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Doctor Z and Clay Clark break down some of the craziest moments from their entrepreneurial journeys including Z’s $1 lasik surgery promotion and Clay’s first attempt to host and promote a bridal show.


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Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right to my grocery welcome back to another exclusive contract with the drive time show on your podcast, download and I’m here with dr. Robert zoellner returns to us from his excursion. Drivers. Did you leave america? No I did not leave america I was curious george on south, texas or florida national travel, not international travel with your last name. Harley at is licked it. Yet obviously he doesn’t talk to us about the way he wants to talk about. What is the question that you have? You cannot talk about sauerkraut to volkswagen, david, hasselhoff, call the german, german business coach question. Alright. Well, I think this question, so I should be a little more fun for you and clay to reminisce on what was some crazy moves or some stories that you had with some of your business. As you know, you look back and you kind of think man that was actually absolutely nuts I can’t believe he did. That. Okay was my my and on it it said.

Lasik eye surgery, inca, $1, lasik, copper, details, wow I thought we were going to bring up phone lines. How long did you think about that idea before you did it? That’s a good question. I! Don’t know that exactly we honestly that you had, you had a feeling that this is going to be hot seal. Oh yeah, it was so hot that I got. You know. Cuz I didn’t know that and had me the deserts, their attorney there be an in-house attorney. You have. We sat me down and was like I got on to me. You know that bit of deposition I mean it wasn’t like a lawsuit, but it was like what did what’s going on here and everybody’s irritated with that when I look back and I’ve got that billboard, look at me. I go in at pentagon. At least that was crazy. That’s crazy! This is crazy. This is crazy. I think the business coach moment when my hair is on fire, the most is an entreprenuer was when I try to get into the bridal show. The tulsa wedding show that they had over at the warren hotel. It was the warren doubletree where they have the free, cookies and I went i. Try to get in that show because it was the bridal show choice. It was my needy vendors in there and I called up the person who was in charge of the show me I like to buy a booth, and she says where you can’t buy a booth because already have 5 djs in the category of 5. Tog refers 5, djs, 5 caterers in for the quality of the trade show. We can’t have more than five of each vendor 45, djs and so I thought about it and I thought. You know. I’ve heard this now. This is my second year in a row now I’ve heard this and I don’t want to wait until one of the djs dies. I want to actually have success now, so I took a shovel and I found out which of the actually I talk to wife about it briefly, and it was not a long conversation.

I definitely should have talked to her about it longer. I, definitely screwed up here, but i, wouldn’t talk to a friend of mine named lori, montague, montague, photography and I went to lori I said lori you’re in the big show. You make a lot of money at that too honey. Every time, I book, a wedding I should come with my mother. In my life she said honey every time that I book what answers of the third grade, just like a $2,500 deal at the income I make my profit on that. Typically, like two grand I mean it’s like you’ve got to get in and I said. Why do you want you, create your own and i? Remember that that that question myself like why don’t I create my own I start thinking like what could it possibly and what is it like a disco, bad, it’s a ballroom, I mean pipe and drape buy me. What is it really? You know if I book the renaissance hotel, will you will you team up with me yeah cuz for her if she books, even one thing, she’s thinking if I buy a booth at your sorry wedding, show that you know I’m in for a thousand bucks I mean if I book, even one wedding and I’ll pay for itself, and she can do that. I was kind of a gamer, so she decided to go in with me, and so we went. We went to the renaissance hotel and I talked to trisha kerkstra and I reserve the ballroom and the commitment to reserve the baltimore type of the big, bald renaissance hotel I believe it was like it was on a business coach sunday, so the better of a better deal I believe it was like 12 grand baby doing 200 grand a year, then I called called and I have worked on my script. A lot cuz I wanted to make sure that I I I could nail it’s a cold called the meadowbrook country club I called every every venue in tulsa by the way, I called him at night. I’ll talk to you later, I’m libby and she says well. Did libby I want to talk to you about being in the tulsa bridal association? Why don’t you going to feature lori montague with montague photography was well known at the time and myself I was going up start and the renaissance hotel in a bunch of other vendors.

