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My name is Terry Kennedy. I heard about the Thrive 15 business conferences from Eric Herman. I did not think it was a scam. Coming from Eric Herman, I knew it was a good connection. I think most critically right now, I’ve learned good time management is critical. Building a web page, getting a logo. I would describe the Thrive 15 Head Coders as being very energetic, an enthusiastic environment. Fun, enthusiastic, there’s a lot of enthusiasm. Very informative.

From my perspective, what are people missing out by not coming here? Direction and clarity. This has given me a more simple guideline if you’re feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. This gives you clarity, a direction, and looks like guidance. Because of the clarity and the direction that I’ve gained today, and it gives you a one, two, three of getting started. Especially, like I said, being overwhelmed.

“They do exactly what they say they’re gonna do”

My name is O’Neil Bent. I first heard about the business conferences through my wife Sherita Bent, and I learned a lot more from her. And also, I got follow-up calls from different members of the organization. Some of the things that I’ve learned about starting my business, Thrive, is making sure I’m spending my money is on the things that I need to spend it on. For instance, my search engine optimization, my marketing. I’m constantly reviewing the content that I have on my website. That’s just a few of the things. The overall experience that I’ve had from the Thrive Time Workshop has been wonderful. I love how everything that we learn is practical. It’s not based on book knowledge. It’s not based on someone else’s ideas. It’s based on things that have actually worked, and have been tried and true.

When you walk in, I mean we came into the smell of wood burning. There is a chimney outside. We walked to the building, and when you get inside,

you almost feel like there’s … I don’t know if it’s a pub/club/work environment, and it just feels really good. You have music blaring, friendly faces, people saying hello. And then when you sit down in your seat, you have nice comfortable chairs, a wooden desk to work on, and everything looks modern, so it’s really a refreshing feeling.

Clay’s presentation and teaching style is very efficient, effective. It’s also endearing though because he’s very comical. He’ll talk about different things he’s been through. They’re all very funny. But, he also hits the exact points that he needs to hit at the right time. You never feel like man, is he ever gonna stop talking? You also want to keep listening, and then when it’s bathroom break time, you’re surprised it’s already there. I like how he talks about just practical experiences. He’s very enjoyable.  The interaction of the workshop is mostly, Clay will give you information that you need to know, but then he also opens it up for questions, so there is always this question and response type of situation. And then, there’s certain things where he’ll direct you to do things, and it’s because he knows that that’s the way to go. You might question it, but I highly encourage you just to listen and do.

To jump into a business and think that you know everything is the most prideful, arrogant thing you could ever do. But, to come here and speak to someone whose already done this many times, and has directed several businesses, and can give you wisdom and information, I think it’s wonderful. I think you can never do anything on your own. You have to have other people around you to help you, and he’s definitely helpful. The experience I’ve had at coming to the Thrive Time Workshops is, I was never upsold anything. I mean I come in, they do exactly what they say they’re gonna do, and they leave it up to you to follow-up, and do the work. I think that’s the way it should be, so it’s very straightforward and they do what they say.

I recommend that everybody should check out Thrive Time Workshop because there is so much knowledge and information there that you can use to help you run your business. Like I said before, I don’t think you can do anything completely on your own, and when you have so much resource and knowledge in one area you can use all of that, and get exactly what you need.

My name is Mel Wright. I am a photographer for family and weddings and portrait photography. My head is so full of things, I don’t even know where to start. Basically, I have learned that I need to stay focused and be motivated, and make checklists, and actually, do those things. I have learned at the business conferences that I need to make a really good website, get reviews for my website. Get on Google Maps, and have a location that people can see. Have testimonials, have reviews.

The Thrive 15 headquarters is amazing. It’s like this big, open space with lots of natural light. Lots of knickknacks all around that inspire Clay, and lots of quotes that are just inspiring. And it’s a fun, upbeat office. Clay’s presentation style is really entertaining and motivational. He is so lively and really, really good at communicating to people all of the knowledge in his head. He has so much about business, and running a business, and having a successful business in his mind that he can just really communicate with the average person.

So the interaction at the speaking event with Clay is very personal. He’s right there, right in front of you. We’re all sitting at desks, and we have a book. He gives you a book to write notes in, and it’s his own book that he wrote. He is going through it with you step by step, letting you ask questions, answering those questions, giving examples, writing on a whiteboard. He’s got videos. He’s got lots of visual and emotional and sound that you can really learn everything he’s telling you.

Clay’s business workshop will not try to upsell you. He literally is just full of information and knowledge, and just wants to share it with you, and answer your questions. He’s not going to try to upsell you. He really just wants any motivated person to be better, and this is not a scam. It’s just a really amazing learning experience. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is even just remotely thinking about having their own business because it takes your mindset from, well, this is going to be a lot of work, and impossible, and I’ll never be successful at it, to I could do this. I could absolutely do this.

