Bill Belichick Quotes (Part 3) | Exploring 75 Bill Belichick Quotes About Management Mastery

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Bill Belichick’s number one fan and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Oklahoma breaks down 75 Bill Belichick quotes and how they apply to becoming an effective manager of employees.

Bill Belichick Quote #21 – “I think everyone is a case-by-case basis. Whatever the circumstances are that come with any individual, they exist and you have to make a determination as to what your comfort level is with that person and the characteristics that they bring.” 

How does this principle apply? Do you treat everyone exactly the same?

There are some core things that you keep the same

  1. Come to work on time
  2. Follow the systems
  3. Etc.

Understand that people are different

Ben Horowitz – Founder of Opsware charges employees $10 per minute for each minute his employees are late

Z, what are the non-negotiable things that every employee has to follow

  1. Theft (shrinkage)
  2. Meanness/Argumenativeness
  3. Turning down a walk-in

Charles, what are the key things that you expect your employees to do?

  1. People show up on time
  2. Do your job
  3. Wow your direct supervisor

Where is the balance between putting up with things from employees and mentally firing them?

Because the straw on the camel’s back hasn’t broken the back yet. As long as I can put up with it, the benefits are still in my favor that I can put up with the jackassery that they bring to the job every day.

The Simple Guide to Firing the Next Person You Need to Fire

  1. Call them into your office
  2. Tell them “Billy, it’s just not working out. You’re fired. You need to leave now.”
  3. Avoid taking the bait of getting into the details

Jonas Gray – Yahoo Sports –

ACTION ITEM: Write down how much grace you have for each position in your business.

“It’s Never Too Early to Fire” – Ben Horowitz, Founder of Opsware that sold for $1.8 billion –

Bill Belichick Quote #22 – “You either get the job done, or you don’t.” 

Dr. Zzz’s Sleep Center –

Colaw Fitness –

It’s not mean, you are paying them to do a job.

Firing bad employees always helps your business and sometimes is the wake-up call they need

Bill Belichick Quote #23 – “We have absolutely done as much work as we can on finding out things like that and we’ll try to get all the information that we can as that would apply to any current situation, which I can’t talk about.” – Coach Bill Belichick

If you tell all of your business to everyone, they will figure it out eventually and you will lose.

You have to play to win.

ACTION ITEM: Secret shop your business to learn your weaknesses.

ACTION ITEM: Secret shop your competition.

You have to remind each other that you are on the same team and be supportive of each other.

Bill Belichick Quote #24 – “Whatever success I’ve had it is because I’ve tried to understand the situation of the player. I think the coach’s duty is to avoid complicating matters.”

If you are having meetings with your employees, you are paying them to not be productive for that time.

Meetings should be short, to the point and get things done.

Bill Belichick Quote #25 – “I am who I am. In the end, I feel that what I’m accountable for is doing a good job as a football coach.”

Know your lane and stick with it.

What are the dangers of speaking the truth to an audience who can’t stay in their lane?

ACTION ITEM: When you are offended by what a successful person is saying, give thought to why that offends you.

Bill Belichick Quote #26 – “I think it’s relatively easy to play defense against a team that can only do one thing. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re talking about here with Seattle.”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” – Proverbs 13:24

Bill Belichick Quote #27 – “I think a smart guy can learn. Some guys learn – it’s just like all of us – some guys can learn electronics, some of us can’t. Some people can learn something else, some of us can’t. I mean, we’re all wired differently.” 

ACTION ITEM: Ask yourself, “Who on your team can learn the thing you are trying to teach and who cannot?”

Bill Belichick Quote #28 – “I’m trying to coach the team and that’s what I want to do.”

Pick what you do and do it with excellence.

Bill Belichick Quote #29 – “I don’t Twitter, I don’t MyFace, I don’t Yearbook.”

“American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media.” –

“Your mind can be hijacked” –

Bill Belichick Quote #30 – “It’s the business that you guys are in too. We try to get as much information as we can and make the best decisions that we can for the football team.”

Once you have the facts you have to act.

The Rhythm of Entrepreneurship

  1. Define
  2. Act
  3. Measure
  4. Refine
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Audio Transcription

Coach bill Belichick quotes part three

On today’s show. We take another look under the hoodie, took Splore 75 bill Belichick quotes about the management mastery of the number one coach in the history of the national football league, the new England Patriots head coach, bill Belichick.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 Moke tie million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time


Yes, yes and yes dr Zay. It is always next to see when you are next to me.

And on today’s show we are joined by three incredible guests here, dr Z on today’s show, three incredible guests. Three we’ve we have Charles Cola and the house here, the, the, the cofounder of colo fitness there. Charles colada. Welcome onto the show there, sir. How are you? I’m great, I’m doing awesome. And your, your incredible wife’s with you today, miss Amber colada with the brains of the operation. Absolutely. We’ve got Devin wooly bully Woolery here in the studio. Just a beautiful man. His wife makes great food for Patriots can buy the lighting and see I have a little gift for you. You don’t know. Can you do a Google search right now for bill Belichick fan? I just want you for a moment, just do a quick search for a bill Belichick fan and you tell me who comes up right now in the search result.

Who comes up number one? Do you see us coming up there? Oh yeah. So if you’re listening right now, Oh yeah. We are becoming the world’s number one resource for all things bill Belichickk and on today’s show we are on part three of bill Belichick quotes a look under the hoodie, exploring 75 XE. Bill Bellacheck quotes about the management mastery of Coachville bell check you. And it’s so relevant because you know whenever you look at excellence in management and that’s what you’re wanting to shoot for when you own a business. I mean it’s always about how do you get your, how do you get your team motivated? How do you get them trained? How do you beat the other guys? How do you win? And this guy seems to have it figured out. So what I’m going to do is I am going to first read the notable quotable.

I’ll have you break it down and then Charles, you can one up us with what this means in your mind. Okay, so notable quotable number one, our number 21 bill Belichick quote number 21 he says, I think everyone is a case by case basis. Whatever the circumstances are that come with an any individual, they exist and you have to make a determination as to what your comfort, comfort level is with that person and the that they bring. Obviously bill Belichick’s building a football team, 53 different personalities and skill sets on one team Z. How does this principle apply? I mean, do you, do you, should you manage everyone the same or should you treat everyone differently? I see so many business owners get stuck on this idea. I mean, do you treat everyone exactly the same?

It’s a little, a little bit of both. Some of your core stuff, you treat everybody the same. I mean, obviously you expect people to be on time, you expect people to do their job. And so treating them in that regard. But then also too, everybody is an individual. You know, I have eight doctors that worked for me at dr Robert Zoellner and associates, right? And they’re all different personalities. They’re all different people. I mean they all have some of the same skill sets, but it’s one of those things where I can’t, some of them, you know, I can encourage them in some ways and some I encourage it in other ways. And part of that is getting to know your staff, getting to know your people, getting to know your core people, your management team, all the, you know, the, that core group around you. Obviously when you have hundreds of people working for you, you can’t get to know everybody and then you can’t, you know, you know, manage them even even at that, you know, when you have that big an organization, but you know, through, through like bill Belichick getting to understanding step one, understanding that people are different and that you ascend people, they want just a little bit more.

They want to raise, to look, to feel loved. Does people want a title to feel loved? So many can actually get them a, a business car. They think, wow, wow, so much for me.

Let us, we’re going to get into the Z. You’re, you’re really, you’re taking us to a deep, dark level. Pretty early here. Ben Horowitz, he built a company called Opsware that was acquired by Hewlett Packard for one point $6 billion of cash. And he after selling the company, he started a Andreessen Horowitz, which is the world’s most successful venture capital company. Now he agrees with you about everyone has their own different personality. He agrees with bill Belicheck here, but he does not put up with lateness. So this is what he does. He charges people $10 per minute if they’re late for meetings, from top down, $10 per minute if you’re late. So everyone’s managed, you know, differently, different personalities. But he’s like the one thing and Andreessen Horowitz, we’re not going to tolerate lateness. Let’s talk about some of those deal breaking things at your optometry clinic. I mean, what are some of the things where you go, you know, maybe you’re fastidious about being on time. Maybe you’re not, maybe you’re fastidious about checking the voicemails, maybe you’re not, but what are some of those deals where you say, listen, we’re going to accommodate certain personality differences, but here are some things that frankly we’re not going to budge on. What are some of those and negotiable things where everyone has to be managed at the same?

Well, I think theft is one of the things that you have to look at and say, you know, we have a zero tolerance for, for theft, for as we say that the nice word to say is shrinkage, right? Shrink age, strike wage. That’s one thing. I think number two, we did time. Your, you’re just straight up mean to to an employee, to a, to a patient. You know, whenever you want to be argumentative, if you’re just an argumentative person, that’s, that’s a, that’s a no brainer. And the third one is, it’s kind of a sidebar here, but that is if you turn down a walk in, you could be fired immediately. So that’s kinda one of those things I had to put in there because you know, it didn’t really affect them. I mean, they still got their paycheck, they still got out of there on time. They still got their thing. And so when a patient came in the door, if they turn them away then they could be immediately fired for that.

Charles Colwell let’s talk about this for a second. You have to manage everyone differently and you and Amber have a great team there at colo fitness. But talk to me, what are those, those challenges of managing people on a case by cases, case by case basis, because you have a great team now, but in route to building this team. I mean, what are some of the challenges that you ran into before establishing a quality team that you have now?

Well, the problems us here. So the question is the problems I’ve had.

Yeah. What were the problems you had? I mean as it relates to the different personality types there?

Yeah. Like as far as people actually show up on time, do their job and you know, somehow, wow their boss. Can I always just break it down really simple. I say as long as you show up on time, do your job and then while you direct supervisor, you’re going to be promoted every time. So it’s basically show up, do your job and then somehow between those two times of, of before you end the day, just while your direct supervisor and then they always get promoted. But if they don’t show up and they don’t do their job, those are grounds for termination. You can give them some mornings and some coaching and then if they don’t show up, don’t do their job and don’t while your boss, they can be replaced at any time. So those are the three things that I would show up on time. Do your job and then similar between the two, figure out how to wow your direct supervisor. And that’s the three key things I look for in people.

