America’s Got Talent Phenom Oz Pearlman Reads Clay’s Mind and Shares About His Journey to Success

Show Notes

Pronounced (OZE Pearlman)

Started at 13

14 walked to a restaurant getting $25 per hour to do a gig as a magician

Awesome sales pitch, 1 night for free

America’s Got Talent performance

OZ Knows was on NBC this summer

Read, learn, attempt, iterate

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

  1. Oz, for the listeners out there that are not super familiar with your background, I would love for you to share what a “mentalist” is?
  2. Oz Pearlman, what is the real difference between a mentalist and a magician?
  3. Oz, I’d love for you to share about your childhood, and what kind of environment you grew up in?
  4. Oz, when did you realize that you had a “super power”?
  5. Oz, how did you go about getting onto the show “America’s Got Talent.” What was that process like?
  6. Oz Pearlman, as a “Mentalist” how have you been able to fund yourself over the years?
  7. Oz Pearlman, as a “Mentalist” the vast majority of humanity has to have thought that you are crazy. How did you encourage yourself before your career began to gain some traction?
  8. Oz, my understanding is that you chose to gave up a career on Wall Street to become a nationally renowned “mentalist.” Why did you decide to make this jump?
  9. Oz, how have you developed and refined this skill over the years?
  10. Oz, you come across as a very intentional and purposeful person, I’d love if you would share with the listeners what the first 4 hours of your typical days look like?
  11. Oz Pearlman, you’ve become successful as a result of doing things a certain way, what is one thing that you do everyday that most people do not do?
  12. Oz, what are the books that you believe every successful entrepreneur should read?
  13. Oz, if you could go back in time and give your younger self from 10 years ago advice or coaching, what advice would you give?
  14. Oz, you have already achieved so much success, but continues to motivate you to do what you do on a daily basis?
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Audio Transcription

On today’s show, we are interviewing the iconic mentalist, Oz Pearlman this man, this guest claims to read minds and he’s already read the minds of supermodel, Heidi Klum, the controversial radio talk show host Howard stern and former spice girl melby in front of a live TV audience while performing on America’s got talent.

I am picturing a vacation to Fiji that happened in 1998 and someone else here named Jerry

The mind of Megan Kelly on the Megan Kelly show. Diane. Yes, he’s read the mind of TV personality, Rachel Ray and celebrity TV personality, Ryan seacrest, and he’s read the mind of the TV icon, Ms Dot Kelly Ripa. Is there any way in the world I can know what you just saw in your mind in bright blue light to what was that? Number two today, show the thrive time show. He’s going to attempt to read the mind of yours. Truly your approach from Minnesota, myself.

Can he do it? Can he read? It? Can put the hollow mind.

Can he dive deep into a shallow mind?

We shall see. Ladies and gentlemen, come join me as we go to see the wizard. We’re off to see the wonderful. We figured if ever there was a there was so wizard because. Because, because, because, because of the wonderful things. Who knows?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show. I am sincerely excited and scared to have our guest on today’s show. The iconic Oz Pearlman. Sir, how are you?

Wow. Iconic. I’ve never heard that. That is clay Clark. I’m very safe. Don’t be too scared. I’m a sweetheart.

I saw you on America’s got talent. When you mesmerized Heidi, I think. Scared Howard Stern. How he met Mandela. Didn’t know what to do with Ya. Melby was overwhelmed. I’ve seen you overwhelm Ryan seacrest’s, Megan Kelly, and I’m a mental midget, so I don’t know what’s going to happen on today’s show.

My job. I never know what’s going to happen.

For the listeners out there who are not super familiar with what a mentalist is, could you explain what a mentalist is?

