Whining Winners | Why the Belichick Method Works & Why Most People Resent a Culture of Discipline

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Each year New England Patriots’ Head Coach Bill Belichick creates a culture of discipline for his players, his staff and the whole organization, and each year they win. Yet, when former players leave the team to play football on other NFL teams, many tend to whine about Belichick and complain about his rules and the intense accountability that produces victories year after year. Clay Clark breaks down why success is not possible without discipline, and why most people resent accountability.

FUN FACT: Career‎ Winning Percentage – ‎278–129 (.683)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn


ARTICLE EXCERPT  – “To be great on the field, you have to be emotional. To be great upstairs in the front office, you have to be robotic,” Phil Savage, who worked under Belichick with the Cleveland Browns, told ESPN the Magazine in a story from October. “The way he can separate in his mind the deep, personal relationships he has to have with his players downstairs in the locker room, on the field and in games, versus the business reality of looking at the same exact players from a strictly financial standpoint, as commodities, when he switches hats upstairs in the front office — that’s not just incredibly hard, that’s almost impossible.” – What It’s Like to Play for Bill Belichick – https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2016/11/08/whats-it-like-to-play-for-bill-belichick/


MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs

  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2011/11/11/your-emotionally-disconnected-employees/#9487d2142d5c

ARTICLE EXCERPT – “The veteran defensive lineman says that he once got called out by Belichick for complimenting a fellow teammate.

“One time, I did an interview and I gave a guy credit,” Terrance Knighton said. “I thought I was doing the right thing by digging up my teammate and saying he was going to have a great year.”  Apparently, handing out compliments to fellow teammates is a no-no in Belichick’s book.

“We got in a team meeting and [Belichick] called me out, basically said to me, ‘You’re not an expert, you’re not a D-line expert, we don’t need you evaluating guys,’ ” Knighton said. Ironically, Knighton was using his story as a way to compliment Belichick and the Patriots.

“There’s a certain way they do things and it works,” Knighton said. “It’s obvious by their success. Most of the guys that stick around there are all on the same page and they just have one way of doing things. They’ve been doing that since he’s been there.” – Ex-Patriots Player: Bill Belichick once chewed me out for complimenting a teammate – https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ex-patriots-player-says-belichick-once-chewed-him-out-for-complimenting-a-teammate/  

NOTABLE QUOTABLE  – “Every time I read a management or self-help book, I find myself saying, “That’s fine, but that wasn’t really the hard thing about the situation.” The hard thing isn’t setting a big, hairy, audacious goal. The hard thing is laying people off when you miss the big goal. The hard thing isn’t hiring great people. The hard thing is when those “great people” develop a sense of entitlement and start demanding unreasonable things. The hard thing isn’t setting up an organizational chart. The hard thing is getting people to communicate within the organization that you just designed. The hard thing isn’t dreaming big. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when the dream turns into a nightmare.” ― Ben Horowitz, The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers


ARTICLE EXCERPT – A New England Patriots offensive lineman’s hands are knocked down by a defensive lineman. Rewind. Again. Rewind. Again. The offensive lineman’s foot slips forward. Rewind. The foot slips forward. Rewind. Again. A returner bursts untouched through a group of Patriots players in punt coverage. He runs back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Bored? You just got cut.

In film sessions, Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriots coaching staff tend to lay off veterans they trust, according to Matt Chatham, a former Patriots linebacker and current NFL analyst on NESN. Instead, Belichick works to whip newer and younger players into shape.

There are exceptions.

“Even if it was someone that they trust, if it’s something that was over the top or something they have a really low tolerance for, they’ll yell at them, too,” Chatham said. “They’ll yell at Tom (Brady). They’ll yell at everyone at some point just to keep everyone honest.” – https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/17/what-its-like-to-study-film-with-bill-belichick/

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Sales Tracking Metrics

  1. Call Center
    1. Number of calls
    2. Number of appointments
    3. Number of super apps
    4. Number of training call listened to
    5. Number of google reviews you have received
    6. The number of calls someone has to make to close a deal.


ARTICLE EXCERPT – “After former Patriots and current Giants left tackle Nate Solder described playing for the Patriots as “cold” and “very businesslike” on Thursday, Amendola called Belichick an “a–hole” sometimes and said that playing for him is “not easy” on Friday. But Amendola, like Solder, intended for both of those things to be taken as compliments in a certain way, because at the end of the day, he knows that Belichick’s tough approach gets results, as in Super Bowls.

“It’s not easy, that’s for sure. He’s an a–hole sometimes. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about playing for him, but I must say, the things I didn’t like were all in regards to getting the team better, and I respected him,” Amendola told ESPN’s Mike Reiss.”I didn’t like practicing in the snow, I didn’t like practicing in the rain, but that was going to make us a better football team and that was going to make me a better football player. It wasn’t easy, and he’d be the first to admit, at the [Super Bowl] ring ceremony, that it wasn’t easy playing for him. The silver lining was that we were at the ring ceremony.” https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/danny-amendola-not-easy-playing-for-bill-belichick-who-is-an-a-hole-sometimes/  


ARTICLE EXCERPT – “Nobody should be making their shocked face. After all, this is a coach who once celebrated a championship by leading a “No days off!” chant at a Super Bowl parade. Future Hall of Fame receiver Reggie Wayne once tried to finish his career by chasing a ring with the Patriots. He ended up quitting before the season even began, reportedly because it was “too tough” and “not fun.” – https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/danny-amendola-not-easy-playing-for-bill-belichick-who-is-an-a-hole-sometimes/


ARTICLE EXCERPT – FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – “Before a significant snowstorm started to hit New England on Thursday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick told players that it will be business as usual as the team is scheduled to hold its second and final practice of the playoff bye week.

“You certainly better leave yourself enough time to get here on time tomorrow. We all know there is weather. Coach has mentioned that several times to the team, so I wouldn’t want to be the guy who is late tomorrow,” special teams captain Matthew Slater said Wednesday.

It appeared that Belichick was going to make players practice outside in driving snow and high winds, but Thursday morning he relented and decided to hold practice inside the Empower Fieldhouse. The Patriots are scheduled to practice at 10:35 a.m. ET on Thursday, which is a couple of hours earlier than the norm.

Belichick was asked Thursday morning if showing up in blizzard-like conditions was a lesson in accountability for his players.

“Every day is a work day,” he responded, flatly.

Belichick’s philosophy on practicing in the snow and players being on time for the first meeting of the day has been well-documented over the years. In 2009, he sent four players home when they didn’t make it to the facility on time.

Safety Devin McCourty, another team captain, said Wednesday that he remembered hearing that news while watching SportsCenter. He relayed that Belichick has already addressed players about being on time.

“He’s mentioned that he doesn’t care; ‘don’t call and say your car got stuck.’ I think everyone knows there are two hotels up here at Patriot Place, so stay there for the night. Find a way,” McCourty said. – http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21952990/new-england-patriots-coach-bill-belichick-tells-players-practice-go-significant-snowstorm

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Excuses people (your customers) do not care about:

  1. Your spouse had a miscarriage
  2. Your best friend passes way
  3. You find out your son is bling
  4. You find out your dad has ALS
  5. You find out your dad has cancer
  6. When your equipment gets stolen
  7. When the ceiling collapses the night before Christmas Eve.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” – Proverbs 13:24

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

From the center of the universeall right right, they should welcome back to the thrive time buiness conferences show on your radio. If we may just do it again for the first time on the drive time, shall we talk about his business school without the bs, since they were talking about essentially, is discipline. This concept of being held accountable and I find chuck that a lot of people don’t want to be held accountable, but I have found that the most successful people actually seek out accountability. Yeah, it’s one. It’s a way to get mentorship and get coaching and how to get better into if you’re. Already in a player, it’s like a scoreboard right, like you, can just kind of brag that you get your stuff done, because the person that’s holding you accountable is checking in on what you’re doing so. The entire show today we’re going to use the new england patriots as we as we get closer to football season, we’re going to use the new england patriots as an example, but recently in the media, a lot of former patriots every year it happens, but as you headedwhen do, the season former patriots become the whining winners, so they want all the time, and now they whine when they go to a new team, they whine about the culture they win. They say the bill belichick method. Well, it works, really is something that I resent, although it works, I really am not happy about.

