Chandler Smith | How to Dominate with Door to Door Sales (Part 2)

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The legendary door to door sales guru, Chandler Smith shares his secrets for personally selling 459 pest control accounts in just under 4 months which brought the company over 220k in revenue.

Overcoming Objections:

  1. How to find out if a sales representative is a good fit.
  2. Begin using Clay Clark’s Deal Wheel today – 

How to Deal with all Objections:

  1. Filler word
  2. Resolve 
  3. Ace 
  4. Close
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On today’s show, the legendary door to door sales guru Chandler Smith shares his secrets for personally selling 459 pest control accounts. This guy sold 459 pest control accounts and just under four months, which brought his company in over $220,000 in revenue on today’s show, part two I’ve had to dominate with door to door sales with Chandler Smith. Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce the show, but this show does to me. Eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 Moke time million-dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes. Andy. Yes, rod nation. It is ecstasy. WhenZ is next to me,

our man cave is bug free. And you know why the man cave is bug free? No. Tell me why it’s bug free please. Because I pay a pest control company to remove potential bug threats. Do they? Oh, potential bug threats. Well, you have a platinum pest control, a tulsa pest control company and I thought to myself, I don’t want a mosquito near my Mohito Nu. Why would you? I don’t want any bees near these pieces of equipment. You know, I don’t want any snakes by my Lake. No, of course. A white called platinum pest. And you know what? I have been pest free for a long time. Did you run that on purpose or is it here’s the I have, I have hired these guys. They’re great. They’re great folks. And uh, we, on today’s show, we have probably the, the number one door to door sales guy in the history of American pest control, an American.

This guy has sold boarded in 59 accounts in just four months, which brought his company $220,000 and revenue shares. And he’s going to share with us his, his secrets. He’s gonna share his secrets to tough business door to door. That’s a tough, that’s tough. Chandler Smith. Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you sir? I am doing great. I’m excited to be here. Well, today’s show is going to be easy. It’s going to feel like an interrogation show. It’s good. It’s going to feel rough because we’re going to go around the horn. Z’s is going to have to ask you a rude question about how to practically apply the systems and the moves and the strategies you teach. So zeal asked the first question and afterZ asks the first door to door tough questions at the interrogation, tough for BEC and Al-Qaida waterboarding kind of thing that it’s going to go over to Jared Johnson and then Jared, Alaska. Tough question. Then it goes to Jennifer, he goes around and around. Then we just keep going until something awesome happens. Let’s do it. Z, are you ready? Love it. Yes, I’m ready. What’s your first question for Chandler Smith about how to dominate door to door sales. Okay. So you’ve got a group of guys that have never door to door, never done the ring, get dig a Dean and then the door answers. And yet

no, the person on their side doesn’t want you standing there. Right, right, right. Um, let’s just go with that preface. I mean, let’s say every now and then you might get some old ladies like, Oh, company, you know, but cookies this morning, please come in for them. But most of them are just like, how can I get rid of this person as quick as possible? So when things are going South, when the, when the door is getting ready to get shut on them, when they feel like all hope is lost by what is a super move that they can pull out, they, they, they pull a puppy out of their pants. Hey, I mean do they, there are a couple

awesome things you can do. The first one is an eye contact break. And I know this seems crazy, but you’re gonna point at one of the neighbors you’re taking care of and you’re going to break eye contact and you’re going to slow way down. And I’m telling you right now, if you have someone break eye contact when you’re trying to cut them off or kick them off your door and then they start talking slow, it is borderline impossible. So you see their shoulders go up, like they’re just not into you and you break that eye contact and you keep it broken for a good five seconds. And then when you come back, you give them the biggest smile. And the biggest head nod they’ve ever gotten. So they feel like your best friend and they’re not gonna know what to do other than continue to listen to you though.

What was that? Is that when you pull out the puppy? Yeah, 100% that’s right. That’s when you whip out the puppy. Good. What’s the other movement? That’s a good one. That’s a good move, right? Guy? Break eye contact point to a neighbor. Yes. I like that. Okay. Back. Exactly how hard is slowing down because people want to speed up when they’re getting cut off, but if you slow down and act super respectful, you gain control of the conversation and it’s really hard for them to come in and, and take that away. The other thing that you can do is redirecting the conversation. So that’s when you can whip out something else about their car, about their house, about something else on their property, and you’re going to redirect to kind of snap them out of it and then go right back into the pitch within the next 10 or 15 seconds. So nosy up handler Chandler, what do you think of?

