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They’re missing out on knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

My name is Marsha Miller. I’m originally from Bonsoir, Oklahoma. We’re an Ardmore, Oklahoma, transplant. My husband and I recently bought a Christian bookstore in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We heard about the Thrive conference through our CPA, Paul Hood. My husband or I, neither one, have been in small business, so we had a lot to learn, and we came here hoping to get a lot of information.

We learned so much information it’s hard to break down everything we learned, that we’re going home with a lot of knowledge that we didn’t have when we came here. We really like that it was fast paced, there was a lot of information that was very specific, that we did not know or understand, and we’re going home with a lot better knowledge than we came in with. We really like that Clay is funny and that he’s fast paced. 

He kept you hooked the whole time, and you just wanted to keep listening. We really like it here. It’s a lot of information, it’s fun. Really holds your interest.

What makes this conference different than other conferences we attended is it’s really fun and really fast paced. If you don’t attend the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences, you’re missing out on knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

I know I’m getting good information that isn’t attached to me writing a check at the end.

My name is Steve Currington. I heard about Thrive15 through a business associate that referred me to Clay. The first time I heard about Thrive15 I did not think it was a scam because they have a great reputation in the area. Today, in the conference, I learned a lot about SEO and we were kind of bouncing through Clay’s new book called Boom, which is why I wanted to attend today. It’s fun. You can see in the background behind me it’s a good atmosphere, music playing, lots of activity going on, it’s a good environment. Clay’s teaching style and presentation is fun, engaging. You don’t find yourself wandering or getting board or anything. He’s got lots of really true funny stories that he’s either created or have happened to him.

I think the workshops are very interactive, a lot of question and answer. When Dr. Z was here in the afternoon, it was good because people were writing questions up on the whiteboards that they were able to answer during it, and then a lot of Q&A. Most of Dr. Z’s time was the Q&A, in the afternoon. I think if you haven’t attended business conferences with Thrive15, then you’re just missing out on a lot of really good business principles that can help you grow your business because they take the same principles and help repeat them in different businesses to make them successful. I think the Thrive15 conference is better because I don’t feel like they’re trying to get in my wallet every five seconds, so that’s good because I’m actually learning stuff and there’s not a pitch at the end of it, which makes it more beneficial to me because I know I’m just getting good information that isn’t attached to me writing a check at the end. I think people should check out the Thrive15 Conference if they want help in either starting or growing a business.

It’s fun. It’s very educational, and I’ve enjoyed all of the networking.

My name’s Sherie Bass, and I’m from Verdigris, Oklahoma. I’m originally a home builder in land development, but I’m now involved in tech translations. I’m involved in tech translations and before that, I was involved in home building and land development. I heard about it because I’m a radio show listener. I had a member of my church that came to me asking me for help. He wanted to learn more about website optimization and lead development, and I said, “I only know one place to do that.” What I’ve learned so far at these business conferences is way more than I bargained for. It’s fun. It’s very educational, and I’ve enjoyed all of the networking. Clay is out there. His style of training is out there.

My name is Sean Martin from Owasso, Oklahoma. The business I’m involved in is institutional whole selling in the financial services industry. I heard about the Thrive15 program through Paul Hood with Hood And Associates. I attended the conference and what I wanted to learn is the difference skillsets of time management and how to run multiple businesses at once. A lot about advertising, hiring people, some of the grave dos and don’ts of the everyday activities of the business and how to make the business serve you, not you serve the business.

I think what I like most about the workshop was the comedic approach that Clay took with everyone. I thought Marshall did a fantastic job. Everybody was super professional. The environment was friendly, fun, interactive, and it constantly kept my attention. It was a wealth of information, but really I really liked the comedic interjection.

At the end of the day, there was no high pressure sales tactics which I think anyone would typically be skeptical of as I was. This came highly endorsed from someone I admire and respect. Therefore when I came, I was pleasantly surprised that I got a lot of great, useful benefits and facts from the conference not just a sales ploy.

What somebody would be missing out on is that, if they didn’t attend the business conferences, I think really some of the modern current skillsets and tools that you really need to take your business to the next level if you’re really serious about being a top one percenter in your own business or industry.

We’re not taught to be successful in school. You’re taught success principles here.

My name is Paul hood, and I’m from right here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I’m a CPA with offices in Bartlesville and Claremore. I originally heard about the Thrive Time workshop through some friends, a guy named Steve Currington, who has a very successful business. He said if you want to be successful, you need to be here. My business consists … I’m a CPA and a financial advisor, and we’re very successful. I wanted to go from successful to systematic. I wanted to learn systems and processes so that the business can run without me. The atmosphere here at Thrive and Clay’s office and the team is very upbeat, very positive, very proactive, very forward-looking. They have very specific things that they can offer.

Clay’s delivery is very unique. He’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, but he’s also one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met, so he combines those in a very awesome way. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned at the workshop is to be very deliberate, to be very specific, to have a plan in mind, and then they can help you put together the processes to get it done. Favorite aspect is probably just how entertaining it is, and the fact that I pick up one or two or three things every time I come to take my business to the next level.

People are missing out on basically a plan, a guaranteed plan pretty much if you’re willing to work it to be successful. I think everybody should attend one of these business conferences at least once because you don’t know what you don’t know, and we’re not taught to be successful in school. You’re taught success principles here.

You’re getting a lot of good information. You’re not getting a lot of fluff or teasers.