I know that it works. I know that you’d allow me to have success, but I just I didn’t like it. So cheap I like you to read this article at this article excerpt from usa today. This is an article called what it’s like to play for bill belichick. He says to be great on the field. You have to be emotional to be great. Upstairs in the front business conferences office, you have to be robotic phil savage, who worked under belichick with the cleveland browns hill espn, the magazine in a story from october the way he can separate his mind the deep personal relationships he has to have with his players downstairs in the locker room on the field and in the game versus the bizreality of looking at the same exact players from a strictly financial standpoint as commodities when he switches hats upstairs in the front office. That’s not just incredibly hard, that’s almost impossible what it’s like to play for bill belichick! So you think about this. For a second bill bella check is in a career winning percentage of 278 + 129 twins, 129 losses, 68.3% winning percentage, know what you think about this for second every year, the guys going to go to the playoffs and they’re going to do well and think about your team out. There think about your team thrive nation steve! You have a football team you’re into clay, stairs u of a football team that you follow your after your do. You guys have a team you’re into i, follow the patriots by way of clay, clark, cuz, I didn’t care before and I do love their system. So, yes, I was always a kind of a sort of fan that I grew up being a cowboys fani want to go with the cowboys first coach, jimmy johnson was the coach of the dallas cowboys and creating a culture that he was very intense with the cult recreate on the cowboys, and he was known to be a tough coach, I disappoint.

You think about the spurs and papa that she was known as being a guy who’s very disciplined, and he is a guy, is very disciplined. Then they win every year, the right consistent. Obviously they had some key injuries this year, but every year they’re pretty much a very competitive team. There’s some teams that don’t win and they just a big thing of decades. They go year after year after year, because their culture of discipline is not. There did the business application of this jim rohn, the new york times bestselling author once wrote. Discipline is the bridge between business conferences goals and accomplishment, so claysters I want to start with you on this you’re, a business coach and you work with some really goodclients over the years, who have been people that have wanted to apply the system and i. Think of no other example that did more top of mine. For me with your clients, then gene breeze, yes, sir no gene breeze can explain to the thrive nation, who jean braces and at what are you first met. Jean brasher, yeah I was in phoenix arizona doing a speaking. Engagement for a company there in phoenix and gene was an employee there and the content.

The content of the presentation was all about personal development, finding your passion living in your passion and she said the more that I talk during that presentation, the more she hated her job, the more she wanted to get out before. I left the building she said clay get me out of this business conferences company. I want to be a speaker, and a coach like youtypically has never won. Mission is not to take all of your employees and make them to be a disgruntled people. Only one pile on on the clay stairs outside here there we go 1.14 clay, stairs 70% of employees today hate their jobs, 70% percent 70% 7 out of 10. In so when you talk about her, not liking her job, it’s actually a 7 out of 10 probability, it’s more likely that she would not like her job, then that she would like it sounds like yes, and she actually came up to you and she said you know, could you could you help me and how did it? What would you say? I can help you later. I can help you right now. What would it wasn’t for that? Look like you Said:i’ll call you when I get back to the tulsa.

What did that conversation look like? We set up an appointment right there, because I knew that when somebody isinterested you want to move on the interest in mediately, and so we set up an appointment right. There I got in touch with her in the next two days and we started that process. And. We took about 6 months, 6 7 months to help her get out of her company’s get prepared to get out and it took about 4 months to get her out, and then we started her company, and now this was two years ago, and now she is a speaking of traveling. She is traveled even internationally to be a speaker, she’s charging around $5,000 to get more money in a month and she used to make it like a quarter of the year. Half the year, I mean she’s, doing really really well, yes and she’s just beginning, to my mind, get her traction gene if you’re listening, I love to share this with jean, but he’s a lady who is really a tenth of what she’s going to be I agree. She’s really know. Does she love it? Oh, yes, just that she is very happyyes, and so what happens is it? She is somebody who has this passion the desire, these football players to play for the patriots. He also want to win a business conferences championship. Everyone says:i want to win a championship. I just want to win a ring. I want to win a super bowl nfl players out there. You have to get to the playoffs in order to go to the super bowl every year. What’s the goal of winning first now so weird, he says is hey I’m, feeling so glad you’re on the team, and you can no longer perform at the at the level of expectation needed. If you can’t perform at the level they need he’s going to have to cut you now throughout his career he’s had to cut a lot of people that were fan favorites and he’s at a cut randy moss, drew bledsoe. How do you cut randy, moss and randy? We’re done here. We’re done. Basically push people to be their best when they can no longer perform at that level. As you read the article excerpt, but he has to cut the players and I would just ask you there a steve if you’re in the game of business and you’re in the mortgage industry before the way out there who owns a business.

If you get too emotionally attached to a specific teammate or player to a point where you’re not willing to cut them. What happened to me, what if jean got so caught up with the company culture that she couldn’t move on to pursue her passion? So I just want to start with you. There steve what happens to the business owners out there that get so emotionally entangled with the employees. They can’t let him go if they don’t perform yeah. It’s bad news for everybody. Night I had a boss years ago, who was a terrible boss, but one thing you said to me that always stuck with me is that you have to amputate the emotion from business you just have to so you can I think like they said with belichick work on the field and in the locker room he had an emotional business conferences connection with those players put in the business office when it came to the business of making a team win. He had to not be emotional about that and had to be about the numbers and I think that’s what you have to do as a business hours yet to care about your employees and I care about all of our team members, but I don’t care so much about them. That I’m willing to sacrifice the company and everyone else in the company in order to make them happy what say you I would say that if you’re too entangled with your team, even if they’re all really really good team, little bit of a heavy heavy thing, I got to bring up heavy.

If you got a group of 10 people, this just in you got shin people, guess what right two of them are hiding the fact that they’re bad people and that’s if you have like the best team ever and so, if you are way too entangled with you there or going to take advantage of you and you’re not going to see it because you’re too, tired and I really understand the saying you can’t the saying you can’t see the forest for the trees, but I think it’s applicable in this situation. I would I would just give an example. Recently, one of our business is the elephant in the room. The men’s grooming business conferences lounge, you like 6 years ago, but that was the other day he’s the best yo and I looked at their membership percentage. Of what percentage of the time do they sell a membership at the people that come in the door? The way the elephant in the room, men’s grooming, lounge work, so all the westerns get that I’m betting on our service as the owner wow. So your first haircut is a dollar in there before december is a dog since the very beginning you have been a member ever since I can remember, then, if you’ve been a member, what what’s the catch with the whole dollar haircut? What’s the cat? What’s the catch, the catch that we charge you every month thereafter, yes, i, like the mercedes car driving, so I go every two weeks really to get my hearing high-end people love it. They talk about it all the time. But for me to talk about it and just say all go to elephant the room. You know check it out. It’s great people go yeah I already go somewhere like yeti cyrus, hair, saying on accident.