I feel likeZ , this is, this is what happens. It seems like in the game of football, the guy who’s the most athletically talented, your cake pushes back the most about everything. Maybe the most entitled and the person who is the least talented athletically and football tends to be the most coachable cause they have to be here. And I think it’s, I think it’s interesting how bill Belicheck will put up with you until he doesn’t put up with you. And I’ve heard you say that a lot and that’s one thing I’ve learned from you, I learned from watching bill Belichick is coach bill Belichick. He will put up with you yes. For as long as he wants to put up with you. Can you please talk to me about the balance of this? Because I have seen you explain this to me. You’re like, well, this is something we’re going to put up with for a while, but mentally we need to fire this person mentally. Talk to me about that. How do you do that? Well, when you own a business, you have someone that’s a good producer. I don’t care what you’re doing. May they make the most sales calls. They close the most deals, they sell the most widgets, you know, they, they can fix the fits that fits or valve the Fetzer valve. The fits are valid quicker than anybody else. I mean they a rock

Star employee in that regard, but they always show up late. Always take too much time for lunch, always want to leave early. Always. Always have some drama in the office about something always. And you know, you can fill in some other blanks to you if you business owners out there and nod and going, yeah, I’ve got a couple of those. Yup. [inaudible] And people always ask about when, why do you put up with them? And I say, well because so far they, the straw on the camel’s back hasn’t broken the back yet. Now there may be a day when I’ve had my field of said drama. I’ve had my feel of said tardiness. I’ve had my feel of their entitled attitude. Yup. And Epic until that point is dong cause I can put up with it you know, the benefits are outweighing the cost to me right now the ROI on this employee is still in my favor enough that I want to put up with the Jack ass re that they bring to the, you know, they bring every day and that’s it. That’s a good call. I mean people ask me all the time, how do you know when you’re, when you’ve had enough from an employee? I go, you’ll when you know, you know, I mean it’s one of those days where you wake up and the same thing happened, but all of a sudden just something snaps. And it is, it is literally the straw that broke the camel’s back.

And you though are very good about not firing people in a way that creates drama for you. No, wait till you have all the chess pieces in place. So you can say you’re fired and checkmate. Now I want to tell you something right now. This may I share a little superpower. I would love those shows. Super time savings. Super power. Oh nice. Do we have time for that nugget? I am ready for the superpower. Okay, here we go. Give it to us.

Young one pebble in my hand thinking statute. I listened to me. I’m going to save you hours of your life and you’re welcome up front. By the way. Follow the simple guide to firing your next person needed to fire. Write this down. Write this down. And that is you call them into your office and once they’re in your office, you tell them these simple, simple words, simple phrase. And that is

Since you brought up Billy Billy, it’s just not working out. You’re fired, right? And Billy is going to want to sit there and argue and fuss and cry and throw a fit. Maybe get argumentative, maybe want to fight you, maybe want to throat punch you. I mean, it could go a number of ways, but you just keep, stay, stay steady, don’t take the bait. As we used to say, just say it’s not working out. You’re fired. You need to leave now. And that’s it. You already have HR policies on what happens two weeks, you know, but whatever, whatever your policies are in place, you’ve already got those in place, right? So you don’t need to go over those. They can go over with someone’s HR or their exit on their way out. But what will happen is if they say, you know, here’s, here’s, here’s a, here’s a fishing technique.

If they look at you and say, well, so that I can be a better employee in my next job, what can I do better? And then that’s the bait. Then you go, well, you could actually show up on time. And then next thing you know, they go down the litany of everyone of your employees that’s ever been late and how many minutes they were late. And why aren’t they being fired? And you’re, you know, you don’t like me because it really is something else. I mean, so you get into this argument that before you know it, you’ve burned two hours of your life. You’ve got nothing else to accomplish. You’re not here to live coach this person at this point. They’ll sort it out. They’ll figure it out. If they can’t figure it out, that’s on them, not you. You know, that’s the way life works. So whenever you’re ready to do that and you’ve made your decision, then you say you’re not gonna change it. You say it’s just not working out. You need to leave your fire and that’ll save you hours of argumentative frustration and it as much as you want to sit there and get into the nuts and bolts and the nitty gritty of why you did it. Don’t take the bait.

I have a, a, a little, a story for the listeners out there about bill Belichick letting people know when it’s not working out. And Z I think you would appreciate this story or, or get repulsed by the strategy. Jonas gray it was a member of the Patriots who set the record for most rushing yards in a game, most rushing yards in a game. And XE. Why is that sort of a big thing to set the record for most rushing yards. And again, for people out there who don’t know football, that will,

Well, I’ll tell you what the, you know, NFL football goes back quite a few years and there’ve been a lot of lot of great running backs that have, you know, that have that Mark. And so to, to beat that Mark, I met the big deal.

So he got the ball, he was on the Patriots team, he was handed the ball and was able to get a 201 rushing yards in a game, 200, one yards, two and one. And so, you know, that’s pretty impressive, right? I mean, he did a great job playing there versus the Colts and racks up an incredible amount of a yard. Doesn’t mean very few bring backs, get a hundred yards a game, let alone 200. I mean, this is a big deal. And so the next they have a meeting, a team meeting of some kind, and not really sure all the events that happened, but, but Jonas grey missed a team meeting. You don’t remember. I remember this. I remember this. And this is a guy who’s a very you know, he’d set the record for most yards, you know, carried by the Patriots and, and, and again, and so I guess that he was he’s, he claims that the phone charger didn’t work.

We don’t know what happened. All we know is that he didn’t wake up until after until eight 30, which was an hour after the meeting started to mean he’s supposed to start seven 30. And he wakes up at eight 30. Got it. And I remember he just set the record for most yards in a game, you know. So then he went in to the team about 5:30 PM to the facility. And bill Belichick’s was was walking on the treadmill, reading his notes, and he looked over at him and said, dad, we just can’t have it repeatedly. And then Jonas gray discovered that he was cut in half crazy and they’re going, well, first thing first, he said, he, he bitched him right for a game. Why did he bench for a game? Well, this is, what’s crazy is that grey is telling reporters, he said he was very teary eyed.

He says, I was pretty shocked. I didn’t see it coming. And I don’t have all the story in front of me. Just give you some headlines from the Yahoo sports article on this called a, I remember Jonas gray, if not for an uncharged phone, he might still be in the NFL. That’s, that’s the article that just came out November 13th of 2019. And if you’re an NFL player and you oversleep, there’s only 53 of you and you’re only all together at one time to watch the game film or whatever that is. So there’s a little less grace if you’re, if you’re the president of the United States and you, you go on a bender and forget about that whole presidential address thing and then you show up an hour late, you know, looking like a, you got some problems going on. There’s probably just not a whole lot of forgiveness from the American people.

Just probably not. And if you’re the CEO of a company and you make are pretty bad moral fo policy, a lot of responsibility, it’s probably not a lot of grace there. If you’re the pastor of a mega church, there’s probably not a lot of grace there. But as you go down the skill level, there’s probably a little more grace. But I would just say if you’re out there today, I would encourage you to write down and think about it, how much grace per position, cause you know, Charles, you know this, if it’s an entry level position at colo fitness, someone who started yesterday, they’ve probably not had a whole lot of jobs where the expectation for excellence was very high. And at colo fitness you do a great job mentoring up people to a different level of expectation. But a lot of times they come in and all their previous job was a job where they can be late, it didn’t matter. And you know, if you were to fire someone the first time they’re late, you probably wouldn’t have any employees at all at an entry level position. But you do coach them up over time. Can you talk about the balance of that? And by the way, just make sure you eat that microphone like I’m really like a hot dog that you’re passionate about.

Oh yeah. Well the first thing I would say is we always, a lot of the people that start at the front are more entry level workers. And so the, the goal is is to, to talk to them about, Hey, you need to be on time. Make sure you show up a little bit early for each shift. Make sure you’re prepped and ready to go. And we talked to them about it and you can really kind of read off the person’s attitude, where they genuinely care about you. And the company and the ones that really care and then start making a change for that, you generally can coach them up and they can do very well. And it’s also too, like I’d say in the first 90 days, if it’s a repeated behavior, two or three times, it’s definitely not gonna work out. You’ll have somebody that will have come in and start working and they are just killing it for six months or a year.

And then they go through like a little where two, three days in a row they had some issue. Or maybe there’s also a college student and they’ve been cramming for a bunch of stuff and you can just tell they’re super diligent. They’re a players almost all the time if they had a little season. So we do have forgiveness for certain people that genuine, it’s like abnormal for them to have their like poor attendance and or being on time. So that’s the kind of stuff that we see. And then also as like management or assistant managers or team leads, those are ones that are already been vetted over the first 90 days. We have a criteria, so every 90 days they have a interview and all these things are really specifically documented on a three 60 review, not just from them or their direct managers. It’s also some of the surrounding employees and so that if they made it past the first 90 days, they’re pretty good people and so we definitely work with them. If there’s an issue,

You know a Z back to Ben Horowitz here, the man who built Opsware and sold it for one point $6 billion Shunda he says here, he says to me, provocative. No one has ever fired someone too soon. The longer you wait to fire them, the more compounded success is lost. That’s one way to look at it. That’s one way to look at it and I have found the higher you go up, the more you’re going to see that worldview and the smaller the business, the more jackass for you’re going to put up with. If you’re listening right now, I mean if you are putting up with some serious Jack ass, a Jack ass early in your life, you’re just putting up with a little, you know, like you’re waiters, waitresses provided a great salad and a great customer experience with a side of sarcasm. If you’re putting up with that, the province are really low unless you’re, unless you puts out that restaurant that does that, that encourages their people to Dick’s last resort.

There we go. Yes, let’s true Dick’s last resort, everybody else then that probably applies the lower your expectations, the lower the conversations in the lower your compensation. That’s just what happens. It’s just what happened. Now bill Belichick quote number 22, he says, you either get the job done or you don’t, dr Z and the context of business. I’m an optometrist. I work for you helping people improve their vision. And you know, you have certain standards and checklists and processes and one thing you have to do is you got the people on your team have got to save the files properly. You know the first name and the last name of every patient and some people just for whatever reason just can’t seem to spell the name right. They can’t just clarify the name, they just can’t seem to get the phone number on file.

They, they wanted to clarify the prescription. None of your employees, he, this is all just hypothetical, but people just tend to mind. Talk to me about that for a second. You either get the job done or you don’t. Every one of my businesses, I mean at the sleep center, you know when people come in there and they have to get six hours of sleep and if you don’t hook up the 24 electrodes properly to them and they get sleep all night long, guess what? We don’t have a, they have to come back and that is not good because the people in that stuff, they sleep out of their own bed, they’ve got to make plans for it and then you know, the range, their life, I mean it’s, it’s, it’s challenging. Just same thing when patients come in, they expect you to good eye exam and be able to actually see clearly, I know this sounds crazy, see clearly and comfortably out of their glasses or

Contacts. It’s crazy as that sounds. That’s what they expect.

Can I, I’ve audio here and Devin, you, you gave me an audio file before we started here and this [inaudible] you have a sleep center, you mentioned what’s the website for your sleep center?

Dr Z’s sleep center.

Now Devin. I don’t know if, if I say you gave me an audio file through ESP, I think you, you, you and I have telepathically communicated that you wanted to give me this audio file and I will see how it will play a little game with dr Z. Is this audio of one of your employees at the sleep center putting on an electrode on one of your patients or is this not? Okay. Now you’re going to have to wait all 27 seconds because it’ll start off and you might go, Oh, this is obviously my sleep center. But before we play the audio, please explain to the listeners out there, if they live in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and they schedule a sleep exam, what actually happens? A sleep study, what actually happens?

