Creating a Sustainable 3 Legged Marketing Stool

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Are you the only person in your company that brings in leads, deals and revenue for your company? If you are having a hard time sustainably connecting with your ideal and likely buyers then you will want to tune in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark teaches how to implement a 3 legged marketing stool.

Commit a Sustainable 3 Legged Marketing Stool

    1. 3 Legged Marketing Stool
      1. Leg #1 – Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (Being top on Google)
      2. Leg #2 – Gather Google Reviews from Real Happy Clients
      3. Leg #3 – Consistent online advertising
        1. Youtube ads
        2. Retargeting ads – (Ads that follow you around the internet)
        3. Facebook ads
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t succeed by making something just a little better. People are fundamentally lazy and they’re not going to adopt something unless it’s at least ten times better than what they already have. The incumbents are happy to make lots of money offering customers something that they’re familiar with. To win you have to build a breakthrough (No-Brainer) major enough to cannibalize the business.” – Ben Horowitz (The man who build Opsware before selling it to Hewlett Packard for $1.6 billion in cash. He is the also the co-founder of the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm.)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The only way to really scale is by taking bets that might reduce your opportunity. This is especially true of your branding and marketing. People have a tendency to say, “I want to define my product as the best in the marketplace.” You have to eschew that kind of vagueness viciously. Of course, when you say, “This is who I am,” some customers will respond, “Nope. Not interested.” But if you don’t make those sorts of bold statements, you can never really learn whether people want what you’re offering.” – Reid Hoffman (Founder of Linkedin and one of the founders of PayPal)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin (The marketing expert, New York Times bestselling author and the founder of Yoyodyne which was sold to Yahoo for $30 million dollars).
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Without sales you have no business.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of
  6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The goal is to build a time-freedom and financial freedom creating business not a job that is 100% dependent upon you and 100% non delegatable thus we must focus on creating turn-key marketing systems that have the ability to generate leads for your business without you personally having to go out and generate the new business. Many self-employed people fall into the trap of being the only person within your organization who can generate leads, sales and essentially life giving income to the business. You want to develop a three-legged marketing stool that you are not dependent upon just one marketing system and so that the consistency of your lead generation never stops regardless of whether you (as the owner) are on vacation or not.” – Clay Clark
  7. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When your business is profitable and you are confident that it is going to survive, it is time to build your business’s four core systems:
    1. Lead generation: your system for finding prospects.
    2. Lead conversion: your system for closing sales.
    3. Production and delivery: your system for producing and fulfilling your core product or service.
    4. Collections: your system for collecting on what you are owed.” – Jeff Hoffman (Former CEO of
  8. ACTION ITEM – Define Your 3 Legged Marketing Stool That You Believe Would Work Best (Pick from the marketing options listed within the BOOM book).
    1. Leg #1 – Search Engine Optimization
      1. Option A – Must record 4 hours per week of Podcasts – Long-Tail – Search Engine Domination
        1. 10 minutes in length
        2. Weave in the keyword 10 times
        3. Transcribe your content via
        4. Example –
      2. Option B – Have the Thrive Time Business Coaching Team Write the Content for You
        1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – see
        2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – see
        3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – See
    2. Leg #2 – Design a mailer to be sent to your ideal and likely buyers on a monthly basis.
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “For a lot less money, you could send a special direct mail effort to just the best neighborhoods where the best buyers live. The secret is to do it continuously so that you build top-of-mind awareness among those best buyers” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
    3. Leg #3 – Dream 100
      1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “About 3 percent of potential buyers at any given time are buying now. 7 percent of the population is open to the idea of buying. The remaining 90 percent fall into one of three equal categories. The top third are “not thinking about it.” The next third are “think they’re not interested.” The final third are “definitely not interested.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine)
    4. Leg #4 – Launch Ads
    5. Leg #5 – Design Retargeting Ads
    6. Leg #6 – Launch Google Adwords
    7. Leg #7 – Design Facebook Ads
    8. ACTION ITEM – Launch ads for 90 days
    9. ACTION ITEM – Track every results
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    1. The Three Legged Marketing Stool –
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  1. Downloadable –
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Audio Transcription

