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“It’s like being at my church only for business.”

My name is Tim, and I’m from here in Broken Arrow. I heard about the Thrive Time show through a friend of mine who listens to it religiously on the radio. I own a startup business called Bill Sage. We’re a full-service personal assistant for paying your bills. We are wanting to learn from the workshop just how to take that idea and grow the business, how to source information for finding out about successful entrepreneurship. The atmosphere here is very cooperative so everyone is willing to pitch in, answer your questions, it’s very open. You can just walk up and start talking to anybody.

Clay’s delivery and presentation is very off the cuff, you never know what he’s going to say and I love that. It’s great. It’s like being at my church only for business.

The books that they’re reading. When I read a book, I’m very much about where the source is coming from and that’s what I feel like the most important thing is that I’ve learned here. These are very successful entrepreneurs who have established a system and that’s what they’re teaching. They’re teaching the systems and how to find out and learn more about those systems that they’ve built.

My favorite aspect of the business conferences so far is just the interaction that I’ve been able to get with other entrepreneurs, other people who are in the same boat as I am wanting to learn a lot of the same things as well as connections that I’ve been able to make with people who are also entrepreneurs but can benefit my business in a way. What people are missing out on if they don’t attend this workshop is just information. In the current age, information is everything. If you don’t have the right answers to your questions, you’re going down the wrong track. This is the place to find the right answers to the questions. Not only that, but to learn what questions you need to be asking.

Everyone should attend at least one Thrive Time workshop because you don’t know what you’re missing until you do. It’s one of those things I don’t know what I missing until I had it. That’s what I’ve been able to get here is I’ve learned so much, but I’ve also learned so much of what I don’t know. I’ve learned to ask the questions that I didn’t know I even needed to question. That’s what people will get when they at least come to one workshop.

My name is Dr. Tristan Owens and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. Well, essentially I’m always looking to grow business wise and personal development. I looked on Google and typed in some of the best business coaches and. I saw information on Clay, information on his business conferences, and saw Thrive15, so that’s how I was introduced to this organization. At first, I was kind of skeptical. But once I did my research and looked more in-depth into Clay, and other owners, and so forth, I knew that it was a very good and a credible organization.

What I’ve learned is just, it’s very important to have good time management skills, and just how important it is to have systems in place to build your business. If you have the systems in place, you can apply it to any business, and you can grow a great business.

It’s amazing energy in here, amazing culture. When you walk in, you just see a lot of energy. It just ignites your energy and makes you want to do the best you can do, so it’s a great environment. I like the teaching style. It’s very entertaining as well, so you’re always pretty much engaged into what they’re saying. They are giving you a lot of different action steps and they’re breaking everything down to precise information. I love it. If you have any questions, ask questions, so it’s a great learning environment for me.

Just being around a whole bunch of like-minded individuals, that’s all trying to build themselves, trying to network and get to know each other, but most importantly one of the best is central skills you can have, which is building a business. They give you all the foundation information you need, other outside sources as well. It’s very important to be here and I’m glad I’m here. Well, with the motivation, I mean that’s what they do, they motivate you. But it doesn’t really give you the keys and the different actionable steps you need to actually accomplish whatever goals you’re trying to accomplish.

I love the motivation, but I also want to know what to actually do to build a business. That’s what I get here. What I love about the Thrive15 Conference is, they don’t hold back anything. They give you everything you need. If you have any questions, they’re going to give you the exact answers you need. I don’t feel like they’re trying to sell me anything or just trying to hold back. They just want to make sure we grow and we get everything we need to be successful.

“Wow. It’s upbeat, a get it done team.”

My name is Roy Coggeshall. I have a place in Marina del Rey, California. Actually, I am a client of Thrive Time and Clay’s helped moved the numbers on two of my businesses. One of my friends was his client and he helped his marketing go up 1200% in three months. So, that’s how I got hooked up with Thrive 15 and Clay Clark.  I’ve got two automotive businesses and I’m a technician by trade, so this is a whole new field for me. So, really enjoying learning about people and about marketing systems and processes. I’m a seat of the pants guy, so this is totally out of my wheelhouse, but I know it’s the truth, so I’m enjoying learning that. I know my businesses will scale from here, so great information.