Nailed it. Did I pass? Okay, there we go. I have an audio clip. I eventually, I want to ask Chandler how to solve this kind of objection. I’m going to keep an audio clip, a kind of a rough door to door before Jared asked this question, this is where I was trying to go door to door for a while. I go door to door with an hour. Let Chandler smooth it out and let me just put the audio and this is what happened to me and Chandler will later have to explain to us how to solve this objection. He can’t even zip it. Look all I can get them to the jury. Exhibit a number two. Would you please back me up? I’m Zippy. Longstockings I keep when a problem along

you much slip it. Zip it. Good, fine. Would you please do I [inaudible] doll subtitle [inaudible] I’m just trying to, would you like to have that suckled up my zippers. You know you’re like a chai talking. If you just one time. What do you do? Okay. Jared, you have been,

how long have you been in the pest control industry and ave you need to any business conferences? Oh, I’ve been in the pest control industry since 2005 so that puts me at 14 years. And how, uh, have you, have you ever done door to door sales? I have. Okay. So you’re qualified to ask questions when I say you can ask one question that can be one, one teen, 2000 you have the floor that will pass the mic to your, to your wife there. So any questions that you have about door to door sales? Absolutely. Chandler. First of all, it’s great being on the show with you today, ma’am. Hey, it’s a pleasure. I’m excited to see what questions you got. All right, great. Now Chandler, I know you’ve interviewed hundreds of sales reps, you’ve trained hundreds of sales reps and when you’re in the interview process, how do you determine who you feel is going to be the right fit, the sales rep that is going to succeed versus the sales rep that doesn’t quite finish this summer? I’m sure you’ve seen both sides of things. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of great salesman that succeed through the summer. Finish it off strong. I’m sure you’ve seen some other that kind of fizzle out. Um, so how do you determine who you feel is gonna is going to complete the summer and do a great job versus those that are really aren’t gonna make it?

That’s an awesome question. I would say it has kind of two answers. The first one being, I’m really good at firing and I think that’s so important, especially if you’re putting together a sales team where even after recruiting for years, I mean, I’ve recruited over a thousand reps at this point and I still have crap reps that I bring out and that sounds bad, but knowing to fire them when you’re seeing that they’re not working hours, they’re not putting in the team time on training is super huge. I think the next big thing is the one consistent aspect I’ve found in my top sellers is that they’ve been successful at other things in their life. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean sales, but I had a rep that, Oh, three four years ago I didn’t want to hire in because he literally didn’t know English. He was fresh over the border from Mexico and we ended up hiring anyways.

And I was way upset with my team lead the hired him because I’m like, dude, this kid doesn’t know English. But in Mexico this kid was a total baller. He just didn’t know our language. And so he came out, learned English the first month and threw down over 300 accounts the next three. And I learned really quick that the most important thing is finding people who have had big, big successes, whether it’s in sports, school, whatever else it might be that plays a role. I wanted to ask you this, how do you know if the reps are going to the houses? How do you know? Cause I have, I’m business coaching a lot of clients andZ will put a GPS on the work trucks to know that people are, are, are going to the, you know, do we know the vehicles going to the job site?

How do you know Chandler, if a rep is in fact going to the number of houses they’re supposed to, and then how many houses are, is a rep supposed to go to per day? I want to ask you that. Yeah, so I mean, the reps that are selling, well, we’ll hit fewer homes because they’re busy selling, but on average we’re hitting somewhere between 100 and 300 homes. And the way that I can tell used to be, if they weren’t producing, they probably weren’t knocking. But we now have an app in house with Optiv environmental. The company I work with that literally tracks every single door they knock and they put down the objection that made them walk away from that newer. So we’ve been able to really fine tune not only our training, but knowing exactly how many doors they’re knocking, how many they’re knocking per hour per day, per week, so that we can see if they’re not being successful because they’re not knocking or because they don’t know what they’re doing.

You know what I mean? Now, if you, you, my understanding is if you go to the view I’m hired you or if you, if you are teaching somebody how to do your door to door system, you would advise people to have a daily sales training with their team. Is this correct? How long is that meeting? Yes. So anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour every day hand, earlier on in the summer we’ll do, you know, hour and a half, two hour trainings for the first week or two to make sure we’ve got all the big kinks worked out. But then we’re constantly fine tuning everything they do on a daily basis. Jared, has Jared has another hot question for you?

Yes. Yeah. Yes. And so obviously going door to door, you faced a lot of rejection, right? It can be, it can be hard. Um, what do you do? What have you found, um, to keep the salesman motivated? Um, obviously the meeting every day, the daily meeting, that’s a big part of it, you know, to bring the motivation, bring the power there. Um, but what have you found has worked best to keep them motivated, especially as the summer drags on it as we start getting into August. August can be a tough month. It’s hot, you know, they, they’ve had a lot of rejection. What have you found has been kind of the kind of the key to that to keeping salesmen motivated?

