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Learn the 8 steps to build a successful online business presence from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark. Make your online business thrive!

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8 steps to Build a Successful Online Business Presence

1. Understand the Google Optimization Equation: The Most Content + the Most Backlinks + The Most Google Canonical Compliant Website + The Mobile Compliant with the Most Reviews = Wins

2. Determine the Cost to Win and if it’s Worth it

3. Register Your Website with Google My Business-

4. Get 100 Reviews in 30 Days

5. Determine Your Search Engine KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) A. Number of Articles to Write Per day B. Number of Backlinks to Get Per Day- – Backlink Generator –

6. Create Retargeting Ads

7. Create Targeting Ads

8. Hold Yourself Accountable

Welcome into the man-cave. Josh Merrill here, with business coach Clay Clark and our special business coach guest over there Mr. Tim Redmond. Clay, on the podcast today, what we talking about? We’re talking about how to build a successful online business presence. So building a successful online business presence. We’re going to get a little deep. We’re going to get in the specifics, but what we are going to do, is we are going to explain to you in an overview of what you are going to need to do and then if you want to dial into the details and the specifics, all you need to do is go to You get in there, get yourself an account. It’s like 19 bucks a month. Boom, you learn everything that you need to know. There are a lot of details here and if you want to get into the hours and hours of specifics that you need to know, then we have that as well. Boom. Alright we are going to start off with our mailbag question. Here we go. This is from Bucky. Bucky says, “As of now, I’ve been growing my business going door to door and have been somewhat successful. I want to get away from door to door if possible, but I know little about building a web presence and how to pin down my target market.” Looks like he needs to get online.

Okay, so here’s the equation of how you do it. So, Josh, if you want to be top in google right now, somebody in your car, in your smart phone, maybe your pulled over, maybe you have access to a iPad, a laptop, whatever. Go ahead and google Tulsa and then after you google Tulsa, google Tulsa basketball lessons. Why does that person come up top? Why does Score B-Ball come up top? If you google Tulsa haircuts, why does Elephant in the Room come up top? If you google Tulsa mortgages, why does my clients come up top? If you google Tulsa dentists, why does my clients come up top? I’ll tell you why. One, is that we absolutely know what we are doing. But two is, is there is an equation that you need to know, Bucky. So here is the equation. Point number one, imagine kind of a mathematical equation. It’s the most content + the most backlinks + the most canonical compliant website, we are going to talk about these things, + the most mobile compliant, with the most reviews = winning. Okay, let’s do it again. The most content, that’s like original text, + the most backlinks, that’s sites that link to you, + the most canonical compliant website, the most google compliant canonical website, + the most compliant with the most reviews = wins. When you hear that, Josh, does that even make sense? I do this everyday, so does that make sense? If I was a business owner and you were like “hey, do all of these things, and you’ll be the top of google.” I would be like uhh, what? I would honestly think that that doesn’t work. This is what my wife would say. I would know what you are talking about, but how to implement it, that is a different story. My wife would say “I don’t think you are making any sense right now. There are a lot of people who have no idea what you are talking about.” And my wife always knows what she is talking about. So my wife always knows what I am saying is not resonating, so Bucky, I am going to drill down a little deeper.