I have not cut my hair for the last 4 years. Cuz I cannot find a hit, provided you the first one in tulsa weather. This is huge. No people are out there getting their haircut right now. They already have somebody, and so we just threw out the offer $2 for your first haircut say no brainer and the reason we threw up for a dollar is that we will leave the service is so good. You want to sign up for a membership, but it’s not going to be financially solvent if our team does not sell a business conferences membership to at least 50% of the people that come in right. Furthermore, if you’re a great kicker and you play for bill, belichick you’re, a great guy and you’re a great guy, your your baby, not your baby, not good at kicking the ball, your kicker and you! Don’t you just don’t kick the ball? Well, I mean you’re a great guy and you do a lot of things well and white elite I’m, a leader on the see the ball a lot in your kicker you’re somebody’s brother you’re married to somebody, your kids come to the game. There they’re the kids been to the locker room, the kids know all the players and you’re a good guy, but you can’t make field goals. Bill belichick go catch and most coaches won’t catch it, which is why they lose all the time, which is why he insists on a culture of discipline to talk more about whining winners who end up becoming lethargic losers after they leave the new england patriots. Before we do that hood cpa, if you’re looking for a pragmatic and practical proactive accountant, go to hood cpas. Comets hood cpas. Com, to find your proactive account is going to get ready to drive. Time show don’t to give what we got cut off the hooks on the books. You see my wife and kids. Please tell them up on your way to the office now 3-2-1.

Here we go to do once started from the bottom and now we’re here now it’s it’s debatable, see what you might say:i started off morley at the bottom and now you’re talking about firing, people that don’t produce so you’re also at the bottom. Please start from the bottom now you’re, sorry from the bottom at the bottom. You should have started from the bottom now we’re at the bottom. That was started from the bottom now. We’re at the freaking bottom started from the bottom. Now we’re at the bottom. We can do that, but I’ll talk to jeff about it later that to happen. The show winning whiners he’s whining winners, these people that whine all the time, but yet they win we’re talking about the former new england patriots that as soon as they get off the team begin to complain about the team’s next article excerpt there. We got a couple in around like me to read for that. For the night we have quite a bit of reading sandwich, while you sandwich the veteran defensive lineman says that he wants got called out by bill bill belichick for complimenting a fellow teammate one time. I did an interview and I gave the guy credit. Terrance knighton said I thought I was doing the right thing by digging up my teammate and saying he was going to have a great year. Apparently handing out compliments to fellow teammates is a no-no in belichick book. We got a team meeting in belichick. Call me out basically said to me:you’re, not an expert you’re, not a d line expert. We don’t need you evaluating guys and I said ironically night and was using his story as a way to comp belichick and the patriots.

He says, there’s a certain way. They do things and it works. 9 said it’s obvious by their success. Most of the guys that stick around there are all on the same page, and they just have one way of doing things. They’ve been doing that since he’s been there expatriate player, article titled I would like to say I feel having been involved with thrive going on like 3 years now. I feel this way about thrive I feel like there are people that aren’t a part of that coaching program that are in that that group that don’t get it in the ones that are there. It says it’s obvious by their success, mostly guys that stick around they’re all in the same page, and they just have one way of doing things which I think is closer and over and over and over, and then and some people don’t get it and they can put okay, that’s okay, they cannot get it tomorrow. There’s some really terrible, terrible statistics and will cite them all, but claysters I expect for you to provide a good business conferences story that will pump us up because you here we go struggled once with separating the the number say:bill belichick is great at holding the team accountable, but you’re also a connector, and so this is what ben horowitz said from it in his best selling book hard thing about hard things:building a business where there are no easy answers, he’s a guy who built the company they sold to hewlett-packard for over a billion dollars, but his book honestly. If you read the hard thing about hard things, you could listen to it. It makes you a many times feel queasy. Do you like? Oh my gosh, this is little bit too honest you but it. But if you want a business you go, this is what I’m talking about every time. I read a management or self-help book I find myself saying:that’s fine, but that really wasn’t the hard thing about the situation. You see. The heart thing isn’t setting a big hairy. Audacious goal is laying people off when you mystical the hard thing isn’t hiring great people.

The hard thing is:when does great people develop a sense of entitlement and start demanding and reasonable things? The hard thing isn’t setting up an organizational chart. The hard thing is getting people to communicate within the organizational chart that you just designed. The heart thing isn’t dreaming big. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold, sweat with a dream, turns into a nightmare. So, used to manage a camp there, shepherd’s fold gift and your job was to mentor, kids, yes, and to also run a camp, it was a non-profit, but you couldn’t operate at a deficit. You had at least break even talking about the challenge of that. Well, as we were running the camp deed, the employees quote-unquote employees that we had were the students that were in our discipleship training program, so I would spend probably six to nine hours every single day being a personal business conferences mentor life, coach, spiritual father to 50 different college kids, but at the same time, I’ve got these. Get that are my employees. I need them to love. Children make sure that the kids have the stuff make sure they get sunscreen on we’re in oklahoma, on screen on a 24 year olds and holding them accountable to do the work that they need to do. I really struggled with that. Steve was just talking to moment ago about amputating. The emotion I didn’t know how to do that at that time. Why did you struggle? Why did I struggle? Because I was an emotional leader? Will you care about people to climbing i, think people that meet? You know that and I think one of the hard things is separating the fact that I do care about people, but I’m not going to run my business into the ground based on the fact that I don’t want to hurt some feelings. I talk to my clients about this a lot, especially the connectors like you’re talking about and I tell them. They can’t give their care away too soon. That’s what I tell a lot of people because they hire somebody and they do a good first week and all the sudden they’re best friends are best way to tell you how I almost got divorced. This is the company we have the 80 employees, 1.80 disc, jockeys out of the house like a monday.

They would say:hey is there anyway, we can meet after work. Today, I’ve got some personal stuff, I’m going through and I would say absolutely and then they would send me. Like a thank you card going. Did you change my life? Thank you. So much then go out there and do a great job. Well, then, tuesday guy says hated. I got a girl, pregnant and i. Don’t know. Tell my wife cuz:it’s not my wife to be on tuesday wednesday guy says:hey here’s the deal man I’m going through this. Could you help me thursday guys is a financially I’m. I need some help planning my business conferences appointment, my finances? Could you help me and I could never say? No anybody except my wife there. It is been so every single night I was mentoring, these young guys and when I received the entrepreneur of the year award in 2007 over my wife. She leans over and she says:hey. Do you think you could schedule time I’m after the awards to see your kids and me one time I don’t have a sound effect ready, but if I did have a sound effect, I’d probably hit the button. I thought about that I thought if I had another but like I said I probably hit the, and that was the sound of my rectum puckering sphincter factor. Whatever it was that my stomach driving to get an award that I worked hard to achieve and I had a cheap it the wrong way. I. Did it achieve it through that emotional connection to everybody that emotionally investing massive amounts of time and energy into every single member of your team, but I am emotional about and I have invested in, is onyx imaging attempt to save money and time off of your office supplies.

You need your office supplies and your printer supplies delivered to your office, so you can save time and money go to onyx imaging at sonic’s imaging.Com at sonic’s, imaging.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s. The drivetime business coach radio show for change the mindset stock for an accident on the magic show pic of the heat up food, to give it to you straight in the world in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the mic and speak the facts. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and today we’re talking about this difficult topic for many people, not you but other people, it’s accountability, it’s being accountable! It’s it’s doing what you said, you’re going to do and allowing somebody else to call you out when you’re not doing what you said, you’re going to do or talk about whining winners were talking about why the bill belichick method works, and why most people resent a culture of business conferences discipline. Think about this new england patriots pretty much every year go to the playoffs since he’s been coaching, the patriots they won, 278 games and they’ve lost a hundred and twenty nine. Even when tom brady was out last year, you know he’s gone for four games and they went to go 344 with random quarterbacks the year that tom brady was out. Matt cassel led the team to the playoffs I mean that the did they do well every single year. It’s because bill belichick is phenomenal, as a manager he’s a very, very good manager. He’s obsessed with football there’s a lot of things. He does very very well one of the things he does is he insists on a culture of discipline and one of the things he does every week in this is the part that I owe I’m so excited about this.

