BPM Supreme | An Interview with the Founder of the #1 Website in the World for DJs (Angel “AROCK” Castillo)

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Clay goes back to his DJConnection.com founder roots as he interviews the founder of the #1 Website in the World for DJs (Angel “AROCK” Castillo)

Angel “AROCK” Castillo, the Founder/ CEO of BPM Supreme. 

Under AROCK’s leadership,  BPM Supreme has become the #1 resource for DJs in the world– revolutionizing the way DJs work, create, and connect.  He was just featured in the below Forbes article about the growing power of the DJ Industry:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurencoleman/2019/09/22/the-new-consumer-gatekeepers-inside-the-hidden-power-of-the-dj-industry-20/#4edf9e512066 

When Jose “AROCK” Castillo founded BPM Supreme- the trusted music source for DJs and Producers- he had five employees working out of his living room. Today, he has 30 in-house employees spread between the company’s two L.A. offices— and BPM Supreme is the #1 website for DJs in the world.

Offering unlimited access to both audio and video, BPM Supreme has become the Holy Grail for the electronic music industry. And the company isn’t done growing yet. Under Castillo’s leadership as CEO, BPM Supreme continues to boom, showcasing rapid year-over-year growth.

From tutorials and tools, to original video content and newsletters, every piece of the BPM Supreme brand is thoughtfully crafted to help DJs build their careers. And as BPM Supreme continues to expand, its audience has realized that this brand is about more just music— it’s about paying it forward: Offering the next generation of superstar DJs everything they need to succeed in the business.

Beyond BPM Supreme, he can speak to breaking barriers in the music industry, his personal secrets to success, and the future of Hispanic entrepreneurship.

About Jose “AROCK” Castillo: 

Jose “AROCK” Castillo, a native of San Diego, CA this Mexican-American started to DJ at 15 years old and always knew his life was meant for more. Now at the age of 32 years this trailblazer’s company BPM Supreme has expanded rapidly, launched a mobile app and more! With the music industry focusing more energy than ever on music discovery and streaming, the BPM Supreme mobile app has arrived just in time. Imagine the largest library of downloadable audio and video built specifically for DJs in an easy to use, beautifully designed app. Sure, Castillo says that the mobile version of BPM Supreme’s website has always been optimized and user-friendly, but the mobile app offers much more.  “Our app is going to revolutionize the way that DJs discover music. Not only will they find everything they already love about BPM Supreme in the app, but they’ll also have access to stream mixes, curated sets, and our entire library in HQ from anywhere,” Castillo said.

“BPM Supreme has all of the music a working DJ needs like top charts and classics. But what you’ll also find is a variety of underground and indie artists, independent record labels, and a multitude of exclusive versions from local and world famous DJs alike. It’s incredibly vast,” Castillo said. The BPM Supreme mobile app is a giant leap forward in the ever-changing music industry landscape. In 2019 and beyond, Castillo says that BPM Supreme will continue to evolve and never away from what’s on the horizon. 

“Look at a company like Amazon, how they started out, and what their business model looks like today,” Castillo said. “Many people don’t always agree when they see a risk I’m willing to take, but I think if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. That belief is reflected in my business plan.”

While you need a paid subscription to BPM Supreme to get unlimited access the app, non- members can also stream and preview audio. With premium features like curated sets and video downloading however, Castillo is confident that the app preview will convert any non-believers into loyal customers and “BPM Supreme family” immediately. 




On stands now recent profile feature in MixMag. Magazine’s August/September Issue:


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  4. Look for the biggest limiting membrane.
  5. Advertise with intense no-brainers that irritate your competition.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “My son is now an ‘entrepreneur.’ That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.” – Ted Turner (Billionaire founder of CNN, TBS, TNT, etc.)

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Guest Topic Banner Angel “AROCK” Castillo Thrivetime Show

Thrive nation. On today’s show, we go back to my old school DJ connection, founder roots and we interview DJ. Hey rock, who’s DJ a rock. He’s the CEO and the founder of BPM Supreme, which is the number one website in the world for DJs all across this great planet. And today’s guest is a good friend of DJ chassis. Jeff, remember him? The Chainsmokers, Snoop Dogg, Scrillex, fat man scoop and many other iconic DJs. This show, my friends is hot.

Don’t stop the don’t. No, not yet. No.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show. But this show dies to man. Eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 moat time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show.


Yes, yes, yes and yes, dr Z. It is ecstasy when you are

Next to me, my friend. How you look right now. And I mean the second season you look like you smelled terrific. I thank you very much. And you always smell like, ah, I’m not sure. But I tell you what, it’s hard to be in the man-cave studio right now. And that hot tub just outside the doors, calling my name. I know your backyard is phenomenal. It’s a beautiful place. Beautiful. You got the devil, you’ve got the double deck, you got the, you got got the man cave attached to anyone where I started earning all this money was deejaying. And so on today’s show we are interviewing the CEO of the number one website for DJs in the world. Angel, welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir?

Hey, I’m doing excellent. Thank you for having me

Brother. I’m excited about you because your company, BPM Supreme is the boss. Can you tell the listeners out there what it does?

Sure. So BPM Supreme is the largest music delivery service in the world for DJs. Essentially what it is is we are the middle person between labels and artists and we connect their music with the DJs.

How did you become the CEO of BPM Supreme? I’ve read, everyone wants to know how did you do it?

Why I started the company, right. So the way, the way I founded this company was that so I, I started deejaying at the age of 12, so I was very young when I started deejaying. And at the time there wasn’t too many young DJs. Now it’s you see, you see a lot of young DJs out and it’s pretty common. But at the time I was, I was, I was one of a few that were, that were that age and that was deejaying. And, and I started w I started working for radio at a very young age and I started getting music from the record labels and I started to realize that there was no way to, to browse, preview and search the music. Everything was just being sent via email. And I said, there’s gotta be a way. Go ahead.

Yes, true. [inaudible] It was crazy. You did. Are you old enough to have actually had crates? I used to have crates. Milk crates are the perfect size for vinyls. I don’t think they realize, but milk crates are the perfect size. Somehow through the randomness of the cosmos. Milk crates are the perfect size for records. Did you, did you use milk crates back in the day?

I did. I sure did. So I’m one of the few young DJs that actually I was spinning vinyl as well. Right. So even though, you know, technology came on board and everybody started doing the whole digital age and I was actually doing vinyl like 12, 13.

So you we have so many listeners out there that are very action oriented and they’re, they’re thinking, how can I use this? So let’s go with dr Z who is, he likes to party as a phenomenal dance moves, phenomenal dance moves. He’s also one of the most successful optometrists in the state. He and his partner, they, they, they bought a bank. They’re doing well whenever you this, this just didn’t thrive nation. When you buy a bank, you’re doing well. So Z if you want to, ifZ wanted to get some music from you, could he use this kind of music for his office or is it just for DJs or how does the, how does BPM Supreme work?

Yeah. So our deals with labels and artists is just strictly for diva. So unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to use service. It’s just cater plus like the music that we have in here is just tailored to the T T for the DJ use, right? So you get extended versions that might have an instrumental for about 19 to 30 seconds and that probably wouldn’t work. Or all of a sudden you’ll, you’ll preview an acapella and I don’t think he would want to listen to an acapella during his gym session.

So walk the listeners through. Why would anybody want an instrumental version of a song and an acappella? Obviously you and I beat matched and we get it, but some of the listeners, I’m talking about accountants, dentists, doctors, lawyers, why would anybody want an acappella or an instrumental and w why would anybody want that version of the song and why would an artist even re even release an instrumental and an acapella version of a song?

Sure thing. So so back in the days and even now, like it’s really popular for the DJs to create their own remixes, their own versions of what they’re playing. And so the instrumentals gives them the tool, the tool, and, and allows them to be able to play with a record in a certain way so that way they can give a better experience to the, to the, you know, to the person that’s listening to their mix or that’s listening to the radio or they’re probably listening to them live. But it is true though, the labels are starting to restrict those instrumentals and that compel us a little bit more. So there’s certain labels that won’t release them and there’s certain labels that I see the value and releasing those instrumentals and acapellas to the DJ community. And how do you get paid and how do people out there who are using your service, how do they, how much does it cost and how does it, how does it trickle down to you?

Yeah, so it’s a, we have two subscriptions. They’re all based on features, right? So 1999 is our starting Klein. And then we have a 1999, 29 99 plan, which is our premium plan. Our users pay us, so it just works as a subscription based model. Works is the same as Spotify. We get paid by the user and then we licensed the music through the record labels and the artists. So if I let’s say I sign up for your program right now, can I have access to Kanye, his new album? You should. If we work with the lay well we should, I forgot which label he’s from, but most likely, yeah. Okay. So then, then I, then I would just under universal. Yeah. So you should, okay. So I could get the new Jesus’s King album. I could just play it right now.

And then do I have to pay if I’m a DJ, how do I prove I’m a DJ? How do you know that? Like dr Z is not a DJ, cause he was always wanting to be a DJ and he’s kind of called me out both publicly and privately for my lack of compassion and never asking him to DJ because I had built what was America’s largest wedding entertainment [email protected] where we are doing about 4,000 weddings a year. None of which doctors he was ever asked to do. And he’s still bitter about it today. So what does he have to do to prove he as a DJ? Yeah, so so we have a team that that verifies that and then obviously their behavior we just kind of keep track to make sure nobody’s abusing the account and using it just like the other, you know, any other DJ would, would use it.

But we we’re starting to implement a lot more security to identify labels. We’re working with labels directly right now at the moment to try to figure out what restrictions we need to have in security measures. We need to apply so that way we can identify if you are a DJ or you’re not angel, are you still actively deejaying right now? Like right now? No. So I stopped in 2011 just to focus all of my energy. You just see what happened was, is that when I started, you know, building this website, I started working with, you know, some of the best engineers and some of the best designers around. And I like if I fell in love with that work line, you know, I just fell in love with working with, you know, such smart individuals and just, I said, you know what, like I get excited about design, I get excited about this product development.

Like I think that’s, this is what I want to focus. And it just, you know, I kinda just throw it away from like the DJ, but I felt like I never left because I, you know, a lot of the biggest DJs in the world are my personal personal friends of mine. So I feel like I’ve never left. I’m still surrounded by everybody. DJ challenge if can I get a DJ challenge? So let’s get the DJ challenge music here. This is this just Terry. Thank you. If I throw out a DJ challenge between you and clay, unlike Tronc, let’s say this, I am very well, so let me, let me start there. I am very, very good at beat matching, but this guy’s probably next level where I Excel is like a MC, like a host. Are you, are you awesome with the mixing or do you also MC or what was your, what was your Deere?

For me I was mixing. Okay. Yeah, yeah, that’s the deal. See I was deejaying for pay, like events, like corporate events. So I had to get people to put the, I was like bringing the Wu Tang clan to your Christmas parties. What that was like, you know. Okay. You know what, I want to ask you this now that you have to do it all right. Cause essentially DJs are becoming artists themselves. So you have to be able to perform also. I mean I’ve seen it all now. Now there’s some of the biggest DJs since our performers, you know, they gotta be able to learn how to dance on and make the people jump and you know, no angel, can you walk us through and you gotta name drop the DJ industry for us because I know Paul Hood has some questions for you. I know Charles coladas and drZ , but I want to get into, I want to continue nerding out here for a minute.

