Booking the World’s Biggest Artists, Comedians and Performers | Bobby Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Booking, AEG Presents Las Vegas Shares How AEG Makes the Magic Happen

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AEG works with huge artists like Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Ali Wong, John Fogerty, Diana Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Sarah McLachlan, Jo Koy, Chris Tucker, Steve Miller Band, Smokey Robinson and Brian McKnight. And the Senior Vice President of Booking, Bobby Reynolds shares how AEG makes the magic happen. 

  1. What is the history behind AEG and what exactly does AEG do?
    1. Privately held company based out of Denver Colorado.
      1. The staples center
      2. LA Live
      3. LA Kings
    2. We provide something for everyone to do.
  2. What do you do throughout your day?
    1. I help produce shows at different hotels and venues
    2. We book one-off concerts and tours.
    3. We work with different artists and place them at different resorts and hotels.
    4. We have expanded our venues so we can meet many needs
    5. I get to interact with many great artists.
  3. AEG has clearly asserted itself as the leader in the live music industry…what makes AEG different from other live music industry businesses?
  4. Where did you start?
    1. In high school, I had a friend who’s parents bought a nightclub. I would go work at it behind my parents back to make some cash. 
    2. I was a consumer and a fan of music.
    3. I would do anything at the club. It never felt like work.
    4. From there I went to military university in Vermont.
    5. I had 2 options to earn money
      1. Wash Dishes
      2. Student Activities
        1. This ended up with me working with up and coming student artists and talents.
        2. I would skip class because I became obsessed with booking shows and live events
    6. After college I interned at a booking agency.
    7. I then got a job at House of Blues
  5. AEG works with huge artists like Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Ali Wong, John Fogerty, Diana Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Sarah McLachlan, Jo Koy, Chris Tucker, Steve Miller Band, Smokey Robinson, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Brian McKnight. What services does AEG provide for these artists?
    1. We help artists have great experiences when they are in town for shows that we have booked them for.
  6. Who is the funniest person?
    1. These are proven people and in my opinion:
      1. Sebastian Maniscalco and Jim Gaffigan
    2. My “Pinch Me” moment was when I got to hang out with Paul McCartney 
  7. Are you a master cold caller?
    1. I used to be! I have not had to use that skill for a while. We work with some of the greatest places.
    2. We don’t work with many small acts and small rooms.
  8. What is AEG’s relationship like with the Las Vegas Wynn Encore Theater?
  9. The Las Vegas Wynn Encore Theatre was just named in the Top 10 highest-grossing venues globally in 2019 under a 5,000 seat capacity, according to Billboard magazine…why do you believe that the Wynn Encore Theatre has been so successful?
  10. With a venue as small as the Wynn Encore…what makes this venue so special and such a favorite performance destination for top artists?
  11. AEG Presents produces and promotes more than 11,000 shows annually worldwide…what does the process of promoting a show look like?
  12. How many different people are involved in promoting a show for a huge artist like Justin Bieber?
  13. What key roles are involved behind the scenes in promoting an event?
    1. If I am busy 24 hours before the show, my job was not done right. At that point, the team should have everything down pat. My job is making sure that the artist has an incredible experience.

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