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You’re always listening to every word and you know, leaves you for more.

My name is Travis Ryan. I’m part of Precision Calibration Operating shop. A few things that I’ve learned from the Thrive 15 workshop is definitely the importance of getting your online brand out there and getting the domination of the market and schedule, schedule, schedule. I would have described the overall atmosphere here at the Thrive 15 headquarters as I mean just full and rich of culture for sure and doers and getting things done. I would describe the world headquarters as … I mean it’s almost like a walk through time. It’s a walk through a vast amount of successful people and how they got there and the roadmap of the motivation to get you there as well.

Clay’s presentation and teaching style is very engaging, keeps you on your seat, keeps you engaged. You’re always listening to every word and you know, leaves you for more.

What people are missing that never came to the Thrive 15 workshop, I mean, is just the keys to business success without all the ups and downs that typically come with it. You know, I mean, you’re really missing out on a good road map to get to where you want to go sooner than later.

Here at the Thrive 15 business conferences, I definitely did not feel like you guys are trying to help sell or necessarily sell anything. That is definitely something that I don’t like when I go to some of our real estate conferences and stuff that I go to in Vegas, you know? And a lot of times, the whole agenda is just pressed on that, rather than giving you what you’re really there for.  Other people should definitely check out the workshop if they’re serious about being an entrepreneur. I mean, it’s kind of like retirement. If you don’t put money back, you’re only hurting yourself in the future.

He presents things in a very direct, to the point, concise, cut out the BS type delivery.”

My name is Shawn Lowman. I heard about this event from my son, Shawn Lowman. He works for Clay Stairs. What I was hoping to learn at these particular business conferences was a little bit more and some in-depth into the finance side. I’m looking to expand my business so I was hoping to gain some knowledge into that, into the lending side and there are some new tax laws. It couldn’t hurt to learn about some of those, as well.

I would describe the atmosphere here as really cool. It’s eclectic. I really like all the little sayings on the walls and inspirational thoughts. It’s a very neat place, very laid back atmosphere. I would describe Clay’s delivery and presentation style as very unique. I kinda like that. I’m an out of the box guy myself. He seems to present things in a very direct, to the point, concise, cut out the BS type delivery and I enjoy that. You know? It makes things go fast and it keeps you on point.

Probably the most valuable thing I’ve learned so far was during Clay Staires’ presentation on trying to identify and hire those A player employees. It’s really tough to get the right team together.

What people are missing out on when they don’t attend an event like this is the opportunity to gain knowledge from a number of leaders all brought together in one place. You could Google to your fingers bleed and you’ll never find that info. I think everyone needs to attend an event like this just to give you a broader look of opinions and different business strategies, techniques. People should really capitalize on events like this.

It’s very down to earth and you can start at any point you’re at.

My name is Monique Huff. I’m originally from Suriname South America. I’ve been here for almost seven years. It’s a little bit about me. At the moment, I’m a teacher, but I’m thinking about setting up my own childcare. I’m getting prepared for what’s about to come. I originally heard about these business conferences from my husband Martin Huff. He volunteers here and works with Clay for his music. Yeah, that’s how I heard about it.

I think it’s very down to earth and you can start at any point you’re at. I’m at the beginning to start a business. It’s applicable for everybody who is at any point in their business process. It’s very practical, too. What I’ve learned in the workshop so far is that marketing is a big deal if you have a business that you want to start or if you already have one. That’s really key for me, marketing, in this training, this workshop. Yeah. What I like most about this workshop is that it’s not boring and they keep you engaged. They give you good questions to think about.

It’s very specific. They give you specific steps and that works for me.

Clay’s presentation style is very fresh to me, very engaging. The atmosphere here is very relaxed. It’s an at home feeling. This conference is different than others because it tells you the truth of how things are. There’s no hidden agenda. It’s really straightforward. They’ll tell you all the loops and the holes of all parts of what you need for your business. If you miss out on the Thrive 15 conference, it’s like missing out on all the tools you need for your business.

It keeps you really engaged.