Every single week he makes the team watch film together and if you do not participate mentally dude, it’s going to be so. We have an excerpt we’re going to read here from an article that I was in the usa today and chapel, like a long form, search up. There’s no time pressure. We’re here we’re just here hanging out, so you just take as much time as you want to reach this incredible:a new england patriots, offensive lineman hands or knock down by defensive, lineman, rewind again rewind again the offensive linemen splits lips, ford rewind, the foot slips ford rewind again a returner burst untouched through a group of patriots players and punt coverage. He runs back and forth back and forth back and forth board. You just got cut in film sessions, bill belichick and the rest of the new england patriots, coaching staff 10 to lay off veterans. They trust according to matt chatham, a former patriots linebacker and current nfl analyst on nesn. Instead belichick works in said, go check, works to whip, newer and younger players into shape. There are exceptions, even if it was someone that they trust. If it’s something that was over-the-top or something that really have a low business conferences tolerance for they’ll yell at them to chatham, said they’ll yell at tom brady go yell at everyone at some point. Just to keep everyone honest, google, chicks whole deal is that games are won and lost based off of little details as a business coaching program every single day at 6 a.M. And we have our meetings chuck. Do we go over big broadvision?

Do we go over big, broad concepts know we go over specifics and how to get better and how to solve specific problems with actionable items. To think about the last couple minutes of that we’ve had a clients that have wanted to know how to write a script that works. They wanted to know how to migrate. Their godaddy account if they needed to have tough conversations with people. They wanted to know how to build an org chart entire meeting on his coaching, her coaches anytime they have. The client is a question that that coach says you know what I meant take it. I might take that to tomorrow’s meeting. I’ll get the answer for you right. What is a coach? They know a lot there for the start here book which, by the way I look all those years can download for free right now at thrive time should i, t, amazon best-selling book. We start here book and having a place. There’s one of your business conferences coaches. There, clay sean of one of your when your coaching yeah sean, is ready to start here book book and he works a lot of great clients, but every day it seems to be every other day. There seems to be a question that he’s never heard before, because every business owner is a little bit different and in our meetings, could you describe our meetings, are kind of like the game. Film sessions of bella check exactly there’s a little bit of comic relief. What is a general rule? What are we doing? We are going over. What are you coaching and are you running the system? What questions do you have? What questions do your clients have some more motivated to be better players?

He’s talking to me it’s crazy, but if you ever get a chance to watch nfl films were they show footage of this belichick watches the same thing over and over, and he has two players:conyuge 84. What do you see here and if you’re snoozing off and they make it dark, he’ll get you and have you stand up and put everybody to? Let you have and there’s nobody who is immune to it, and this is the day after an nfl game or the day after that, 2 days after where their knees are swollen, nfl, football, league, except after a game, you guys can’t walk out terrible, and so we we have our meetings every morning at 6 to bring money there at 7 now, but I mean. Why is that so important for your development, our clients? Why do we have to do that? Everyday? Because, like you just said, we coach hundreds of clients now and there’s always these nuances. These things are the logistical issues of launching a new business conferences website and we have to have that game film. We have to be tracking and growing together, and one thing that I think of whenever we talk about reviewing game film is how important it is to track your company and how we work with our clients on tracking, because, if you’re, not tracking, you don’t know how the people in your organization are performing and therefore you can’t hold them accountable to anything until the same thing as if you got sales, people that are slacking, but they’ve been around for 20 years, you need to let them have it just like bella check. Will that tom brady have it because he needs it or she needs to perform up to those standards that you you track in your sales training meetings, the weekly meetings that I’m in with you guys, because you eat a really good job of tracking those metrics yeah. We track everything from him for a call center. The number of calls you made the number of appointments that you sent her like transfers, the number of what we call super apps. The number of training calls. He listened to the number of google reviews that you obtained for the company from real customers, and we even have it down to metric to. We know how many phone calls each rep has to make before they get a deal. Why it’s accountability, because somebody as result of not being able to hit the numbers that you needed, yeah i, fired someone that lives in my house like a week ago.

You know i, remember, of his family the other day and I was just listening. Family could be a lot like firing. A friend firing, someone you’re close to it, doesn’t feel good, but the metrics needed in order for your company to succeed, we’re not being hit, and so you had to make that call dr. Sibley’s office going to refine, show sponsors. The former chiropractor of choice was wayne gretzky. Why do they do x-rays from time to time because they need to know what’s going on so your x-rays from time to time, because I want to know what’s going on right behind the business conferences scenes, just go based off of how they feel how you feel, because you are not an expert. What you treasure, you know what I’m struggling with Allergies:i’ve got chronic back pain and I want to get better. I want to get better and I’m tired of dealing with these issues over and over. If you’re looking for same-day appointments short to no wait times. Car good friend and show sponsor dr. John, sibley. Com is dr. John sibley. Trump. What’s his phone number and i? Can we get to his office? You never. There is at 51st and harvard here in tulsa the phone number is 918-749-5741. That’s 918-749-5741, dr john, sibley. Com. It blows my mind. Com 321 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show show on the microphone east stop in the category of business. Market motion, sickness and pad to the madness continues. 3 2, 1, welcome back to the drive time show on your radio, and they were talking about. Is accountability. We’re talking about whining winners by the belichick did bill belichick the new england patriots head coach, bill belichick. Why is method works and why most people resent a culture of discipline a moment clay stairs who used to run a nonprofit called a shepherd’s fold?

It said it said:christian camp that did renowned within the area. People of that camp he’s going to share his struggle with holding people accountable, but before he does that I’m going to share with you why I’ve never had a problem with old people account when I was a kid I got mox, I stuttered. All of the time can talk. My son just went to a camp and at the camp everybody made some homemade bait for my son, I just found out to see what you just told me. He literally had the worst experience of his life. He could not stop crying because every single kid made fun of him cuz. He has nystagmus, which is means that your eyes don’t have a steady point. So his eyes will move so I started calling cross eyes and they just mocked. Why can say his good friend, I jayden, jayden barnett, who is my partner’s son, saw happening and just lay the smack down on some kids but I’m saying my son went to camp and it was the single worst business conferences experience of his life and we just now kind of talked through it and just wouldn’t shepherd’s fold the right, but he went to a camp and in not to shepherdsville, went to a camp, and my son, just like me, was easy to make fun of easy target. Cuz eyes move I had a stuttering, I’d speech, a speech impediment had a hard time speaking so for me, I realized, real quick I would remember almost like a turtle. I would go inside, I would I would I would kind of think mentally, like I’ll go somewhere mentally when I was up somewhere else physically, so I would just go somewhere mentally, like okay I’m, not here and I would just go there to block it out, walk it out, and so is an adult I think almost my entire day, I block it up. Okay, just don’t even think about being I’m somewhere else mentally.

Most of the time, if I’m an uncomfortable situation, and so whenever I have to like fire somebody hold somebody accountable, i, really don’t even begin to think at all from their perspective. I think about like you knew what to do. You didn’t do it it’s black and white, so here’s the deal but I think most people who weren’t abused or made fun of, or somebody who grew up I would say either popular or well-liked or just normal. Wasn’t you mocked repeatedly? You probably have more empathy by by nature and clay stairs from my understanding is you’re, one of the most popular guys in high school. You did well in high school. Sports is okay, your well-liked? No seriously! You are you’re well liked to known and people know who you weren’t. I am i. Where am I correct, I paid a lot of people lot of money through high school. Yes, so all I’m saying is you guys were the guys that ever want to say what time do you hey? What’s going on, and so now that you found yourself running shepherd’s fold camp you had to hold people accountable. I want to hear your perspective, what kind of inner dialogue and what kind of emotions were you dealing with when you had to hold people accountable, yeah well again, I I personally was not a very disciplined person, and so I was a very emotional person. My act to my actions, my decisions were I would say, were primarily emotional actions and business conferences decisions and I did not want anyone to hold me accountable play. You know it if it was I was 47 years old. When I came to you to be my coach, you were the first person in my life that I said. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it up until that point, I was going to do it on my own and if somebody’s out there, you’re listening and you’ve been managing people for a long time and you’re not doing it effective, but you can’t seem to hold people can’t we can’t seem to get the job done.