Josh, can we move on to the next step here. Let’s do. Number two, determine the cost to win and if it’s worth it. Alright so here we go. What you’re going to do, is you’re going to go to a website. By the way, Bucky, if you just sign up for membership, we make all of this stuff free. We have backlinks, we have tools, we have downloadables. I am going to try and read it to you, but hopefully this connects. Okay? It’s like giving your credit card to somebody over the phone, who doesn’t understand the importance of pausing. So it’s kinda of hard sometimes. Let me read this to you. It’s So Bucky, I’m gonna give you the chance to kind of do it. Bucky, are you using the computer right now? Bucky, bucky, work with me. Click on the index pages. When you click on that, all you need to do is google whatever term you want to be top in google for and see who comes up top. Pop their web address in right here. Google whatever term you want to be top for and pop their web address in right here. And you are going to see how many pages of content your competition has. And a page of content is roughly equal to 500 words. Are you getting that, Josh? Yeah, page of content equals 500 words. Original words, it can’t be copied. Tim, am I missing something? It is so important that you cannot cut and paste because google will trash you for plagiarism. So tell me all of the things you have seen, Tim, where people have screwed this up. I was just working with a client and they had a couple of websites and I did a typical routine that we do, in assessing all that we need to do. He had a website that had 9 sources of direct copying. I knew what website they were. I knew what page, what paragraph that he copied over and google says nuh uh, no. They’re like an English teacher that gives you an F for cheating. Yeah, and I will tell you this.

There’s a lot of people who are entrepreneurs and if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be a pretty elusive, you get it done. “Here is the deal, to be top rating, he’s like deflated the balls. All I’m saying is what I’ve done is simply copied the text from one website to the other. That’s all I did. I just copied it. It’s not like total cheated. I just copied. What I did, was I loved the content so much, it’s like flattery, so I flaterized, I copyized.” “So you stole it?” “ No, I just moved it, basically I just massaged it. I did a little bit of changes overall.” “So you deflated the ball?” “No, what I did is depressurized it. You can see what the temperature, with the weather.” The point is, Tom Brady, genius. So the thing is with your business, is you want to make sure that you are not copying the content. If someone listening goes “I would never copy my own content.” Someone working for you would. The thing is, listen, if you are going to get to the top in google, determine the cost to win, and if it’s worth it. So if your competition has like 4,000 pages, I’m just telling you the math here. If you hire someone to write articles, our can do it a better cost than I have ever seen somebody in the world do it, but if you can do it, that’s fine. But business coach Tim, you heard of a mortgage company, how much were they charging per article. Oh, it’s outrageous. Clay, $100 per article. True story. Now real quick, my hard cost per article is about $12. So we charge clients about $15, but there’s people who charge about $100 an article. Our articles suck like a hoover. The stuff we do for people is terrible, but we do it. But the thing is, you have to have more words than anybody else. If you google the word dog right now, wikipedia comes up top. So Josh, let’s pick on this. Let’s pull it up real quick. I’m gonna pull up a new tab. What do you do for a living?

How would you describe what you do? Commercial videography, maybe? That’s good. So I google it. So I see the Blue Iris photo, is that a real company? Is that a real thing? I just feel like there is a lot of romance going on. But they have 98 pages of content. They’re indexed in google and 449 in yahoo. Now yahoo is a little less. Google you have to have 500 words, yahoo, not so much. But the point is, you would have to win. You would have to do 1,000 pages of content. Which would you be willing. The average page. Now you would put a headset on, there’s a headset called the Dragon headset. If you put it on your cranium, or put it on your head, and you begin talking, it’s called the dragon headset. It turns your talking into text. If you talk for ten minutes, it will turn it into a thousand words. Would you be willing to talk for? I am going to get the calculator out. because you have to do two times as much content as your competition to win. So it’s a thousand pages and divide that by 10 minutes, so that’s a 100 articles. So 15.6 hours, would you be willing to talk about videography to be the top, to beat those guys. So sorry, but I only have to do this like once? Tim, you tell me if I’m wrong. Most people won’t do this. Tim, most people won’t write for 16 hours. No, no we are going to say we do it, but when we get right down to it. I mean it’s amazing how many of my beloved clients, love them dearly, never getting it done. Boom. So you’ve got to determine the cost to win and if it’s worth it. We are going to move on to number 3.

