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Do you find yourself needing or wanting to move your company to another state? Clay Clark and Dr Z break down the moves involved in moving your business.

Show Notes –

  1. Clay – Have an attorney before you need one.  
    1. Make sure you like this person.
    2. Be honest with your attorney.
  2. Wes Carter – Register your business to operate in another state. This gives you authority in most cases to do business in the other state as well as your home state. There may be some tax filings as well so check with an attorney before making any moves.
  3. Dr Zoellner –
    1. He has been there and done that as the former President of Eyemart Express. He once opened 23 stores while serving as president.
      1. Every state has different laws to opening and operating businesses and you will have to learn what hoops to jump through. It is a lot of time on the road.
      2. Doctor Zoellner opted to put his family first and to start and grow other businesses in Tulsa as opposed to be in other states.
    2. He also does not appreciate the acting skills of Adam Sandler.
  4. Marshall Morris – Hire an attorney.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” – Brian Tracy


Welcome back in special business coach edition on your radio today shotgun to ask the hard-hitting question, but I’m going to start by asking west carter the legal question to ask dr. Z from an entrepreneurial perspective. How would you handle it as a business coach? How would you handle the interviewer and I’m ready to upgrade to to interrogate you here we go. How do I move my company from one state to another legally from new york to connecticut what are several ways couple different ways to do? What I tell you, what I think is the easiest cheapest best most efficient and that’s just to register your business. To also do business in another state, every state has a process. You file some paperwork at the secretary of state’s it hey my new york corporations coming to connecticut the party and that’s pretty much all you have to do to have authority to do business. There may be some tax filings to register for an account and things, but you can change your official state forest 8-bit the simplest way unless there’s a good reason not to do it. It just keep your home state and also do business in another state. Keep your home state and also do business in another state. That’s that’s the move. That’s the move! Now. Here’s a second move, I’ll pile on I’m going to the doctors that you’re, okay – and I get a scenario – is if you have a business that you want to move it to another location. Interstate 81 field asked me over the years. I see you got to ask cuz either: that’s how come doctors, he hasn’t opened up optometry clinics in other states. You know, so we can pick his brain on that, but I recommend that you always would have an attorney before you need one. So I would recommend you do and I want to ask you: what’s the mechanics of this, if I listen to the show, I don’t have an attorney, but I want to make sure I have a relationship with somebody like you before. I need you to see my like, you know to see. If you guys at winters, king.Com can actually handle my legal needs.

They have to pay a retainer, they schedule a meeting with having somebody say, you’re, my guy, I want you to be my business coach attorney because it’s not to bring rosie and I know you’re always going to get sued or something weird is going to happen. You want to have attorney before you need one for like, like our firm. You can call us at 918-4946, 68 or I can say winter king.Com take a free, 15 minute consultation see if we get along. So if we seem to be a good fit and we don’t do no retainer that you have to pay upfront to say next time, I need you, I’m going to call you and it’s a easy way to check out your attorney. Make sure that that you’re comfortable using them in at the understand what you’re going to need now, when you say check out your attorney, I mean, is it used for looking at them in a table silently while you pre-judge each other., I rent a movie on my traction, but you know you need to make sure you’re comfortable, that your attorney is competent to do what you need to do, and it helps to be honest if you like your attorney, if you, if you grow your business you’re, going to spend a lot of time talking and being with your attorney, attorney’s firm has represented Joel Osteen td jakes joyce meyer. It helps that helps me in the conversation make sure that the people can trust me so napa, semi man, script 160 is man with a firm handshake me to give me the man cave use you next time got the picture, probably something like that, but that’s just going to dance again it just that song is so good, so good, okay! So now we’re going back to use a city or a state, so you know it is, and you could look into opening up another state and you probably have that business coach discussion.