Well, what happens is, and by the way, the, the


The URL is dr Z, [inaudible] dot com [inaudible] dot com dr Z. Well, what happens is when they come in, they’re having problems sleeping. And so to diagnose that too, you have to do a sleep study on them. And in order to do a sleep study, they need to come in and we need six hours of sleep and they come into our facility. We have a two bedroom and you know, it’s a comfy bed and it’s all the accoutrements you’d find, you know, a little TV up on the wall and, and a little nightstand with the little nightlight on it and all that good stuff. And they, they actually have to be hooked up to 24 different electrodes. In various spots, some in their heads, some of their chest. I’m in the round there, their head neck and then they, they go to sleep and then they’d sleep for six hours. And we have a software that gathers all the data when you have a technician following and tracking it. And then it’s read by a sleep physician who then comes up with a diagnosis of why you’re not sleeping. And hopefully it’s something we can help you with. You may have restless leg syndrome. You

Cool. Well, let me queue it up here. One of your kind nurses was sitting down with this patient here and I believe this is the right file.

You have cameras in and recordings from everywhere.

Yeah, no, this is audio here of, I’ll wait when your nurses talking to one of your sleep study patients, let me keep this audience. This is not actual audio. Please correct me. After about a minute and 27 seconds, let me get it ready here. Okay, here we go. So this is one of your patients showing up. Carl. He’s here. I guess Alison is the tech. She’s good to, Hey, this guy. Oh, that’s Rooney. My new friendly, he’s a male nurse. We hit a couple of raves last night. It was totally off the hook. Yeah, you seem a little heifer. I had a couple of red bulls. You ever had a red bull? I never had a red bull before, but I had a red bull last night. I really liked red ball. I got a new necklace. Lowe’s in the dark. You can’t really see it right now. We should do this.

That’s really something grab will make you crash pretty hard. No, no, no, no, no. I don’t think so. No. No. Hey, after we chat, we shouldn’t get a red bull. You could get a red bull leg, hon. We can a red bull rebel. It’s going to be hard to get six hours of sleep out of him though. Okay, so people are all hopped up on energy drinks today and people have our time sleeping. That’s when it might not have been the right audio file, but do a hard time due to a lot of other variables too. But, but maybe energy drinks is a problem.

It can be, you know, some people take caffeine or energy drinks too late the day and the just their body can’t unwind and go to sleep.

So this is the part I worry about. And again, you just listen to all 27 seconds. And tell me if this is because people are probably more worried about doing a sleep study. What do I have to spend the night there? Do I actually sleep if I do a sleep study at a doctor’s Z’s? Not calm. Do I actually stay overnight at your place? Sure. Yeah. Six hours of sleep. All right, let me cute. Let me cue up the audio. Let me just, I’m really worried about this one, Devin, I don’t know if you’ve got the right file on this. Let me queue it up here.

[Inaudible] Wow. Assume the position studies are a tad bit different than that. It’s a little different. Just a touch. Just a touch.

Was that after you changed the workflow was early on the early days of it, we’ve changed that checklist but had to be changed dramatically to prevent that from happening when you’re 24 you know, electric. But I seriously mean this. If you don’t put the 24 electrodes on, it doesn’t work at colo fitness that when people come in the first month at colo fitness, what’s the no brainer? You guys have Charles Cola, for first months of dollar and we also have a three day money back guarantee. We’ll give you a dollar back if you do some for any reason. It’s not a good thing. It is possible hypothetically for someone to screw that up. I mean, if I worked for you and maybe I put the customer’s information in incorrectly, I could mess it up, right? Yeah, we do. We’ve had people ask for the dollar back. So again, I mean you either get the job done or you don’t, and it’s not mean. You just either get the job done or you don’t see. It’s not mean.

It’s not mean. And you’re paying them to do a job and it seems so, I don’t know. It seems people go, that’s so mean to fire someone and go, no, I, we had a deal. And if they don’t do their end of the bargain or the deal, what’s my recourse not to pay them more that try, but then they’re don’t work for me. So it’s called firing them and, and it’s okay folks. I’ve honored a couple of shows ago. We’ve talked about that. And I said more times than not, you help a person in the next chapter of their life. They come to some realizations, they have to face themselves in the mirror. They have to really come to grips with what happened and why. And is that the way they want to go to life? Going from job to job to job, job getting fired, fired, fired, fired.

And it’s stressful. I’ve been fired once. I was fired once I Mark. Yeah. [inaudible] I was the president by Martin. I got let go. And it’s, it’s, it’s crazy. If it was the best thing that happened to me. And I, I couldn’t tell you how many people that doctors in particular that I have fired over the years, and I see them years later at a function or a conference or something and, you know, just checking in with them, still being nice and, and say, Hey, how’s it going? How’s the best band you’ve let me go was the best thing that happened. I went out on my own and I’ve gotten in my own little practice and I’m, I’m loving life. And man, it’s just, it’s so refreshing to work for myself now. And I would’ve never done that and never would have stepped out if you hadn’t kind of pushed, you know, you gotta sometimes you gotta push that little bird out of the nest.

And anyway, so sometimes it’s a, it can be a really good thing for them and it’s always a good thing for your business. You know, whenever people don’t understand that, but you know, the, the, the other employees see you make that decision to fire. Someone Jack Welch talks about in his book and he winning, winning. He talks about a good public hanging and we don’t actually hang the people. It’s metaphorically speaking, a good firing really gets everybody else on their toes. I mean, when we let somebody go, it’s amazing. The next day I’m, everybody’s high and tied, coming up. There’s no phones on the floor like they’re not supposed to be. I mean, people are, you know, the phones ringing not three times a twice and it’s being picked up. I mean, people are on their game places high and tight and clean like it’s supposed to be. And so it’s amazing to be like, Oh my gosh, they’re serious about this thing. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, they’re going to let you go. And it’s like, yeah, that’s the way it works.

Now what I want to do is I want to talk about something Z that, that really, this part’s going to bothersome to build Bella check moon, but it’s called secrecy. And bill Belichick is very, very secretive about things that the media doesn’t need to know about. So I’m gonna read you a little notable quotable bill Belichick, quote number 23. We have absolutely done as much work as we can on finding out things like that and we’ll try to get all the information that we can at as that would apply to any current situation, which I can’t talk about. That’s him answering a question from the media. But bill Belichick gets a lot of crap from the media for not answering their questions, but bill Belichick also is known for having watched the other team’s press conferences to learn about their injury reports and to help strategize. Z. Talk to me about this cause a lot of business owners feel mean for not sharing all of the information with all of their employees all the time.

Well, I think he’s, that’s why he’s a winner. You know, whenever you have to understand, I, I saw an interview with him the other day. They were doing the show on Sunday night. They had a little interview with him and one of his favorite books that he read wanted all of his coaches to read was guess what? The art of war, the art of war, what am I top three. You love that book. I love that. And in there there is a lot about scouting your opposition, understanding their weaknesses, attacking their weaknesses, understanding weaknesses, and then defending for your weaknesses and understanding your strengths and playing to your strengths. It’s all breaks down in that book. And so if you tell all your business all the time to everybody, then they’re going to figure you out quicker than they should be. And so when you start a business, if you have one now you should be thinking this is war. And you know, I’m not, I’m not, am I saying you get a shotgun, go down the street and you know, shoot, started trying to start to Charlotte. Okay. Corral shootout, you know, but it is war in the sense that you both are competing to win and you both want to win. You want to end customers, you want to win the job, you want to win

That, the sale you want. You walk over there,

There’s your 50 caliber, right? Taking the show pretty literal.

Oh they are. I think you may be tapped in at one 34 mini gun just for [inaudible] aware. Wow. That’s like am 16 [inaudible] it sounds like an M 17 I was [inaudible] get one of those Atwoods right now. That was a need for sounds a little [inaudible]. Very similar. Our mat, M 41 a used to go to buy those at Dick’s until last weekend. Sam were 41 feet in Dick’s, his band, the auto nine sales of that AK 47 gone down at Dick’s recently. They used to sell that.

Sorry. Sorry, I was just the businesses war. But you have to play to win. That’s why we talk about having secret shoppers. You know, you want a secret shop yourself to find out what your own weaknesses are. And that’s what bill Belichick was talking about. That what’s in that book, the art of war by Shenzhou and and you. You also want a secret shop your opponents to find out what their weaknesses are, what their strengths are. Maybe they’re doing something better than you are that you could incorporate. That’s okay folks. It’s all about understanding. You want to win in business. So many businesses start up and fail and that’s what we want to do. We want to provide some, some just some straight up mentorship for business owners out there so they can open up their business and keep it open.

Charles, I want to ask you this because I know at colo fitness you have a great team now, but let’s go back. Old school back in the day, have you ever shared too much information with an employee on your team who then later as a way of thanking you with it, maybe sometimes months or years ended up becoming your direct competitor? I mean you, you taught them a, B, C, I of your desire to teach, to mentor and to coach up your people. Have you ever taught somebody so much information that they could only thank you properly by competing directly, directly against you? Because I know that I have, I just want to know, have you ever done that, my friend? Yes. What I had learned with like fitness training,

I would teach somebody how to base. A lot of people are really good trainers, but then when they get into trying to sell it on a regular basis, they don’t have the sales skills and they can’t have, they don’t have the interpersonal skills to connect and then really truth drive it down to a sales acquisition and then have the, have the actual documentation, truth one sheets and so on that does all the processing for the billing. And so what I would do is sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, and then fill up everybody. And then I’m, so, I’m, so I’ve got like 20 appointments on sales and I’ve got six or seven guys train on the floor. And then I need to train somebody up to manage that. And then I teach them all the sales stuff and then the sales guy ends up selling really good and then six months later he leaves and tries to take trainers and so on. Then becomes your competition. But the, but the funny thing is, is most people that work that way, they’re not diligent and so they end up falling apart within a year, year and a half. And they either come back and ask for a job again or they’re just not consistent to keep up with it. But yes, the answer is yes, I have trained up people to become a competition.

Z. Have you ever trained up somebody who thanked you by competing directly with you? Oh, all the time. Yeah. I’m Charles. I had a question for you by what you’re talking about that is, or is there anything that a former employee can do that burns the bridge that you would never ever contemplate hiring them back?

Oh yeah. It would always be like an integrity thing. And then also when they’re directly lying to me, when I’ve already done my homework to my face, it really pisses me off. And so when I know that I know that I know that they’re lying and they’re also being unethical and I can have a lot of grace when somebody is honest and has remorse and you can tell they’re really genuine, they care about you, they care about learning from you and to, to do the right thing. So I definitely wanna help somebody make that through. I wasn’t always perfect. I’m a knucklehead. I’m a Jack a like clay says, I’ve made some mistakes, so I like to give people second chances, but there’s definitely things where I can tell they’re lying to me, have given a second chance.

I want to get your, I want to, I want to get you off the mic and I want your, your wife on the mic for a second because I want to get her take on this and maybe we can adjust the Mike Devin maybe to accommodate Amber who is a smaller in stature but, but really bigger and PR and persona and, and power. She’s, she’s a leading member of the power team. Dynamite. And she was ripping phone books in half as a warmup for today’s show and, and just make sure you eat that Mike with a lot of passion there. Have you ever watched your husband who is probably the most compassionate guy now been screwed by giving someone a third chance and thought to yourself this has to stop. Has that ever happened? Oh absolutely. Seriously? Yeah. And it was a really hard part for me that you and my wife share in that role.