Number 3, you’ve got to register your website with google my business. Google my website is a website that you can get to by just going Josh, I like like bing. Most people are using google. Are you using Ask Jeeves? Ask Jeeves is the best. If you, that’s how you register your business. I need a visual, I need an overview, I need to know specifically, you can find all of that at Load up your google my website. Load it up. Load up that account. and i am going to give you a best practice. Google this right now, google. Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning. When you google that, you are going to see that one of the companies that comes up top of the search is Oxi Fresh of Jefferson City Carpet Cleaning. And how did they do? Specific strategic plans that we will teach you at But you have to go through a specific plan. You have to get that google my business, you have to register my business. Go to Tim is so emotional about it. He is starting to sneeze. His allergies are starting to act up. I am choked up. He is allergic to you not being top in google. You have to get it done. That is what has to happen. Josh, am I making sense? You’re making total sense.

Let’s move on to number 4 here. Get 100 reviews in 30 days. Again, this is what we’re doing to build a successful online business presence. You’ve got to get 100 reviews in 30 days. Why 100, Clay? Well, you have to have more reviews than your competition.  I find that most people are unwilling to do the work needed to get more than 10 reviews or 20 reviews. So I’m just simply asking you to get 3 reviews a day for 30 days because no one does it. Now Tim, walk everybody through the system that you’ve created. You’ve been consulting for a long long time and you and I know that the trolls are in control. So here is what is interesting, Clay. I am coaching all these clients all over the nation, and I am not, I am nowhere to be found in Tulsa. We got to start using, Clay, we got to start using the very thing that I am telling clients. I want to ask you this, I want to ask you this. Why don’t normal people write reviews? Why do only trolls write reviews? Why do only people that are upset, are unemployed, have a lot of times on their hands, why are they the only people, as a general rule, go on there and write super detailed negative reviews. That’s such a good question, do you know the answer. I do. Well, I mean a negative emotion tends to drive you more than a positive emotion. I’ll tell you this, I’ll tell you this. Tell us why. I’ve got 5 kids. So my wife right now is dropping off our chicken eater over there to Okmulgee, dropping them off at Dr. Zoellner’s ranch. And before that my wife was helping to handle accounting. And before that I was doing search engine. And when she gets back, I’m gonna chase her around for awhile and convince her that I’m a good guy.

But the thing is, I don’t have time to go on google, my food tasted bad, I didn’t like it so much. Overall, I don’t know if I would eat there again. So I’m gonna read some reviews about my own business. So we’re gonna go ahead and Elephant In The Room Tulsa. And I am gonna tell you about the trolls that are in control and you just tell me. I have 111 reviews, okay, here we go. “My most recent haircut at Elephant in the Room was subpar. And definitely not worth what I spent to get it. I emailed them about this and to my surprise, they did not care to respond. I will no longer be a customer here and that is fine with me. They care more about the products than the haircuts they give. I started to go to the south location two years ago and everything was great at first. I have seen too many barbers come and go.” Come on, the person writing this is a freaking former employee. Listen, if you’re listening to this. You are the person who used to work there who got fired. And you only got fired because you suck at life. And I don’t fire good employees. i fire you because you suck. Members of the human race would, this is what I would do. “Tim, you just chopped my mop. I’m not really happy today. Is there any way that you could just trim it up?” This actually just happened to us, both of us. So I mystery shop all of the time. So my freakin mop is just mangled. It’s like short as can be because I’m always mystery. All I am saying is Tim, I’m a member of the human race, you’re a member of the human race, so is Josh. But, if I’m pissed and I have decent social skills, I’m gonna tell the person what I’m pissed about. I’m gonna tell them I’m pissed.

