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“He says up front that there’s no up selling, and there’s not.”

My name’s Brian Wilson. I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I work with LifeSpark Outdoor Lighting. The owner of my company subscribes to the Thrive15 and has shared some of what he’s learned from it. I’ve learned a lot so far at the business conferences. It’s true what they say. It is like a fire hose of information, but probably some of the really important things that we’ve learned are we’re really drilling down into the sales process, lead generation of the Dream 100, where we’re trying to isolate our dream customer, dream clients. It’s going to be a huge force. Nothing like I would have expected, that’s how I would describe the headquarters here. Very energetic. Nothing like an office setting, business setting that I’ve ever seen. Lots of energy, industrial feel, I guess. Very unique. Clay is got a unique teaching style.

I could see why I think so much of writing everything down, having a set structure and everything because he’s kind of bounces all over the map, just a constant barrage of ideas. But he’s super energetic, really knows what he’s talking about, and really just wants to share. The interaction level between Clay and the class here, I love the fact that it’s a small class, very small setting, very intimate. I mean, he’s really drilling down to my individual business to other business owners here, their individual needs, a lot of personalized attention. I mean, he’s been with us from the moment we started until now. If you haven’t been to a conference here at Thrive15, you get more insight, more personal insight here, lots of great ideas, lots of things that we’ve probably never thought about.

Some things that we have thought about but never prioritized. He’s really helping to draw that out and show us the really step by step by step process. I don’t feel like we’ve been upsold a bit here at Thrive 15 conference. He says up front that there’s no up selling, and there’s not. I would recommend you check out the Thrive15 conference because it’s just a much more intimate view, much more personalized view of what you may have seen on the Thrive 15 website, but it really allows interaction with Clay and his crew and it helps you to focus, really focus on what you need to do to grow and expand and carry forward from here. You’ll leave here with a lot of ideas.

I enjoyed the common sense approach to how he runs his businesses

My name is Shane Martin. I was referred to the business conferences by a friend and actually was brought here by my friend John Kelly who’s gained a lot of input. I own a massage practice and have been in practice for 23 years. So my primary reason in coming is to learn how it implement a process and be a better leader to my team, so that way we can provide one on one care for our clients when they come in.

The atmosphere here at thrive has been amazing. It’s positive. I feel like it’s somewhere where I fit in, and sometimes when you’re a small business and you’re talking to people that maybe seem higher than you, it’s a little intimidating to come in and sit with people that have maybe done better than you have and maybe have done things that you have forgotten to do. So it’s a very welcoming environment and a place I feel I can definitely learn and come back to.

Clay’s delivery style is both comical and effective. So I enjoyed the common sense approach to how he runs his businesses and how he applies that in his family life and his life as a Christian. So it all makes sense to me. The most valuable thing I’ve learned today is that it is absolutely necessary to have a plan, a process, and a people to be a successful business owner.

Really the favorite part is I’m always seeking what is not simple, but what are common sense and achievable goals. I think as entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for how to arrive at the best location and with the best tools and the best people. So I feel like I’ve definitely gotten that here today with your team.

I think people are missing out by not attending thrive. They missing out on the opportunity to sharpen every single tool that they have in their tool belt, and also potentially, find tools that they don’t have in their tool box. I’ve definitely noticed that in my brief time here today that that is a huge thing that somebody could take away from this.

Being a small business owner is very hard work, and sometimes it’s hard work that feels like when you feel like you’re all by yourself. So coming to a conference like this helps encourage, and again, sharpen those tools and surround yourself with a team of good people that are like-minded and take away some of that loneliness that sometimes occurs when you’re an entrepreneur.

I would describe this atmosphere as my tribe

My name is Paul. I’m originally from Northern California. I own a construction company. Specifically, we provide reinforcing steel placement for concrete companies. What I love most about these business conferences is the high energy, the fun atmosphere. It’s both laid back and serious at the same time. I just really enjoyed it.

I would describe this atmosphere as my tribe. It’s a bunch of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, just all around great environment. The ThriveTime Show Conference is different than any other conference I’ve been to. It’s very unique, very laid back, funny, fun, high energy, fast pace. I just really enjoyed it.

“Everywhere you turn and you look around this facility, there’s something there that’s going to challenge you to think bigger and to think greater.”

I am Nathan with Complete Carpet. The Thrive Time Business Conferences, I originally heard it on the radio on KFAQ here locally and it just really, it was a unique perspective, it was something different I hadn’t heard. I mean, there’s a lot of political shows, but something that dealt with the everyday things that you know, the grind, the daily grind that you deal with in your business and the workshop sounded like it was something that was going to give some move the needle type of value.