So from afar you’re not in it. So where are you as an entrepreneur thinking Oh I could really fix this guy, I could train him. And so you see us devoting, in this case Charles Case, but Mike has me, you see them devoting that Saturday night or that Friday night or that Tuesday night or whatever that, that their, their downtime, their free time to go that extra mile to train the person and you know that they’re gonna screw you. How have you as a couple been able to work through that? Not happening anymore cause it used to happen but now not so much anymore. How did you, is a couple of works for that cause there’s somebody out there listening right now who’s going through this situation right now? Well, I think we have to remind each other. We are on the same team, so, but that doesn’t always mean we would make the same decision in the same situation.

So I am supportive of him and he’ll be supportive of me even if we don’t agree with the decision. But to also encourage each other and remind each other what our longterm goal is for the company and letting that person go might be the best thing for the company, might be the best thing for them. There was one time I was out of town and I got back and he had bailed one of our employees out of jail. Oh wow. And so, and we were going to garnish some money out of paychecks for the bail money and yeah. So I thought, okay, that is definitely a decision I would not have made. But, but to watch him he does have a passion for people loving people. So,

Okay. I just was curious. They’re not, you know bill Belichick quote number 24 it says here, whatever success I’ve had, it’s because I’ve tried to understand the situation of the player. I think the coach, his duty is to avoid complicating matters. Z I see this a lot. We’re an entrepreneur comes into the meeting and they say Z you know I got up, I got up quick notes I want to share with the team. Sure. And they’ll have a book like this, ESPN, the company shared story and lessons behind the most fanatical Brandon sports and it’s dog-eared. Oh yeah. And there’s writings in the 706 quick tips. Yeah. See like guys, cause an entrepreneur. You are an entrepreneur. You love learning. Sure. So you get this novel, this, this, this book, this minis. You just watched the entire documentary series of Steve jobs.

You come into your staff and you say, guys, listen, I just finished reading ESPN the company and we’re going to have a 14 hour meeting devoted the teacher who the 107 steps that we need to reinvigorate the entire company by Monday. And everybody’s wearing black turtlenecks from here on out. Right? That’s the Steve jobs part. And by the way, and you could say, and it’s too much. And then I used to think that’s how you had to run a company. But now I as I’ve, as I’ve got a chance to shadow actual billionaires and multi-millionaires, I’ve discovered this is how their meetings go. They’ll say a Carl this week as the front desk guy, I want you to sell memberships and we’re going to role play on memberships and you’ve got to get those reviews and we’re going to work on memberships and getting those reviews.

And if we have time, we might work on checklists, but we’re going to go back to reviews and memberships and we’re going to work on it for 30 minutes and I’ll see you next week as opposed to these 17 hour coach Athens, can you talk to me about the importance of making your systems simple and repeatable and scalable? Because if not by default, we’re all going to create a high-skill job as opposed to a business. Well, I’d also like to touch on the I, before I do that, I’d like to touch on meetings. You have to understand folks, if you want a business and you have a meeting with your employees, you’re paying them to not be productive. Right. Then I’ll talk about that. They’ll give you a rap beat and you just kinda repeat that until I had to explain. I know entrepreneurs that for whatever reason they want to have a every week

And go over the same things. They’ve been going over the same time, same, same stick getting done. And you know, they got 20 employees, Hey nerd per se, but I paid them 15 bucks an hour each one you do the math and that buy a nice steak dinner, if you know what I mean. You want to, you want to get a nice steak dinner and maybe a nice bottle of wine with your, with your honey. Talking about theoretical, you know, date night or do you want to go to taco bueno or big Mac? You get a big Mac at, you know, I mean date night, honey, sorry. I had that meeting and it’s kind of expensive and one thing I found out is that while while all the kids, all the employees are in the meetings, none of them were making calls other they’re making sales. The bottom line doesn’t change other than it’s just costing me money. But the good thing about is I could use my same notes for every meeting. I mean, I’m ready. Every meeting I get the same set of notes and I mean it’s, I mean, yes

And drama and religion and politics and politics and drama. What are we having for lunch for our next meeting and then corporate involvement. In fact, I need a faithful right now, corporate, corporate picnic, the group corporate,

You’ve see the seat. It’s very, very common. It’s very common now and again, as an example, let’s do the reverse of what he just talked about. If you have a quick trip, if you run a quick trip gas station, you’re a manager. Every single time there’s a shift change. You’ve got to go over the checklist that needs to be done. Okay, gotcha. Elephant in the room, every morning you have a quick huddle that things should be like a standing meeting. It’s going over what needs to be done. But there are some companies that insist on having a meeting where it doesn’t serve any purpose. It doesn’t inspire, nor does it challenge [inaudible] again, so I’m not, we’re not saying all meetings are bad, but we’ve been, we’ve all been in meetings where we’re like, nothing got done, nothing got done. It’s a two hour meeting where people are discussing how they feel.

Right? Everybody’s just tried to sneak around on their phone during the meeting and nobody’s paying attention anyway

And everybody feels like they need to have something to add. So this is how it is. This is how it goes. You know, he tries to wrap up the meeting, this guys, does anyone have something to add? And I’m like, ah. Well right. You have one, one thing real quick. Yeah. When you look at the word Zellner the word, it’s a red letter with zoner the red. Could it be blue? Could it be blue Cod? We make that change and then when you guys think it should be blue and now half the people who kind of like Billy because Billy is likable. Half the group it’s like, Whoa. Yeah. Oh, we love bloke. Hey, well, one more thing while I’m on this, while I’m on this role, this little power trip, can we change the overhead music and how many of you want to change it? How many of you are tired of that same playlist, same red logo and now it’s a herd mentality and the herd is running over the leader and the leaders try to run by consensus. You know what I mean to you? The leader try to lead by, instead of having a profitable and benevolent dictatorship, he wants to have a socialist, a tropical Island time business, which I with that, I like Palm trees. You know what I’m saying? You don’t like coconuts, just say it. You know what I’m talking about though. You’ve seen that.

I know. I stated it makes me crazy. I’m like, have a meeting when you need to have a meeting. Don’t have a meeting because it’s on your CEO checklist that that’s what you’re supposed to do.

Does that make sense? Yes. Okay. Thank you. It’s powerful. Okay. Now bill Belichick, quote number 25, he says, I am who I am. He’s quoting from him and him. There I am who I am, says I am who I am. In the end, I feel that what I’m accountable for is doing a good job as a football coach. I want to get your take on this and I want to go to Charles on this because you taught me this. I don’t need to be a life coach unless I am a life coach. And I thought I needed to be. I thought because I’m the owner of a company with let’s say more than 50 people or because I own companies that have hundreds of people or whatever that number was, whatever that reality was at that time in my life. I felt like I got to be like a CEO is like Tony Robbins, whoo. Meets like Chuck Norris. Oh yeah. Meets like Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers meets Yoda. And so I’m trying to do all that and I’m trying to be the best motivator ever. Trying to make my own infomercials series for my team, trying to write books for my team, just all these things I have to do. And at the end of the day I’m just accountable for making a profit with a company DJ when I own it. That would’ve been cool if Mr. Rogers had like a lightsaber, wouldn’t it have a beautiful day in the name? A beautiful day in the name.

But think about this for a second. There’s somebody out there and this is what you’re doing. You bought into this belief that you’re, you have to make what you do more profound than making a profit, selling hamburgers. And so you have a business that sells hamburgers and that’s how you make your profit. And so instead of spending time with your kids or you know your own family, you are building, you’re doing things that don’t relate to the business and you’re, you’re getting sucked into this. It’s almost like business meets church kind of combo. And yet the church isn’t very, it’s not a well run church or a well run business right now. If your business is profitable, I give you permission to go a little deeper if you want to, but we can’t get distracted Z trying to be anything more than what we need to be. You know what I’m saying? Like bill Belichick’s not trying to be a motivational leader. He’s just trying to win games.

He understands his lane and he stays in it. That’s, that’s a term that’s out there that I think people can really understand. Know your lane and do it with excellence. Oh man. Whenever you have yourself or an employee or even friends or family members that we see, they’re trying to get out of their lane and trying to get into somebody else’s business, trying to do something that they don’t have the equipment to do it just Oh, and you. We all know that we all, we all know somebody that thinks they’re funny and they’re not. For example, Oh, we’ve this

And, and you just want to say, stop. Tell her you’re not funny. Please, please. For the love of good please. Just you. And by the way, what’s frustrating about not being funny? And I think if people don’t laugh, what’s frustrating? I think everyone can be funny in their own lane. Let’s do an example. You tell jokes and they get laughs, like you know how to introduce the plot and go, okay. And then you’ll get you introduced the story and we’re kinda like, Oh, I’m in the story with you. I’m following down your path. And then you tee up the fork in the road. AK, it’s time for the [inaudible], you know they’re going and then I you, you kind of guess as the listener and you’re like, I wonder what the answer is going to be. And then because your answer is different than what we expected the punchline to do.

And it works. That’s humor. You’re good at that. Well, but some people are storytellers and they’re not good ones. And some people are just, their awkwardness is funny. Some people are. But I’m saying nothing’s worse than when you don’t know what you’re working with and you keep going with it. I get it. And that’s why I’m just saying, know your lane. And that’s why when you meet someone who knows their lane and they stay in it and they do it with excellence, they’re really charming to be around. I mean, I really love those people. You know, they, there may be that can be maybe a little self deprecating. I mean, they don’t take themselves too high. They, their prides not over the top. I mean they just, they get themselves and they’re comfortable in their own skin. They know their lane and those are the kind of people I like working for me because these are that kind that are coachable.

They understand they’re not perfect. Yep. And they also understand what they’re, what they’re good at. And when you tell them, Hey, I need you to do this. They, they’ll know whether that’s in their lane or not. They’ll know, you know, and they kind of have an open conversation about that. Say, I think I’d do better over here, this part of your business then that business for these reasons. Charles, have you ever allowed yourself to be pulled into a different lane where you found yourself networking at events where the only people attending these events are not potential gym members? Have you ever been pulled into a different lane? My friend? Oh yes I did. I’ve done everything wrong. So yeah, I’ve done that. I want to share by a low point of networking and you could share yours. Okay. I remember going to a business after hours event for a chamber thing.

