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It’s not always word of mouth anymore. It’s more so of what people have been saying to you.

So my name is Vince Sususki, I’m from Sarasota, Florida. So I originally heard from my friends about the podcast. So I started doing the podcast about a couple of weeks ago, and just listening nonstop. Listening to what they were talking about, branding, marketing. Just talking about websites and talking about employees, and how to gain those, A employees that we want. So it was awesome just to hear them on the podcast. It really brought me back to Entree Leadership like Dave Ramsey kind of style but more upfront, more in your face type deal, which I liked. So, the business I own is a wedding photography company. It’s called Fall Brook Photography. And really I just came with my buddy and to really get to know Clay a little bit, get to know the people on the podcast. But when I came here it totally changed my mind on branding. It totally changed my mind on my website. I thought I was doing everything right. It turns out I’m doing quite a bit wrong.

So just come into these business conferences. It has helped me to redo my websites. I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t left the conference yet, but when I do get home, we plan on implementing quite a bit to get those leads. And really the one thing that I learned that really stood out to me is calling my leads. I’ve always just emailed them and everyone else emails them so I don’t stand out. And so doing the calls has really helped me to think differently about my business, about my clients, what they’re looking for specifically. So we’re going to immediately implement that once we get home. So the atmosphere here it seems like very manly, but you know what, there’s some girl implements into it, like female implements. But, I really like it because it’s a place where people can talk. It has some music going. It has a smell. We had some bratwursts cooking. You know the first thing I noticed when we walked in they had like a fire smell to it. Just having a fire outside.

The team, now a very professional. What it is, you guys have dressed really nice, really nice suits and stuff. And then Clay’s in is a jacket. And it kind of is like a branding feel to it, like a marketing field to Clay. Do you know what I’m saying? So he stands out quite a bit. You guys are super professional. You guys are backing them, or backing Clay. And just the business in general and what you guys have going on here. I like it, the lights, everything about it. The glows of the red lights or orange lights that you guys have here. And then the blue lights on the wall. Just amplify what you’re trying to teach here. One of the most important things that I’ve received from this conference, is really being intentional what you have on your website. So your website’s the first place people usually see you.

The other thing is your reviews. We try to get reviews, but we’re even going to push it even more. Reviews are huge for people. It’s not always word of mouth anymore. It’s more so of what people have been saying to you.
In my business, we do a lot of destination weddings, so they don’t know who I am. They don’t know who we are, they don’t know anyone that knows us. So the reviews is what gets you the business.

So people that don’t go to this conference can miss out on a lot of things. Just, for example, my website, or our website has a implements that we thought were just, it was just awesome. But because of what Clay and his team has taught us, they’ve actually are took my mindset on my website, and turned it upside down. So what our team’s going to do, we’re going to actually put together, and really redo our website and make it more user-friendly. Put are reviews to the top of our website, above the fold, they call it. And implement more videos and implement more personality into our website to differentiate us from our competitors.

So if you guys are considering going to a business workshop that’s going to teach you branding, that’s going to teach you the steps of advertising, or even marketing. Or a Google Ad words or anything like that gets you leads, and then convert those leads. I think this is the conference to go to. And it doesn’t compare to any other conference, it’s a little bit different. The people here are helping you grow your brands. And I think I’m going to take some people here next week or next month and I’m going to take people the next month after that too. Because I feel like I’ve even texted people and said, “Hey, you need to be here, and I’ll pay just come. You guys need to be here.”

People that are growing churches, people that are growing brands, people that are growing companies. They definitely need to experience this. It’s only two days a, it’s only, I think it’s like eight hours a day. So you’re only here for sixteen hours, but you’re learning so much. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been here for, or been in business for a year or 10 years. It doesn’t matter. You’ll learn something.

“Straight to the point. You got a question, it’s answered, you can move forward. It’s that simple. “

My name is Michael. No, I did not think it was a scam, because as soon as I saw the papers, I just knew instantly this is legit. I need to attend this meeting. So far what I’ve learned here is a lot of basic little corrections in a company that can make a huge impact and just be able to see the results with the next day, but knowing the long term is gonna be just more beneficial.  For anybody that’s been to the headquarters for Thrive 15, I would say it’s a new experience, environment, it’s not your typical office. It’ll stand out and it’s something you can leave remembering that, wow, that’s an office?

So far the presentation of the teaching style was very easy to grasp. Straight to the point, what you need to know, no going back and forth and everything like that. You got a question, it’s answered, you can move forward. It’s that simple.

They know what they’re doing. People are missing out at the Thrive 15 conference is the opportunity and the knowledge that’s provided here, and how far you can advance with that knowledge. The little things I’m learning here isn’t just gonna apply to my company I work for, but it’s gonna apply to things that I may wanna startup, and I’ll have a perspective and I’ll know a guru that would be able to teach me more about the business.

