Chandler Smith | How to Dominate with Door to Door Sales (Part 1)

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The door to door salesman who sold 459 accounts in just under 4 months which brought the company over 220k in revenue shares his secrets for effective door to door sales and how to recruit salespeople.

Chandler Smith Door To Door Sales

  1. Ladies and gentlemen on today’s show we are interviewing a guest who infinitely fires me up because he actually started off as a door to door salesman selling pest control! During Chandler Smith’s first summer of work he ended up breaking the record for most accounts ever sold by a rookie sales representative when he sold 459 accounts in just under 4 months which brought the company over 220k in revenue! Chandler, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show! How are you sir!?
  2. Chandler, I know that you have had a ton of sales success throughout your career…but what was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?
  3. When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally?
  4. How did you start your first company? 
  5. How did you go about funding your first company?
  6. How did you go about getting your first 10 customers?
  7. When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?
  8. Chandler, I’d love to get right into How to do door to door sales…how did you get over the fear of rejection that most people have?
  9. I’ve heard you say that you believe that in just 1 hour you can teach anyone into a pro door salesperson…walk us through your method?
  10. Chandler what are your tips for motivating door to door salespeople? 
  11. How to motivate/manage a team of door to door salesmen-Chandler has gone on to recruit, mentor, train, and manage more than 800 sales reps over the last six years. 
  12. Chandler, I heard you say that in 2018 alone, your team serviced over 20,000 pest control accounts bringing in more than $11,330,000 in gross sales for Aptive Environmental? Break this down for us?
  13. Chandler walk us through your system of how to hire the right door to door team?
  14. How, you come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  15. What are a few of your daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success?
  16. We find that most successful entrepreneurs tend to have idiosyncrasies that are actually their superpowers…what idiosyncrasy do you have?
  17. What message or principle that you wish you could teach everyone?
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Guests that we have on today’s show sold an amazing 459 accounts in just four months of door to door sales. And this brought in the company he worked for over $220,000 in revenue. And on today’s show, he shares with us his secrets for an effective door to door sales. He also explains how to hire, inspire, train, and retain effective door to door salespeople. Ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you, Chandler Smith.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show, but this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time million-dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

DrZ on today’s show, you are going to love today’s guest.

Oh, it wasn’t a passive-aggressive. Wow. Am I allowed to use doctors? Are you trying to tell me something? I’m sorry about that. She, and that’s what I do. I like to mute my partner on the show. That’s like, that’s the radio equivalent. Just slapping a man just right across the face, just slapping him zealot. Did I hear you say supernova though? As we started off the show, he’s a sales supernova. Wow. He often finds supernovas is what I’m saying. And that’s, that’s kind of a rare event. Well, he’s kind of a unicorn. He’s kind of Middletown rare. How rare this guy is. It’s like if you rode a unicorn into a black hole in a leprechaun was on, on it with you there. They usually are. That’s how we found this guy who’s the door to door, a sales champion of the world, Chandler Smith.

Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you? Hey, I’m doing great. I’m excited to be here. I’m gonna share with you when I’ve lived to be facts about your career. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here. During your first summer of work, you ended up breaking the record for most accounts ever sold door to door sales by a rookie sales representative. When you sold 459 accounts in just four months, which brought your company for 220,000 and dollars in revenue. Is that correct? That is, yeah. No way. What that, what were you selling? We were selling one year pest control contracts, one year pesky. And how much were these could contracts. So they varied anywhere between 400 and $700 per contract. Kind of depending on, you know, the house and everything else that we were selling in the package. So, okay. So let me ask you this. What was your strategy? Your, you’re knocking on the door. I Z I got the first part nailed. Here we go. Or is it more of a like always, what was your knock chiller? Totally the second one. Okay. So then what do you say? What happens next? I think that’s where I would fall apart. I would get the knock, right. You’re boom, boom. There we go. And then, and then the, the uh, hello young man would come to the door. What did you, what’d you say next? Walk us through. Teach us.

