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Tim Scotch of ScotchConstruction.com shares how he was able to triple his sales in just one year as a result of diligently implementing the proven systems, processes and strategies taught by his business coach.

Scotch Construction website: https://scotchconstruction.com/

Dr. Breck Website: https://drbreck.com/

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic! “A true business opportunity is the on that an entrepreneur invents to grow him or herself. Not to work in, but to work on.” – Michael Gerber

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On today’s show, we celebrate the success of a thriver by the name of Tim Scotch and his company to Scotch construction.

I love Scotch. I love Scotch. Scotch, Scotch, Scotch. Whoa.

It’s time poor.

All right. And now we’re calling Tim Scott.

Hello. Okay, we’re back. If you could tell me what is your name and what’s the name of Your Business? Okay. My name is Tim Scott. You my company is Scotch construction incorporated, uh, work custom home builder in new Braunfels, Texas. Cool. And how Tim, how did you first hear about a,

all right, uh, Jason, I want to ask you this question. I’m not going to start by asking Dr Brackets, kind of like, I’ll throw the question to him first and then you just try to one up him. Okay. Okay. So our good friend, Dr Brick, um, we’re celebrating today the, the success of a member of the, the thrive community. Yeah. By the name of Tim Scotch. Um, he works with his business coach clay stairs. I want to ask you this. When did you first reach out to Tim Redmond. And, uh, when did you, did you reach out to him? Did he reach out to you? How did you and Tim Redmond, uh, come in contact? Cause obviously today Tim Redmond is, is your business coach? Correct. How did you guys connect? Uh, we first connected

did, um, about a year and a half ago. And, um, he, he first approached me, um, after seeing our clinic and action.

And when you were reaching, when he reached out to you, did you recognize that your clinic was stock or did you think that that is, was, is as big as it could ever get through? What were your, where was your business at? Where was Dr Rob [inaudible] Dot Com your, your chiropractic business stuck at, at that point?

So, uh, it was very, uh, serendipitous, uh, or fortuitous, if you will. Um, because just at the time that Tim was, uh, had approached me, I had actually been starting my process of looking for a business coach and recognizing the need for one over probably the last, uh, two or three months leading up to that point. And, uh, I had actually met Josh Redmond. Oh yeah. And uh, um, and, and Matt. Yeah. And, uh, so they, they had actually introduced me to Tim and then, you know, like I said, Tim, um, came into the clinic, kind of saw it in action and said, hey, I think what you’re doing is great, but we can take it to the next level. And I said, you know, I’ve been feeling the same way, uh, but there’s something missing and, and I’m not sure how to put my finger on that. And he said, I think I’ve got some answers for you. Let’s meet, have coffee. And the rest is history.

And Jason, you managed some, some wonderful clients. I wanted to see if you could, you could share about what makes your botox clients so coachable, so trainable. So dilligent what allows those wonderful ladies who are based in Tulsa and in Colorado? Yep. Oh, so, so good to work with? Yes, they’re based in Tulsa and Alamosa, Colorado. And I could brag on them just all day. They have a fire, like they legitimately want to grow their company and they will do anything. And everything in order to make sure that they get it up, you know, into orbit as we call it. And then further like they are just go getters. And what’s the name of their company that is a revitalized medical spa? Yeah, there’s one right there on, uh, what is it? A 96th and Riverside. Riverside in Tulsa. Yep. And then the other location, uh, do we know where that one is?

It’s in a Alamosa, Colorado. Okay. And do we know what their website is? Do you know to hand? Yeah. So it’s a revitalized medical spa.com. But right here in Tulsa. Yep. Did they have, do they have a hot no brainer? They do. So, um, with your first visit you get a 12 fillers of botox for free, which would typically cost somebody like $180. So let’s think about this for a second. What’s the name of that company again? Revitalized medical spa. Okay. Revitalize medical medical spas of our listeners. Go out there and go to their website. What’s their website? One more time. It is revitalized medical spa.com. So if our listeners go to that website, they’re going to see a diligent, a client, someone who’s very coachable, who has a no brainer on their website. Yep. Uh, that right there is a sign of a great coaching client when they’re willing to come out with a great offer.

Um, Dr Brick, talk about the no brainer offer that you’re [email protected]. Right. So we have a, our no brainer is that you can come into the clinic for a free consultation exam, extra therapy, and first treatment all at no cost, no obligation. How’s that working? How’s that working for you? It’s working great. How’s that worked for the client? I think they love it. Have you been growing the last year and a half or so? Definitely. How much have you grown as a percentage? Uh, as a percentage? Yeah. Um, well we’re somewhere between 150 to 200%. I mean, we, we’ve almost doubled. Um, some months have been double and then some just under. But yeah, we’re pretty close to double month after month. So before we get back into this testimonial with clay stairs and uh, sharing about the client that he works with Tim Scotch. I just want to encourage everybody out there to think about this for a second in our country.

Jason, can you look up the official United States population right now that we know about? I mean, obviously there’s other people who are here that we don’t maybe document or know about, but what’s the number you can find their boyfriend? Have you found a number? As of 2018 it was 327.2 million people. Okay, so let’s think about that for a second. There’s 327 million people, and of those 327 million, what we know right now is it roughly 10% of our population starts a business. Now, why I’m not going to go with a hard stat on that is because nine out of 10 businesses, according to Forbes fail. So there’s a lot of LLC starting, a lot of them ending, a lot of them opening, a lot of them shutting down. All I’m saying is that if you’re out there and you want to start a business about only about just 10% of the population will actually do it.

