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It’s so practical, and I wanted practical answers.

My name’s Victoria Lane and I first heard them not too long after they got on the radio, and I listened for quite a while. I wanted to come last fall to one of the business conferences and just things didn’t work out. Then actually what happened was last week I had a question that I’ve been praying about for a long time. It wasn’t involved with my business, it was a personal matter. And I was listening to the program, and Clay answered my question. So many of these same principles are applicable in other areas of your life, and I’ve also been studying counseling for almost four years, so it was just like a revelation because it’s very difficult. I can answer a lot of other people’s questions, but it’s hard to answer some of my own questions.

I own a lettering and design business. I’m a calligrapher, and I also teach. I do weddings and certificates and all sorts of things in the wedding industry primarily. I came I think primarily for marketing because I wanted to find new ways to market my business. I feel like I’m a well-kept secret.

The atmosphere here is value-added in every way. The people are terrific. I was one of those people that came last fall. I had to search this place out. I had to search out the phone number. It wasn’t easy, because I wanted to see what are they about? And I was impressed. Clay was just so down-to-earth and greeted me, handed me a book, and I knew that even though I might not make it right then, that I was eventually going to come here because they had stuff that I wanted, but also I really respect … I respect Clay and that he has created an organization where his values are at the top, and it filters down through everything that he does, and it’s impressive.

Clay’s delivery and presentation is hilarious. He is one of the funniest people, and he is so quick. He’s great with words and he just makes all these connections and he knows a lot of trivia, plus he knows a lot of really valuable stuff that you don’t hear from other people. It’s so practical, and I wanted practical answers. I have lots of education. I wanted something other than. Gosh, I’ve liked so much of it, it’s hard for me to just focus in on one thing, but I’ve also enjoyed the people that I’ve met. I’ve enjoyed the fact that he’s brought in a lot of people from related disciplines who have shared their experience, and to hear someone say that their business has increased by 67% in two months, that’s crazy. So you hear these different things and you have to consider that their systems and their solutions have got to be excellent. 

I think people are missing out on an opportunity to really rise in their particular discipline, whatever business it is that they want to do and to reach a level of excellence that I think that we all strive for and that I know that I want to achieve, partly because I also want to have … I want to be a person who has the authority to speak what I really believe. I think that everyone who wants to be successful would profit by attending one of these workshops. Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt.

“It’s good because he can answer any question that’s asked, and it gives you a different perspective about a lot of different things, so it’s good.”

My name is Courtney Ingram, and I’m originally from Texas. I moved here from Texas when I was a kid, like nine years old. I went to East Central High School. From there, I went to Drew University. From there, I went to Pittsburgh State University. And now, I work for Don Calvert. A couple things I learned about the conferences. Simplicity. Being simple and not too complex. Having a calendar. Being on time, scheduling. The biggest thing I’ve learned is scheduling, just making sure everything is right and making sure that things are getting done. That’s the biggest things I’ve learned.

I would describe it as unique. It’s different. It has so many different things to it that brings it out. It’s been good, though. You’ve got different quotes and different things on the wall, different pictures. Different achievements that he has up on the wall. It gives you a different feel for different building. It’s almost alive, in a sense. 

It’s good, though. I would describe Clay’s teaching style, he’s straight to the point, which is a good thing. But he’s not straight to the point where it’s like he just leaves you with something and just kind of makes you figure it out. But he actually explains it, what he’s talking about. He gives you a good idea about what he’s talking about and where he wants you to go with it. So it’s been … He’s good about throwing us nuggets or throwing us bones, and causing us to grab hold to them. Answering questions. He’s not like a tunnel vision, so to speak. Outside his comfort zone or outside of what he’s talking about to answer a question. I mean, it’s good because he can answer any question that’s asked, and it gives you a different perspective about a lot of different things, so it’s good.

From my perspective, I would say that people are missing out. Just like in anything, I do believe the small things are what separates you from being good and great. I think it’s the small things that people are missing out on. For instance, like the Google Map, just little things like that. That helps put your business over the top. Having a small business, putting it over top. I do believe that it’s the little things that he brings that make them so much bigger than what they seem to be. I would say that, yeah.