So DJ’s give us some name drops of some DJs that you’ve spent time with, maybe guys you would call your friends or guys that you’ve spent time with it maybe some of our listeners would know. Well, so I would say guys that I spent time with and slash use our service would be somebody like the magnificent jazzy Jeff. Oh, a track, the Chainsmokers, Snoop dog, a DJ shack, formerly known as Shaquille O’Neal. Like there’s so many different high caliber artists that they use our product and, and you know, and then we got, you know, club guides, we got radio guys and we also got the guys that are doing all the mobile events. What about you ever spent some time with David goo ETA or TST? Oh no, that’s one person that I’ve never met. You know, I think he has such a large team that I think he’s at a level where I don’t even think he searches for his own music.

I think he has a team that, that just handles that, you know, and sometimes a lot of the guys like you’ll be surprised. I think we met squarely except one of our artist relations team met Scrillex and, and he was a fan of our service, but he wasn’t the one that was, that it’s his account wasn’t under his name. It was somebody else’s name. So I feel like there’s a lot of that too. So we have such a great product, so we know that there’s so many people out there that use it, that sometimes we don’t have that direct relationship or we’re not aware of. What about Funkmaster flex funk master flex upon that Funkmaster flex actually has is the digital service. Okay. What about Oh, if he would, if he uses that. Oh, he’s using you. He knows you. He knows his services and is good. He feels bad that he can’t have an account

Under his name. What about grand master flash? No, I, I’ve never, not that I know of. Okay. Final, final one then I’ll be done. Ask you about this. What about fat man scoop? Yeah. Fat man’s gives a great friend and he’s, Oh yeah, he’s been through to our office before. Tom Joyner, Tom Joyner. Have you spent time with Tom [inaudible]? Okay, well here’s the deal. I’m not asking for a lot on this show Z. I’m just asking. I’m not asking a lot. I’m just gonna say two things. All of our listeners all become DJs and sign up for the service. That’s ask one. That’s why all of us don’t give you a doctor or a dentist. We’ve got a half a million people, doctors, dentists, lawyers, everybody out there contemplate becoming a DJ as a backup job world needs, we’ll do at least one show a month, Paul. That way you can maintain your license, you know, hype it up, plug into that.

You’re a CPA. You could also be a DJ rhyme CPA, DJ. That’s my first mix right there. And then on my second ask your angel is that if you could somehow connect me to fat man scoop, I might cry. That’s all I’m asking Paul. Back to you. All right. What’s your question for him? I’ve got a question. So I need you to help me speak a DJ. So I’m a financial advisors and we help our clients be successful and, and I put on a seminars at my house every other month and clay son who is, how old is hell? Does he use 12 he deejayed my last event and so he’s in the middle of doing his thing. And you know, I’m a CPA and CPA, we can, we can bust moves as I still can. You still say Busta to move. So I started doing my thing and all of a sudden, you know, you hear a record scratch, the music stops and there’s 12 year old looks at me and he says, Nope. So I don’t know what that means. And he said, did he do this really dope dope dope? You may have misheard him, Paul. He probably meant dope, but he was shaking his head and walking away. So I don’t, I don’t know if that means I can’t dancers that does that mean something in DJ? DJ angel probably knows angel brother angel. When someone’s really whack on the dance floor, it’s the best way to evacuate the dance floor.

Yeah, no I don’t. I don’t know. I mean if he did that then I don’t, I don’t know what he was well message he was trying to send. Oh man. He knew. We both knew. He just didn’t want to tell. It’s a universal language that it was rude deejaying. I mean the element, they’re all in the circle just slow. The music down and get it quiet. Don’t just, can we, can we go sit down before Paul asks to his core, before a Charles asks you this question, I want to talk about the origins of deejaying real quick. Have you read hip hop America? Have you read that book angel? I have not. No. Oh my gosh. By Nelson George, you gotta read that book for other, it’s going to change your life. But he explains like how essentially these poor people were like, we are on the microphone trying to get people to dance, but we need about an extra 40 seconds to Kennett beat match the songs together. And there wasn’t the technology. So these homeboys a grand master flash, these guys, they would, they would go in there and they would read, they would basically go in and make their own turntable by removing parts and doing crazy stuff to modify it so they could beat match. Could you please explain though what beat matching is and why it is absolutely essential to getting Caucasians in the groove?

Yeah, sure thing. Yeah. Well that’s an incredible story. I didn’t know that. Oh my gosh, that’s what it talked about. So the importance would beat matches and nowadays there’s many ways to, you know, to put in, to blend in the music, but beat matching. Essentially what it is is putting the, the music that best fits together and making sure that they, whenever somebody is listening to it or they’re experiencing at a live performance, are able to, to hear the transition from one song to the other. Seamless and well makes, you know, a great DJ is not just understanding, you know, how to put two and two together, how to put two records together and mix them well, but then also identifying which, which of those records sound good together and which are going to continue to make the people dance.

Yeah. Now the, the one of the first DJ’s, Africa Bambada was one of the first guys. They were these modified record players and then he would do his in between the songs as he would beat, matched the two instrumental parts of a song or the drum section of a song. He would then hop on the mic and say like, you know, put your hands in the air, wave around like you just don’t care. And then he’s like, somebody say, yeah. And all of a sudden there was like three rhymes in a row and then he would do four rhymes and then six. And someone said, it sounds like you’re like, you’re like, you’re like, you’re like emceeing. And they used to call them MCs or toasts toasting, used to be toasting or emceeing. And then eventually the Sugarhill gang, a hip hop, a heavy, heavy, do the hip, hip, those guys.

And then you had these are the breaks. Curtis blow. Curtis blow did an entire song of rhyming and that became rap music. And then 1978 the Sugarhill gang realized their songs would never be played on the radio and they were being played in the streets. And so the Sugarhill gang T teamed up with various people in the network who they asked them to call the radio stations into at random request certain songs. Because if they hear this, because if they get enough requests will eventually play it. And that is how in 1978 Rapper’s delight to became the first top 40 a hip hop song, which was a, a REMIC, a remix of the song good times and good times. You know, everybody knows that song Rapper’s delight, but only people don’t realize it started out as dudes who were just trying to beat match to keep the audience going. Then somebody started rhyming cause it sounded good. And then someone said, let’s rhyme for a whole song. And then that became rap music. I mean, it’s kinda crazy. The whole history. Are you into hip hop? Do you like rap? Do you like R and B? What do you like?

It is, I listened to, I listened to everything. I mean, not everything, I guess I, let me, let me go back. I listened to mainly hip hop, electronic dance music, and then now a lot of Latin music, believe it or not, the Latin music has actually been growing the last couple, three years and, and, and yeah, so I’m a big fan of all music, but in particular, I, that’s what I listened to on my personal playlist. Have you ever listened to Kanye his new album? I have not. You know, I’ve seen a lot of, you know, a lot of hype about it. You know, all the labels have been, well the, his label has been blasting it. I just haven’t, I haven’t had time. I just got back from those cobbles for the hard rocks grand opening. So I didn’t, haven’t got a chance to listen to it.

Well, I’ll tell you this, if you, if you get the album of Jesus as King track number two, Saylah and trait number three, follow God are incredible songs. Incredibly blew my mind. Listen to the album twice. Now in song number two and three, it blows my mind. Charles Cola, what question do you have for the CEO of America’s number one website? For DJs. All right. I think I paid this guy, by the way. I think I pay you. I paid you. I’m pretty sure I pay you because I think my son signed up for an account. I’m pretty sure I pay you. His name is Aubrey Clark off the check. But if I don’t pay you, I’ll start paying you soon. Okay. Back to you Charles. That’s awesome. I was going to say as far as I can market you, how many, I mean like what is your target market, I guess for this? How many DJs are there? Yeah, exactly. Like where is this saturation point?

What’s next? Yeah, I mean, I don’t know exactly how many DJs I know. I think we, we did a a report and there was over over 1 million DJs across the U S so out of that we don’t really disclose how many subscribers we have. Sure. We haven’t really announced publicly or anything like that. But yeah, but in terms of traffic and, and, and user base we are, we’re the biggest ones right now. That’s awesome.

So there’s millions of DJs like, yeah. And then as far as the like, like what’s next? Are you guys trying to just target it more or grow it or like what’s your plan?

I think what’s next for us is BPM Supreme has, you know, has, has been very successful in delivering music to the, into the DJ space. And I think in the next couple months we’re going to see some, some pretty big announcements of just BPM Supreme becoming and just overall music brand. And so we’re getting into other product lines that are still inside of the music space. But there’s different, different elements to the music space, right? So you’ve got producers, you’ve got artists, and you got labels, and we’re constantly figuring out how to make products for them because in the end, we don’t just love DJs. We love the entire music industry. And so I think as long as we stay with inside the music insider world then we’re going to continue to develop products for that demographic.

Now, one of my clients Colton Dixon, he signed on on Atlantic records. He’s had three songs or four songs that have been top 40 Christian songs on the Christian contemporary charts. He just signed to Atlantic and he is, his a rep is a David Silberstein, David Silberstein who represents ed Sheeran and Jason morass and Colton. And so if for somebody like Colton Dickson who’s signed to Atlantic, if his song gets played a ton on your service, how does he get paid? They get paid like 1 cent per play, a 10th of a cent cause code was explained to me the way streaming works on Spotify and those home. But I mean, you have to have a billion listens before you get paid and paid much at all. What does that, what does that work out to per play? So for us it works a little bit different because we’re not, we’re not target, we’re not allowed to distribute to the general market. It works a little bit different. And what services like Spotify. So we do different deals with the labels and we distribute different percentages that someone like Spotify would. Okay. Now Z you have, you can ask your final tough question for the CEO of BPM Supreme before I get back into old school DJ talk. So Z,

I love, I love about the way I know it’s your heritage and it’s his too. So it’s kinda kind of fun. Listen to, you know, to love wise bowls. You know, in the past you’re talking about their, you know, past exploits. But I’m just going to curious, I, I’m naming and coming up with marketing, it’s always kind of a fun thing. How’d you come up with B? What does BPM stand for? Does it stand for anything or you just kind of Oh yeah. Are you just saying, you know,

BPM is actually the term that’s being used for the, to identify, well, it’s the beats per minute of a song. Right? Okay. As an example, I’m Rapper’s delight is a song you could play at a wedding or a party by Sugarhill gang. And that song beat matches really tightly with Billy Jean by, by a Michael Jackson and kiss by Prince. And those three songs are all called cousin trifective. So you can keep the audience going for 11 minutes with those. They get a Caucasian out of their chair and on the dance floor then there’s no, there’s no hope. No in Rapper’s delight. I mean sure it’s it. Now if you want to play the whole Rapper’s delight, I mean angel, you can go to the bathroom, right? Rapper’s delight him. That gives you nine minutes right there. Yeah. Yeah. Now I gotta ask you this, my final couple of questions for about DJ nerdery.

Cause I know the listeners want to know what is the biggest audience that you have DJ in front of live. And what was your most memorable show? I think for me it was radio. So I used to mix live on the air. So when you’re mixing for a radio station as you’re, even though you’re not present, you’re not alive, you’re mixing for millions of people in your city. And then our local radio station actually has some pretty large antenna. So it was like cat tree and even get gets people up in LA to LA psych about two hours away from us. Okay. Now my final question for you as a DJ. I mean, I, I, I started, I think as a DJ once I loved music, but also it wasn’t super expensive to get going, you know, for 10 grand. I had a great system, great equipment, great sound, great lights, a lot of fantastic NIS. When you started the BPM business though, can you talk about, I don’t want to ask you for the specific numbers, but what kind of startup costs are we talking? Is it in the millions to start what you did? Is it in the thousands? I mean, how did you, how did you get the capital needed to build that thing?