Now, according to Forbes, 67% of people want to start a business, but yet only really one at a 10 actually do it. But think about that nine and a 10 of those fail, which means that you only have statistically oh 1% chance of achieving the American dream and having your own successful company. So if you are crazy enough to be in that 10% of people that actually go out there and start a business, if you’re crazy enough, if you’re out there listening today and you’re going, I am crazy. I mean, if you’re the kind of guy who, you know, you’ve thought about huffing glue, you say no, you’ve thought about doing um, uh, w bungee jumping, but you said, no, no, no, not risky enough. If you said, I thought I thought about jumping out of a perfectly, perfectly good plane with a parachute and say, no, not enough adrenaline for me.

If you thought about pumping gas while smoking, but you say no, there’s just not enough adrenaline there. If you have thought about going down the freeway 65 miles an hour in reverse and you thought, no, there’s not enough risk. If you’ve thought about ice fishing on a lake that has barely frozen, if you are that cut, you say, I throw caution to the wind because those things aren’t nearly as risky enough. And I have started a business because I love the risk. If you’re that kind of crazy person, but where you live, where you legitimately have a 1% chance of making it. Dr Breck, why do you need a coach? I mean, if you’re crazy enough to go out there and start a company, why should you at least hire a coach only or, or figuratively wear a parachute? Yeah.

So, uh, one of the things I’ve found is a, that that crazy a aspect doesn’t necessarily run a business. Well. Um, but, uh, yeah, there are a lot of things that I did not know about business that I’m learning. Um, even after a year and a half of coaching, I mean every week I’m learning something new and uh,

can I hit on the pain points that I hear all the time? He sure. Absolutely. I think there’s five main pain points I hear all the time from clients is they go, you know, I don’t know how Google works now. I don’t know how Internet marketing works, really don’t know how to recruit good people. Yes. I don’t know how to sell anything at all. Managing people is impossible and I’m not really sure to be at a stay on top of my account or my taxes just don’t know whole money game. That’s kind of, so let’s get back into our interview. Two are a testimonial from Tim Scotch with Scotch construction as he shares about his journey with his business coach, Mr. Clay stairs. We

were actually contacted by one of Clay’s associates. It was probably a god thing. I wasn’t, I was not in a real good place at the time. And the young lady asked me all the right questions and basically made me realize where I was and then she offered a solution. Um, talk to me a little bit about, uh, the, the leadership initiative, the, the coaching program, uh, that we’ve been involved in. How long have you been going? Is it been like 14, 15 months, something like that? Yeah, something like that. Yeah,

it’s about 15 months I think. Okay. Yeah. So what is, what is the program been like, Kinda go in and give us, uh, give us an overview of you were to do a, a flyover over the last 15 months. What does it been like? It’s been very interesting, very eye opening. Um, the whole thing really kind of centers around our weekly coaching sessions, which are a one hour phone call. Um, we, we’ve been to a couple conferences up in Tulsa. Um, but it, it, it’s, it’s very helpful. I mean, it’s been really, really good for us, uh, medically helping us turn around a little bit. Yeah. What would you say, Tim? I like the word you said there. It’s been eyeopening. What, what can you think of like one, at least one spot that was an eyeopener for you? One more thing that stands out is kind of teaching me to, um, uh, instead of working in my business, working on my business, um, you know, taking myself out of the day to day operations and, and that kind of thing.

All right, we’re back. We’re breaking down. We’re breaking down the success of Tim Scotch and Scott’s construction and the coaching Mr. Clay stairs directly. Breck why do you have to have a weekly meeting with a coach? Why is that helpful? To have a set time coaching the meeting as opposed to a changing time each week? If we were changing times, there’d become a mess in a hurry. I think the consistency is key on so many things, but definitely having that standing appointment keeps it, keeps it happening. Otherwise I don’t think it would happen at all. We probably would have met three times and lost contact all together. I’ll say this, um, with, with our coaching program or our philosophy that is implemented by Tim Redmond, clay stairs and all of our coaches. The idea of the weekly meeting. I would love to, I would love to take credit for it.

I would love to say that was hit my head on the, on the, on the toilet seat. And I had came to me know what happened is I, uh, when I was selling and I was wrapping up Dj connection.com 2007, eight, that kind of thing I was getting, I was moving on exiting the company and clients, we’re reaching out to me for one on one coaching. A lot of people reaching out to me, I mean a lot. And I thought, I don’t know what business coaching is. No one ever said that word. They just said, I need help growing my business. Could you do that? And I thought, okay, I’ll do it. And so they said, how much do you charge? And I said, uh, uh, since I’m independently wealthy I guess, am I, it was my, my thought, nothing. You just nothing there, like nothing.

I’m like, yeah, I’ll go do it. So I’m out there coaching people, helping people in a, it worked. And then another person told another person and another person, all of a sudden it’s working more and more and more. And Vanessa goes, you know, you should probably charge for that because we’ve been the vast majority of your time doing that and thought, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, but I was kind of in the wilderness at that point because I’d had a bunch of success early on and I was done with my baby that I built Dj connection.com. And then one client, um, said to me, they said, you’re a great business coach. And I thought, what is that word? What does that word you’re saying? And they said, business coach, I never heard it that way. Business coach. I thought, okay. So I went online and I started research.

