8 Effective Guardrail Business Systems

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Why does UPS using a tracking system that customers can see? Why does Target have cameras and screen that allow customers to see themselves when checking out? Learn the 8 effective guardrail systems that will keep any business on track.

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  1. Creating Guardrails
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Selfie cameras at checkout to keep people from stealing
      1. This creates cognitive dissonance
        1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Cognitive Dissonance – Is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.
    2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Mystery shop your own business to make sure people are following the systems
    3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate.
      1. https://www.inc.com/jt-odonnell/staggering-85-of-job-applicants-lying-on-resumes-.html
    4. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
      1. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/employee-theft-are-you-blind-to-it/


  • 8 Examples of Effective Guardrail Business Systems
  • Systems that provide transparency within your organization.
  • Dashboards that show the daily activity and results of each employee.
  • Checklists.
  • Fixed Expense and Variable Expense Budgets.
  • Scorecards and Scoreboards
  • Standardized and Compliant Contracts
  • Official Policies and Procedures
  • Automated Backups



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Audio Transcription

Claim your top business podcasts tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com text to drivetime show on your radio we’re talking about installing guardrails guard rails for your business time, freedom and financial freedom for your business. You’ve got to create guardrails because andrew business team climbs up mount awesome. It’s very important that nobody on your team falls off the side of the mountain on the way to the top to prevent your team from falling off the mountain to there certain death trip. If you fall off a mountain, a lot of times you build i, almost certainly you must develop systems called top business podcasts guardrails guard rails are created to keep anyone. Member of your team from ever being able to take a massively bad mistake in the wrong direction to really I guess. You could take a mistake in the right direction, but it would be less likely. Is it to keep it about your team for making a massive, costly mistake due to negligence?

Idiocy in the oc, carelessness and just plain jackassery, a very practical example of a guardrail would be making sure members of your sales team responsible for both calculating and paying themselves commission. This would not be a good team. Turning in their commission to you why I have some mystery shoppers for the elephant them right. Now we have eight men who get their haircut in the room and do you know how they get bonuses by reporting back what they experienced? They had anything bad if they catch somebody not following our system. They get money, they walk into the front door and they’re, not greeted within a certain number of seconds. They tell me I actually give them a cash bonus itching if they find that no one return their top business podcasts call and they called to schedule a haircut then I give the money, and so I have a guard rail in place, because one parties motivated by either greed commission money. That is wrong with wanting money but they’re motivated to report bad things and the other party, either as result of laziness, whatever they’re motivated to not want to do a good job, and that’s why we built such a great team cuz. The people that work there are the ones who discovered upon further review, are doing a great job and then, who discovered doing a bad job have been fired.

In order to do that, we had to set up the guardrail called members of the stores, this stores logo with a red on it and been there been there. Have you seen the video monitor. Walmart has not seen this network chef. What the what what it looks like when you go through the self-checkout area. Now you see your face and live action. Is the ones I’ve seen so you like looking at yourself as you’re deciding if you’re going to stick what happens? Is it creates a cognitive dissonance? I want to understand what cognitive dissonance dissonance is. Cognitive dissonance is, where you’re doing something that doesn’t align with your values. So I’m going to give you examples very sad and very true, probably some kind of dark and then maybe I can lift it up a little bit like a top business podcasts rollercoaster. We had somebody about 2 years ago that I know who would do cocaine in our women’s bathroom one time before we forward the issue. When you go in the bathroom and your client and in you go in there and you you get out the white stuff, you snort it dust when you come out and I hate everybody what’s going on it’s, but when people say my top business podcasts daughter who at the time was like 12, it’s like there’s like white stuff in her nose and i, don’t know if she just was like when you walk in on somebody doing that:hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I’m, wrapping presents and here’s another example. When you see an employee on your team minimize their screen. Oh my gosh, that’s! So what you do is you set up guard rails called the camera.