I want to attend the legendary drive time show best business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com, to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right to come back to the conversation on your radio and podcast download. Every show that we do is committed to helping you learn what you need to know to create both time:freedom and financial freedom the freedom to do what you want to do with both your time and your money and one of the areas that I get probably the most push back from from early client in the men that the thing that they think me are the most amount. Is they don’t want to commit to a sustainable, three-legged, marketing, stool, so I’m going to go ahead and prayhe’s a client right now, that’s really really doing a great job with their business. But I want to talk to you about how the business looked before he committed to this idea. So, if you’re listening right now, what you going to do a google search for score, basketball and then shut up I want to put this the bravery top of the show notes there. I want to put the example of scourby ball.Com. That way, people can see a business. That’s implementing this system, real times.Com. So what’s his three legged marketing stool I’m, going to tell you this related marketing, still right now and chuck’s going to go ahead and put them on the show notes.

Okay, one is:he has ongoing search engine optimization which means that he has a steady regimen of content that he creates every single week that, as long as he does, that he’ll never be anything but top in google he’ll always be topping google when you type in tulsa basketball, lessons or tulsa basketball camps, he’ll always be top of google, because chuck he’s committed to consist it way doing the same thing every single week. Every single week of this is what does that mean? Stool is start when it has multiple legs right to have one leg:another leg, another like it. That’s a nice little stool! That’s what makes the stool stable is it down to? One of those legs wasn’t stable when it collapsed. That’s not stable, stool. Don’t ever think this buta lot of business owners just have one aspect of marketing that their whole business is dependent upon. You have one vendor right now, I’ll give you all of your business right, one client that gives you all of the business you need. That’s the one one source of weeds that you and you maybe are the only person that can close those leads. So you want to have not one, but your multiple sources now chuck his ongoing best business coach search engine optimization requires that he produces content every week. Why is that so profound he’s committed to doing that for the past 6 years, I worked with a guy. Why is it so profound that he does it every week? Society might say that doing that is crazy, but guess what, since he’s done, it he’s literally top or at least half of pay top of the map it for every single search term that relates to tulsa and basketball and all of the surrounding areas. So, yes, he did the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over over for 6 years, and it paid off big-time two-leg number to google reviews from happy clients.

Have you google score basketball tulsa, you got a couple different locations, their views best business coach client coach calvert and score basketball have today listing out there and you want to teach your kids how to become better at the game of basketball and help them play at a college or maybe professional level. I would encourage you to go to score bball, like in the tulsa area, and you can schedule your your first lesson. I believe your first lesson is free. How many reviews does he have today at a hundred and twenty for 24 reviews you just commit to get? Why do you want to commit to gathering reviews from no customers every week and then why would you want to do it every week given to the top of google is a process we talked about it on many many shows but took to the quick summation of this. Is that getting google reviews is the most powerful and fast tool you can do as a business owner yourself to get you to the top of that firstgoogle, because the map listing is at the top of the first page. So again he like never want ongoing search engine optimization like number to google reviews for the third one. Already it’s consistent online advertising and I’m going to put the sub points under that okay. So the consistent online advertising that consist of youtube ads there add that free roll on youtube. If you go to watch like a td jakes video, where a cat video, where a lebron james highlight or anything right, the videos pull up and they begin to play before you watch the video and our coders will set that up for you. It’s cool cuz right. Tell me if I’m wrong here, but you could, somebody might be searching in your geographical area, correct way to shoot a free, throw right and then your score, basketball camp. Add would pop up in front of that and you go. Oh, my gosh anybody who’s ever search for basketball, camps or basketball. Lessons in google is shown those ads on youtube right as resultgeography, where their living, so the second move we do is retargeting ads. No, those are ads that follow people around the internet to virtually every website.