I think they’ve done a good job with putting everything together, taking what’s in the book and showing it to us on the board and everything. What I think they’ve done a good job, too, as far as giving us a book and having different things that we can go back on and look into. And it’s not just there, but it’s like systematic. So it helps you to go detail to detail to understand exactly what’s going on. So, yeah, I would say this. The reason I would recommend the Thrive15 business conferences is because, first, to take a look at their fruit and what they’ve produced to show that it works, and to put you in the best position so it works for you. So, yeah, I would. I mean, I would recommend to anybody to who’s starting a business, who has a business continue to grow. It’s always good to grow.

They give you a lot of inspiration.

My name is Yogi Patel, and I am originally from London, but I live out in California, Los Angeles. I heard about the Thrive business Conferences on the internet. It’s good fun, I mean, plays good, presentation is fun. It’s interactive. You get to talk to him and work with different people here, so it’s an interesting little class.

So, so far I’ve learned how to use Facebook officially, how to use SEO submission, how to build a website that’s more effective, using marketing strategies, mailers, and how to get your name, talking about how to create a logo, making sure your company has a good presence outside, on the internet. Oh, yeah. This place is amazing. I just love the layout. It’s so cool. They give you a lot of inspiration. There’s a lot of posters. It just totally gets you motivated, energizes you into good things. It’s just got a good vibe about it.

Pretty good. It’s easy to understand. It’s fun, interactive. It’s definitely … It’s informative in an easy way, and it’s pretty good … You can answer questions, and it’s pretty fun. It’s just a fun way of teaching. I like it. I think it’s just a good way of learning stuff that is in a different aspect, you know. If you don’t understand marketing and all that, he has good visions and good ideas, and it’s just easy to understand it. And he’s pretty good at explaining it, so I think it’s pretty fun. It’s great. There is no upselling. What you get is what you see, so I love it. And I like that. That’s fun about it. There’s no upselling whatsoever.

Much more affordable. It’s the best money you can spend. It’s affordable compared to college, and you learn a lot more. So I definitely think it’s a good value for money. I just think it’s fun, and it’s just a different way of learning. It gives you a different aspect of different technologies and marketing strategies. And it’s just fun. I think it’s a good thing.

“The atmosphere here, I would describe as very energetic, very different than anything you’ve walked into.”

My name is Tammy Harrison. I’m looking to try to get products into the marketplace, or maybe adjust the product already here to get into the marketplace. The first thing that I was very impressed with was, because we do rodeo, and we do a lot of agriculture livestock things at the house, unlike a lot of people here that have suits and ties on. I did email a question, and ended up somehow Marshall got it, and when he got it, he emailed me back that next day, and I asked him to make me feel warm and fuzzy about being able to come ito the business conferences, and understand what’s going on, and I feel like I’m over my head, and he was very nice about getting back with the answer, and then everybody that I’ve met here has been very laid back. And even though with suit and tie, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice to know you don’t have to act like a stick in the mud and still have the suits and ties on.

The atmosphere here at the Thrive 15 headquarters, I would describe as very energetic, very different than anything you’ve walked into. Other seminars are nothing but tables and a whiteboard up there, whereas here, we get to have a lot of fun, and listen to the funny jokes, the good music, and everybody seems to enjoy being here. What makes this conference different than any other conference is there are no hidden fees, there’s no upselling anywhere. Even on the internet when it says it’s a free E-book, it’s a free E-book. We come here, and we’re listening to the talks, and there’s nothing else to buy. So, that’s all you get.

You’re bringing our individual situations into the conference and talking to us directly about them.

My name’s Adam Fitzgerald. The business conferences were brought to my attention by Tim Redmond. We had a meeting with him last week and he offered it to us and the people in my company come out and attend. The two key things I’ve taken from this to date, up to this point, is the importance of time management, structuring your time management throughout your company, and the importance of your scripted calls. Very neat place. Very vibrant, very alive, good music playing all the time. Everybody here has been great to work with, very accommodating.