They always say:i did my best. I can never seem to deliver the results earlier. We interview dr. Brown, and this is what he had to say about that. Yes, so what happens? Is it if you are trying to manage emotional people from an emotional perspective? It doesn’t work so clay. What would happen when you would try to manage people from an emotional perspective? It seems like I was always the one that was feeling the greater emotion. The greater stress to greater pressure and I would then put I would be thinking of all the emotions that they could be feeling and I didn’t want them to feel those emotions, so I would feel them for them, and that would keep maybe I mean. What’s up, I need medication. What that did was that cause me to not hold people accountable, because I didn’t want to be held accountable, and so it was just very hard for me to do that. Not because there were some moral thing. I can’t ask them to do it. If I’m not going to do it, it had nothing to do with that. It was just I didn’t know how emotionally to hold people accountable, because I was not a person that was supplement movie, airplane, guy, ice, cube’s, emily, airplay airplay role was to always deal with the emotional situation. Like never a bad thing would happen. His job was to hop on the mic cuz, it’s the movies, about an airplane that is trying not to crash during bad weather. There, people on the plane that are sick. All these calamities are happening and he’s trying to coach the pilot to try to coach the plane, this commercial airliner, to business conferences success, to a successful to a landing without a crash, and he emotionally processes, everything and anytime that he has any type of adversity doll. He immediately turns to some vice, and so here are some audio excerpt from the movie airplane. Here we go. White christmas blue, like i, picked the wrong week to quit. Smoking like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking something bad happens. You process is it emotionally and chapman that’ll destroy. It will end when you’re processing, everything in the emotional realm. What you’re really doing is you’re being reactive and you’re.

Just reacting to everything, that’s going on everybody else, but when you are at operating a strategic realm, you’re being proactive and that’s the difference that the discipline to sit down and make a plan be strategic and be proactive with it, I was going to ask you if you say you were 47 yes and then now you’re, not that way. Now, I’m! Not that way, so you know talk about how old he is now but I’m. Guessing he’s older than 40 75. Take to for people to understand is there’s a lot of people that have these icon like a universal truth of the winter time is. It is a choice and then I believe that once you are taught-or you learn the way that it should be handled. If you, if you don’t, do that and don’t become that person that you know you are supposed to be, then you have been taught and now you’re ignoring it and then that’s on you and so there’s a lot of people. That say why can’t change its? How I am no! You can because clay, stairs., and, I’m, sure there’s lots of examples of people have done it at a well check. As a coach I’m just seen a bill belichick was not good in high school or in college is his dad was a college football coach, and so he was always made fun of because he was always too small. Undersized. Wasn’t that good and so I think that he was talk to you like a get off the field. Coaches would say:hey get off the field who’s. The runt out here get off the field he was used to that so for him like he was treated with little or no respect at all is up as a player, and he just sort of is right trans. Actually that intentionally mean but great business conferences transaction about the way he runs.

The team that time I I watched him for years, I have watched the guy I’m 37 I’ve been watching bill belichick coached that team for 18 19 years watching every year and I can tell you he’s become more emotional, he’s learned to say words of affirmation. Positive things touch everybody actually, after every game, they they bring it in after the game, and he has a guy by the name of matthew slater right who brings it and he’s almost to the teams religious leader, their team chest us a spirit there and he brings that energy. He make sure that all the coaches say a kind word to all the players who make physically touch the players and they come into the locker room and he’s developed over time and yeah. You could say that I’m, a non-emotional person be realized, he’s managing people that are emotional and play football in war, and so do you watch nfl films, bill belichick. You can see how he’s learn to connect with players on a more emotional level and want one wasn’t very emotional about anytime somebody sponsors our show that they decide. They want their money where our mouth is right. There I have absolute white hot passionate about our show sponsors. If you’re out there about expanding your commercial buildings, expanding your building, a building, you thought about building some commercial real estate. This is there is no need for a debate. You got to go with her. That are crazy, chords, williams, contracting chuck. What’s our website and what is their phone number to hold these guys at 918-682-5511, 918-682-5511 or checking out at will dash khan.Com? That’s will will dash con con mojo and the thrive time show kick it.

Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can. Can I kick it? Yes, you can. This is the clock on the bike and can buy off of focused on open shan I’m focused on the mission each of the skills and give to the plans but casted from balance to the left I’m going to tell you can do it? Yes, she paints, and now my friend, you got to dance to see it, and I’ll be to see her yes and all right trap. Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and, if you’re, just out tuning in, were talking today about accountability, we’re talking about. Why is it that players from the new england patriots become whining winners after they lead after they leave the team after they leave the team? When they sent, you know I’m on the team, yes, super bowl, why are people so excited when they’re on the team, they’re they’re, winning all the time when they leave they become whining winners and why the bill bill bill belichick method works? Why do most people resent the culture of discipline after they leave so chuck? Can you read the next notable quotable how about practicing bill belichick talk to he said he says this over and over to listen to bill belichick interviews he’s been on the record saying the same time. He does an interview with it be video or just podcast. He talks about practice should be harder than the actual game recordable. Here from this excerpt from the cbs sports, article says after former patriots and current giants left tackle, nate solder describe playing for the patriots as cold and very business conferences businesslike on thursday amendola called bella check and a whole thing for him is quote, not easy on friday but amendola likes older, intended for both of those things to be taking his compliments or nate solder aunt danny amendola describe their former coach as cold and business-like and an a hole, but they meant it to be compliment because at the end of the day he knows that bella check, stuff approach gets results as in super bowls.

He says it’s not easy, that’s for sure he’s an a–hole. Sometimes there were a lot of things. I didn’t like about playing for him, but I must say the things I didn’t like we’re all in regards to getting the team better and I respected him. Amendola told espn’s, mike reiss I make us galaxy, says:i didn’t like practicing in the snow. I didn’t like cracks in the rain, but that was going to make us a better football team and I was going to make me a better football player. It wasn’t easy and he be the first to admit at the super bowl ring ceremony that it wasn’t easy playing for him. The silver lining was that we were winning that we were at the ring ceremony, so bill belichick, if it is snowing outside or make sure we get this devin indoor practice facility. If it snows that’s sad, you make some practice outside here. We go. If, it rains. He moves them outside they’re, practicing in foxboro outside of boston. Where is crazy,, crazy, cold and bill belichick and said he wants to make the business conferences playing conditions worse than they could possibly be in the in the game. So that way did the practices eat is harder than a game to win. The game is easier. Now. Clay stairs has a fun story where he had somebody that he knows very close to him. Who came to work for one of my companies and can you share this story, because this is a real example of? What’s going play clark a check to work, work, work with me, okay, so yeah it was my daughter, maddie and and the time when I realized that I had I had made a switch I’d cross. That bridge of discipline to a place where I now embraced discipline.

Maddie came to me one day, clay after being in a meeting I think it was early on after she had started working with you at the dog rafi company and she came to me in tears after work and she was so mad at you because she said they pulled me to the side after the meeting and he just ripped me a new one, because I yawned in the meeting now want to make sure that it almost hurts get get this because i, don’t remember what I said to her I just want to say and I’m going when somebody yawns in a meeting and it’s like they’re not trying to fight it back the other side and I say something to the effect of hangers. To do the most disrespectful thing that you could do to whoever speaking what it’s me or somebody else is to not get enough sleep previous to hearing their presentation or talk they’re leaving the meeting whenever I don’t have an issue with the act of yawning as much of an issue with not getting enough sleep ahead of time. So, if you yawn again, the business conferences meeting I will fire you that’s what she and so that’s what I say that have said that a lot I’ll just I’ll just tell you that imagine your meeting with the president of the united states was there a meeting with president obama back in the day, and you were a member of a team that won a championship and president obama comes up to you and he says pleasure to meet you, how you doing welcome to the white house and you need to go decoration for that meeting you and in business steve. You been in a meeting before I’m sure your training, your team and you had somebody that kind of slouches over and is yawning.