You know, it was a lot of, so I’ve always been very good at managing and saving money. So that was one of the things. So prior to that, you know, every money that I would get from all the money that I would get from deejaying. So I was an active DJ before and I did that full time. And it was also hard for other people to, to, to do that full time cause a lot of the DJs usually have a full time job and deejaying is just like their hobby, but they’re hoping that one day could be their primary job. So at the time I was, that was my full time job and I, I don’t remember exactly how much it cost. I think I, I want to say the biggest cost was the website. Building the website. And I think at the time development was cheaper, but it was, it was taking a long time because there was, you know, development was the technology. It wasn’t where does that now. So it took us about two and a half years to build a site. The first phase.

Now you, right now Forbes has an article written about, you called the new consumer gatekeepers inside the hidden power of the DJ industry. Has that been a good, good PR for you, for them to Forbes to write a little, a feature about you?

Yeah, it’s been great. I mean all publicity is good. So it’s been

Good. Well, if next time that you talk to my brother from another mother, my American idol Fatman scoop, if you will just tell him to said, there’s this really pasty male, I mean he’s, he’s not healthy. He’s very pale, very pale. We don’t know how many, how much longer we have this guy, very pale. He has no vitamin was a D, Z, nobody, vitamin D, he doesn’t go, he doesn’t go outside. He’s like a, he’s like a albino DJ guy and he just, he just wants to get me, he wants me to give you a fist bump on his behalf. Could you do that for me?

Yeah, I w I, I would definitely do that.

Oh, I’m so excited about this happening, knowing, Oh, interesting. Why is he, why are you so drawn to this man angel? You’re listening to fat man. Scoop all star mix parties.

Yeah. I mean, he’s just an iconic person, right? Like his voice. And when people hear his voice, they recognize it from songs. Right. So,

Oh wow. Maybe, I mean, maybe I know him and I don’t even know. I’ll break it down for you here in a little bit here. Angel, I appreciate you so much for being on the show. And if you’re out there and you have $10 in your pocket right now, put your hands up in the air like you just don’t care. But then quickly put one hand down and Google search BPM Supreme with your left hand. Put your right hand in the air, wave that $20 at us and go ahead and sign up for an account right now with the BPM Supreme. That is the CEO. Mr angel, thank you for being on today’s show. Thank you for having me. Z and we’re back. It’s like we never left. Here we are on the thrive time show and we are breaking down the origins and the history of hip hop, hip hop, hippity hop. So the, the first song, the first rap song that you could hear on the radio ever. Yeah. Was this song, are you ready for it? Oh sure. It’s Curtis blow. The song is the brakes blow is in reference to cocaine. And here we go. There you go.

Your hands, every body if you’ve got what it takes. Oh yeah, I’m Curtis blow and not want you to know that D’s are Kevin’s the first one. What year was this one? This would be, Oh man, let me see.

Curtis blow when you keep it plain a bit. Curtis Curtis below. These are the breaks. Let’s see the year. That song, let’s do, let me do a little Wikipedia action. You gotta go to Wikipedia here? I want to say it’s like 1978 ish. Hit number 87 on the hot 100 in the year was 1980. Now the first song to crack the top 40 in hip hop was Rapper’s delight and Z. See if you can tell if this, see if you can see why some would say all rap music does, is copies other songs. Here’s, this is written as a Rapper’s delight. This is the big criticism of music in, in music. People who love music, they were saying the hip hop is just copying another song. That’s already popular. It’s not really creating anything new. So here we go guys. This is Rapper’s delight by the sugar. He’ll go, yeah, here we go. Let me, can I get into a little, here you go. All right. See you guys in your mind. Rapper’s delight. Now the song they remixed was called good times, good times. And angel software allows you to take the instrumental of a song just like this song guys. Here we go.

So you take the instrumental this song and you add it to a beat and that’s how you, and then what happened is

The Rapper’s delight folks, the Sugarhill gang, they said, no, no, no, no, no. We are going to copy only portions of the song known as sampling sampling. So as a DJ you can sample elements of the song and then we’re going to record other stuff live with with like a, we’re going to re like live bass, live instrumentation shows. We’re going to reread, we’re going read, mix it, we’re going to sample part of it. So the DJ will sample part of it and then they recorded it. And the guy who played the bass on the song happens to be a man I’ve talked to cause it was my quest to get ahold of this guy. His name is chip Shirin and he has Paul Pressey. He’s good friend. Really? So he listened to rap rhyolite and you listen to this. So here, here’s, here’s, here’s

Good time. Gather now bass, bass, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. But that base right there is different than this base cause this base is in your face. Listen to this place now. Just how much more pronounced it is. Oh wow. Anyway, that’s hip hop for

You. So that right there, that’s the first song to ever be in the top 40 and you said, who is, you said, who is your going clay? Who are these DJ people? Why are they so powerful? Full fat man scoop. I’m going to have to edit this, I’m sure, but Fatman scoop. We do an all star mixed party every night and let me do all and I’m going to clean. I’m going to feel, I can find all star mix party. I’m gonna see if I can find one. I’ll queue it up here for you, but this is what he would do all the time. Let me queue it up here.

Nah, all the ladies in the place make some doors.

That’s a, I’ll edit this sets. Busta rhymes and DJ Cole has dr Dre. He’s got dr Dre, the big guy, and then he’s got the Ryan’s going Blough three different mixes simultaneously.

He would do this all night. Three different songs. Simons is the dr Dre beat. Oh yeah. So he’s scratching on the third turntable while the beats playing over here. And then he starts making statements. So we queued up here. He does this for like hours, two or three hours. He never gets out of the group.

So that would be little John with DMX simultaneously. But this goes on for four hours. No brakes, no brakes, no brakes. He just screams that stops and he would, and then he’d hop on the bike. What’s the longest you ever deep data? A show. I’m Ilan. It’s like seven hours. Six hour, five hour events. Wow. No breaks. Seven hours. That’s a long time for Dodger. Joe lives birthday. I kept feeling


Hello, this is fat man scoop. This is what he would typically say on the air.

Legendary. I’m going to get him on the show. It has to happen. Them come to my head. He’s always screaming at me. He does this for five hours in a row like Vegas, any club in Vegas, lines around the door and this will continue for four hours and you can just imagine like a thousand people walking. Go on for hours. He was Mike. This is who I wanted to date. This guy DJ named DJ clay. This is so hard to do this. How could you be on the mic and mixing at the same time? I talk to Mike but I could never do that. Makes me sick all night. He gets the crowd going on. You like the park. I grew up there for four hour live, thousands of people and he kept the crowd involved the whole night. They’re always jumping over here, running over there. Put your hands in the air. It’s like TD Jakes is DJ

Blew my mind. But I would tell you something, I don’t want to

Blows my mind. I think you need to come up with a cooler name. The DJ clay, I mean fat bench coop, that’s a name. This guy, I want to find out our mix and you can, if this guy is just legendary, the stuff that he would do, it was just like, you gotta be kidding me. How is it possible? So now that we’ve got into the DJ hole, the whole thing that now, today, I mean DJ is so much easier. My son’s tools for about 2000 bucks, you’re in the game. But back in the day you had to have crates and milk crates and carry records and the cool kids are too. They don’t even know what a record is. Some of these kids, listen, it turns out my record collection doesn’t float, which is why they’re not here anymore. I know. Oh does it float hope floats maybe, but records don’t. Okay, so those are Coke float. So Luke, Luke, you are a working with us here, a consultant, a man who is managed at one point in your career, 3000 members of a church and 500 volunteers simultaneously. You can ask dr Z any question you want about the game of business, the game of life, any, any questions you wanna ask him related to smells, anything at all? You can ask him any questions that you want.

Well, I did notice when you came in here, dr Z today that you did smell fantastic. So thank you for,

It’s, that’s Hugo boss, by the way. You’re welcome. It’s the green box. I’ve been wearing it for my whole life. In fact, some people can know I’m in the room just by the wasp, the wife. One secret. How I know you’re in the room as I look. [inaudible] Well that’s, that’s not even [inaudible]. I just started doing that recently. I’m like, why is he [inaudible] your eyes? Wow, look, what question would you have?

You know, the one of the first ones that came to my mind, you’re an incredible inspiration. You’re an entrepreneur. You found so much success and you’ve worked very hard. And so one of the things I would love to do is, is to be able to download as much information and learn as much from you that I can apply to my life. Yeah. Thank you. And so who are some of your inspirations? Who do you go to that you get mentorship from? What are your resources for being able to transport what you know and what you can do and what you’ve learned into someone like me so that I take it and

Apply it? Well, that’s a very good question and I often get asked out to lunches or just to coffees or to just spend time with the younger generation. And I have adopted, I would say probably about a dozen young men in the sense of just mentoring them in life and in business and those kinds of things. One thing that is hard to do is to give too much of your time. Some people get lost in that they get a real high from helping. True. And, and that’s awesome. And then what they do is they just add so much onto their workload that pretty soon they get burned out and then they run from people. So what happens when clay approach him about three years ago and said, Hey listen, let’s start a radio show slash. Podcast. The abled was actually started with the business online business platform where we’ve got great guys and gals around the world that were successful and they were actually people that had done it.

They just didn’t write about it, but they’d been there, done that. And then we interviewed them. And through that process it’s been fascinating to find little tidbits, little pearls of wisdom. Well, here’s how I did this. Here’s my best practice in this area. And so, you know, that’s one of the reasons why I love doing the show and love doing the podcast and radio shows and online stuff. My favorite thing is because now all of a sudden there’s this little, because what’s crazy is, is some of the most profound things that I’ve said according to people that have heard that or things. I’m like, what? That was just like to talk about just like everyday, you know what I mean? Things that you’ve shared with me. Okay. Maybe you could impart to look there. Just real quick. Sure questions. And I know Thomas might have a question here for Paul hoodie yourself.

So I want to make sure that we keep a good pace here. But you have told me numerous times you have said fire that person. And most people we hold on and we try to coach. We try to fix, we try to men we, Oh yeah. Can you talk about when it’s time to fire I, there’s several people that are very successful that have my same philosophy and that is that a hire fast and fire fast and what does, what does that mean? That means that if you sit there and sometimes we think overthink something too much, the right fit. And the problem is if you’re not willing to fire fast, then you’re really not willing to hire fast. What that means is that you spent a lot of time going over the their application, which has, we know 80 some odd percent, 5% according to inc magazine.

Resumes are bogus. They have things on there that are not completely true. Maybe there’s a little bit of truth in them. Oh, it’s a Harvard university. What was a weekend pass? I just visited the campus. I mean, you know what I mean? So whatever, whatever it is they put on there. And so what happens is they spend so much time deliberating over who to hire and it locks them up and they’ve got ten five, six whatever applicants, and they’re just, Oh, they don’t know who to hire. And then when they hire one, they’ve taken so much effort in hiring that person. Then now they feel like they’ve got to fix some. Now they feel like they can’t let them go because it’s, it’s a, it’s on them. Right. Well, I’m just not a very good manager. I’ve heard that before. Well, if I can’t coach them up, what kind of manager?

No, no, no. You’re not here to coach them up and let your life coach, you’re here to hire the right person that has the right attitude to work in your place. Which leads us into point number two, which is people change. Seldom break that down. Yeah. People take children. That said, one of my core beliefs, and what that means is that what you get is what you usually get. Now somebody for a small amount of time can be somebody else. That’s why when your kids are dating or your friends are dating, you want them to date at least a whole year to go through every season. He goes through the highs and lows of life and find out really what that person is. Because you can be scared. You can be charming and dad bring you flowers every day for like a week, you know?