The way I would define it, if you were to go to the doctor, you’ve got the general physician and that’s what more of the magician is. Somebody who doesn’t slight of hand card tricks and coin tricks and things where you know what it means. You can visualize a magician, but when I tell people and mental to get that look like, Whoa, what’s that? It’s a magician of the mind, so I am not supernatural. I don’t claim to have psychic powers, but what I do appears very closely as if I am psychic at some of the things I do are more impressive than what people that are actual psychics. I will be able to tell what you’re thinking, what your behaviors will be like. I will know things about your past, things about your future, if you will. Not not not reading palms, but knowing behavior, knowing psychology, knowing the way the human mind thinks. I’m like the question. I get the most end of my show other than how did you do it? Is, is what am I thinking right now? And the truth is I don’t always know what you’re thinking, but I’ve devoted decades to knowing how you think and that kind of gives me the path of knowing where your mind might go. And then that’s really the definition of the show is interactive kind of wholesome entertainment.

When did you first pick up a skill or when, when did you discover that you had what it took to become a mentalist?

I don’t know that I still have it, but um, every day I’m trying to reinvent and try and figure out what’s next. I keep trying. I keep trying to do what I think will become a, the ultimate mentalism. But, uh, I’ve been doing it for about 20 years. The mentalism portion is, like I said, it’s just like a doctor where you have to learn premed, you have to learn all these subject. Magic is the crash course. I know all about sleight of hand. If you get me a deck of cards, we could sit at the bar restaurant for hours, like a blow you away, but the same foundation of magic. Um, I started when I was 13 years old is what I eventually used for mentalism. And the jump was kind of along the lines of think of a magician, spreads the card, says pick one.

I get to the point where I’d walk up to you and before you even pick one, I go, you know, what, just think of one and I’d be like, it’s a six of diamonds, isn’t it? And you’re like, how the heck did you, you know what I mean? They’re just, I just know from iteration time and time again how people think. I knew that you thought about the ace of spades. Then you said two, obviously you switched to a diamond and you said eight. No one you went six. I will tell you how you arrived at your thought. And that really freaks people out because people like to think that they’re very unique in the way they approach things. And truthfully, people are very, you know, predictable in, in, in the sense of how they do things. Their unpredictability is predictable.

I’m curious because this is an entrepreneurial, should we have so many business owners that listen to the show? How, how were you able to fund yourself previous to having your own?

Honestly, the way I funded myself throughout my teenage years was this, I was entrepreneurial as you get. I had a business installing and removing boat docks with my buddies. When I was 14. I was barely tall enough to stand up next to a bar. I walked to a restaurant that was about half a mile from my house. I walked there and walked back and I pitched this little shrimpy 14 year old kid and I got a Gig. They would pay me 25 bucks an hour. I would do two or three hours one night of the week at this restaurant called [inaudible]. This was in Farmington Hills, Michigan and I was there. Magician and I went in there and I don’t know what it was, whether there’s confidence, not knowing what failure was yet, so I wasn’t fearful of failure. And having a really good sales pitch, which is your sum Austin tricks.

Let me do it one night for free and you know, if you don’t like me, no hard feelings. And if you do, everyone that walks out, he’s gonna be like, this kid was amazing. We’re coming back with more friends and if people want to send dishes back or they’re waiting for a table, I filled that void for you. And all I did was give benefits oriented, um, points to the management and I don’t know how I knew to do that. I think it was kind of my parents put it in me, but I knew that if I was going to keep being a magician, someone’s got to pay for all these magic tricks and my mom and dad weren’t doing it. So they will go out there and get a gig doing, you know, the tricks and it’ll sell fun. So I did this for a while. Throughout College I graduated college, University of Michigan. I became, I had an electrical engineering degree and I worked on Wall Street for a few years. So I worked on Wall Street with a day job prior to quitting and pursuing my dream.

That’s so awesome. Great thing about being a self employed. Can you share with the listeners about your show and why you’re so passionate about it?