My name is Jon Kelley. I’m from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We have a cattle operation. What we want to do is do a grass-fed beef right to the consumer. So right off our ranch delivered to the end user. One of the goals I set out to learn here was trying to improve on the HR process of the business, being able to find good people and retain them. What I’ve learned from the workshop so far is the improved HR experience. It’s excellent marketing plans, advertising plans, website content, google utilization. What I like most, probably upbeat positive atmosphere. It’s not like your typical business conferences that are in a large hotel room, very dry, very standard. You got and you sit, just listen to people talk. You get divided up in groups, do some group exercises. This is more, it keeps you really engaged. There are several breaks, and they stay on time, they stay on topic, and do a really good job explaining the process and procedures that could help your business grow.

Clay’s presentation style is very upbeat in your face, gonna get your attention. If you’re not paying attention, I’m gonna get you. So the way he delivers it, also it just sticks in your mind. It’s just like he is now. I mean, just loud and in your face. The atmosphere here is different from every other conference. Just the way I’d say it’s divided up. I don’t know if you can see it or not, but there’s always a monitor close by to see what they’re talking about with the demonstrations of websites. It’s not all right up on a pull-down screen and with a pointer. They do a really good job here engaging each person or each table. They’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge to better themselves to better their business to where the … the business doesn’t run the person would then run the business after this.

“Gosh, I learned so much at the business conferences, to give you one most valuable thing is really difficult.”

My name is Donna Saunders. I heard about the Thrive Time Workshop through my son-in-law who is being mentored right now, and he just highly recommended it, had only good things to say about it and convinced my husband and I that we should come to a meeting. The team is amazing at this office. The atmosphere is really upbeat, a lot of humor. You could definitely not fall asleep during one of these meetings.

Gosh, I learned so much at the business conferences, to give you one most valuable thing is really difficult. I think what I enjoyed the most was finding out that a lot of my ideas are validated, and that I do know what I’m doing, and just kind of giving me that idea of how to implement my ideas, and how to make them come to fruition, and be more successful. I think my favorite aspect of the workshop was just watching Clay and his humor, and the way he presents things. He’s just so quick and kind of catches you off guard and just makes you think.

Like, he’ll just say things, and it just takes you a minute, as it goes over your head, and then you’re like, oh, I get that. Just his humor, and his upbeat-ness, just gets everyone excited and onboard. It’s amazing.

I think if people decide not to attend the Thrive Time Team Workshop, they’re just missing out on such a great experience, and so much knowledge, information that they could take back to their business, even if they didn’t pursue anything further from this point on, they would be missing out on just so much information that would be so useful to benefit their business. I feel like everyone should come at least once to the workshop, because there’s such a vast amount of information from accounting to hiring people, and even if you feel like your business is very well established, I feel like there’s something you could grasp that you didn’t know before you came here. Feel like everybody should come, and not miss the opportunity to go to at least one workshop.

The atmosphere here is great. Everyone’s extremely nice and outgoing and definitely has the best interest for me and my business in the mind.

My name’s Derrick Halloway. I actually learned about Thrive through Steve Currington. I had talked to him out, reached out to him on Instagram. We actually sat down and drank some coffee together and he told me about Thrive. I own a real estate flipping company, my own Halloway Homes, LLC. What I have learned from this workshop is how to grow my business and scale my business and stay more focused, and also how to weed out the people that are slowing me down.

The atmosphere here is great. Everyone’s extremely nice and outgoing and definitely has the best interest for me and my business in the mind. Clay, he definitely has a different way of presenting things, but he definitely keeps you interested, definitely keeps your attention, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about.

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned most is, marketing is key, marketing is everything. My favorite aspect about the workshop so far has been the environment, how everyone treats each other, how everyone’s just super outgoing, how everyone has the same mindset and the same mentality. It’s really hard to find somebody else that has the same goal and the same drive.

Without attending the Thrive Time business conferences, you’re really missing out on your opportunity to really grow and scale your business, and really learn those things that not many other people know and learn just from everyday activities or every day’s pursuance through your business. Everyone needs to attend this workshop if you want to grow to be as best you can be as a person, also grow your business and your team to be the best that they can possibly be.

Clay’s delivery and presentation style is very upbeat, a lot of energy, a lot of comedy. It just really, it drives you in.

My name is David Hicks, I’m from Guam. We originally heard about the Thrivetime Business Conferences through, I think some other e-mail marketing that we read. My wife did some research on it and decided to come. We own an electrical distribution company, so we provide electrical materials to the contractors and commercial businesses in our region. We were hoping just to learn some additional ways to improve our business.

The atmosphere of the Thrivetime office is very unique, it’s very original, and I would say high energy. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is very upbeat, a lot of energy, a lot of comedy. It just really, it drives you in.