Now people out there that don’t know this, I don’t go out unless my wife is with me. So I really, if we’re going to go out, I’ll bring my wife. That’s what I do. And I’m not saying that that’s right or wrong, it’s just what I do. Okay. So for us, in our family, that’s what works. So I go to the [inaudible] business after hours of it for a local chamber. Oh, business. Oh wait, business after hours. Yeah, but it’s a business and they said, we’re featuring a guest speaker. Wait, is it after? After hours? I mean it was, it wasn’t, I didn’t know it was like business after I thought it was like, you know, business after hours of this guest speaker and I get there and there’s about a hundred people there and all of the ladies, mostly ladies price, 70% are ladies, they’re like 23 four, five, six shish all the guys are like 50 45 ish business owner guys. And I’m realizing this is like kind of like a speed dating the way that, the way that it feels and there’s a lot of drink tickets there. A lot of miniskirts going on. There’s a lot. It feels kinda clubish you know the music.

And I’m thinking to myself like, how have I ended up here because there’s no rule of networking going on. And a few of the ladies at my networking table, cause you introduce yourself to the people next to you. One lady, she said, I remember, I don’t remember her name or anything, but she says, Oh it’s just an honor to meet you. We’re all going out tonight and you know the party buses picking us up at six 30 and are you going to go with us? And I’m like, I’m definitely married. Like Oh it’s okay, we’re all married and I’m just like, what have I done? But I kept going to these things because I’d signed up for the year. I say, well no I’m serious. Did they have the breakfast meeting? Cause you get like 12 meetings you can go to for your membership. You get the lunch, the breakfast, you get the after hours and I started going and then if you, if you’re a, if you’re a premium member they say since you said you’ve donated so much this year, you need to put like $600 in, you get to volunteer to be a speaker at junior achievement.

Wow. You get to wow, I get to be a volunteer speaker because they appeal to that level. As young entrepreneur, they appeal to the pride thing. They say they say they told me I was selected. You’ve been selected to volunteer as a platinum sponsor. That’s now I’m going to like broken arrow high school. At least every week for at least three or four hours. And I’m not booking any weddings from high school seniors. I’m not booking any weddings from the networking event. And then it gets worse. There was a class where it’s like a, they’re teaching some sort of financial literacy and I guess the teacher couldn’t be there. So they asked me to fill in, Oh no. As I get home and Vanessa goes, what were you doing today? And I’m like, I was teaching a safe sex class to a bunch of high school students and a financial literacy class.

And she goes all day. Why? And I’m like, well, because I was working, I was selected to volunteer and this is what happened to the high school. True story. The teacher couldn’t be there and I guess the backup teacher couldn’t be there either. The substitute couldn’t be there and they heard that I was a good speaker. So they asked if I could fill in true story. So all of a sudden I’m there. But this is like, what are you doing? You have your own kids and you’re networking with who are, who is that? These things. And I’m like, babe, I get two more events I can go through this year. I got, I’ve already paid for mine. But you get, you get caught in that dev loop. It’s crazy. I mean, Charles, if you ever been caught in the death spiral of the yes,

Oh yes, I would. I would actually have an assistant that would call every week. So he goes speak somewhere. Oh man. And it’s not sustainable. So one thing is, is I do believe there is some value when you’re first starting to try to make some connections in a town. When you really have a project service and a marketing strategy, that sucks. At least you’re getting out there and doing something. But there’s, but it’s not sustainable. Once you really are good at what you do and you’ve got good marketing, you don’t need to be taking the time to do all that. And it’s a lot of times you’re not really going in front of the ideal and likely buyer. And so for me, what I did, I spoke at a all of the elementary schools for healthy snack week, which are not going to ever buy training healthy snack week.

Yeah, for all the children. But I did get some crossover connections with some teachers. So there’s some, there’s some of that stuff that they see you caring for the kids and so on and they are, there are some times newspaper will show up and do a writeup for you since, so there’s some of those things that I have seen has benefits, but then whether it’s like SPO, speaking at rotary and speaking at all, gosh, you’re taking me flashbacks bro. Yeah, I’ve done a rotary. That was brutal. Yes. And so no offense if you’re a rotary member, but just please don’t ask me to speak again. I don’t have, I do those things. I’m not thinking that it’s a revenue producing activity. It’s a donation of my time to just love on people and help them learn a little bit more about fitness. I’m not saying it’s the best revenue producing activity, but there is things that I have done like that and it doesn’t equate to making money or building the company or building a better system. That’s a scalable.

If you got one gym membership from the speaking event, like you’re six or eight bucks. Yeah, woo. It’s like you’re making six bucks an hour. Now this is a funny thing. This has happened to dr Z a while back. This is Z. This is so far back. No, don’t guess what it is and I’m not going to describe any of the details surrounding the event other than I can just speak to this. Z got asked to speak and you don’t, you’re not a speaker, you’ll speak, but that’s not what you do. You’re going to speak to your own team. You’re not like traveling speaker guy. Correct in a group asked this guy to speak and so he goes out there and speaks and essentially the, the talk, and you’ve done a lot of talks about this, but one of the talks was about that business exists to serve you essentially, and here’s how you do it.

You know, and all the details. Well, I get a phone call and the guy’s like, Hey, Hey, Hey did you hear about Z’s speech? And I’m like, well, I knew he was going to do it. But what happened? It did not go over well. It did not. He came across a little bit brash, his tone, it was a little brash and it, it seemed like he was very selfish. And do you know him very well? I mean, does that, was that what he meant? And I’m like, did you invite him to speak yet? I said, well, what do you tell him this? Why are you calling me? Why are you calling me throughout the week? There’s probably, you know, 25 influential people there and you know, 10 of which are not influential. They’re just hanging on with the influential guy. And the unintelligible people just kept somehow reaching out to me and they were just so offended.

Wow. Because it was like this little, it was like this. And see it wasn’t like, it was more of the passive aggressive offense where they’re like, do you, do you agree? And kind of that selfish attitude, or do you see, I mean, even when you go out and speak the truth, because again, think about the math here for a second. There’s 330 million Americans. Okay. 300 330 million Americans check, 16 million of which are self employed. Got it. Check 96% of which fail according to Forbes. Yeah, unfortunately. Check. So that means you got a 0.0019 3.00193% chance of being successful sustainably over a decade. So in a group of a hundred people, there’s only maybe two people in that room. They know what’s going on, but everyone’s got an opinion. Yeah. So talk to me about the dangers of going out and speaking the truth to an audience. When you have no financial gain out of it and they’re asking you to get up there and teach the truth. I mean, a lot of people cannot handle the truth. They can’t handle the truth. And what I mean, and I

Oof, people want to argue because they, they feel like what they believe is the truth. And, and I want to look at them and say, Oh, it’s okay. You’re, you’re able to believe what you want to believe and how’s that working for you? Well, hopefully it’s working for you. Well if it’s not, you might want to rethink that. So when you’re around somebody who is successful and however you want to measure success, right? If you, if you’ll give them that, if they’re not successful, why are you, why are you even listening to them? Right? I mean, duh. So, so if you say, listen, this person is successful and I want to listen to them, and they, they tell you something that offends you or that goes against what you believe, you might want to give that some thought.

I love the false questions too, that happened at speaking events. I love these false questions. Here’s a, here’s a false question. Z, tell me if you ever heard something like this before. Let’s see. Try it. Doctor, dr Z, I have a question for you. Sure. And then I’ve got a question from coach Belicheck, dr Z. Do you, do you not like people or do you entirely just care about profits? My back to you sir. Yeah, exactly. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, sure. Or it’s likeZ , I heard you say a business exists to serve people. Do you not care about the community or do you only care about yourself

Or I love it when it’s, when it’s not a question, it’s really statement. You know, I started, I started my business to, to help people and, and to give back and it doesn’t seem like that’s what you’re professing here. It sounds like

bill Belichick gets these all the time. They get up there and they say, coach, coach we want to ask you a question now. No. Bill a check. Is he, have you heard a bell checks, press conferences, other, they’re Epic. They’re great. They’re fine. I mean, I’ve got a hundred take on this. I’m going to cue this up real quick cause this is a power quote. Then we go back to Charles here. He, bill Belichick is asked about Antonio Brown. And for those of you don’t know the story Antonio Brown is a man who is very good at football, but apparently sometimes struggles with living life. Right? Right. And so he you know, in his interviews, a lot of times he’ll lay out the ground rules of like, okay, here, we’re going to talk about this today, but we’re not going to talk about this. But people just keep on asking. So let me queue up the audio and it’s very uncomfortable to get through this, but we’re going to do it and I’m going to hit play here. Let’s, let’s queue this up. Here we go. Apologies.


Yeah. We’ve talked to Robert about that. I mean, every week you guys asked me about a players not on our team and it’s every week to me the same answer,

But these reporters every week ask him about Antonio Brown. They just keep asking him

Questions about Antonio you know, we take all the situations with our team very seriously. And there was some things that we’re looking into, but I’m not gonna have any comment on any of the off the field situations or questions on that. So I think want football. Here we go. Good answer. Just talk a little bit about Antonio Brown. No, not going to get into that.

You always say you want what’s best for the team. So how do you weigh with your players, their performance on the field with their behavior off the field and what’s best for the team?

Yeah, well, it’s a big picture question. You know, we answered the best we can. There’s no set formula.

Everything’s important. Bill, the other headline today focusing on any of this at all effective stairs. [inaudible]

Yeah, I think I’ve already addressed this. So we’re going to get ready for the jets here. Happy to answer any football questions, but rest of it, I’m done with the rest of it.


Okay. So yeah, that’s, yeah, I’m good. Okay. Thank you. Well, yeah, we had nothing.

Yeah, totally.

He walks off now. See the, I’ve had multiple speaking events I’ve done that have ended that way. Like multiple times where you get asked to speak before I realized to say no to everything. Sure. Except for things that monetize themselves or that can help my matter. Yeah. But I remember going to one chamber event and this lady kept saying so do you with DJ connection care about your company, your customers or profits? Cause you can only choose one. And I remember saying, I don’t know what book you’re reading, but you know, you can only choose one. It’s either you care, you care more about profits or your customers. And I said, let me, let me just try to assume for a second that you’re as the real question. If my customers are happy, they’ll come back and bring friends. So I care first about my customers because I care so much about my profits. But then sometimes I think so much about my profits, I care about my customers. As long as I think so much about my customers, I’m thinking about all the profits. I just can’t stop thinking. But that’s how it works. But man, we’ve all been asked those questions. Charles, you had a hot take about this. I think, Oh optic.

So dr Zealand’s going to go back to you and then like you’re talking about when you spoke and then clay was saying that sometimes what you said was more less about emotions and more about execution and running a good company and running good systems. It’s like you don’t care, but you really do care. You know that if everything’s getting, you’re running a scalable grow like great business and if it’s not working, the customer’s gonna freely, not desire to continue to purchase from you and you’ll make adaptions. So whether in my mindset, I guess my question to you is like well the first question would probably be like when you’re a small business and you’re 250,000 or less in gross sales, you’re really about personal self interaction. It’s a small business or you’re kind of like self employed. You have a job, you’re doing a lot of it yourself and you’re in relationships with the direct customer.