Now this is 2009, me imitate the computers of 2009. You hit hit and you type in business coach can you type it in and you hit enter. And he goes, Eh, and you wait. So I didn’t do a ton of research, but right there I started to find rumors of this man who was the business coach of the business coaches, the the guru, the guy who was the true leader in the field. And his name was Bill Campbell. Now Bill Campbell is now the focus of the book called the trillion dollar business coach. He is, he was the business coach of Steve Jobs, uh, that cofounder of Apple. He was the business coach of, um, Susan. They’re the CEO of Youtube. He was the business coach of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. He was the business coach of Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google. He was the business coach.

I found out that he met his clients, Jason on a weekly basis. And I thought, well, if the best business coach in the world does that, I probably should too. And I started to discover he also had a rule that he didn’t have his phone on and you couldn’t have your phone on during that meeting. And Jason, I thought to myself, well, I should probably do that too. And then I read this book called the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes. And I realized Bill Campbell was coaching people that were big business owners and they had the venture capital in the money needed to get done right. And Chet Holmes was coaching those kinds of businesses too. But I realized the average small business owner, I would tell them what to do and this is how it would go. Guess what? We’ll kind of roll pledges. All right, so, uh, Jason, we’ll need to do this week.

You’ll need to make your website canonically compliant. You’re need to make your website and Mobiley compliant. He’d make a pro forma and you’ll need to shoot an about us video. I’ll see you next week. Boom. And then you would probably say what I was, was any of that English? I don’t, I don’t know what those words, clients wouldn’t know what to do, but this is what would happen. And I remember I was in charge of nothing at this point. They said, could you do it for me? And I go, do you mean they said I don’t have a videographer. And it occurred to me, wait a minute, most businesses in America are small business owners and they don’t have all the resources. And so I thought, here’s what I’m going to do, just this one time, Mr Business coaching client all let you use my videographer in my web developer just this time.

So then they were paying me a flat fee and I took a percentage of my money, almost all of it because I was getting paid zero at first. Uh, but then when I started charging people a flat fee to Brett, crazy deal, I hired the video log refers and the photographers, they were on my team. I had like a team of people in my team would do it for them and pretty soon I realized to do this right. Chasing, I can’t have just one coder. Nope. Why could I not just have one coder and one graphic designer and one photographer and just one cold collar to help you make cold calls and one what? What? Why did I can’t, why can’t I just have one of each? Well, I mean let’s look at it long term. If you’re trying to get 160 clients, that’s a lot for one coder, one videographer. Okay, and what else? Dr. Beck, why didn’t you just can’t have just one?

What do you think is that you also never want to be a

held hostage? Yes, yes. He, this guy’s been a self employed man for a long time. Right away. Got into that, that deep dark negativity called the truth because I’m just telling you, I’ve been there. I haven’t been hired Austin, I’d a videographer who played this game. He said, here’s the deal, when’s it due? And I said, well, I’ll let you meet with the client once a week. So next week. He said, if you want it, if you, if you want to rush, I can go on vacation. But if you want, if you want to put a rush on it, you can charge me. Oh yeah, I can show it. You know, you can pay a little extra. And I’m like, he’s an employee of mine. What you’re saying, if you want. He goes, well, I’ll work through the weekend to get it done, but I’m going to have to charge you.

Just look, you know, just a little extra. I said, how much true story this guy went from making like a thousand a week to $2,500 if I wanted it rushed for the week and he would do this, I don’t know, every week. And so I realized I’ve got to have team, right? So over time, you know, from 2007, eight to start building that team. Now that we have that team, but what’s really cool now is that with a guy like Tim Scotch, we give him homework to do and then we have homework to do. So he has, uh, the coaching, the consulting, the best practices now me as a team to actually help him do it. Dr Brett, can you talk a little bit about the kinds of things that you typically have to do as homework as a business coaching client? Just for the listeners out there that are going, well, this is going to be crazy. I’m going to leave every meeting with just a ton of homework and I’m not going to be able to get anything done. And what’s the point of even hiring someone to help me if I have to do all this work?

We keep a weekly running agenda on a docs APP. Ah, you know, Dr Google. Yeah. Google document. And so, um, you know, any changes, any edits, uh, both of us can see, but honestly there is a more highlighted under, uh, Tim and the team to do than there is on mine. But things for me are things like, uh, you know, get the team, the, uh, email list so we can send out a email reminders for Google reviews or talk to my own team about a phone script or, um, right now we’re, we’re working on a switching over some things from a very archaic

filing system to a modern day digital, uh, you know, practice management system. That sounds like a blast people. And that’s, that’s super fun. Um, but you know, it’s taking those steps. So we break it down into small edible chunks. And then, uh, this week we’re working on this chunk and that’s going to be utilizing that system for the scheduling. The next time it’s going to be for the daily patient notes. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s really not a lot of tasks that a I get put put to each week. There is honestly more out I think on the, the uh, thrive time team. Every I almost every meeting. Now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to, and Jason, by the way, the document we’re working on as the five 19 wins of the week. Gotcha. Tim Scotched success story show notes. Um, every time we do a show, I don’t think the listeners maybe know this because I don’t do a good job talking about it, but every single show we ever do, we transcribe the entirety of the show and we add show notes so that you can prove that you can, that and you can know that what we’re saying is true.