It’s interesting because I’ve found they’re the motivated salesman that can stay motivated on their own and they’re the ones that aren’t. And the thing that I think is the most effective for the ones that just struggle to keep themselves motivated is keeping their mind on anything but it being an actual job. So on a daily basis, I’m throwing out some kind of incentive for free lunch, for free dinner for movies, movies. We have competitions where we’ll face off one sales rep against another. We have competitions where we’ll put a team against another team. And so this year I had one of my teams that literally was full of these reps that historically maybe have been a little harder to motivate. And yet we kept them so busy with competitions that they ended up going home with over $8,000 worth of crap between, you know, different things they won in the competitions. And that seems like a lot per rep. But their production was absolutely insane because we always kept their mind on something else.

See you, you love, you love door to door sales. I could, I can sense it. You love it. I love $8,000 worth of crap too. There’s something just so primal and awesome about door to door sales. It’s the ultimate. If you’re an entrepreneur, you love sales. You do. It’s the ultimate entrepreneurship. But a lot of people, you know, aren’t entrepreneurs and don’t like sales. And so Jennifer, I’m sure you’ve managed people that are great people, but they fear sales. They don’t like sales. They like a time off. They like a distractions. They like Facebook. Um, what, what questions would you have for Chandler? Um, as the, the co owner of platinum pass, what questions would you have for Chandler about door to door sales?

So my question, because I only have been on the doors one day in my life when Jared and I were engaged. And so I’ve mostly heard about it through having our own sales reps in third Jerrod’s time. But a lot of it is the objections. Well they said this or that. And so what do you find are the most common objections and how do you overcome them?

Hmm, it’s a great question. It has a little longer answer, but I’ll try and spit it out for you. I would say that on the doors they’re probably between 10 and 15 concerns you’re always getting. And a couple of the main ones are going to be, you know, I need to run it by my spouse. It’s too much money. I’m not sure that we’re having enough issues with bugs to justify spending on this. And regardless of what the concern is, we have a model called resolve ACE close. And what that model says is, first off, you want to use a good filler word. I call it to make them feel like you care about their concern, but also you’re super pumped about their concern because it means they should buy. So for instance, if someone says, look, I’m not interested, or look, I need to talk to my spouse, I’m going to say sure, or perfect or great as my filler word and I’m going to act super excited

because right there that thumbed, you’re going to lose momentum. Oh, this is so, so good. I love this. Oh, that’s perfect. I work with this all the time with our sales reps, for our businesses all the time. And they’re, and they always say, clay, people say they need to talk to their spouse, Chandler and I’ve never spoken and uh, uh, Manoj could, could vouch for this, but I always tell our reps say, that is great. That is awesome. And that’s what most people do and that’s why you’re going to love our program because of her, whatever it is. This is, this is good. Continue. You’re blowing my mind. I want to you do you do the filler word.

Okay. And then you say you hit your filler where then you’re going to go to the resolve. Now the biggest mistake people make in their resolve is they want to drag it out. They want to talk the person to death and make sure that they’ve completely put the concern at Bay. I set a rule for myself. Your apps that you’re resolved should never be longer than 15 seconds, and if you’re doing it right, it should be under 10 seconds. So for someone that says, look, I need to talk to my wife, I’m going to say, Oh, perfect. I’ve never met a woman that doesn’t love getting rid of the bugs. That’s going to be my first resolve. Now there are other resolves for this concern, but after you resolve, then you’re going to go into an ACE. You’re going to sweeten the pot for them.

So you’re either going to throw in an extra service, you’re going to throw in a price drop, you’re going to throw in something that makes them feel like they’re getting hooked up just because they brought their wife into the conversation. So good ACE, it’d be, look, I noticed you got all these flowers out front. I’m sure your wife loves keeping those looking nice. So I’m going to upgrade your service to where I treat for all the aphids, slugs, snails. Make sure we keep those looking nice the entire year. Now once you hit on your resolve, then you’re going to finish with a close. And your question with the close though, only answer can be yes. So you’re going to go to an option close of perfect. I can be here in the morning or the afternoon. I can be here today or tomorrow, whatever it is. It has to be confident with the downtown pitch and the only option can be yes.

All right,

Z like lay that on me then it’s okay. So then now we’ve done our filler word. We’ve done some resolve, we’ve added, we’ve sweetened the pot and now we’re wrapping up. And the answer has to be yes.

So [inaudible]

you know you might say, do you like cake? [inaudible] I love it.