You know what happens? People that are like socially awkward and don’t have the ability to express themselves directly, “hey I’d like a refund. I wasn’t very happy.” They just take to the internet and begin writing. Passive aggressive. Josh, have you ever read newspaper articles where you’ve seen somebody that you respect or admire and people are just trashing them on reviews and online and they’re anonymous reviews. Have you ever seen this, Josh? Yeah, all the times in the comment sections on the internet. And why do people do that? Because it’s freaking anonymous. So all i”m saying is are we perfect? No. Are we a 5 star? I don’t think anyone is a 5-star under google reviews. We make mistakes, but you know what we do? We try and make them right. So you’ve go up there and go “hey, I just had to wait ten minutes too long. Overall, I feel like it was good, but I feel like I should.” Or you say “Hey, they really screwed up my haircut, but they made it right.” But people that just go in there and write like a 3 paragraph dissertation about how unhappy they were, they’re chronically unemployed. That’s just what happens. Yeah, okay. Okay, we’re gonna move on to step number 5.

Step number 5: Determine your search engine’s KPI’s. KPI’s stands for key performance indicators. Okay, so if you’re gonna beat your competition and have more articles than them, you have to figure out how many articles a day do you need to get to beat those guys. Like how many articles a day, do you need to actually write. If you’re gonna. We talked earlier and we said 1,000 articles. Than how many a day would you need. I mean there are 365 days a year, I mean how many articles would you need to write a day, about ten minutes an article? In order to get 1,000, I guess about 3 articles. Would you do 3 articles a day for 365 days. That doesn’t sound too hard. So when I built the haircut business, with my brother in law, he came to me and said “Hey, I want to be top in google.” So I made sure to find out how many articles our competition had and I committed to doing that in 20 days. Now, I personally wrote them myself. A 1,000? No, I wrote more than the competition. I was determined that I wanted to do it and I told him that I would match him $1 for $1. And there was only like 200 to do. So I said “I’ll do it all.” So I blocked it off. Told my wife “Hey, get up about 3am on a Saturday, 3am on a Sunday.And I’ll hang out with the family at 3pm and on.” I wrote them all in two days. But, I’m not a happy hoper, I’m a diligent doer. Am I a great guy, probably not. But I get stuff done. So if you want to get stuff done, maybe you go I couldn’t possibly write that many articles. You know what you do? Hire someone who would. “Hire someone? I can’t afford it.” How much can you not afford to be top in google? Home skillet. Let’s figure it out. “Are you advocating getting a second job?” Let me give an example. When I started DJ Connection, my wife worked at Office Depot in the copy center. I worked at Target in the electronics department and I worked at Apple Bees in the food department. And we are working all the time and what we did is that I realized that I couldn’t afford to market, in terms of cold calling.

I didn’t have enough money to cold call as much as I wanted. So you know what I did? I bought a yellow page ad. Cause a yellow page ad is marketing 24/7. This was before Google. So my wife and I, she had two jobs, I had two jobs. She got a job as a cheerleading coach while working at Office Depot. I had a job at Apple Bees, Target and Faith Highway. And we worked and all my money that I made jobs from 2 and 3 went back to the yellow page ad. And my wife from job 2 all went to a guy to help us make calls. We did that. And you know what we did? We won. You know why we won? Because we sacrificed. So I’m asking you right now to those listening, can you afford to do optimization? Really, the question is can you afford not to do optimization?Are you resonating with me? Tim, am I making sense? Right, if you do not show up on page 1, high on page 1 on Google where you need to show up, you’re invisible. You have to get those reviews, because once you come up top, if you don’t have those reviews, no one is going to find you. So you say “What are the tools, Clay, to get backlinks?” I believe in this tool. A lot of people say “You’re a tool. I don’t even like your tool.” That’s fine. But the website I like is, go to Everyone needs to go there right now. Tim, by the way you need to do this. It’s awesome. Go to link, you make an account. I don’t know what it is per month, it doesn’t tell me how much it is per month right now. But you do it and they what they do is. There will be sites that will come to you and they’ll send you a link saying “Hey, I own a hardware store.” And I own a hardware store too. “If you’ll link to me,I would appreciate it.” and then you’ll humble yourself and you’ll put a link from your website to theirs. Then a different site will then have to link to you. Then they’ll send an email to another guy going “Hey. this great business coach, Tim Redmond, will you link to him?” And then it creates this link building community. It’s called I strongly recommend for you to check it out. Boom.