And then after that you get back to what’s really reality, what your true North is and what you’re going to be. And so same thing with, with employees that can come on at first, be gangbusters interview really well. They can, they’re there as we’ve already said, their application looks really good. How much of it’s true? What does it really matter when it all boils down to can they do the job, do they have the right attitude? You want to hire for character and then train them how to push the button that you need him to push. Right? And that’s why people get off on there. They’re more concerned about, do you know how to push the buttons, you know, instead of hiring character and then, and then instilling in them the tasks that they need to do. Big principle three you’ve taught me, and again, I don’t know, it’s like a direct conversation.

It’s more just through osmosis and then multiple conversations. But don’t work with family or friends unless they are the best person available for the job. Right? Sometimes they’re the best person because I worked for not that. So you’re a startup and your spouses, you know, a has time on their hand and you’re like, Hey, listen, I need to help row in the boat. Can you help? And they’re always like, sure. I mean, this is your dream. I mean, obviously it’s our dream. It affects me too. So sometimes you can get siblings or you can get a spouse or you can get even parents or, or kids you gotta watch his labor laws. I mean, I mean, I know clay has five threes, my hands, somebody’s kids, he gets cheap labor out of work for free. I know. And I can report him or anything, but yeah, but whenever you, whenever you bring people in, that is difficult to fire because Thanksgiving is going to be awkward.

You’re really, one of the things that’s Christmas but sometimes are the best ones that come in there. And when it works great, it works great. You know? But I’ve had to fire multiple family members before and because you know what, where they were in life, and maybe a little sense of entitlement maybe, you know, they don’t think they’ve got to play by the same rules that the other employees have to play by. So at some time you have to do what you always, the filter you should use when making decisions is what’s best for the business. Because ultimately that’s going to be what’s best for you, your family, your friends, and, and hopefully you know you’re, you’re going to do well in your business. Cause so many of them fail. I mean, according to Forbes, eight to nine out of 10 fail. I mean it’s crazy if you think about it, that’s crazy big number. All the time and energy it takes to get one started. So obviously who you hire is important, but I’m telling you what folks free up, free up this right now we go free. This are [inaudible].

Come on now what I’m telling you in life, sometimes you turn left, go ahead and you should’ve turned right. That’s okay. You shouldn’t fight. Shouldn’t fight when you didn’t go right. What you need to do is say, you know what? I made a mistake. I made a mistake. Can I get an amen? Amen. Amen. And sometimes you get this guy, you know what? I should turn left. You just backtrack and you go left as quick as possible. Cause a father, you can go and ride the father. You keep going, right? Keep going. Right, go back and go left. You follow me and man and that’s why you got to fire fast when you hire the wrong person and it’s, it’s embarrassing. It’s difficult. It’s hard. It’s not fun. It’s not sexy. This is the part of entrepreneurship I signed up for. Hey, come in here, Billy. I’m gonna real quick.

I put one of my jobs as a cohost is to make sure the listeners don’t get confused. You said embarrassing, not embarrassing. Oh, well they’re very similar. I think a lot of us. What’s he talking about inside a bear’s ass. How did this conversation go here? Okay. Then I’m like, I don’t know. I’m just on here. Cola poured honey on me and said, okay, this is going to this next point for it. You said, look for the biggest limiting membrane. Now I want Paul Hood to chime in on this too. You have told me this over and over. You say, what’s the biggest limiting factor? Right? And then you blow that up right away. You won’t even talk about the other stuff. You’re like, what’s the core real thing in the world?

What’s holding up this deal from happening right? When you, when you get your head around that, first of all, you got to know to ask the question. And then when you ask the question, you’ve gotta be willing to take the answer and then blow that up and fix it immediately. So what happened when I say limiting membrane, what does that mean? In other words, why are we not getting this done as a, as a business, as an organization

On an agenda for years,

Why is this not happening already? And then whenever you dig in, you gotta first you gotta ask the question and then second you got to dig in and find it. When you find that thing, it’s a drifting person. And it could be some controller that doesn’t really want to do that. Whatever plan. I mean, you know why? Hey, I signed up for this I insurance plan. Why are we not taking it? Why are we not having it? What, what’s happening here? Well, we’ll look into that. We’ll look into that. You know, I’m not sure it’s code for do nothing. I mean, Hey, you know what? That’s a good idea and I’m going to get on that. That kind of nonsense, right? Next thing you know, like play Sage, it’s six months, it’s seven months. I mean, we’re still not seeing any of that. I mean, that’s what I wanted. Why is it not happening? Then all of a sudden you find out that there’s a gatekeeper who does that don’t want to open that gate and they’re like, you know what? I just don’t think that’s what’s in it. I’m not paying you to come up with that decision. Okay. You either get on board or get out of the board.

Well, I’ve, I’ve seen you with an accounting do miracles for your clients where you’ve sat down with them one-on-one and you’ve pointed out here is biggest limiting membrane from an accounting perspective. Where do you see pulpy? Where do you see people getting it wrong by default as it results results to the biggest limiting factor in their company? Well, it’s, it’s, you know, and we have Charles Kollel here in, in, in the, in the studio. But he’s a big guy. Yeah. The big deal is, is when Charles is training somebody, they have to have a measuring process. You have to step on the scale. You have to measure, you have to do things to keep track. And the limiting factor that most people have in business is they don’t measure, they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t start with the end in mind andZ to pile Ellen on some of the stuff you said, you know, ultimately it’s the leader’s fault when things drift because people have a tendency to, to just delegate things and then they don’t follow up to family and friends.

It’s what I’ve just discovered. I’ve seen this. It’s dark and it’s evil. It’s terrible. It’s Eve seen it. I’ve seen, cause I’ve worked with so many, I’ve, it’s like I’ve had like 500 careers cause I’ve coached so many one-on-one clients, right? Dentists, doctors, lawyers. It’s always like you’ll have this hard charging female entrepreneur and she’s married to a normal guy. The normal guy doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur. He just happens to be a part of the thing. Right. And then he never gets his crap done and it’s like, but he can’t be fired and he also won’t do his job. But it’s just sad because you watch it just die and so you don’t let that happen. You do, you work well with family, but the ones you don’t work well with, you’re like, Hey you know what, based on virtue that you’re related to me or you’re my distant cousin, that’s totally great and that’s why you get to come to Thanksgiving but you do not get to give me your feedback about these things and I will, I will correct you.

He can be fired. She just doesn’t want to do it. That’s what I’m saying. I see this where people feel like it’s like you can’t fire this guy cause he’s been your friend since college or, and then people get stuck. It’s always a person. Yeah. What makes it worth clay in my line of work anyways is when the person that is the go getter makes excuses or defends the other one now boy and then blames other people for the work that’s not getting done. We faced that a lot when we’ve got teams are involved in and you know, they can’t separate emotion from facts and when you tell them, you know, this person’s not carrying their weight, they need to do this or we need to hold them more accountable, then all of a sudden they get real emotional and defensive. And so you’ve got to be able to set that emotion to the side.

And when you don’t have friends or family, people you really care about, it’s easier to set that, that emotion to the side. Nosy, final big tip before I allow Luke to ask a final is his final question. Then we’ll get Thomas on the show here. Final, a pivot you’ve taught me over the years as you’ve talked about. And there’s so many, if I’m just trying to distill the top five here, advertise with intense no-brainers and offers that are so hot, they will irritate your competition and throat punch potential consumers and forced them to pay attention to the ad. So I’ve said, Z, you’re going to put a billboard up right now that’s going to say $1 for your first, whatever. That’s too hot. It’s too hot. It’s too hot. It might devalue the brand. It cheapen the brand.

It’s too hot. It’s too XE. It can be. It can be perceived as tacky. It’s so low. It’s so dirty. So the competition’s going to hate you and you say, yes. I know. I was down in San Antonio with the group of five optometrists. This is years ago, years ago. Great guys. And they, they said they said, Hey, listen, we need, we want to be the dr Z of San Antonio. No you don’t. Yes we do. We do. That’s why they brought me down. And so I said, okay. I said, I’m not sure you guys really want to, but are you guys prepared to upset every other optometry in the greater San Antonio area? What do I need to do, doc? What do I need to do? Absolutely. I’m in. No, it’s funny because I do. I kind of do the math. I already pro went down there. Of course, two of them not and went, Oh yeah.

Heck yeah. Heck yeah, man. They don’t do anything for us. Yeah, yeah man. Let’s get him. Let’s get him. Yeah. I don’t care if this is what doctors do do. Out of the five said that this is what you do though. You make a deal that’s hot like this. Two of the five guys are like, yeah, let’s do it. Yeah, but here’s the deal. The majority of the people, they always have these, these three or four arguments about doing the no brainer deal. I don’t want to cheapen the brand. That’s what one said. I don’t want to cheapen the brand. I want to cheap. I don’t what the craft does that mean? Doing the bankruptcy is a great way to cheapen the brand new. Morons just make a no brainer. They’re like, well, I don’t want to do a free consultation because what happened to waste my time?

That’s why your broke ass, that’s the problem with you is because you can’t get, this idea bothers me because there’s at least come on, he’s today 10,000 pounds and somebody needs to do the $1 deal. We do the one hour first haircut and do I make any money on the first hair? No, no. In fact, I lose $25 but you know what? If you’re, if you’re happy and half the people are, they come back over and over again. They bring in, you know it come back and they pay. You’re happy and you know, where’s my mind? All we think about it is, is that what is your patient acquisition costs? What does it run anyway, right? Are you willing to pay some marketing? I mean tell me. People are like, well, I can’t, I can’t afford to advertise. I can’t afford to do that. I can’t afford to lower my price.

$5 on a haircut. I can’t afford to do. I’m in the business to make money. Watch the Titanic sink when people won’t do a no brainer. You’re just watching it. They’re playing the violin. I see accountants doing it. I sent commercial after commercial, after commercial, I billboard after billboard, anyone’s fryer by flyer, by flyer, go ad by radio, TV ad, TV ad, and you know what? Men have them moving. And then every now and then, every now and we’ll pop on the screen. Oh, come on on the radio, a billboard or something that comes across my life. It looks at me and says, okay, that has my interest. You had my curiosity, now you have my interest. Now I just want it. Oh cool. I’m going to further investigate that. And if your ad doesn’t get that response, you’re screwing up. Plain and simple. You’re wasting money. And there’s so many people out there that think advertising doesn’t work. It’s not that advertising. Does it work? Is

That you’re saying the wrong message over and over. As an example,

As an example, let’s say I had a graphic design service, right? And I wanted to earn the business of doctors, illness zone and associates and I, and we’re going to work out the assumption that your doctors, owner empire does not have people that can do this already. Correct. Okay. So you’re hiring an outside firm outside firm. I’m going to call you with my pitch. Okay. That I get through, cause I probably won’t get through. But if I do get through, I’ve got about what? 90 seconds? 50 seconds, 30 seconds. How much curiosity do you have about that? Here we go. Doctor dr zone. How are you sir?

But the fact that you could actually pronounce my name correctly is a big plus by the way. You make sure when you’re calling on someone that’s a sidebar issue here. You’d be, you’d be surprised how many people call my office and ask for either Bob or dr Zoellner

And I’m like [inaudible] there, you’ve lost me there. So here we go. Okay, so you’re in the game by the way. I was sitting you let me in. Is this now a good time sir? Yeah. How much time do you need? A one minute. That’s what you got. I have a graphic design firm and we’d like to earn your business and we typically charge $250 per piece or per rendering we do. And I’d like to do the first one for you for a dollar just to show you how good we are. First website, first print piece, first, whatever. And if you’re happy, then our prices are better than everybody else in town anyway. I can figure out the right package for you, but I’d like to do the first month of service for a dollar. Are you kidding? No. And I’ll do it for a dollar.

