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Clay Clark teaches call scripting, Google optimization, the power of gathering objective Google reviews and the SUPER-POWERS that video reviews have on this edition of the Thrivetime Show business podcast.

  1. You must create call scripting.
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The science tells us that obesity is ultimately the result of a hormonal imbalance, not a caloric one—specifically, the stimulation of insulin secretion caused by eating easily digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods: refined carbohydrates, including flour and cereal grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, and sugars, like sucrose (table sugar) and high-fructose corn syrup. These carbohydrates literally make us fat, and by driving us to accumulate fat, they make us hungrier and they make us sedentary.” – Gary Taubes (The best-selling author of Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It and the man who earned his Bachelor’s Degree in applied physics from Harvard University in 1977 before earning his Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering from Stanford University in 1978.)
  3. Step 7 – Get 100 Google Reviews on your Google My Business map listing
    1. Law of credibility – You should says anything unless you can prove it.
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC –  88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  4. Step 8 – Get video reviews
    1. Action Steps
      1. Call your happy and passionate clients and ask for if you can come shoot a testimonial on your camera
        1. Offer a gift certificate of some sort in return for their time.
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrivetime show business podcasts workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Radio listener in knoxville tennessee reach out to us, and it is my civic duty to respond with practical, actionable training for anybody. That has a sincere business question. If you want to argue with me about politics yet again, I will state. This is how I handle it. When people email me about the business podcasts protocol views ever email comes in the info at thrive time, show.Com and then you’ll email, a complaint about my views on how the world works and then we hit delete and then we like. It’s resolved the issue.

So some of the issues some of you had in the past, as you sayhow come, you haven’t, had more female guests and I’ll. Explain this to you because I’m a dude, it’s weird i, tend to hang out with more dudes. So I can stay married I thought for a while. Maybe I should surround myself with all these. Ladies supposed to cated mama’s have a deep, in-depth, one-on-one conversations with. Ladies and then I realized know this would cause a dystopia. It would cause me to ruin my business podcasts family. This I do not surround myself with a lot of ladies that we have had female clients and we have them on the show and we’ve had jill donovan isn’t gas with rustic cuff we’ve had we had daniel sprick was rick really as a guest on the show called what is a gassed. His partner had david robinson he’s african-american. Why do I typically don’t run into a crowd of peoplealuminum tulsa city called tulsa oklahoma, where the business podcasts population is about 15%, african, american, right, there’s asians. Here we have hispanic people, i, don’t run into the room and say if you are an african-american, please put your hands up.

Cuz I want to be your friend so that I look more diversified in my business podcasts friendships. In my dealings, I’m trying to have as many people of color to be my friend. So if there’s no I have merton on the shelves, I know martin I tend to metropolitan baptist church, where I happen to be one of the only only non african-americans there when I go but I just don’t care sweet of my wife’s assistant work with me now I’m done waiting for 18 years, she happens to be african-american all my son’s friends, for some reason are not white. I. Guess he’s racist against my son, hates white people by the by the shop I think my son hates white people. That’s the dead secour! Tell me:why do you always quit the constitution in the bible? You know it will cuz. It turns out that right is right. It turns out it turns out. This is a fun. Thingit turns out that the only country in the world that people want to move to is our country. It turns out they’re, surrounded by these failing muslim countries.

The only one that works is a country called israel. Siri I see how it’s going over. There go, hang out with egypt, see. What’s going on in cairo, walk like, an egyptian and you’ll be poor I’m, just telling you you want to go. You guys literally, have one industry that created hard to have one where they create know I’m lying to you. They have a credit anything did you know that john d rockefeller, discovered and refined oil and it went over there and said:hey I will give this to you. I’ll give this industry to you after I’ve been there for a certain number of years. He gave the industry right. These guys are the most backward sharia law. People in the witchery think it’s cool to beat their wives. They think it’s cool, that’s like parlor, dealdash, real odd, doesn’t work out so well. So if you have all different faiths and religions at school, but this show isn’t show write each capitalism, entrepreneurship, the constitution in the bible, that’s my worldview and if you don’t like it go, go on your own little youtube channel find your own mind your own podcast avicii, the famous pop hip-hop producer, the famous business podcasts producer of edm music, turns out.