Alright, we’re going to move on to number 6 here. Create retargeting ads. Those are those ads that follow you around. Josh, have you ever had an ad that follows you around? I love it. It makes me feel like Big Brother is watching me, but I also get to see the things that I want to buy all the time. Okay, so Josh, let’s do this. Let’s go to  Are you there? I’m going to go to, I’m going to go to Hustle up over there, I don’t know what you’re doing over there. Okay, so So we’ve got, we’ve got, and we’ve got Okay, so I’m gonna read them off here. Okay, Fox News, do you see any ads on Fox News that are ads that are following you around? Let’s see, I am looking. What ad do you see? I’m looking. I wanna hear what’s following you. Freaking because I have a 779 right now and I am super frustrated that it’s not an 800. It’s 779 and I’m going “Are you freaking kidding me? 77 freaking 9?” I get my discover card and it tells me my thing and so I went on there and looked at it and it’s 779. I don’t want a 779, I don’t have time for a 779. So I went on that site and now they’re following me around. What’s on yours? Okay, let’s see here. I’ve got best wordpress themes. Oh, really? Okay, now go to I don’t know if you’re at I am. What’s following you around, Tim? Uh, infinity. Do you own an infinity? I do own an infinity. Oh it’s following you. It’s following me around everywhere! I have an adobe. So we like to do ads with Adobe. But adobe. It’s create like a pro, pay like a student. I have an electrician who’s from Virginia, who’s my client that thing is following me around on Forbes. And you do all of this through a company called They’re based in Ireland. They’re all based in Ireland. Okay, so what’s happening is that add roll is a great company and it’s month to month and it allows you for like $25 a week. Anybody that has ever been to your site, the ads follow them around everywhere they go. Josh, what do you see on Tulsa World. Tulsa World, I’ve actually got AMC. Like the movie theater. And I see, I’ve got a couple I’ve visited here before. You know I’ve got clear tone, they’re following me around here. I’ll tell you what follows you around real good here, is that Amazon. Anything you look up on Amazon, you go somewhere, Boom. They’re showing it to you again. They follow you around everywhere. I’ve got Stanley Steamer follow me around now because right now, we’re looking into putting in some carpet and some wood and some different things. I’ve got stanley steamer following me around based on what I’ve been searching. Tim, is there something following you around on brainy quotes or on Tulsa World?

I am on CNN and I’ve got Epic Photography following me around on CNN. Really? That’s my company. I just visited their site about ten minutes ago. And does it work? Absolutely. I’m gonna tell you what, we get about half of our customers per month, that buy from us as a result of the ads that follow them around. So does it work? Absolutely. But, that’s what retargeting ads are. And again, if you want to go learn more about this we have awesome trainings at Guys, it’s $19 a month. You’re gonna pay $7,000 every 6 months to go to the University of who gives a crap and then you’re gonna like go “Hey, you know what. We didn’t cover this topic.” You’re gonna pay $30,000 a year to go to a private university and go “hey, we didn’t cover that subject. So you need to like use this as a supplement as a way to kinda teach you the stuff that they didn’t teach you there. So Just because I didn’t do well at college. Josh knows I’m a loose canon with the whole college. I love college. We all love college. If we could’ve gotten in to college, we would’ve kept going with college. If we had gone to college longer. So, go there. It’s unbelievable. That’s what retargeting is. Go there, Josh. We’re going to move on to number 7. Here we go.