We currently have a carpet cleaning company, we service here in the Tulsa and the surrounding communities. We look to try to help you eliminate that service and that maintenance need of your regular ongoing carpet needs and the thing that I’m looking for right now in the workshop is I’m at that point where now where I want to add more vehicles and I’ve been a sole proprietor, I’ve done it, I like to do great hands on work, but I want to know how do I build the right system to be able to give that same passion as I.

No, no one can do it as good as I can, but how do I set it up properly so when I do hire a new employee, they’re not going to look at me and say, “How exactly did you want this get done?” And I am going to say, “Well you just do it the way I showed you.” I need to have some way to set those systems up. So I’m looking here at this particular conference and make sure that I can integrate those systems in properly and have it in place so I can learn from other people’s failures instead of my own mistakes.

Here, the energy, it really is energy is the best word to describe what goes on here. I’ve been at other conferences, I’ve done other situations, even at my own house, I’m trying to focus in or listen to a podcast and it’s just, there’s not the same lighting, there are not the same motivational quotes. I mean everywhere you turn and you look around this facility, there’s something there that’s going to challenge you to think bigger and to think greater. It’s the other entrepreneurs, somebody that I just had a conversation just a minute ago with somebody that said something that got my mind thinking about a problem I was trying to figure out, and all of a sudden my brain just explodes. It grabbed a notepad and started writing down everything.

And so it’s a high energy place with people that are here because they want to be, because they’re pushing to try and make themselves greater. And that’s what this breeds more ideas and more thoughts beyond what it is that you’re breaking that shell, breaking that out. You’ve got the box, you always do it 24 seven this way, and seeing other ways that other people are doing it and saying, “How can I incorporate that into what I’m doing?” And this place just breeds those ideas.

Oh, Clay is, is like Jim Gaffigan on steroids. I mean he just brings everything, and the beauty of what he does is that he’s marriaging areally difficult idea, something that’s hard to wrap your brain around with something that’s really humorous to where it really sticks in your mind. You can remember it because it’s relatable and it’s hard to point your finger at somebody and say, “This is what you’ve done wrong.” It’s so much easier to learn from the mistakes of others and to turn those into a humorous event where you can laugh it off but still go, Oh yes. You know what? I actually did that last week. Actually yesterday I was on a phone call with a customer and I did that same mistake and I can relate. I actually went last week and saw Jim Gaffigan in concert and I thought, you know what? I think he’s stealing some of his information from Clay, cause some of the comments and the things, I think Clay presents an even better way of how you deal with life and the struggles that it has and how to achieve beyond that.

I think, I mean there’s … I could write an entire page of valuable things, but the one that really sticks the most is focus and your time management. So many entrepreneurs, and so many other people that I’ve talked to, they’re not getting done as much as they could because they are so distracted by doing so many other things that if I just turn off all the push notifications, if I cut off, just completely turning off the phone, focusing on the project you’re currently doing and then mapping out what it is you are going to do every day. So many times we lose so big chunks of our day because we haven’t decided what we’re going to do and we let the day decide what we will happen to us.

And so that’s probably the biggest thing that this conference has helped me with is going in there and saying, being purposeful, being proactive about what I’m going to accomplish that day and then actually getting out there and doing it and I hold myself accountable every day to say, did I get all these action items done? And if not, keep going through that day until I’ve got them accomplished and I have had tremendous growth in the last two or three months. I’m on track to almost double this month growth just because I’m keeping myself accountable and doing what I know I have the capacity to do.

The favorite aspect I have of the workshop so far is the high energy of the, of the presentation, of the way it’s being presented. I mean there’s good information and I’ve heard a lot of this information, been in business for 20 years and I have all these concepts and there’s a big difference in taking a concept and making it useful and related. I know a lot of these ideas, but I have no idea how to apply them in what I’m doing every single day. And what is great about this conference is that almost every single minute I had … I’m already five, six pages in on just he’d say something and then connect it to something and I immediately see that’s how I could use it in my business.

By giving a story, it connects it to something I know I can do and that is really how this conference really goes beyond all the other conferences I’ve ever been, is that it’s giving relatable stories that I can quickly translate into what will I do in my business later today, not in a month or in six months. What am I going to do as soon as I leave here, that I’m going to sit down and start, you know, workflow planning or time management or time booking or making sure I just going every time to a customer and asking for Google lead or ask for a Google review or asking for, you know, whatever it is that I need to do to push that needle forward right now today as I leave this conference. And I feel like I’m coming away with tons of ideas, I’m not even sure where to start first, sometimes.

A lot of the same things that we do every day, we get swept under the rug because we get so used to getting into the grind. We get so used to doing these things over and over and over and having somebody that can look at that perspective, look at what they’re doing is relating to the fact they are grinding and they’re stuck, but not just that they’re stuck, that they found another way out, or that there is some other thing. I mean there’s lots of ways, to quote the old phrase, there’s lots of ways to skin a cat.