Wow. It’s upbeat, get it done team. They will move the needle. One of the most powerful things about what he does here is the coaching part. Because I don’t want to be the goof every week, so I’m going to get my stuff done.

And so really the accountability of actually having to talk to somebody about what you’ve done every week is vital to moving the needle and get in your business where it needs to be.  Clay is awesome. You will laugh a lot. There’s no bull, there’s no salesmanship. He just tells you the truth and he knows what he’s talking about. Yeah, all of it’s just so good. How to hire. I like to hire good people and so all my business are based on good people, not processes. So I’m in the process of changing that. I’ve made two hires in the last two weeks that has changed everything and one of them is right over here my new manager and so he came to the conference with me.

My favorite part again is the Clay show. Listening to Clay. I love Clay. I love his personality and his candor so that that’s my favorite part. Well, you’re missing out an opportunity to move your business to a whole nother level. You’ve heard that so many times, but he actually gives you the roadmap out. I was stuck. Didn’t know what to do. And he gave me the roadmap out. Step by step, this week we do this, next week we do this, next week we do this, and it’s just moved me right out of my problems. So, so thankful for a Thrive 15, Clay Clark, and they’ve helped me tremendously. Wow, just to see what’s out there, what’s available as help and tools for you. Me again, coming as a technician. No, business background, no training. Just to change the way I see the whole business and the picture that I’ve gotten. So I encourage everybody to attend these business conferences.

My name is Mike Muholland, and I’m from Long Island, New York. Actually, I’m involved in what’s called Long Island REA. It’s a Real Estate Association. I guess we’re a full-service kind of place. We train you how to invest in real estate. We provide you the capital to do it, and if you want to be a passive investor, we will do the investments for you.  We were looking for basically marketing firms because we needed to get our business out. In finding a marketing firm, we found this is highly recommended by Forbes magazine. Our learning was basically to find out the best way to market, how to use the internet much better, how to attract the right kind of customers and to grow our business using the A level employee.

We were basically doing one form of marketing. So now that we have the concept of three-legged marketing, plus we didn’t really understand the Google rules, I think we had a misunderstanding.

Now we really have a much better understanding, and as well as the key to monitoring your employees, especially if you’re using a script. My favorite part was when just the last part of the shot where they were explaining how to hire employees, how to get the best use out of them, how to monitor them. Very realistic expectations.

This place is awesome. It’s a really nice place. It’s unusual. It keeps your attention. The best part is the writing in the bathroom. Oh, it’s presentation style is entertaining. Let’s face it. We all to get up early. We’re a bit tired. Not even a chance of falling asleep. Really good. Amazingly enough, when you laugh, you retain things much better. The material was relevant, it wasn’t dry, and it was fast moving. I thought I’m only here for a few hours, and we’ve been here for two days.  Yeah, if someone decides not to attend the business conferences, they’re missing the opportunity to really grow their business. They will end up working on the business and being chief, cook, and bottle washer, as opposed to really running the business and managing it. The way to do that is work on your business, not in it.

My name is Michael Burdett. I heard about the Thrive Time business conferences through a friend of mine, a coworker. We were here for pictures and he found out about the conference and invited me in, so here I am. I work with Keller Williams. I’m a real estate agent at Keller Williams and I’m looking to grow my business.

The atmosphere at Clay’s office is really exciting. I would say it’s thriving, and there’s just a lot of great information that he’s putting out that’s really helpful. It’s just really making me excited about my own business.

Clay’s delivery is very unique. I like that he’s not up there in a suit and tie, and he’s just very real. He’s got a hoodie on and he’s just chatting with us. I love it. One of the most valuable things that I’ve heard so far, just before lunch he told us to go to lunch and think about what our Purple Cow is.

All through lunch I was thinking about it and realized I really don’t have one and that’s something I want, and so that’s something I’m gonna be working on.

My favorite aspect of the conference is just how relaxed it is and how easy to talk to everybody is. It’s just a really neat atmosphere. One of the things people are missing out on if they don’t attend the workshop is just being able to talk to other business owners who have been there, done that. They’ve had the experience, and so you can just learn from them. You don’t have to make the same mistakes may be that they’ve made. It’s just a great time to just listen to what other people have to say. Everyone needs to attend at least on Thrive Time Workshop because if you don’t you’re not going to grow your business. This is what you need. This is the shot in the arm. This is the espresso. This is business on crack.