Yeah. So right off the bat, I mean you want to do everything you can to make a great first impression because if you mess it up five seconds later, the doors in your face, so you really concentrate on a big smile, a big, big head nod and you introduce yourself. So I just say, Hey, how are you? My name’s Chandler, I’m here with active, it’s pest control and I’m taking care of these neighbors. And I list all the neighbors on the street that I’d already signed up or that were already with us. And I would say, if I can get you in with them today, I’m doing it for more than half off for you. So right off the bat we’d go into a price discount just to kind of catch their attention. And then I’d jump into explaining the service. And usually people are kind of trying to jump in and edge out and tell you they’re not interested. And so with a big smile, he kind of just blow through that with something engaging and interesting and get into the pitch and then they’re going to bring concerns and you resolve them. Yay. Some, you close them and you do that over and over again until they’re on board with you.

Is it true that you, you um, really did most of this without a well, I’ll just say it. You are pantless yeah. Was it like was it a nude marketing method you were using when, because you are a beautiful man. Is that the point? I mean, I don’t want to tell all your secrets. I mean I don’t want to give them all up but I mean isn’t it true that you often went without pants? I mean that’s the word on the street. I don’t know this the words, what streets are you going to, by the way? I did everything I could to keep my pants on. Okay. Okay. I got those horrible rumors out there. Clam. We dispelled them right here. Spreading ourselves. Well, sub, just a few, just a few. So, okay, let me ask you this now. How would you get into a neighborhood where you didn’t have any warm leads? You, you didn’t do any other [inaudible], you hadn’t yet done services in the neighborhood cause your move is, Hey, I’m already doing work in this area. What did you say to neighborhoods where you hadn’t actually been in that area?

Yeah, so my first year we already had you know, customers in LA, but my second year I was in Indianapolis and we were opening that branch. So we had zero customers. And my first pitch before I actually got a close, you didn’t have any names to drops. You said, Hey, I’m Chandler, I’m, my trucks are going to be here this afternoon and we can get you and we’re giving you a discount. And once you land that first one from then on out, you’ve got names to drop. So the first one was pretty intimidating, but you get it right away and then you’re good to go.

No, no. Chandler uh, Charles Cola, uh, one of our guests, he’s here with us. Charles Cola owns a, a big gym called [inaudible] fitness. Uh, Charles has some questions for you, but I want to ask you my question first and then Charles can one up me then Z we’re going back to you. I want to focus on the fear thing for a second. Um, I am, I studied a lot as a kid. Um, I think my amygdala has been replaced with a bratwurst. Uh, I think the area where some people have a soul where you might have feared due to, you know, you wouldn’t want to hurt your soul has been replaced with, uh, the, the, the, the cheese bratwurst Z. Oh yeah. The cheese injected. They’re really incredible. Um, but I, I don’t really have a lot of fear cause I just don’t care about rejection at all. I just don’t care. But do you, how did, how did you get over fear? I mean, do you not have a soul as well?

You know, I think that’s the biggest thing with being a door to door salesman is you definitely got to find your own way to get through it. And it, you know, over the years, I’ve now managed thousands of sales reps that have come out and worked for us. And that is the one thing that stops people from being successful. And I think for me, I had to find kind of my happy place and something I could do before every door just to put a smile back on my face and say, you know what? I can handle this. I can be happy, I can be confident, I can be positive. And, uh, I think that’s something you kinda gotta figure out for yourself because if you don’t got it, you’re toast.

What were moves did you, that you did to get over your fear? I mean, did you do binge gambling or alcoholism or what did you do to get over your fear? What do you do?

You know, I, it’s funny, I was doing this forever and I read it again in the book by the Wolf of wall street. Um, but I kind of have certain things that I’ll anchor to certain thoughts or emotions and I’ll try and when I’m getting low or when I’m getting scared or when I’m getting nervous, I’ll kind of anchor those things to give me a little hype. And why you’re feeling hyped. You gotta knock the door

now, Charles, you have some questions for Chandler here. You know, just so you know, Chandler, uh, Charles is a scary man. How tall are you turtles? About six. Four. How much do you weigh? A two 55. What’s your body fat percentage? About 6%. He’s just jacked Chandler. He’s Jack. So he scares me all the time. I’m afraid of him not for, not like insecurity reasons. I’m just scared. But Charles, back to you. Big lover, not a fighter. Ask any questions you want Charles or 17, whatever you do, just don’t attack us. So sh a Chandler. How old are you? So I just turned 28. 28. Awesome. This is so where you’re, uh, now all the dots are connecting from your previous to your future and your new potential that you have. So yes, 28. Okay. I am 38. Oh 38 a decade. Yes. And uh, so yeah, Chandler, um, so for you, where are you working right now?