So let’s put a link to Dr Brex website on today’s show so people can check out Dr Breck. Dot. Con, let’s put a link to Scotch constructions and people can go check out Tim Scotches company and verify that he is real. But he talked about this thing called working on the business. Absolutely. I want to get your take about what it means to work on the business. Well, I don’t think that I had a really worked on the business until I got together with Tim. Um, and your team because I was so busy and, and uh, clueless in so many ways, just working in the business, uh, that there were so many things I didn’t even see coming my way, that I was just putting out the fires and what was immediate and urgent but not necessarily what was important. And so there are so many things that, uh, now we get to focus on that are important and creating that time to work on the business instead of in it. Now I want, I want to read it. I went to, I went to read a notable quotable to the listeners here and I’d like for you to really, um, marinade on this. Okay. So I’m going to, I what? Jason, I’m gonna have you read the notable quotable and I’ll provide some incredible echos, some sound effects, and read it. Read it twice the first time. Read it, and I’m going to add up sound effects.

You sound quicker, faster with more alacrity and vivacious does he could possibly handle. Let’s get sound quick. All right. You’re going to read it nice and calm. Gotcha. But I’m going to add the quick affects. The second one will be more of like it’s, it’s that reverb, that echo that it’s going to be, you’ll be, you’ll be surrounded by birds on top of a mountain. Oh, sweet. Okay. We go here. Let’s read the first right just by Michael Gerber, by the way, the best selling author of the myth revisited book where he talks about in that book, working on Your Business, back to you, if your business depends on you, you do not own a business. You have a job and it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic to it’s your business opportunity is the, is the on Uhg is the on that intrepreneur in escrow, him or himself?

Not to work in but to work on gonna. Read that again. Their buddy. Sorry. I just, okay. The good folks at good reads, the notable quotable, a resource might have it in there. They’re like, yeah, but I’m going to read it again and in a way that makes sense for people out there who don’t speak unit. Gotcha. If your business depends on you, you do not own a business, you have a job and it’s the worst job in the world because you are working for a lunatic. A true business opportunity is the on that an entrepreneur invents to grow him or himself. Not to work in, but to work on Michael Gerber, so let’s, let’s try to decode what he,

Michael Gerber’s talking about is you want to work on your business. I want to give the listeners out there an example of me working on my business just this weekend. I noticed that in our, uh, at our workshops, people ask me all the time, what does it mean to build a website that has canonically complaint? Give me the list. Just give me a checklist of all the things that are in your head that make a website friendly to Google. Just give me a list and I thought I’m gonna give you a list over there on my, uh, chair. You’ll notice the SEO for dummies 2000 and I think 14 or 15 edition. Yup. Then on my desk, you’re going to notice SEO 20, 19. Just I would like for you to leave your microphone and to got, get the Seo 2019 book from my desk over here.

And I’d like you just to read some of the things I’ve highlighted in that book because that book is so helpful, but also so terrible because it’s a technical book. It’s like reading, ah, 18 taps for nuclear propulsion. I want to do is get uranium. And how’s it, and I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s, um, maybe not fun to read. Sure. So I’m sure not. I’m gonna have you, uh, let’s give it to doctor bracket doctor. Right. You can read any portion of that. I’ve highlighted any part where I’ve uh, written on it. Just any part in it, you’d read it and then maybe I’ll break down what that means. Okay. But I’m, I’m putting together this weekend a book, a workbook for search engine optimization written so that our clients can understand. It’s all just, just read any excerpt from SEO twin 19. So I just a, I opened the book at random, this is page 56.

Okay. And um, Eh, the first highlight is make your site accessible for all devices. Okay. What that means is your site has to work on tablets and mobile devices on Hester and phones. Computers has to work on all these different tablets, all these different things. And no, really none of our call. I have yet to have a client ever that knows how to do that or how you could even check if your site is compliant. So I’m putting a link in my condensed workbook where you can check to see if it’s Mobiley compliant. Even if you don’t hire us, she can just tell. It’s going to be really cool if you’re out there listening. It’s gonna be really, really cool. Um, and by the way, if you email right now to [email protected] we’ll do a free 37 point assessment on your site and give you a list of what’s wrong with it.

Well, give us another portion of the book that says, because this is stuff where I’m working on the business, you want me to stay there? Turn to any page you want me to you this, this, I’ll tell you what you are reading. Seo 20, 19. Any any part of the book at all? All right. A Beautiful, brilliant and a very helpful book just on believably tough to read. It makes my head explode when I look at it. Okay. Go for it. All right, here’s a, uh, a mark that a, I’m not even sure if I’ll know what I’m reading here. Sure. The function of Meta tags, it’s really quite simple. Meta tags are a bit of code on your site controlling how your site appears in Google. Okay. So Meta coming from the Greek word meaning above. And so if you go to, if anyone goes to a website right now, go to your website.

If you’re listening right now, go to your website and then right click on the website and you can view your Meta description in the Meta description. There are three areas or three areas in your Meta description that Google really cares about. One is your title tag, your title tag is simply tells Google what your website is all about. It would be like telling a Barnes and noble what section of the bookstore your book should be it. Then the description is Kinda like your book title where it tells people. So again, if I wrote a book about how to eat healthy, I would tell Barnes and noble put it in the healthy lifestyle area or put it in the cooking section of the bookstore. That way people know where to find it. And then the description is like the title of the book. And then the key words that’d be like the subtitle of the book that explains a c you might say healthy living is the title of the book and then it would be like the d, The keyword might be, um, 18 practical recipes, but, and again, um, I’m breaking it down.