Hi, my name’s Lisa Kauffman. I currently live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, but I grew up in Broken Arrow. I’m a CPA by trade, and I have a laundry mat. It’s actually located in Henrietta, Oklahoma. I’ve had it for about 10 years, and recently, I got into rental properties, and so that allowed me to be able to stop working in the corporate world, and just manage my small businesses. A friend of mine told me about the Thrive Time Radio Show, and so I’ve been listening to that off and on for about two years. Heard Clay promoting these businesses conferences, and I thought I need to clear my schedule for two days and attend because I’m sure I’ll learn a lot of things.

One of the things that I really wanted to learn at this conference was about sales and marketing, particularly about developing my website and promoting my business on social media. I’ve learned a lot about social media, promoting the business on the website, how to get leads and get to the top of Google for your particular business, so I think that’ll be really helpful in promoting my business.

This workshop is really high energy. Lots of things going on, and you’ll really learn a lot. It’s great. Clay is very entertaining. He jumps from one topic to another, but that’s okay, he keeps it exciting and entertaining.

The Thrive 15 headquarters is a really cool place, high energy, lots of inspirational quotes, inspirational music, and you get to talk with a lot of people that are doing small business well, and get ideas, and grow your business. This is not your boring how to grow your business in a hotel ballroom. Very corporate, very quiet. It’s the total opposite of that, and so I think it works well with the entrepreneurial mindset for creative types that want to grow their business. While you can learn a lot of from the radio show and the website that Clay has, coming to the business conferences kind of solidifies everything, and it forces you to take action, and without taking action, you won’t grow your business, so you really need to come to the conference.

“We get to hear from other people who have succeeded.”

My name is Khamir Patel, and I’m from Tampa Florida. So I heard about it from Victoria and Aaron. They said that we have two-day sales business conferences, and you’ll get to learn a lot more, not only about sales, but how to run your business, how to make it better, and go that way. So thought to join and see what it was about. So I own a home building business, and I’m a general contractor, so we do commercial and residential, but mainly residential construction of custom homes.

The atmosphere here is very upbeat, very positive, and you get to learn, share, interact with people, and it’s pretty energetic, I would say. The main thing I learned about is consistency, doing, growing percent-by-percent is the main thing, and it’ll grow. And obviously, not doing … You can’t do everything at once, but just growing slowly and slowly, it will lead to success.

My name is Khamir Patel, and I’m from Tampa Florida. So I heard about it from Victoria and Aaron. They said that we have two-day sales business conferences, and you’ll get to learn a lot more, not only about sales, but how to run your business, how to make it better, and go that way. So thought to join and see what it was about. So I own a home building business, and I’m a general contractor, so we do commercial and residential, but mainly residential construction of custom homes.

The atmosphere here is very upbeat, very positive, and you get to learn, share, interact with people, and it’s pretty energetic, I would say. The main thing I learned about is consistency, doing, growing percent-by-percent is the main thing, and it’ll grow. And obviously, not doing … You can’t do everything at once, but just growing slowly and slowly, it will lead to success. One of the aspects that I like is they cover everything about the business, not only sales because everything is connected to it. And then we get to hear from other people who have gone through the process step-by-step and how they have succeeded and learned from that.

I would say there’s a lot of insight into the success of doing this process. And I think if they do not learn it, they would miss out on this process that Clay has laid out for us. I think if everyone attends this, they would benefit from the sharing, and it’s very important that they’re able to listen to this and apply this for their own business, and I think it’s a must.

I’m Jared Pawelka. I’m originally from Denver. I have some friends that are involved in Thrive. They referred me to it, I guess it was about two years ago. I’m involved in the investment banking business. We provide financial consulting around M&A, mergers, and acquisitions, capital sourcing, and we also provide accounting and strategic finance consulting to business owners. Definitely just how important it is to drive early on in your business development, sales and systematizing your strategy, sales and workflow. It almost couldn’t get any simpler. It’s no fluff, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. No fluff, you’re going to hit the ground running with practical business tips that cover the gamut, but we only really talk about what’s relevant. There’s a whole world of things that can confuse you, but we just really focus on nuts and bolts.