My name is Maddie Martin. I own a diaper service, cloth diaper service. I heard about these business conferences because my friend works here at Thrive. When I decided to attend the conference, I just wanted to learn a little bit more about sales and marketing and how to grow my business a little bit, get some customers. I love about the workshop that they’re not trying to sell anything, they’re just trying to give us straight up information about how to improve our business. I love Clay’s presentations style. I think it’s great. I think it’s personable. He keeps our attention. It’s wonderful.

The atmosphere here at Thrive is awesome. It’s definitely a great vibe. It’s not one of those business vibes that you come in and you have to sit uncomfortably for eight hours at a time. It’s a really good set up. This conference is a bit different than the other workshops that I’ve been to because they, like I said, are very personable. They involve the crowd a little bit more than normal and you’re comfortable. If someone decided not to attend a conference, I think they’d probably miss out on just little bits of information that you wouldn’t think of on your own.

“As soon as I walked in, they hit the ground running”

My name’s Link Tipton. I was born in Morocco, Africa. My wife and I started a scenic design company 10 years ago today, actually, and we are in business out of Nashville, Tennessee, and decided to work with Thrive 15. We’re working with Marshall, and really enjoying that.  I heard about the business conferences actually through Marshall. I’ve done some research a little bit on the company. I heard about the company through Rich Dipietrus. He was a DJ here, and we were at my brother-in-law’s wedding, and we did a draping there, a wedding draping. So, Rich said, “You really have to contact these guys,” and then he followed it up with a text like a week later, and I’m like, maybe I should contact these guys, and it’s been beautiful.

I think I was really hoping that I could learn some things that would help me solidify a path of success for our company. I really want to take it to the next level, and I want to have some growth. So, for me, this was a beneficial move. 

As soon as I walked in, they hit the ground running, and I feel like one of the things that I learned, I mean, there’s multiple things I’m writing down, so I feel like I’m gathering a lot of information. But I think time management is important, and specifying like, the meta time. Taking that first hour of your business day to really go into the things that you’re involved in, so that you can move forward, and you know, take it out of your mind, and really get it on paper so you can see it and act on it.

I like that I’m in here with other business people who look like they want to do something, and so for me, I feel like that is where better to be than with people who want to do something.  I’ve been at so many conferences and expos. We work expos. I work with big companies, and watching Clay just kind of be who he is, that means more to me than anything else. I didn’t want to come to just another conference. I really feel like Clay brings it in a way that’s real, and I’m taking stuff away from this, and it’s going to help me grow.  Honestly, I mean, I feel like there’s a ton of information. I mean, there’s information all over the way. I think that’s cool, because it’s a place to grow. Me, as a design guy, I’m looking at the room, I see things that I could bring to the room, just because that’s how I see life, but I do see a lot of beautiful things.

I think that if you decide not to attend, you are missing out on some things that could really benefit your company, benefit you as a person, and you’re in the room with other people who are here to do stuff that matters. So, if you want to go somewhere, this is a good place to be.

My name is Jeremiah Richardson. I own a company called Tile Guys, and we do tile installation, laminate hardwoods, et cetera. I heard about the ThriveTime Show Conference through one of my business coaches. They let me know it was happening real early in the morning on Friday and Saturday, and so I had to go. I can’t leave knowledge on the table. I was looking to learn by coming to the Thrive Conference a way that I could help my business explode out of the mud, to get forward, to go forward, to be better, for the goals that I had set for my company. Some of the things that I’ve learned so far with these Thrive Business Conferences is ways to delegate some of the things that we as business owners want to clasp our hands around, to help allow me to grow and to get systems so that I can eventually actually reach my goal instead of struggle with a bunch of time management issues, even though you may be making enough money.

My favorite thing so far about the workshop is it was a small atmosphere or intimate atmosphere, so you actually could get your questions answered. Instead of being in a group of 1,000 people where you’re just one of the few and you really don’t get all of the knowledge that you need, so we can actually learn, so we can implement it. I love Clay’s presentation style. It’s one of the styles that you’ll remember what he says forever. It’s personable, it’s easy to listen to. You feel like you’re on the couch or at a game and you’re just able to respect and respond to what it is as opposed to someone who sounds so smart that they’re almost looking down on you.

The Thrive15 world headquarters is phenomenal. It’s one of those things that’s attractive to people that are attracted to success. I would say what makes this conference different than one of the many, many conferences that I’ve been to is just the ability for the information to get broken down into a practical, applicable way to where a person that doesn’t have to be super intelligent can take and implement it into their business and actually see success, and they could see that vision in the path that they could have. No matter what business that you have, you gotta be able to see the path of, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and this breaks it down to those elements to make it simple for the average guy to do. So if you’re above average, it’s a no-brainer.