I’m working on the business, right? And Dr Brick, nobody’s coming to me and saying, please do this. Right. Please, please spit on a weekend reading books and all the books you’ve ever read. I’ve got some seriously not fun books over here about search engine optimization. I’ve gone through nine of them so far and I’ve taken that kind of note to, they’re all being put into this book and that thing’s going to be hot. But Dr Brick, I think it’s working on your business can be hard sometimes. I think without a coach, for some it’s impossible. Well, yeah, I think in a lot of ways you wouldn’t even know where to begin there it is here. Do you know, like I said, I was putting out the fires and I didn’t have a enough of a perch or of you to be able to see what’s going to be coming next and what am I not seeing because I’m just so busy with my head spinning, trying to get through today, Jason on Saturday, what did we do?

What, what time did we meet up on Saturday? What were we doing and who was with us? So Saturday we had all of the newer coaches and senior Jonathan and we met at thrive at 5:00 AM technically four 45 and then from about four 45 to nine 15 nine 30, we just ran through training on properly assigning action items, but also understanding how Google canonical compliance was. Interesting. A lot of our clients have no idea that I do these bootcamps right. And I was working, I worked with you guys a lot on rhetoric, um, because what happens is, or how you communicate because what happens is, um, Jason, let’s do a pop quiz. Here we go. What are the four variables that impact somebodies search engine? That is a great question. First and foremost, thank you for the four variables that affect somebody. Search engine ranking. Am I a good teacher? They are the most original html content. Nice. With the most Google reviews. Yes. The most Google canonical compliance and to the most Google mobile compliance. Yes.

Now again, did you know those things before you started working with us? Two years ago? I did not. And what company did you start working for? Two years ago I started working for elephant in the room. And what was your position you originally hired for? I was hired on to be a manager, but did basically assistant managing call center and then manage it. And then you got promoted to what job? I’m super manager. What does that mean? That means I oversaw the three locations in the corporate quote unquote area and then also stats, emotional managements, all that. And then he got promoted again to do what? To coach. Interesting. So, but he did not know these skills before? I did not. Now he does. I do. Very interesting. Dr Brick. I was looking at the, do you hear what the Uptivity patriots dirty move they just did this year.

You hear about the dirty 30 move on. So good. We’ve got a guy on our team. I’ll pull it up here so you can see this guy. He’s perhaps the most athletic man I’ve ever seen. I’ll pump on my big screen here. His name is Jamie Collins and he uh, and bill Belichick schemed together to come put this play. Watch this play. It’s going to blow your mind. It’s so dirty and so good. Here we go. Watch this move slow. I don’t remember seeing no, watch it again. Let’s do it again here. This is Kimmy Collins real quick as 250 pounds, almost zero body fat with hops like that. 250 pounds. He has over a 40 inch vertical. Some have said he has a 45 inch vertical. It’s like a Puma. I believe he’s listed as having a 41 inch vertical. But some of the players said no, no in a game, homey has even humble loops here.

Watch it again here. This is him. Versus the colts, Jamie Collins and basically the colts are about ready to hike the ball to kick a field goal. Now the rules state, no one was aware of these rules. The rules state. You cannot uh, go past the line of scrimmage before the ball is hiked if you’re on defense. Right? Right. Can you explain what that means for the listeners out there related? They really don’t know football too much. Well, it’s called offsides and so if you’re a defender, you’re not allowed to cross this line that the ball sits on until the ball first moves by the offense. Now anybody who does that, it’s a penalty if you’re Jamie Collins and you have the ability to jump high in the air and hold yourself there. I want to make sure you’re on the cause he did this move multiple times.

Yup. He jumps bill Belichick worked with him on it, but he goes three, two, one. And in the NFL you can, you can have headphones on where it, the coaching staff can communicate with quarterbacks and stuff via headsets. Right. And also linebackers. And so long story short, they’re like three, two, one and go. And so he tells him to go before the ball is hiked. So he runs. And this particular one, it’s a little different style, but he has somewhere he just runs and jumps. Now if you have a man is 250 pounds, right? Who jumps over you and you’re bent over about ready to hike the ball and you see it tutored and 50 pound man flying over you about ready to land on your back. What would you do? Seriously in the moment, if you didn’t know it was coming and you’ll see this guy run and jump over you before you hiked the ball.

And you know it’s your job, not to hike the ball, but in the moment when a guy jumps over you, what are you gonna do? Well, I’m only 195 pounds, so I’m probably gonna crap my pants. This is what bill Belichick found is that there’s three or four different predictable things would happen. One, the guy to panic would think, oh my gosh, maybe I messed up. I shot the ball. Yeah, too. He would move. Right. And if you move before you hiked the ball, then it’s off sides or three you do nothing. And he blocks the crapper that field goal after you hike it. Right. So watch this crazy play

to make it a six point

no other team has up a cal free as free as part of the other rule is you cannot hit the man who’s hiking the ball. Catch the clearing man. I mean if he, if he runs into him then he’s, nobody can jump like that couch right over. He’s like that kid in a candy store. It’s like, he’s like, yeah. It’s like one of those shows, those shopping spree shows where you have all the money in the world and your boss, he’s behind the line of scrimmage and no one can block it and look at it, are going look at the port that the poor, sad man ready to hike the ball. He’s about ready to hiked the ball at it.