He does a very good job of keeping everybody involved. You’re bringing our individual situations into the conference and talking to us directly about them. The approach to the step by step basic business model that will work with every company, no matter your field. Everybody wants to think their field is special, but really, there’s a simple model that will help everyone.

They’re not selling anything, they’re offering a service. They’re not trying to get you to buy their products or buy their books and then walk away and then just leave you with what you came with. They’re willing to work with you after the fact to make it all happen. Because if you’re in a situation like me, you know, we’re trying to learn our businesses and build our businesses by trial and error, and we don’t even realize a lot of mistakes we’re making a lot of times and how much better things can be done and how easy it is to implement those changes.

Oh my goodness, if you want to miss out on this, you’re missing out on a lot.

My name is Michelle Mills. Actually, my two friends, Kathleen and Adam Stockdall who are the ones who recommended it to me. In this atmosphere, there is so much energy, and there is just a lot of life. Everyone has something to say, and some sort of advice to give. It’s really encouraging, and it’s just an extremely positive atmosphere. He is very down to earth, and I really appreciate that. He is real. He is not gonna sugar coat it. He is going to tell you like it is, and he’s going to throw in those subtle things that hit a little too close to home. I need that, so I really appreciate it.

I think the biggest thing is not to let your time get divided and spliced apart too easily. What he talked about with the elephant in the room not having the call center be a part of the business where people are cutting hair. As a hairstylist myself, I understand that too well. We are pulled away by the phone. We’re pulled away by people wanting our business when we are not the decision makers for that. And so, to have the company be separate from the phone call just adds that much more. You can engage with your client. You can be focused one-on-one without the distractions that normally would come with that. I thought that was brilliant.

My favorite aspect of these business conferences has been that even though you have such a huge group, you still have this personableness where you have people even in the back who can stand up and say, “I have a question about this. I don’t fully understand this.” You still have people who can answer those questions even though it may seem like a meeting where you all are sitting in one place. You still have people that can get up and add their point, ask their question. Everyone has an opportunity.

Oh my goodness, if you want to miss out on this, you’re missing out on a lot. I really thought that I knew it all, and you just realize how much you don’t know when you get here. There is just so much knowledge that is compacted down into two days. I have taken probably 10 to 20 pages of notes. That’s more than I ever took in college. Let’s be real. All I can think is there are so many people that I know that I want to call them up today and say, “You need to go to this. You need this. Your business needs this,” because there are so many pointers that hit so close to home that so many people I know with their own businesses are struggling with that could use this kind of information.

I think it’s really important to attend these sorts of workshops because it rejuvenates you into this business mindset that you can become stagnate in so easily. It reminds you of these important topics, and it re-centers you and realigns you into exactly what it is that you are looking for, for your business, and how to optimize that.

I love this workshop. I love what it’s turned into.

My name is Kat Stockdall. I’m originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I do graphic design and marketing for companies in the area. I actually started out working with Clay and kind of was here as he was developing it. It’s turned into something really, really great. Honestly, this is not my first time coming to the business conferences, but there was just so much information that I had to come back, I had to get more because it’s just you can always be learning more, and this is just a giant overflowing bucket of knowledge.

I think one of my favorite things that I’ve learned so far are the systems, the proven systems that get you there every time no matter what your business is. I think that’s really incredible that something like that exists.  I love this workshop. I love what it’s turned into. It’s so intimate, and yet there are enough people here that the energy is really great. It’s just a really wonderful overall experience.

Oh, my goodness. Clay’s presentation training style is hilarious. He’s always telling a joke. He’s always keeping you on your toes. You never know what he’s gonna say next. That’s what makes it really interesting and exciting. The atmosphere here is amazing. It’s so energized. Everyone is just so ready to go, ready to learn. It’s really fantastic.  I think it’s really unique in that you’re dealing with a smaller group of people. You’re not having to deal with all these upsells. It’s so unique in that where you don’t have to spend money to learn things. You don’t have to buy 100 books to learn things.