As you grow that you get into managing people and then you get into building systems and checklists and workflows and, and all of those things become more about execution and less about relational. So when you’re speaking to some of these groups, you have these groups that probably are in the small business mindset. It’s all about making me feel good. And like clay would talk about being a not a happy hoper and that’s how they run their businesses as they’re happy, hoping to make money. And you’re more about saying, Hey, you’ve got to follow the systems, the checklists, the workflows don’t get, don’t let yourself get emotionally held hostage by every situation with a manager and employee. Because the bottom line is is you’re the CEO of the major multimillion dollar company. Lots of different ones. And you have to execute. You have lenders and partners that you have to be accountable to.

And so what happens is is you’re coming from a core set of core value mindset. That’s different. Why I’m saying like, so I guess it’s not more of a style, more of a statement than a question what you’re saying. But what I’m trying to say is like, I will talk to people and I try to teach them this stuff and you’re like, wow, well you don’t care about, I know, I really do. But what the problem is is I have a lot of other responsibilities other than just one person in front of me. And I’m not just trying to sell $200,000 of gross sales in a company. I’m trying to build a system. Great companies have great systems that can’t create the systems. You’re limited resource. And so that’s where I want to train people to be. Go ahead. No, no, no. I’m tracking with you.

And sometimes like clay, you know, if Craig was going to be speaking to a in place, I spoke, spoken hundreds of times, if not thousands. If he is, if they said, Hey, we have a group of CEOs that you’re going to talk to, great audience, or we have a group of, of network marketing team here that’s trying to sell, you know, juices to their neighbors, you know they’re, they’re trying to, they’re all employed, but they’re trying to start their own little network marketing business, get signed up and we have this company here for you to come talk to. Those conversations would be different. Yes. If you wanted to connect with them, that’d be, that’d be different. You know, the high, the high, the high level staff, the, you know, the, what the Eagle view is, you know, the draft view up here verse, you know, the turtle, the turtle view down here on the bottom for guys down there, you know, who’s, you know, Hey, just Hey, just make a call, invite a friend to the meeting. You know, Billy down the street, we’ll host a meeting, he’ll have some more dirt from cheese, you know,

Some cut up cheese and some you know, a couple of glasses of wine out for him. And, and what happened is, is that that mindset is totally different. So you’re right, sometimes you can touch on a deeper, a deeper meaning or a deeper concept, right? And someone that’s not maybe ready for that is a little overwhelmed by it. And it comes across a little,

We live in a culture where this is how people want it to work. People want it to be like this. They want it to say, we, we love to end as a culture. And I’m not saying our listeners do, but people, you know, they, they love to end the conversation with, I can see your point. We love, we love to do it that way. So as an example there’s a Bible verse. So let’s just say that you are a Judeo Christian if you’re not tossed us out. But if you are, let’s say that you are, therefore, it has to be true. Okay? So Proverbs 13, 24, if you look it up, says whoever spares the rod hates their children.

But the one who loves her children is careful to discipline whoever spares the rod hates their children. But the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. So as an example there was somebody who we know pretty close to our family about a year back whose kids are really, really being crazy, you know, third graders and you can really get in a lot of trouble and really just be in bad. And they asked me, Hey, how are your, your kids are pretty disciplined. What, what, what do you and Vanessa do? I said, well, one, I mean, she’s more disciplined than I am in terms of like the day to day interaction. But Proverbs 13, 24 is the verse. I encourage you to look it up, read it after you look it up and read it. You know, call me back when you talk about it, but just read it and then read the context.

I just want you to read it. They call me back. Are you saying that you don’t believe in positive reinforcement? And I said again, whoever spares the rod hates their children. What was the last time you disciplined their kid and this? He said, well, my wife and I, we don’t believe in discipline. We’re more of like positive reinforcement. And I said, that’s, that’s the issue. So you, you say you’re a Christian, that’s fine. But you can’t say you are if you’re not going to implement what’s in there. I mean, there’s a very specific you know, advice for how to manage kids. It’s very specific in there, you know. So I, I can’t see your point. Oh, this person was mad. Now, interesting story about five years back. Another guy I know from Minnesota reached out to me. Same situation. He says, Hey, my kids are being unruly.

What should I do? I said, Proverbs 13, 24, look it up, read it, call me back. Same story. He calls me and goes, dude, I’ve been listening to this positive reinforcement crap. And I recognize I don’t ever discipline my kids. And they’re starting to, they’re not teenagers yet, but they’re getting there. Yep. And they’re getting those habits. So you’re saying it’s not mean to discipline. Oh dude, this is huge. So his wife calls my wife, they come over and they were like wanting sincerely to know how do you do it? Like what do you do and what are your tips and how do you do it and what do you say? And it was, it was so life-giving and positive and wonderful, but the truth compared to something they kept wanting, the other person kept wanting to say, yeah, yeah, yeah, but, but this is what I’m saying.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But yeah. Yeah. Another example, Proverbs 13, 20 so powerful. This one says, walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. But there’s not. I’m Devin, perhaps you’ve noticed this, Proverbs 1320, there’s not a parenthesis that says, except when dealing with your family and people who grew up in your town. True. But have you seen people that you know who consistently want to hang out with idiots and it impacts their quality of life? Have you not seen this? Oh yeah. I know. No one in your family, but talk to me about this. Have you seen this?

Yes. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. there have been numerous people that I’ve been around even before I was in the office that, you know, you, you could see the people that they hung around often just based on their behavior. Oh yeah. Yeah. It completely changes their demeanor and how they behave.

So that’s, that’s, that’s just a fact. And so whenever you get a fact, you have to choose how you’re gonna react. You know, are you going to act or are you going to talk back? That’s what I, that’s what I see a lot. Some people want the facts, but when you give it to them, it’s like I have to react somehow. Am I going to act or am I going to talk back? Cause no worse than the guy who says, Z, what are your tips for, for hiring a great team? And then they tell you, you tell them and they say, yeah, yeah, yeah, but, but, but, but I did bye bye.

They didn’t really want to hear your answers. They wanted to have a platform to say what they feel. And that’s what happened. So many times those deals there has a question. It’s not really a question. It’s a, this is what I do. Validate me please. You know, and that’s kind of okay. You guys, you know, you wanted me to talk. I talked, I said my piece on it and double stamp, they would go, I’m outta here.

Going to be up by now. PR bill Belichick, quote number 27. We’re going to fire through the final four and five. We have four final bill Belichick quotes. This will take us to quote number 30. Now this is a 75 quote XIX mini series here. So bill Belichick, none of that quote on number 27. He says, I think a smart guy can learn. Some guys can learn just like all of us. Some guys can learn electronics, some of us can’t. Some could learn something else. Some of us can’t. I mean, we’re all wired differently. Z when Tom Brady checks up walks up to the, to the line behind the center and gets prepared to call the office. Can you explain to the listeners what is a audible? When Tom Brady has the ball, he’s often sees something. He’s into the quarterback of the Patriots. He lines up behind the center. Who’s going to hike the ball to him? What does it, what does it w what does it mean to call an audible

To change the play. What will happen is when he walks up there, he may have two or three plays in the, in the queue for that, for that down in distance and when he walks up he’s looking at the defense and seeing how the defense is lining up and then he’s going to try to put the offense in the best play to take advantage of how the defense is lining up. They could be going a, you know, to cover, that could be a, anyway, wherever they, that all the guys can be up on the line getting ready to blitz. I mean he’s, he’s looking at what the defense is doing and then he’s reacting and he’s calling the guys. And often times if here you, I’ve been watching a couple of the NFL games lately and they’ve got the sound down pretty good. Sometimes I get some of the fellows saying some things they probably shouldn’t be saying, but every now and it’s pretty cool. It’s Rex Ryan. Rick’s Ryan is a a NFL coach. So you’re saying that the Mike’s arms are close enough where we can hear what people are saying? Yes. It’s a lot of times you hear like the quarterback go kill, kill, kill. That means he’s, he’s changing, he’s doing an audible or they’ll have different whatever their code is to go into the different maybe hand signals, maybe a foot signal, maybe. Maybe just a nod, maybe just a smile. Maybe just he says, Hey, cheese fries, cheese fries.

I’m going to keep this audio real quick. And I would like to, first of all my plane, why I am now, I eat. If I had the athletic skill, why could not play in the NFL? Okay. Why is that? When you get up behind the line of scrimmage, and this is, I was listening to an NFL films. They were talking about this Tom Brady. See how many people can he throw the ball to at one time? How many receivers can a quarterback throw the ball to? How many eligible receivers is it? Two five ten three. It depends if you want to count a tidy in and running backs. So you’ve got to know where the tide is going. You have to get behind the center and you call it play. You have to know where the tight end supposed to run to five because he’s lying five up to five receivers within him.

So 11 teams jumped up to five people. Every guy runs their assigned route. And you as a quarterback have to be able to assess what the defense is doing and determine whether you need to call an audible. Now if you call an audible, this is so crazy, the players have to know up to 250 plays and the various variations of that. And I remember I played football one year in high school my senior year because we had a tight end to the got hurt and they needed somebody and I was in great shape at the time and they said you should try out. So I did really well on all the exercises. Not so good on the field, but I remember sitting there in the quarterbacks like blue 42 and I’m like, you know, kinda and it’s a foggy. I’m like, I believe this play.

I was a tight end. I run as fast as I can. I hit the linebacker and then I go right, I believe this is what I’m supposed to do. Yes. Now this is all you have like 20 something seconds to hit the ball. How many seconds do you have to hike the ball then what’s the, what’s the game? 25 30 seconds, 30 seconds to hike the ball in high school, whatever. And I’m there like blue 42 and the guy in front of you is like, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you. I, Oh he’s going to kill me. And so all this is going on and your dad’s like, yo can okay. And you’re thinking about the girl you’re dating in high school cause she’s like, yeah, okay dad. And you’re like, Oh this is happening and blue 42 and you’re like vaguely, it’s like a fog. You’re like, ah. You’re trying to memorize the answer on the multiple question test and then they hike it and I think I’m supposed to run out, hit the linebacker and go, right. I go right. And it’s like a preseason game and homeboy, the quarterback throws the ball to the left. Now he throws the ball to where I’m supposed to be. See, why do they throw the ball to where you’re supposed to be? Not to where you are.

Cause they assume because they have to lead you with the ball, but they assume, do you know where you’re supposed to be? So my coach pulls

Me aside and just preseason can I have some blue 42 Clara, are you returning? What’s going on buddy? Yeah, I’m like, I went out there to the right and he’s like, no, that means you got to run to the left. So next play, this kind of thing continues to happen. And so I’m thinking like, man, I, I suck at this game. Well if you watch the Patriots, Brady is so good. He’s starting to have kind of fun with people. So four years ago, they’re going against the Buffalo bills and Rex Ryan, who’s like the Lord of hype, he loves Tom, but he was a coach. He loved talking about this year we are going to the promised land, we’re going to the super bowl. This is the perhaps the best free agent class we’ve ever recruited. No matter what team he coached, he always was the hype man, always the preseason favorite. So Brady is just sorta tired of this Rex Ryan narrative. So this is what he does. He gets up to the line, right?

Just going forward against one of his defenses.