And the thing is, if you’re not happy, then obviously I just get a dollar, but I’d like to see if I could earn your business for a dollar. Okay. You’ve got another minute. Tell me some people you’ve already, you’ve done this for. I have a list of references here. I brought, it’s it’s 18 pages and it’s the cell phone numbers of all of my current and former clients. And I wanted to see if you could call maybe a few when you have downtime. Just to verify where real, I think you’ll recognize some of the names, you know, like Barbie cookies or the Tulsa Oilers or you know, bigger brands, you know, Shaw homes, things like that. Okay, you’ve got another minute now you’ve got my curiosity. So who, who are you? I’m clay Clark and I am a 39 year old man, but from in the past, so I’m like 21 right now. Is that really the, the, the, the color of your skin and the size of your head really intimidate me? Is that, is there is that, but this is how I built DJ connection was doing this.

I mean your head is like abnormally large. This is how, this is how I booked. This is how I grew. DJ connection. No one, it’s the way you do it. It’s the way you do it. You get the golden look and then you’ve got that 60 seconds, but you’ve got to have a no brainer ready to go. And people say why you guys preach this no brainer thing over and over and over. What is that? That is, that is the stimulus. That is the the pole. It’s the apex that somebody, yes. Has to figure out what the heck you’re up to. What’s going on here? Why is it, is this, it sounds too good to be true and unless you have an ad that sounds too good to be true, supported with facts. When they call you, I’m telling you, you have that and then all of a sudden you have an explosion. You have massive people in the door. Now what do with them then? That’s what our in person workshops now helps you with all the other steps. Why does half off not work a half off? [inaudible]

Just goofy, goofy, goofy. [inaudible] Yeah. Half off of what number one and I know so many people that Mark at the price that can say half off. I mean what the just silly. This is the games. It’s like dang. You know when you walk into a place that’s playing games, but you also know, you walk into a place that spent some money that just like you elephant in the room. Perfect example, your your men’s grooming lounge and that is your first haircut. A dollar. They come in, they get, did they get the paraffin hand, hot towel treatment, the whole hot towel treatment that get that high end haircut. They get the fluff and buff as we call it. Guys love it and they love it. Then you say, well why would you do that for dollars to get them in the door to get them in the door to give them a deal. And then most of them will say, or a high percentage. What, what kind of close rate do you guys have right now?

Well this week was a high, okay, so with 55 is what we want the quota, that’s, that’s it’s, that’s the quota to be solving for say five 55% of people come in for a $1 and to convert. And last week all three stores were over 60% and one was in the 90s

That there, there’s something to celebrate right there. So I would, I would definitely find out, I look at the tapes and find out what the 90% of is her doing or saying or who is closing or what their deal was. Record them and make sure you get that to the other two stores. Yeah. And I’m sure you’re on that. So my point is though is that advertising is the winner we’re in. You’re in a car and you want it to go. You have to do number of things, you have to put gas in it, oil in it, you have to make sure it’s all whatever, you know. But whenever you start that bad boy, yeah, but if you want to go anywhere, you have to do what you have to hit that accelerator and that’s what advertising is. But bad advertising is having your car in neutral and it’s sitting there revenue go man, I bump on the gas.

Well, the major sports team years ago, and I will not mention what industry, what sport, but as a major sports team and we had a deal where the, your first beer was a dollar hotdog is a dollar and the ticket is a dollar $3 make you holler. So people would come in like all the time. And by the way, when somebody has a beer at a sporting event and they stop there a typically not so record sales record, record record. So like the third game I went to the game to see what was going on. I’m looking for my, for my $1 beer, they go, Oh it’s on the upper mezzanine. So you go around this labyrinth to weave your way up. Cause they moved it because it used to be in the major concessionary. Yeah. And now it’s like a thimble of beer. It’s like a game now. And I was not good. That’s not good. And I told the marketing guy, I said, why would you do that? And he goes, well it was working so well. We were giving away so many $1 beers and it was just, it, just the logistics. We were overwhelmed. So now we have a Thomas with full package. I’m gonna have you rock that mic real quick as I queue up some fat man scoop. And then we have Charles Cola and Amber colos. Let me cue up. This is some more fat man scoop here for Z. Come

On now. Here we go. I’m going to make you Whoa for

Four hours. He does this. When you go to sit Batman scoop, I wanted to, I figured out you will have your hands in the air in most of the evening for sure. Oh yeah.

Blows my mind every time. Thomas Cross and make sure you eat that microphone like it is a corn dog at a professional sporting event. And your daughter, like you bought a corn dog for a dollar for $1. $1 dog. Question, do you have for dr Robert? Was it Zillow? Zwiener wrote zona throat, pledge dot gaze Eisenstein. I guess my question so I, co-owner, co-founder, a full package media or a real estate photography media company down in Dallas. We’re going to be franchising next year. Congratulations on your success by the way. Thank you. Appreciate it. I remember you when you were just kind of as little startup baby. Yup. He puts out with jaw just learning to crawl and then walk. He played football with Josh Gordon D Josh Gordon. He played football with him in high school. I did. Very disappointed that he got cut. That’s okay.

That’s okay. It’s okay. My question. So yeah, we’re, we’re doing well. Business is growing, which is great. And I look forward to kind of the future both with full package media and other businesses. So my question is, as you grew, I know you own multiple businesses I guess, how did you know when to kinda stop or not grow as much, your existing businesses and start new businesses? And then what, what did your role in those new businesses as you progress look like? I’m going to give you two bits. Can I give you some insight, information, insight. We can just keep this between us. Absolutely. Okay. So don’t tell anybody. Just us the sexy part of starting a new business. The cool part about starting a new business. There we go. Thank you. Wow. Little songbird take me on. And that is, you can, it’s kind of like meeting a girl. There’s no expectations. You know, you don’t need anything from the relationship. A lady in her late eighties Hey baby, I’m just here to line, I’m just here to vine and Danny’s what you want roses. Here’s two, three, four, five, six dozen coming out. Oh that’s my music.

I’ll get you a better music. I was previous,

The music was, I thought you were talking about meeting a lady in her late eighties Oh yeah. A physical re re like I’m a therapy center. Yeah. And you were going to offer her a coffee. You know, I understand what we’re talking about. So if we can reset it,

The story. Well, the nice thing about fighting those 88 year old widows, you know, is a get out of that to put up with them for very long. Right. Know what I’m saying? What I’m saying is this is that we started a new business when the sexy parts about it is you don’t need anything from it. It’s a one way relationship. Right? And so when you started new one you could pour everything back into it, which is really sexy, which is really fun. If your guys like, like

CNI who loved delayed gratification. I mean that’s what you do. He likes saving money. That’s how you do it. No, no. But when do you know it’s time to keep growing your current one and let other people, maybe it, I mean I think franchising is a great model for you going forward because it allows other people to pick up the ball and you get a little discount. You get a little bit off the top. But it helps me to stay married. True. And I could not manage more from employees and I have now they get to go grow, grow your brand and grow your, your footprint if you will, works. Now when do you know, when do you know it’s time to start a new business? And that is as an entrepreneur, when you get a great idea or even better when you get a great person and a great idea together.

In other words, sometimes I’ll find a guy, find a guy and I’m saying, you’re a good guy. I want to do business with you. And what do you, what’s your passion? What do you want to do? What’s the problem you can solve? Well, right, so after your optometry business did or all your businesses with, with partners or no on your own. Most of them are just on my own. I did. What I did was as I started some of my businesses, I let guys that had been with me for a long time. There you go. Also get a little piece of the action because that kept him invested. In other words, if a business is ongoing, they can’t get involved in it. But as I do a new business, Goldman gifs, they can get involved in it and as long as they stay working for me and then they’re still my business partner.

So I’ve got some of my doctors that actually make more money in investments they’ve made with me in other businesses and they do as an optometrist and I pay my guys as well. So that’s kind of fun. You can do it with some of the guys that are around you or some guys that you know are good people that you want to go into business with and, and what business is going to be. A lot of it is, you know, like I started an auto auction. Why? Because I went on a lot of vacations with car dealerships, car dealer guys, right. And, and I was sitting there thinking one day I thought, man, I’ve got these great relationships. All these guys don’t like the auctions they’re buying from. And they did. They did. And they didn’t have, you know, they’d have a personal relationship with them.

So when I bought, when I thought, how can I use this relationships, what can I do? Auto auction came up, I researched it, I studied it, found one that was for sale and dug a hole, poured some concrete, bought it. And then I called, I made the call and I got the golden look for these guys because I had vacation with them. Right? You know, throughout, throughout the world. And that doesn’t guarantee you the business, but as you know, sometimes the golden look is the hardest part to get Paul Thomas. So one thing I would advise you would be as I’m gonna ask myself, really strong, why do I want to start another business? Because us as entrepreneurs, we have that spirit and likeZ said is there’s excitement in starting a new business. But the bottom line is, is if you start another business that’s going to, your focus is going to be pulled away, even if it’s just a little bit from your existing business. So you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your, likeZ probably didn’t start another business until he had his optometry running very, you know, scaled and, and to where he could step back. Just a sec. And I’m definitely far from that. And you said,

You said something right there, Paul. That is profound. And I, I, this is interesting you said, and I agree with you, most people when they start a business, it’s new and exciting, right? For me it’s terrifying and horrible and I hate it, but I’m willing to do it in exchange for what I want. So I do not. Just so we’re clear, I people said, dude, you’ve started a lot of things. Do you like it? No, I don’t. So when we started Epic photography, I hated it because I knew, I don’t know about photography. I have to learn all this, build it into a system, build a checklist, probably going to have to fire 150 people in the next five years, round up a team, grow the team, someone’s going to get upset with me. At some point someone’s going to get fired. I don’t enjoy that, but I enjoy the victory.

And I’ve heard certain football players described they love winning the game, but they don’t like actually being tackled. And I think business you have to decide do you, are you, are you in a place emotionally where as soon as it’s not fun, which is usually what Z week two, maybe year two, you’re, you’re at the end of year one. I know it doesn’t, the social media stuff, I think it comes quicker than that. It’s olden days. Back in the good old days it was probably then, but now, I mean you have one bad review. I mean just shuts people down. So Monday, you know, my Monday I had a guy shadowing me today, Randy from Oklahoma city, neat guy. And we had a guy that accused me of firing him for reasons that were not accurate and I only met the guy on one occasion. It was like, it’s one of the things where you’re going to claim something, you know, you can go like racist, sexist, homophobic.

You can throw those titles out there and get kind of an a reaction on Reddit. So he went there and it had to do with the fact that he did not like that. I have a Jesus picture in the office and it started there. So that happened. That was interesting. That’s a Monday. And then we had the IRS was great, a great organization, the internal revenue service and what they do with the IRS is they collect the money we owe and then I want to pay them when I, Oh, I never try to hide from taxes. I pay it. And there are certain forms that need to be filled out and apparently somebody either at the paychecks department or the team, Clark department or somewhere, somewhere somehow 2016 quarter one, one thing wasn’t filed correctly, which has now caused a potential $79,000 penalty.