You’re missing out on the experience of a lifetime, I kid you not. It’s amazing. You learn so much. You walk away feeling energized. You feel inspired. You have actual action items that you can use to grow your business.

“I’m actually learning a lot of things that I didn’t know before.”

My name is Irene Hicks. I am from Guam.  Actually, I was listening to a podcast, Refresh Your Wealth, and Clay was the speaker on the website or on the podcast. Well, my business is … I’m an electrical distributor and I was trying to learn from the podcast about his systems because right now we’ve had it for about 15 years, but it’s still not, I guess, we still need to learn how to do it better.

It’s really lively. They’re pretty friendly, helpful, very welcoming.

I like his style. I like Clay’s style. He is very enthusiastic, which is really good and he passes on. He’s kept me awake all the time.  One of the things with regarding the SEO, the Google, I guess it’s called the Google SEO, so that’s something I’ve never known about before. I’m actually learning a lot of things that I didn’t know before. You’re getting a lot of knowledge.

I think that if you don’t attend, you would really … you will learn how to run your company better and be able to leave your company and not have it just as a job but more as a business. If you don’t attend a ThriveTime workshop, you won’t learn how to run your business well, be able to leave the business not worrying about it. I think you need to attend at least one ThriveTime business conferences so you … you’ll just change your mindset on how you should run a business.

It’s informative, but it’s positive and energetic at the same time.

My name is Brett Knause. I’m from Claremore, Oklahoma. I originally heard about the Thrive Time show on the radio on KFAQ. I originally heard about the Thrive Time show business conferences from the radio show on KFAQ. My wife and I own a glass shop in Claremore and we came to the Thrive Time workshop to learn marketing strategy and learning how to just increase business.

I would describe the atmosphere here at the workshop and Clay and all of the participants is energetic and positive. Clay’s delivery and presentation style is in your face. It’s informative, but it’s positive and energetic at the same time. One of the most valuable things that I’ve learned in the workshop so far is learning how to close a sale and also a marketing strategy for online marketing.

My favorite aspect of the environment in this workshop is that it’s informative but entertaining as well. If you do not attend one of these workshops, you’re missing out on lifestyle. You’re missing out of time with your family, you missing out and, sorry.
If you do not attend one of these workshops, you’re missing out on time with your family and your influence in your community.

You feel very free to ask any questions that you have and just network with other business owners.

I’m Amber and we own fitness centers. We heard about Thrive business conferences from our CPA, he recommended we attend just to help us continue to grow our business and just continue to learn new business skills and abilities. We were looking to just continue to grow our knowledge as far as just basic business skills, make sure we’re working in the right direction and what we do know and what we are working on, and just continue to grow. Possibly franchise our business and just go bigger.

So far there’s so much information we’ve already taken in on the first day, couple hours into the second day. It’s actually like a break right now to go work. Just really excited, excited about the new things, excited even to know what we are doing right and just to get back and tweak some things, start some new systems and excited about the rest of the day to just continue to learn more.

The one thing I like most about the workshop is really all the other business owners around that have great questions, questions I haven’t thought of that just continue to spur on more thought, more conversation. You feel very free to ask any questions that you have and just network with other business owners.

How would I describe his presentation style? Unique. He’s fun, he keeps your interested and Clay is real. He’s just a real person, he’s not trying to be the guy in the suit. You will just know who Clay is and the real Clay, and he shares his heart too and I love that.
The atmosphere is encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s motivating, but not like any other conference. It doesn’t feel like a fake enthusiasm. There’s real heart and passion behind it, and the encouragement from the staff is phenomenal too.

I think if you decide not to attend the conference, you’re just going to stay where you are. If you want to grow, and I don’t think it’s just growth in business but I think there’s a lot of self-growth. The key word we always talk about is self-mastery and I think they kind of touch on that too so it’s not just business but it’s how to master yourself so that you can master your business.


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