Yeah, before I’ve been to business conferences where they’ve tried to upsell you something at the very end of the conference, and that’s when you start connecting dots. Okay, they’re about to sell me something. Then you just shut yourself out. They’ll upfront tell you, “We’re not gonna sell you anything.” Clearly, they’re not selling anything here. They’ve told you what you’re gonna get. You’re gonna get what you’re gonna get, and they’re not gonna try to throw something extra on it, probably like what, a free salad or something like that? For 20 dollars? I would recommend other people to check out Thrive 15 conference just because it’s gonna be something that they experience that they don’t even know that they can experience, and the knowledge they provide isn’t knowledge that they know even exists. There’s a lot of things here I learned I didn’t even know to even practically do on a day to day basis.

Clay’s presentation and his teaching style are phenomenal.

My name is Tim McDaniel and I’m originally born in Colorado Springs. Lived in Oklahoma most of my life. On the radio show on am 1170, I got in my old farm truck and that’s just got an am radio in it, and that happened to be on, and I listened to the show. At the Thrive 15 business conferences, I’ve learned several things. I’ve learned that I have to have a business model, a 13-step process in order to make my business successful. I have learned that in our business, that we actually teach people some of the things that he’s teaching us. I would like to pick up on some of that so that I can get our point across to the people a little bit better. Fun, busy, very busy, loud sometimes, and it seems like it’s okay to be loud. It doesn’t affect anybody other than I guess kinda pump them up. Kids running around, I’m a family guy. I think that’s great. When you see the owners kids out here taking the trash out and mopping the floors, that says a lot. I’ve actually got my kids here with me. They’re part of my team.

Clay’s presentation and his teaching style are phenomenal. He really is engaging. He really draws you in and he makes sure that you understand his point, ’cause he asks a lot, “Am I connecting with you? Do you understand what I’m saying?” There’s an opportunity if you don’t understand to raise your hand and he’ll explain that to you. Well, they’re missing out on how to become a millionaire. They’re missing out on how to run a business the proper way in today’s society. There’s a lot of old folks out here, myself included that had an old school thought about how a business should be ran, and I just wasn’t being successful.

He tells you right at the very beginning, “I’m not here to sell you a darn thing. You can get up and leave or you can stay here and listen to what we have to say and learn something and take this with you for free.” This is knowledge you’re not gonna get, or information, or for that matter, time, with people who know how to make money that you’re gonna go get for free. You just aren’t. They’re gonna try to sell you something at the end of the show. If you’re a young entrepreneur or somebody that’s been in business even for a long time, I’ve found that it works for everybody. Their system is not tailored for an individual. Their system is tailored toward if you’ll do what they tell you to do, every step, then you’ll be successful. That’s why I would say that everybody should come to these conferences, to Thrive 15 and listen to this, because they’re gonna take a lot home with them, and if they’ll employ that, then they’ll be successful.

“You have a lot of people that really want to succeed, they want to see you succeed as well. “

My name is Stephen Cale. Right now I have a law practice, and so that’s my area of business. I heard about the ThriveTime Conference through a radio program here locally. I was looking forward to learning about, “How can I propel my business, to set my businesses apart from other law practices, other businesses in the same industry?” What I’ve learned so far is practical steps to set my business apart from other businesses in the same industry, in this case, legal services, and getting practical steps on how to do that.

The workshop is just really casual yet professional, and it’s kind of entertaining but gives you some practical ideas and steps on what to do, really helps navigate you on propelling yourself to the next level. Clay’s presentation is great. It’s captivating it’s entertaining but practical, and it’s just really a lot of good information. It’s a great atmosphere. You have a lot of people that really want to succeed, they want to see you succeed as well, so it’s a really great company to be in.

With these business conferences, there’s no staleness. It’s really exciting, and it really gives you some practical ideas on how to make yourself a better business person and how to create other businesses. If you decide not to attend this conference, I think you’re missing out on success. You need a plan on how to succeed and attending this conference will help get you there.

They’re actually giving you workable information.

My name’s Scott Smilenack originally from Berkeley, California. Currently I’m in the food truck business. What I like about these business conferences so far is the information, the way it’s being disseminated. I like the way that the information is framed, not just the way it’s being given. Which is genius. And I think that the concept behind it is just over the top. Because you can plug any business into their information, into their system and it’ll roll.The atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed and yet there’s a lot of energy. So you’re not sleeping, you’re not yawning, you’re not looking to get up and get away. It’s really focused and you’re really keyed into what’s being said.

Perfect, last question. What makes this conference different from any other conference you’ve ever been to? What makes the conference different?