He knows [inaudible] for that.

Yeah. Let me tell you about bill Belichick and Jamie Collins. So Jamie Collins, he decides, he kissed the Patriots. Have a set salary cap like every other team, right? They can’t pay any more than a set amount just like any other team. Okay. So Jamie Collins goes up to coach Bellicheck and he says, you know, coach, I need to get paid, you know, cause the average NFL player by the way only plays like three years. Okay. So there’s nothing wrong with that. As we make sure we’re getting this idea. So, and I’ll Jason, I’ll put a link to it on the show notes, but the average player, I want you to look up the average. How long did the average player plays in the NFL and then put a link to read it to us, but put a link to it. It’s like three years. Yeah, I knew it wasn’t very long.

So Jamie Collins is doing great for the Patriots, right? He goes to belt Bill Belichick who works essentially as the general manager. So Bill Bellacheck, people don’t know that. He’s the guy who signed, he’s the guy who recruits said players. He decides all player personnel decisions. He decides who’s going to be on the team and he coaches. Right. Very few other coaches do that, sir. So he says to Jamie Collins, Jim Collins, you want to get paid? He said, Jason, hey cool man. Go to the browns, go to bed, get up, get a big deal. So Jamie Collins got a four year deal, $50 million, and he got 26 million up front. 26 million guaranteed. Right? You know what the catch was with that contract that James Caan signed, what he can get out after one year and come back to the Patriots. So he got paid and they just reassigned dirty move. Oh, they just resign him.

So look, he got all that money. Oh that money from the round home and now he’s back playing for nothing. So look here, Jamie Collins just got signed with the Patriots and it says here Jamie Collins detail. It’s amazing. Anyway, he just resigned. He’s back and they’re not paying them anything. Oh, that’s it. Check it out. Because with those contracts work, it looks like this year the browns will actually have to pay him more than the Patriots do. But he plays for the Patriots. Right. So all I’m saying is built. Belichick is thinking on the business. He’s working on the business. He’s thinking a year ahead. He signing guys, um, that are so much. Um, he’s signing people. I love the Patriots, but I have no idea what he’s doing. All right. And this year we lost a very, very talented, a left tackle who blocks for Tom Brady and we lost them.

I’ll pull them up here. You so you can see this guy we lost on the patriots lost. They can seem as Trent Brown, we serve Patriots Lose Trent Brown. I’m typing it in right now. Yeah. Okay. So the Patriots, we lose Troy Brown, we lose Troy Brown who blocked for Tom Brady last year. Very, very good player. He’s six foot eight, a massive man. And we ended up losing him to go play for another team. And I’m thinking who in the world or the Patriots going to get to fill in for our guy? And it turns out they have this guy named Wynn who they signed last year who they were developing and now he’s going to take the spot of the guy they just lost. Right? He’s met a man. That’s what it means to work on your business. Not Just coaching the game, but to think about the games next year, right. Dot.

Direct. Why do you have to think about your staff and it ahead of the game? Well, why can’t you just coach them, the staff you have now? Why do you have to always be recruiting? Why can’t you ever stop recruiting as a chiropractor? Well, I mean, if you don’t want your business to grow, then I get stopped thinking about it. But yeah, if you, uh, are completely content and you don’t want to go anywhere with your business, then stopped working on it. But if you’re growing and you’ve got goals that you want to meet, then you’ve got to continue to push the gas and you’ve gotta you gotta keep working on things and improve processes and systems and, and uh, yeah, keep things moving forward. They’d so important. Edge. I don’t think that the listeners out there have a full appreciation. I don’t think I do good enough of a job of explaining the parallels between coaching the Patriots in coaching your own team, but they lost a lot of players that play.

They lost a lot. Jason, can you find a list of the players? The Patriots lost this year to free agency? Yeah, I definitely will. And then while I’m doing that, yeah. Do you want that stat? I do want that stat. Yeah. All right, so according to the NFL players association, the average career length is about 3.3 years. The NFL claims that the average career is about six years for players who make a clubs opening day roster in their rookie season players with at least one pro ball appearance, you usually have the longest career of all NFL players. Okay. Now this is, it’s, it’s, it’s big. It’s a big idea, but if you’re out there, you have to work on your business. Recruiting is one of those areas. Another area is being proactive about your search engine optimization. Another area is up being proactive about recording your calls, training your team. Another area is being proactive about your accounting. Being reactive or proactive. Reactive means just surviving and proactive means thriving. It’s not any further ado, back to the interview here with Mr Tim Scott about the growth of his company, Scotch construction as a direct result of the business coaching from Mr. Clay stairs.

