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“But I definitely feel this is a game changer for my brother and I’s business.”

My name is Simon Richardson. I am from here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My brother and I are involved in a tiling business. It’s called Tulsa Tile Guys, and we refinish, design, flooring, showers, recently fountains, basically anything and everything in regards to the tiling industry. My brother recently, I believe a few months ago, had been in contact with Thrive and this is my first experience having come over and see the things that we’ve been working on and some things to help improve the direction and growth of our company. Some of the things I wanted to get out of this business conference were basically tangible tools and things that will help us in the process of our growth. It’s a relatively young company and we are now in a position to where we’ve got great customers and we’ve had great feedback, and we have the potential for growth, and so the majority of what I wanted to learn were some of the steps, obviously, that could help us see some of the success that Clay and others have seen utilizing the system.

I attended Oral Roberts University and learned a lot of simple business practices and things from that nature, but business conferences like this seem to give you more information that you can use in a tangible way instead of just information from a book, so people that have experience grow from a small business to something larger. It’s nice to be able to hear some of the steps, failures as well as successes that we can expect to see as far as the time is concerned, like a pro forma five-year plan all the way to the hiring and firing of individuals and so forth.

Describing Clay’s presentation style, I actually like it. I actually went and spoke with him and thanked him for his presentation style. I have an active mind, I’ll put it to you that way, and he has a presentation style that really allows you to stay focused on what he has to say. I enjoy his sense of humor, so it definitely keeps you engaged, but while giving you really good nuggets of information, things that’ll stick out in your head that are easily to remember and easy to digest. And he also takes time for questions and really wants you to understand what he’s going through, because I think you can really feel that he genuinely cares for your success and that’s why he’s here. It’s not for a paycheck or whatever. It’s literally to see success of others and to give back. And I’ve noticed that some of the greatest businessman I’ve had the privilege of being around, usually when they get to a certain point, they start to work on legacy, and you can see that in the way Clay reacts and how he treats others, is that he’s working towards legacy. I can’t imagine what his legacy will be at the end of his time, but it’s certainly great being in the presence of like-minded individuals who aren’t scared to dream big, but also understand the hard work that it takes to get there, and doesn’t really BS or give you false hope, but instead gives you tangible things that’ll actually help you achieve that success if you’re willing to work for it.

Honestly, I think you’re missing out on the opportunity to really, if you weren’t to come, to really see that success. If it’s there for you in life, I’ve found probably the hard way that it’s really easy to not do it. It’s just as easy to not do something as it is to do it, which is why most people don’t succeed. Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, and that’s some of what you learn here. But in the same way, it’s easy to make the decision to go to the gym, to exercise. It’s easy not to go to the gym to exercise, and similarly it’s easy to exercise your mind if you choose to and take advantage of opportunities like this, but it’s also easy on Saturday morning to sleep in a little bit longer.

But I definitely feel this is a game changer for my brother and I’s business, and I’m excited to continue to utilize the principles we’ve learned here as well as what we’ve learned working with Thrive on a weekly basis, but it’s certainly worth your time. It’s certainly worth a weekend, and I actually hope to come back to continue to learn, because I feel like there’s no such thing as too much knowledge. There is no such thing as too much learning, and it seems as if the more you learn, the more you realize you actually don’t know, and the more you need to continue to invest yourself or invest in yourself, and not forget, yes, we have to invest in our businesses, but you also have to invest in yourself to be able to invest in others.

My name is Shawn Lowman and I own a residential redevelopment company, so I buy properties and then I fix them up, and then I sell them for a profit. Well, Thrive is very non-industry specific business conferences. So, when we come here there’s business owners from all different aspects of business. You know, they’re doing all different industries, and he’s teaching us how to look at it from that angle, because he owns nine businesses. Clay Clark owns nine businesses, so he knows what’s in common with all of them. So, he’s teaching these big principles. Things like, just the backbone of how a sales conversation should look. More specifically what your marketing campaign needs to look like in order to make it be sustainable.

Those are some of the biggest things that I’m going to take away and implement immediately. It’s an intimate environment. You know, there’s less than 30 people here, business owners, so you get a chance to ask questions and it’s just really informative, and inspiring.Oh, this place is cool. There’s a lot going on in here. There’s a lot to look at, there’s a lot of inspiring and motivational things on the walls, and lots of accomplishments, and just a very cool, yet productive atmosphere.