There have been several valuable things that I’ve kind of taken away from this conference. The web design and the specifics on how to get in high on the Google listings, the marketing ideas, how to do those, and the checklists and the systems to put in place.

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned this weekend is the three-legged stool and marketing, as well as the checklists and also just to see, there’s a lot of other small businesses that we all have a lot of the same issues, and finding a resource to help us with those. I think if you don’t attend this workshop, you’re missing out on additional growth in your business. I think everybody should attend at least one Thrivetime Show workshop, just to continue to move forward in your business, to help you grow so that you don’t become stagnant and satisfied with just the status quo.

“It is intoxicating. It’s invigorating. You are challenged to do the action.”

My name is Cass Fahler and I’m here from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I heard about these business conferences through Roy Coggeshall who is one of Clay’s mentorees. One of his mentorees. I don’t know if that’s the proper word, but he is a client of Clay’s. Roy Coggeshall is the Garage BA. He’s got another company. So that’s how I’ve gotten here. I’ve been in the mortgage business for 19 years and so I really wanted to take many of these things which are in my head but find a partner that could really help me implement, put these things in place. So that’s why I’m here.

Man, I feel like this place is really energetic. It’s super contagious. It has really helped me kind of move from sitting in the recliner to being on the edge of the seat. It’s almost like, it’s a grandiose affair. It’s intoxicating. I’ve learned a lot in regards to the website, web design, a lot in regards to the marketing, the three-legged stool. I believe that is a really key ingredient into my success and to business success altogether.

So I think that’s a grand environment for me to really build upon, expand upon, implement.

It is again, I use intoxicating. It’s invigorating. You are challenged to do the action. It keeps you involved. You are a definitely drawn in, for sure. So I’m a sight and sound generation kinda guy, so man, I really love the fact that there’s a lot of things going on, but you’re able to bring it back to the book and I’ve got something core to always go back to, but it keeps me in tune throughout, all day, for two days. You know? I would say people would really be missing the opportunity to stand out in their industry, to become the very top of their profession. If you don’t attend, you’re going to stay mediocre at best. This is the type of environment which I believe is really going to send you to the top of the mountains. This is a paramount group of people, a paramount environment, a paramount opportunity to create an income.

I believe everybody needs to attend. If you are in any level of business, I really believe it’s important for you to, just so that it helps you maximize your skills or it helps you develop skills that you may not have or to take those skills that you do have and really be able to implement, build and implement upon those.

There wasn’t any selling involved in it at all, it’s just straight content.

So my name is Brett Denton, I am from Boise Idaho. So I first heard about Thrive15 and Clay through a podcast that he was on.
Well, when I’m hearing about any business conferences, I always think it’s gonna be a scam. Because everybody promises the world, and then they don’t deliver the world, instead they get a whole bunch of more money from it, right. So I think I was skeptical of this conference just as any of the other ones. So, biggest takeaways are, you wanna take a step by step approach to your business. And so whether it’s marketing, one of those three marketing tools that you wanna use, to human resources, to finances, to all of that, right.

So it’s not like this mystical thing, but instead, find somebody that knows what they’re doing, take a step by step approach to making it happen.

So Thrive15 World Headquarters is much different than most businesses you’re gonna come to, it’s a fast pace, it’s a fun place, but it’s also serious at the same time. A lot of energy, you can tell people are getting stuff done, but you can also tell that it’s a team of performers, and the environment is a performance environment. So Clay presents and teaches in a way that I think is both humorous, entertaining, and educational. He’s definitely not your normal presenter, he’s gonna say things that are gonna be off the wall. And hopefully that wakes you up, and it gets you to pay attention a little bit more, and you learn something along the way as well. So a very interactive workshop, very small group, I think 30 or so people are here. And so everybody got a chance if they wanted to, to get their questions answered, specifically on their business, instead of just sitting in this huge group of people, and not really getting to answer, or ask anything.

So for people that haven’t attended, or have yet to attend a Thrive15 conference, I think the biggest thing if you’re in business, is learning the step by step process of people who have done it before. And so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, instead of beating your head against a brick wall, you’re really missing the entire process. And once you have the process that they teach you here, it’s just step by step, by step, methodically putting that into place. You can have the time and financial freedom you want. The biggest difference with the Thrive15 conference, and really any other motivational, personal development, or business seminars that I’ve been to in the past, is there wasn’t selling. There wasn’t any selling involved in it at all, it’s just straight content, whereas typically it’s the opposite of that, right. They’re always trying to up sell you to their mastermind program, or they’re trying to up sell you to whatever the next program is, right. And this was straight content, straight trying to get you the best possible content you possibly can for your business.