My name is Dr. Tyler Pertree. And I’m originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Currently, my business I’m involved in is Chiropractic, but I also run real estate investment companies as well. I originally … I stream my internet ready on my car and I was listening to 1170 here in Tulsa and I happened to stumble across the Thrive Time radio show and that’s how I ended up here. So when I attended here, what I was hoping to learn is more about building systems, more about making myself a more passive in a business. So I’d like to develop more passive income and take myself out of an active role as I grow and grow my business. I’d like to make it scalable to be bigger and bigger.

So what I’ve learned at the business conferences so far, number one is there’s a lot I didn’t know. You know, there’s systems I need to have put in place that I either I didn’t know about it or was very lazy about it. You know, how to hire and fire correctly, how to get good people. How to get those A members instead of aB or C member. And just really just more about what you don’t know than even what you’re learning. It’s coming to know you need a coach. You need a business partner that’s going to help kind of guide you in ways you don’t know even know yet. So what I like about the workshop so far the most really is a lot of these can be very boring. They can be very bland. They’re very engaging here. You know, whenever you come in there’s humor, there’s good information kind of scattered in with that. It’s not like the regular, boring, mundane business coaching things that you’d normally see.

So, Clay’s presentation style, again, it mixes a lot of humor with a lot of truth. He’s not afraid to cross a few lines to kind of get people engaged. But also when he does that, that seems to be able to help me remember the content a lot better. So the world headquarters, I’ve never been here before or even near here before. And so when I walked in, I didn’t know what to expect. But it’s very modern, very lively, very professional. But at the same time, again, has that feel of being comfortable. So I’d say having visited other conferences, you’re missing out by not visiting this one. Number one, you’re getting a lot of good information. You’re not getting a lot of fluff or teasers. I like have been to some other conferences where they give you just enough information where you could do something with it, but you probably won’t. But this one feels like they’re actually giving you more information that you could go home and use tomorrow.

You’re going to walk away with something that you can implement into your business on Monday.

Dr. Jay Schroeder from Nashville, Tennessee. I originally heard about … This is my third conference. I originally heard about it. I was just looking for a business coach, business program that I could start diving into. I just wanted some help with my two clinics and just found them online. I’m a chiropractor, so we have two chiropractic clinics in the Nashville area. As the insurance industry has changed we’ve had to develop a more cash based system, so just wanting to learn improved ways to attract more patients, keep more patients, and how to successfully run a business without me actually be in it all time.

The atmosphere here at Thrive 15 is the best way to describe it as unique. Clay likes to use the word unicorn. This is a unicorn event. Every time you come the office is, the building is cool, has got sayings all over the place, just unique is the best way to put it. Clays presentation style is fun. Learning with fun. He cracks jokes, he likes to use metaphors. You learn something new and different every time, keeps an entertaining light, but yet very informative. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned is diligence, that businesses don’t change overnight. It takes time and effort and you got to go through the ups and downs of getting it to where you want to go.

My favorite aspect of these business conferences is being able to interact with entrepreneurs that have like minded like minds, because everyone goes through the same process of trying to grow their business and you can catch a nugget here, catch a nugget there, all that might work. I’m going to try that. It’s pretty neat to have those people around in one place. If you decide not to come, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business, bottom line. Everybody needs to attend at least one of these conferences because you’re going to walk away with something that you can implement into your business on Monday.

They just keep it so motivated and upbeat

My name’s Carol, I’m from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, work for Hood and Associates CPAs. We are a CPA firm, so we do accounting, tax, bookkeeping, financial services. There was a lot of information and I’ve taken a lot of notes that I plan on going back and looking through all of them. But I think the most important, since I’m involved in office management is the human resources and ways that I can build my employees up.

What makes the Thrive Time Business Conferences are different is it’s just so interesting, and they just keep it so motivated and upbeat that you don’t have to worry about falling asleep, like in some others where 2:00 crawls around and you are almost out. I really enjoyed my experience here and if I had the opportunity to come again, I’d bere again.

The atmosphere here is very alive and different. It’s got a unique culture.

My name’s Cade Jenkins. I’m involved in a commercial construction company. I originally heard about the conference through my CPA Paul Hood. I feel people call this America’s number one business program because of how personalized it is towards each person’s career. So far what I’ve learned the most from the workshop is the importance of the internet in your business. What I like most about the workshop is being able to meet other business people and talk to them.

Clay’s presentation is very different. It’s good. A lot of information personalized to each person’s industry. The atmosphere here is very alive and different. It’s got a unique culture. What makes these business conferences different from others is there’s no upsell at all. If somebody doesn’t attend the conference, they would miss out on the ability to grow their company faster.

He gives you good practical knowledge and it’s delivered in a way that you don’t feel like you’re going to fall asleep.

I’m Jennifer Allen. I’m from Tucson, Arizona. I heard about the Thrive15 conference on a podcast. I also have been a member of the Thrive15 website, so I heard about the conference there. The few things I’ve learned here at the conference already is that there’s a lot more opportunity for my business as far as working with my website and SEO optimization, some systems I can take back right away for Monday morning.

This place is awesome. It’s like the ultimate home away from home. It’s comfortable, spacious. It’s just the coolest of cool.

Clay’s great. He’s funny, so he keeps you engaged 100% of the time. He gives you good practical knowledge and it’s delivered in a way that you don’t feel like you’re going to fall asleep.

If people don’t come to the Thrive15 business conferences, they’re missing a great opportunity for their business. It’s a great self reflection and it’s a game changer. Yeah. The Thrive15 conference is different. You don’t have somebody sitting at the back table saying, “Hey, come buy this.” There’s no high pressure sales techniques. You come out of here basically wanting to ask for more services. Other people should check out this conference that are starting a business, thinking of starting a business. This is a fast track. These guys have great knowledge. They are doing it. They’re successful, and it’s a fast track. It’s a fast track way to get your business moving.


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