So I actually live in Idaho falls, Idaho. Um, but I manage sales reps all over in Texas, California, Colorado, Kansas city. Um, and so I travel a lot in the summer and then I do a lot of my recruiting out of Idaho, Utah, and then everywhere else in the country. But I’m pretty, pretty well based here in Idaho.

So Chan, let me ask you this now I’ve heard that you manage more than 800 reps or you have managed over 800 reps over the last six years. Where do you find door to door people and how long does it take you to train these people? I mean, isn’t that a fair question? Where do you find that door to door people? And how long does it take you to train these humans? Yeah, it’s a great, I mean it

started small my first year. It was just me and my second year, you know, I had produced well enough that they trusted me in a leadership position and a lot of them were friends and family and connections and people I’d meet at college. And now it’s kind of blown up into a much bigger thing where we’re finding them all over the place. We’re finding them through my leaders that I’ve trained, um, that had done really well. And then we’re finding them through leads online and everything else. And when it comes to the training, we’ve kinda got it fine tuned where the second that they signed to come to work for us, whether it’s a month or five months before the summer starts, cause we just send these sales reps out starting in April, working through August, we’re giving them online training or letting them have access to our training manual target videos. But then once the summer starts, we’ve hopefully got them prepped enough to where they can push through that initial learning curve. And we’re doing a training every morning for 30 to 45 minutes with the sales reps. So 30 to 45 minutes a day, summer training and then a lot during the summer.

So channel, let me ask you a question now. This is just between us. We, I won’t, we’re not going die, but just the two of us, just us here in the man cave studio. [inaudible] okay, so you’ve got, when you’re hot shots, say it was you back in the day because you’re quantifies a hot shot and they give you a neighborhood to go work and you peel into that neighborhood, that neighborhood and there is that little sign that says no solicitation and you, well first off, first off real quick, you see the no solicitation sign. You go to that place where you have the happy thoughts, a lot of pressure, like prize, a buffet. You got a harness and a good energy walk out the back. That’s what you do and that’s what you get context. Cause this is, this is, this is a act like you don’t read English, just blow through it. That’s a good move. B, know that that applies to everybody else. But you and your company, that’s some truth. That’s the truth. There or three, um, you just kind of blindly don’t think about it and go on or for you turn around and don’t use that neighborhood. What, what? Whew. What do you do? What do you do? Wow.

I feel like this is a trick question here, but yeah, we are very careful to make sure as long as the County and state say it’s okay for us to solicit and we’re not breaking any laws, we are definitely knocking in those neighborhoods and selling a lot of people.

Even if they have a sign up that says no solicitation, it’s really, if it’s legal, even if they have us, Oh well I did that. I love, don’t let those little signs stop. I love it. I love it. I love to research. Just go in vain.

Well, I’ve got a couple awesome pictures of me smiling next to brand new customers right next to their, no soliciting signs. Those are my favorite.

So it applies to everybody, but you, I love that. Hey, literally if you do send us those images to info at thrive times should help combine a link. I’ll put them on a Twitter XE. I’ll put those on LinkedIn. I’ll put those everywhere because nobody is happier when I get solicited to than me. What would be good thing about those signs? It keeps all the week’s ticks out of there, you know what I mean? It’s kinda like, well, no one’s knocked on my door in months. Now I want to ask you back to this, back to this process of training these people, you said you trained with them. How long? Every day?

So we do anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour every day, usually right around 45 minutes. And what does this training look like? So it’s a combination of everything. I mean, we’re going to talk about smokescreens right when they get to the door and how everybody lies and getting through that. We’re going to talk about their pitch. A lot of their verbal pair of verbal, nonverbal communication just to, they’re putting off the right vibes, getting an endorphin release in their customers. We’re going to talk about resolving concerns about throwing in ACEs, about closing. I mean, we’ve got a ton of different information to really turn these guys into, you know, incredible salesman that know how to make a great first impression and close people and get their credit card within five, 10 minutes of meeting them.