I think there’s no one that would say no to that. And then you say, perfect. What’s your name? And you start filling out the agreement.

Yeah. So, so then whenever you do that last little bit, okay, they still, they still talked about having to talk to their spouse. So you still have that on record. So now let’s say now you’re doing the followup. When can I, so I’m going to give you an opportunity to talk to your spouse, which is great, which is awesome. I’m gonna throw in this extra little deal. Boom, boom, boom. Getting them hooked a little bit more and now you’re going to do the followup, right? It was that, that’s what you’re saying, the followup. That has to be a yes. I mean the, when I’m coming back to sign you up,

I’m not even saying I’m giving you the opportunity to talk to your spouse. I’m saying, look, this is what your spouse is going to love. So you’re going to be the hero. I’m an upgrade your service to this and is the morning or the afternoon better for you? And you’re going to say the morning and I’m going to say, perfect, what’s your name? And I’m going to start filling out the agreement right there.

Wow. And then they’re just going to go bouquet, I guess I got a pest control. Whoo.

They’re going to say their name and they’re locked in baby.

They’re locked in. So then what do you do if they go, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I haven’t talked to my spouse yet. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?

Then once again, you’re going to follow this same model with phone number is all these clothes. So they just go right back to it. Repeat it. I’m a big repetition guy. Repeat your process again. I want to just go and talk to them. This is really good. Repeat it again cause they just repeat it again and I’m going to take notes and just keep repeating it until I get it. So regardless of what their concern is, and honestly, they’re going to bring up the same concern two or three times. And that’s why you need to have this plethora of different resolves in different ACEs. Because once you get through your initial pitch, then it’s all about this model of your filler word, your resolve, your ACE, your clothes, your filler word, your resolve, your ACE, your clothes. Now get your ACEs and closes, need to change every time.

Same with your resolves, but the second, another concern pops up. You again are hyped about that concern. You resolve it, you ACE it and you close them, you frack them. Z, you know, for like a couple of days, I was trying to start this Colt thing, you know, I’m telling you as I said,Z , let’s start a Colt. And you said, no, it’s unethical, it’s not good. And I said, no, but seriously, let’s just dip our toe in the water. Let’s start a cult. And I said, step one, we need to split our money in half. Step two, we’re going to move in together. And really,

I had the music cued up. Oh yeah. And I said, [inaudible] handles lit too. I was like, let’s start chanting things. And you were dressed at that weird kind of outfit that you wear some times. It’s kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. Obi wan Kenobi. Yeah, but he’s not a sales guy. It’s like Obi wan Kenobi meet school girl. It’s kind of weird. It’s weird. No, but I want to, I want to practice the whole coat. The whole Colt chanting thing. It’s like filler word. Resolve ACE clothes. Give me some metal frack, frack, frack them. Fill over a filler word. Resolve ACE clothes. Go out there and Fasten. I got eat some echoes. I covered. Come on, come on. I got you. I got filler word. Word. Word. Resolve. ACE close. Give me all your money. We’ll share family.

Oh man, we’ve got to stop fracking around and get back out and down here it has crunches. Frack them. Jared, you run an actual pest control company so you are not on the epidermis of things. You’re, he’s going deep here. Now he’s going, you’ve got some tough questions and we’re tired of fracking. Jeremiah Smith get ready. Here we go. Frack it up. Great. A Chandler, I’ve got a question that relates back to hiring sales reps again. Um, so we know a lot of people who have uh, who have pest control companies that do hire doors, door

door salesman. And so one question I’ve often asked him is if they hire local salesman and what uh, what their success rate is. So, uh, what does your practice, do you typically hire salesman and then take them into locations? That way they are strictly focused or do you sometimes hire some people that are local, um, train them up and send them on the doors? So I have done both, however, that category of people I talked about that needs constant distraction really if they are selling in the location that they were born raised, have family connections because it’s just so hard to keep them working the hours that they need to work to be successful. So how many hours do you need to work to check it off? What was that? How many hours do you need to work to be successful? I mean you’ve got three, four months. And so these guys are starting their morning meeting at 9:00 AM and they’re working until 9:00 PM with an hour for training. And an hour for lunch. You guys are hardcore, you know, zebra elephant in the room. We did door to door. We did. We’ve done quite a bit of door to door. Did you frack them? Well, let me tell you our door to door process. The all pretend that we’re doing door to door for elephant. I’m knocking on your door.