So you might go to tulsa world or you might go to see you and if I go to fox news, we might go to best business coach brainy quote there any website and adds will follow you around because of the retargeting pixel not shut up. He also does facebook at we commit to a regimen of about $600 a week between all three of those we don’t spend more on advertising than 600 week, four score basketball. You should spend about 10% of your gross revenue on advertising, if you’re in aggressive growth mode and 5%, if you’re just trying to maintain. Why do we not even spend 5% of the gross revenue for coach cowher on advertising I’m, going to guess, educated guess, hear that he’s pushing close to capacity or can’t handle clients at this in the business of him and if he wanted to open up another location if he did open up another location. If you went through the effort of leasing, another space building out on their space, fighting their space needed to grow another location, then it would make sense right now, but if you’re turning down people because you’re perpetually booked out to me, he has basketball camp, for they are just so full. Then you wouldn’t make any sense to keep advertising about ben horowitz. Can you read? Us is notable quotable from ben horowitz. This is the guy who built ops where it was a company built and he sold the hewlett-packard for 1.6 billion dollars of cash and he’s also the co-founder of andreessen horowitz the venture capital firm. So he says you can’t succeed by making something just a little better. People are fundamentally lazy and they’re not going to adopt something unless it’s at least 10 times better than what they already have. The incumbents are happy to make lots of money offering best business coach customer something that they familiar with and to win. You have to build a breakthrough major enough to cannibalize the business, so you have to experience that was significantly better than the competition in bragging.

He did it I when i, when I very first we’re going to go shooting video 3 years ago. You have a nice to go out there and shoot video. It is camp and I grew up playing best business coach sports and I’m. Looking at this thing, 200 kids out here at this is awesome:university of tulsa basketball, camp, the oral roberts university, basketball, camp, the nike camp, the oklahoma city thunder, russell westbrook, and now he’s the biggest camp in oklahoma, awesome. Reid, hoffman shop I’ll be hopping, the founder of linkedin and what are the early founders of the paypal company? He says what the only way to really scale in by taking bets that might reduce your opportunity. This is especially true of your branding and marketing. People have a tendency to say:i wanted to find my product as the best in the marketyou have to ask you who issue issue issue issue. You have to issue that kind of vagueness viciously. Of course, when you say this is who I am some customers will respond, nope, not interested, but if you don’t make those sorts of bold statement, you can never really learn whether people want what you are offering now. This is big. This is big, because if you are having a business like a coach calvert, doesn’t any industry and you’re afraid to make it significantly different than anybody else, you’re going to lose can’t be a chameleon, and so is that what we worked on with coach calvert in this is. This is a big thing. This is a breakthrough. This is a one-time event that your coach can help. You do, but it’s score bball what we did is we I told cody.

We got to come up with something makes a different everybody else willing to do, and we agreed on doing this move for first-time visitors. It was the one where you can teach anybody to dunk within 10 minutes, not that one, but if you’re a first-time visitorit, so it’s free. So if you want to attend score basketball and you’re, a first-time visitor, it’s free to chat again, you get to try it before you buy it at one. Free group lesson and we had to come up with that. Also he’s a christian business owner and so I did not encourage him to do that, but he did it himself. He wanted to put bible verses and positive versus all around his gym cuz. He said he wanted to mentor kids, about the game of life and not just business. Now, once you’ve got your differentiator there and you talked to your business coaching you’ve developed. What you think is your your purple cow or you’re you’re you’re, unique, offering your who makes you different. Now what you got to do. Is you got to go out there and launch that three-legged stool, notch up seth, godin, the marketing expert, the new york times bestselling author, the founder of yo yo. Which, was sold to yahoo for best business coach 30 million dollars, says what he says:that marketing is a contest for people’s attention and I love. The brevity of this quote, because, once you understand thiswhat about trade show earlier than the show I’ve got a few clients are doing. Trade shows right now and what I keep telling them is this exact quote marketing is a competition for people’s attention. You’re at a trade show you have got to stand out. You’ve got to be that person that people like will what’s going to go check that out. You know in a lot of people want to fight that idea. They want to fight the idea that marketing is getting people’s attention, so there you know conservative with the advertising their conservative with the marketing and they don’t launch a three-legged marketing stool with jeff hoffman. The former ceo of priceline would say what up without sales you have no business, as you were saying that I was trying to come up with a new idea how to avoid marketing without sales.