I think the difference with this conference and other conferences is that they’re actually giving you workable information. And they’re saying, “Okay, if you do X, Y, Z, this’ll happen.” As opposed to other conferences say, “Okay, here’s X and if you buy an add on we’ll give you Y. If you buy an add on we’ll give you Z.” And then when you’re done you still don’t have anything. And that’s the big difference.

“My favorite aspect of the business conference is how easy it is to talk with someone if you have questions, or to get answers if you’re stuck.”

My name’s Ryan Kilday. I’m from Colorado Springs. I originally heard about the business conferences through Tim and Robert Redman. They contacted me, and wanted to work with me to help grow my business, and they told me to come to this Thrive 15 conference show.  The business I own is a construction company. We do remodeling, all types of contracting work in Colorado Springs, and we’re hoping to grow and learn how to hire employees, hire the right employees, and manage the growing business.  I would describe the atmosphere as very laid back, casual, fun, easy going. A very friendly and inviting atmosphere.

I would describe his presentation style as quite a bit different, very not normal. Lot of comedy, which makes it interesting and worth watching.  One of the most valuable things I learned at the workshop so far, I would think would be the hiring process for businesses, and how to hire the right people for the job. 

My favorite aspect of the job is just how laid back it is, and how easy it is to talk with someone if you have questions, or to get answers if you’re stuck and need help on certain things.

So, if you’re not attending the workshop, you’re missing out on great opportunities of growing your business, the skills and knowledge needed to try and grow your business, and make it better for you and your employees, and for the future.
I think you should at least attend one Thrive 15 workshop just to see how it is, to see the other businesses that have been helped through the process, and to see their success, and just make it more real, basically, versus just seeing it online and talking over the phone. It’s better to see it in person.

Folks, this office space is like no other.

Hello there. My name is Mary Erp. Actually, I learned about this live performance workshop on a Podcast and it so happens that I wanted to be here. And so, I wrote a review, and I won. I am the LinkedIn mom. I own a business in the Wellness Revolution, the next trillion dollar business is a mom with many having had 12 children full term, been married for 35 years, it’s time to live epic.

Folks, this office space is like no other. I mean, you will feel alive. You will get so inspired. So, come on out. Clay is a commonsense guy. He’s really brilliant and quick smart as they call it. So, I’ve really enjoyed myself and the whole team. The most valuable thing I’ve learned at the business conferences so far is actually the videos. I mean, there’s an art to it. And, it’s awesome.

People, if you want to better yourself, if you want to make a difference in this world, if you just want to be alive, come on out especially if you’re ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But, wherever you are, come to the Thrive Show. You know, everyone should come and experience at least one Thrive live workshop. I mean, the energy here, it’s real. Be here.

We really enjoy Clay’s teaching style with his humor and how quick-witted he is.

My name is Geordan Roberts. We are involved in a CNC machining industry. We heard about the Thrive Business Conferences through Clay. He’s one of our business coaches. When we decided to attend the Thrive Conference, we just wanted to go deeper in our understanding on how to improve our business and to keep growing it. Some of the things we’ve learned at the workshop so far is just being intentional with our scheduling and how to apply more structure to be able to grow our business the way we need to grow it. We really enjoy Clay’s teaching style with his humor and how quick-witted he is and just the core values that he has involved with his company.

The atmosphere here at Thrive is different than anything that I’ve ever seen. It pulls you in and just wants you to be involved with it. For those that aren’t attending the conference today, you’re really missing out on understanding the little things that can make your business better, that can allow you to be working on your business and not in your business, and to be able to get that freedom that you want by being a business owner.

“It’s like a wholistic approach in understanding the direction that we’re going.”

My name is Chad Johnson and I’m originally from Michigan, but from Tampa, Florida now.  The businesses that I’m involved in are one is actually consulting and helping people with their businesses in the health and fitness field, but my big project or my big business right now actually groups personal training, and fitness and health program called Fit Camp 35. Somehow I came across Clay Clark and Thrive Time business conferences through online. I was searching out paying attention to what else other people were doing for consulting with their clients and how the programs work. I just saw all the extra value and things that they did and the fulfillment end that I don’t even do. A lot of that really good detail work and week by week workflows and just started connecting with that.


I decided to attend this conference because I want to be able to scale my Fit Camp 35 business to 40, 50 locations that are already preset with a martial arts facility in the next 12 to 18 months so I knew it had to happen fast. I wanted to be able to get the systems and get the overview of everything, plus the actual day-to-day or week-to-week workflow to make sure that we make it happen. That’s what I was most excited about learning here. So far at the workshop, I’ve learned that the marketing end and how certain big points tie in and where I need to be able to focus my energy and attention in the coming days and setting it up for the next few weeks and months so that we can really make everything come together. It’s like a wholistic approach in understanding the direction that we’re going. They use a lot of really good anecdotal or examples of how we can be able to see how it’s helped others and of course that’s always encouraging but also giving a vision for me of where I need to go and take it next.