Hey, what, what, what up? Hey. Um, I’m with elephant in the room. We’re like the country club for men’s hair and your first haircut is a dollar. And I wanted to invite you out and we would just give you stuff that was pretty much a bald. I don’t need a hair cut. Thank you very much. Close the door. But that’s what we did for elephant in the room. And we did it for a lot of those nice neighborhoods out by where you live. Sure. And uh, we did really well with that, but I was, I was hiring, I felt like I was hiring a lot of people that were big into Bernie Sanders. And why do you think that? Well I’m going to say that, you know, I feel like you just guys talking about from a nine to nine, you say from nine to nine Chandler nine to nine.

Yeah. I feel like my people were like nine to five kind of taking a break from like noon to one and trying to avoid a gluten at all costs. I feel like I had more of the Bernie crowd but we, we did okay. But it, it was, we didn’t have a lot of skills cause this right here, the fracking moves, these are, this is like a, this is a deeper darker art here. This is something powerful. I mean, you know, fracking is near and dear to our heart here in Oklahoma with that oil and gas community. So he’s just, he has just, you know, piggybacked onto what’s been successful for us. And he said, you know what, we’re going to start fracking these. So let’s say that let’s say Jared and wide open. What said that Jared, um, wants to hire people that are maybe lower skilled, you know what I mean?

Maybe not sales jet eyes as much or is there like ways that you’ve dumbed down your system to make it less um, complex for maybe, you know, Bernie Sanders fans? Definitely. And I would say, I mean I’m plowing through this stuff, but we’re training these guys for hours on end before they go out. And then we’re training them an hour a day. And with our system, I tell people, look, if you can’t walk and chew gum but you can work hard and you can do exactly what I say, we can turn you into a crazy good salesman. And that’s why I honestly, I mean back to that story about the kid that couldn’t speak English, I’ve got kids that I bring out that you’d meet them and you’d be like, you made how much in four months? Like you’re the goofiest looking kid I’ve ever seen. But they are somebody with that derive where they just don’t take no for an answer and they’re willing to continue to learn and grow in their first couple of months. Might be total hell, but they’re willing to stick it out. And so with our program, I mean we’ve really breaking it or broken it down to make it as super simple as possible. Okay. Now, Jennifer, uh, you are a Jerrod’s life coach.

You are the the better half is is my wife is my better half. You, you are a great American. Um, I think without great women like you and in the lives of, uh, Jared and myself of Jared and I might be living in a van down by the river together. Um, so thank you for, for saving him. Thanks Jen. But w what questions would you have for, uh, for today’s guest?

Um, what I, another thing I wanted to know is how has your retention rate of those at customers that you get on the door? You know, it totally depends on, there’s a longer answer because we have this right of rescission that they just made a rule where a customer can cancel within three days and you lose them. Ever since we put that in our contract in bold, it’s gone up a little bit, but historically it’s been somewhere between eight and 12% in the first year. I think now we’re probably pushing 15 to 20% in the first year of drop-off of all of the accounts put on by the sales reps. with that being said though, obviously a lot of those customers are still going through a portion of their contract, just not all of it. What?

Oh kinda hot offer. Do you offer when you’re going door to door, I mean do you have like a hot, a smoking just in beautiful, just a a gorgeous to kind of the kind of a offer that Zee makes. It makes men, men cry. Do you have that kind of offer there Chandler? What can offer to you? Are you making?

Well you really do, so it’s a quarterly service, five services in the year. The first visit, if you call our office is $250 and then we come back quarterly at one 49 but if you sign up with one of our door to door salesman when the truck’s right there ready to do your place, we knock off $150 on that first visit and we get it done for just 99 bucks for ya.

Oh Shunda. See that is hot. See, you have another question for Chandler right now. I can see you. You have the, the eye of the tiger here. I, I, you, you, you, you, it appears as though you have a question that is so powerful. So what do you like,

what do you want your sales people to wear? Oh, so we have all of our guys wear polos, clean-cut, you know, their hair done and then just shorts and nice shoes to walk in and say, I’ve got to like a man. Baird, they, you said shave it. Get rid of it. You know, I would say that now we’re a little careful these days. I mean, I’m not going to tell you you have to shave your beard cause you do you. But I would tell you you’ll sell less if you don’t. If the summer’s hot, can I go shirtless? Probably not. Yeah. So, so the idea that like clay wearing short shorts and a tube top going door to door is not a good, it’s not a good, not a good thing. If he was super hyped on it, we might let him try it for a day and see how the production was. But otherwise we’d probably keep him in a poll. You shut that down to funky town, right? You ever

seen that movie? Um, where um, the, the, the, the couples, it’s couples retreat. If you’re seeing couples retreat, if you’re seeing that part of it that I get the gist of it. Yeah. Have you ever had a Chandler? Have you ever seen this movie couples retreat? I think I’ve only seen the preview. There is just the movie, by the way, get out of here. There’s a yoga guy in the movie. Have you seen this guy who, who he teaches? So I had, this is, this is, this is not from the movie. This is Z going door to door. Um, last, was it Thursday or Tuesday? I think it was Tuesday. I asked Andrew to Mike, you, you’re going door to door. This guy has built multiple multimillion dollar companies and [inaudible] you just want to go hit the streets. I said frack somebody. Andrew, Mike, this guy without his permission, I’m going to cue up the audio and you tell me whereZ took this wrong there. Chandler. Where, where? Where’s the, it’s about a 38 second clip and then you tell me where it gets off. Let me queue it up here.