Are you interested will send me a bunch of vendors that you’re actually in it, that I can look at it, but until I see other vendors, I can’t really move forward and I thought I’m. So tired of her looking at a logic and reason this lady, she hates me so I called called the next place. I called kitty dishman at the oklahoma golf club of oklahoma and see who’s all in it and I said what you got. This is how I did it myself in montague photography, renaissance hotel in pretty much okay I’ll? Do it as a debit card or credit card and debit card? Here’s the deal i! It was about 12. You know grand tutor in the ballroom you know, but then, on top of that you had the pipe in the drape. I got the code in and it was like. 10 grand to 22 grant I got a quote from a lauren. My advertisement wrap a channel 8 and she said it would be almost 20,000 to advertise. My absolutely was it. When you take 20,000, you take 12000 +, you take 10:50 to 60 booths just to break even yeah. I got like 45 days. Left of these business coach bills are going to come. I don’t have that kind of savings, so I’m, just starting to cold call and I get i, never I got renaissance to say yes, I got cuz, they were that location, I got i, got signature, cakes and then I called their competitor renaissance. In there I got the golf club, oklahoma I’ve got signature, cakes, I mean I’ve, got montague, photography, I’m, going to hate to miss out, but you’re sure and the bigger companies he bigger companies, don’t mind spending 5% of gross revenue. Anything they’re used to seeing her like that. With your optometry clinic to sain marketing idea, you have a certain budget you’re going to advertise in the back of a bus or on a commercial or whatever makes sense. I mean you get on the bus. Gus. Don’t need to discuss much. How I was faced of work that out. If you want to continue singing it I think the drive nation would vote. No, so so tired and I remember going to charge. I still am not breaking so I called called this thing called.

It was like dove, wings or wings of a dove or something okay. So you release doves for weddings goes really good and people don’t know. I talked to a magician he’s like I’ve, never done a wedding, but you think people would book a wedding that you have a lot of things yet I have no and I’m not kidding I had no standards. I got I think it’s such a place where I had like a chocolate fountain for a big timber sure that was a big fan of massive amount of crisco put in there to lubricate that chocolate to make it slow. Be good for you and I am not exaggerating. I had at one of their shows. Where was like you there’s one for like 3 or 4 photographers or 4 5 djs, and then there’s like 10 chocolate, fountain pen, all, american fitness. In there they weren’t even sure why they were there. I had bed bath & beyond bride even have to buy a booth I just had so many people that register at your place. They would just want you to be here. We be honored that I used that name drop. I called your dad at bed bath & beyond bed bath & beyond. Now we’ve got chocolate, chocolate, fountain, builders, it’s going to be massive and I’m selling. It gets into like the final 7 days before the show and I haven’t slept, I’m sleeping like for 5 hours a day. That’s what we three four hours a day and I got bloodshot eyes, I’m, just working that phone, it’s like I’ve, been on the phone in my wife, is like i, think she realizes for the first time what I’ve done and she goes. If you have how many vendors are about a hundred vendors coming to the renaissance and who’s going to work it and it occurred to me z xbox I’m, not kidding I mean it was like I had to find people that work. The cash box I got jim nikolai to the body with galaxy limos to like lynn, be a cousin of his or something to work. The cash pipe damper I was buying like at midnight from like what walmart I put the thing together. It was the bridal show at the renaissance hotel and we don’t have enough thousand people packed in there. We brought in I want to say, like $10,000, from business coach people playing five to ten dollars a head to get in. You know:$10 premium $5 premium just met. You got there first $5 when I got their second, barely got it to where paid for itself, but I’m at my dj booth, strategically located in all of the locations in the in the show and actually started a fictitious company called always and forever wedding. Dj service was always booked out and it would refer dj connection. Unfortunately, they’re awesome, really, you recommend your competitor, oh yeah, how did you name it with an a on purpose? I mean it was like that’s how I remember easily move I love it after the show, I wrote, lauren the check and i. Remember vanessa talk to me about the math and she’s like. Are you telling me that if we didn’t sell out every booth and draw thousand people and do xyz you, we would have lost them in, and that was sweating, but we have enough. We have a relationship with the magician and that’s at the magic. The great santini yes I like that, make any sense in the context of the wedding show, but he was there.

