Ask Clay Anything: How Do I Write Someone Up? How Do I Hold Them Accountable and Fire People?

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Many small business owners struggle to hold people accountable and fire people. If this is you Dr. Zoellner and business coach Clay Clark have the absolute super moves for managing your team and holding them accountable.

Show Notes –

  1. Clay Clark – Write people up immediately if you are going to write people up.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A degree gets in the way of you making money if you are going to college for something that isn’t a discernible skill.” – Clay Clark
  2. Eric Chupp – Make sure write-ups are a part of the system and you are not casual with using it.
    1. Hold a weekly meeting in conjunction with the team to-do list.
    2. You must review action items that were supposed to be completed, who was supposed to complete them, and when they were supposed to be completed.
  3. Dr. Zoellner – “I have written up 0 people.”
    1. I choose the high road and not fight unemployment claims and I let them have the last victory.


They were so focused on making your wallet grow as though it has been. I don’t know if miracle-gro works on wallet some standard business coach leather wallets. The way that I wanted to, but we were like the miracle-gro of wallets. Why is that? Why do you have such a passion to help people? He really does. You are arguably the world’s best business coach. I mean I’ve seen you change. Take people and change lives business after business after business. Why is that? Why is that rep? You have so much what what? What’s that dude again third grade? Third grade second grade, I miss wilson with my teacher and all the kids came home from school soccer or basketball or something soccer, but it was good at basketball and the other different sports and one of the kids said my dad is a insert the blank. Like a software guy or something there was as well my dad, we know the getting go stores and one guy says: well, my dad sells insurance and then all the kids go, your dad sells pizzas and they knocked me over and over and over until I made out that my dad had a different profession than business coach and my dad was top of this class in high school he’s the number one student in his class in high school. He was all state for baseball. All everything for sports and sports didn’t work out for him. For one reason or another, he went to oral roberts university graduate it again at the top of his class with a degree that doesn’t freaking matter everything. They taught him with an exception of little things here, and there was a freaking waste of time if they didn’t teach you how to have a happy life and how to make a freaking income yeah. So I subconsciously, probably run second grade thought screw school. I’m in a big box so when I started studying top entrepreneurs and I’ll just looked at a few henry ford, richard branson, walt disney einstein, steve jobs, bill gates have a degree degree gets in the way of you making money.

If you are going to college for a discernible skill to become an optometrist, we were, has he can’t go on youtube, and do it put me to turn off the long weekend in architect it illegal to allow somebody to graduate from college with a degree that does not offer them an actual skill to hear my dad is, with his degree, waiting at the world working at a furniture store working at a gas station chronically being laid off in as a family, we’re being financially punished. Cuz, he doesn’t have any skills, but he has agreed to check the business coach boxes. He did the thing and I just subconsciously, thought I got to be about 18. It became war like I am going to become successful quickly. I’m 20 years old people pulled me aside and say: hey mr. Entrepreneur of the year. I saw you in the tulsa world, you’re 20 years old had to do it and I would teach people in one by one people whose lives were crap financially made money. Even people who screw me to this day, I know one woman in particular, I met her, didn’t have a job currently makes about ,000 a month and people might screw you, but then today you know what she’s making money. So I love to see people get to a financial place of of of of wholeness and satisfaction, because I want to help the kid that I couldn’t help, which is me well, I doubt that’s going to dinner by text on probably be better if next time I ask that your little bit more passionate about it, because I don’t you know when I just feel like. I am picking mike related to your actual accountable, and how do I fire somebody I’m going to go to eric chopped business coach first for a business coach respected your coaching, a client.

Obviously, we have templates for how to write people up. We have actual documents. We have templates for all those systems, and other drivers know that, but what we threw for 20 years has written some of that before how to hold them accountable. How do I fire somebody? We have to drive with your day asking to see the same question. She’s, a wonderful lady, she has doctors that you know. How do I hold people accountable? How do I fire truck I’ll start with you.? So as it comes to write ups, you just need to make sure that this is part of the system and that you’re not casual about it right. I see this a lot of time. You have a form, but you know use it and then, when it comes time to let somebody go there able to get unemployment on you or make some kind of in a waves in your in your leg, based on the fact that you did not stay with us whenever me, an elephant in the room, is example of business coach managers and it might like, I said every day, I’m like right people up. You have the documents. It takes two middle right. Where did you spank your kids, 6 years after the event? So why am I getting spanked, I’m 17, so you want to do it immediately? What else and I don’t want to have a weekly meeting that is in conjunction with a company-wide to do list? Okay, well wow, it’s weekly meeting you’re going to have action items that you need to assign out to your team. These action items they need to be. They need to be specific to have to have a due date.

They need to be assigned to a specific person and they need to be action. Oriented in detail oriented james ordered. I want to get worked out a great deal with the have a great defender and I want to get the new ray band and the new. Nike glasses today, and I thank you great and you come to your meeting on monday and let’s say it’s not done, but you talked about it being done. How do you specifically hold people accountable, write them up fire people? I want to tell you. I’ve been in business, this you’ll be 27 and I would tell you how many people have written up in 27 years or zero, and I am ready for the answer here. We go 0. Yes, I have written up 0 people, you have not written up a business coach person, one person. So how do you deal with somebody or something saying? How do you deal with the unemployment? I let them have the last victory. I have never fought unemployment in my life. What about like a disability claim? He fired me because I’m my nose bleeds is a disability. I’ve never had that. And I have to cross that bridge when I come to it wes, and I would lean on learning man like yourself to handle that situation. But for me I always thought that whenever I fired somebody, you know that the threshold of is a person coming late, a threshold to keep it from unemployment know.

Is it threshold of the threshold that they hold it to here in oklahoma? Is? Was that person purposely trying to damage your business and that’s a hard thing to prove hard to prove it, but there might there have been some that I could approve that on. But you know what I chose to take the high road. Let them have the last victory: rent-a-car employment. You know, which is really it’s not sustainable, that doesn’t last forever. It’s not a lot of money. Yes, my unemployment rate does go up a little bit. Yes, it does cost me, but I just kind of see it. As of yet gift, you know: hey, I’m not going to fight unemployment, I’m going to be a lover, not a fighter. We talked about that. That’s what am I moved and is it the right someone repeatedly that there late you’re, just being an idiot, want to take your time now that you got to find a form sit down with them? Have a meeting I just been officially business coach certified that you were 10 minutes late today we come back, I’m going to let wes car to the legal eagle argue with you about writing people up and it also going to get into how to deal with unemployment on the next site, but if you do have someone file unemployment, how do you deal with it? I’m excited to come, see sparks, and I have a secret move and had to fire someone


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