Talk to me a little bit about, I know you and I just over the last handful of months, there’ve been some, um, uh, we’ll, we’ll say over the last six months, what would you, what would you say are some real practical things that you have done over the last six months that now are showing some great, uh, return on investment

when your company? Definitely our marketing plan. I mean, we, we now have one and um, we, uh, you know, before we join, do clay, we, you know, our company was kind of, we’re kind of floundering in the, uh, in the, uh, basically a nine years startup cycle. We hadn’t made that leap to the next level. Yeah. And we didn’t, we just didn’t have to have tools in place. Now we do, but uh, we’re um, yeah, we’re, we’re, we have a marketing plan. We’re, we’re um, we’ve got several jobs going now. We’re four. We had peaks and valleys always kind of wondering where the next job’s coming from. And now we’re, uh, you know, we’ve got, uh, we’ve got several jobs going now. We’ve got a backlog of jobs, got a pipeline, we got jobs coming up. We got jobs were bidding in the future. So we’re not wondering where the next job’s coming in for an hour wondering how we’re going to do.

Yeah. And are your, are your revenues up uh, over last year? Yes. Yes. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. How, how much are they up? Are they up like a hundred bucks, a couple hundred bucks or they up there? How would you, how would you explain to somebody how much they’re up?

We’re probably looking right now. There are sales being true

[inaudible] our sales being truthful,

triple, triple, triple, triple, triple. I love the way she gets it. Then we should be about shape with a digit growth triple. We could have pulled my son over there. They say, your sales have tripled.


so good. It’s almost sexual. I don’t know that a lot of people view business the way that I do hang out. They’re like, oh my, my job is just something I, I have. It’s not something that I really get passionate about it. I really do like the cowboys. I’m really excited about the browns. I love the Patriots, but I would never actually get excited about my own business. And that right there is another part about coaching. Jason. I celebrate. We celebrate business growth in an unhealthy borderline, a psychosexual way. We love, we love business growth. I mean, we really do want to talk about it every morning. That’s the first thing we tackle is we’re super excited to shout out, hey, which one of our clients are winning or growing or the second somebody mentions there’s, I mean, we freak out, so let’s, let’s it, let’s go back to the Patriots, which again, for people out there that aren’t familiar with, why I love the Patriots so much.

One, I’m not from New England too. I only like bill Belicheck three. I don’t care what players on the team for. It’s very similar to running a business. And so tell us about the coaches. Who left the team this year? What, what? After they win the Superbowl, the tradition is to celebrate and then to go get another job. Right. So tell me what players left the Patriots this year. So players, we’ve got wide receiver, Chris Hogan or starting wide receiver by the way. Oh really? Yes. We lost him and then a tail end. Rob Gronkowski retied tied in. Oh the best tight end in football. Yeah. Left the team. Okay. You had me reading football stats. I don’t know anything about it. It’s okay. It’s okay. I do know Gronk though. Okay, keep, keep, keep it. You not going to have three of your positions? You can just read their name.

Lay Adrian wattle. Okay, got it. Malcolm Brown, big, big, big, big losses here. Keep going. Eric Rowe. Yep. Keep going. Uh, Quarter Rail Patterson. Now Cordell Patterson was the one, the fastest people in the, in the NFL. He played with us with us for one year. Awesome player receiver who also played running back quite a bit for us last year. Yup. And keep going. Trey flowers. Very, very good player. Who left our team to go play for a guy he used to play for him because his head coach Matt Patricia that had coach to the lions used to be a coach on the Patriots and he left to go coach the lines and so he reached out to Trey flowers and Trey followed him. And who else left? Uh, Trent Brown. Now what coaches left that would be Brian Flores. Yep. He left to become a head coach. Chad O’shea. Yup. Jerry Shapinsky. Here’s what I’m saying is we lost a lot of coaches and players.

Yeah. But every year homie reloads. Yup. And what he’s doing, people don’t know he’s doing this. He’s training up the next level. So this guy win who will now w y n and he will now be playing. There’s a starter this year and last year no one knew who he was, but there coaching them up. Right. Dark brick. Why can’t you ever stop coaching up that next level? That next layer of, of reinforcements. Well, because at some point somebody is going to tap out, whether it’s a, you know, an issue in the office here in your business or I mean things just have a longevity, um, in cycles of life. And so, you know, and you may go 10 years and it’s just, you know, it’s time for them to move on. They may have a family situation, a job change for their spouse that takes them elsewhere.

Um, I mean, there’s any number of variables that can come and you want to be prepared for all of them. And so you’ve always gotta be coaching and training and bringing up that next generation. I mean, in our office, uh, I employ a lot of ladies and so we’ve had women leave for retirement. We’ve had a, a lady leave, uh, to have a little bit, a little bit earlier than retirement, but her daughter had a baby. Uh, we had another one who left because she had a baby. She came back for a short period. But just a quick disclaimer, everybody out there who’s already thinking, I know what you thrive nation. Listen, I know what you’re thinking of. You’re thinking there’s a friend of mine right now who would be offended by this idea. Listen, I have hired a lot of women throughout the years and the reality is I’ve yet to have a man go, boss.

Can we talk? Yeah, sure. What’s going on in there, Craig? I want to leave because I have, I’m having a baby. I’m like, you’re having a baby. I’m having a debate. I have had a lot of women do that though. So women tend to leave the workforce and come back to the workforce more often than men. You just can’t ever stop recruiting. Now, is it shocking to you, Jason, that this man, Mr Tim Scotch has grown his company by three times that he’s increased his sales by 300% in one year? Is it shocking? Um, no. Only because I know the coaching path and if you’re a diligent to her, like you can get so much done. I’m proud of him that he’s grown that much in a year. Like that’s insane. Let’s get back. Let’s get back to the good job. Tim. Scott, Joe, let’s, let’s, let’s get back to our scotch to Scotch. Scotch, Scotch, Scotch.