It’s easy to get here. You certainly pick up immediately on what’s going on. Sometimes you kind of have to warm up to it, that’s not going on here. You hit the ground running, and actually, if you’re not paying attention, you might get left behind. Clay is, he’s funny, but he’s brutal. I don’t know if you can have that in the same person, but he is. Humor is used to illustrate a point, so I’d describe Clay as, again, no fluff, someone who’s direct and to the point, doesn’t normally waste a lot of words to get to practical tips and ways to even customize it for your business. There’s an opportunity to interact with him, which, that’s probably why you come here. You’re going to interact with fellow conference-goers, Thrivers, and Clay and part of his staff. There are breaks, you’re going to interact, you know, deeper level in between, but you can raise your hand and ask questions on an interactive basis. It’s not going to be a crowd of 5,000. So if you’ve never attended the Thrivetime business conferences, you’re missing a chance to really get down to brass tacks in a short time period. You’re going to spend two days, whereas it might be otherwise wasted at a lot of other conferences, you’re going to come away, probably save yourself five years of business school. It’s not a stretch to say, save yourself maybe five years of business school in two days.

There’s not a product to sell. There’s a value that you receive immediately, and I think there’s ample opportunity for you to follow up, but you’re going to sell yourself into different things. If you’ve enjoyed your time here, you’ll be looking for more interaction from, from the books that Clay and his mentors and people that he works with, they’ve all collaborated to create incredible products that you might have interest in afterward. But at the conference itself, there’s no upsell.

You owe it to yourself. If there’s such a thing as cheating yourself by not doing something, this is it. If you don’t come and spend the investment in yourself and in your business, you’re cheating yourself. That’s what I would say to people. That’s what you’re missing out on. You don’t know what you’re missing out on. I’m telling you. I might even pay for you… It might be crazy to say, but I might even pay for your time here. It’s that worthwhile. Glad we’re-


“I feel like I just learned a lot, that I can implement in my business right away.”

Dan Dunbar, I’m from Marquette Michigan. Another doctor that I worked with previously has been part of the organization for a couple of years and he recommended I should come. I’m a chiropractor. I’m in solo practice, working for myself, looking to learn how to grow my business and make it work for me. Well, it’s a great atmosphere here, a lot of energy. It’s not boring at all. I was worried that business conferences were going to, about business was going to be boring, but it’s actually a lot of fun, very interesting and educational. Presentation style, he brings a lot of energy, talks straight talk. It’s very easily understood and it seems like it’d be easy to apply in any business.

The most valuable thing in the workshop, I feel like I just learned a lot, that I can implement in my business right away. Usable, real-world techniques and ideas that I can bring home and start implementing.

My favorite aspect of the workshop is how fun it is, how energetic it is, how everybody is interested in learning and growing their businesses. People are missing out on a lot of great information, applicable information, things that they can use to grow their business. It’s definitely worthwhile to come and check it out. Everybody needs to attend one of these conferences so they can learn some basics about growing their business. It’s easy to understand, easy to use information that you wouldn’t know otherwise, necessarily.

My name is Cecil. I work for ONYX Imaging. I heard about the ThriveTime Show Conference from listening to the ThriveTime Show on 1170 KFAQ. Loved the energy and that brought me to come here and hear more. I was looking to learn everything that I didn’t know I didn’t know. It was more of just, “Okay, I know I’m missing something. Let’s find out what that is.” At these business conferences, I’ve learned that I knew a lot less than I originally thought, and going through the BOOM Book and stuff, I hope to fill as many gaps as possible.

Clay’s presentations, training style is refreshing in a sense that it’s not all, check this box, check this box, read this. But at the same time, it’s not all fluff and let’s be entertained and feel good. It’s a nice mixture of keeping you interested and learn a lot. That atmosphere at Thrive 15 Headquarters is very relaxing, but at the same time has an energy to it that makes you feel like you want to be engaged. I’m not sure how other conferences are, but this workshop is a, been a great experience and I’d be afraid to shoot for lower and just ruined it all. What you may miss out on if you don’t attend these conferences is the chance to regain your life, control your business, and actually grow it to a point where you can actually be the boss and not a worker.


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