So far the things I like the most about the workshop are definitely Clay’s energy and the silliness. It’s one of those reminds me of Chevy Chase in a lot of movies, his jokes that nobody else would laugh at because it seemed kind of dry or there was nuances to it, but it’s cracking me up. I definitely think that personality and the charisma side is helpful, but also specifically what’s helping me most so far is looking at the exact what to’s, the details. Those are the things, I’m a big picture kind of visionary person and I deal with principles and all that, but it’s hard to scale that out to other people. I really like the concise “We’re going to do this, let’s take action” steps.

I would definitely say that Clay is a little eclectic but he uses a lot of modern examples, basically pop culture, but also a tie in with his personality and his own goof ups I guess you would say and how that is going to benefit you. They say that standing on the shoulders of giants, but one of the best things that we can do is learn from other people’s mistakes before we make our own. That’s definitely very helpful and I think it’s funny. I’m in the front of the room so I’m not seeing how everybody else is responding, but I think it’s helpful because it lowers barriers and everybody’s got their BS window up, I mean guard up, and it helps bring that down and make it so that you really get in and focus on what needs to be done.

I would definitely say the atmosphere at Thrive 15, the headquarters itself, is disarming. It makes it so it’s comfortable, relaxed. I can tell everybody that works here either they fake it really well or they really do enjoy what they do. They like being in the environment and now there’s a a lot going on. You can have somebody over answering phone calls and stuff over here while Clay’s presenting and there’s a big discussion going on. There could be other sales going on. I like that everything is flowing and going together and the atmosphere is open and inviting. I think it’s more of a team atmosphere rather than a guru and everybody else follows under what that person says.

A lot of the conferences that I’ve been to in the past, they’re really big. They’ll have hundreds of people or even sometimes thousands of people. Or they’re really small where it’s a little U-shaped table or something and everybody’s right on top of each other. I definitely would say that one thing is the actual set up or the environment. We have desks and a comfortable, big office chair and the ability to engage and not feel like you’re separated. Then it just seems like there’s a whole lot more value and you can get right to the point. It’s more relaxed of an atmosphere and like I was mentioning earlier, I think that coaching working with you side by side rather than somebody that’s over everybody and everybody’s like “Oh, wow. I want to be like that.” Instead, they’re very relatable and they connect to you and your current business.

I think that if somebody decides not to do the Thrive 15 conference, they’re going to miss out on the ability to be able to break it down into actionable steps. Not only are they able to make it so that we can get from point A to point B to point C to point Z, instead of constantly going “Oh, I’m going to get from A all the way to Z, how am I going to make that happen?” It breaks it down to the baby steps. Additionally, it helps you get past your own BS, your own stuff that’s in the way. You can remove that and focus on “What do I really need to do to move it forward?”

A lot of that ties into how can I basically, I don’t want to say dumb it down, but make it so simple that anybody can be able to go in and do the systems and do the things in your business which takes away all that ego and makes it more about action and capabilities. It’s really cool because then it feels like “Oh, I don’t have to have everything on lockdown and have to have it be me all the time, I can be able to section it out or scale it out to other people.” That’s pretty powerful.

There’s a lot going on and so, you don’t ever feel bored.

My name is Amy Chaney and I’m from Pampa Texas. We are actually receiving coaching from Clay Stairs, and so he is the one that hooked us up with the business conferences, and so we were able to come and attend this conference at his advice. We own a construction business, so we’re general contractors, we build houses, remodel houses and so, we were just really, we’re to a point where we’re kind of getting burnt out in the workload and so, I think we were just really seeking just some rejuvenation and some better ideas, and practices. Clay’s office and the team here is extremely energetic and so, there’s a lot going on and so, you don’t ever feel bored, you don’t ever check your watch to see, “Oh my gosh, is this over yet?”

There’s just so much energy and it’s been a lot of fun. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is just, kind of, almost in your face and very energetic, and very straightforward. There’s no beating around the bush and he calls it like it is, which is great. My favorite aspect of the workshop so far has been learning about just the time freedom, as opposed to it being so much focus on financial freedom. We have five children and so time freedom is a big deal to me.

People would be missing out on a lot if they don’t attend this workshop. It is an incredible wealth of information and worth every dime. I think everyone needs to attend at least one Thrive Time workshop because it really gets you to start thinking, and it gets you to kind of, focus on what your goals are in life, and I think that’s something people often overlook is, “What are we doing this for?” And so, I think that, that’s why everyone should at least attend once.


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