He died of an overdose the other day. You know why cuz he was doing hallucinogenic drugs die of a list of janet drugs cause i, don’t do them, and you know why I don’t do them. Cuz I think it’s morally reprehensible to take loose to jana drugs. So you say why are you judging me? Absolutely I’m. Judging you get! The crap off are podcasts. If you don’t agree with those things. What are you doing? So if you want to just email  our business podcasts team and argue about your far left of center world views and the legalization of of various loose, the genex go:listen to tim ferriss, hill, deland, tim, ferriss advocates that you would take psychedelics wall cautioning you that it could cause you to die side effects, I’m, saying i, don’t advocated I i, don’t I have certain moral principles that I get behind and that’s what I meant to say. If you listen to his podcast and you agree with these principles, hello, how you doing turns out the american business podcasts economy works. Well as a result of these. If your socialist and you want just a given more and more and more of your check away to help people that are lazy, then that’s real reverse of proverbs 10:4 that says god blesses the hands of a diligent and punishes the slacker. If you want to punish the diligent and give to the slacker think about how this world you would work just in the game of basketball, the best basketball player in the history of basketball, in your mind, is hooch app.

You can choose any athlete you want, but I think lebron is the best magic magic in the pictures of skill-set I think he was the best because the guys at 6:10 and he played center in the nba finals cuz the center got hurt. He went from being the point guard that I sent pretty sick or scouts adversor great player and because I have a left-of-center world, you and I believe in socialism. I didn’t mean to make it more fair because the other players aren’t making as much money as magic. So we need to do is we need to make all of the salaries the same i? Don’t know that works or how about this? Let’s make magic wear ankle weights. So that way everyone can keep up with him, but that’s what I that’s how our current economic business podcasts system is being rigged more and more every year, they’re making me pay more taxes every year to subsidize the morons that are walking to oklahoma city cuz they’re, not getting paid enough switch careers to get back into today show mr. Time, freedom and financial freedom. You are an entrepreneur, so your worldview will be the antithesis of most of your employees. You understand this.

You want a great time:freedom and financial freedom us. When you make this schedule, the people in your in your company won’t like it so step 6. You have to create call scripts, and let me tell you what the people that work for you are not going to want to follow the scripts chop chow. So true, the members of our team know they do like following the scripts now, because we have enough a players in the building. It’s begun to propagate and pollinate. Now. Tape players are friends with other a business podcasts player in players that got a players and they want to have their calls recorded because they want to get better if they make more money, but it most office culture search up people don’t want well to fall back on scratch. Their most of those people are scheming on you in the first place right there not making the amount of calls or supposedly not saying what they’re supposed to help and what I’ve had luck with a lot of my clients to tell tell your employees this.

Okay, the script is a system, it’s a system. If you follow the system and you fail it’s the business podcasts system’s fault and we can fix it if you operate outside of the system and you fail it’s your fault and I’ll fire you so here’s an example have when someone gets there to your office, you probably on the clipboard or onboarding like a patient evaluation sheet. Some medical paperwork-you have to fill. Is it but my correct, correct and are there and it’s the same for every time? Correct kind of what kind of questions do you ask him that for what’s your major problem, major problem?

What’s your friend, where is your pain, to do height and weight? Do that complete physical, complete, physical and I’m sure you had somebody none of your people now that I’m sure the past, because you been in business for decades, I’m sure you had somebody who work the front desk, they just decided they weren’t going to have people fill out. The paperwork modify the paperwork or they argue with you about the ethics of filling it out or show you how we could save more time by having the patient not do an initial thrill physically had to have some pushback there beer at push back in your office. Yes, and how do you deal with people that push back that got fired and what would happen is if you asked and nobody else in the world-that’s not a business podcasts owner. This is the crappy book. They recommend for him to pull it up your check, and you know what I’m doing, because it’s a full-time, it’s a full-time job for me to slam the author of this book and the book itself every week. I cannot skip any opportunity to slim this book, the author of this book, but here it is simon. Sinek I feel like you’re, a bit of a simon sinek sinek simon sinek is a man who went to college, never go to college with more college and all the sudden wrote this book and he appeared on ted talks and so now I see all these limp-wristed weaksauce bosses, quoting this ridiculous, communist manifesto called start with why it took it or the subtitle of his book.