So my wife is scrambling around to find documents from 2016 which we found, but you know, it’s, it’s the person at the company who helped us file things no longer works there. No one can find it. We’re looking around through cabinets and they go in, the guy shouting me, the people shouting me. It’s like, is that fun? No, it’s so then I’m passionately, I mean I shouldn’t F-bomb as much as I do, but I was F bombing and I said, listen to this person. I said, Hey, I need you to understand this is a $79,000 problem. I will not break the business, but you need to spend your entire day finding that document, find the document, and this was just today. Find it. Furthermore, do not reference to me about the person who got fired because he didn’t get fired. He quit. I did not fire him. So quit talking about it. Third, quit suggesting things in the meeting that don’t help. Stop giving me, I don’t want your advice on how to

Fix our phone script. Stop giving me advice. These are the triumph or the Holy Trambert today. One, do not give me feedback to find the document which we’ve been talking about for weeks and do not tell me about this guy. How hurt his feelings are. I don’t care. Right? Are we having a good time now? Oh wow. It’s 7:00 AM. That’s how it is. Thomas Day just started and now my Devin on Friday, my life seems easy and it’s like I’m on a boat, I’m on a bow. Paul and I are on a boat. So I mean you look at the winds, people celebrate the victories, but no one wants to watch me fight something. Somebody at 7:00 AM on a Monday, right?

Well unlike these guys said, Thomas says, if you, if you start another business that goes hand in hand, whether you consider it vertical integration or horizontal integration with what you’re already doing. Like he had a DJ business, we started photography business, they can feed each other. And, and so like mine, I have an accounting practice and then I have a financial advising practice. They can feed each other so I can really work one and, and both of them at the same time or you find out there’s an idea and you, you, you, you were working with somebody that can actually do a majority of the work and then you can create the processes. So, but we do have a tendency to get when, when it’s really time to really bear down and grow this thing, people want a new idea. We started thinking new ideas and that kind of thing.

Yeah. And maybe you start a drone company where you sell drones, you know, and so that’s part of your, you know, Hey, we here’s you know, you’re buying a package to sell homes. I mean, to, to, to show people how properties look and then maybe you have a site and they go, well, where do we get the equipment or real estate photography school? Or there’s all these verticals underneath that that are, and website designs for real estate agents or whatever you want. That kind of stuff. Right? Exactly. So then you can sell them the drone package. You say, well, you know, Hey, we, here’s the company we do business with. I own it. And you know, here’s, here’s your drone packages a, B, and C and a, you know, one, two, three. Then you may be selling them, but that’s a business that may be you, you understand that that can vertically integrate with what you’re doing.

That’s the easiest next step off. You know, because it kind of, you’re like, well I got to find a company anyway to sell drones. You don’t skimp on your managers so you can scale because you have well paid managers who do a great job and a lot of entrepreneurs want to skip the management layer and therefore they manage everybody themselves. And that’s the path to insanity when you’re trying to manage a hundred people directly and everybody tries to do it that everyone wants to, cause they don’t want to pay a manager. They don’t want to say that 50 60, $75,000. They want to say what they’re doing is exchanging their life for that seriously. But I know ideally the idea too is also when you find yourself with more, more free time on your hand, you’re kind of going away, what is this? What is this? What is this concept? You’re like, Oh, this is free time. Oh, I can do whatever I want today. Then you think you’re a young man. You think, Whoa, Whoa, what’s next? I see Roland and I’m going to say this to you because this is like everyone’s got their own perspective. Z I believe at its current pace and rate and what he’s doing, I believe it could

Inaccurate, but I think you’re going to end up, you know, be on that billionaire list. I guess what’s going to happen based on the things you’re doing. Several times it’s going to happen. So say, but he’s got for me, like I’m like, I’m 80, like I’m done. I don’t really want to open more things cause I’m happy with where I’m at. I don’t, I like you saying, well, what do you do with your time freedom? This weekend I worked on a rap song that seven people will listen to. I was working on a book that maybe one person will read, hopefully me. I was teaching my son [inaudible] various DJ skills. I was chasing my wife around trying to scare her on the house. That’s always funny to me. Every time that she thinks that I’m gone, I’m here and I scare her every time.

It’s infinitely great. Do you ever leave? I don’t. I want you to ever think you all move my car. So it kind of is strategic, but I don’t ever leave. I never leave the property at all. I didn’t go into, if you sit in your backyard, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m going to say it is like have, I’m just saying the world’s saying grow, grow, grow. And I’m saying, yeah, maybe. Right, but let’s get there and then evaluate. If you want to scale, we look at what’s your end game, what’s your end goals? Because you cannot project yourself onto other people. There we go. They cannot and don’t let them project onto you. Right? Yeah. And that’s it. That’s the thing that gets, sometimes we get caught up and keeping up with the Jones’s. In the entrepreneur world, the jokes are poor and they broke the Jones release in that time.

The thing about it is you’ve gotta, you got to stick to your plan. You have to what makes you happy. Yup. And if you know what, having your deal and franchising it and you’re making enough money and you have enough time freedom and enough financial freedom that you say, you know what, I’m good, then you know what? You’re good. Now the thing about franchising is franchising is kind of a deal where it’s for somebody and it’s for not for somebody else. Let me tell you, is he who, let me tell you the kind of person who should buy a franchise today. Okay? If you’re saying I want zero creative input ever and I just want to make a ton of money and work as little as possible. A franchise is incredible. Yeah. If you go out there and buy an Oxy fresh today, you go to Oxy fresh.com.

If you’ve got Oxi fresh.com and you pick up, you fill out the form and you schedule a consultation, you’ll discover that after you call people who currently own franchises that most of the people have zero interest in carpet and they have no interest in updating the website. All they want to do is spend time with their families. You’re going to find a lot of people that own franchises. You say, what are your goals? And they’ll say I just want to spend time with my family. So it’s like people that are former school teachers, firefighters, dentists, doctors, lawyers who are like, I’m tired of exchanging my time for money. I just want to spend time with family. That’s who buys franchises. That’s why nine out of 10 franchises don’t fail because there are people who just follow systems. Now, a lot of entrepreneurs, let’s be honest, a lot of you guys, not not our listeners, but other people, other people can’t hold a job.

So they’re like, I should start one cause they can’t hold one shirt and they’re like, I don’t like systems and rules. Check, sir, these are your own rules. Oh, okay. Well I’ll follow. I see a lot of entrepreneurs won’t follow their own script. Well, because I’m creative. I’m creative. That’s why I live with my mother. I’m sorry, I’m going to bomb the boss. So it’s really important I can give everybody a franchise. You better not be captain. You better not be like a modern wandering poet who wants to write lyrics that matter. If you want to be a franchise, you can’t be a Bard. You cannot be one of those. Now, Thomas, we have an opportunity for you to ask another question for dr Z, but I want to have to mr Cola, chairman Charles, you do it. You’re doing great things at colo fitness.

There’s three. I am a bookstore here. I write about the phases of business, but just let me paraphrase. There’s a baby business. I wonder if it’s going to make it out on its own. There’s a teenager business where it’s like, Holy crap, this kid’s crazy by emotional, anything bad that happens, makes you cry. You’re there. It’s here, your teenager entrepreneur. Then there’s an adult entrepreneur where you’re like, you know bad things happen, but I’ve kind of accepted how life works and I’ve figured it out. And then you get to that veteran status more like dr Z where you’re like, sir, you’re getting sued and see. Might go, do we have any creamer over there with a coffee? What were you saying? I never used creamer in my coffee, but you know what I’m saying? That doesn’t bother you. No, of course at all. The first, maybe second, maybe even third time.

But I mean you’re at a point now where it’s like you could be having a productive life and time with family and friends while also having a bad thing happening personally. And the two don’t overwhelm each other. You, I know that sounds impossible, but you’re there plausible. Charles st Charles is in the adult phase where his company’s thriving and doing great financially great things are going on and [inaudible] but there’s gotta be a little bit of that as you grow, you know your competition doing crazy stuff. And tell me if I, if I’m, am I making this up? Have you had competitors of yours in the past? Actually poop in the showers at your gym as a way to try to throw a, throw a wrench in your, in your machine.

By the way, I’m so sorry about that. That is what I’ve been told. So from

People have pooped in, it’s like all of a sudden just a mad poopers are there.

Well when they’re, yeah, basically, yeah, bad things have happened.

And you’ve had to clean it up and deal with it and sanitize it,

Slap a smile on her face and just keep cleaning and keep [inaudible]

Your business has been vandalized consistently by people who might be competitors. That’s what I’ve heard. Okay. So I mean, you’ve dealt with this and now you’ve kind of immune to that, but now you’re going to that next level with Z where you’re going to have hundreds of employees, any questions you have for doctors, Eleanor, as you get into that, like hundreds of employees phase where you no longer know anybody who works for you.

Well, it was really cool cause I was at a meeting and I came across a note that there was a [inaudible] grace Cola working at our gym. Oh, I’m like grace Cola. That’s, that’s that’s is that a family member? And I’m like, yeah, that’s, that’s your you know, cousin’s kid. And I was like, awesome. She got promoted to a team lead already and she’s really ambitious and driven and super pumped. And I thought, wow, that’s crazy. I didn’t even know that my family members working at 8,793 employees that we have in three States, it’s just like

Larry and Sergei were asked why they decided to scale Google and at first they wanted to keep it kind of small and they said at a certain point they couldn’t remember anyone’s name anyway, so they thought might as well make it big mine as well, you know, because if you’re already that big, so what question would you

Have for dr [inaudible], your cousin of the cousin of the cousin or whatever. It’s the roles of the works. Have you met her? It’s my cousins daughter. Daughter. So it’s your second cousin. I’m sure I’ve met her. We have a huge family so it’s like I want you went on a date with my cousin’s daughter. I’ll tell you what. She a physical specimen like cue, could she, I mean she like, she like ripped like, well they’re there. We, some of the Colts are fairly large and strong and she, she said so she can take you there. I think she could probably take most of the guys. Then she popped Bob [inaudible] which one? I don’t live in both. The motto. Yes. I think for me like my question for you would be what is next? You know, for dr Z? Well that’s a good question and I’m always anticipating the next actually right now I just went into contract to expand one of my businesses.

So that’s one of the things that you have to constantly kinda be looking at is, is the longterm, I like the longterm strategy and so I just went into contract for another eight acres, which abut is adjacent to a congruence, if you will, to high original Z 66 auto auction. Oh wow. We’ve done so well. To go to the next level, we need to grow. So I turn down the trees. I yes, trees are, wait a minute right here. Entrepreneurship one Oh one. When, how early into the construction process will you have somebody complain about that? They’re already complaining about that. So I had to go for the city kids. Eight acres of woods. Is it not? Well, it’s not. No, they’re just kind of woods back in the backside of it. So people are already upset about it. Well, they’re upset about everything we had to like, okay, the thing is plant two trees for every one we took down or something.

Oh there you go. Oh really? That’s where, I don’t know exactly, but I want to make sure we’re getting this. The moment you start to do anything, you get somebody upset you, you affect somebody in the process. But, but what’s next for me is I think expanding some businesses that I already have going right now, I’ve, I’ve just started one with my son this, this last year. It’s going really well and, and you know, I’ve got expanding the ones that I’m doing and a lot of times it’s kinda fun because I don’t really have an agenda and I just kind of let it happen. And so, you know, it’s like I tell people that are starting up a business, they go, it’s hard to find good help and I go, well, go into your favorite store and hire the best person in there. This is what you know.

I mean, so my point is, you don’t know who that person is. You don’t want to, we’re going to look like. But you do know that they’re creative and they’re kind and they greet you with a smile and they do all the things that you want your employee to do. Didn’t hire them. You’re like, well, they, they, they’ve worked for somebody else. I don’t care. Go hire him. You know? So my thing is, is that I’m kind of flexible and I love that about being an entrepreneur because he has managers who are rigid. I will make sure your managers keep the systems going, which allows, but people try to do the flexible Z schedule thing when they don’t have competent managers. You cannot do that. You can’t do that. You’ve got to hire good people, pay them well, if you don’t, somebody else will. And so once you do that, and you can actually go on a vacation, I don’t have to worry about the office me down there.