So I didn’t enjoy amazing people and having good time and honestly I don’t create a challenge environment. So when you see a lot of shows like this, what gets in your head is, oh, this guy has a trick. I know it does sound way, but I don’t know how you feel like it’s a puzzle. I get that. If you want something like this and you are annoyed that you don’t know how to figure it out, it irritates you. Me Too. I’m the biggest skeptic. What I do is much more interactive. So the audience is a part of it. When you leave the show, you feel like you learned some things. You feel like, oh my God, I can. This is amazing how he did it. But it gives you some sort of an angle and the power of the mind and what is possible. Because when you walked in that room, you would definitely not have thought that what I’m doing is humanly possible, uh, and I just enjoy meeting different people all over the globe, day in, day out, and I’m always doing new stuff, uh, not only from my audience’s sake, but for my own.

If I start doing the same thing over and over, I get very bored of it and I don’t really see an element of challenge. Um, which is great for my live shows and TV appearances. And I go on TV. I always challenged myself to do something different. Don’t just do the same thing you’ve done before. And I think that’s been my secret to success is if you don’t stay in your comfort zone all the time, you push yourself. People will see that and people want more of it that, that, that’s the time had so many TV spots. I think

showing them in our team meeting the highlights of your performance, where you were, uh, a displaying your skills for, to a John Cena or you’re showing Rachel Ray, you’re super moves or Kelly Ripa, Ryan seacrest. So many celebrities have been baffled by your mentalist moves. Was there a particular show that you went on that you had the best reaction or one where you thought, oh wow, that was good.

The biggest, like America’s got talent is jet fuel for a career because it’s so many people watch that show, not just in America, in Canada, but I mean all over the world. Those videos, they get millions of views and it’s, it’s a global phenomenon. People will see that and write to me from India, from Brazil, from Australia, from Singapore. I get people that just, I don’t even know how they found my videos. Uh, but they get behind you. So when that show’s going on, it’s one of the few things you can watch on tv that’s kind of family appropriate. You can get your six year old in the room, you can get your teenager, uh, and you can all unite in this one thing where even if you don’t like sports, this is like a family friendly sports game where you go, this is my guy, or this is my girl, or this is my team. And people invest their emotions in you. If you go on Jimmy Fallon or are you going Cole Bear. It’s, it’s cool. Don’t get me wrong. You want any of those morning shows, but nobody remembers you. A month later, the year, two years, three years after America’s got talent. I get people all the time. They come up, I voted for you. And that’s really something because it’s like, wow, I can’t believe you invested your emotion energy and you dialed a phone number for me or downloaded an APP. I, I mean my family barely voted for me. Okay.

Very impressed with all of them.

You, you know, did this for me. Um, so yeah, I would say that some of them around, especially the live rounds and you’re in America’s got talent and you know, 14 or 15 million people are watching you at that moment. And it’s not like singing, which I’m not knocking singers by any stretch. You can get nervous up there. But what I do has real elements of risk, real elements. Like when you’re doing a mind reading show, there’s nothing set up. It’s not fake. When I say to how you think of any card in the deck right now, and I look her in the eyes and I just say three diamonds. If she says no, there is no out. There’s no like magic, like, oh,

you’re done.

Nope. It’s do or die and and that. That focuses your mind in a way like laser focus that I can’t explain to anyone else. You are so present in that moment because there’s no other way to put it. It’s not like a live show where I have time on live TV. The clock is not your friend when it hits the button at the end, before you’re done, you. If you didn’t do what you set out to achieve, you’re out


Absolutely. So I have a few. I have a few different things I do. For example, I’ve had a lot of TV appearances. I had a network special on NBC this year, which, knock on wood, we’re trying to get picked up, so whatever anybody else can do. If you have your context and TV networks, you know somebody’s good. It’s called ows knows it rhymes. My name is really weird. It’s, it’s spelled Oz Pearlman, so it should be honest, but I was born in Israel. It’s an Israeli name, so it’s got a long, Oh, it rhymes owes, knows was on NBC to summer. It’s kind of like a travel show, undercover boss or I go into all these different locations and they don’t know that I’m a mentalist. And imagine what happens when you go into like a restaurant or this and that and suddenly they’re like, who’s this kind of reading my mind in it.