Well, yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Very nice posture.

So he, I guess there was somebody who in there was doing some digging in a garden area and you complimented them on their nice posture. Okay. So let’s see what’s coming. Keys

foster. Yes. Encouragement.

So you Pat them on their backs. So I will transfer you my energy. I wouldn’t transfer my karma here. I’m like, God, am I on you Jason? You have a great power that yes. Encourage man. Yes, this is a great way to stretch. You see, you can do this with your partner at home. Let’s ride this energy. Yes. This fire has just started and he will not put it out. What is, what is he doing? I don’t know. I don’t really know that pose.

Chandler, where do you feel like you got off there? I’m ready to hire this guy. Right. Encouragement. Good posture. Okay. Joe. Jared, what question do you have for Chandler? The how did, on how to dominate door to door sales part two. Great Chandler.

So obviously getting sales reps, hiring sales reps, signing on sales reps, that can be a pretty competitive market. What do you do? Well, first of all, when do you sign the sales reps? When do you try to have everybody signed by? And then also what do you do to hold onto the sales reps until day one on the doors? What do you do to keep them, keep them there? I’m to show up and make sure that other companies don’t try to switch them over. Do you hire, do you do signing bonuses or, or what’s kinda your plan?

I, uh, I love this question and it’s so funny cause my answer for people that don’t know this industry is going to sound nuts, but we literally do so much. I mean first off we’re going to have to try and find a way to get them to bring out one or two friends. Now they’re still gonna go through our interview process, but if you’ve got a buddy that you’ve talked to in to come in and transfer it across the country with ya, that’s gonna play a huge role in keeping you retained. The next thing we’re to do is on a weekly basis, we’re going to have some kind of training and at least twice a month we’re going to have some kind of paid for activity up until the summer starts. We want them to feel like they’re already living like Kings before they even had the opportunity to come out and make the kind of money that you can make doing this job.

And we start recruiting the second that the summer’s over. So it’s crazy, but our guys are knocking from, you know, mid April until August or mid September. And come the end of September, we’re in full bore recruiting mode, getting guys in the door, getting them signed on and then just wining and dining them for the next six, seven, eight months until the summer starts again. And we can get them rolling and that gives them the training they need, but it also keeps them super tight and locked in so that hopefully they’re not out looking at other companies and thinking about switching away from us and working for someone else.

J uh, Jennifer, what questions would you have? What additional questions would you have for Chandler about it? And again, I want to make sure the listeners get this because um, I have done a lot of door to door throughout my career, not to level that you have, but I, I, my systems are super like dumb. It’s just knock on the door, Hey, by the way, we have haircuts for a dollar. You should come check it out. It’s hot. You know, anybody seriously, literally that’s what it’s like. And if you come in this week, you’re eligible to win a TV. And people were like, okay. I mean it’s like a really hot deal. It’s like a dollar, you know, you are like, you’re selling people, your people are paying you up front. You’re bringing in Thrivers look at this. He’s bringing in 459 accounts in four months. I mean this is like the, the Navy, the Navy seals of sales. I mean this is impressive stuff. Jennifer, what questions would you have here for, for Chandler Smith?

So to tack on to Jarrod’s question, where do you, I know you get the sales reps from college campuses traditionally, but what’s your move, are you at job fairs? Do you just put up a table on campus and talk to everyone who walks by? How do you actually get the sales reps in the first place?

Um, yes to all of that. I mean, we’re going to job fairs. We are doing advertisements on different college campuses. I think the biggest thing is finding your core group of leaders and getting them involved in recruiting. But I mean, honestly, we’ve done a myriad of things because we’ve done online ads, we’ve done advertisements, we’ve done activities, we’ve done incentives, we’ve done everything we can to get people in the door because we can’t just hire anyone with a pulse. I mean, you’re going to get a lot of people in the door, but you want to find those guys that you really think have the ability to finish. And you know, even some of those aren’t going to finish. And so any way that you can get, you know, people in the door that have done something with their life, we’re gonna do it and everything you listed and more we’re doing.