But so many times we just sit there and we feel like there’s too many ways and we don’t know what to do. We become a useless because of apathy and what this conference has done for me personally, and I think if anyone’s missing out on something, is that spark, that creativity, that light, that fire inside of you that can say, you know what? Don’t just sit there waiting for someone else to move the needle. This is your business. This is your opportunity. Get out there and start doing these things yourself and then getting that motivation and getting those tools that you can say later today, I’m actually gonna start doing something. That’s what you’re missing, if you’re not here getting that accountability, any that, that, that push those ideas put into motion that you can do given those actionable items you can do today.I think everyone should attend a Thrive Time Workshop because on a very simple basis, you don’t know what you don’t know, and if you can get out there and see how other people are doing things and how they are doing it, you can’t spur on new creative ideas, think outside of the box of what you’re doing. You can’t move the needle forward in your business. If you could do it, you would have already done it. And so we need to have these opportunities where we can see other businesses, how they flow, how they solve problems, how they grow stuff, so that you can go back and say, you know what? I see at least one idea to get me unstuck. And if I think if anybody comes to any workshop and what they would be missing, what they need is that you will find that one idea you need to get unstuck to move that needle forward this week.

It’s raw. It’s like a medium rare steak. It’s juicy, just savory. It’s good.

My name is Justin Todd and I’m from Owensboro, Kentucky. I’m a member at River City Church in Owensboro and I’ve just seen the change that happened around there and the excitement and fun and I just wanted to come out and see what it’s all about. I’m recently involved in management. I was in the construction side of a property management group and just now recently taken over as our property manager and just wanted to come out and get some truth bombs.

I’m part of a property management company and I just recently took over in management. Wanted to find some practical truths that I could apply to help me. At the business conferences, it is just like a wisdom bomb blew up. Just full of energy and excitement and it’s inspiring.

It’s raw. It’s like a medium rare steak. It’s juicy, bloody, gory, just savory. It’s good. I think it’s just optimization, just a lot of truth in life that’s, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s great.

My favorite aspect is just inspiring, wanting to inspire others and lead well.  Missing out on everything. This is great. It’s practical knowledge that you can apply and help in every aspect of life. There’s plenty of places to go to for all kinds of different training but there’s nothing like this.

“I think what makes it different is how personable Clay is and how his business has grown and how he’s talking about his mistakes.”

My name is Dr. Melissa Leedy. I have my own business. I have a counseling practice with a group of clinicians who are contractors. I heard about it from my friend Jaken Merrill who just invited me along as his guest. Then I looked on the website and saw all the cool things that y’all had to offer.

What I was looking to learn was just things that I didn’t know. You know, when you are a business owner, there’s a lot of things that you don’t know that you don’t know. So I was looking to learn those things. Some of the things that I’ve found is I’m doing some things really well. Then other things I really need to beef up, and there are other things that I’m not doing at all that I know I need to add in. So that’s been really nice.

What I like most about it is Clay is really funny. So he’s really funny, but there’s a lot of practical information that he weaves in with stories. So it feels really applicable. It makes you definitely think about how you’re gonna apply this in your own business. So I like that. It’s not boring at all. I feel like I laughed a lot more than I expected I would. So that’s nice.

The atmosphere is really energetic. It’s really fun. It’s also really empowering and motivating. There are a lot of, you know, the quotes on the walls, the pictures and everything. It definitely makes you think that there’s a plan. There’s a way to attack it. So that’s nice. It doesn’t feel very abstract. It feels very practical and motivating and energizing.

I think what makes it different is how personable Clay is and the team is and how just vulnerable he is, just up front with who he is and how his business has grown and how he’s talking about his mistakes. So it makes you not feel so stupid for some of the mistakes you’ve made. So that’s really different. Then I think also just the simplicity of it. There’s a lot of information, but it’s kind of around one central ideas, so you don’t feel inundated with all this information. It’s just like, “Okay, this and let’s talk about these things around that.” So that feels different to me.

Well, I think if you didn’t attend the business conferences, I think you’d be missing out on, I think, kind of the belief that you can do it, and I think some just small steps that you can start taking to really grow. There’s a lot of information out there. I’ve read a lot of different business books, and it’s overwhelming to get all that information. So this is nice because you’re just learning some little things that you can start doing to tweak your business, and really I think he gives you a lot of hope and encouragement that you can do it. So I think you’d be missing out on that if you didn’t come.

You get back to the basics that everybody forgets when they’re doing business.

Hi, my name is David Hillard. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I work for a roofing company here in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, and we do residential and commercial roofing. I heard about the conference online. I was looking at some stuff online. I do a lot of looking online at different stuff and looking for some systems and processes to help us build our business a little bit and organize it a little bit better and come across Thrive. Fortunately, you guys are less than a mile away from my office, so it’s really convenient. The main thing I was wanting to learn is how to organize all of our processes in the business to make the most of what business we have coming in, so we’re not just working ourselves to death, trying to work a storm, for instance, when a storm comes in. Then we really get overloaded. Just streamline our processes, basically.