We did it in New York for the first episode. Uh, and it was really fun. Just a really fun, humorous, entertaining and kind of educational show for my live show. I do a lot of corporate events. I do a lot of private functions. I tore some theaters and casinos and it’s a show where in any given hour that if I’m doing a 60 minute performance, 40 slash 50 plus people in the audience will be in it. And I throw Frisbees, we, you know, toss things out in the audience. You never know if you’re going to get called the person’s sitting all the way in the back. Nosebleeds or the person in the front row is fair game and you can very well be a part of the show and hopefully become a believer when you go, whoa, this mentalism stuff. I didn’t buy it, but now I do.

On your own family, walk us through your, your, your family

wife, the wife. Uh, and we’ve got two little boys. I’ve got a two year old and a six month old.

Do you trick your wife?

Right now? I’m trying to trick my six month old to sleeping. I look at him and I’m like, Louie, go to sleep because our first son went asleep within three months and he was like an angel and our second boy, I adore him. He is the greatest kid in the world from the hours of 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. But then it’s like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, my wife, I do not trick very often because she is very fast company. She is way ahead of the game. I can’t pull anything over on her

mental tricks on her at this point

to a student who’s sharp. She, she’s somebody. It’s like the ultimate achievement is when you fool other mentalist, right? When we do something and the other mentors look sitting with. How’d you do that? Right. That, that’s a real satisfying feeling. It’s Kinda the same with her. Uh, only she’d not as into mentalism. So it’s almost, it’s almost more difficult because at least other mentors loved to craft for her. I don’t think I would’ve been with her if she loved it that much. She was Kinda like, all right, you do good stuff. I’m done with it. Like after the first date I kind of didn’t do that many more magic tricks for and, and I think that was part of the appeal.

How long have you guys been married?

Six years.

Six years ago. When you guys first got married, before your career really began to take off, did everybody think that you are not?

Uh, so I think it wasn’t so much nuts. I mean, people are happy for you. I think that in general, if nobody is asked, if you’re not asking anyone to put their hand out and pay the bills, then people are happy for you. But they might still think you’re a little crazy, right, because especially when you had a steady job, I had a pretty, not astronomically high paying by any stretch, but for 22 or 23 year old, I had a very good job with a lot of growth potential. But the fact is everyone there knew when I quit my job, there was no shock. Nobody goes, I can’t believe you’re doing this. Everyone said, yes, this is what you were destined for. They knew because I performed at the office all the time, everybody knew I was a magician and several was happy for me.

I think people want to see other people succeed for the most part. Even if you get a little jealousy sometimes because you’re still miserable, deep down inside, you do like seeing others succeed because it gives you that element of, wow, I could do this too. You need somebody as a mentor or role model or somebody to look up to, and that’s what I felt. I felt nothing but positive energy from all the people around me. Keep in mind, again, I wasn’t saying, Hey, I can’t pay the rent. Get somebody loan me a few bucks that I think that changes the dynamic considerably. If you’re not reliant, if you don’t have a, you know, a lot of overhead expenses, that can be a whole different level of stress. I would never have done this now with the wife and two kids if, if you know the mortgage and everything. If I was just doing this now and I still had a day job for 12 years, I don’t think I would have the, uh, what would I call it? The courage to do it. It takes lot of courage to leave a paycheck.

What was the most challenging aspect of realizing you no longer have that cushion? What was the most challenging in your route to becoming your own TV show host in the mentalist and everybody knows

so simple day one morning one sitting on the couch and realizing I don’t have to do anything. There’s no boss. You have no boss. You have no accountability. If you don’t have a drive and a self motivation from within, there is no such thing there. It’s not like in the movies where somebody is out singing and uh, an agent walks by and here’s you sing. He goes, oh my God, what a voice, what it looks. You’re going to be a star that doesn’t exist for anyone that doesn’t exist anywhere. Anyhow. Even if you hear a story like that, that person made their luck to be at that place and at that location and to be good enough to impress that person, if that makes sense. There is nobody that got where they are, at least in the world of entertainment. By luck, I don’t believe it.