Lacing says how great leaders inspire everyone to take action and it’s how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Everyone everyone, everyone of that, just right there, dr. Sibley! What is the problem with a with a book that purports to be able to teach you to teach everyone every human, how to take action, because if they don’t want to take action, this is funny I’m already booked right now about obesity and usa today to the stupid study. I want to find it. It’s on. My truck will just copy my business podcasts notes from the book on the today show to show. So. You can just copy somebody had to research. Their people are getting spider. Jones data shows the data shows if you smoke it’s bad for you, that’s strange. You know there was a big lawsuit like a decade ago where there was some epiphany where people. Oh my gosh I’m smoking all the time and now I’m getting sick, I wonder if it’s the smoking in people and people decide to be victims become a victim. Pretty silly start suing marlboro philip morrison the camel for tricking. You are you kidding me you’re business podcasts smoking, something. How could it possibly not be bad for your business podcasts body turns out turns out the obesity epidemic. People are gaining weight, regardless of the education broken arrow high school I used to volunteer broken arrow high school at 8 for seven consecutive years, is part of the junior achievement horse very elaborate class they’re called safe sex and, despite the diagrams, the motivational speeches, the books, the pamphlet people continue to to to produce kids before they’re married and shut up, no matter how much education you give somebody.

It comes down to the individual choice, but apparently simon sinek thinks that it’s your fault. If you can’t motivate everyone to take action, so get dr. Sibley review. If kennedy could not get the people to follow the system., freeze credit systems, he should do what he should look for other people, then you should do what to the people that want that’s what you do. Machine gun fire get him out of here. Now that I’m doing things the right way for a long time and knoxville cannon, and so you need to get 100 google reviews. A hundred google reviews of show sponsor I want to mention here all hood with hood. Cpas is a proud show sponsor, which means he shares my values. In my face, and he doesn’t get mad when I go in france like i, just did it because he it was hood cpas, here’s the thing with paul hood paul hood has been in business for years, so he and his team called the business podcasts client and said hey. Would you be willing to give us online reviews on google because turns out people now value that more than our resume people now value your google reviews more than your seniority and your resume? You got to get google reviews.

Mr., can we come back we’re walking to the final steps that you need to take to create time:freedom in your life as a commercial and residential remodeling stay 2 attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com, all right right, nation! Welcome! Back to the conversation, my name is clay clark and the former us sba entrepreneur of the year since you’re on a mission to get you into a great financial position. We have a driver out there by the name of kenan who reached out his no chip. Why is it such a powerful, a powerful thing whenever you have a listener that actually reaches out and asks a question? Great white? Why is it such a powerful but apparently has his business podcasts bike is gone to reach out to have their own life going on and they have all these question, and so, when you decide to reach out with a question, there’s going to be tons of other people out there with the exact same question yet so you’re really doing a service to a ton of people. Whenever you reach out to us at info at drivetime show.Com, we will get you an answer, your question as soon as possible, and so I guarantee you. It happens at our workshops, all of the time to talk to people at the break, I’m so glad that that guy asked that question, because me and the people I’ve been sitting with, we were kind of thinking.

The same thing we just didn’t want to ask it’s:okay, i, didn’t ask the question:he says:hey I can’t sustain the current pace and demand of my job I’m working 80-plus hours a week and I need to figure out how to run a high-quality operation, but I’ve being so reliant upon me. Cuz i, don’t want to create something and lose it. I mean I’m. A control, freak and I’ve got to make sure they do. Things are done right that we build homes on time on budget that has to have them, but also I need my time for 2, because I have work so hard. First to start a business to I’ve earned financial freedom now, but I don’t have the time freedom with which to I can enjoy the fruits of my efforts inside of next step is absolutely powerful. Cuz he’s been in business for a long time, jeff and he’s been in business for 8 years, and currently he only has 21 google reviews, shop anchorage cannon and all the listeners out there. How do you go about getting business podcasts google review that one before that? What percentage of people even read reviews? Why does it even matter? What are the studies 88% of people in north of there right around? There are reading online reviews before making a purchasing decision, and not only that they’re trusting them, sometimes more than the recommend nations of friends and family.