Target is found that most people don’t like to experience the feeling of dissonance, which is where your values don’t align with what you’re saying so don’t push back against video cameras if they’re on ethical people don’t mind it so to decrease petty theft, which is a huge problem for retail. They put the screens up and it’s proving to decrease theft because they have a facial recognition. Software which can now scan facebook and find who you are. Are you kidding? No? No, no! No! No so I went to dick’s sports the other day. Just all I wanted to dick’s sports to buy since probably 4 months ago, to buy some fitness equipment. I go in there and the manager says:well:hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey like that! Like that, let me at least talking to me about checking out with these top business podcasts. You know just buying my stuff, you, but they have a system that recognizes her facebook, so they know who she is cuz she’s in the system, so they now know who she is and they know her biz and that’s what’s going on. So what happens is in the world of business? Think about the world of aircraft tail less planes are blowing up as result of terrorist activities. You notice that chip seems to me it’s because, even though tsa sometimes I I stay up late at night, going, where are they fighting with great personalities, they’re fighting the truth, comedians there I’m fabulously fun people to work is tsa workers, but they have some great technology that, in spite of an apathetic employee who might not be super interested in screening, they’re catching would be terrorists before they blow up.

Something in this is a result of having great technology. What happened? Isn’t your business small businesses for some reason they Say:i’m, a small business owner in my company, proudly uses american express business coach. Do you accept american express as form of payment? Yes, we do american express to about a top business podcasts question. Yes, I have actually yeah. Oh yeah, super target business owners for some reason refuse to implement some of the basic really easy to implement obvious technology, because my sister doesn’t want to be recorded at work and all my heart, my high epic sister, by holier-than-thou brother who’s. Doing the sales call doesn’t want to cause to be recorded, and so what you do is, if you run your business, that way you stay small and so what in from the trenches, we have the renowned business, coach, eric, chop and business coach play stairs here in this is what I would like for you guys to tee off on this, and that still hear the ball. The ball says tell me a story about where a client of yours in the past, before they’ve, been coach to success, refused to setup, call, recording or video recording and then had an epiphany wants to call recording began all star with you. Yes, definitely the head, just like last month, talking with one of my clients about this very significant thing. You’re talking about right, now., he, had put in a top business podcasts system before. We had gone through. Some resistance, like he’s gone through resistant i, have never done that before i. Don’t think it’s really necessary I just don’t know if I need to do that and finally, after a couple weeks of push couple weeks of holding them accountable, finally did work the system and the very thing that he was struggling with, that he was saying clay i, just don’t think this works i, don’t think it works.

He discovered it’s the person when he actually recorded the phone calls he found out that they aren’t saying what they were supposed to play. You can’t do that to me that it wasn’t the script that was the problem. It was that we weren’t using this job I just feel like I play video recorder, cuz like it. Sometimes it’s not as a female i. Just don’t want my body being on the camera. That seems so weird I got a good example. Speaking of that, we had a client that was kind of didn’t know about putting top business podcasts cameras up in his facility and then come to find out as soon as he did. There was a female employee that was rendezvous, hang with male clients in hidden spaces, truly it home yeah. That was a good upsell for the services like hey, you want to upsell I would have it up. Serbia your watch, the movie ghost ship. It’s like hey, pay a certain amount of money to for your service here. But if you want to reenact the movie ghost with my body parts, we can make clay pots together for a little bit I’m. Just this is so,. This is actually it’s weird. It’s uncommon! If it’s not happening in the right example, I worked with a shady story years ago. Did commercial real estate commercial, real estate? This is the estate of commercial and they say I’m going to go, show a space space, and you know this is a coaching client.