We’re talking about how to build a successful online presence. We’ve gone over 6 ways to do that. The 6 steps you’ve got to take. Number 7 is create targeting ads. Now targeting ads are ads that are designed to only display to people that are likely to be searching for that service. So it’s kind of like, if you go on Facebook, have you ever been on Facebook before? I think we have members of the law enforcement that are circling the studio right now. They are driving around, you can hear. It’s too much hot knowledge. So when you go to, what happens is, if anybody who’s a women, who lives in the Tulsa zip code, who has a home worth, allegedly, worth more than $250,000 and who is likely to buy a home, they’re going to see an ad for a company that I am partners with. And that company. So again, if you’re living in Tulsa, you’re going to see these ads. But its a It’s the website for a company that I am partnered with called the Sprik Realty Group. But if you go to, these ads will follow you around. So if you’re on Facebook, you’re going to see these ads. And why are you going to see these ads? Because you fit the profile. You’re one of our targets. That’s how it works. It’s all done through the Facebook setup and system. Also, Google has an ad exchange program. But it’s all called targeting ads. So just to clarify, targeting is, okay so these people who do this normally, do this normally, I want to target those people. I want to get this ad to them. The retargeting is like once they’ve been to your site. Is that how that works? Is that the difference between the two, Clay? Well, I think the word prejudice. If you get the chance to google this. Prejudice means “a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.” I don’t know if I agree. I would say a prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is based on actual experience. For me as a marketer. So I’m not saying that I’m always right, but 85% or 90% of the homes that we’ve sold with our real estate company over the years, are driven by women. So when you bought your house, were you the one who was pumped to buy the house, or was it your wife?

Yeah, it was all my wife. Tim, when you bought your house, was it your wife who was driving it or was it you? Well, we really made a decision together. Come on. Okay, it was her. No seriously. Yeah, it was her. If she’s happy, you’re good. How did she bring it up? Did she go “Hey, Tim.” okay, so we were actually selling our house, we sold our house, we had to buy a house. And we were looking and she wanted to go and check this house out. We found the builder and yeah, we want this house. She let me negotiate, but she picked the house. She picked the house, and your wife picked the house? What was the determining factor? Picturing the kids in the backyard. Making sure that it had a fence. Making sure the kitchen is good. Making sure that you can picture thanksgiving meals there. All of that good stuff. Yeah, I’m just telling you, the majority of home purchases are made by women. When they call, they always say “Well, I want to talk to my husband. i want to get his support.” But really, it’s the women driving it. So all I’m saying is that we only run ads to women who are ideal and likely homebuyers. Meaning that they’ve searched on google. “You mean google’s tracking us?” Yeah, absolutely. So google is tracking you and we’re running ads so that you can. Basically, the ads are going to follow you around and if you live in this zip code. Very successful. All I am saying for you guys, determine who your ideal and likely buyer is and market to them.

Here we go. We’re going to finish this up. Building a successful online business presence by getting to the top of google. We’re on number 8 here. Which is hold your self accountable. Yeah, Jim Roan. We’ve talked about him in different podcasts and different trainings. But it’s very important that we understand this quote he says. He says “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Roan is the best selling author and world renown author. He’s the best selling author, world renown speaker who made that quote.  But one of my dear friends, Phil Pressey, he makes his living as a professional basketball player. Well, his deal is, he just got invited to come try out for the Golden State Warriors. The Brooklyn Mets have also inquired about him. But throughout his career, my main man has played for the celtics, he’s played for the trail blazers, he played in college for the undefeated Missouri team, he played for the Phoenix Suns, the 76ers. He’s a good guy. And his whole thing, is he is absolutely a great dude. But you know what happens is he’s disciplined. So if you talk to Phil and go “hey Phil, what are you doing today?” He’s like “I’m in the gym working out right now, but I’ll call you back when I’m done.” Because he holds himself accountable to getting in the leg presses, the bench presses, the running, the ball handling drills so that he can be a successful player. “Who’s managing him? Who’s his boss?” He’s his own boss. But you know what? He holds himself accountable to a higher standard which is why he has a wonderful opportunity to play in the NBA for multiple years, even though he is not really a tall dude. So I’m just encouraging you, if you’re listening right now, hold yourself accountable. Be disciplined. So, Bucky, if you’re listening, figure out is this something that you want to do? We’ve gone through the steps: Google optimization equation, determine the cost to win, register your website, get those 100 reviews, get your search engine KPI’s, get that retargeting ads going on, get the targeting ads going on, and then say “Am I willing to be accountable?” And if you’re not, don’t do it. And you know what I do a lot, Josh? I don’t do things that I know that I cannot commit to all the time.