You have no business talking about that. What I was doing was talking about a new idea and I wanted to talk about making the font 2%. Smaller I was coming up, my sideburns, who Woni’m sorry without sales. You have no business I’m. Sorry I wasn’t able to hear that I’m there is no business without sale. You were saying that I wasn’t i, wasn’t business, equals sales equals business. What you were just lying, that I was talking about a new product idea. I had something come up with that sell stuff first be fruitful and multiply is to build a time freedom and financial freedom credit business, not a job. There’s a hundred percent dependent upon you and a hundred percent non-delegable. Thus we must focus on creating turn key best business coach marketing systems that have the ability to generate. You leads for your business without you personally having to go out there and generate the new business. Many self employed people fall into the trap what. Is the trap trap? Look it’s a trap being the only person within your organization who can generate leads sales and essentially life-giving income to the business. You want to develop a three-legged marketing stool that is not dependent upon just one marketing system, and so that you can consistently generate leads regardless of whether you’re on vacation or not. You think you got to get this on your business on a successful business. You’ve got to build, you’ve got to build, you wanna build a successful business. You better work on it and you have to build a marketing system that generates leads. It’s not dependent upon you and your personal efforts. So it’s really cool if you’ve been able to generate leads for years as a result of networking, but it’s really not cool. If that’s all, you can do moving forward because you want to build a system, it’s not dependent upon your personal effort. When we come back we’re going to talk about the difference between turnkey, lead generation and personal effort, related bleed generation.

State today is, and now it’s now attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at thrivetime, show.Com, oh I thought you were talking about building best business coach time freedom as a result of creating a repeatable process for generating leads to grow your business. Now, when your business is profitable and you’re, confident that it’s going to survive, then it is time to build your businesses for core systems, says jeff hoffman, the former ceo of priceline show me walk you to the systems that he believed that you should build. That I believe you should build it. We believe you should built again marketing. That is a competition for what job market is at the competition for people’s attention. That seth godin. Talking to this is the author of the best-selling author of the purple cow, the guy who sold his company yoyodyne to yahoo a marketing guru. He says marketing is just a contest for people’s attention. You’ve got to understand, don’t overthink and that’s all you’re doing. Is that simple as it like? You just got to get them to notice you, you might say well okay. So. How do I do that? Okay? Well, one step on you get your branding, make sure brandon looks good, makes your website looks good your print pieces. Look good! Your videos, look good! Your marketing make sure that looks good that once that does look good now, it’s time to choose three marketing legs now you say why a three-legged stool, what cuz it’s more sturdy right, if you would, if your dependant upon just one form of marketing you could lose all of your leads at just one person’s decision could cause you to go to business, and so here are the strategies that I would recommend that you would discuss with your business coach because they work very, very well search engine, optimization, now, search engine, optimization is what I would call a long-term strategy.

It’s not a midterm. It’s not a short-term! It’s going to take you a long time to get to the top of google, because google indexes and ranks websites it determines the who should be on page one based upon those four variables that we discussed so often hear on the radio show the for being at half. Get you your mobile compliance and has to look good on a mobile device. Is that that that that the one-time event, you can do that pretty quick with one of our developers are coders ii. Is you have to have the most canonical compliance again? That’s a one-time event. We do we’ve written a format in a layout that has been proven to rank high in google search results. If you google tulsa cookies, I’ll see barbie cookies, ok google tell us mortgages you’ll, see total lending, concepts and steve currington if you google, search, tulsa men’s haircuts, you’ll see elephant in the room. If you google, search, broken, arrow men’s haircuts, you’ll see best business coach client elephant in the room if you google search again, tulsa cookies, ut, barbie, cookies, oklahoma, city, auto, repair, sheppard automotive, going to see it as that. The system has the most content, which continent has the most reviews. 3 whoever has the most mobile compliance and whoever has the most the most economical compliance. So it takes a long time to get those reviews and takes a long time to write the contents of that’s a longer-term play. The second leg that you may consider based pointer industry, every industries different, but you might want to look at doing mailers mailers. No one responds to mailers you’re right. 97% of people do not respond to mailers, but 3% of people do so.