All right. Z Chandler, have you ever, have you ever, I mean this is going to be, this is a dirty move, but it’s kind of a sneaky move. Dirty sneakers. Have you ever equipped your guys with a bucket full bugs and said, listen, when they open the door, just tossed it right on, man.

Busted. When we do that, what we do is we get a bunch of bottles of Sprite and about midnight the day before we go hit everything.

Right, right. I love it. By the morning comes the answer just going crazy. Going crazy, you know, that’s, that’s how we, that’s how we primed the pump. Clarify. That’s a prime, the pump that becomes for before fracking kids. You see, you primed the pump kids and then you start fracking mammos in the area. I noticed the Nana condo was in your pond. Well, this whole, you know, it’s a total neighborhoods. Bill’s very lemon Liman you know, I was out anyway. I wanted to see if you wanted to remove that beehive on your front door. Your front door. All right. Big boss. Big wasp nest there. Okay. So when you, when you are doing door to door sales, yes. And you mid-summer and kids, uh, kids had some failures. Um, a person’s had some failures there. They’re down, they’ve lost heart. They’ve, they’ve given up on fracking.

It’s Midsummer though, right? It’s mid summer. My summer dream. Okay, nice. We got a little Midsummer. Yeah. Nice. Jamaica. Ooh, I want to take, and you’re, you got them at the local pub and the music’s played the background ordered a pina colada. Oh wow. Or margarita or Mohito. Now what’s your favorite go to the beach drink is, and you’re looking at him, you’re saying Billy, Billy, you seem like you’re not into it. Oh, and Billy and bill, it looks, she says chin. Let’s just go think I’m cut out to be a fracker. No, you are. No, then what do you call it? What do you say to Billy in that moment?

You know, there are a couple of things. First off, I would try and find some kind of incentive to get them re hyped. Um, second off, I’d try and look at their stats on the concerns and the issues and the time they’re working and see if I’ve got something that I can do to teach them so they can see more production. Because if you’re out making 1000 bucks a day and you’re getting a lot of people saying yes, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the job. So those are the first two things. And then either me or one of my leaders will actually go out on the doors with ’em and help them get a sale. We’ll go through them. We’ll let them start it. We’ll jump in. Just anything to try and get them re amped up because a lot of times, I mean they either Peter out earlier, there’s someone that you’ve seen good production early and now they’re petering out and you’ve just got to find a way to relight that flame.

Have you ever liked set them up on a, on a positive door where you’ve already gone to the door and you’re like, okay, I’ve got a sales rep this little down in the mouth right now. His fracking isn’t what it should be. Lost his bucket. He lost his bucket of aunts and he’s a good kid. He just needs a second chance. He’s the relight, that eternal flame. He just needs to read. His Bunsen burner went out. He just needs

some more bangles. Park doesn’t need little more bangles every now and then. So he’s going to be down the road here in just a little bit. Can you help the boy out kick your, realized his flames? Can you help him frack like before?

Wow. You know, definitely and I, I think one thing that people don’t realize about door to door sales is you have such a huge impact on these people with just the smallest things. And so just being out there, you can let them do the pitch and literally I could step in for five to 10 words worse and get someone a sale to where they feel 100% like it was them when I know it was me. And that comes down to, you know, your body language, your nonverbal pair of verbal, verbal, everything involved in communication to where they feel like they did it. They feel like they’ve got their stuff figured out, but you’re behind them jumping in when they need it for just a couple words to make sure that you get this person over the line to say, all right, I’m ready to do this. And you do that all the time with your reps that are struggling just so they can get back their mojo.

Z. Back in the day when you had your first auction, there was just a lit little window of time before you sold it, you know? Yeah. And it’s none of the new people at the, at the new option. This is back in the old and you said, clay, I need you to get down there to the auction. I need to help meet you to get you to get down there and help try to reignite the flame. Yes, and I’ve got audio and an exit interview with one of the employees who we reignited the flame. Oh, you kept them. This is what he said. Just moments after we reignited his flame ice. It was right before the Christmas party and you said, Hey buddy, your Flame’s been reignited. Do you want the mic? And his name was George and this is about 45 seconds, which was like, I was going to quit, but now my flame has been reignited and here we go. Good story. Let’s it up here.

This is pretty impressive. Actually, I wasn’t sure where we’re going with this. There you go. Better tracking the plane. Total flames everywhere. This footage, this is really good. Okay.