You notice it like gosh. This person is gone for. Huge amounts of time is coaching client right and you find out. Lo and behold that was the rendezvous point. You know any of these space rendezvous in these are things where they doing haley would never happen in my company. Never know you wouldn’t study about other people’s companies and other companies other than yours have reported 75% of people according to the us chamber of commerce steal from the workplace, you might say I just left of center, and you know where is much crap they’re working with obama and i. Don’t trust him and see:okay, cool! Let’s, let’s go guys is showing that 85% of people are lying on their resume. The top business podcasts guard rails and all the sudden darkness cannot be present with his light. So the employee, all of a sudden who was kind of going to maybe be shady they’re, not anymore. Some example of a person I used to be kind of shady click lock and my boss used to say team huddles in the electronics department, at like 6 or 7 of assisi somebody’s been like over there at the total area of the concessions. Are they smashing those soft pretzels I mean seriously I bet you that somebody’s eating, like 8 in the last shift, I’m going? That’s a big number and he’s going to pretzels. Do you know who am i? Do not know I’m not aware of a sudden I realized it to me. So what I did is that a duck down so I knew there wasn’t camera there I ducked down my backpack I go home with, like 40 hold, probably 20 something I’d load, those up before wrapping up my top business podcasts shift and I would just put them in my bag and I would just crush those babies, pretzels and then the new boss comes in. There tear difference of problems with some theft, clay and i. Want you guys to know if we’ve got it, I will put in a camera system and if you work in the department, I insist moving forward that you actually work in the departments of your electronics. It would not make sense for you to ever go to a different apartment via foot or any other means and so moving forward. If you would like a pretzel, what you get, one per shift I’ll be happy to bring you one, but you’re not allowed to leave your surface area where you’re, working and I thought well.

This is going to cut down on my parents. Are all the sudden I stopped because of the transparency so you’re, aware of the transparent company that does transparent? Come it’s going to actually do what they say, they’re going to do to eliminate the bugs. If you have a pest problem, it’s no fun to actually do what they say:they’re going to do, work with platinum pest platinum, lawn and pest. These guys are willing to give you an experience. You can try it before you buy it. So to speak. It’s a dollar for your first treatment chapters, $2 for your first truck termite treatment. You can call these guys at 918-376-0857 or check them out at platinum. Pest & lawn. Com 918-376-0857 want to attend the legendary top busienss podcasts thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. You shouldn’t welcome back to the epic conversation. We will talk to you about how to grow a business from super small to not.

So if you want to grow an epic business go to the show.Com we doing every single show is we teach you practical moves that you can use to make your business big business scale and I’m going to now walk you through the 8th guard rails that you can. You can put these in your company when you do it all of a sudden, dd jackassery, the I did my best. Culture goes away with a I got it done and go through. The I did my best is pushed out, but I got it done d the I did my best and i. Will a dollar short a day late didn’t get it done? The deadline misters gets replaced with a diligent dewar’s who do what they say, they’re going to do with chip. It turns out. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do either customer harper happy. The cool thing is:if you follow what we teach in the system that we teach at the drive time show at the conference to our client. Is that if you have a top business podcasts group interview going, they literally will push those people out, they will rise to the top and you’ll be able to replace a bonfire and being able to fire somebody in your business and not freak out about it. It’s a wonderful place to be in, like eight examples of effective, guardrail, business systems. Now the light for you to do is a chopper or clay stairs as I go through these. Maybe so, maybe think of a couple you want to comment on for second time here today.

So just number one. If you want to create a system of transparency that shows progress of things are the best example I can think of. Is the ups tracking system. It shows where the package was touched last in who it was touched by and where it is in route, and you might think that ups created the tracking system for the customer, but they did not. They created the ups tracking system to keep the employees accountable, cuz. It shows who had the package last and when they last touched it. Another example is a dashboard in a dashboard is where you create a system in place, then, when somebody fails to hit the numbers, it’s obvious because track on a daily dashboard, everyone can see. The third is a top business podcasts checklist. It signed off by two people. One person says they did a job. The next person has to sign up, for they did the job and the person who has to approve that it happened. The person has to who has to be a witness to have it. The person who has to testify that I got done should be incentivised to catch brought like every time they catch somebody stealing. They should make a bonus. Fourth move. You would want to have a budget that documents are fixed and variable expenses that you see everyday. You contractors out there put it on a big screen and make it on on a wall in your office and write actually look at it.