No, I’m kidding. What’s, Oh, hold on. Hold on. What’s the number one lie? You said everyone lies. Oh, that intrigued me. Cynical. I mean, sounds like a pop song. Everybody’s living here, buddy. So what, what’s the number one? What’s the number one lie? My parents aren’t home. Some old dude itch, whatever comes out

your mouth in the first 15 seconds when we knock on your door is usually a lie. Whether it’s I’m not interested. Oh, I have time right now. I’m on my way to work. I’m on a conference call. I mean, I still have people tell me that they’re on a long distance conference call that cost them a lot of money and I’m like, man, you Skype or something then

yeah, if I could just help you save money on that. I have, I have audio now. Chandler, I real quick, I’m going to be editing today’s show. I always edit the show Z. So I’m going to keep some audio and I apologize right away if the realtime, you’re offended by this, but this is the audio. Andrew, before the today show, I said, Andrew, I want you to go to this guy’s office. His office says no recording devices allowed, right? Z, right. Or we’ve heard. And I choose to believe that that is just a suggestion. So we’re going to, we’re going to bug this cover to build rapport with this, with this new, with this new guest, we’re gonna bug his office without his permission to build a rapport. Well, and this is audio and Andrew gave me two files. He said this one might be Chandler training his team where it might not be. So I’m going to, I’m going to queue it up. I don’t know. It could be or it might have be 50 shot to cue it up real quick. And let’s just see if this is you training your staff. Let me know.

This is [inaudible]. Is that

what your sales meetings feel like or is it a little more dialed down or you know, minus a couple of words and we’re right about, yeah. Okay. Now, okay, now I want you to look here cause I’m, I’m on

a line Z D D using the internet that Al Gore has created for us. Thank you. And I want to ask you where you’re getting rear, where you’re recruiting your people and then how much you pay these people. So do you get them from Brigham young university, Hawaii? Do you get them from Brigham young university, Idaho or Brigham young university Provo or do you get it from somewhere else? Where do you find your salespeople? You know, all of the above. I was attending Brigham young university, Idaho. Where you really started this job were you was, see I have like I have a client of mine, they told me that if there’s a great door to door guy, he has to be a storm and Mormon. And I said and he goes, listen, I’m a storm and Mormon. That’s why I do door to door. I’ve done missions. I ain’t afraid baby.

Is that true? It’s very true. I mean a lot of these companies are based out of there and now it’s super interesting because we recruit from colleges all over the nation at this point, but that’s kind of where we started. Can you find, can you teach a non-Mormon to sell well, is it possible one 100% so where do you work? What do you pay these people to start? Like let’s say I’m listening right now and I have a pest control business and I’m an Iowa or pest control business in Texas. What do I need to pay up door to door guide him to make it work? We pair guys incredibly well and it’s on a pay scale that the more they sell, the higher commission they get. It’s all based on that four month summer. So they’re starting in a 25% commission, but our big hitters are making upwards of 50% for every sale.

Just commissioner pulling in 200 $250 per sale. Is it just, is it a straight commission or is there any hourly base to it? There’s no hourly based. 100% you do no base. Yep. No base. Just all travels, you know, just travel. Whoa, okay. Now you come across as a very, a very uh, proactive guy. I mean a very motivated guy. How do you motivate your people? What do you, what do you do? Do you, do you do you taser the daily meetings? Cause I feel like your system wouldn’t work if you didn’t do it. Take that half hour to an hour everyday to train your people. Do you agree that it wouldn’t work without that daily reset or do you think you can do this? Just your systems without doing a daily training meeting? I would agree with you 100% and I think it’s been so fascinating to watch kind of how my leadership style has changed and how I’ve tried to train my leaders.

But there are lots of ways to do it. You just have to make sure that there’s an energy in those morning meetings and some people get that by hooting and hollering and others by, you know, motivational stories or by just incredible training. I think you’ve got to have good training every single day, but you’ve got to find a way to create energy. I mean, I’ll have teams where they’re struggling and they’re putting up five, 10 accounts as a whole team and I’ll go out and be able to create some of that energy when I’m traveling around in that, you know, 10 account team will jump up to a 50 or 60 account team. And so those morning meetings are crucial to finding a way to get your guys motivated. NowZ , you know that I used to run a company called DJ well-aware, and we had daily meetings

and I’m telling you about the daily meetings. That company wouldn’t work for that business. You know why? Because our entire business was made by cold calling and cold calling. People just, they lose the faith Z. Ooh. You know, they lose the faith. It’s like we lose the faith. It’s like we start off the morning by singing George Michael’s faith and by about noon they kind of forget the tune a little bit, you know? But they still know the chorus. They just forget kind of the verse. Give us a little Chandler. Okay, you’re, you got a meeting right now. Okay. And you’re going to fire up some guys that had been, that had been low producers could produce to take a deep breath here. Shake, kind of get, kind of get it, kind of shake it a little bit. I’ll give you a little little background like inspirational music.