Anything egyptian I just shall live in, but it’s been upstairs now had so many crazy things like people work better for setting up and they’re like. Why am I directly next to another photographer and I’m like what was your name amber, oh amber, you’re supposed to be over here and i, just like playing tetris with benders I’m sure I mean ibs the whole thing it came together. It was magnificent. What happened was. Is it became a tipping point for the dj business because now I owned the biggest wedding show in oklahoma? And now my competitors were financing my growth because they had to buy a booth to be, in my show that they hated that go through they all high point, I’m, serious and then the next year we did. The business coach wedding show I started a party rental company by the dj company I have to target all those businesses in ze was a monopoly change your baby game changer. It is an entreprenuer, they define you, they make you write or they break you i, don’t i, don’t want to do it again, but I know I did it. I went through it. My wife was on the cover of the bridal association brochures, because I couldn’t afford to pay. Linda layman in my wife was a linda layman model. So that’s how I did it I want to have an overarching point from what I’ve heard from your guys answers might learn this from my dad as well. There is a cowboy mentality to entrepreneurship, where you’ve just got to figure things out kind of have the cojones to push the big thing ford like? Would you change in the whole advertising game in in optometry or z? You just going to start your own bridal, show cuz, you couldn’t get into the other one that that’s that whole get whatever is done, no matter what walls in front of you you’re going to blow right through it. That’s what on premiership is all about.

I saw my dad do this. My whole life people will tell him know and I don’t do it another way? 1:00 silly example, as we were out of town on a job, I remember in a truck broke down or so I can hear what happened. We headed to giant trailers with big pieces of equipment to giant trailers and we’re 3 hours in town he’s like I’m, not coming back with you, so we just hook them both up to one of one truck and he’s like follow me boy. We just drive 40 miles an hour for the next 6 hours and I’m like 40 miles per hour. The final word on this I want to see the final word on this before you leave this out with a bone or somebody out there. Listening to this podcast, you want to start a successful company. I want to give you the business coach statistics out there that i, hopefully, are very encouraging for you. But trouble want to put this on the on the show notes:okay, 9 out of 10 startups, fail startups fail, 8 out of 10 8 out of 10. Businesses fail according to forbes, look at the biggest companies in the world. Think about it! Apple steve jobs did he have a business coach? Yes same bill, campbell jeff, bezos, amazon, amazon yeah. He had a business coach, brightbill campbell! Think about you, don’t think about google ever heard about google ever used google google. They had a business coach, guess what it was bill campbell. So you say you know what those are big left coast venture capital companies make it real for me:okay, barbie cookies, right here in tulsa, barbie cookies, full package media in dallas phone doctors in the room mode cleaners, total lending concepts are there are so many examples. Tulsa oilers, so many businesses out there that have a business coach and it doesn’t mean that you’re mildly retarded.

If you hire a business, coach and pansy, it shows that you have a coach ability correct if you’re listening out there and you find yourself in a perpetual state of chaos, my biggest breakthrough was when I realized. The vet kind of wedding show was my normal in life and be that way it was when I finally humbled myself to a level to reach out to people who knew more than I did who could minter? That’s when I started having my breakthroughs, and so we’ve been fighting this concept for a decade or more about having them into or paying a consultant. I don’t have time to meet with a consultant to pay a consultant to hire a coach. What what what advice would you ever seen his fighting that mindset of paying for wise counsel I like what you said shut up? They, they kind of a cowboy yeah, they’re, they’re kind of a go-getter they’re there I’m on make some happen, or maybe rule that we don’t have to follow. Mike tomlin. Do this thing and tell you all you already sort through the population of people in you find a you know. They’re typically in our father, typically sell money to get her done or good. You know they’re they’re, going to make something happen right right into the idea that they couldn’t make it happen all on their own can be a prideful thing and asking for help is sometimes very difficult for that kind of personality in person and get his death very same thing. I’m, going to learn one of two ways:either going to make mistakes or going to get him into work is going to short shorts right and we don’t want you to be when the 80 or 90. Whatever number you look at, you can google it for failure of businesses. We want you, but our heart is for you to succeed. That’s what we do. The trivia show you need with business coach mentorship.

You will succeed. You will succeed now that we’re humbly submitting the letters, be your mentor. You know come to our workshop get online. Do our business school online, you say, i, don’t believe what you’re saying and just go on the drive time show and click on the testimonials 600 video testimony just watch till your brain explode because we believe the truth will set you free in the truth is on our side. We have a system that works. We want to help you but see. We can’t help him if we don’t get a chance to know if you’re listening right now. Just take the challenge reach out to us. A drivetime show.Com email is info at drivetime, show.Com schedule your one-on-one consultation and z, my friend jessica down. Lichtenstein. We answer your business coach question well enough by the way I think we sure did yes by steinberg steinberg i, like that even better in their nation together here in the car I know, you’re, probably the grocery store to get a headset


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