I’m coming in here yesterday, and you know, there’s a sales team in here, it was Friday. So, you know, they’re ringing appointment bells and hitting gongs when they’re making sales, and it’s just a really motivating environment to be in, to see you know, how business is done, basically. Clay’s presentation style is really great. This is kind of, a no BS, very direct sort of style, but he’ll also get non-specific with what he’s teaching, and then he’ll get very specific and he’ll use stories throughout the process to really help it connect to you, and make it implementable. Consistently he’s offered an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each workshop, and so that’s really where you know, the learning takes place, is asking those questions and getting those direct answers so that we can take those action items away from that.

I don’t see enough questions being asked, and sometimes that’s just natural, but if people are missing out on the opportunity to ask questions, they’re missing out on the opportunity to learn. And so, if there’s anything that’s going to stop you from learning and growing it’s you. If you’re here, you’re going to learn and grow, as long as you’re motivated to do that.
And these other seminars, I went to six actually in the last year, so of these six, at every single opportunity, you know at the end there’s always a back of the room thing, “Hey, you can spend a little money here and get this or that, or this.”
And although those things are helpful, that’s not always necessarily the best feeling we want to get. So, he wants us all to know, and he’s very clear about the fact that he’s not trying to upsell us anything, his motivations are different. He’s not trying to sell us, he’s trying to help us. He’s trying to mentor us.

And he’s very open about it, so I’d say it’s awesome. That aspect of it’s awesome. We need more people who are motivated in this world, we need more people who are willing to become entrepreneurs, who are willing to create jobs, we need more of that. There’s not enough of it, so that’s, to me the message, that’s the goal, is mentor a million people, is this company’s idea. And it’s a beautiful idea and I’m behind it 100%. So, I want to contribute in any way I can as I move forward. This is just awesome.

“This isn’t some bull crap story. This is hard work, you have to do it.”

I own a jewelry manufacturing company. We manufacture jewelry, rings, beads, bracelets, and we also have a retail portion of that. So, manufacturing and also selling directly to the public. I am a current business coaching client of Clay Clark, and I actually heard about him from a friend of mine that owns a music business and recommend that I try out Clay’s monthly services. So, I was referred to actually come to the business conferences and so that’s why I decided to make the trip. I actually had a very open mind. I wasn’t really not sure … I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew what we did from a day-to-day basis with training as far as search engine optimization, and the things that we’re doing with Clay on a normal basis, so I wasn’t sure at all what this was, and I came with a complete blank slate mind with zero expectations.

That said, I learned so much, I’m gonna have to go and review all of it. But there were certain things that I took away from this that at first didn’t seem applicable to me, and later when I went home last night and started thinking about things I heard, I know that I could make changes in my own business right now that are worth probably scores of thousands of dollars of profit for us, that are very simple changes that I would never have thought of if it weren’t for coming here and experiencing what others had to say, and also what the speakers and guests had to say, as well. So, it was absolutely worth my time, 100%.
I’ve learned that what I knew to be wrong, and what I knew to be problems, that I was ignoring or denying about myself, things that I knew needed to be changed, are definitely going to be changed now. I think, for me, this pushed me over the edge of, “It’s time to **** or get off the pot.” Right?

So, moving forward, I think I have the ability now, and I think I have, I guess, the courage to go ahead and make the changes that I felt were needed. But this gave me affirmation. More than anything, that’s what I’m taking away from this is, yes, what you really felt was not necessarily right, and needed to change is … You’re on the right path, it’s just time to start acting. It’s time to grow up and start making those decisions to be more successful, and also to be more accountable to yourself. So, it’s definitely a big boy talk.
I’ve never been to any type of business training event, ever, so this is the first time I’ve experienced this. I’ve never really read any type of business training literature or coaching literature, for that matter. I originally decided to work with Clay Clark because of referrals that he actually had on his own website. I came to him as a customer looking at and knowing some of the local celebrities and powerful people that recommended using his service. So, I used their recommendations without knowing him at all. If I hadn’t seen those recommendations, I would’ve probably never worked with this company.
So, I learned how powerful that is, and how to apply that in my own brand, as well. I’m kind of off topic, but that’s something that’s super important that I’ve really come to accept as the Biblical truth, is you have to have reviews. You have to have an online presence and a reputation. Again, I wouldn’t have come here without looking at his reputation, and so, now I need to make sure that I’m able to do that for my brand, as well. I’ve got to follow that same path. It’s obvious.