Hair. Okay. Get you in the mood. Nice. Get you in the mood. I want you to preach a little bit. Then you’ve got, you’ve got a team here that’s been underperforming. Yeah, pump us up. Flew in. They flew in. The big, the big hitter. You’re the big hitter. Okay. And now you’ve got them all sitting in a room. They’re at a holiday Inn resort or a, you know. Huh? You’re calling them no to lucky to room the room there, you know, right by the next to the Ramada, next to the Vermont. It’s a now give him a, give him a little something. Come on. Jam or fire him up.

You know, I would say, look, here’s the deal. Every single day you’re going to face obstacles, you’re going to face rejection, you’re going to face these struggles, but at the end of the summer, you’re going to look back and you’re going to regret it if you didn’t get everything. One of my favorite things to tell my reps is you’ve got to take the time to zoom out. Come on down. Nice. But it might hurt right now, but you got to give it everything because at the end of the summer, you’re going to look back and you’re either going to be a six figure guy or you’re going to walk out of the summer with 10 grand and you’ve got to decide which one of those guys.

Oh, you got it aside. Oh, Z. And I’ve got audio from when? When he put the microphone down. Yeah, this is what his top sales rep said. Chandler just finished the pep talk. He just finished that pep talk to the top sales rep. He looks over to the left. He makes eye contact with Chandler, and then he said,

you can run in a flow, Gloria.

There we go. That’s there. We get a little breach and brings down all of a sudden we’re the sales are happening. I was saying we gotta we gotta move. We’ve gotta shakin Chandler. You’ve got the floor man. Is there a website you want our listeners to check out? Is there a, a book you want us to buy you to tell us what we need to do? We want to sell, well we want to sell like you. I like you. So we want to learn the moves. Tell us what to do. What is our action step? Yes, yes.

I would say my favorite sales book adver for controlling the frame is pitch anything. So if you’re going to check out a book, you’ve got to go there. It’s one of my favorites and I would tell you whether you are 20 years old or 40 years old, there is no better opportunity. If you’re looking for an incredible sales job and you can find [email protected] and you’re gonna get the best sales training in the world and it’s totally gonna change everything for you. And if you’re one of my top performers, our top performers in their year in four months are clearing six figures. And I promise you if you put in the time and come look us up, you can get an interview and see if he’d be a good fit.

You know, XE, we interviewed Oren Klaff, the author of pitch anything and a great, great book, a great, great guest. If you’re listening out there, thrive nation and you’ve yet to check it out, check out our interview with Oren Klaff. And again, one more time Chandler cause we’ll have some of our listeners are driving Z. What they’re taking notes or they’re driving, you know, a repeat back to us. What’s the website we should go to one more time.

It’s www dot uh, elite summer and you can apply to see if you’d be a good fit to come work for us.

Chandler, you are are a great American. I appreciate you so much. I don’t know if you know this, but I probably have a fourth of my offices is Mormon at this point. Did you know that?

I did. I did not. I have no idea.

I love Mormons. I thought about buying a billboard that says we’ll hire Mormons. I’d really thought Z what would happen to you? You can tell us if ran a billboard that says I want to hire Mormons. You’d have people of that faith and religion. Um, I think they don’t actually go by Mormon. Someone think it’s the latter day saints. LDS, if I’m not mistaken, I think moment’s kind of an old, old school term. But that, you know, and I’m not saying it’s not appropriate Chandler, is that it’s still appropriate or is it a latter day? Saints are, but you, what do you guys call yourselves?

I think that play kind of, uh, stole Mormons from us a little bit. So I think you’re right. A latter day saints is kind of a little better. Yeah.

What have I put a billboard up that says I love Mitt Romney and Steve young and BYU. Do you think? Come to find out why cut the, you can put it in there. Like make it mysterious. Come find out what? All right, I appreciate you, my friend. You have a great rest of your day and thank you for your time.

Hey, you guys are the best. Thanks so much for having me.

And now without any further ed three.


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