There’s that thing that happened, but that’s why you have a cell phone that works pretty much anywhere in the world. And so what happens for me is, is that it’s exciting. I mean, yeah, next month I may be getting into a business. I had no idea that I was going to be getting in taco trucks. You know, I could be, you pulled the trigger on that one. Huh? Come on. Let’s do it. Awesome. So my point is, it’s a great question and a lot of people that are serial entrepreneurs is that guys that have that gene in them. You know why? Like all my businesses, they don’t really connect and yet some really connect for serial entrepreneur. If everything you start doesn’t work back Tuesday, that’s true. But yeah, exactly. I’m a serial oper dura. How many business you have now? Well, none. But I’ve opened up,

Go into 1 million cups and start a business that actually makes a profit. Absolutely.

Absolutely makes a profit. But I guess what’s next for me is, is the unknown. I mean, I’m enjoying my time freedom. I financial freedoms. You know what, today I had to step in and deal with a couple of the big issues and some of my businesses that were kind of core issues that I had to kind of sit down and have a a cow, eat the cabbage, talk with some of my managers. You don’t, why are we doing that? That wasn’t, you know, you have to kind of correct and adjust and move on and, and you know, so, you know, it’s, when you own businesses, you have to understand when you use the carrot and when you use the stick and make sure that your people are having fun, that they’re happy, that they’re engaged, that they’re not looking to go somewhere else and you’re taking good care of them and you treat them as you want to be treated. And that is family. When I, when I hire somebody on and they’re working for me and that’s why my managers have been with me a long time. My doctors have been with me a long time. And that is because I treat them as if I want to be treated, you know? And so if you use that simple rule of thumb that frees you up to go do whatever’s coming down the road. I mean,

And you’ll fire people for insubordination. So the people you trust are people who’ve proven, they will be subordinate to your systems. I’ve seen that like a lot of successful, you know, like everybody preaches, you know, you gotta fire fast, hire fast, but you, you know, very quickly the a players, you’re going to take care of them, you’re going to do whatever you gotta do. So when you have, you know, a players or B plus players, you’ve got to keep those guys happy. You gotta take care of them. And that’s what gives you time freedom and financial freedom. Ted Turner couldn’t be here, but he wanted to chime in and Andrew wants to ask a question and we have to give ms and Mike time because really it’s just not right time until Amber has Mike time. Correct. What I’m saying? That’s what I was saying. I said all, I’ve said it out loud.

It’s more my mind to some I’ve been working on saying, I’d say actually Turner says this, he says my son is now an entrepreneur. That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job. So this is not the show for these kinds of people. So I’m, when you say you’re a serial entrepreneur, I’ll make sure you get it yet to be a viable, sustainable solvent, profitable thing. In my opinion before you’re an entrepreneur, you have to build one of those. Some things take longer than others, but you can’t, I agree. You can’t, you know I just, again, there’s a lot of people out there like, Oh man, I own seven companies. No you don’t. You have seven LLCs. They haven’t been seven LLCs that are currently

Not instated this year because you didn’t pay the filing fee. So stopped doing it. Alright, so let’s get Andrew on the micro quick. Andrew, do you hop on the mic here? If he can steal the mic here from Charles real quick here and if you could maybe threaten him as you pass. That way we get to see some, see it go down here. Charles is a big man in a kind man and I’ve never seen him attack anyone, but I kind of want to. So if you could Andrew just say what you think a bad person would feel? Tell him. Yeah, you would want to say the things that Charles did, a bad person would say to Charleston, they were a bad person. Say it as a, you mean it and that way we can see what happens. Okay. Andrew, what business question would you ever dr zoner on behalf of either a client or yourself or urges, any business question at all?

Yeah. so I know it’s so important for, for everybody to have a space to do their work or to do their thinking or to do their reading or to do their, their med time or to do their, so like clay, Hey, you here has the man-cave but a lot of people don’t, don’t set aside that space or that time. Right. So how important would you say your spouse won’t let them? This is true. This is true. Just throwing it out there. So elaborate a little bit maybe. How important is it to have a space that you can kind of make your own or you can kind of like design secret secrets? A secret that I’ve never told I’ve been on. We’ve been on the radio for three years now and I’m going to give you some secret sauce. No, never shared. Oh wow. To date and still ready over the airways. Are you ready Andrew? So ready at a happy place. I’m going to happy place. Let me, let me get myself

Happy. I got to do this.

Luke, do this real quick. Do this while I hit my happy button. I’ve got to get myself to a happy place. Happy space. Go for it there.

Keep going. Keep going. Is one more as we’re happy. Okay, let’s go. That’s good. That’s good.

Thank you so much. So this is a secret that I’ve held close in that I’ve practiced my entire life. Oh wow. Because it’s enabled me to be the man who I am today. Marital, sexual gymnastics. Hey. Oh, that’s,

That’s awesome. Harvey. I wasn’t [inaudible] in a system set up. Release the tension there. I was a little, little, little, little Ebony there. You have three kids that is,

No, I, I have three kids, so I had four places that I could go to. Really, let me repeat that. For a while. Growing up and even to this date, I had three children. My daughter, my two sons. Yup. And I would have four places around the house that I would consider my go to places. Did you go on the throne now that did that? That doesn’t catch

The throne rooms. No one checks on you in there. That’s what’s on vacation. I’m like, I’m going to go to the bathroom. But then you’ve got like a hour later, I’m an hour behind you. That’s not sexy. So I would have, I had my office,

I’d buy my chair in my office. Right. I had my, my outside little man cave area. Beautiful. Right, right. I had another chair in my bedroom that was kind of a cozy, comfy chair. Then the light on and I could go to it. And then the living room, I had a special spot kind of in the den area that I would go to. And so they all, if I had four, they couldn’t occupy them all. So I knew there was always one safe Haven that I could go to and I needed to go there. Right? So that’s the deal. So how many kids you have or how many people you have in your life, they’re going to try to come and Hey, you got a minute, or Hey, you got this. Or Hey, Hey, you know, and so when you need that, that met a time that, that time to do your thing.

Clay does his early in the morning. I do mine in the evening. Doesn’t make one right or wrong. Both work, both work. You’ve got to set it aside because what happens, I think a lot of times for entrepreneurs is we’re so busy working in the business, we never really get to work on the business. And that’s part of it because people always say, who came up with that? Or why did you do this or why you did that because you, you’ve got to give it some thought. You’ve got to give it some, you know. And another thing to do in that meta time. Then another little side, little secret sauce here is find a business that’s similar to you in the buying pattern of the individuals. What I did back in the day, the one that I went to was the men’s warehouse. You see about 50% of the people need eyecare, right?

Yup. And last time I checked about 50% of the people are men. Your buying pattern was about the same. About every two years people would go in to buy a suit, going to buy what? Men’s warehouse for selling. Okay. And that was the same pattern of mine. Then I looked at the deals that they had. I looked at where they were advertising. I really studied their model. I looked at them, you know, and and now they’re, they’re not as, I don’t know that there’s relative relevant as they were back in the day, president and founder, the men’s warehouse, I used [inaudible], I remember this guy, Zimmer, God, this guy, he’s beautiful, beautiful man is half the sacrifice fashion for service to get a good fight. I want to go there and on top of that, their catch phrase was value. So I thought to myself, I did a bunch, I looked at a lot of different businesses and I found one that wasn’t in my lane necessarily, but yet they had a lot of the same components that I had bought, the same challenges that I had. Right, okay. I mean I was going after soccer moms, they were going after dudes that needed an inexpensive suit. So I mean it wasn’t till you thought, well that wasn’t the same as why I studied the Colombian drug Lords. There you go. Oh wow. Pablo Escobar or the Kelly cuts and drug Lords.

No, those wouldn’t be that. I was trying to try to just chime in there guys. Okay. So you might say to yourself, well, they’re not the same business at all, but you could learn a lot from successful businesses around from you because we all know a lot of businesses aren’t successful. Just somebody

Opens up and puts her, puts a, you know, a shingle up as they say, back shingle, a shingle back in the shingle days. Shingles. Does that mean they’re going to be successful? Does it mean you need a copy and doesn’t even mean you need to study them at all? Except sometimes you can find it not stand it. When people reference things that are their ideas that aren’t a best practice, it makes me crazy. I can’t steal someone’s, it’s when someone says, what if we changed the video to do this? Well, what if we did? We’ll just do what works. Let’s do what works. Yeah. Well what if we, what if we change my logo to have more purple in it? Do you think it would appeal more to women? I don’t know. There’s no data on that. Just show me a best practice. I just shut me.

Right, exactly. Where like, well, this is working really well. Why don’t we throw this wrench in the engine and see what happens? It might be cool. We can make it better. Now we have Amber Cola here who’s the smartest person in the room and she’s the only woman in the room whose wife currently wearing yoga pants that I typically wear when I’m alone with a man. K which is so I’m just, it’s, it’s interesting. She’s also going with the yoga pants theme that I typically wear in the man K to three and Amber Wise, you’re, while you’re getting set up over there on the deal, pound for pound, who’s stronger you, your husband. Cause he’s like six, four like you know, 672 pounds. I don’t know how many of that’s strong. She’s strong. Physical strength. Yeah. Yeah. Like so a few moms try. If I said, Hey, bench or squat, what’s your best, what’s your best move?

What’s your best move? Like move is, I’m a smart wife and he is always the winner. Okay. Aw, I’m going to have a moment. That’s so sweet. I can’t even, Oh my gosh. So I know, I know who’s getting a new piece of jewelry. I think I saw a stunt you guys pulled off last week. Well, we did pull that off. But I’m viral at this point. And I’m not saying that he can’t. I know he can lift more than you, but pound for pound for pound. Pound for pound, make this thing apples. The Amber weighs seven pounds. I mean, let’s say you weigh a hundred pounds, he weighs 200 pounds. So therefore can you bench more than a half? We can bench. You see what I’m saying? Bet a fourth of what he benches. Okay. So what is your best move though? Squatting. I moved your best, but your best.

Like if you had to say, if someone had to say, Hey, let’s, if you’re going to be competing in an event, what’s your best event? I don’t know how many poor against each other. No, no, no. Just for you. What’s your best event? Squatting. Triceps. Okay. Triceps. Okay, so perfect. Okay, so triceps, how much can you, if you had to just burn it out, how much could you do? I’m one tricep pole. I know I didn’t, I’m probably afraid 70 pounds maybe on a stack. I don’t know. Okay, so can you do, what’s a, can you do 200 pounds, Charles, what can you do with Charles? What can you do? I’m trying to have a little fun here guys. Come on. Help me out. No, I can’t do 200 pounds like she can do seven. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. I’m going to know they’re having a moment. I’m going to ask you a real question here, Amber. How many Spaso poor form curls can you do? Cause you know in big box gyms

There are people not at Cola. Other gyms that show up and they’re using like their abs and their shoulders bothers me. Ha ha. And they’re just doing [inaudible]. You know it’s poor form. How many pounds? How much poor form curl. Wait, can you do

If you had to just spazz though it up there on the hot seat right there.

Definitely hurt myself. I don’t know. 30 pounds. I don’t. Okay. All right. That’s fine. Cut. Very controversial. Now, what would be with the final verse, just saying controversial music controversy or if you see, if you say that’s very manipulative or controversial. I’ve found people get riled up, they get riled up. That’s very controversial. It’s very, very manipulative. Okay. So Amber, what is a, a maybe a question you have or, or a deep thought you want to share with that comment or a friendly statement? I want to tag a mystic statement, a controversial statement as you attempt to manipulate doctors, owner.

Oh man, I have so many questions. Well hopefully we have an answer for at least face time continuum black holes.