It’s high energy, yes. And fun. He’s very funny, and makes it approachable and relaxed and calm. I never felt uncomfortable at all. The way that this facility is laid out, you’re sitting at a desk. You have a lot of room and space so you’re not crammed next to somebody. You have your freedom, and you feel like you’re experiencing this really on your own, but also you have a group around you. It’s not too close for comfort. I’m not packed in here. I never felt like I was expected to perform or do something that was out of my own comfort zone. I was asked to comment and be part of it, and it was great. So, I was never felt to be uncomfortable. I don’t think they would have ever picked on you or put you on the spot or made you do anything that seemed silly. Everything was applicable here.
So, working with Clay, I do this on a weekly basis. I meet him, so I know his personality. It’s infectious and it’s something that I don’t think I would be comfortable without as a business moving forward. He, in my mind, is my mentor in that I can always think, “What would Clay do and how would Clay react?” And remember all those things that we’ve touched on.

It’s not bullcrap. That’s one of the most important things that I do want to say. As a business owner, I’m sure that all of us are bombarded from day in, day out, all day long with requests or demands or, “I can do this for you. I can do that for you,” or this magic, or whatever, especially with marketing. This isn’t some bullcrap story. This is hard work, you have to do it. If you’re not gonna do it, it’s not gonna work for you. So, if you’re willing to follow the steps, they’re very clear, real things that you can apply in your own business that anybody with the ability and the drive to do so can achieve. I fundamentally believe that. So, from a cost perspective, I don’t know that there’s probably any other business conferences that’s comparable to this. I don’t know. I’m sure there’s things that cost a lot more money and don’t really give you any kind of results except for vague results. This is step-by-step, first we do this, then we do this, then we do this. It’s an actual plan that you can apply into your business. Maybe not all at once, but again, I’m gonna go home in the next week and take even just one thing I’ve learned … And again, I know it’s gonna make a massive change in the way that we earn money. I’m pleased already. So, even if I only took that one piece away, I know that it was beyond worth it.

You’re really truly missing out on an authentic experience, and you’re missing out on an authentic team. This, again, I have to really underline that, because it’s really hard for us to find trust online. I’m personally in the jewelry business, right? My entire business is about reputation. It’s about honesty and about integrity because I want you to trust me and come buy my diamond or whatever, and that’s a big, big part of my industry.  I think that’s probably a big part of this industry, as well. So, if you’re listening to me and you want to have that testimonial, check me out.

My name is Michael Faust and I’m from Vanita. I heard about the ThriveTime show business conferences originally on 1170 KFAQ that I listen to quite often. I owe a commercial refrigeration heating and air conditioning company and we also have a leasing branch as well where we lease ice machines and reach in coolers and rent tables and things like that for restaurants convenience stores, hospitals, school systems, all of those things. When I walked into the conference yesterday for the first time, it was totally something that I had not expected. I’ve been to business meetings for many years and usually, these types of things are very formal, very boring, if you will. And when I walked in, I sensed this atmosphere of fun and excitement and honestly, I think for the first time in years, I didn’t have to fight sleep yesterday.

I told my wife that came with me today, when we walked out yesterday I said, “Clay should’ve been a comedian.” I think he can make a lot of money doing that because it makes it so entertaining and he makes it like real life circumstances rather than this pie in the sky thing that doesn’t really even happen in the real business world. He makes it real. I think one of the most valuable things that I’ve learned in the business conference or workshop here is probably time management because when you have started a business from the ground up, you have been so busy doing the thing that you do, whatever it is, and you find that as you add people that you can’t continue to do that and manage your people well, because then they become very frustrated because they can never reach you. Every decision that they make has to be funneled straight through you and you really become a bottleneck in the business.