They made their luck. It might be a percentage, 20 percent, 80 percent, but there is a huge chunk where that person had to be in the right spot at the right time. And generally it takes like 10 years to be that overnight success. Even with people you hear about. Keep in mind there’s a few one off, you’re and there, like I just read a thing about a seven year old youtube kid that’s making $20, million bucks a year, but I don’t think I bought that winning lottery ticket. So for me it was day one, the hustle for me was day one of I need to go out there and define my success and there is no playbook for this. This isn’t like going and getting an MBA where I sign up for school, this is the school of figure it out for yourself and the way to figure it out as read, learn a attempt, fail and iterate.

And that’s what I did. Honestly, I didn’t know about marketing. I didn’t pay anything. I didn’t spend any money on google optimization. I went out and started figuring out who can afford me. They have to have money, so probably having parties and where to parties. They run a restaurant, which restaurants they go into. Probably steakhouses are Italian ones and like high end stuff. We’re corporate people because I wanted to be a corporate entertainer where they and I started figuring out where do I want to be, how do I want to get known by the right people? And, and that’s really what it comes down to. I think everything in life is some sort of a networking where you need to find the right people and you need to find a way for them to give you the information you want to learn about and I find a lot of that is flattery asking. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get there. I get asked all the time by other performers that do what I do. How’d you get on TV? And I go, well, did you ask? And they go, no, and I go, what do you think they’re going to do? Call you. I mean it’s, it’s so funny, but it’s so obvious. You have to make your own luck.

Entrepreneurship essentially attempt to my. Correct.

I just made it up. I don’t know. I didn’t know. It wasn’t like something that I’ve said before. Just that’s what I. that’s what I did,

but I mean we hear so many successful entrepreneurs tell us the same, you know? They might say differently, but that is powerful now because I am not a mind reader. I have to ask you, what is one entrepreneurial book or one business book, maybe a marketing book that you read along the way that you feel like was the most helpful for you as you’re as you’re reading and learning and attempting,

so it’s almost a cliche because everyone says the same one. I least I’ve seen it, but the how to influence people by Dale Carnegie is just a game changer for me. Just everything about it is is how did display tact, how to learn from sending thank you cards to learning people’s names and everything about it, the soft social skills that surround being successful in any avenue in life, in your personal life and your business. That book was really defining for me. I think there’s just things in that book where if you read it and I try to revisit every couple of years I haven’t done it and just seeing this guy gets me fired up. I should reread the book and find new nuggets, but that book was, was a real game changer for me and I read that in the early two thousands when I was going to quit my job and uh, a lot of the ideas and kind of tactics he brought up and there I started to employ right away as a rule of thumb following up how to do followups, how to build rapport because so much of it as building report people will do business with people they like.

Like I have a lot of service providers in my life that I don’t go back to them all the time and find out can I get a better deal from someone else, can I not? Because I like working with them. And wherever that cost is, is if I like them, I trust them. And at the end of the day it’s kind of like the Cya approach to cover your butt where I like to be that person for event planners that come to me. I want to be the easiest person to work with. I want them to know that I’m going to do a great job the on time and make them look like a superstar and a and have all their clients and their end person executive that wanted me and called their executive assistant to be like, where did you find this guy? He was so good. He exceeded all expectations. Always be able to exceed expectations.

Dale Carnegie, one of the things that he has written about is that you have to be sincerely interested in the other person for them to be interested in you and I know the thrive nation is super interested in you and for sake of time, I want to give you the floor. Is there any particular message you’d like to share with the thrive nation or particular website you’d like to visit? Have them visit or an action step you want them to take.

Explain to people what a mentalist is. There’s this little inkling at the back. It’s like we just had a meet up with some parents of other kids and they just sit there and they don’t want to do something right, and so nothing will define it like, you know, a picture’s worth a thousand words. Let me show you something. So right when we jumped on the call, I want you to vouch for this. I said, we’re just starting to do me a favor. I want you to think of something. Why don’t you to think of something and you didn’t tell me anything. Nothing. I said, get a thought in your mind because said, what is it about Clay Clark that excites you? I wanted to flip the tables and I said, think of something that you don’t even know why you’re going to think about it. Is that what I told you to do right before you hit record?