What does that say to you without a word being set a four-letter word that starts with f and ends with k? Maybe like some work done saying to you, you know seriously:that’s what it is. It’s like hey, you know, thanks for you know, i, don’t care what your tie process, people yawning in a meeting. This is how I see it. It’s probably real harsh, but I had a professor when I went to oral, roberts university and bless bless bless this man who’s no longer with a living, but here’s the point they’re closer and you have a printer from your point. You bunches and used to point in that we have big big class lot of people, try to come over people and he used to say I want I want to turn buddy. If you look at the chart of here that was not. That was my dad downstairs. He was going with the middle finger. Hello he’s like I want everyone to know that over here. If you look over here, the old testament on this chart. God wants us to all, and if it’s grade school immediately at 18 19 year old kids were lights freshman to sophomore, when I’m that way today and I’m, 39 and howard auditorium people would say:hey, hey real, quick i, didn’t hear what you were saying. Could you explain to me again over over and again and again what you’re going to want to do and he would put his business conferences middle finger and somebody came this really weird atmosphere because it was like he couldn’t focus on what he was saying and you’re ready cuz. He kept calling with the middle finger at everything running again. It distracts from who you are or what you’re about and makes the person that care another one. This is probably my favorite story. This is old enough. I can I can share it. There was a lady who is a female client and she tucked her shirt in after going to the restroom, and she pulled up her underwear away up over. So her underwears, coming out wherever everybody in the building could see these the red underwear just pulled up high, though like way over it and then like you, couldn’t talk to her because you noticed

it underwears pulled up over her like shirt and everybody you know is like it’s hard it’s hard to. What do you say in a you’re, a man and she’s at the only female? It’s like you know, you said you go in like hate your underwear again, which I believe to be thuggish is up over now outerwear, it’s outerwear and you don’t, and it makes it where it’s hard to pay attention and so beautiful by the way, those panties a lot of people, though, don’t realize what your body language is saying. I, don’t really have been to places you work with a lot of business owners and they they don’t realize that when you show up late to your own meeting by 20 minutes with nothing prepared. What does it say to your to your team when you have no notes? No preparation, you’re, bringing low energy and you look slightly hungover again, i. Don’t care i, don’t care about you, i, don’t respect you and then it. If you’re, not careful, you come in and you expect them to respect you at business conferences. You expect them to do what you ask him to do, but you just lost all credibility again:i I i, remember when maddie came and told me that you had gotten on to her because you know she wanted to go to glee and her friend. Her friend was outrageous. Outrageous, tired, I guess you just can’t be typed out, but she looks like she was probably 2023. I think that it was one time that I I truly do remember that I had crossed the bridge of discipline, because my response to her was did you yawn and she goes yes and I said he should have ripped you a new one:i! Guess you won’t every i. Guess you won’t ever yawn again?

Will you change the world by the safe haven to go feel like you’re a safe place? I will talk to him. Another bill belichick lesson that we can learn from the whining winners, who now departed from the patriots to move on to other things. This next article episode from cbs sports says nobody should be making their shocked face. After all, this is a coach who wants celebrated a championship by leaving a no days off chant at a super bowl parade super bowl. They get past the mic to him. This is all of boston. There is like I’m, not exaggerating at least two to three hundred thousand people there out there celebrating his victory. Did you say, boston or boston way we win by to do better check in boston and bill belichick his past the microphone at a celebration we were supposed to celebrate the team’s victories and all the players in or on their their dividend. Parade all day smiling. The entire city was given the day off. I would like to see if you haven’t watched, the two of them should go, find it and watch it. Sebastian till where we put you up during the break I’ll download the audio knock you out up there for the exit to say never. The entire new england community has a day off, give it to them by the mayor in order to celebrate their winnings, o’jays cuz, that’s what he thinks win championship. Championship played for the indianapolis colts and reggie wayne thought:hey, look I’m going to go play my last year for the patriots and go win a super bowl ii was good. I would like to win and go over there when the super soul check for the rest of the x-men once tried to finish his business conferences career by chasing a ring with the patriots ended up quitting before the season.

Even there, it is the preparation required for winning is something that most people cannot handle. The only take about someone who can handle preparing for 100 for a long time for disclosure is a partner of mine. So, if you visit his business, I I do make money and I appreciate you so much. Thank you, but rc auto specialists these guys have been off-road for 80 years of combined experience. These guys have been busy taking care of all tulsa’s ford powerstroke 80 they’ve been helping out tulsa with all their ford powerstroke diesel service repair issues is diesel. You need suspension and alignment work, heat and air transmission lighting, fleet service battery issues. Chuck wants their website rc auto specialists, or you can call him at 918-872-8115, 918-872-8115, rc, auto, specialists., com shepherd, give me one more chance to say 3-2-1 boom. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time business conferences show have time show on the microphone. What is this stuff that I do sharks in the category of business or business topics like dentist winter ship, like you already printed, cast that you might get motion sickness, bad to the bad? That’s convenience! What the probation welcome back to the five-time show on your radio when I think anybody listening to today show unless you’re a communist which I don’t have a whole lot of communists shooting into the show. But unless you’re a communist I think you have a desire to be successful out there saying i, don’t want to i, don’t want to i, don’t want to. Everybody wants to have sex and I want to win a championship. I want to be the top I want me to man.

Only the wall, man I’ll, be the boss out of the pastor. I want to be the leader. I deserve to be the manager. I didn’t sign up to be entry-level, I want to be in charge, but what happens is there is a massive gap between what you want to do and what you do? There’s a big gap between the managers and everybody else. Still, leaders and everybody else i-would call this entire mindset the leader shift. When you began to shift your entire mindset. You begin to shift your action items because you were going to ship your the entire way. You approach situations to own the situation. You begin to say if I am a leader. This is how leader would handle the situation, and one of the things that winners do is winter, do not make excuses. They win, however, a lot of times winners who play for bill belichick of the new england patriots. They win all the time they win, they win, they would put when they leave the team. They become winning winners. They begin to drift into lazy lethargic losers, but while they’re on the patriots, they can’t why bill belichick prevents them from talking to the media. They can’t speak about when they leave they all just terrible and that’s why most people resent business conferences culture because it works and it frustrates people to know if you have to work that hard to win so eric chop renowned business coach before I’d, like for you to read a very, very link, the excerpt from espn about bill belichick, and what some of the players have to say that, before a significant snow, storm started to hit new england on thursday patriots coach, bill, belichick told players that it will be business as usual, as the team is scheduled to hold its second and final practice of the playoff bye week quote you certainly better leave yourself enough time to get here on time tomorrow.