And so I think the most important thing I’ve learned here so far is that you’ve got to manage your time well and you’ve got to empower your people to do the same thing that you did before they were there.  If you don’t attend the Thrive Time workshop, what you’re missing out on is an extremely valuable toolbox if you will, of real-life business practices and things that will really take you to the next level and it’s just things that you just can’t learn in a book or your average business conferences.  Honestly, the reason … I think everybody should attend at least one conference, I’m almost thinking about coming back and bringing a few business friends with me just because I think it’s so powerful and I think if you don’t attend this at least once, you’re going to miss out on so much of the potential your business could be. Don’t think that you can go it alone, that you know it all, you can’t be coached. You can’t be helped. That’s just not the case. You are missing the boat if you don’t attend this conference.

Hi, I’m Ignacio Lopez and I’m from Plano, Texas. I originally heard about the Thrive Time show workshop through Victoria who is my consultant. I heard about Thrivetime show business conferences from my daughter who recommended it to me. She’s a marketing major, and she’s much smarter than I am. I own a jewelry company called Happy Buddha Guru. We are simple reminders to be happy. This is my first time building a business and there’s just a whole lot to learn, especially in this digital age of how to build a business. Coming around a new peer group, there’s just so much that I don’t even know what to ask. I don’t even know what to ask so it’s a good place to be. The atmosphere of the office and the team is very high energy. These people are driven. I admire that. They’re focused and driven and they’re also fun. Focused, driven and fun. Those are three good things.

Clay’s very humorous and he’s very on point. I really enjoy his presentation style. He’s got a lot of incredible information that I appreciate him taking the time to share it with us. I think one of the most valuable things that hit me in this seminar, because I’m building a new business from scratch, is the inspiration that I get from people who’ve done it and telling their stories about “Hey, I was living in my mom’s basement and now I own a business that did 500 million dollars last year.” That’s inspirational. It’s not like a particular thing there, but it is a thing.  I would say my favorite aspect of the business workshops is just being around other people that do own businesses that are successful and seeing what their issues are because it gives me a mindset of “Hey, this is what I’m going to be dealing with after a while,” and that’s encouraging.

I think if you can’t attend the workshop, what you’re missing out on is a lot of accelerated learning that you would have to read a whole lot of books and listen to a ton of podcasts for to be able to actually get all that information. You’re missing out on a ton of focused accelerated learning from people who’ve been through it already.


I think if you’re building a business you need to attend one of these workshops because it’s going to save you a lot of time. It’s going to give you direction and focus that you didn’t know you needed.

Dr. Breck Kasbaum I’ve been working with the Redmond Group, and they invited me to be a part of the workshop this morning and yesterday. I’m a chiropractor here in Tulsa and I was looking to learn more about business scaling, selling, closing, potentially franchising, growing that business and actually working on it and not as much in it. The atmosphere is great. A lot of energy. It’s fun. The team is very diligent. You can see guys moving around in the background, always making sure that things are tended to. You guys have done a great job. Clay likes to have fun. You can see the background of him being a DJ. Likes to be at the mic. He’s got a lot of information. He can talk fast, but at the same time, he brings it to a point where you can definitely understand and makes it applicable and relevant.

It’s gonna take me a little but of time to process everything I’ve brought in over the last two days. But there’s definitely some things I need to go back and implement immediately. Some with key players. Some of our processes, systems, some scripting. We’ve been using scripting. I think we can improve on it. And that’s definitely one of the first things we’ll do, because we’re seeing the patients coming in you know on a real regular basis and I think we can capture more of those patients with a little, even a small tweak of some of our scripts. My favorite aspect of the business conferences…that’s a difficult one. Hearing from different professionals. Hearing from other people who are experts in their area. Clay Staires was great to hear from as well. Dr. Z was very relevant for me in the field and profession. The way that he scaled his business and been able to franchise it and then also add other areas of interest that he could create income from as well. Those are some of my favorite presenters. And then just the information itself is very helpful.


You’ve gotta have business coaching.


So many people have a good idea, they are working very hard in their business, but not on it. And this is definitely something that will open your eyes to the different aspects and areas that are really necessary to work on your business to take it to the next level, to make it work for you, and not just you working for it. The customer’s not always right, but they are your customer. And you’ve gotta make the business work for you rather than let the inmates run the asylum.

