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If you are needing understand how to get reviews and why it is important to do so then tune in to this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark explains how and why you need to get Google reviews.

What methods or moves have you found to be pivotal in gathering reviews? Ways that aren’t awkward?

  1. Remember – owning a business is awkward.
    1. If you are worried about being awkward the go get a job.
  2. Ask your clients that are happy to review you.
  3. Why should you keep getting reviews
    1. To show google that you are real
    2. To balance out any upset client that posts negatively
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Audio Transcription

Attend the world’s best business coach workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime, show.Com, all rights, probation, welcome back to the podcast download, eric church. We have harley liechtenstein hello guests on the show today, so you can ask any question that you have in your in your cranium and so what is your next question here by digging into my cranium right now and I said? No one has to deal with reviews, and so is to part of here what methods are moves? Have you found to be pivotal and gathering reviews? You know ways that aren’t awkward for business owner of dystonia business is awkward and I wanna make sure you everyone gets. This chris is a bigger idea if you’re worried about not being awkward you’re going to lose. So if you’re worried about being awkward, you need to not on your own business. If that’s your number one concern go, get a job, cuz it a job, it’s all about being politically correct and not making you feel awkward, that’s the whole goal or go work at a college. Everyone cares about not being awkward, everyone gets, everyone wants to go along to get along, and but if you want on a business, your entire existence is awkward. So i, don’t i, don’t agree with question, but let’s just say that you wanted to get reviews.

If that’s the goal, you would walk up to your sincere clients are real clients so jump. This is how I would do it all right. So let’s say that I owned a restaurant ihop one, a sushi restaurant get over 500 reviews yeah just a couple months from your clients in this was this is how you do it. Your waiter walks up to you and says:hey eric. Are you enjoying the meal? Yeah? That’s pretty good, and have you been here before this is my first time to get real feedback from your client. If you would leave us a objective, google review, it would mean the absolute world to me. It would just be like:could you do that if you could it would just my bad? My boss is obsessed with reviews and i. Just would love love to see you. Let me hear feedback. How do I do that? What you do is your just suit to the do:a search, real, quick, the name of our company plus the word tulsa, and no and no google it. So they would google, like you know, in the raw tulsa or in this case sushi fork tulsa. And then, if you could write us an objective business coach review, it would absolutely mean mean the world to us. It would just be huge, but it’s requires actually asking requires to you want to make sure that the one of the important part you said was the happy clients that people that are currently happy with you right here. Right, I find a tree with I had a weapon, I would burn this house down. I know what I’m going to do to show my displeasure I’m going to urinate right now right Here:i’m, not i, really don’t want to, and then you wouldn’t have to know before you do that. Would you want to write a review absolutely with urine in the snow in the snow I’ll give me some smoke or I’ll write, 1, * yeah. You wouldn’t want to do that. You know okay, because there are clients who we worked of the earth map and tell me if I’m wrong on this. They will delegate the idea of getting reviews to an hourly employee who doesn’t care, but things are asking people that are irritated.

The best reviewed get her I’ve ever seen is colaw fitness, charles, colaw and oxi fresh fresh 9000 reviews her and 28000. If you google carpet, cleaning quotes I think we have 127 or 129 some of that today. It’s just a massive number of business coach reviews. So that’s how you do harley is it? Does that make sense to you? It sure does and I’ll continue on with another part of these review section now many clients when I shadowed your coaching meetings and stuff, like that, only told to keep getting reviews, no matter what even if they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of reviews. Why is it so important to do this, even when they have all these reviews? These are great questions. Google was created by you know. What does the word phone is actually been banned from the man cave so I hear the correct myself reviews is that works as, but you understand this and it becomes part of your core dna. As you get this forever. Google was designed by larry and sergey. They were jewish immigrants, okay and they are hard-working people and they built google to be a tool that could be used by anybody to win. They didn’t ever want it to be a comfort inn bee control by big corporations. They wanted the google search results to always provide the most relevant search results and they wanted small business owners to be able to win. They wanted stuff like the, pioneer woman to happen. I mean here’s a lady at a bosc oklahoma right who knows a multimillion-dollar empire that she built out of her house. They want those kinds of stories to happen. They want companies like warby parker, to show up out of nowhere and become massive if they wanted those stories they wanted. The small folks to win, unlike the other pages, are billboards where the big player to go in there and just by their way to the top. So they build everything into the sea temp to keep out scammers cheaters hackers was so. If you had a business that will go back and let’s say you are a sushi restaurant and you had no reviews at all and then all the sudden, you had 500 reviews and then you never got to review again.

Would it be likely chap that you are are in fact a scam, wait a minute because who’s going to go out and get 500 reviews from their clients, and then it’s just not a thing anymore. More likely that you would have a consistent amount of reviews at a consistent business coach time. Reviews on facebook or you can get reviews on you-can get reviews on google, so I’m going to go here, I’m going to pull up the elephant the room and we get reviews i, don’t want to make up a number of all i, don’t want to say certain number we get per day. Cuz i, don’t know that number per day. All I know is that we consistently gather reviews. I click on reviews, all sean there. Sean is very displeased sorry about that. Show me about this guy sean is it he’s been displeased for like 3 years in a row, and he just consistently shows up and I’ll give you my love. I love, I love. This is most recent. We have a bunch of reviews here, so you can see they’re coming in all the time, always getting reviews and because we’re never done getting reviews. It just makes it where a google says you guys must be real right because you’re consistently getting reviews be.

If you were consumer-and you see the last review was written 3 years ago, would you trust it to get review going to be getting all the time during our reviews reviews the other thing is you’re, definitely going to have one client to client i, don’t know, as you scale and have multiple times, you can have a few they’re upset and if you don’t continually get reviews who’s going to be the only ones that show up right. So don’t want that. That’s not what you want! You have to keep getting reviews for ever. You also have to always you always. You always have to eat food. Every day, I mean you have to eat. Something I will make sure all the way out there visit you. If you don’t consume calories, you’ll die and you have to breathe to you not to breathe, don’t don’t take a day off from business coach breathing, don’t take a day off from eating it don’t take a day off from this. Is this is getting water last a couple days, but also get the radios forever and you never ever stop forever harley. Does that answer the question for you, it sure does. Is there any other questions about reviews, I think I covered all the reviews to okay well in this podcast with a three and a two and a one so chat with any further due to


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