Let me see, what I like most about the business conferences? There’s so much information, but one thing I like is you get back to the basics that everybody forgets when they’re doing business. Going back to the basics of running and managing and operating your business and how important it is to put together the three-legged chair, different marketing, avenues of marketing, that you’re able to not overextend yourself trying to do too many things at once.
They’re gonna miss out. Can you still hear me?

One thing is freeing up more time for your creative thought instead of reacting every day to your business and your business processes and being proactive in your business, is probably the best thing I get out of this workshop.

If you’ve listened to the show at all, you just want to, like, “I gotta see this in real life.”

My name is Cecil Clackler  I’m here from Tulsa attending the Thrive15 conference. The business I’m involved in is office supplies and printer, copier, and fax repair. We tie all those together as one easy solution. I originally heard about the Thrivetime business conferences on the Thrivetime show. It’s a good way to spend your time listening from 10:00 to 2:00 every day.

I decided to attend the conference again because there was so much information packed into the first time that just hearing things that you didn’t catch the first time around just completes the whole thing. So far at the workshop, I’ve learned mostly what I didn’t know I didn’t know. Hiring and firing, realizing that firing is just as important as hiring is is one of the biggest things that I’ve ever crossed my mind.

What I like most about the workshop other than the gobs of information that comes your way is the atmosphere and the energy that comes along with it that just makes you want more. I would describe Clay’s training and presentation style as eccentric, but it grows on you. If you’ve listened to the show at all, you just want to, like, “I gotta see this in real life.”

I would describe the atmosphere at the Thrive15 headquarters as a work in progress and always changing, just like your business ought to be. After being here a couple of times, nothing’s in the same spot. I’ve never been to another business conference other than this one because of it being locally based, but I can honestly say they’ve never tried to push anything, sell anything. It’s just information here for the taking.

Someone who didn’t attend a Thrivetime conference at some point in the near future is missing out on success. If you’re a businessman, a technician who thinks you’re a businessman, and you’re really trying to work it, you have no clue. Get here.

“The most valuable thing that I learned so far is very difficult to pin down because there’s been so much.”

My name is Anthony Corenti. I originally heard about the Thrive business conferences through my coach, Tim Redmond.  The business that we have is a general contractor. We do construction. What I want to learn from the workshop is, how to get my business to the next level. I’ve exhausted everything that I can do with my own skill set, so I need to talk to people and get tips from people that are more successful than I am, and know the intimate mechanics of it.

The atmosphere here is fun, sincere, and lively. Clay’s delivery is very in your face. No holds barred. Unapologetic. But it’s founded in realism. It’s based on experience. It’s very direct. I appreciate that. The most valuable thing that I learned so far is very difficult to pin down because there’s been so much. I think the systematic what systems to follow and in what order, is the greatest benefit that I’ve gotten.

My favorite aspect of the workshop really is the question and answer, where if there is something that you don’t understand, you can get a resolution to that right now. If you decide not to attend, you’re missing out on your future. Everyone should attend at least one workshop because it ties everything you’ve learned together. It makes it cohesive. It’s not a one hour at a time-segmented, segmented, segmented. It ties everything in, the whole methodology in one cohesive demonstration.

It’s laid back. It feels like you’re just hanging out in someone’s living room almost.

My name is Adam Wilburn. I originally heard about the Thrive Time Show Business Conferences from Clay. You guys are actually my new coaches, so he suggested that I should come and learn. The business that I own is Tip Top K9, the Owassa location. I really wanted to learn how to run the business more smoothly and understand fully exactly what all of the SEO optimizations and stuff like that was all about.

The atmosphere of Clay’s office and team is unique. It’s laid back. It feels like you’re just hanging out in someone’s living room almost. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is really upbeat. It’s not boring by any means. My wife made the comment that usually at lectures and seminars, she tries to nod off, and he definitely keeps you interactive and entertained the whole time.

The most valuable thing is set … Well, hold on. Okay. The most valuable thing that I learned at the workshop so far is even if you’re trying to build a business, you’ve still got to make time for your family and everything else, because if you don’t, you’re just going to run yourself downhill.

My favorite aspect of the workshop so far is how everything’s broken down into very small steps, so it’s a whole lot easier instead of just saying, “Hey, do this,” there are maybe six to eight, 10 steps on how to do that, and it makes it easier to accomplish that goal.

I think the thing that people are missing out on the most if they decide not to attend the conference is the detailed explanation for what you guys do and the way to build a successful business. I feel like everybody needs to attend at least one Thrive Time Show Workshop just for the simple fact that you will take away something from this. You will learn something. You’re not going to walk away thinking, oh, this is a waste of time.


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