Now he gets up and he’s, you know, Rex Ryan can hear this, but he’s decided to call an audible called Rex Ryan.

Now the thing, what’s funny is it one, he’s smart enough to have got together with the teammates before the game and said, if this certain formation happens, we’re gonna yell Rex Ryan and here’s what you do and here’s what you do. But then all of the other players have to know what that means, right? [inaudible] To know what blue 42 minutes. And I, I’m just saying this, I remember vast portions of my very, very small high school career having, no, I mean at least I thought I had to run, you know, 10 steps out and then right or left, but there was some place I’m like, do I need to run at all? What am I doing? What are we doing? Is this a punt? Is this, I didn’t know. And it was an embarrassment. It was an abomination. People were dumber for having seen it.

Devin, you played quarterback in or not quarterback, but over your receiver. I believe we were receiver or defensive back a Saint. You’re saying the reason I played safety, but did you have to know some place? Some coverages? Yeah. But most part you just reacted. Oh yeah. That’s a lot of reaction. But I’m just saying is go hit the guy with the ball. And this is why Bellacheck likes really, really smart guys or guys with a really sharp memory to be quarterback. It’s not about athleticism. It’s about knowing all those place. Cause bill Belichick’s playbook is worthless. If a guy like me is the quarterback mass you a personal question, your football career because your father’s at the stands hollering, did he lose the second, third, fourth game? Did he lose a little enthusiasm and yelling? Was he kinda more than the embarrassed age?

This is really where this is a true story. My dad kept asking me like, why do you want to go out for football? And I’m like, I don’t, but I’m in great shape. They got tie it into that, you know, isn’t gonna be able to plays hurt this year and they need somebody and, and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll do it. I’m a team player and he’s like, son, you’re going to get hurt. It’s not if you’re gonna get hurt, it’s when you’re gonna get hurt and how bad. I’m like, no, no. And I just remember like game three, just get some guy who was small, a small man launched his body and like a torpedo like fashion and hit me so hard. I’m laying on the ground like, Oh, you know what the best part about this is? I now remember what blue 42 is. It’s coach.

Do you think all the Smurfs could team up with us? What are you talking about? I’m just like, I mean, knock me out. And I remember I remembered my coach, he talks to me, he says, Clayton, you know, if you’re going to get some more playing time, it’s really important that you hunker down on these, the playbook. And I’m like, I want you to know I never want to play again. Yeah. And I said that those words. And he’s like, I’ve never heard that before. I don’t want to touch them all. I don’t want to be near the ball. I don’t want to be. And so I, I was like, I’ll do whatever you want. I’m, I, but I, I do not like this game. It was brutal. Brutal. And it required thinking two simultaneously. It was like being enough like a Viking fight.

While you also have to think it’s weird, man, you’re dragging. You’ve got to think. It’s like in an academic setting, there’s not somebody raging to hit you. I dunno. I’ve been to kids on today’s math test, I’ll, we’re going to be doing a multiple choice. You have 30 seconds for each question. Just a little hostility. So all I’m saying is you have to know right now on your team who can learn the things you need to teach and who can’t, who just cannot. Who is a person who does not have the mental capacity to work? Nothing. Because if you promote somebody to the level of competence and competence, what happens? Oh, it’s horrible.

And they, you know, they do great at the job they’re doing, they move them to management and they don’t know how to manage. They don’t do very good job and now all of a sudden they can’t go backwards. And now you have to hire two new people because that manager didn’t work out and the job that they just left. But what’s interesting, I wonder how built Belichick would answer this question. Clay. And the question goes something like this at the NFL tryouts, the, you know, with all the guys are working out their timing, I’m there, you know, doing all of this, all the physical attributes of the players and then they have an interview process. I wonder if you, if he, if he could answer this and you know, may not know the answer, but what percentage of him recruiting I E drafting or you know, non, if they didn’t get drafted him, they’d recruit him. What percentage does he weigh towards the interview and present it as a way towards the actual athleticism of the individual?

You know, that’s a very, I’m sure that everyone, bill Belichick fan, you should know that. Well I’ll, I will say this for the listeners out there, if you think about this there’s a guy named Matt castle who was Tom Brady’s backup and he is absolutely hysterical right now he’s doing a podcast with the Patriots and it is, it is awesome. But he didn’t play a whole lot in college and this year he didn’t get resigned. Because no team really, you know, wants him. And the announcer on the podcast was like, Matt, you’ve retired now from the NFL or something like that. You’ve retired now. What’s it, what’s it like? And what was the decision like to retire? And Matt’s like, well let me get this clear cause I’m not sure he’s listening to this podcast. I did not retire in the sense that I said to a group of people that I’m done, it’s more of like no one would, would return my calls.

And if you’re out there and you want me to play, I’m, I will play now. Like there’s this very second, I will leave this show and play. And then he’s like, well, you know, the year Tom Brady was out, you led the team to 11 and five, you know, record. He goes, ah, bill Belicheck could lead anyone, any of the listeners right now to at 11 and five record. I just did what he told me to do, you know? Cause let me tell you, he, he, you know, goes after we all know he hires character and then, and then skill. And Lord knows I don’t have any skill. And whole interview consists of him ripping himself or just not being that great. It’s kinda guy. You’re like, no, he’s great, but he’s a guy that like didn’t really do much in college. But he somehow made his way onto the teams.

I would say a large percentage of it has to do with the, the mental, the mental things. Now, a notable quotable number 28, 29 and 30. As we go through the lightning round, bill Belichick, quote 28, Z. Here we go. All right. They don’t check. Says I’m trying to coach the team and that’s what I want to do. I see a lot of entrepreneurs that are like, you know, I’m doing really good with my business over here as an optometrist. So now I want to become an author. Slash. Rapper. Slash. Actor. Slash. MLM or slash. What was that again? Actor slash rappers. Flash, MLM or slash. Slasher. I want to be a, I want to be a tour guide. I want to be a life coach. I want to be a ladies man. I want to get married. I want to be a great father.

I want to be a great boy scout leader. I want to be the head of the football team. I want to coach the football team. I want to volunteer the most. When a coach, the softball team, the baseball team will be the world’s best dad. I want to be Gatorade for all the kids’ events. I want to be the number one volunteer at church and I also want to sleep eight hours a day cause I value life balance and I want to talk slower and you’re going, you’ve got to pick one buddy. You got to just, you’ve seen this before, haven’t you,

Paul Justice. Yeah. Bill Belichick wants to coach. That’s all he wants to do is coach. And people are like, yeah, but why don’t you write about what coach, why don’t you want to write a book? Why don’t you want to be a podcast or why don’t you want to be a commentator? And he said, I just want to coach. I just want to go talk to him. Talk public speaking. Yeah. Here again, pick what you do and do it with excellence. And until you, until that business can run with you being gone for a extended period of time and run with excellence and run well, just keep doing your job. Keep running your business. You know? That’s what I think a lot of times business has failed because I think business owners sometimes get bored and they go, you know what? I do get bored. I think I get, I think I’ve got this kind of figured out now.

I’m going to now what? And being a serial entrepreneur, I understand that, but you have to put the time and effort into it because there’s nothing worse than starting something and watching it die in my opinion. So you know before you want to go and do the next thing, make sure, and I see this all the time, Oh, all the time with entrepreneurs, they just get their thing to barely above water and then then they’re onto the next thing and then they forget about this next thing. They’ll come back and wonder why it’s round and it’s like you’ve got it. You’ve got to keep your core business. You’ve got to remember the girl that brought you to the dance. You got to give her some attention at the dance, otherwise she’s going to leave with somebody else.

Charles, you’ve stayed focused on colo fitness. You and your wife now you started with $115,000 house in Bartlesville, Oklahoma have now grown into three gyms. You’re focused right now on opening your fourth and fifth gyms. Many great things are happening and you’re laying the groundwork for maybe hundreds of gyms. Have you ever felt a desire to do something other than fitness or to, you know, move on? Have you ever, has the Amber ever had to taser you back into focus?

Well yes. There’s lots of ideas that we’ve came up with and actually Amber has a lot of ideas that she’ll share with me, say, Oh, this is working great, but I, I’m really big on, I’m a Jack of our Jack of all trades is a master of none. And so if you focus and just like, like just totally focusing on one thing and then really nail it and create great systems and checklists and workflows and then scale that out, you’ll probably end up doing better than differentiating in a whole bunch of different things. That’s kind of my experience with just kind of watching a lot of other people that have done well in one thing and they jumped in the next year to the next. Now some people just happen to be jumping on what you would call the parades and they do pretty well. But that, that’s, that’s more of an opportunity thing that you’ve got to see. And it kinda suits certain people’s personalities. Certain people really are, they like to change and I don’t like sticking to the same thing and just doing it over and over and getting better and better at it. And so diligence is kinda my superpower.

Z. One of our guests we just interviewed today was Tom gall Asano and he is, is doing very well. He is worth $1 billion. He started paychecks, I think. Now he has the permission to probably focus on other things at 3.8 billion. And yeah, he’s, I’m going to cue up this audio here. This video is titled billionaire Golisano battles, goose poop and finger lakes tax assessment. Let me queue it up here and you tell me Z why you think he’s probably earned the right to focus on something else here. Okay, let me queue it up here. Let me get this video.

Tom gala Sano moved to Florida to avoid new York’s high taxes, but he hasn’t totally given up his New York real estate or the cause. He still owns a five point $7 million summer hone on Canandaigua Lake. He decided to use a concept everyone could understand to raise a stink about high property taxes. Goose poop,

Any average goose [inaudible] two pounds a day.

He asked the South Bristol board assessment review to cut in half the assessment on his Lake house. You would use the tax savings to chase the geese away himself,

But the rationale is if I had to hire somebody and pay him by an hourly rate, the number of hours that’s required, it’s going to cost me about $75,000 I think that you’d be subtracted from your textbook from 140 minus 75

He also quit pain as property taxes and protest

And how long are you willing to let that go on? Probably until they’ve foreclosed and repossessed the property. Really. You would let that happen? No, I don’t think I’d let it happen, but I’d hang on until then at least, and then I won’t pay the next years.

The hearing got contentious.

This County showed no effort whatsoever that helped me with this problem.

Use the form to blame the town of South Bristol for everything that’s wrong with property tax,

Any help? To me, there’s always a for sale and I don’t mean to be and I don’t need to be smart. That was a smart gun. Thank you very much for. Thank you very much for taking the time to come here.

He hopes the drama gets people talking to their state legislature,

Inappropriate protest to not pay taxes, which pays for teachers and police and fire. Doesn’t that make it a valuable protest?

Yeah, I’ll see. That’s the kind of stuff that you can focus on once you hit your goal. Don’t want to, once you hit your goals, I mean, people who Google me all the time, they’ll say, click, why did you run for mayor? They always ask me that. What was, what happened is I sold a business and I had myself in a spot where I have like a seven figure cushion and I didn’t need to really work again for awhile. Z and I found out that in the city of Tulsa where we live, I would consider Tulsa to be a red city or a conservative city. We had somebody on the left side of the aisle running unopposed. You remember that? Unopposed? Yes. You just, you and I thought, and so I, I went out to dinner with this person. We talked to mr Cathy Taylor and we talked, it was abundantly clear that she was running unopposed.

