So, I flew to Tulsa to be involved in the program and I’m loving it. The thing that made me want to be a mentor for Thrive was, well, frankly that’s what I do, you know? I’m here to help other people live more abundantly.

It’s kind of like the biblical passage John 10:10, “I’ve come that they would have life and have it more abundantly.” Well, that’s what I see as my own personal mission in the world, is to help people succeed and I’ve been doing that for the past 41 years as a speaker and an author. And being involved with Thrive gives me an outlet to reach people that have identified themselves as success seekers. So, you’re my kind of people and I want to be with you. You know what I enjoy most about Clay Clark’s presentation style? Is it’s natural, it’s genuine, and it’s intentional.

And you might say, “Well, natural intentional don’t seem to go together.” No, with him it absolutely goes together, because the way he succeeds is he looks at the challenge, develops a system, commits to the system, enhances the system. And he tells in the workshop exactly that. He says, “Look, here’s what I was feeling, here’s what I wanted, here’s what I’ve found, here’s what I’ve put in place, here’s how I made it better. And you can do the same.”

One of the coolest things about Thrive is, it’s a culture. It’s not just a place, it’s not just a thing or a process, it’s a culture and you know, people talk about the Disney culture, the Google culture, the Amazon, you know whatever, Zappos. A lot of companies have been featured for their unique cultures. Well, if you look around here, and you can see some of this behind me, you can certainly see it on all the other walls, and the floor and the ceiling. Every inch of it is intentional. Every inch of it is designed to stimulate more creativity, more discipline, more commitment, more openness, more sensitivity on some level. You know, I’m looking at a wall right now and it talks about, “How do you achieve the wow factor?” And, “How important is vision?” And, “Why is enthusiasm so important? How do you stimulate motivation? How do you increase your expectation so that you increase your game to reach those expectations?”

You know, all of this puts you into a mindset that causes you to want to grow, want to be more, want to make a difference. That’s what I love about Thrive. Let’s assume for a minute you heard about Thrive, you read one of Clay’s books, you tuned into the radio show, you … I don’t know, you signed up for a dollar and you watched a few of the mentor videos online, okay? And you say, “Yeah, it was good. Okay, yeah I know what that is.”

Well, yeah that’s kind of line wandering through a library and reading part of a book, and saying, “Yeah, yeah I got that.” Right? Go through a bunch and find one near you. Go through one, just wander through, look at the titles, pick up a few of them, read a couple of pages, and then leave the store. You’re going to be better off, maybe a little. Okay? But why should you come to the Thrive workshop? Because that’s where it gets processed. So, you don’t get better from exposure to ideas, you get better from application of the ideas. And the workshop is a workshop, it’s not a seminar where you listen, it’s not a speech where you just hear it, it’s a workshop where you work on your business, your life, your goals, your concerns, your fears, your aspirations.

So, come to the workshop. First off, it’s one of the most affordable in the entire world of training and development. Second, it is fun. I mean, you’re going to feel good and it’s creative. So, you’re going to come out of here with not just ideas from the workshop itself, but workshops from the experience you have … I mean, ideas from the experience you had by being in the workshop.
So, I would highly encourage you to book an inexpensive flight to Tulsa Oklahoma, find a nearby hotel room, and come to this for a couple of days and just completely immerse yourself in evolving in this kind of an atmosphere.

“I would say everybody should come to at least one of these to get back to the basics.”

My name’s Jeremy. I recently went to work for the garage, which is one of Roy’s shops. Roy does work with clay. Then it snowballed from there. I’m actually a manager of an automotive repair facility. I came here more for the management side of how I can make my owner more successful. If you’ve never met Clay Clark, you’re missing out. His whole atmosphere, everything is Clay. He’s over the top. He’s very direct. It’s awesome.

My favorite aspect of the business conferences, it’s Clay, it’s the Clay show. He’s loud, he’s proud. He’s up. He’s marching around. He’s shaking hands. He’s yelling, “Boom.” It’s Clay. He’s just motivation in a bottle. If you don’t attend this workshop, you’re missing out on A, making your business tremendous and more successful. It’s all the little things that you forget, growing into things and changing things. Then again, it’s Clay. Clay is motivation in a hoodie. You just got to wait and apply necessary. I would say everybody should come to at least one of these to get back to the basics. It sounds crazy, but once you get into this motion and you get bad habits formed and you start wondering why things are slipping, and then you come back to this like, “Oh yeah. Yeah. There’s systems. There’s places. There’s scripts. There’s ways to do things that just work.” If you’re not doing those things, you’re missing out.

Clay’s office and the atmosphere is fun, and energetic, and not a typical office.

Hi, my name is Greg Ray. Actually, I found out about Thrive15 from a neighbor that is a client. He knew that I was looking for some additional coaching, some help with our website, and he literally called Tim Redmond, put him on the phone with me, we introduced ourselves, and had an appointment the following week.

The kind of business I own is a hunting and fishing destination business. And then, we also teach people how to do long-range shooting. We teach people how to shoot out to a thousand yards and even out to a mile. The way I describe Clay’s office and the atmosphere is fun, and energetic, and not a typical office.

I think the way I’d describe Clay’s business conferences are not typical, outside of the box, engaging, entertaining. There’s probably a lot more adjectives but I think you get the point. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned so far, business I’ve been … I’ve been in sales forever, I know how to do sales. You’ve probably heard the expression, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” There are some things that I knew that I didn’t know that I needed to learn and I think probably one of the better ones is that I did not know that I needed a three-legged stool approach to my marketing. I had been in a habit of setting weekly schedules, not daily schedules. So that is something new for me.

One of the other things too is about putting out the burning fires, like, when you find time to do that. We actually schedule a time to do that according to Clay. So, just right off the bat we’ve learned a lot here and can’t wait to learn more. I think one of the main reasons that everybody needs to attend something like this is, whether you know it or not, everybody needs a coach. Take a football team, for example, the coach isn’t going to be the best player out on the team. In fact, probably all the players are better than him, but yet, he’s able to coach them to hopefully be a winning team. Business is not any different.

Not only does this conference motivate me and also gives me a lot of knowledge and tools

My name is Nicole Shi. I’m from California. I heard about the conference on a website. I own a healthcare business that helps seniors find assisted living and boarding care. The name is Nestvy. We are your nest-savvy experts. These business conferences amazing. People are very engaged, and just like we talk about everything, different aspects of the business. Just very exciting. Clay is extremely entertaining and teaches us ways to get you to pay attention to him. I think not just that. Everything he says make so much sense. I think I learned so much. Not only this conference motivates me and also give me a lot of knowledge and tools, and I actually have a lot of actionable items that I want to implement right away. So that’s the biggest takeaway. I think people miss out a lot if they’re not here ’cause working with Abby coach is amazing. But once you get here you hear all kinds of different questions you never thought of. It gets you in a mindset of forward thinking. So I think it’s extremely valuable to be here.

You’re not gonna get any BS from here.

My name is Lisa Atkinson. I am from Amarillo, Texas. I heard about the conference through my boss. Clay had come down to his church and did a speaking there, and it just went from there. I would describe the atmosphere at the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences as upbeat, super positive. It’s very eye-catching. When you walk in the room, you just immediately get excited. Clay’s presentation style is unique. You’re not gonna get any BS from here. He’s very straightforward, very positive, but he’s gonna tell you what you need to hear, and he’s interested in growing you, not just him. I think that’s the biggest factor that I got out this. It’s pretty awesome.


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