Every single day, I’ve seen business owners change their life by literally putting their father budget on a big screen where they see their real time spending. All the time gets so focused on money in, but when you’re not paying attention that money out, it will believe your business drive scorecards, whatever you watch a competitive sporting event, they show the score and they show what your team has scored versus. Their team has scored in your nable to know the score on that one epic photography whenever I very first got to work with you, clay, o’brien sales calls for the photography and up on the wall where the whiteboard, with our total weekly revenue 30, total sales. We had 30,000 right one and it was broken down 10 a piece for the three call reps, and so we were all tracking weekly everyday update. The scoreboard. How close are you to $10,000 I ever was excited for anybody if they didn’t hit 30,000 of sales or 21,000 of sales for the week and I love? How much have you betrayed me and killed my trust so far? Today., it’s thursday harbin quit sucking my soul baby even get to 31 I’m like a way to fall into the top busienss podcasts endzone anyway, so you got to have a scoreboard. Next move is standardized and compliant contracts. Contractors, my wife, is the best with this, because it eliminates misunderstanding and intentional misgivings. Some people will intentionally try to hurt you. Nefariousness and a contract hold people accountable, and it shows with the consequences, are in writing to that behavior.

That’s like a employee handbook, kind of a thing 7 having official policies and procedures like this is how we do it. This is how we process is how we deal with things having your processes document. It is absolutely powerful things and the final move that will increase efficiency as a way to a guardrail for your businesses. Have automated backups were all your files are automated every single day, and once you have these guardrails in place, you cannot run around the great confidence knowing that you’re never going to go bankrupt and ever going to wake up with a big theft occurring, you’re, never going to be just totally screwed out of nowhere. In fact, you can see yourself being kind of slightly screwed up those guard rails. We talked about. Is there one in particular that you thought man this one is really move mountains. For my coaching clients, the first one that you were talking about their top business podcasts clay recap this from page from the start here book. If you go to page number, 77 provide transparency within your organization like the ups tracking number, that’s actually a power up with my employees. We actually have on our to-do list. It is a shared document, so we can all see what everyone is doing. But what I like to do is I want my employees to actually turn red the things they get done while they get it done, while they get it done so I can be at the beach and I can see.

Work getting done at my company. I’ve actually use this before clay, while I was working with another client in real time we were watching one of my employees check stuff out and the client that I had looked at that one. That’s incredible contractors here, if you are a home builder, put those freaking cameras in the homes as your building there till subcontractors are not showing up on time. I’m, not putting the materials in that they’re supposed to be doing there. Smoking and drinking on the project. You’ve got to get those top business podcasts cameras up. One way to show transparency is actually do an x-ray of the human body and then to show your spine on an actual print out. I mean that’s. One way to show is your spine in line yes or no I mean what’s transfer, they look at it and what, if you are saying cash, my back hurts all the time. My upper back. It hurts shoulders. My lower back hurts my sacroiliac is out of whack chuck.

My alert on my allergies are killing me. My neck is a pain in the neck right. If you find yourself-and you say you know what I got to do-i have got to get to a place where I don’t hurt all the time. I would highly recommend for you. The guy who’s been the chiropractor personal chiropractic of wayne gretzky hall of fame of hockey. Great the best argue with the best hockey player of all time has used my man, dr. John, sibley chuck. Did you know that the you know the sibley before last top business podcasts weekend worked with wayne gretzky when he told us that it was like? Why are you when I get out of the man cave treated, you pretty well, wayne gretzky wayne gretzky. So if it when gretzky were the best athletes of all-time in a contact, sport chooses to use dr. John sibley. Perhaps you should use dr. John sibley chuck. What’s his phone number, what does what does? t’s phone number is 918-749-5741 again 918-749-5741. You call him today is actually going to do your first chiropractic assessment and x-ray for free at the area that you’re hurting so get ahold of him. If you, next 5 minutes I’ll give you a free copy of my book. Thrive call


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