Okay, people are reading reviews online and, and the thing is it doesn’t really matter until you have over 40 and the goal is to get to 100. That’s what you got to do. You’ve got to make sure that you go out there and get to the example people. This will happen if people will subscribe to a podcast typically and then what kind of put the put the water in a sentence I want to get up for that workshop, but I’d want to make sure it’s not going to be a big up. Sale, festival, something that’s real I’ll, make sure it’s real, and so they will then type in on line here. Kindle type in thrive time business podcasts show reviews and when they pull it out, they usually watch the video reviews. I found. The video reviews are the thing that most people locked or the type in thrive time show. Conference reviews, wordle type in thrive time, show workshop reviews and when they type it in soon they’ll find like asters like tons of izzy videos, and to give you a specific example, I think right now, on the thrive time show we have. As of today, we just passed the threshold of 1500 reviews, video reviews I think we’re putting up 40 more today, so I mean the video reviews from real people that have implemented the systems. Does all the selling quote on quote for us in all the time we site this jerry vas in his book called soft selling in a hard world, he was the first one to really identify the law of the law of credibility.

But a lot of credibility essentially states that you shouldn’t say anything unless you can prove it. You really shouldn’t say anything unless you can prove it as a business owner, so I mean people chop, you’ve, done, construction I mean how many scammer contractors have you met over the years, and then we had people reach out to to want to be clients, and when we did reviews-and we actually did the research before working with a client, we found out that they catch the guy who we we have literally had i, would say, probably more than 30 yeah contractors that reached out to want to be clients of the drive time show right and we did our background check. We looked into the company, we read the business podcasts reviews on house and home advisor and google I identified that they were actually a scammer. They were taking people’s money and then leaving town right when I called him on it. They were like hey you’re, a marketing company contractors out, there’s a lot of that and then there’s a lot of the contractors out there who just play me:don’t have any systems and they end up scamming their clientele by accident, because they’re robbing peter to pay paul.

They have money from one job that they’re not done with a put it on a job that they’re finishing with. Then they were get short and they don’t have enough cash in the end up screwing people over, and so it’s just super important that you follow this lot of credibility. If you built your reputation, you got to, let will know about it, because your competition probably isn’t doing that and they probably stand a lot of people. Let’s put this on the show notes, but forbes reports now to 88% of consumers and climbing trust reviews know specifically, they trust video reviews, the most google reviews, the second most. It’s so important. You get video reviews, but right now just focus on getting to 100 google reviews. Cuz you’ll rank high in the business podcasts search engines as a result of it, and your ads will work more effectively. Can I get to 100 google reviews as soon as possible know if you assume that you actually got those reviews, I’m going to assume that you’ve actually gone out there and gotten the hunted reviews now? What are you do? I ain’t got to get video reviews. Reviews turns out. That’s that’s a whole different animal to get a video review of israel to go out there and ask my client on video to leave your review. You’ve got to make it very simple for the person. So here are the action steps for getting video reviews. Step 1 call up your passionate clients.

Call your clients that are passionate, don’t call the clients are a pathetic call. The clients that are actually passionate about your survey. You’ll know who they are they’re the ones that were freaking out whenever they walked into the home for the first time, they’re calling their mom and aunt check it out and say the following words over and over and over to get it. Okay, I will make chip typing on the show. That’s what cities word should say:hey and she know people read business podcasts reviews and forms of showing 88% of people read. Reviews before buying and I really need to get a google review from from I need to get a video review from somebody is there anyway, you can leave me a review on buddy I’ll, come to your house, I’ll film it and it. So you look great and I’m actually give you like an outback gift certificate, and then you should say no now you don’t have to and they’re going to worry about their hair she’s going to want to make sure she looks good on the business podcasts video I promise you any woman is going to want to make sure they look good on the video and the guy isn’t going to want to be on the video cuz. He doesn’t like being on video right and you’re going to have to say, I promise, I’ll edit it I’ll make it look good as any way you could do it and you’ve got to get those video business podcasts reviews. If you don’t get those video reviews, your google reviews will work to a certain extent, but it is magical is it is magic cannot explain, it is in so unbelievable. This week now we got over 300 video reviews this week this week, nice staff a $5 bounty if they could have video review for more than oil or compliance, and so they got this week over 300 video reviews, radio apply what you learned increase, what you are and in due time you got money to increase what you wearing it. In due time, you got money to pay


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