What I want to do is, if you know idea, would likely be living that mile. Then that one mile radius the olive in that part of town. You see all of that area. You see if I got a car dealership and I sell luxury cars and all of the people can afford to buy. My car’s live within that 5 to 10 mile area of town. It’s a numbers game right, just mail and mail and mail and mail and mail it. So. You can’t forget my name, then another move that you can use as powerful is that would create a dream. 100 campaign now dream 100 campaign is where you would make sure that you physically go where your top one you go to the top 100 locations that are visited most often from those ideal unlikely buyers, so you’re selling luxury cars, most of the people who live in those nice neighborhood probably go to whole foods right. They probably go to starbucks and so you’d make a consistent marketing effort to make sure that your branding and best business coach marketing is I thought you might put up signs on the road right by the starbucks. If you can, you might do mailers right to the neighborhood right there. You might want to team up with the local yoga business and make sure that your sponsoring the store you might you want to have I and your coach can help you develop a dreamer tragic, but chat homes. The best selling author, the ultimate, sales machine, right about 3% of potential buyers at any given time or buying now 7% of the population is open to the idea of buying remaining 90% fall into one of the one of each of these three categories. The top third are not thinking about it. The next third are i. Think they’re, not interested in the final third, are definitely not interested. Why do you have to be consistent with your market? Why can’t you just market in months to get that 3% to be done? Cuz, you got to be top-of-mind and you’re not going to be top-of-mind in a month. It’s not going to happen. I think on average is a tweak that says 4.7 times as many as to interact with your brand before they make a buying decision check this out. If you read a book called retargeting, playbook you’ll find that the average person has to counter a brand or product actually is solve their problems right.

It’s not just you can’t convince people like you couldn’t convince me ever sign up for yoga, no matter what you did, no matter what your pitch was matter. How motivated you were I would never under any circumstance sign up for yoga and I would also never under any circumstance at all, be interested at all and kissing. My wife somehow convince me to do it. I never want to leave the continental united states ever again, I hate, leaving the united states I’ve, been to roatan I’ve, been to honduras I’ve gone on cruises. Where we gone to you know you go out there to 2i jamaica, to belize, to a brazil, to mexico, to canada I’ve been list places in under no circumstance. No matter what kind of mail are you sending my family i? Do not under any circumstance want to leave the united states in the continental united states that want to go to hawaii i, don’t want to go with you to the philippines I want to just stay on land shop, I’m going to make it a personal goal of mine. Yes, to get you to do yoga on a beach outside the united. What happened? I did hot yoga for 30 seconds. My wife award was talking. She says, I want everyone to do the vinyasa and I said to vanessa get why she whispering your best business coach name. Vanessa was weird, but you want to work on designing your three-legged marketing still watching youtube ads. That could be retard getting ads. That can be launching google adwords that can be launching facebook ads. We have an entire section of the boom book, which is kind of our business coach curriculum devoted to helping you as the entrepreneur learn what systems what systems are out there and what systems are the best for you. But then, once you figure out with your coach what you believe to be the lowest hanging fruit, the top three legs, your marketing stool. You got to lunch, those add lunch with marketing efforts and you got it consistent for 90 days, while tracking the results just about to say that you must track the results that the reason you don’t want to launch with 80 different marking legs. Have you put this on the show notes as actual item for all the listeners? We need to make sure we launch our ads for at least 90 days and it we track the results on a weekly basis. You’ve got to track the results in a weekly basis, or you won’t know. What’s working and what’s not working so important, you track every single inbound lead and you say hey:where do you first hear about is where did you come from? We come back we’ll talk about the execution of systems. Absolutely cannot be done without creating daily checklist for everything they just brought time show on your radio


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