That’s what happens if you have me reignite your team’s flame. Wow. I remember that. I remember I that

a couple of minutes ago my mom got up and walked out. She was mad. No, I think she’s had to go the bathroom. We’ve never talked about it since then. What is your final question for today’s guest? As we recover from a reigniting the flames. Great. It’s hard to recover from that Chandler. What percentage of your sales reps return for following years? And also do you start them at the same pace scale that they had the year before and just have it based on production, on retroactive pay, based on their production of how many accounts they bring in or do they start a little bit higher of considering that they, uh, that they have a little bit experience?

It’s a great question. I would say between 40 and 50% of our sales reps return, um, year after year because a lot of these kids are, you know, they’re in college, they’re in a place in life where they’re all over the place with internships and everything else. But our guys that do really well, I mean this year, 20% of our reps cleared 50,000 in earnings and uh, all of those guys, we get back 100%. And with them, anytime you’ve got a guy that’s done really well, you still want to keep them on a pay scale that is always based on production so that they’re motivated to do not only what they did the year before but better. However, you are going to usually bump that pay scale. And that’s why you want to make sure your first year pay scales is more than fair and has those production bumps. But you’ve got to make sure you save some in the budget to bump up your experienced guys that have done well because they usually sell better, especially if you can say, look, we want you to come back. We want you to lead a team, we want you to sell even more accounts. And because I know you’re going to do it, we’re going to bump this pay scale. So you still have benchmarks, but it’s going to be better than it was the year before.

There it is. Jennifer, you have the final word, the pre final word because he has the final [inaudible] the final word. So, uh, ms Jennifer, what is your final question for Mr. Chandler? So I heard that your contract value is between four and $700. Do you have upsells that you offer and if so, what are those that they can offer on the door?

Definitely I think the easiest upsells that just aren’t gonna break the bank for your company, um, are things like further out in the yard, like a flea and tick treatment, like a shrub, Bush and flower treatment for the eighth at slugs and snails. Um, you know, additional insight services, rats and mice, rat and mice boxes. All of those things are things that we can upsell. Um, German roaches as well as a bigger issue. [inaudible]

they’re there, they’re bred really well. They’re really are. They’re superior and any other road. Could you repeat these upsell things again? Cause this is power. Is it for anybody out there who owns a pest control company? I think some of these are powerful. What are some of these, again, can you repeat these upsells? Yes. So

a flea and tick treatment in the home or yard, a shrub, Bush and flower treatment for things like aphids, slugs, snails in each of those you could do as individual upsells because they’re very specific problems. Um, you can do further out in the yard. A lot of times we just cover 30 feet out, but then you’re able to upsell on a bigger yard or further out from the foam. Um, a lot of times people have a pool or a gazebo or a shed or a garage or a trailer or whatever it is. All of those things we can use as upsales, an interior service or treatments like German roaches. Um, I think I said flea and ticks already. All of those are things that you can either use as upsells or you can structure it to where they can keep their price up. So they’re not using price as an ACE, but since the price is up, they have the opportunity to add those in for free as ACEs to get someone on board.

There you go. I love the ACEs. You’ve got frac. That’s step three, the fracking, I forget that. Now when you actually sell them a box of mice, how many mice are in that box? I’m just kinda curious, is that, I know they field mice or can you relate that to like a rat? I mean, or is it just field mice? I mean, I, you know, we, we’ve always done it the other way around where it’s to get rid of them, but Oh gosh, I’m embarrassed. Investigative journalism is getting a John Stossel run for his money right now. I’m just embarrassed now. That’s why she should have the last question. You see, this is why

people from other planets tune into the show and they love the show. Now if you’re out there thrive nation and you want to learn more about Chandler system and I know you do Chandler, what’s the website that we need to go to to learn more about you and what you do? So if you want to learn more about it,

me, the real estate I’ve invested in sales training just in general, you can go to Chandler, David but if you’re interested in applying for a job to come and work for us, you go to elite summer

you’ll eat summer and if you’d like to end up each and every show with the boom, are you prepared to end with a boom? Let’s do it. Chandler, are you prepared to uh, say the word boom on the count of three? Let’s make it happen. Jared, are you feeling it? Are you feeling no, I’m filling the flow. Jennifer, are you feeling the flow? You bet. I am. Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom. Oh, Oh, that was beautiful. Taking you for doing part two, man. This is awesome. Thank you guys. You’re incredible. That was a blast. Cool man. Well, thank you so much for your time and we will harass you later. Hey, thank you so much for having me on again.

Again, you guys are seriously the best. That was a blast and we’ll look forward to hopefully

future interactions for sure. All right, you take care. Hey, Hey, Hey and happy fracking. Hey, thank you so much. You too. Alright, bye. Bye. And now, without any further ed too.


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