Well, to me that number 8, hold yourself accountable, thats the most important part. I know for myself, as a business owner, as someone who is venturing out into different things, I set myself at my own deadline of August 1st for particular video that I want to get out. It’s a  ten minute video. Something that I’m producing myself. It’s out to the world myself. And I’m the boss. What’s the video called? How can they find it? It’s actually a sketch comedy video that I produce called “Trips Through Space and Time”. It’s on youtube. “Trips Through Space And Time.” You just google it. It will come up at the top of google, because, you know, we’re the only thing called “Trips Through Space and Time.” It’s pretty awesome.That’s another way to get to the top. And this is a video that you just made 21 hours ago. So basically, what happened I write a episode, I direct an episode, I act in the episode. And it’s a way for me to continue myself and my craft and what I do. And it makes me better in the client work that I do, as well. So basically, I set a date and said okay, august 1st is when the episode is going to come out. No one, Clay is not going to call me in the middle of the night and say “Hey, you making sure that you’re getting this done?” He doesn’t care. He’s not going to do it. I’ve got no one doing it. The only person doing that, is me. And for you, Bucky, if you’re going to be doing that, you’ve got to say “This has to get done, now.” And I will say this, and I 100% agree with everything that Josh just said, is if you’re not going to be accountable to it, don’t start. Because it’s actually a failure loop. So I was asked by a person, my son was playing hockey, and they said “Clay, would you be willing to bring the beverages for the kids games?” “So you want to bring snacks to the hockey ring?” “yeah, if you’re going to town.” No, no I’m not going to do it. I remember the look of this person like for real, you’re not going to bring the snack for the kids? I cannot commit, i’m not going to do it, but I will fund the snack campaign. So we’re going to a tournament in Rogers, Arkansas. I said “I’ll strike you a check for $300 for the snacks for the kids, but I’m not going to stay in the hotel that you want me to stay in. I’m not going to bring the snacks and I’m not going to come to the parent thing. But I am definitely going to fund it.” It was kind of offensive to people. I said it in a nice way. “So you’re not willing to come to the pizza party?” No, i’m not coming. “Well, the kids, they really count on it. It’s a great building environment for all the kids.” I love ya, I love hockey, I love America, but I’m not doing it. But by saying no, it released me from that failure loop of when you commit to something that you’re not willing to do. And the confidence comes from committing. The more and more you do it, month 1, month 2, month 3, month 4, you’ll start to get a momentum to have a commitment to your diligence. You’ll feel good about it. The more good you feel about it, the more you’ll do it. The more you’ll do it, the more you’re going to have more fans and it just grows and grows. It’s exciting. I encourage anybody listening, as an action step, before we wrap it up, is: 1, go to Definitely get a subscription. If you haven’t, I don’t know what you’re doing. It’s $19 a month. It’s the worlds best business school. It gives you access to in person seminars. You can hop on a plane, come out and see us. You have the video versions of trainings, proven templates, best practice downloads and get on your youtube and type in “Trips Through Space And Time” and watch those videos till your minds explode. They really look interesting too. Yeah, I appreciate that. It’s a fun comedy, it’s out there, it’s good stuff. Hey, thanks so much Clay Clark, America’s number 1 business coach. Tim Redmond over there, coaching businesses like it’s going out of style. I think that’s a compliment, I’m pretty sure it was. Again, any questions, info at Like business coach Clay said, we’d love to hear from you. Come out and see us at an in person workshop. Hey, it’s Josh, Clay, and Tim. We’ll see you next time on the thrive time podcast.


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