I liked the way you said your marketing plan, that you have two or three or four things that you can think of right off the top of your head that are a part of this marketing plan that you’re saying,

oh, um,

Google reviews. There we go. Oh, you love me with the Google reviews, Huh?

No. Yeah, yeah. No, it’s, uh, it’s, that’s part of it. Uh, your, your Internet, your, um, your website. Uh, I guess, um, you’re, you’re in presence with the Google reviews and, and, um, I guess the, uh, the SEOs and getting out on the front page and, and all that. Um, you know, we’ve developed, you know, marketing, uh, um, uh, brochures and things like that, you know, things, the handout and yarn, what have you. So I’m just, uh, different, different, it’s multifaceted. I think there’s different, um, different legs and I’m not thinking of right now. I can’t.

Cool. Those are some great examples there. And I, and probably, uh, you know, another question here is, Tim, do you feel, uh, and this is kind of a, a qualitative answer here, but do you feel like your life is, is better this year at this point then when we first started? You’re just your life and your family and your marriage and all that kind of stuff. You feel like your life is improving or at least on a path to improving now?

Uh, definitely. I feel like, um, you know, I’m currently experiencing a better, um, the lifestyle. Um, I’ve got a little bit more time to be with my family. I can do things that they usually, um, you know, let’s put it this way. Some of my kids’ friends never realized I was alive. I thought that dad was dead.

My kids definitely did. Oh, so I didn’t know you had a dad. I thought he was dead. Oh my goodness. But now they know you, Huh? Yeah. Now they know me yet. Who’s that man? Oh, that’s wild. That is wild. Well, fantastic. Well, Hey, just last question here. How would you, um, uh, how would you recommend, uh, to a, a person that is considering, uh, getting, getting to become a part of our coaching program? What words would you say to somebody that is thinking about doing that?

Just take a leap of faith. It will help you tremendously. You will never regret it. It’s a, um, for me it was the right thing to do at the right time. Um, it’s just this turned my life around his turn, my company around. Um, it’s helping just tremendously with, with every, every facet of both. You know, we, you know, I’ve got more time and more energy and more patients for my family and then, um, you know, I’ve learned, one of the things I’ve learned is that, you know, I need to get out of the way and let the company run itself. And that’s Kinda where we’re at with, with Clay’s processes and, um, everything that we do, we’re trying to do things that are systematic that it repeat themselves and then something that eventually we can hand off to others so that it’s the way to go. Fantastical. Tim, you had been

real joy to work with. And a, it’s so fun to see the fruit of your labor and a, again, because this is, this has been, you’re, you’re doing the stuff and it’s so fun to see the fruit of your labor. So. Well, thank you very much Tim, for taking a bit of time, uh, to do this. I sure appreciate it. All right man. All right. Thank you clay. Yup. Have a great day and a wonderful week.

Yes. If you are out there today, out there today, let, let me, let me, let me, let me just give him a few action steps. They should definitely take the pylon. Sure. One, if you live in the Tulsa area and you’re having a problem with your back, sir, you’re have a little soreness, allergies, what are all the, what are all the things you can treat over there? Doctor, Breck doc there, yes.

So many things. Um, it really starts at the top of your head and works all the way down to your toes. So, I mean, if you have a foot pain, ankle pain, um, you know, so plantar fasciitis and those types of things, psychiatric issues, uh, problems in the lower back, problems in, uh, your mid and upper back, stress, headaches. Um, the list goes on and on. I mean, carpal tunnel issues, elbows, shoulders, Sacroiliac, sacroiliac. Yes, that’s a big thing that we work with. But I mean, even if you’re just not feeling your best self, um, you know, you could have some things as far as just some organ function that’s just not optimized. And so, uh, there’s really not anything we can help with.

And, and, and again, if you want to kind of test out doctor bracket, you live in the Tulsa area. If you don’t, I know most of our listeners don’t live in Tulsa, but if you live in the Tulsa area, I’m just going to doctor breck.com. That’s D R B r e C k.com. D R B R e C k.com. Go over there and rock the Breck has bomb. Check them out there to doctor breck.com. Your first exam is a dollar. No, no, no. It’s free. It’s free. Your first exam is free. The first Xray is free. The first adjustment, it’s free. Go for free. And if you’re out there today and you say, you know what, I uh, I need some help with my business. Well here’s the offer we have for you. All you gotta do is leave us an objective review on iTunes.

Tell the good folks out there what you’re learning on the program, or leave us an objective review on a Google and a. Again, just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Leave us a review or you can just go to Google map and leave a review. And then what you can do is you can screenshot that and send that over to, you. Can email that over to info at thrive time, show.com that’s info at thrive time, show.com and then we will give you a free conference ticket. And the only costs that you have to pay is $37 to cover the food and the workbook for both days. So you’re, instead of paying $250 for a ticket, you’re paying $37 you can get that today simply by going to leave us a review on iTunes or on our Google map. I just do a search for thrive time show and the word jinx, thrive time show and the word jinx. And you can find our Google map or you can search for thrive time show on iTunes and you can find us there. And we do like Linda, we like, we do like to an end, we like to lend you some help. But we do like to end every show with a three, two and one. So now let me further, I do three, two, one. Oh

do you seriously want to grow your,

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