And so and so the way the mind works is when I tell someone to think of something, I was the director. I forced upon you, Oh, do this now. And you go, oh, what am I going to do? And so naturally you think of something and your mind sometimes changes and you switched, you thought at one thing and then you change your mind to something else. Is that also a true statement? Okay. Now what I’d like to do is go back to the source. So once you changed your mind, you have a thought in your mind right now. But here’s what I always love. Here’s what interests me the most is what did you think of first? What popped in your mind first? So go back to that because I don’t care what you have in mind now. Maybe somehow in the conversation I picked up on it, we’ve been talking for 20 minutes.

Get rid of it. The thing you thought of first in the category is generally or person, place or thing as to what people think about. I don’t think you did a place, uh, you know, I just don’t see it for you. I, I, maybe you wanted a vacation. It’s new years. I don’t see a few clay ICU enthralled by people. That’s your topic. That’s your passion. Am I right that you were thinking of a person? Okay, now you could have thought that somebody’s dead or alive. I did not tell you what to do. You could’ve thought of Winston Churchill. You grew up out of Alexander the Great, but you’re into current affairs. You don’t want to. History is great, but something that you can see, touch or taste my, my instinct says somebody alive and well, somebody that would have interest you. Here’s what I want you to do for me. I want you to just repeat every category. Say really fast. Let me just repeat it. Politics,

entertainment, entertainment, sports, economy, economy, business, persons in sports and my right could tell you, rushed through it.

Uh, where do you live by? We buy. There’s no research. I actually don’t know. Where do you live? Okay. See, I also wouldn’t have been, I don’t know if you would’ve done Tulsa related. And then one question for you. Sports, two different kinds of sports. Singular sports people, they play tennis, for example, Golf. And there’s definitely teams, sports teams, sports. Say those two seat sport than a team sport. I’m going to say it’s a team sport. Do you know? Don’t tell it to me. Do you know this person’s Jersey number?


Think of that number. Think if it’s a single digit or double digit. Single digit. Double digit. Two digit. Twenty two. The number is 22. My right is this will clark from the San Francisco giants?

Yes. That’s amazing.

You gotta. Tell us you’ve got to be honest because I know I spoke to you for a minute when we got on air that could know that we’re not in the same location. We never spoke before today. Is this all true?

Yeah. And I and I wore. We’ll Clark’s Jersey number 22 when I played baseball as a kid and he’s lefthanded. I’m lefthanded. He’s my favorite baseball player of all time.

Well, it shows right? I chose right that that’s. You asked me what mentalism is that me getting into your mind? Hacking into only the safe is in your brain.

Real quick, I want to make sure that you all understand this. I am calling you via skype. Recording this through our studio. Hurt the man cave studios. You’re on the phone

video. We’re not on video. You.

You couldn’t look at me, you didn’t see me. That is crazy.

So to be honest, this is what I just did is really, really boring compared to my live show because without visual, it Kinda like my eyes closed. Do I really want to give you that? Like it’s quicker, much more dynamic when you see me in person, I can watch because your body language is 90 percent. What I just did is like reading Braille, uh, if I can see you face to face the level of depth and how the show goes as much better. That’s just something I’ve adapted to the radio or podcast because I can’t see you. So I have to narrow it down, narrow down like what I’m trying to, you know what I’m trying to read.

Typically the thrivers don’t this. We have about a half million people per month to download the podcast and we usually have a dev and a different person every day. Oh, you’re different guest every day, but I think I might just play this show every day for the next month because my mind cannot possibly handle. This is ethic. It’s amazing. It’s incredible.

Well, I appreciate it guys. I hope. I hope and we’re gonna make a point of having. You seen me at some point live face to face. I actually have a show in Oklahoma City coming up. Yeah, maybe A. I don’t know how far. How far is Tulsa?