Yes, why have you decided not to move into another state when you already have a very successful to location, optometry, open up a third or fourth location? That’s very good question about three reasons and I’ll break them down, for you was the president of eyemart express and I opened up 24 stores across the country the year that I was the president. I never do my job. I’ve ever been fired by front by the way, there’s a hope, that’s a whole nother, that’s a whole nother word for what what do you get along with people at home office opened up and had different laws governing optometry in so we had to learn those we had to find the the hoopla to jump through any window come to those hoops in order to open up an eyemart in florida to idaho or texas or oklahoma or missouri, or where we upload island opens up there. Nobody wrote Delaware. This opens a small states. I see it’s where it’s like to set up a rule, so it’s like: what’s what’s what’s going on right now, so I’m done it and it was a lot of time on the road you and you got to go. You can find someplace. You got to hire some people, you got billed out and openings, you got it yeah, there’s an iron man on your way from your home. Quite a bit, my business coach kids were young and I said to myself: instead of growing, more optometry clinics. What I’m going to do is grow other businesses with in tulsa, so I can stay here and diversify.

I’m sorry, I didn’t I didn’t recall having dr. Dobson on is a guest here on this. It’s okay! Well, that’s what I do! Cuz you’re a top-level! I’m pretty sure you’ve never made those sacrifices and trade-offs as well as a pragmatically. I can make boatloads of cash. You could have got the business coach funding you could have made it happen, you do how to do it, but you made a trade off and you focused on the family, but because you don’t have a billboard that says hi, I’m dr. Zoellner, I focused on my family by not opening up in your city right people assume you must be a tyrannical if you always think that, because you, because you don’t advertise those trade-offs – and I say job well done friend – with a q in the reason I don’t have more than two with in oklahoma – with in Tulsa area is that there is a rule in the by-laws of optometry in oklahoma that states, if you have more than you, can have more than two, but you have to treat them as if they were a commercial entity. Ie. The doctor is separate than the optical you’ve seen it like a lenscrafter. You walk to the mall, you seen it at some point or two things ready to go to the court system and fight them, because if the rule not I’m not a law, I mean it’s until until until a judge, it’s not drop the goblins and that’s not right: okay: how much is a fight in the court system which which it is what it is, but it’s one of those things where, if I can, we have to empty. So I have a comparative advantage over industry, /, / optometry that have to do that. Cuz. I can bundle I can.

I can bundle my packages, you know they can’t another word for the eye doctor separate than the optical. So that’s why I didn’t go more than 2 because of the rules of the land. I didn’t open up another state because I want to be home and raise my kids, okay. So that’s. Why did other businesses? Yes, I had that entrepreneurs spirit wanted to grow my internet Tulsa and then also allow me to use my name that I had built up in Tulsa to help boost the help you have competitive edge in those other businesses kind of a big deal. We go to dinner. People see those see the credit card. You swipe the card in there like zohan. Is this the guy? Who can do a double leg? Kick while standing at the business coach or barber, former israeli military guy turned turned military turned barbers in the movie. I’ve seen it originally, he was a barbie israeli military of the show and he left his career to become a hairdresser and I’ve been given name of my love, which is not true because of my love, adam sandler he’s wasting actor that I I don’t really care for him, or just a word, center go back and forth on who the world’s best actress to the keanu, reeves or Adam Sandler not go back and forth on that ton of money at that time is being clever, is better than being better. If you were with a client – and he got a minute you’re hot seat hot, since I’m moving my company from New York to Connecticut what would you do? I got a power bomb power move. Powerball move, okay, Brian Tracy, one of the best-selling self-help authors out there. He says this: no one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. Come on now to be successful, we absolutely positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. So what I would advise my clients to do is hire somebody like Wes Carter hire an attorney, hire somebody that knows the laws, ins and out to help you make that transition power wash work that, but what you need to do is you need to do it correctly, so make sure that you hired somebody that knows what they’re doing it’s no fun judge judy is not a reliable source. My uncle fred, I’m not judge judy on the next segment, we’re going to answer all of the questions that you have sent in thrive nation. Our next question is: should I work with my wife all winter.? We cannot begin without self discipline.


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