Coming to the workshop today has definitely been helpful in adding to and giving the big picture, the 10,000 foot view. So I would recommend everyone who’s been working with one of the coaches, that’s part of Thrive 15, to definitely attend one of the workshops. You network with other business owners, you learn from other people’s questions. If you’re just considering being a part of one of these coaching teams, this is a great place to start. You’ll get that 10,000 foot view and then you can work individually with a team of coaches to really hone it in and give you those action steps to move forward.

My name is Chris Hunt and I heard about the business conferences through a friend of mine that had dealt with Clay Clark before and been to a conference not too long ago, he told me about, so I decided to check it out. The business that I’m in, I’m working with a startup marketing company, so we’re just getting things figured out. I’m hoping to learn just how to use that and how to market my business and how to use SEO and tie it all together.

The atmosphere here at Thrive 15 is awesome. As soon as you walk in, everybody is super polite and it’s really welcoming. They have coffee and water and all that stuff. They make you feel good and get you going in the morning and everybody is super polite.
Clay’s presentation style is very on point. It’s a no bull crap standpoint. He’ll tell you exactly how it is and shoot you straight every time, so that’s what I like about it.

One of the most valuable things that I’ve learned so far is just not to mess around. Your time freedom is the best part about it. To give up so much time throughout the day or throughout the week is gonna be so much more worth it in the future. That’s my favorite part about it.

What you’re missing out on if you don’t show up here is just the genuine information that you’re getting. You’re getting so much out of it. Whether you pay for a ticket or you go rate their podcasts on iTunes or anything like that, it’s totally worth coming here. You get two days worth of complete information. Everyone should attend at least one of these just to get a bigger perspective. You have a lot of people that work with businesses every day and see different solutions, so I would say at least show up to one and see what they can help you benefit wise, and if they can, come back and see them again.

“This is real stuff, real concepts, real tools, and it’s delivered in a way that you can really understand.”

I’m Charles Colaw. And I’m from Owasso, Oklahoma. Me and my wife, we own several fitness centers in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Paul and I have been friends for several years and he said this is a great conference to go to, has real-life application. I’ve got an MBA and I’ve gone to school and I’ve thought to myself, “So, much of it is great terminology, great systems and stuff, but it’s really hard to get a real-life application.” And this type of stuff has been excellent for real-life application. Real business owners asking real questions, that you could take directly to your workplace. I was wanting to learn systems for duplication. As far as our fitness centers, they all run very, very similar, and the easier they are to manage is when you have great systems that work for you. And they create systems and tell you how to make systems that are easier for your company to get larger and to duplicate and make you work less, but make you work better. And your employees work better and smarter.

So far, at the business conference, I’ve learned a lot about time management, really prioritizing what’s the most important new systems to integrate. And about hiring and onboarding employees and how to pick good ones and how to release bad ones. So far, I like Clay the most, he’s an excellent entertainer. He makes everything fun, but his business acumen and his knowledge in so many different fields is amazing.

And so, you’ll laugh, you’ll have a great time. And you’ll also get a lot of really good intellectual real estate to take with you in the future. The atmosphere of this Thrive 15, it’s laid back, it’s fun. Like I said, Clay is a great entertainer. And so the whole time you’re laughing, you’re having fun. It’s loose and so you can feel free to ask questions. It’s not like a formal university, and you leave thinking, “Okay, these are great concepts. I can have real life application.” And you … I mean, I just basically wanna run home and go over my notes and restudy it and look at it and think, “This is awesome, I wanna go back out and I’m gonna smoke the market. And I’m gonna kick the competition’s butt.” And so, that’s the kinda stuff you leave feeling. It just makes, as an entrepreneur and a business owner.
Me and my wife, we started a business, we had no formal college education when we first started our gym, and we grew it. And we actually became, on paper, millionaires, without ever going to school. Just through hard work and learning and no college. And I went back to school ’cause I’m like, “Okay, I need to learn more. I don’t really know a lot of this stuff.” And so I went to a formal university, and this is where you get to hear a lot of those principles that are talked about in university but have real-life application. And so, it’s just different in a realm that, “Hey, this is real stuff, real concepts, real tools, and it’s delivered in a way that you can really understand.” If you don’t come to this business conference, you’d probably miss out on a lot of revenue, and possible revenue.