I have, I have, I have, I have, I have a question for dr Z as relates to, well, we have a lot of female entrepreneurs that listen to the show. Yes. What, cause I hear this a lot from female entrepreneurs. They want to be assertive, right? But there’s a word in the English language that starts with a B that is constantly used to reference assertive females who own businesses, which Amber owns a business. Z, I would like to get your take on this. Every time that I’ve seen a assertive female get stuff done. Yes. The B word is thrown out there. Yes. What advice would you have for the female entrepreneurs out there who are like, you know, I want to be the female doctorZ , what advice would you have for them about, because you have a lot of strong women in your businesses who are doing great, but you know there’s a little bit of a fear of like you don’t want to lay down the hammer cause someone’s going to throw out that word. What do you moody you say

Own it, own it. And if you’re not being called that, you’re probably not being assertive enough. Own it. Own the title all the time. Own that, own that title, that badge. Own it. I had someone the other day tell me that one of my employees was being the the B word. Oh yeah. And they were just, I mean they were just Oh so offended and so mad. And so just they were just trying to, you need to fire that person you need to do, I mean they’re chocolate, I’m over here, top over the top. But they, when they finished, I took a breath and they finished railing. I looked to them and said, well, in fact they are, but you know what? They’re my and Oh, that’s where it is. Eight for six. My best tip is number eight bags of your own poop collected throughout your state to have it ready. Ready. Because you never know when you need a good bag of your own poop. Amber, did you have a, did you have a final hot take for dr Robert zoner? No, but I love that point. And you know what, you can laugh, you can laugh all the way to the bank. Absolutely. You know what I mean? You just own it. It’s kinda like if someone is whatever they are, you know, I, my nickname is ass face. Well they call ass face a lot. They usually,

You’re an ass face.

You know, I, I know people that are of Cajun descent. I, I go, I have some buddies, I get some horses trained down in Southern Louisiana and I go down there and there’s guys that are been raised down there and around there and we were at a dinner one night having fun and a little dinner party or whatever. And when the guys referred to when the other guys, there’s a Coon ass and I was just, I looked at him and I were like, we’re going to have a fight right here, you know, I’ll have to go what? He goes, that’s not offensive. That’s what we are. You know what I mean? They just own it. I mean the like the Yankees used to own it. You have, I mean, down South they will try to make it to be a bad term. You know what they did?

They turned, they flip that around to a good term. I once had an a patient stopped me in the hallway and I could tell she was just all hot and bothered and, and she found out who I was and she got in front of me and she just was looking at me and I thought, okay, I gotta give her a little attention. Yes ma’am. And she goes, I can’t believe this place. And I go, well thank you. And she’s like, but this place is like the McDonald’s of eyecare. And I looked and I said, well, thank you very much. I said, you know, McDonald’s opened up, opens up a new store every 12 hours around the world. I mean, the nice thing I like about McDonald’s is wherever you’d go, their fries are the same, aren’t they? May have other bathrooms are clean. I always stop on the way.

Thank you so much. I’m glad to hear we can be compared to McDonald’s. And I walked on by and she was just like, what she meant for, you know, low price and fast service and in and out and all this kind of stuff that she was thinking was a negative. I flipped it around and made it a positive. So the same thing with that clay, to answer your question about about women out there and you know what? Hey, you can laugh all the way to the bank, you know, get your, get your license bite that says that on there. Bet you’d know you’d go girl. Right? And that’s the way it is. And if you’re not being called bat, guess what? You probably are being assertive enough because you know what? It’s your business. Nobody cares about it enough. It’s kinda like I know moms at the sweetest, nicest ladies, but you go and you try to harm when their children’s, my wife, they will be a lioness.

I mean they will come at you like you’ve never seen before. We might go, Whoa, what’s up with that? Do not scare my wife. You have the same attitude about your business. That business is your child. It’s your livelihood. And if anybody’s in there trying to poop in your shower or mess with it, you know what? You line this up on them and you come at them. It was only twice. I tried to pull it two times. First time I didn’t know. He’s real quick to wrap up today’s show because the Patriots just blew out the Brown. Just stop.

No, usually the worst. I want to show all you guys real quick. The worst play ever versus the Patriots. Now the Patriots are known for playing Jedi mind tricks with the offense. So when they’re on defense, okay, our Devens of captains are known for the quarterback. We’ll say blue 42 or Omaha or whatever the quarterback on the, on the other team’s gonna I’ll call play. And the Davids, the Patriots gets in your head and it starts to mess with you. Cause they many quarterbacks have said that the co, the up quarterback for the jets just said he was seeing ghosts last week. He said he’s seeing ghosts cause the teams moving around so much. So this is a thing where the Colts tried to call play and the Patriots call counter play and this goes back and forth until the Colts mentally crumble on national television. I’m going to play this and see. I’d like for you to, I’m going to throw it to you, then you can explain what happened. Okay, here we go.

Just all those throws out. Oh yeah, there we go.

Punt. What happened first? There’s these. He explained what happened. It’s a punting situation. The culture. Very DuPont.

Yeah, they shifted. So they’d take most of their line and they take them over to the edge of the [inaudible].

All of them were two players to somehow get inside the minds of the Patriots because the Patriots have countered their move. So let’s look at it again. So here we go. [inaudible] Here. So the Colts are all lined up. It’s a punt. And the culture, like the Patriots defense, they’re not lining up for punt prevention. So like what are we going to do? These guys are doing an amoeba, they’re not running a punt provincial. What are we going to do? So they’re like, I don’t know what’s called [inaudible].

Oh, so they all run over, spend the sides. All of them.

Punter realizes, wait a minute, I need to be behind the sitter if we’re going to punt this thing. And so he hikes the ball. Watch the Patriots are like, surely you’re not going to hike this to watch it.

Explain what’s happening right now. Well, what happened was the punter actually went over there to get behind all the guys. It looks like they’re going to snap the ball over by the sidelines except the ball is in the middle of the field and now you have one player who’s assuming the part of the center and the wide receiver actually came in run in the end. You know that because you have, normally you have all the team lined up on the ball and you have two guys out wide. Well the one guy that was out wide on the opposite and he comes up and is looking like he’s now the quarterback

And do it and do a YouTube search. It’s Colt’s fake punt versus the Patriots week six now here we go. See I’m gonna play the rest of it. Got. This is amazing. What happens. The pages are like surely you’re not going to hike the ball to the man and let all of us go against you to doing one guy blocking for the guy who’s going to get the ball.

Okay, well if you’re in a hike it, here we go.

Explain what just that hadn’t been the worst play ever. So

Did you try season? Break it down.

It is. The Patriots are still lined up. They sit out about three or four guys with the pack that’s over the edge and the other guys are lined up right there with the ball is cause the balls. What’s important in football. And so the guy looks like he’s going to hide the ball, but you think something’s going to happen. They got to share it. They’re going to come back because now the Patriots have four or five guys right there around the football and the guy hikes it to him

And they do look at these guys. They’re just jumping. Look at this scene. These guys gotta be saying to themselves, look here, these jackasses are going to hike the ball to a guy who’s not being blocked for,

Okay, here we go.

What in the world? And that crap happens all the time versus the Patriots. Cause the other coaches mentally intimidated. You think that’s what it is? They give up mentally. They’re like, I don’t know what I mean, what a kitchens is. A great guy. The coach, the Browns, but he seemed like he was overwhelmed with the game of football and he’s a smart, competent coach. But he seemed like he was like, I don’t know what to do.

Well, the Cleveland Browns did all they could do to lose that

Game. We’ve got all these draft picks. We’ve got to find a way to lose this thing. I’m confused. I’m confused. You guys hand the ball to him? Yeah, let’s call that play. And they did. They hit it. It’s a Lawrence Guy. I know. It was crazy. Great players played dumb versus the Patriots. Why is that? They’re just overwhelmed by Belicheck. He’s calling audibles. He knows their playbook more than they do. The first time you call a play and you know the other team knows your playbook more than you. It’s intimidating. It is intimidating. I guess the job is, unless you’re in there, unless you’re in their division, you only have to play them once if you’re unlucky enough to get the draw to play them right. I love the Patriots. Bill Belichick is you and you are bill Belichick and eventually you will switch to the Patriots because you know he is you.

Well, I don’t know. I mean bill may be just like bill. I mean if you own a team right now, who, what coach would you go after? Bill bell check. Of course no one’s going to, how much would you throw? How much money would you throw at him? All of it. I love it, but he doesn’t like money. Well of course not, but hopefully his wife, heres the deal. He has wife likes money. That’s true. And so this his new wife too. Well of course. Okay, well you know, but you want to become a bill. Telecheck vendor can easily say publicly, you’re a Bella chick fan. Maybe the Patriots. I am a Belichick fan. No. About it. Yes. Okay. Now we can end with a boom. It’s taken years. I mean, no, no. I’ve always, I’ve always build, but I just to have it in your top right into my bill Bellacheck agreement.

I’m just, I wanted to be sexy. I wanted the listeners to recognize that you as an objective fan of the Browns and the Cowboys and other teams that don’t have bill Belichick. It’s tough, but it’s tough. But we recognize the greatness of Billy Billy B. Oh absolutely. I mean I think, I think Billy B could take you and me put them on the team and then we had still won the super bowl and that’s saying a lot. Yeah, for sure. I mean the slow 38 year old guy, he’ll be fine. He’ll get four yards per carry. I mean they have a helmet big enough for you. Could you actually play in the NFL? They could give me a hell of a big enough. I can make it, but I couldn’t get my head to the tunnel where the players come out of the tunnel. I knew there were sacks the issue, couldn’t they just helicopter you just lower you in? Well they could but the helicopter would crash cause the weight. Oh that’s a good point. Maybe you can put those big military ones. It’s like the six blades on it and like my, my head has been banned from all military uses because of the dangers of it. Yeah, that’s a good point. They worry about implosion. We all, I guess we struck out there. We’re gonna end with a boom. You’re ready. Good thing we’re on radio cause you know we both have faces built for it. Yes.

BB beautiful faces make just for radio. Here we go. Great. If you’re in your [inaudible] office right now, make some doors. If you add another front room now make some doors. Cause here’s another knowledge park. We own this, the bet is on my hat. But the world was a Duke Duke that you see on a mission. Put it on my step back because after success I had the thick cutoff pet that maybe I should keep track and teach those actually foci. That success of winning is not just delight. Those two who true to stay a whole night have to ticket the crap. Dawn, those who will not stop until they get the crap done. This one, diligent Duke buzz. Go pursue us. Hot minded people without the minds in the soup. Look at up. Help the people back. Cold hos the people that will do with the thing without the up cause you’d be like mama’s with the full pack media rotten and Rachel tip top.

Train the dogs. Close the poll from top Sherpas. Bring it up, bring it the boom boom. Bring it the boom. Put it. The goal trough top ship is bringing that up. Bring in the pool. Weakness for the big, the big treatment takes to inspire the vision that a business takes. Now POAs for overwhelming. That’s overwhelming. Think about it. The thought, it’s overwhelming odds. The next, Oh it’s optimistic. Just because most don’t. You don’t have to be a circus to now the bet to run em. It’s one story in the Ventura and it’s where it picked kids for that to Rob Andrews tents for momentum. And if you don’t have yet, just look up. It’s the drop Tom show with bringing the boom is to trap Tom show with Rick and the ball is to drop time show with brick it. The book is the trout Cox show with brick, the boom, boom.

We’ve got some difficult days ahead, but it really doesn’t matter with me now because I’ve been to the mountain top [inaudible] because I’ve been putting out can come along. Life long has explained, but I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will and he’s allowed me to go up to the promise. Man, I may not get to know the night. Get to the promise man. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].


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