We all know there is weather coaches mentioned that several times to them to the team, so I wouldn’t want to be the guy. Who is late tomorrow, special teams, captain matthew slater, said on wednesday. It appeared that bella check was going to make the players practice outside and driving snow and high winds, but thursday morning he relented and decided to hold practice inside the empower fieldhouse. The patriots are scheduled to practice at 10:35 a.M. Eastern time on thursday, which is a couple hours earlier than the norm. Bella check was ask bella check with ask thursday morning if showing up and blizzard-like conditions was a lesson and accountability for his players. He responded quote every day is a work day. He responded, flatley, go check, philosophy on practicing in the snow and players being on time, for the first meeting of the day has been well-documented over the years in 2009 he sent four players home when they didn’t make it to the facility on time safety, devin mccourty. Another team captain said wednesday that he remembered hearing that news, while watching sports center. That bella check was already business conferences addressed. The players about being on time quote he mentioned that he doesn’t care, don’t call and say your car got stuck I think everyone knows there are two hotels up here at patriot place, so stay there for the night find a way. Mccourtney said:i want to make sure that all of the people at your listing get this idea. Devin mccourty his brother jason mccord. Are there twins, okay, I’ll, pull up on the big screen who they are there going to be on the patriots this year? To guess ain’t heard similar they will be on the team together for the first time they look, similar, they’re, actually identical twins, and so, but I would say that bill belichick as such a strong culture that his brother, who is you the winning mega million point? You just said your hey. Listen. There are hotels at patriot place, you can stay at so don’t use weather as an excuse and he loves the culture of winning so much. He recruited his twin brother now, i. Don’t think a lot of people understand this idea, but the feeling you get when you win all the time is awesome.

Now his brother had to be laid his brother played for a different team. We pulling up here the cleveland print clothes all the time and so losers make excuses for everything and because most people lose all the time they make excuses to it’s. What I’m going to do is I’m going to give all the list, give you some specific excuses that nobody cares about, that might sound harsh. So my wife, we have, we have five kids. However, we had a miscarriage late terms. We would had six and when our baby had to be removed from my wife’s body because it was dead, I went to work the next day and none of my customers, of which we had 4,000 weddings a year. None of them would have cared at all about my wife if I would have missed her way, because it’s someone’s wedding, my best friend mark, died in the car accident right before I was scheduled to dj a big wedding and you and I did I spoke to his funeral and then did the wedding. You know why, because I was probably didn’t want to I had to the day. I found out that my son was born blind I was djing a wedding when my dad was diagnosed with als I had to do my job when my dad got diagnosed with cancer. I had to do my job and my equipment got stolen when I ran dj connection. I had to do my job when the ceiling collapsed at elephant in the room on the 23rd steve. You were here on the eve of christmas eve, the ceiling collapse. Jeff you were here too. We were there. We had to do our jobs right, I mean it’s. What you do it’s the eve of christmas eve. We couldn’t let the shop closed because of this. We made it happen. I, don’t want to like cursing everybody. It’s not a positive way to communicate through it all. Nobody cares. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to deliver results and clay stairs. How is that 100% different from everybody else thinks all the people who are not winning? How do you think about it? They think it’s all emotional.

They think I’ve got something hard I mean I can go to something so simple as i. Just didn’t feel right about coming to work today can be something so simple. I didn’t feel right about emotional emotional bit of napoleon hill says 98% of the population is drifting just in your in motion land. That’s true! We talked about it today with our team play and we have an event that we’ve been graciously invited to be a part of. It is a it’s a lot of work on all of our team 6 hours a day on the weekend, saturday, sunday, saturday, sunday and so i. Had this conversation with a couple of my my my right, my right hand, people might mike top manager that we have said I said I said:listen, i, don’t actually care like what you do during the week and what you have to do, or what you’re missing out on and I’m, not trying to be like rude or an emotion about it, I just trying to win, and it we’re going to win by doing this in one way we win. We one way that we win at the thrive time shows we transcribe each and every single business conferences radio show, which is why we continue to come up higher and higher in the google search engine results in the company that we use to transcribe each and every show is in the quote. Net in quote. Net i, like the transcription company, so much I invested in its in a quote. Net say to zumba. Fitness is always dominate. Cuz i, got, 5, kids I will not lose. It is the truth.

Thought I’d make that excuse, I’ll be up going to go to school, but the truth into a like. My yo dude I wasn’t all right right, bitch. What the back to the front time show on your radio today were talking about this concept of personal accountability, holding yourself accountable and pushing yourself to be your best, not making excuses, and yes were using the new england patriots as an example, because so many people when they they play for the patriots they win every year I mean bill belichick’s winning percentage as ridiculous. As a head coach, this guy wins he’s the one who’s won. 278 games and only lost $129 and all these players will go play for the patriots and they’re going to win they’re going to put up massive numbers, they’re going to be successful. Why don’t we go to the pro bowl because of the discipline they never been held accountable to that level. I think about your favorite sports coaches, a team, but your favorite coach that helped you win the most that you played for that improved your skills, the most the teacher to help you become the best you could be i, don’t know about you, but every teacher that I can think of that really pushed me i! Think i! Think of this is janssen. This lady absolutely wore me out. I would get a beer and do a public speech. I’m like 15 16 I just got into a place in my life, where I no longer studdard and I got up to speak and she says after the class I did not put everybody butt pulled me aside. Mr. Clark, your talk today was about half as good as what I think you could do. Probably a third so I’m going to have you do it again tomorrow and I’m like, but everybody else is already done too I’m not talking to nobody else. Talking about you and I see what you can do, I see what you can be and it’s what you doing now at business conferences.

Mr. Becker I’m a rooster, beckerman paul beckerman. He used to say that was good, but I I’m I’m in for great here, so going to do that again tomorrow they won’t. Let you take days off he’s. He would push you to the next level. Claysters. You were a teacher. Can you talk about? How today is a business coach? You push your clients to be the best they could be and how sometimes it’s a weird deal because they’re paying you and like either paying you for that accountability. But yet, as we’ve seen with the new england patriots a lot of times, people become whining winners when they start winning all the time. Why do people actually start whining and complaining that their held accountable and pushed so hard talking about that weird dynamic of pushing somebody who’s, paying you to make them better? When you bring a rebuke when you bring, we always use the scale from 1 to 10, with our clients. How much you want me to push you, and we do have plenty to say push me. The 10 push me to 10. You know, but then, when you start pushing them at a 10, it can be really awkward like unless you bring some humor. Unless you bring, you got to have something to break that tint rebuke. What you’re saying cuz I agree with what you’re saying that’s going to rebuke and yeah the bible the cloisters you play with the bible. I am familiar with a little bit of it.

Yeah yeah I heard it on that podcast from the proverbs 13:24 is something that I believe but I’ll take the world can handle. It said yes, so I’m going to read it to you, I like for you to break it down, because the place that you have to bring a little bit of humor lee cockrell, the former vice president of walt disney world, who managed 40,000 employees once told me if you’re going. To be honest, you better be funny, but this is proverbs 13:24, since it says he that spareth his rod hates his son, but he that loveth him chasing if him three times so it means if you don’t spank your child, which early, then you hate your kid. If your discipline, your kid that you hate your kid, if you don’t hold people accountable and call people out, you hate them, it’s like you run around with some staff or some rod, and you, like you, didn’t get into your action items this week. For me personally, clay clay said you got to take those opportunities where you can be funny and build business conferences rapport, and once you have done that, if you prove that you are a source of knowledge, you prove what your intentions are, which is to help them achieve goals. What I found a lot of my clients, as they literally feel bad? If they weren’t promised to do something and they didn’t do it, it’s kind of like a little kid who feels bad talking to his dad when he let him down, and so that’s one way through building reports showing your actual intentions and that you care and then just holding them accountable and being there for them in, and they want to get those things done and get better if they’re open to the coaching, and is it coaching program how to make sure the westerns get this phone doctors? You talk about a company like full package media client. You help save over $8,000 a month this week, you’re sitting there a changing, cheney construction fences I mean to it, want to help you win, but he want to help. We would help you win, but the thing about winning. Is it if you’re serious about growing a business?