So I would recommend other people, whether you’re starting a business, thinking about starting a business, or have already been in business for a while. You can pick apart your business, or from ground one, know what you need to do to have a successful business. And so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re gonna come away with something that’s gonna help you, either have more time freedom, financial freedom or grow a bigger business.

“The first time I walked in here, I was just kind of blown away by all of the positive energy here.”

Hi. My name is Aaron Antis and I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I heard about the ThriveTime Show Workshop through another business owner friend of mine who just raved and raved about how awesome Clay was and how great the business conferences were, and I just had to come to check it out. I own a business called Builder’s Training Academy, and basically, with that business we are working with builders around the country to help them to improve their sales and marketing side of things. And we actually have a video training course for new home salespeople, and so that’s what we do.

What’s awesome about the atmosphere here is it’s really kind of a one of a kind. I remember the first time I walked in here, I was just kind of blown away by all of the positive energy here. The people here are high-energy people who are really focused and they honestly want to help the businesses that they’re coaching to get better at what they do, and they’re passionate about that. Just being in that kind of an environment here is kind of infectious.

And today at the workshop, there were so many business owners. I was starting to recognize people I had met before around town, here in Tulsa, and some of the most successful people and successful businesses in this town, their owners were here today because they wanted to know more from Clay, and I found that to be kind of fascinating and exciting.

You know, what’s awesome about Clay’s delivery and presentation style, I’ve been to a lot of seminars and conferences and sometimes it’s just telling a whole bunch of information. What I love about the way Clay presents is that he tells stories, which really help people to remember things. They help me to remember the principles and concepts that he’s teaching instead of it just being a bunch of information that I’m going to maybe end up forgetting because I don’t have an anchor to really tie it to. He’s comical. He makes it funny, and I just think it makes it easier to remember the information.

Probably one of the most powerful things that I’ve learned at the workshop so far is just the fact that honesty loves accountability, and I think as business owners, sometimes we’re afraid to call people to the carpet on things, and maybe we don’t want to record the phone calls that they’re making to our clients or we don’t want to have video cameras in the environment where we’re selling or doing business because we feel like it’s spying on them. And it was just kind of freeing for me to know that it’s okay to ask people to be accountable, because honesty loves accountability, and I’m one of those people, I don’t care if my boss is standing over my shoulder watching what I’m doing, because I know I’m trying to do it to the best of my ability, the way that the owner of the companies I’ve worked for have wanted it done. It’s kind of freeing to just know that I can ask for that same accountability from my team.

One of my favorite aspects of the workshop so far has been just the way that Clay interacts with people. He allows people to go ahead and write their questions on the whiteboard, which is awesome because so many times you get into a big room like this with a whole bunch of people in there and as the speaker is talking, you start thinking of questions you have that you really would love to be able to just grab the speaker and ask them the question yourself, and you actually get to do that here, which you never get to do. So I love that aspect of it. He even brought several of the people up that had questions and let them stand up there and interact with him kind of one on one in front of the whole conference, and just to ask their questions and get more insight. I found it to be just a great, valuable tool and really got my gears turning about stuff we could do to make our business better.

You know, I would say if you aren’t attending the ThriveTime Show Workshop, then you are missing the opportunity that could change the course of the business that you own. And the reason I say that is because the principles that you’re learning here are something that is going to impact your business from the day you attend it forward, and I would say impacts your profitability, your success and everything, which is going to lead to the future lifestyle that you’re going to have, the income level that you’re going to have. Why would you not want to get better at what you do? I mean, you got to get up and go somewhere every day. Why not go to your business and apply everything you can to improve it, and have a better income and a better life?

I think everybody needs to attend at least one ThriveTime Workshop because you’re going to get principles that aren’t really taught anywhere else. I mean, I went to school for business finance, and in four years I didn’t learn half as much as I learned in just a few hours here today. I mean, it’s the real practical stuff. The stuff that actually works in the real world, not just concepts taught by people who are a marketing professor that’s never actually owned a multi-million dollar business. That’s why you need to attend at least one.


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