It’s about 90 minutes from Oklahoma City.

I thought so. I thought you weren’t that far, but it was about two hours. So yeah, maybe I’ll sneak sneaky down in there. It’s a corporate show, but you’ll, you’ll be my, uh, maybe my, let’s just say I’ll see you. A medical assistant will have you in the back, but I, we’ll talk out there. We’ll see. Maybe we can get your team a real shell because that’s next level. This is, I haven’t blown your mind yet. That was like, you just had a crew tunnel. We didn’t even get to the where the Philemon. Y’All

now thrive nation. We’d like to end each end every with a boom. Our oes. We always say three, two, one, and then boom. Are you prepared to bring a boom my friend?

I will. One more thing because I forgot about your question. Yes, you want to know the latest happenings, the two best ways to find it is my instagram, facebook, all that stuff. Social App owes the mentalist, so it’s at CSI is a mentalist. And then just go to there. You’ll find my website and stuff. Everybody just does social nowadays.

Here we go. Here’s the deal. If you give me a few decades, I’m going to figure out that trick. That’s just A. I don’t know how he did it over skype without looking at me. Uh, Devin is on the show as a witness, one of our coders to see it. I’m not exactly sure how he did it, but if you give me a few decades, maybe had three decades, I will figure it out. Now, if you’re out there and you’re saying, look, I need, I don’t want to get that kind of magic. I just need the magic that helps me grow my company. If you’re saying, you know what, I need to see the wizard of o’s, but for my business because I need to learn all of the things I need to learn. I need to find the yellow brick road to grow my business. I would encourage you to day go to thrive time

Go to thrive time, and book your tickets to day for the in person. Thrive time show workshops. The tickets are $250, right? We only allow 2,500 attendees per year and that includes access to a video vault of everything you could possibly ever want to know about growing the company. So you get the ticket to the in person workshop. You get to have a years access to the training videos. It’s all there for $250 or if you want one on one coaching, you can schedule your 13 point consultation with a member of our team today. And should we have an availability? We’d love to help you. We’ve only worked with 160 clients at a time, so we’re typically a book down or we have like one spot or two spots, but go to thrive time Fill out the form, schedule a meeting. We’d love to help you at the workshop.

We’d love to help you through the podcast. We’d love to help you. If you want to download the ebooks for free today, you can. You can download the boom book, the. That’s the book that we used to teach at the conferences. You can download the start here, book for free. Uh, that’s the Amazon bestseller that I wrote with Marshall Morris. You can download a lot of these things for free. The books for free. You can attend the workshop for 250 bucks and gain access to the videos. You could schedule a free consultation to learn if the coaching system is right for you. Either way, we are here to help you thrive nation, but we can’t help you if we don’t get a chance to know you. And now without any further ado, we’d like to end each and every show with the boom, but we already had a boom.

So I want to just build your faith today by cuing up an audio testimonial from a real out there just like you. This is somebody who listened to the podcast, listen to the show and said, you know what? My business is kind of stuck and I need some help. And so during this audio testimonial, I’m going to queue up the audio here. This is from a person out there just like cute. Uh, this is a Roofer by the name of Kevin Lewis and his company was stuck and we helped them to get unstuck. And that is what we’re all about here, is to help you achieve time freedom and financial freedom, time freedom, and the financial freedom we believe you can achieve both. We help people do it every day. And I just want to encourage you that you can’t do it. This is Kevin Lewis with Louis roof.

It’s the smartest thing you could ever do. Um, you know, but I always warn people before I, I’ve actually sent people over, but you have to sell out. You have to believe in. And when you do, you will see amazing things. It, it, it’s, it’s, it’s been a game changer really has. And I recommend it to everybody. I mean, everybody needs it. I don’t care. I mean, there needs to be a, uh, an employee coach to be honest with you. Um, so it’s, it’s an amazing journey.