You can’t take a day off when your business is open. If you have business is open 5 days a week or 6 days a week or 7 days a week, you really can’t take a day off and we will go to starbucks tomorrow and the store said sorry we’re closed. We wanted to take a day off. How many times would you go back there I mean i, see a lot of small business owners are in the wedding industry, they’re closed on mondays because they worked hard on saturday or sunday it just bill belichick the coach of new england patriots. He actually when they won the nfl championship, they won the super bowl. He was passed the microphone at a rally and I think it’s it’s kind of hilarious. When you pass the microphone to a harsh disciplinarian at a pep rally where the the mayor has given the entire city of boston the day off, still celebrate the super bowl victory, they have hundreds of thousands of people during this audio excerpt. How many people showed up for the super bowl parade for the patriots in the audio of bill belichick at the awards celebration for the new england patriots. Here we go. Thank you. Thank you thanks for coming out today. This is tremendous another victory. Fantasizing. Let me tell you these. These players a park harder than any team I’ve ever coached. They came to work every day and there were no debt is off kendrick, japan’s reelected to cheer along sicarius chant no deal but I like days off. I deserve daytime i. Want you to take no days off, but I want to go to. If I don’t know who that was his. That was his speech at the patriots super bowl celebration, and if you hear any interviews with bill belichick, he talks a lot about work ethic and not a lot about god. Given talent chubby mean he is absolutely obsessed with being the best you could possibly be so you just have to let and everybody 1 million people, boston police had 1 million people weren’t allowed to know.

If you want to attend the workshop or slightly less than a million people, do that I encourage you to book your tickets for our next time, show in person works well tomorrow. Last minute, june 23rd buy your tickets today or buy them for the next event. Bye, bye, going to thrive time, show.Com world best business, workshop, drivetime, show.Com right time, show don’t to give what we got cut on the books. You see my wife and kids. Please tell them to one here. We go, you know. That’s right. Nation were talking today about whining winners were talking about. We all know people that are in a family or a company where the expectations are set. Super high expectations of steve jobs talks about this. We talks about business conferences excellence, I’m, not sure a lot of people have ever read as much steve jobs I’d love. If you did I’d love for you to but steve jobs, you talks about being a yardstick of quality. He says, be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected and I would just say this. Having coached many companies all over the country. I, don’t think that excellent is expected in very many places. At all, I mean clay, stairs. Think about the places that you go to that you like going to be like to shop at him, and do you like whole foods? Do you ever go to whole foods I have been in whole food 3 times. Do you like starbucks, yes, I have been to starbucks apple store I have been, who I really like the apple jackie cooper mercedes folks, really like jackie cooper, the trump hotel, a couple of them inside of lamborghini about expectations, expectations they they they, they control everything, and when you set high expectations for your company, your organization for people for yourself what that does. Is it really begins to alienate you from people that have no expectations and by default most people in our culture in our society they don’t sell expectations. So let me give an example of a low expectation life. If you go tonight to a local casino.

This is what’s going to have your see a billboard, billboard you’re going to see a sign that says where everyone’s a winner trouble. You seen that kind of snowboard course everyone’s, a winner, yeah, meaning meaning for me to focus on one thing to be a winner when the lady, who used to be an attractive, swimsuit model, but is now 55 and is a chain smoker is trying to serve me. A free margarita and the guy next to me is like what what I need I can’t breathe. My oxygen come on. What do you mean to play of and I’m thinking to myself? This guy is like chain smoking, while there’s an oxygen tank right next to him, like flammable, flammable he’s putting gas in the car to see this in you have you been to the casino. Yeah? It’s amazing people go there and try to win, and if you seen the size of these casinos, they are obviously winning the casinos are winning, but it seems like you guys, are being sarcastic, meaning anime site in 15 minutes, a random 1980s band that you vaguely remember will be performing and 18 minutes. If you’re going babel nope awesome, it’s like performing as def leppard the band that used to not be def leppard, the drummer twice removed from poison will be performing tonight with a the drummer from aerosmith. The bassist from nikki sixx motley crue have the same name but I really going to see a group cover it up, but I’m going now you’re, just going really am I watching an axl rose in person is steven tyler in person. Those seats that people sit at the slot machines they have to like sanitizing thrown away cuz a lot of people don’t get up.

We got phone really. If I go to your expectations for entertainment or like if I can get the plan b, that’s fine, we’re pretty soon you’re, seeing a guy who’s, impersonating, jimmy, buffett living on sponge cake. We are so hammered asthmatics watching the sun bag. All of those to her is covered with. If you got white hair out through the buffets free string, I want to see john legend in concert, I apologize for having standards but i, my wife bought me tickets and they called it the world’s largest casino. If you seen this piece of crap been there in fact, kerrville, texas, the world’s largest casino, the largest all right. It’s so so looks like a trailer out there. Autozone code stay with me. We been together for a while. Now it’s growing together each and every day now I feel so good, and there was no doubt that I will stay with you and the person behind music they’re so happy. They can’t even get a gun, smoking and bring me meaning and I told my wife. I cannot stay here. So we went up to the goofy as the redneck scott buffet in at the buffet. There is crab legs. It’s like $30 for unlimited crab legs. It’s imitation crab legs bro, but they’re, not even real craps. That’s what it’s saying! I didn’t get rope darts in my wife and I’ll be good or hotel room and we both smelled so bad from all the smoke that we just had to leave smoke and imitating I could I could not even endure the trip. When did because I have this thing called expectations. I, don’t want to be around to call me crazy. I! Don’t want to be around a bunch of gamble, degenerative gambling degenerate addicts who are addicted to gambling, who can’t stop gambling raging alcoholics. You can’t stop chain smoking with their freaking stomas that have been drilled into their lenox.

They can actually breathe and her oxygen tanks call me crazy. Call me judgemental, don’t come to the business conferences if you want, but the idea of being next to a lady, late, sixties, a gun meaning of rose rose. What are you saying? I can’t enjoy the day, meaning i, don’t know what that is. Do you enjoy the casino floor? I hate the casino floor. In fact, I’ve only been to a casino and I’m up like 60 bucks. You can smell me from here. They asked me to leave I’ve seen some good concerts recently at some of the casinos, but I have to let go in where you you don’t go into the gaming floor. Do you still look after it comes down the ladder I’m just telling. You, though, have you and you guys not been to a play. Let’s do this, let’s mentally all travel to waffle house at 4 a.M. Outside of a casino. I’d like to place. There is hyper on the peanut butter I have my peanut butter with? How do you been there? Closer I have been there. Yes, have you been there and what happens if you seen their people use it for a stick around over there right now, the freaks the freaks come out at 4 a.M. What’s going on bro i, actually I’m, just telling you the society that would tell you it’s okay to go to 4 a.M. To go to waffle house at 4 a.M. And, if you’re totally hammered, you need some coffee to sober up. That’s just part of the game. If you want to be successful, you got to judge yourself now:christ I’m, a christian to my world view, offers you unconditional love.

Prosperity the chance of op heavenly rewards you to go to heaven. If you just accept christ, you can’t get to heaven by works. Let me tell you this:if you want to go to hell on earth, don’t do any work that you get to go to heaven maybe youtube return today, but if you want to suffer damnation on the planet, earth, what you want to do you want to show up late all the time every day and god can’t judge a person, that’s contemplating getting a tattoo that says only god can judge me everyone’s judging you, okay tupac, so I’m going to give you a final capstone thought. Some tough love placed they’re struggling with being accountable, they’re, whining about being held accountable. What say you about, whining and being accountable again a clay I’ve crossed over the business conferences discipline bridge and i? Just don’t care get it done and having a conversation just earlier today with a client that have the we have just started. Working with I am developing that relationship with him and the whole idea is yeah. We will get it done. Had this to is my wife’s birthday, so I can until I’m talking to him and I’m going okay, here’s the deal I’m getting ready to come at 11:10 and talk with you. I, don’t care if it’s your birthday and you’re unable to financially provide your family. The bank, like she, just give you $100,000 in the account, if it’s your dad’s birthday, I just get er done how to grow successful business and how to be held accountable. How to become successful and become a person of success for the drive time should I come 3 to


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