If you miss this conference, if you decide that it’s too early or it’s not for you, I think the biggest thing you miss out on is the ability to get your business from where it’s at to where it needs to be. John Addison said, “You have to explode out of the mud.” Les Brown says, “You have to use all the fuel in the airplane to take off and to get up in the air, to get into orbit.” They’re just trying to help you to get into orbit and then help you every step of the way. So if you miss out on that opportunity, you miss out on getting off the ground floor. You miss out on getting to where your dreams and your goals really have to go to, so I highly recommend it.

Hi, I’m Jeff Finn. I’m from Wichita, Kansas with Augustino Brewing Company. So my business partner told me all about the Thrive business conferences. At first, I thought he was kidding but being here is real deal. Bing here, I’m learning that systems is a number one thing you’ve got to have. Without the systems, you can’t be successful. There’s a lot of energy that goes on around here and it’s something that you feel all the way through, even during breaks.

This place is pretty relaxed. People here, they greet you every morning. They welcome you into the facility and it’s got a vibe that’s really just relaxed. It feels really nice to be in this building. Clay, he’s definitely got a lot of energy. It’s something where if he’s telling you something, you can feel his passion. It’s something, you’re taking away a lot of information and he’s condensing this down but, boy, it’s something that’s down to Earth. And you’re just walking away, knowing that you’ve got the information you need to be successful.

So far, the workshops have been delivered in such a way that the audience is asked to contribute. It might be something you’re reading from the book, one of the notable quotables, or asking the questions. He’s always prompting for questions. People who have never been to a Thrive Time conference, they’re missing a lot of information that could help them take their businesses to the next level. So at Thrive Time, there’s no upsell. Another thing that you get at this conference compared to others, there’s a desk. Thrive Time, I think, is going to be a big benefit to me and my organization. I’m gonna be able to take this information back and apply things immediately.

Hi, my name’s Ed Saunders. My son in law, actually is doing this program and he wanted me to listen to the podcast and that’s how I started this. I own an automotive repair facility and I’m wanting to pull back from the business, work more on my business than in the business. This is very lively, it’s fun, it’s got a lot of history. It’s quite an informational facility. Clay’s delivery or presentation style is very unique. Very well to get the message across.  One of the most valuable things from the business conferences is following up on your leads. The cameras, having a script. You really don’t think about. They’re missing out on a business opportunity or how to work on their business. Everybody needs to attention at least one of these workshops to find out what is really available out there so you can implement all the facts. My favorite thing in the workshop is the presentation.

“You’re going to get something out of every word”

My name is Denver Foster. The way I heard about The ThriveTime Show business conferences was from the radio, 11.70 AM, the business I own is a real estate investment company, I also do private lending and what I’m trying to take away from this show today was more about the Google optimization, how to bring in more clients. Clays office is my brain all over the wall pretty much, everything that runs through my head, the thousands of ideas I have, the quirky sayings and everything that runs through my mind is literally all around me. Clays delivery is fast, but it’s knowledgeable, you’re going to get something out of every word, it’s honest, it’s straight forward, he doesn’t try to make it cookie cutter and move it into a way that might make you not feel ashamed about something, he’s just going to tell you exactly what he thinks.

The most valuable thing that I learned in the workshop today was probably talking about the Google optimization, my favorite aspect of the workshop

today was being able to network, I’ve been looking for a contractor in the Oklahoma City area, and he just happened to be here. If you don’t show up to the event at least once, you’re missing out on networking, and that’s a big thing in any business, you have to be able to network. You should be networking at least once a month, if not five times a month, another thing you’re going to miss out on is the great Tulsa atmosphere, I mean if you’ve never been here you should always come at least once, play some golf. The reason you need to attend a workshop like this with being in the room with Clay Clark is because everybody needs a coach, everybody needs a mentor, the wealthiest people, the most successful people in the world all had coaches and mentors, so if you come here, try it out, if you don’t like it you’re not losing anything.

My name’s Brandon McElroy and I’m from Jacksonville, Florida. I have a tax and accounting firm. I actually heard about Clay about 18 months ago on another podcast and I decided to check him out. That’s how I heard about Thrive and their business conferences. It’s very authentic and actionable and I think it really hits home, focuses on the things that matter the most versus a lot of fluff. I would say that’s what hit home for me. I’ve done a lot of inward thinking, a lot of things to work on, management, vision, defining where I want to go. Just have a lot of work to do.

Everyone is so nice and friendly and the environment is really fun to be in. Just great. Very funny, very entertaining. Yeah, he really makes sure he gets his point across. And yeah, definitely very memorable. So very engaging. Draws you in a little bit. Very modern. Yeah, very well rounded. Been to a lot of conferences that were specific to just certain areas, but very well rounded and gives you a big picture of where you need to go, what you need to work on. I feel like I have a better vision of how business works in general. Oh, they’re missing out on future business growth and success.


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