If you’re motivated and driven and you actually have the ability and will and drive to actually take these concepts and apply them to your business, without a shadow of a doubt, you’re gonna probably increase your gross revenue by at least 30% within the first year and probably double your revenue within two to three years. And so, anybody that’s a self-driven person, they’ll have an excellent time, love it, and they’ll end up quantifying those into dollars in their future.

My name is Chad Ward, and I heard about these conferences on the radio, I was going down the street and flipping through the stations. Actually, I used to listen to somebody else and the Thrivetime Show guys took over the spot, and I listened to them. When I decided to attend the conference, I did not think it was a scam but I did think that it wasn’t going to be all that it was hyped up to be. So far at the conference I have learned that managing time, blocking stuff out, and scheduling stuff is very important.

The Thrivetime Show building is a little mysterious. It basically causes a reaction in your brain when you walk in. You’re like, “Yeah, there’s a lot going on here,” and you’re curious, and you want to learn more. Something that is awesome about the conference is that there is time to ask questions, and even if you falter on a question, he covers for you very well, so you don’t feel like a loser or anything like that or like you’ve made a mistake that can’t be corrected. It’s very interactive as far as that.

Many opportunities, too, but there’s so much information, it’s hard to even come up with a question that sounds intelligent, but you get him down the road, and I don’t feel abandoned at all. I feel like if I come up with a question later, I can still contact him back.

If people don’t come to one of the 2-day business conferences, I guess what they’re missing out on is a secret passage for a shorter route to get them to where they’re going. I just want to see people experience everything they can or grow to their potential, and this is definitely a tool. Thrive is a tool that helps people do that.

My name is Brian Hart, I’m from Indian Harbor Beach, Florida. I first heard about Thrive through, I was working out at the gym listening to Tony Robbins and the commercial came on a YouTube ad. The type of businesses that I own range from real estate rehab all the way through music production, children’s music school, we own a total of seven businesses, what I got mostly from here were the processes. I’ve been with Thrive now for a couple of months both listening to their business podcast and being a coaching client, we’ve increased our lead conversion 75%, productivity with employees is at least 50%, and that’s just a small amount of the things that we’ve gotten from Thrive15 already. Clays building has given an idea of how I want to have our building set up, everyone I’ve met has been extremely competent, and very giving, very authentic. Like he said it’s the business school with no BS, it’s very practical, I’m very happy with what I’ve gotten from all of this. I think Clay’s hysterical, I think he’s honest, legitimate, and he’s funny and makes business more fun than the average place.

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned was probably from talking to Dr. Zoellner and Clay in how to make sure the business is really there to serve me, as opposed to me constantly being there for the business, to stop the time suck and the interference of keeping me from getting what I need from the business, and allowing me to absorb how to run it from an entrepreneur standpoint as opposed to being in it all the time and being the problem solver so to speak. My favorite aspect of the workshop is just the way people are fun to be around, it’s good to be around other business owners, the same mentality, you begin as the Bible says, iron sharpens iron, as man sharpens man. Being around other people that have the same motivations, the same desires, especially being it Marshal or Clay, or Dr. Z actually reenergizes you as going back home to the normal business activities.

I think what a person would be missing out by not being here is actually getting around other people of like-mindedness, and being able to understand that there’s other people in the same situation you are, you’re not a lone wolf by yourself out fighting the fight by yourself. And just having, like I said, it’s a very good time, it’s a very great atmosphere, everyone here cares, and I cannot emphasize that every dime I’ve spent for this I’ve recouped probably four to five times over. So this has been one of the best investments that I’ve ever had in any kind of training program, and I’ve spent over 300 to 400 thousand dollars in other trainings over the years that this by far surpasses all of it. Not only on cost but also on value. I think if everyone attended one ThriveTime conference, they at least get an idea of the people up close, the authenticity, the care that they have for you as a business owner, so it’d behoove you to come and at least one time to see how they operate and act.


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