You have the final word on this, but I will just say we have a coaches meeting every single day with all the business coaches and coaches meeting starts typically at 6:00 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So every, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays at 6:00 AM. And on Mondays it’s at 7:00 AM. And the purpose of that, Kevin, is to have wins of the week two. We start off the meeting by sharing wins. Anybody, any client that had a big win, we want to share in their success. The second is if a client is stuck or they’re unable to execute or get something done, we want to, as a team, as a, as a family, as a coaching program to, uh, discuss where the client stuck and figure out the best plan to help them get unstuck. And that’s why I’m in each one each of those meetings. And I also help make all the paths for all the clients. And Eric has had nothing but great things to say about you. And I hope I just want to ask this before I give eric the final word. Is your wife a fan of Eric? I mean, or is your wife happier now? I mean, is he really making your wife crazy now? How are things? How are things going now? Is, is your wife a fan of the coaching program?

She, she’s a 100 percent fan of coaching program. Uh, actually, uh,


Worked in the coaching program for uh, about a week until I fired her. I learned real quick that we’re going to keep a church


Well, so that’s real. That’s real. That’s real. That’s real tough. We’re keeping the church and the family separated. And so with that, uh, but is she happier overall? Like me by one percent or.

Oh No, I’d say um, I’d say at least 50 percent.

Yes, yes, yes. Ms Lewis.

It gets me.

Oh, of course. No, no, no. Yeah,

yeah. But yeah, but a long story, Gina, it’s just simple things, you know, I’m able to, uh, as she puts it, communicate better now because I’m not thinking of all this other stuff. You know, it’s, it’s good stuff.

You have the final word, my friend. Give us a capstone thought about coaching Kevin Lewis and what that experience has been like for you and what makes Kevin so awesome?

Well, Kevin is a prototype wherever your poster child for stoicism. So he’s a guy who will come in and say, give me a big wind man what’s going on this week, this last week for, and he’ll say, landed a two point $2,000,000 job. And I’m like, yeah. And he’s like it just another day and then he’ll come in and say I got a competitor out of state and trying to come in and steal my people or whatever and just another day so I don’t have to worry about, hey, we get lost in the weeds in the coaches meetings. It’s all action on, Hey, what do we need to do here? Some meetings we call up and he’s like, hey man, I’m rocking. Rolling. You good? Do you need anything from me? Nope. You good yet? We’re good to go. Some meetings we get into some weeds about it

where Kevin has had an employee. Yeah, you had a competitor try to steal your employees, all kinds of stuff. Yeah, and I do too every week, right? Kevin is there not a burning fire every week.

Oh, every week.

Oh, Kevin Stoic. So he’s able to push through that.

Right. The lows are not low. The highs are not too high. He’s just even keel and so it’s very easy to focus on those key performance indicators and actually just like he said earlier, make sure the business is going in the right direction and when the business is going in the right direction and you’re accomplishing your own goals with your family, it’s a fun time so we have a good time when we meet and we just make sure that things are happening the way they need to happen.

Kevin, everybody out there who’s listening in green country that wants to have a roof put on their commercial building or residential property, how can they get ahold of you? What’s your. What’s your website and really why should people call you

lowest and if they want a company that’s going to be honest and do a good job for the company to call, uh, we put her, I put my family name on the business, not hiding behind some fake name. We are 100 percent the real deal, not to a bunch of sales guys trying to sell a bunch of stuff. We are a roofing company that dues, but that’s all we do is roofing and I’ve, I’ve, I’ve worked with a lot of roofing companies where we’ve done a 13 point assessment with them and it is rare to find a roofing company that we would even approve to coach. I want you to do this. We go through the assessment and probably 80 percent of the time we say was not a good fit. Kevin’s a great guy grinder. He stands behind his program. He puts his name on the website, on the business, on the marketing, on everything. Check them out today. It’s Louis roofing. That’s Louis And Kevin, I appreciate you taking time out of your day, away from your family and your business to share your story here on the podcast and the radio show. Hope you have an awesome day my friend. Alright, thank you. Take care. Thrive nation. Are you still there? Oh, secretly. Between you and me. He kinda freaked me out.


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