And I thought to myself, well, you got a lot of time on my hands. Let’s, let’s do it now. But it took all the time on my hands. Eat all of the time. All of your time. I remember the 1170 KFAQ poll said that I was like up like 53% to 70, [inaudible] 47 or something. And I was going yes, and I’ve just watched that every day to care mg, the cafe cue because at the time the man who went on to become the mayor, Mr. Bartlett and other people who wanted to run, hadn’t announced their candidacy yet and it looked like she was, might run unopposed cause she had such a big budget and I was just watching that I was spending all my time. But if I had been running a business at that time, it wouldn’t have worked. Well, no, it would have worked. Your business would have failed. There it is. That’s what I’m saying. Ah, what you put your time and effort to would have been successful would have been profitable for you and your mind, but your business wouldn’t have been so don’t but don’t battle, you know, tax assessments in goose poop until you have billions of dollars or a lot of money [inaudible]

Until you’ve reached a certain level of your business. Being able to run a or business has been able to run without you having to hover over them that you could step away from them for a little time to do your, to do your thing.

All right, now this is my final two quotes here. bill Belichick quote number 29 I don’t Twitter, I don’t my face, I don’t yearbook Nobel check said I don’t Twitter, I don’t my face, I don’t yearbook. When asked, we know what kind of interaction do you believe is appropriate for NFL coaches on social media? He responds with, I don’t Twitter, I don’t my face, I don’t yearbook Z. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are wisely entrepreneurs who want to be successful that spend the vast majority of their time on social media. And then I have noticed that the more successful you are, the least, the less amount of time you spend on social media, the more success you have, the less amount of your time that you spend on social media. By and large, I mean not 100% true, but the average person, according to Nielsen right now in Devin, you can put a link to it, is spending 11.3 hours per day on their smart phones. According to Nielsen, the average person right now spending 11.3 hours per day consuming media, 11.3 hours per day. That’s a lot of time. 11.3 hours per day

Day. How can you get anything done? Well, you can’t. That’s their job. So talk to me about this. And that’s what they’re doing. They want to creep on stuff. They want to look at everybody else’s fake lives they want to, and there’s something about that that is truly is time is addictive and then they just go down this channel of it. And the guys that write the apps, they won’t even let their kids use them now because they know how addictive they are, but they’re so addictive and people just can’t stand the little red dots. Got to get rid of them. They want to know what did they say? Did the lag? Do they not like what’s going on? What do you, what’d you have for breakfast? What did you take a picture of it?

Paul Graham shared a tweet that was powerful. There’s an article called in devotee, we put a link to it. The articles called our minds can be hijacked. This appears in the guardian and the article is referencing Justin Rosenstein. You might say, who’s Justin Rosenstein, I think I know that name. He’s the guy who had been at the Facebook like button Justin Rosenstein. He says Justin Rosenstein had tweaked his laptop’s operating system to block Reddit, has banned himself from Snapchat, which he now compares to heroin and has imposed limits on his use of Facebook. But even that wasn’t enough. In August, the 34 year old tech executive took a more radical step to restrict his use of social media and other addictive technologies. Rosenstein purchased a new iPhone and instructed his assistant to set up a parent control feature to prevent him from downloading any apps. He was particularly aware of the Allura Facebook likes, which he describes as the bright dings of pseudo pleasure that can be as hollow as they are seductive and Rosenstein should know.

He was the Facebook engineer who created the like button in the first place a decade after he stayed up all night coding a prototype of what it was called, the awesome button Rosenstein to a small but growing band of silicone Valley heretics who complain about the rise of the so called attention economy and internet shaped around the demands of the advertising economy for humans to develop things with the best of intentions and for them to have unintended negative consequences. It’s very common. The average person now touches swipes or taps their phone 2,617 times per day. One recent study showed that the mere presence of smartphone damages your cognitive capacitively or your car, your cognitive capacity dramatically. Even when the device is turned off, everyone is now distracted. Everyone is now distracted. Rosenstein says all of the time, but those concerns are trivial compared with the devastating impact upon the, and he goes on to talk about how when P when you’re looking at your phone, 2,617 times a day, you can’t hold a thought.

Certainly can’t read a book. So if you want to take the quality of your life up, put the smart phone down, take the quality of your life up. I may, I may miss a call. You probably won’t miss a goal. What if my kids are calling? That’s okay. That’s okay. Remember how like in the 80s your mom couldn’t reach it. You didn’t and you didn’t die. I didn’t. I mean, maybe I came back. Maybe I’m reincarnated. Maybe I am a re. Maybe reincarnation is a thing. Maybe I did that this whole time I’ve been alive. Maybe this is a dream. Maybe. Maybe the dreams when we’re alive, when we’re alive. This is, this is a dream. Oh, let’s go watch the matrix again. Okay. Now bill Belichick, quote number 30 it’s the business that you guys are into. We try to get as much information as we can and make the best decisions that we can for the football team.

At the end of the day, Charles, once you get all the facts, you do have to act. I mean at the end of the day is he, once you get the facts, you have to act. You can’t just sit there and committee it to death and there are certain people who’ve been to a lot of college who typically want to form committees to avoid ever making a mistake, but eventually the rhythm of entrepreneurship is like this. You define what you think is going to work. You act, you measure, refine, defined, act, measure, refine, define, act, measure, refine. That is the rhythm. Define, act, measure, refine. You define what you think is going to work. You gather the facts, but then you act, you measure the results and then you refine. Charles, you’ve seen people who get stuck, there’s people probably not in your company, but within other companies who will form committees, exploratory committees, he’s, you know, you’re trying to schedule a holiday party and we’ll form a task force to determine the best overhead music for the Christmas party. And what day would be the good fitted move? Should we call it Christmas or should we call it holidays? You’ve seen this before, Charles, how can that absolutely destroy your momentum?

Well, yeah, well definitely the morale starts to change in that meeting. And generally we have a, somebody who definitely wants it to go one way and definitely goes another way. And then we have to cover other action items. And then the morale for the whole meeting is kind of off. And then generally at the end, I just kind of make a decision and I try to do it in a way that has logic with love, but the facts and we just move on. And so that’s generally how whenever you, we never, that goes on in my,

In my corporate group. So Devin, what do I do during meetings when somebody tries to form a committee? What do I do? You see it every day. You make a decision. Yeah. Or I’ll say highlight it. Green. My decision today is I’m going to allow the committee, in fact, I’d like a committee to meet, to talk about forming a committee because I think that’s really where we’re missing the boat. I have done this. I’ve seen you just do revisit. Okay. Like they start to getting stuck on something, revisit, revisit. So we’ll just move back, circle back. Cause it’s something that’s really not a revenue producing activity, but somebody has a really strong opinion on it. And so I’m like, okay, well we’ll just revisit that and I just moved to the next thing or else we’re going to be there all day and everybody’s emotions are going to get riled up.

So, and generally within a month or two, everybody’s kinda forgot about it. So it’s just generally within a month or two. I love that. Now, this show will come out after our Christmas party, but this year the Christmas party will be held at the beautiful city Plex towers. What floor is it on? 16 tan. How many people do you estimate? I was talking to Sydney, given our, our, our RSVP number. How many people do you anticipate being up there? We’re getting closer to 400 every day. And there are some people that I’m sure want to have the party at a different date. You know, not everybody’s gonna agree on the date. Correct. Not everyone’s gonna agree at the official time. I think it starts at six 30 goes until about 11. But not everyone agrees on the date or the time or the number of drink tickets or the entertainment or the giveaways or, you know, and so Z, how do you, how do you make these tough decisions?

Do you form a committee? What do you do? I just make them, I mean, it’s not rocket science. I mean, you’d think about it as if you’re throwing the party, you could pick the date. You don’t have to have a committee to find out what dates best you’d pick the date that’s best for you. Here again, it gets back to that, you know, having things, you’re the boss, you know, I, I love what you said and we would love, I mean, you know, you always want to be compassionate and you want to take things into consideration. I don’t think I ever have a Christmas party make it on December 24th you know?

Yes. Jeez. Party cry with joy if you want to drive it, but it’s your party. I could laugh if I wanted to. You could,

Can be a great thing or it can be a bad thing. Right? And then people can decide because

They’ve been going to Napa for years, whether they want to come or not. And that’s on them, you know? I mean, Hey, I’m not forcing anybody. This isn’t Russia. It’s the first,

By the way, we have a listener in Russia right now who’s been emailing us recently. And that is true, but this is not, Hey, are you at all, I’m aware of the shared military exercise right now between Russia, Iran, and China. Have you heard about this? I was talking to West Carter, my attorney today about this. He gets them down. Not, I’m not surprised. Now I’ve, I’ve heard about this one specifically. I can’t say that I have, this is what this just came in here, this just, and I want to read this to you. This is a little bit exciting here. Right now Iran says the joint Naval maneuvers with Russia and China are going to start in December. And I don’t, I don’t know if that’s a good idea necessarily. But again,

It’s their party. They can do military exercises if they want to. That’s true. They’re not running it by us. And if we don’t like it, we need a bigger military. Right? I mean, right. Well, I mean, you know, what does that mean and why do we need to do, I mean those are all good questions that the people we elect are, you know, supposed to take care of we we believe. But if we don’t agree, we can elect somebody else. This truth, your boss, we don’t like their actions. And that’s what you do. You have to give a vote and then you can apply your vote. Does he, why should everybody tune into part four of our Epic bill Belichick? Notable quotable breakdown series. But what, what kind of management skills do people need to learn? Well, here’s the deal folks. You’re going to learn by the mistakes or mentors and whenever you find goats, when you find guys that are like really at the top of their game and greatest of all times, that’s, that’s the, the goat acronym there.

When you find some of those guys going to get kind of deep dive into them and their life and how they run their organization, you might say, yes, he’s, it’s not a true business. It is a business that he is the CEO and he is running it like a business. You know, he has different, you know, moving parts. But you know, guess what, when you look at your P andL every month, that’s whether you win or lost. You know, I mean his, his, I mean they talk about his on ESPN. They probably don’t talk about your business on ESPN too much, but there’s a lot of similarities. So why not study someone who’s at the top of their game and doing it with excellence? Plus he’s just, he’s kind of entertaining anyway too. I think we have to wrap up today’s show with a boom. Are you prepared? Yes sir. Team Cola. Are you prepared? Devin, are you feeling the flow special D right in the bowl. Oh, metaphysically prepared? I believe so. I found out, by the way, most people listen to this show on the way to work. So even though we’re ending the show with a boom, it’s kind of like we’re starting a commencement ceremony with a mucus commencement means to begin. Let’s do it. So we’re kind of like starting the commencement of your day right now. It’s a commitment

Ceremony on, on boobs here. Are you ready for the boat? Get it on air. We go, three,

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Play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.



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